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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 16, 2009 on GL
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Trying to calm Olivia's hysteria over Phillip, Natalia asked Olivia what she saw in Natalia's eyes. Olivia whimpered that she saw someone that she could count on. Olivia hesitated to say more, but Natalia encouraged her to continue speaking because Natalia was certain that she felt the same way Olivia did. "You do?" Olivia asked. Natalia nodded, saying that they both felt they could trust each other with their lives.

They heard a clatter, and Olivia dashed to check on Emma, who was finishing her Valentine's Day cards. Emma said that Olivia had promised that they could hand-deliver the cards, but Olivia rasped that they weren't going anywhere. Taking Olivia aside, Natalia said that Olivia couldn't keep Emma locked in the house. Olivia disagreed, fretting that Phillip would get out of jail. Natalia offered to talk to Frank, and Olivia snapped, "If you want to go see Frank, just say so." Natalia appeared disheartened, and Olivia apologized for her abruptness. Olivia agreed that Natalia should try talking to Frank about Phillip.

At the police station, Bill learned from Frank that Lizzie had turned Phillip in to the police. Bill insisted upon talking to Phillip, but Frank said that wasn't going to happen unless Bill was Phillip's lawyer. Later, Bill visited the farmhouse to find Olivia frantic that Phillip had another plane on standby to fly away with the children. Bill assured Olivia that he and Natalia were on her side, and Olivia suddenly kissed him.

Bill awkwardly chuckled that the kiss had been a blast from the past, but he figured Olivia didn't really want intimacy with him. Olivia said she just needed someone to say that everything would be okay despite Phillip's return. Bill wondered why Olivia feared that Phillip would target her. Olivia explained her problems with Alan and Doris over the "My Two Mommies" report. She believed Alan had unleashed Phillip on her as well. Bill felt that Olivia had nothing to fear from the untrue rumors. Olivia confessed that she didn't understand her feelings for Natalia, but they had grown into more than friendship. She said that the feelings had crept up on her and scared the hell out of her. Bill was stunned silent. Olivia decided that she'd had too much wine. She told Bill to forget that he had ever come to her house.

Natalia returned home to say that Phillip was still in jail. Natalia was somber because she had been at the hospital with Frank. The visit reminded her that it had been almost a year since Gus had died, and Olivia had received his heart. The realization had caused Natalia to hurry home to be with Olivia. Though Olivia was rattled by Phillip's reappearance, she assured Natalia that she wasn't going anywhere. Even so, Natalia offered to make Olivia a meal to keep her strength up for the inevitable confrontation with Phillip.

In the kitchen, Natalia offered to go with Olivia to see Phillip. Olivia warned her about Phillip, but Natalia wasn't afraid of any Spaulding. Natalia thought they should tell Phillip the truth-that Emma lived in a home with two people who loved her. Olivia was sure that Phillip would want to know what Olivia and Natalia meant to each other. Natalia thought Olivia worried too much. Natalia promised to be there if Olivia wanted her to be, and they hugged.

Lillian awakened Beth, who had been sleeping in an unoccupied hospital room. Lillian said that Coop was stable, and she wanted Beth to rest in a room that Lillian had booked for her at the Beacon. Beth refused, saying she needed to stay there for Coop. Beth wondered if anyone had seen Buzz. Lillian commented that Coop and Buzz loved people with their whole being. Suddenly, Lillian said she knew where Buzz had gone.

Buzz knelt beside Jenna's grave and wondered why she hadn't come to him with more dream-induced advice since the tragedy that had befallen them. Buzz realized that he was angry with himself because he had gone to Jenna's grave instead of facing losing Coop. He begged Jenna to help their son, if she could. Lillian arrived to tell Buzz that Coop had awakened and asked for him. An elated Buzz kissed Lillian, and they scurried from the cemetery.

When Frank visited Coop, Coop instructed him to take care of Buzz. Frank, however, intended to share that two-man job with the recovering Coop. Buzz entered, and Frank gave him time alone with Coop. Buzz proclaimed that a scrap of metal and a call from Alan couldn't stop Coop, who had a new novel and the woman of his dreams awaiting him. Coop whispered that they couldn't waste the little time he had left.

Buzz said that Coop was no quitter, but Coop replied that they needed to talk-just in case. Coop was glad that he'd come to Springfield and had gotten to know his father. Buzz deterred such talk, but Coop continued, saying that he was proud to have been a part of the Cooper family. Buzz said that Coop was no doctor, and insisted that Coop felt bad because he was injured. Buzz was convinced that Coop would recover. Buzz left to find the doctor.

In the corridor, Frank saw a distraught Buzz, and wondered what was happening. Buzz said Coop wasn't thinking straight. Frank guessed that Coop was trying to say his goodbyes, and Buzz told Frank that no one was allowed to enter Coop's room to say goodbye.

Lizzie visited Coop to render him a heartfelt apology for hurting him in the past. Coop murmured that that it didn't matter anymore. Lizzie wished that he had listened to her about Alan. Coop didn't regret anything because he had stopped the wedding and won Beth in the end. When Beth entered, Coop implored Lizzie and her not to let Alan come between them. Lizzie left in a huff, and Coop advised Beth to follow Lizzie and reconcile things.

Outside the hospital, Lizzie told Beth how frightening it had been to see Phillip again. Though Phillip had seemed rational to Lizzie, she said the reunion had reminded her of the last time she had seen him, the time he had attempted to kidnap her at the docks. Beth grew upset when Lizzie said that she'd had her father arrested. Lizzie feared that Phillip sought revenge on Alan for the shooting, and Beth snapped that Alan would take care of himself. Lizzie retorted that Beth didn't give a damn about Alan even though Alan had been good to Beth in the past. Beth said that she and Lizzie needed each other-and they needed Phillip, too.

Beth reminded Lizzie that she, Beth, and Phillip had once made a happy family. Lizzie disparaged Beth for setting her sights on Phillip while her current lover struggled in a hospital bed. Lizzie said that she didn't want to be anything like her weak and starry-eyed mother. Lizzie thought Beth was delusional to think that love cured everything. Beth pleaded with Lizzie not to give up on love, citing that Beth never would have found Coop if Beth had given up on it. "How's that working out for you, huh?" Lizzie seethed. Upon departing, Lizzie added, "I did love Dad, and I loved Bill. They both failed me. The next time I fall in love, I'll be armed."

Bill found Lizzie sobbing on the mansion's terrace. She abruptly cut her tears and told him to go away. Bill hugged her, saying that it wasn't everyday that a girl had to turn on her father. Brushing him away, a hopeless Lizzie said that Beth wanted Lizzie to forgive Phillip. Bill agreed, saying that Lizzie should give Bill another chance, too, because they belonged together. Lizzie confided in Bill about how screwed up everything was, and Bill replied that she needed to stay away from Alan and Cyrus. Lizzie scoffed that a disingenuous Bill wanted to turn her against the two men who protected her from the likes of Phillip and Bill. When Bill said he loved her, Lizzie told him to look at what love had done to Coop.

Back in Coop's room, Coop thanked Beth for everything she had brought into his life. He said that he might not be around, but he wanted her to never forget her inner strength. Beth differed, feeling that Coop was strong enough to survive his injuries. Coop implored her to listen to him because Buzz couldn't. He said that sometimes, people just knew what was coming. She sobbed, begging him not to ask her to go through it, but Coop said she was stronger than she thought. Beth said that Coop had freed her, and she vowed never to return to Alan. She told Coop that she loved him. He asked her to say it again, and Beth gladly obliged. She said that she would never forget everything they had shared. Coop gave her a note that he wanted her to read later. He requested that she find Buzz for him. "And Beth, please hurry," he murmured.

In the hall, Beth told Frank to find Buzz right away. Lillian approached, and Beth cried that Coop was saying goodbye. Lillian assured her that Coop was critical, but stable. Beth said Coop knew that death was upon him, and he was preparing. Lillian decided to find Rick, and she urged Beth to call Peyton's nanny. Alone, Beth opened Coop's letter and began wailing.

Once Buzz returned to Coop's side, Coop asked Buzz to tell him a bedtime story. Buzz said that twenty years ago, the love of his life had returned to him with a gift, Henry Cooper Bradshaw. Buzz said that after Jenna's death, he had been too devastated to fully appreciate that gift. Much later, when Buzz had almost died of a heart attack, the gift had returned to Buzz all grown up. Buzz stated that he had never stopped being grateful for, "the miracle of you." Coop said it was a great story, and uttered, "Good night, Dad..." Buzz cupped Coop's head and begged him not to go. Coop said, "You know what makes me the proudest? I'm just like you..." Coop passed out of consciousness, and Buzz roared for help. Coop's monitors sounded, and a hospital team flooded the room.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As the doctors fought to save Coop, Buzz flashed back to the day that he had confronted Jenna about Alan's claim that Jenna had left town pregnant with Buzz's baby. Buzz demanded to know what had happened to the child that their love had created. Jenna described the day that their beautiful Henry Cooper Bradshaw had been born. Buzz ranted that Jenna should have told him about Coop two years prior. Jenna promised to make it up to Buzz, but Buzz asserted that she couldn't. The two-year old Coop wandered up the stairs, and Buzz introduced himself as the boy's father. Buzz promised to care for him from that day forth.

Lillian shuffled Buzz out of Coop's room and into the corridor, where Frank, Daisy, and Marina awaited. Frank promised Buzz that the doctors were working as hard as they could. "But is he working as hard as he possibly can, Frank?" Buzz muttered. Buzz added that Coop had said his goodbyes before the monitors had gone off. Frank asked if Buzz had said goodbye as well. Buzz wondered how one said goodbye to a son. Looking through the hospital viewing room, Buzz watched the medical staff frenziedly working on Coop. Lillian counted as the doctor shocked Coop's heart. Coop flatlined, and the screen faded to white.

Buzz remembered the time he had to tell Coop that Jenna had passed away. He gave him a picture of Jenna in a locket. He seemed not to know how to comfort Coop as he held him. Buzz had wondered what Jenna would do, and then he said that Jenna had loved to sing "Downtown." "You loved that song, didn't you?" Buzz had asked, squeezing a young Coop in his arms.

Marina ran toward her family, exclaiming that Coop had been revived. The family chattered about having a big celebration for Coop's homecoming. Just then, Lillian gravely approached the group. Everyone wanted to hear Lillian's news, but Buzz and Frank took her into another room. Lillian explained that Coop was "technically" alive. Coop's brain function was nonexistent and only life support sustained him. Buzz's legs wobbled, and he sank to the floor. Lillian and Frank knelt beside him. Frank held Buzz from behind as Lillian explained that it was up to Buzz at that point to decide whether Coop remained on life support or not.

Determined to see Coop again, Buzz wrenched himself from Frank. Buzz burst into Coop's room but stopped short upon seeing all the machines sustaining Coop. The gravity of the situation weighed upon him, and bewildered, he leaned over Coop. Buzz flashed to the day that he had sent Coop to join Rocky and Jenna's family in England. He'd told Coop that it wasn't goodbye. Buzz said it was "see you later, alligator." Little Coop replied, "After a while, crocodile."

Buzz stared at Coop on the respirator, kissed Coop's forehead, and sighed. In the corridor, Buzz could barely stand. Frank held onto him, wondering what they were going to do. Buzz felt that he had made one bad choice after another with Frank, Harley, Lucy, Coop, and Rocky. He asked Frank to make the decision for Coop instead. Frank gripped Buzz, proclaiming that Buzz was a damn good father. Buzz said Frank needed to tell that to Coop, whom Buzz had abandoned as a child. Buzz grabbed his coat and fled the hospital.

Outside, Buzz ran into Alan. Alan said that since Coop was getting back on his feet, it was time to stop pretending that Coop was the victim in the situation. As Alan disparaged Coop's actions regarding Beth, Buzz screamed, "He's brain dead!" Alan sympathized because he knew what it was like to lose a son. "Don't," Buzz warned. "Maybe you didn't cut the brakes or have him run off the road, but you have a part in this. You're responsible." Alan denied any culpability in Coop's accident. Buzz said that he had to choose whether his son lived or died, and he wondered if Alan had an answer for him or for his son.

Alan wanted to help Buzz, since Buzz had helped him once. Buzz regretted not listening to Alan, who had been right all along. Buzz hated himself for believing the silly notion that love conquered all. Buzz realized that love hadn't saved Nadine, Gus, or Jenna, and it hadn't stopped Coop's accident. Buzz said it wasn't fair that one choice would cause him to lose his son. "Who said anything about life being fair?" Alan asked. Upon leaving, Alan advised Buzz to return to Coop. Buzz grabbed a departing Alan, and said, "You're gonna see me again."

Later, Buzz remembered when he'd awakened in the hospital after his heart attack. At his bedside he had seen Marina, Frank, and an adult Coop, who flown in from England. "When did you become a man?" Buzz had asked Coop.

Buzz lit a cigarette, and Frank approached, saying that Buzz didn't smoke. "I do now," Buzz replied. Buzz said that Alan had been there, and Frank threatened to have Alan arrested for harassment. Buzz hated to see Alan walking around, breathing. Frank wondered what he could do for Buzz. Buzz thought of a favor, but he said Frank had to do it with no questions asked.

Later, Frank led Buzz to the holding cells at the police station, where Phillip sat at attention. Frank let Buzz into Phillip's cell, and Phillip saddened upon hearing Buzz's grim news about Coop. Phillip wondered if he could have done more for Coop. Buzz expressed his gratitude that Philip had rescued Coop. "You gave me time with my son," Buzz said. Phillip felt Buzz's thanks were unnecessary, because Phillip owed a debt to the entire Cooper family. Buzz agreed that Phillip did owe them, stating he had come there to enlist Phillip help in making it right. Phillip curiously stared at Buzz, who said, "I want you to help me get your father."

Buzz told Phillip that Tammy had died and Sarah was gone because of Alan. Buzz said that even Phillip, whom Alan claimed to idolize, had fallen victim to Alan. Buzz said, "He shot you in the chest. He let everyone believe you were dead. He kept you in the basement like you were a pet." Buzz felt that Alan had to answer for those things, and he thought that deep down, Phillip agreed. Phillip grew uneasy, sensing that Buzz was focusing on revenge to avoid the choice about Coop. Buzz stated that he couldn't make the decision, but he vowed that Phillip would help him get justice one way or another.

Seeing Alan in the parking lot again later sparked Buzz's memories of loaning Coop the car to go after Beth. Buzz sat down and Jenna appeared beside him. She told him that their son's body was lying there, hooked up to all those machines, while Buzz stalked Alan, waiting for someone else to decide for Coop. Buzz called himself a failure as a father. "I promised to keep his mother safe and I couldn't," Buzz lamented. "...I kept him here because I needed him. He gave away all his dreams and how did I repay him? I filled him full of nonsense about passion and love."

Buzz felt he had failed their son. When Jenna couldn't convince Buzz otherwise, she decided that Buzz could make it up to Coop by doing what Coop needed him to do. Buzz feared that he was not only losing Coop, but he was losing Jenna all over again. Jenna encouraged him to do it because he was Coop's father, and Coop needed him to let go. "I love you, Petula," Buzz uttered. Jenna said she loved him, and she promised to always look out for their little boy.

Buzz snapped out of his daydream, seemingly with a purpose. When Buzz returned to the hospital, Frank offered to go in to see Coop with him. Buzz proclaimed that he was Coop's father, and he could do it. Buzz told Lillian that he'd let the doctors know when he was ready.

Sitting beside Coop, Buzz said that he was no writer, but he used to make up stories for Coop. Buzz had one last story to tell him about a not-so-special man, who had received a son from the woman he loved. He said all the happiness and perfection of the world had been wrapped in that tiny package. When the man lost the woman, he could no longer stand the brightness that was his son, and so he gave his gift away. The son returned to his father's life as an adult, and he brought happiness into the family despite the father's many mistakes. The father messed up one final time, and with bad results. Though the father could never show the son the love the son deserved, he had one last chance to say goodbye. Buzz hoped his son knew how much he loved him.

Buzz kissed Coop's forehead, and then let Lillian into the room. "I'm ready," he stated. The doctor tried to hand Buzz paperwork, but Lillian snatched it away, whispering that she'd handle it later. When the doctor began to unhook the machine, Buzz said, "I can do it." Buzz's hand trembled on the switch, and he called upon Jenna's words, "You can do're his father...and he loves you with all his heart..." to give him strength. Buzz shut off the machine, and then stared down at Coop, whispering, "See you later alligator. Say hi to your mom." Buzz gathered Coop into his arms, and sang "Downtown" to him until Buzz was sobbing. "Oh, my son..." Buzz collapsed to the floor, but still clung to Coop's arm. The family looked on as the real song "Downtown" continued to play in the background, "You're gonna be all right now..."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Coop's hospital room, Lillian switched off Coop's monitors and pried Buzz from the floor. Frank, Marina, and Daisy looked on as Lillian met Beth in the hallway to give her the news. Beth cried that she never would have left the hospital if Coop hadn't been stable. Beth charged into Coop's room, and begged him to come back. Lillian wondered if there was anything she could do for Beth, and Beth sobbed that she had to get through it on her own. In the corridor, Buzz apologized to Frank for his choice about Coop. Frank told his family that they would somehow get through it. Buzz replied, "It's different this time, Frank."

Olivia left her house, headed to meet Natalia at the Beacon. When she discovered Emma's doll on the front porch, she tossed it into her car and went to the police station instead. Mallet found Olivia bracing herself in the corridor. As Phillip toiled in his cell, he heard Mallet and Olivia talking. She said Emma's doll had sparked her fear that Phillip would inevitably kidnap Emma again. That fear had urged her to the police station. Olivia abruptly decided that she wasn't ready to face Phillip, and as she scurried out, she heard Phillip calling for Mallet.

Just as Mallet arrived at Phillip's cell, Marina called Mallet with the news about Coop. Mallet muttered to Phillip that Coop was gone. Mallet left, and Phillip banged his fist against his cell.

Sometime later, Olivia approached a judge at the courthouse about Phillip's trial. She identified herself as a mother of one of Phillip's abductees. She said that she wanted to see justice served-whatever the cost. The judge hoped Olivia hadn't intended to bribe him, warning that bribery would get her a trial of her own.

In the mansion parlor, Alan broke the news of Phillip's arrest to Lizzie, who in turn shocked Alan by taking credit for the arrest. Lizzie feared what her father's motives for returning to town could be. Alan thought that having Phillip incarcerated would buy them time to evaluate his mindset. Just then, Lillian called, and Lizzie dropped the phone after hearing what Lillian had to say. "Coop died..." Lizzie uttered to Alan.

Alan expressed his sympathies to Lizzie, saying that she had her family to lean on. He felt that Beth would need their support, too. He thought Beth already felt guilty enough without the family reminding her of the role she'd played in the disaster. Lizzie wondered what would make Alan think that Beth would lean on him. "Who else does she have now? I mean, she's angry at the wrong person," Alan concluded. Lizzie wanted to go to the hospital, but Alan warned that she'd be unwelcome among the Coopers, who hated and envied the Spauldings.

The next morning, Beth arrived in the mansion parlor. A surprised Alan had said that he'd been trying to give her some space. "Why start now?" Beth quipped. Alan thought Coop's death was terrible, and he claimed to understand how she felt. Beth retorted that the only man who had ever understood anything about her was dead. As Beth packed things in the parlor, Alan told her that it was unwise to make rash decisions during a tragedy, so he thought they should wait a while before rescheduling their wedding. Beth looked puzzled, and Alan reminded her that she had already said, "I do." Beth replied, "Well, I don't. Not anymore."

Alan cynically said that everyone knew that Beth always returned to him. Beth asserted that Coop had died to stop her from being with an undeserving Alan; the least she could do was honor what Coop had wanted. Alan insisted that a cowardly Coop was no paragon of virtue. Beth called herself the coward, exclaiming that Coop had kept the faith that she would come around. Alan said that Beth's feelings for Alan had stopped her. "No, Alan!" Beth seethed, shoving him. "My fear of you stopped me!" Alan doubted that Beth and Coop shared anything beyond sex, but she persisted that they'd had something real.

Alan was sick of hearing the "sanctimonious crap" about Coop, citing that death couldn't wash away Coop's adulterous sins. Alan accused Beth of attempting to live out some fantasy about Phillip through Coop. Beth slapped Alan, but he continued, saying that Beth had placed him in a deranged competition with Coop. "Oh, please. It was never any contest," Beth huffed before she left.

Beth went to the jail to thank Phillip for risking his life to give Coop a few more hours to live. Beth explained that she was leaving Alan, and Phillip wondered if she had visited merely to tell him that. Beth nodded, saying that she'd let him know where she was when she figured it out herself. They held hands between the bars. Phillip wished there was more he could do, but he was powerless behind bars. Beth seemed torn as she strode away from the cell.

Frank and Lillian found Buzz at Company. Buzz said he had gone to the accident site about the time the sun had risen. He stated that sunlight had seemed wrong; everything should have been dark. Frank said that he had informed Blake about Coop, and he offered to make more calls for Buzz. Refusing to dodge the hard stuff anymore, Buzz said he'd make the calls.

At Mallet and Marina's house, Daisy wondered how to comfort Buzz, who had always comforted her in times of tragedy. Mallet didn't think Buzz expected anything more than their presence. Daisy wondered how parents coped with their children dying before them. Marina didn't think a parent ever really could cope with it.

When the three of them arrived at Company, Daisy comforted Buzz. In a booth, Marina expressed to Mallet that she had never thought about children dying before their parents. Mallet said nobody wanted to think about it, but Marina insisted that it could happen to them if they adopted. Mallet agreed to the possibility, but he still thought that adopting was a great thing. He suggested that it might be a good time to tell their family about getting on the adoption list. He said it might give the Coopers hope. Marina replied that it couldn't have been a worse time.

The couple returned home. Mallet lugged out Marina's family photo album, and they looked at her childhood pictures. As he described each picture, Marina snapped that she knew what she was looking at. Mallet said that they were looking at life as it happened on most days. He realized that they might not get over Coop's death, but they would get through it because life was still worth living. He said that it was hard to accept death as a part of life, but life was also filled with beautiful, "untradable" moments-like her running around in her pink "swimmies," smiling like and angel. Looking at the picture he'd described, Marina said that the swimsuit had been orange, but the picture had faded. Mallet asked if the memory had faded, and Marina said no. Mallet implored her not to forego making new memories with her own child. She asked if they could name their child Henry, if it were a boy. Mallet agreed, smiling.

Back at Company, Buzz asked Frank if Phillip would make bail. Frank doubted it, since Phillip was a flight risk. Frank asked what Buzz and Phillip had discussed the previous day. "Justice," Buzz replied. Frank guessed that Buzz wanted to use Phillip against Alan. Buzz reasoned that if Phillip were still dangerous, then they should take advantage of it. Frank said that they had to learn to live with the fact that the car wreck had been an accident. "I gave him the keys and sent him to his death," Buzz replied. Buzz felt that he'd been playing devil's advocate too long while the devil sat on the hill, laughing at him.

Later, Buzz found Coop's car parked at Marina's house. He started the engine and played one of Coop's CDs. In the glove compartment, he found a picture of Coop and him. Buzz drove to the Spaulding mansion, where he observed Alan outside on the phone, haggling over visitation rules with the police department. Alan said to forget about the rules because he was on his way to the police station. Once off the phone, Alan said that no man should be kept from his son.

At the office, Lizzie scowled to see that her father had made front-page news. She sulked upon turning the page to see an article on Coop. She studied her phone as Cyrus entered. Cyrus worried about the Cooper family, but he said calling Harley hadn't felt like the right thing to do. Lizzie admitted that she had been tempted to call Bill for comfort. Lizzie decided that Cyrus had to be her official butt-kicker. She didn't care if Cyrus had to rip her fingers off the phone, but he had to prevent her from calling Bill. Cyrus said that she could count on him.

Later, Lillian entered the office. Lizzie said she wanted to see Buzz at Company, but Lillian echoed Alan's sentiment that the Spauldings were probably unwelcome around the Coopers. Lizzie felt that Buzz had treated Lizzie like family, and Lillian regrettable replied, "But you're not." Lizzie retorted that Lillian wasn't Buzz's family, either. Lillian said that Buzz had always been fond of Lizzie, but that day was just different. Lillian added that Beth hadn't gone to Company, either. Lillian left, and a tearful Lizzie called Cyrus back into the office.

Lizzie told Cyrus that she had almost called Bill, and Cyrus hadn't been there to stop her. Cyrus apologized, but Lizzie realized that being on "Bill patrol" was probably boring. She said she needed an ally at the company, which meant Cyrus would have more responsibility and also be stuck spending more time with her. She asked Cyrus if he could handle being her number one person at the company, and Cyrus said he was in.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

At Cross Creek, Reva struggled to write a letter to Buzz, but she couldn't find the words to say to her dear friend. Jeffrey decided that they should see Buzz in person. Reva agreed, saying that they should see Daisy, as well, since her parents were out of town. Reva wondered if Jeffrey wanted to postpone the surprise he had planned for her later on, but a grinning Jeffrey insisted it be that day. Josh and Billy entered with the similar idea to see Daisy, but Jeffrey said that he and Reva couldn't go with them. Reva explained that she and Jeffrey were headed to see Buzz. Billy suggested they all go together. Jeffrey stood in reluctant silence.

Buzz entered Coop's room at the boardinghouse. Upon seeing Coop's photos, the gravity of his death crushed Buzz all over again. Buzz slammed a framed photo of him and his sons to the floor, and then picked up the shattered pieces. A tormented Buzz sifted through Coop's things, and he discovered a packet of legal documents. Downstairs later, Mel entered Company to express her condolences. Buzz said that he had to talk to her about Coop's will, which he'd found upstairs. Buzz wondered why someone so young would have written a will.

As Mel and Buzz talked, Jeffrey and Reva arrived. Reva sat with Buzz and asked him what he needed. "I need you not to give birth here," Buzz joked. He said that he missed Coop, and Reva hugged him for a long time. At the bar later, Josh was concerned that he and Reva hadn't heard from Shayne. Josh asked Reva to accompany him to Shayne's hotel room, but Jeffrey intervened to say that Reva wasn't going. While Jeffrey was sorry that Josh had problems connecting with Shayne, he was adamant that recreating their family wasn't the answer.

Buzz interrupted them to apologize to Jeffrey for forgetting to make the menu for Jeffrey's special dinner the following day. Reva looked puzzled, and Jeffrey said that he had planned to celebrate with Reva after her final chemotherapy session. Jeffrey decided that Buzz didn't have to worry because Jeffrey had already devised a backup plan. Reva felt that she couldn't possibly celebrate, but Buzz said that Coop would want them to keep celebrating life.

Buzz returned to Coop's room, and Josh entered to say goodbye. Buzz showed Josh some of Coop's writing. On a card, Coop had scribbled a toast that he had intended to make on Buzz's upcoming birthday. "To Dad, my best friend..." Buzz read. Josh gripped Buzz's hand. Buzz asked Josh to speak at the funeral, but Josh replied that he was no longer in the ministry. He suggested Buzz do it, because Buzz knew Coop best. A hopeless Buzz muttered that he couldn't. Josh replied that he would be honored to do it for Buzz. After Josh left, Buzz inhaled the scent of Coop's sweatshirt. He fell onto the bed, cradling the shirt in his arms.

At Towers later, Reva found it hard to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy while Buzz's loss weighed heavily upon her. Jeffrey presented Reva with a gift. When she opened it, she discovered a red graduation cap. Jeffrey chuckled, saying that after her last session, she would be "graduating" to something new. They toasted to the end of her cancer and to those who were no longer living.

Phillip wasn't surprised when Bill Lewis showed up outside his cell. Bill said he'd pulled a lot of strings to see him. "Climb any mountains?" Phillip wondered. Bill didn't realize that Phillip knew about Bill's search, and Phillip replied that Bill would be surprised by what Phillip knew. Bill said he hadn't come on behalf of Emma and Olivia. Bill claimed to love Lizzie, but Phillip replied that Bill was Lizzie's kidnapper. Bill refuted that, claiming to know exactly who the conniving perpetrator was. Phillip was interested in hearing Bill's theory. Bill implicated Cyrus Foley.

Bill divulged Cyrus' seedy past with Alex, Marina, and Harley, citing that Harley had fled to Greece to get away from Cyrus. Bill said that he hadn't gone to the police because he had no proof of Cyrus' hand in the kidnapping. Bill was desperate for any kind of help, even Phillip's. A skeptical Phillip instructed Bill to reveal everything he knew, from the beginning.

Bill detailed everything that had happened from the day of the Decker presentation up to the day that he had rescued Lizzie. He explained that he had suffered memory loss resulting from the van crash, and the real kidnapper had planted false evidence against him. "Uh-huh," Phillip said, seemingly unconvinced. Phillip wondered why Bill wasn't in jail on the charges, and Bill conveyed that a warehouse fire had burned all the fake evidence. "Wow, that's a lucky break," Phillip commented. Bill stated that after revealing his memory loss to Lizzie, he had gone in search of Phillip. Phillip decided that he needed to give Bill's words some serious thought. Bill urged Phillip to think fast because he and Phillip were the only people who could protect Lizzie. After Bill left, Phillip decided to make his one prison phone call.

On his cell phone at the office, Cyrus told Grady that his plan was working. When Lizzie entered, she stated that reporters had been exasperating her with questions about her deranged father and her mother's salacious affair with Lizzie's ex-fiancÚ. Cyrus offered to help her around the office, stating that people couldn't expect her to do everything alone. Lizzie felt that Cyrus was the only person that she could count on. As Lizzie handed Cyrus important business files, Alex strolled into the office to have a word alone with Lizzie. Alex made no secret of her distain for Cyrus as he left. Lizzie wondered what Alex's problem was. "Cyrus Foley," Alex replied.

Alex pleaded with Lizzie not to give Cyrus the confidential files. Alex wondered if Lizzie had forgotten what Cyrus had done to Alex. When Lizzie said that people changed, Alex suggested that Lizzie accompany her to see the Coopers, where Lizzie could talk to Marina-or Harley by phone-about how much Cyrus had changed. Lizzie felt she'd be unwelcome around the Coopers, since she had deceived Coop about Sarah's paternity. Lizzie believed that if she'd thought of someone other than herself, she would have Sarah, and Tammy would be alive. Lizzie thought she could trust no one but Cyrus. A disappointed Alex left, saying that she would give Lizzie's condolences to the Coopers.

Sometime later, Alex cooed to see Phillip again, even if he were behind bars. She was glad Phillip had called her, and she wondered if anyone had filled him in on the happenings around Springfield. Phillip replied that some people had been happy to render their versions of the truth. He asked Alex for the full truth about Cyrus Foley. Alex said that Cyrus' devastating charm made him ten times more dangerous than anything Phillip had heard. Alex worried that Cyrus was working on Lizzie, and Phillip frowned in concern.

Phillip decided that Alex had confirmed Bill's story about Cyrus. Alex stated that Phillip could believe Bill about Cyrus, but not much else, considering that Bill had become a drunkard. Phillip questioned whether Alex believed Bill's innocence. Alex didn't know what to believe, but she was distraught about Lizzie, who was starting to remind her of someone else she knew. Phillip assumed Alex was referring to Beth's breakdown. "No, darling, I'm talking about you," Alex replied. "She's starting to act up the way you did before you decided to separate from the family." Neither Alex nor Phillip knew what to do, but Alex concluded that they couldn't find the answers as long as Phillip sat in jail. She decided she had to get him out of there.

At Spaulding-Lewis, Bill took out a flask and swabbed liquor around his neck as if it were cologne. He entered the conference room where Cyrus and Lizzie worked. With one whiff of Bill, Lizzie wondered aloud if it were happy hour already. Lizzie fumed that Bill would show up drunk at the office while she was grappling with Coop's death and Phillip's return. Cyrus immediately hustled Bill out, grumbling that he would leave Bill in the gutter if it weren't for Lizzie.

Later, Billy entered the conference room, and Lizzie told him that Bill was still finding ways to hurt her. She wanted Bill to leave the company or else she would buy him out. Billy said that Bill's drinking wasn't the same as Billy's. "So a part-time drunk is better than a full-time drunk?" Lizzie quipped. Billy grimaced, and she apologized. Lizzie decided that Bill was one subject that she and Billy couldn't talk about.

Meanwhile, Cyrus took Bill to his hotel room, and Bill pretended to be asleep. He opened his eyes with a start, claiming to have been wrestling with the kidnapper at a warehouse. Bill had been about to unmask the perpetrator, but he'd snapped out of it before he could. Cyrus dismissed Bill's conjurings as just a dream. "Or I'm getting my memory back," Bill countered. Shaking a liquor bottle that had been on Bill's nightstand, Cyrus suggested that Bill's imaginings had a little to do with the alcohol. Cyrus left, and Bill peeked into the hallway in time to hear Cyrus leaving Grady a message that they needed to talk.

Friday, February 20, 2009

At the mansion, Alan hoped that Lizzie didn't plan to go to Coop's funeral. Lizzie said that she was going because Coop was her first love. "Your mother's last love," Alan grunted. Lizzie believed that attending the service was the right thing to do, but Alan felt that joining him in a visit to her jailed father was the right thing to do. Lizzie claimed that she'd see Phillip eventually, just not that day.

When Alan saw Phillip in jail, he said that Lizzie sent her love. Phillip cynically asked, "Does she?" Alan replied, "To be honest with you, son, no, she doesn't." Alan conveyed that Lizzie was conflicted, and Phillip wished that he could help his little girl. Alan stated that he had hired an attorney to get Phillip out of jail. After Phillip's release, Alan intended to heal their family. Since Alan was on a "healing spree," Phillip advised Alan to heal things with Buzz.

Alan claimed that the Coopers blamed the Spauldings for all their misery. Alan said that Phillip's rescue of Coop had been selfless, but Coop had gone out of his way to humiliate Alan. Phillip thought that Coop's falling in love with Beth had nothing to do with Alan. Alan differed, insisting that Coop had set out to humiliate Alan by taking the most precious thing in his life. Alan was galled that the town was eulogizing the man who had laughed behind his back, and perpetuated that humiliation in a novel for the world to read. A guard approached to end the visit. Alan promised Phillip that they would work things out once the lawyer got Phillip released.

The lawyer arrived to tell Phillip that his fugitive status wouldn't be an easy sale to the court. Phillip advised him not to bother selling it. Phillip wanted the lawyer to convey Phillip's full cooperation with the D.A.'s office, but Phillip said that he wanted one thing in return.

At Cross Creek, Jeffrey told Reva that Ava had taken the news about Coop pretty hard. Jeffrey had pushed back Reva's chemotherapy session so that they could attend Coop's service. Reva worried whether the sessions had been effective. Jeffrey assured her that the doctors wouldn't have ended the treatment prematurely. Reva hoped everything would be fine because she had a lot to live for.

As the Coopers gathered for Coop's memorial service, Mallet sat at home, crossing off the names on a list of adoption agencies. He left a message for one agency to let them know that he and his wife had applied to their agency after running into complications with another agency. He asked that they call him to set up a meeting. Mallet then hid the list beneath the sofa cushions and left for Company.

When Mallet arrived at the restaurant, he told Marina that he had been caught up doing some paperwork. Frank said that Rocky couldn't make the ceremony and that Buzz had told Lucy not to come. Marina wondered if Buzz was a flight risk, but Frank believed that Buzz would stick around for Coop. "For you," a bleak Marina corrected.

Sometime after Beth arrived, she and Frank discussed the possibility of Alan shutting down Company. Beth hoped that Alan would take his frustrations out on her, not Buzz. She claimed that she and the Coopers were in it together if Alan chose to retaliate through Company. She assured Frank that Coop had given her the strength to stand up to Alan.

Buzz slipped out of Company to visit Coop's classroom. He eased behind Coop's desk between class periods and leafed through his papers. Maureen and Clarissa approached him to give their condolences. Their new teacher had given them an assignment to help them express what Coop had meant to them, and they looked forward to sharing the projects with Buzz. Maureen hugged Buzz, and the girls left at the ringing of the school bell. Buzz smiled to know how much Coop's teachings had meant to the children.

Daisy seemed discomfited by Grady's presence when he met Ashlee and her at the mini-mart. After lingering outside Company for a while with Ashlee and Daisy, Grady suggested they go inside to pay their respects. Daisy instructed Ashlee to go in ahead of them. After Ashlee entered the restaurant, Daisy led Grady away, claiming that she wasn't ready to face her family.

After Daisy took him on the long route to the memorial service, Grady sensed Daisy's ambivalence about his presence. Daisy confessed that she didn't want Grady at Coop's service. Though she claimed that her relationship with Grady was solid, she thought that his presence would be a stark reminder of Tammy's death. She felt that she needed to ease her family's grief in any way that she could. Grady accused her of putting her family before him, and he strode off angry. Daisy composed her frayed emotions and entered the church alone.

Back at the Company gathering, Lizzie entered, and Buzz opened his arms for her. Lizzie hugged him and whispered that she had loved Coop a lot. Buzz said that he knew. The somber crowd filed out of Company, headed for the church. Lizzie spotted Beth among them, and Lizzie asked if she were okay. Beth replied that she wasn't okay, but she was glad that Lizzie had come. They hugged and strode out with their arms around each other.

Josh greeted the guests as they filled the church for the ceremony. Buzz halted at the church doors, his feet seemingly unable to carry him over the threshold. Frank and Marina stood with him. Blake approached, and Frank said he was glad that she was there. "I'm not," Blake sadly replied. She kissed him and went inside. Buzz, Frank, and Marina reluctantly followed.

Josh commenced Coop's service, and he granted everyone permission to speak freely about Coop, if they so chose. Beth spoke first. Lovingly stroking the portrait of Coop that was beside his casket, Beth said that Coop had changed her life forever. She realized that he had risked his life to help her to be the person that he had known that she could be. Beth said Coop wanted everyone to live life fully, without compromise. Frank spoke next, saying that he didn't know how he would get along without his beloved brother.

Mallet's phone vibrated, and he slipped into the lobby to answer it. Mallet asked the caller for a meeting with their agency. After listening to the person on the other end, he said, "Well, I'm sorry, too." He was almost in tears upon ending the call. Mallet recomposed himself and returned to the ceremony just as Marina embraced Frank. Frank sobbed that there would always be an empty place at the Cooper table that no one could fill.

Ashlee spoke after Frank, saying that her life had changed the moment that Coop had asked her to dance on her eighteenth birthday. Her love affair with him had been like a movie, but she never could have predicted the sad ending. Ashlee broke down and rushed to her seat. Jeffrey whispered to Reva that they had to leave for her appointment. Reva and Jeffrey stood, but when Buzz began to speak, they lingered to hear his words.

Buzz expressed that he had learned new things about Coop over the last days, and those things had made him proud. Buzz wouldn't take credit for the man Coop had been. He said that he had sent Coop to live with Jenna's family so that he could be more like her. "And he was," Buzz decided. Buzz was glad for every second he'd had with Coop, but he couldn't believe there would be no more. Buzz gasped, turning his back to the mourners. Josh touched Buzz's shoulder. Buzz sniffled, and said, "He's my son. He's gone, and there's nothing more to say." Reva and Jeffrey ducked out as Josh helped Buzz to his seat.

Josh was about to conclude the ceremony when Lizzie meekly stood, wishing to say a few words. She strode to the front, and Lillian and Beth tensed. Lizzie said Coop, her first love, had been better to her than she had ever deserved. Lizzie felt that Coop didn't deserve what had befallen him. When she said that it seemed like it was her family's fault, Alan said, "Stop right there, Elizabeth." The onlookers swung their heads toward the back of the church and were appalled to see that Alan had entered the sanctuary.

Alan stated that Lizzie needn't make excuses for their family because their family hadn't done anything wrong. Even though Coop's death had been tragic, Alan concluded that, "the fault lies with the people in this room, not with our family." Buzz boiled in his seat and Lizzie gasped. Josh, Mallet, and Frank surrounded Alan. Beth shouted for Alan to leave, but Alan countered, "Beth, you're not his widow." Lizzie ordered Alan to stop, but Alan replied that he was just getting started.

With feigned innocence, Alan stated that the ceremony was for people whose lives had been changed by Coop. "Well, that's me," Alan decided. He claimed that Coop had taken from him, but everyone treated Coop like the victim. Alan refused to accept further blame for the things that had gone wrong in town. He touted that the Coopers weren't perfect; beneath their surface bred liars. Emotional pandemonium ensued. Phillip entered the church, accompanied by armed police officers. Phillip shook his head, unsurprised to see his father at the center of the melee.

At Cedars, Reva hated having to leave Buzz. Jeffrey said that after the session, she could hang out with Buzz again. Reva vowed that Jeffrey wouldn't have to attend her memorial service anytime soon. She said that she was ready for her "last chemo."

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