One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on OLTL
Bo and Lindsay made love. Téa found a second key, courtesy of Todd. Jessica decided to keep her baby. Ben revealed that he was Sam's brother. Kelly wanted to keep her new relationship a secret. Dorian vowed to steal Ben away from Viki.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, March 1, 1999

R.J. was disappointed to find Téa and Sykes together at Cristian's art show. Later, R.J. accepted Sykes' apology for falsely accusing him of Drew's murder. Téa was intrigued when Sykes told her that Todd's key opened a locker at the bus station. Nora and Sam learned that baby Matthew had a seizure. After a hysterical Nora was sedated, Larry leveled with Sam about Matthew's potentially fatal condition. Sam rushed to find Bo when he realized that Nora would need him if the baby died. A cunning Lindsay seduced Bo with burgers and a basketball game on TV and the two wound up making love. At Cristian's art show, Roseanne, posing as Cristian's girlfriend, charmed a New York gallery dealer into having dinner with her and Cristian. Roseanne delighted in the fact that she was able to rub Jessica's nose in her deception as she and Cristian left the gallery. Meanwhile, Jessica finally made a decision and told Will that she was going to keep their child.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Written by: Grace Alumno

At the Crossroads...

Sophie just cannot understand what kind of relationship Ben and Blondie have and told him that locking her out of the bar will not happen again. A man walks in and Ben get suspicious. That man turns out to be a bar supply salesman and as he is about to do his sales talk to Ben, Viki appears and saves Ben from the sales talk. Viki then tells the salesman about a brand new bar that is opening in town and will need someone like him there, although the place that she described to him doesn't exist. Ben thanks her.

At Llanfair...(before Viki heads out to see Ben)

While Viki is on the phone, she holds her fuzzy dice and gently strokes her cheeks with it. Her phone call disrupts her moment with the dice and brings her back to reality. Jessie walks in with something to tell her mother. She tells her that she will not give up her baby for adoption. Viki is happy with her decision and will help in any way possible.

At Bo's room at the Palace...

Bo and Lindsay, still in bed, hear someone knocking on the door. They think it is room service. But Bo finally gets up and answers the door and it is Sam. Sam sees Bo and also sees Lindsay in Bo's bed. Sam then tells them what has been happening with Nora's baby and leaves. Bo then decides to visit Nora- even though Lindsay acts as if she cares, but she dreads the idea of Bo going to see Nora.

At the hospital...

Baby Matthew is still in critical condition. Nora prays that her baby will be saved. Larry tells her that Matthew hasn't had a seizure in awhile so that is a good sign, but are still conducting tests to see if he will be OK.

At Cris and Roseanne's place...

The two arrive from their dinner with the gallery owner and are very happy. Roseanne thinks that it would be a good idea if they go to New York now so that Cris' career will take off and that she goes along as his girlfriend. But Cris reminds her that he wants to go after Jessie has the baby and that he wants to bring Jessie, not her. Jessie arrives at their place and tells them that she is keeping her baby. Cris is furious. He feels that with Jessie keeping the baby, it will bring Jessie and Will closer and damage their relationship. Jessie leaves. Roseanne then insists that they go to New York now. He tells her to leave him alone.

Back at the Crossroads...

Viki tells Ben about Jessie's decision. He then tells her that she doesn't look like the type that will be a grandmother soon. She then asks him about their kiss the other night and wondered where that would leave them. He then tells her that he has wondered about how it would feel to have her in his arms. They dance.

Back at the hospital...

Sam talks to Matthew and tells him that he will 'do things differently this time' with him and also added that he is going to let Nora go.

Back at Bo's room...

Asa goes to see Bo, but finds Lindsay there instead. He tells her that she doesn't have a chance with Bo, but she insists that she does and that she is good for Bo. She also tells him about Nora's baby and that's where Bo is. Asa leaves. Lindsay seems to realize that Asa might be right.

Back at the hospital...

Larry tells Sam and Nora that Matthew is now off of the critical list and that his test results look normal. Nora and Sam are relieved. Bo walks in. Bo tells Nora that he will be there if she needed him because he still cares for her. Asa is outside Nora's room and sees Bo and Nora talking. Asa visits Matthew and tells him from the nursery window that he has a feeling that he will be raised a Buchanan. Nora thanks Sam for telling Bo about what's been going on. She tells him that she was hopeful for a reconciliation with Bo, but knows that it is kind of hopeless. Sam tells her that he has something to tell her.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Written by: Marina Lawson

Viki's Office at the Banner

Dorian enters Viki's office with Blair hot on her trail. She starts to rummage through Viki's things as Blair tries to stop her. Dorian wants to find the skeletons in Viki's closet. Blair tries to discourage her as Dorian continues to insist that Viki's killed Mel. As Dorian goes to Viki's desk, she sees a picture of Mel and Viki's on the desk and is outraged at the sight. Blair explains that it's a picture of Viki's and Mel receiving an award, but Dorian is undeterred. Dorian takes the picture out of its frame. Blair tells her to hurry so that they don't get caught.

The Crossroads Bar

Viki and Ben are slow dancing. As the dance ends, she looks at him with goo goo eyes. They make small talk about her family. (I'm having a hard time with this storyline because I don't buy the Ben and Viki's couple thing at all). Viki tells Ben she wants to tell somebody about him, but he tells her it's not a good idea.

Nora's Hospital Room

Nora thanks Sam for getting Bo to the hospital; he wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for him. Sam tells Nora that when he saw the look on her face when she saw Bo, it was obvious she still had a lot of feelings for Bo. Sam says he's come to a decision.

Bo's Hotel Room

Bo sees Lindsay in a seductive position on the bed. Bo tells her it's been a long night and she should go back to her room. Lindsay wants to celebrate, but Bo is having none of it. Lindsay realizes that Bo has come back in a different frame of mind. Bo tells Lindsay that he thinks she's terrific, but things are moving too fast. He wants to take a pause; Lindsay tells him he certainly knows how to dump a girl. Bo apologizes to her. Lindsay says she knows what happened at the hospital. Unfortunately for her, she can't stop there. She says she's seen that look before, Nora has gotten to him, despite everything she's done to him. Bo shakes his head.

The Bar

Ben doesn't want to jinx "what they have." Viki wants to know what he's running from. She thinks he might be in the witness protection program. Ben outlines other possible scenarios (bad debts, etc). He asks her to humor him. Viki gets up to leave and they kiss (eek!). Viki leaves and Sophia approaches Ben, asking him if he's ready to get back to work. Ben tells her he's going for walk.

Nora's Room

Nora doesn't want Sam to back out of her life, after all they have a baby together. Sam licks his lips and says, no, the baby means the world to him. Sam tells Nora that he loves her and those feelings won't go anywhere, but that she still has a connection with Bo. He tells her she feels torn, confused and pressured by the events. Sam wants to give her time to sort things out and not to feel pressure from him. Nora looks at him gratefully and thanks him.

Sam leaves Nora's room and runs into Asa. Asa tells Sam to do everyone a favor and take the road out of town (what class). Asa asks Sam if the beans hadn't been spilled, would he still be there worrying about the baby, or would he have left the worrying to Bo? Asa tells Sam that Bo and Nora still have something and that he plans to get the goods on Sam.

Bo's Room

Lindsay just can't help her wenchy self and continues her needling of Bo. Bitter, she says that Nora has gotten under his skin; Nora needed him and he wasn't there, so Bo is kicking himself. Bo tells Lindsay to get dressed and gets her clothes, but she persists. Sam was with Nora, she says. After all Nora didn't call him, because she wanted Bo to get to the hospital where she could throw herself at him and beg Bo to come home. Bo has had enough and throws her sorry butt out into hallway. Lindsay protests that she isn't dressed (she should have thought about that before she ticked Bo off) and he shuts the door. Lindsay stands there looking ashamed (if she had any shame, I would think this was true) while Bo is inside looking frustrated.

Viki's Office

Dorian continues to ransack Viki's office. Dorian says she's looking for something that's important to her. Blair shows her the pictures of Viki's family. Dorian reminds her about Joey; been there, done that. Blair says that Viki cares about the Banner. Dorian continues her mantra about how Viki took Mel away from her. Blair tells her that she's worried about her, but Dorian ignores her and continues to rummage around the desk. She spies the dice and Dorian is elated. She recognizes them. When Blair asks about them, Dorian says they're the kink in Viki's armor. As Blair goes to straighten the desk and Dorian puts the dice in her handbag. Viki enters the room and glares at both Blair and Dorian.

Nora's Hospital Room

Asa tells her he's seen the baby and they talk about how beautiful he is. Nora tells Asa the baby's name, take it or leave it. Asa talks about Sam and his motives and Nora tells him not to use the visit as an attack on Sam. He agrees, but tells Nora she still has a chance with Bo, he can tell they still have a connection. Nora tries not to look hopeful. Asa tells her to grab the chance, tell Bo that she will never set eyes on Sam again.

Outside, Lindsay comes to the hospital and asks Sam if the baby is okay. Sam tries to get away from her, but Lindsay stops him; he's always Nora's protector. Lindsay congratulates him for having Bo come to Nora. Lindsay goes on to explain that she had seen Bo and something had clearly taken place between Bo and Nora. Sam warns Lindsay to keep her mouth shut about Bo and Lindsay in bed. Lindsay asks him why he did it?

Bo's Room

Bo goes to pour a drink, spills it, then throws the bottle and glass against the wall. Now, I just have to say, as the commissioner of police, trashing a hotel room is destruction of private property, isn't it?

Bo gets on his donor cycle (in the snow!) without a helmet (not too bright) and revs the motor.

Nora's Hospital Room

Nora is admonishing Asa; Sam has been there for her. Nora goes on to defend Sam. Asa tells her not to be a fool. Nora tells her she was a fool, she had another man's baby, thinking it would give her husband a reason to live, instead he hates her. Asa tells her that Bo doesn't hate her. Nora says she knows Bo will never forgive her. Asa says it would be shame if they couldn't get back to each other.

Outside Nora's Room

Lindsay asks Sam if he still wants Nora? She's still in her pestering mode, as she needles Sam by telling him that he's halfway to having Nora, they have a baby together, build on it! Sam asks her what she gets out of it, Bo? Lindsay says having Bo as a consolation prize works for her. Sam tells Lindsay that he wants Nora to sort her feelings out since Bo and Nora still have feelings for each other. He tells Lindsay to leave and Lindsay refuses.

Viki's Office

Viki says she's not surprised to see them there. Blair tries to snake her way out of the mess by saying she had dropped her assignment off on her desk and Dorian followed her. Viki is still in disbelief as Dorian says the reason she's there was because she hasn't received Mel's last paycheck. Viki goes to her desk and finds the frame that held the picture with her and Mel and asks Dorian why she would object to having the picture? Dorian tells her that she objects to Viki's riding on Mel's coattails. Viki reminds her that it was she that wanted Mel to work at the Banner. Blair in the meantime is standing dumbly in the background and Viki asks her again why she was there. Dorian tries to get them out of the office. Viki won't let Dorian go, she's putting a stop to "this."

Dorian tells her she doesn't know what she means. Viki tells her about her public vow "to get her." Dorian asks if she is hiding something. Viki says she's not responsible for everything that happens in Dorian's life. Psycho Dorian tells Viki she is responsible for Mel's death. Viki retorts that she isn't responsible and she will not spend the rest of her life watching her back awaiting Dorian's next vendetta. Viki wants to move on, but Dorian can't. Dorian and Blair leave (I would have fired Blair right then and there).

Bo on his Donor Cycle

Bo, without his helmet, is riding his donor cycle and is hearing the voices of Nora, Sam and Lindsay in his head. He spins out of control.

Nora's Hospital Room

Sam and Nora discuss the baby and rattle on about his looks and where he gets them from. Nora thanks Sam for what he said earlier. Sam asks if Asa said anything to upset her. Nora says no, Asa was almost reassuring. Scary Lindsay is looking in on them from outside her room.

Viki's Office

Viki is going through her office to see if anything is missing. She looks at her computer and begins to put things back in their place. Viki calls Kevin to inform him about Dorian and Blair. She rails aloud at Dorian and sits down. Viki notices her dice are missing.

The Bar

Dorian goes to the bar and sits down. Sophia is behind the bar. Dorian tells her that she hasn't heard from her yet. Sophia says she hasn't seen Viki's Carpenter. Dorian pulls out the picture of Viki's and Mel and asks if she's seen the woman in the picture. Sophia identifies her as "Blondie."

The Hospital

Sam goes in to see the baby and talks to him, all the while, licking his lips.

Meanwhile, Wenchy Lindsay knocks on Nora's door and goes in. Nora is understandably surprised to see her. Nora tells Lindsay that Sam isn't there, but Lindsay is there to see her. Nora tells her it was nice of her to drop by, too bad she has to leave so soon. Lindsay goes to leave, but Nora wants to know why she's really there.

A Country Road

Bo is lying in the snow, hurt. Ben runs up and asks him how he is.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Written by: Dawn

At the Bar, a gleeful Dorian figured out Viki's hiding place and that Viki had a boyfriend. She made a deal with Sophie to keep tabs on the couple. Dorian finally figured out how she's going to get revenge--Viki's going to lose a love just as she did.

Ben meanwhile, was helping Bo after his motorcycle accident (he only had a dislocated shoulder). Viki told Kevin about Dorian going through her desk. She mentioned the fuzzy dice and Kevin guessed she had a boyfriend. The couple met up and Ben told an upset Viki that he was married. Upset, she rushes to her mountain cabin.

At the hospital, Lindsay told Nora that she slept with Bo, which Sam confirmed. He urged her to not give up just yet, but Nora's face said she just did. An injured Bo arrived at the hospital and Nora told him she knew about Lindsay and she understood his feelings and lack of forgiveness. Lindsay, of course, didn't tell Bo she let the cat out of the bag.

Friday, March 5, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins

Téa and John

Téa found the locker where the "key" that Todd gave her fits. As John stood beside her, a Mariachi Band strolls by them. She doesn't want to disappoint John and tries to kiss him. She then walks away to the locker, puts the key in and then turns around and looks at John.

Club Indigo

Joey is asking R.J. about Kelly's whereabouts when suddenly he hears loud laughing and in walks Kelly and Max. Joey asks Max, why are you doing this? Max asks, doing what. Joey says taking advantage of Kelly.

Dorian's Bedroom

Blair calls out to Dorian, who is sorting out Mel's belongings. Dorian says, Viki is going to pay. Blair asks, is Viki really seeing a bartender? Dorian says yes, and his name is Ben, Ben the bartender. She's head over heels about him. Dorian hopes she loves him as she loved Mel because when Viki loses him, it will give her pleasure.

Sam and Ben outside Llanview Hospital

They are arguing about their family when Ben says this time its going to be different, "you made your choice, Sam, you just walked out and left good old Ben holding the bag." Sam said "why are you here, they trashed my house and office, isn't that enough? I am clear of the family and I won't be helping you anymore." Ben says, it's different 'Chip'. Sam screams, don't call me Chip, don't ever call me that name again.

Club Indigo

Kelly is asking Joey, why are you here. And furthermore, Max is not taking advantage of her, she is taking advantage of him, she tells him. R.J. and Max are discussing Kelly and Max tells R.J. that he won the bet. R.J. says Max is working himself through the Cramer family. Max begins gloating, saying that Kelly is rich and easy on the eyes... and rich, as he stares at Kelly talking to Joey. Max says she might be ready to commit and she's rich (dollar signs big in his eyes). Kelly meanwhile tells Joey in no uncertain terms that it's her life and that she's a grown woman. Joey gets upset because she is not listening to him. Joey says she is angry and pretending that nothing matters anymore. Kelly says Max Holden is only a good time for her. Joey says she and Dorian need each other, especially now. Kelly tells Joey to butt out, gets up, walks directly up to Max and kisses him on the lips as Joey watches. She shouts out to Joey that her private life is her private life. Joey leaves.

Téa and John

Téa mad at herself and says she's not going to let Todd do that to her as she kisses John. She decides not to look into the locker to see what Todd put in there for her and says to John, Todd is out of my life. John is pleased and says, I am glad, as he looks at Téa with her new short hairdo. Téa dances for the Mariachi Band, which has taken out their insturments and started playing.

Ben and Sam Outside Hospital

Ben and Sam argue again and Ben says to Sam it is too late for family loyalty, you came to the old man's funeral, Chip. Sam says if you call me that one more time, I am out of here. Sam says, I can't take care of you anymore, I have other people depending on me now. Ben says, I heard you have two children and how is my new nephew, it is a boy, isn't it? Sam says Matthew is his name and he's fine now, but it was rough going in the beginning. Ben says gramps would be pleased. Ben says I have a brother with two families. You are all I have, says Ben and he also says he met someone and she really got to me.

Téa and John

Téa is still dancing with the Band members as John looks on, smiles and claps. John says let's go someplace and celebrate with champagne. Téa dances with John.

Dorian's Place

Dorian and Blair are still discussing Mel's favorite clothes, she's sorting through them and remembering Mel. The doorbell rings and they both say, who could that be at this late hour. Dorian asks Blair to get the door. When Blair returns and tells her its Joey, Dorian is surprised and wants to know what he wants at this late hour. Joey comes up to the bedroom and says I want to talk to you about Kelly.

Sam and Ben and Asa

They are now discussing the woman Ben met, "Blondie" (Viki), when Sam says, what do you mean you met somebody? Ben says, I don't know her real name, all I know is Blondie. Sam asks, you didn't tell her your real name? Ben said, I told her my name is Ben. Sam says, you didn't! Ben said, I didn't tell her anything, anyone who is with me is in danger. In fact, I already drove her away. Forget the past, Sam says, and go far away and burn that damn book. Ben says I can't do that. Sam says Dad does not deserve this damn devotion. Someone approaches and Ben hides. It is Asa, who begins to angrily tell Sam off, asking him to move his entire family out of town. Sam say I have a little boy who needs a father. Asa says take all of the Rappaports out of town, your worthless son and that ex-wife of yours as well. Asa hollers out to Sam, "you are a joke, Sam and who were you talking to", "if there is some dirt to dig out about you, I will find it." Sam says, be my guest. Ben hovers nearby watching and waiting.

Dorian's House

Joey says to Dorian, Kelly is different and doesn't have a care in the world, she's running from her losses. Blair interrupts and says she's going out right now to get some air. Dorian says at this late hour? Blair leaves. Dorian says to Joey, Kelly is brushing off her family as well and she has let me down as well. Kelly is missing Mel and Dorian, Joey says, and she is making some serious mistakes. Kelly is putting up a front and she needs you, she is fragile right now. Dorian says "the Cramer women can be that way." Please go to Kelly, he suggests, try to make the first move.

Meanwhile Back at Club Indigo

Kelly and Max are hugging and kissing at the bar. Kelly walks away toward a table as R.J. teases Max and tells Max he is to old for Kelly. Max protests she's not that young. R.J. says you are still in love with Blair. Max denies it. If you're not, stop keeping your affair with Kelly a secret, R.J. challenges him. Max is having a good time by keeping Kelly a secret and doesn't want Blair to know about it, Max replies. Max goes to the table where Kelly is and they discuss how long they have been together when Kelly says, let's just dance. Max says we thought our affair was a joke. Kelly says I want a good time only. Max wants to let everyone know about his affair with Kelly and Kelly says they can't go public and that she wants to keep everything a secret. Forget about going public, Max, she says as Blair walks in saying, going public with what?

Dorian's House

Dorian says to Joey , maybe I can take Kelly back under my wing, she is very young. I really miss Mel, Joey says, and you were out of control at the service, Dorian. Dorian hears this and explodes into rage, and says screamingly, "I was out of control? I was out of control, it was your mother's fault, why was Mel on the plane and who intercepted my note, get out of here, how dare you come here and try to get me to forgive Kelly, trying to turn her against me", she shouts. Joey says I am going to leave and he does. Dorian says to herself, "Viki you are going to pay and the price is one bartender, BEN."

Sam and Ben

Sam searches for Ben and explains about Asa. Ben says he's read all about the situation in the Banner and comments that he depends on the personals in the Banner for his love life now. Sam says he's not as full of the dirt now as when he walked away from that family. He says do you know why I walked away from the family? Ben says they killed our father and he is going to make them pay. Sam says he's not going to do it and burn that book and get out of town.

Téa and John and the Band

Téa and John are still enjoying the Band, Téa is speaking spanish to them. John's pager goes off and has to call into the station. Téa gives the Band member some money and takes the key out of her pocket and looks inside the locker. There is a box and a note, "What took you so long, Delgado." She looks in the box and there is another key. She is furious with herself and tears up the note as John calls her. She hurriedly puts the box inside her pocket and tells John how sorry that the evening had to end that way. He says she is finally free of Todd and he is so proud of her. She looks upset and mad, but doesnt' tell him she looked inside the locker..

Club Indigo

Blair is talking to Max, saying hello. She wants to know what they were talking about. Kelly says it was about a story. Max leaves and says, see ya, I'm going home, making it clear to Kelly where she can meet him later. Blair looks at him and says to Kelly, he is seeing someone and somebody needs to warn the poor girl. Blair asks Kelly if she wants a drink. Kelly gets up, says no, and leaves the bar.


Sam is talking to Matthew and telling him what happened to Sam's family is not going to happen to him and that he will protect his son. Sam leaves and Asa walks up and follows Sam, unbeknownst to Sam. Ben has the book, looks in it for a number and makes a call to Kevin Buchanan saying, "this is Hamlet, I need your help." Sam and Nora in the nursery looking at the baby, she says to the nurse, I can't wait to hold him, can I hold him Lindsay says to Bo, I just hope, if you go back to her that I won't lose you as a friend. Ben says to Kevin, if any one is after Mel Hayes its because of this (he holds of the black book)

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