One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 30, 2009 on OLTL
Hank Gannon returned to town. Todd was enraged that custody of his children would remain with Blair and John. Rex found Gigi in bed with Brody. Rex couldn't understand why Gigi seemed to want to break up with him. John and Fish investigated Powell Lord and Zach Rosen, two of the men accused of raping Marty. Todd received a surprise visit from Zach. Schuyler rejected Starr's advances.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 30, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Three On A Match

Inside the courtroom, Todd was stunned by Téa's remark that Blair's children should remain in the custody of her husband during her recovery. Todd demanded to know who had married Blair. His surprise turned to fury when John stood up and announced, "That would be me!"

Todd explained to the judge that Téa had helped him gain custody of Starr by marrying him. An irate Téa approached Todd and insisted that she married him for love. She demanded to know if he had ever loved her. Todd made it clear that his relationship with Téa had nothing to do with love.

Todd accused Téa and John of conspiring in an attempt to deny him custody of his children. The judge's suspicions were raised when Todd claimed that John was still harboring feelings for Marty. John swore that he and Marty were only friends. Proclaiming his love for Blair, John insisted that her near-death experience had helped him realize his true feelings.

Todd was devastated when Starr took the stand. Starr pleaded with the judge to allow her and her siblings to remain with John. Citing several of Todd's past misdeeds, Starr told the judge that John was a better father than Todd. The judge called a brief recess.

At the recess, Todd accused Téa of turning Starr against him. Téa informed Todd that he had caused his own pain. Todd told Téa that he understood why she walked out on him - she was still in love with him and wanted payback.

After the recess, everyone returned to the courtroom to learn the judge's decision. Todd was outraged when the judge announced that the children were to remain in the custody of Blair and John. Todd accused John of stealing Marty, Blair, and his children from him.

At the hospital, Addie tried to cheer up Blair by reminding her that she was Mrs. John McBain. Remembering the events that led up to her wedding day, Blair informed her mother that John had only married her to prevent Todd from winning custody. The previous day, Téa had suggested that John marry Blair. Assuring him that the judge would rule to keep the children with Blair if she had a husband, Téa argued that it was their only hope of winning.

Along with Dorian, Téa urged John to propose to Blair. After kicking Dorian and Téa out of her room, Blair told John that he wasn't obligated to marry her, and reminded him that he still had feelings for Marty. Advising Blair that she stood a chance of losing her children to Todd, John insisted on marrying her. Afterward, Blair accepted John's proposal and the two wed, in Blair's hospital room, in the presence of Starr, Addie, Dorian, and Mike.

Addie was shocked that the word love was never mentioned.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Jessica approached Marty. Noticing Marty's aloof behavior, Jessica apologized for her role in Todd's scheme. Explaining her illness to Marty, Jessica begged for forgiveness and reminded Marty that they were once good friends. To Jessica's surprise, Marty forgave her.

After Jessica and Marty became reacquainted, Marty gave Jessica an update on Cole's progress and her troubles with Nora. Jessica asked Marty about her relationship with John. When Marty mentioned that John had been a good friend to her, Jessica pointed out the many instances in which John had helped Marty. Realizing that Marty still had feelings for John, Jessica encouraged her friend to pursue a possible relationship with him. Marty told Jessica that John was involved with Blair, but Jessica insisted that Marty explore her options with John.

Jessica finally convinced Marty to tell John how she felt about him. Filled with hope, Marty told Jessica that she knew where John was and planned on going to him at once. Marty wondered if Jessica had someone special in her life. When Jessica admitted that she was attracted to someone but they had decided to remain friends, Marty suggested that Jessica take her own advice. Admitting that Marty was right, Jessica decided to locate Brody and discuss their relationship.

As John attempted to phone Marty, she surprised him at the courthouse. An elated Marty stated that she had something to tell him. John told Marty that he needed to talk to her. In a subdued voice, John informed Marty that he had married Blair.

Todd phoned Blair and vowed to seek revenge against her and John.

At La Boulaie, Dorian slapped Ray after he kissed her. When Dorian informed Ray that she was happily married to an aspiring Hollywood actor, he balked at her. As Dorian chastised him for questioning her marriage, David interrupted the discussion with a phone call. While David detailed his adventures to Dorian, she was obviously uncomfortable as Ray stood close and gave her a seductive stare.

After a nervous Dorian quickly ended her conversation with David, Ray called her a liar and insisted that she had feelings for Ray. Claiming to hate him, Dorian instructed Ray to stay away from her and ordered him out of her house. When Ray reminded her that she no longer owned La Boulaie, Dorian quipped, "We'll see about that!"

Dorian was thrilled when Téa arrived at La Boulaie with the good news about the custody hearing. As Dorian stepped away to write Téa a check, she overheard Téa ask Ray out on a date. Dorian appeared bothered when Ray accepted Téa's invitation.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Brody encountered Gigi crying hysterically out in the hall. Unable to calm her down, Brody ushered her into his apartment. Gigi told Brody that the Australian donor could no longer help Shane, but that another match for Shane had been located, her sister, Stacy. Brody was appalled to learn that Stacy agreed to save Shane's life only if Gigi agreed to leave Rex in return.

Brody encouraged Gigi to be honest with Rex, but Gigi was certain that Rex would confront her and that Stacy would disappear. Insisting that she couldn't risk Shane's life, Gigi told Brody that she had to come up with a plan to convince Rex that she no longer loved him. Gigi was certain that Rex would never believe her.

At the hospital, as Shane asked his father for information regarding his donor, Stacy barged into the room. Although Shane was excited to see his aunt, Rex interrupted the reunion and asked Stacy to step out in the hall.

Outside of Shane's hospital room, Rex lashed out at Stacy. He accused her of pretending to care about Gigi and drugging him. Rex told Stacy that he wanted her out of their lives. When Stacy teased him about falling for her, Rex hit the roof. He assured her that he was committed only to Gigi. While Stacy looked on, Rex placed a call to Gigi.

Meanwhile, Gigi begged Brody to help her. Rex phoned her several times, but Gigi ignored his calls. Gigi told Brody that she couldn't talk to Rex until she had decided how she would handle the problem.

As Rex placed several calls to Gigi, Stacy questioned him about Gigi's whereabouts. Remembering that Gigi had stated that she had something important to take care of, Rex phoned once more. To his surprise, Brody answered. While Rex asked to speak with Gigi, she cried silently in the background. In a direct tone, Brody told Rex that Gigi was at his apartment and ordered Rex to leave her alone.

Realizing that Rex had received troubling news, Stacy tried to pump him for information. A suspicious Rex ignored her and rushed off. Smiling to herself, Stacy returned to Shane's room. When Shane mentioned that he hadn't seen her lately, Stacy remarked, "We'll be seeing a lot more of each other after you receive your transplant."

Rex arrived at Brody's front door. Calling Gigi's name, Rex opened the door to Brody's apartment. To Rex's horror, he discovered Gigi and Brody in bed together.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lay Lady Lie

At the drug rehabilitation center, Cole learned that he had passed his drug test. He was shown to a room where he was instructed to wait for a meeting with a drug counselor. Cole was furious when Schuyler walked in a few minutes later. Schuyler immediately offered to fetch another counselor. However, Schuyler wanted to clear the air about Starr first.

Schuyler insisted that there wasn't anything going on between him and Starr. Cole didn't believe Schuyler; he accused the teacher of being a pervert. Schuyler admitted that he had made a mistake. Schuyler pointed to his suspension from teaching as punishment for that mistake. Cole believed that the disciplinary action simply made it easier for Schuyler to continue a relationship with Starr.

Schuyler warned Cole not to take his anger out on Starr. He reminded Cole that the main reason Starr had turned to Schuyler was because Cole had been unavailable.

Schuyler turned the discussion to Cole's drug use. Schuyler accused Cole of being a drug addict. Cole denied the allegation. Schuyler warned Cole that denial came at a cost; Schuyler had lost the woman he loved.

Cole wasn't interested in hearing about Schuyler's problems. Schuyler blamed Cole's anger on being high. Cole insisted that he wasn't using, but Schuyler didn't believe him.

The two nearly came to blows when Schuyler brought up Matthew. Schuyler believed that Matthew's paralysis was Cole hitting rock bottom. Schuyler accused Cole of being out of control. Cole clenched his teeth as he warned Schuyler that his self-control was the only reason he had not struck Schuyler.

Schuyler stormed out of the room, leaving his jacket behind. When Schuyler's cell phone rang, Cole decided to answer the phone.

Starr went to the hospital to tell her mother how things went during the custody hearing. Starr insisted that everyone had been shocked when Téa announced that John and Blair were married. Blair suspected that some were more surprised than others.

Starr asked Blair what would happen to her marriage once Blair recovered from her injuries. Blair avoided answering directly; she didn't think that they should get ahead of themselves. Blair deftly changed the subject before Starr could pursue her line of questioning.

It was Starr's turn to be evasive when Blair figured out that Starr was romantically interested in someone new. Starr would only tell her mother that he was someone whom she had met at school and that he was older. Blair assumed the boy was a student, not a teacher. She advised Starr to fight for what she wanted.

In the courthouse, John told Marty that he was married to Blair. The news appeared to hit Marty hard, but she tried to hide it. John apologized for not telling Marty about the marriage sooner. He explained that it had been Téa's idea so that Blair wouldn't loose custody of the children. When Marty pointed out that John was a stepfather, John admitted that, on paper, he was.

John sensed that Marty was upset. Marty told him that she didn't have a right to be hurt because he had married Blair. John disagreed; he believed Marty had every right to be angry because of what had happened between them. Marty claimed that their aborted kiss had been nothing more than a fleeting urge. Marty insisted that she was over it.

John and Marty were unaware that someone lurked in the shadows watching them.

John confessed that he was worried the killer would target Marty. Marty reminded John that she had been in bed with Wes at the time of his murder. If she had been an intended victim, the killer would have struck then. Marty advised John to focus on Blair. Meanwhile, Marty would focus on helping Cole through recovery.

Later, Marty was alone at the courthouse. While she left a message for Jessica, someone watched Marty.

John went to the hospital to check on Blair. Starr stepped out of the room to give John and Blair some privacy. Blair thanked John for all he had done to help her retain custody of her children. Blair didn't think she would have been able to cope with losing the kids. Blair also admitted that she was afraid the killer would return to harm the children. John assured Blair that he wouldn't let any harm come to her or the children.

In the hallway, Starr called Schuyler to arrange a meeting. She was stunned when Cole answered the phone instead of Schuyler. Cole accused Starr of calling her boyfriend, then disconnected the call.

At the diner, Jessica left a message for Marty about Brody. Jessica had decided to tell Brody how she felt about him. Cris overheard part of Jessica's message so, when she disconnected the call, he asked about the man she had been referring to. Jessica appeared reluctant to talk about it, which prompted Cris to confess that he would always care about what happened to Jessica.

Cris and Jessica sat down to talk a bit about their past. Jessica told Cris that she had been sorry to hear that his relationship with Sarah hadn't worked out. Cris steered the conversation back to the new guy in Jessica's life. Jessica admitted that the man had helped her through a difficult period, but she was careful not to divulge his name. Cris hoped that things worked out for Jessica; he wanted her to be happy.

Later, tempers flared when Cris saw Layla sitting in a booth at the diner. Layla asked Cris to disappear before her date arrived. Cris informed Layla that he was working, so she was stuck with him. Cris made it clear that he wasn't impressed with a guy who would choose a diner for a first date. Layla asked Cris why he thought it was her first date with the man. Cris pointed to Layla's outfit; she was dressed for a first date.

Cris noticed that Layla was holding a piece of paper. He plucked it out of her hand before she could stop him. Layla became defensive when Cris realized that Layla had met her date through a personal ad. Cris's smug smile slipped when a good-looking, well-dressed man showed up a few minutes later.

The bickering between Cris and Layla didn't sit well with Layla's date. He suggested that Layla work things out with her ex-boyfriend before dating. Layla tried to explain that Cris wasn't her ex-boyfriend, but her date wasn't convinced. The man walked out of the diner before Layla could stop him.

Stacy told Shane that his bone marrow transplant had been cancelled. Shane was crushed by the news. Moments later, Roxy walked into Shane's hospital room with an arm full of balloons. Roxy was furious when she realized that Stacy had taken it upon herself to tell Shane the devastating news. Stacy was unrepentant.

Roxy dragged Stacy into the hallway. She demanded to know when Stacy intended come forward as a bone marrow match for Shane. Stacy insisted that she needed more information before she set the transplant wheels in motion. Roxy refused to let her grandson die. She warned Stacy that Stacy had 24 hours to step forward as a donor. Roxy threatened go to Rex with the truth if Stacy didn't cooperate.

Rex found Gigi in bed with Brody. Gigi obliterated any doubt Rex might have had when she confirmed that she and Brody had sex. While Brody went to the bathroom to get dressed, Rex demanded to know why Gigi had betrayed him. Rex didn't believe Gigi's lies about reconnecting with Brody after she had learned that Shane had leukemia.

Things became violent when Brody emerged from the bathroom. Gigi intervened before any blood was shed. Brody decided to step out of the room while Rex and Gigi continued their conversation.

Gigi switched tactics by insisting that her feelings for Rex had changed after the lab confirmed that Rex had not been drugged the night she had found him in bed with Stacy. Gigi claimed that she finally realized that Rex would never be faithful to her. Gigi reminded Rex of his long history of cheating as proof.

Rex was hurt by Gigi's cruel accusations. He decided to return to the hospital to be with their sick son.

Jessica went to talk to Brody about her feelings for him. Jessica approached Brody when she spotted him in the hallway. Brody said little as Jessica confessed that she cared about him. She admitted that she hadn't felt that way about another man since Nash. Brody's silence prompted Jessica to ask Brody how he felt about her. Before Brody could answer, Rex threw open the door.

Jessica was speechless as Rex slammed Brody up against the wall. Rex admitted that he had no idea what Brody had said to get Gigi into bed, but he warned Brody to stay away from Gigi and Shane. As Rex left, Jessica looked into Brody's room. When she saw Gigi, wrapped in a blanket, crying, Brody stepped forward to close the door.

Jessica recovered quickly. Jessica told Brody to forget what she had said, then fled before Brody could stop her.

At the hospital, Stacy was delighted when Rex revealed that Gigi had been caught in bed with Brody. Stacy called her sister to congratulate her on devising a perfect plan to break things off with Rex.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


At Capricorn, Téa greeted Cristian and tried to mend fences with him over the Vanessa debacle. Téa asked for a table for two, and assured Cristian it wasn't for her and Todd, but rather for her and her date, Ray Montez. Cris grudgingly agreed and accepted a hug from Téa, who called him a good guy. "You really think so?" Cristian asked, surprised.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora waged a phone war with contractors who were moving too slowly on retrofitting the house for Matthew's handicapped needs. Just as she seemed at her lowest, she received a surprise visitor: ex-husband Hank "the Cannon" Gannon. Hank had taken leave from his teaching position at Georgetown University to come to Bo, Nora, and Matthew's aid in their time of need.

As Hank and Nora got caught up, Nora found herself despairing. She told Hank that Matthew's rehabilitation was different from their daughter Rachel's recovery from drug addiction; there was no certain "light at the end of the tunnel." Hank comforted Nora with a hug.

Nora mused to Hank about her reasons for letting Cole off the hook at his arraignment. She said that despite her anger, Cole had been like a son to her, and a brother to Matthew. More importantly, she said she had looked at him and seen Rachel, and her own struggle with drugs, and how she'd prayed for someone to help her child, not hurt her. Hank told Nora she'd done the right thing.

At the Buenos Dias, Clint forced a harried Bo to sit down and take a breather. Clint encouraged his brother to unload his worries, but Bo was too anxious, and feared that he would be unable to do everything Matthew needed from him. Clint told Bo to lean on him and the rest of the family for support.

Bo reminisced about his fellow veterans in Vietnam, and how some had also come back from the war crippled. Before, he'd been unable to fully relate to their suffering, but, because of Matthew, he'd been forced to come to terms. He feared that Matthew would end up angry and bitter like the veterans he'd seen, but Clint told him all he needed to do was continue supporting Matthew, and drawing love and strength from his family.

At La Boulaie, Dorian fended off a rambunctious Jack and was thrilled when "Stepdad" John returned home to look after the boy. When Ray prepared to leave for his date with Téa, however, Dorian turned green.

As Ray flirted shamelessly with "Mrs. Buchanan," Dorian gave as good as she got, and got in a few jabs at Téa's expense. The heat was obvious between the two, but neither would give in. Ray told Dorian that Téa was what he wanted in a woman: bright, beautiful, passionate. "Enjoy your evening with your nephew," he jibed.

In the drawing room, John tried to make inroads with Jack, who wasn't having any of it. Jack said Todd had warned him about John-that he spent all his money on beer and black clothes, that he only came out at night, "that you spend an hour a day on your hair." John rightly asked why his hair looked the way it did if he spent so much time on it.

John told Jack that he had to be there to protect Jack and the family like he'd promised Blair, but Jack was sure that Todd could do all of that instead. Jack remembered his parents' empty promises of happy families, and declared that "promises suck!" "I agree," John mumbled to himself.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Bo and Clint returned home, and Bo and Hank shared a joyful reunion. Clint tried to comfort an emotional Nora, but Nora busied herself with making guest arrangements for Hank. As Clint followed Nora into the foyer, Hank turned to Bo. "Nora and Clint?" he asked his friend, skeptical. "Don't even go there," Bo replied.

In the foyer, Clint stopped Nora before she could dive into her frenzied litany of chores. He asked her what he was doing wrong, and why she wouldn't let him help, or lean on him for emotional support like she leaned on Bo and Hank. Nora said she wanted to go to him but she had a lot of responsibilities, and some things had to fall by the wayside. "Like me?" Clint asked.

Nora was at a loss for words. Just then, Hank and Bo entered the foyer, and Bo asked Nora if she wanted to accompany them on a tour of the grounds. Clint told Nora she'd already answered his question, and stalked away.

At Serenity Springs Spa, Llanview wise guy Jackie McNaughton joined Todd in the sauna. Todd had a business proposition for Jackie: give John McBain a "dirt nap." Jackie was scandalized by Todd's request, and said offing John, a former federal agent and ex-cop, was above his pay grade. Todd reminded Jackie that he owed Todd after ratting Todd out during the Margaret Cochran murder investigation, but Jackie stood firm and told Todd to find someone else.

In the Serenity Springs gym, Talia and Layla worked out and commiserated; Talia lamented Antonio's out-of-town assignment, while Layla raged a mile a minute about her nemesis, the one and only Cristian. Layla blamed Cris for ruining her Internet date with "Fab Booty," but Talia didn't think the date's assumption that there was something between Cris and Layla was that far-fetched.

Layla rejected Talia's hypothesis, and said Cristian made her feel bad for things that weren't her fault, including Fish's broken heart. She claimed she hadn't wanted Fish, anyway, which was Officer Fish's cue to pop up right beside the ladies. After Fish gave his regards, Layla prepared to launch into another attack on Cristian, just in time for Cris to arrive on the scene. Cris and Layla traded barbs, everything from "two-faced" to "ice queen." Cris told Layla it wasn't his fault her blind date had seen her for who she truly was, and as he left for the sauna, Layla was right on his tail.

At the nearby punching bag, Fish found that he had an unwitting sparring partner: hospital technician Kyle Lewis, his former classmate from Llanview University. Fish and Lewis compared notes, but there was an obvious edge to their interplay. Just then, Fish got a call from John, who asked him to come to La Boulaie, leaving Kyle alone to hammer away at the heavy bag.

Cristian reclined in the men's sauna, only to be confronted by Layla, who immediately began to taunt Cristian about his physique and his "chicken legs." Cristian attempted to escape, only to find that the door was stuck, leaving them trapped in the sauna.

At Capricorn, Ray arrived for his date with Téa, and complimented her evening attire while casting aspersions on her motives. He asked Téa whether she was really there for him, or to play games with someone else. As Ray spoke, Téa glimpsed Todd entering the club, hot on the heels of Jackie McNaughton. When Todd accosted her and learned Ray was her date, he had two words of advice for Mr. Montez: "Run away." Once Todd was gone, Ray asked Téa why she had asked him out: to get over Todd, or make him jealous?

At the bar, Todd again nagged Jackie to take his contract, but Jackie refused, and warned Todd to stop stalking him across town. As Jackie walked away, Todd got a call from Jack, who told him that "John McPain" had said everything Todd had warned him about. Todd promised Jack that he'd take the boy away from McBain, but Jack said his father was full of crap. He ordered Todd to find help, and become their father again, while Todd cast an eye to Téa.

Back at Ray and Téa's table, Ray assured Téa that whatever her motives, he wanted them to have a good time, and as he took her hand, he suggested they give Todd a show. Just then, Dorian flounced in, interrupting the couple. Dorian claimed to be looking after Capricorn in Blair's stead, and was dismayed to see Todd on the premises.

After an awkward attempt to seat herself with Ray and Téa for some idle conversation, Dorian finally gave up and headed for Todd. Confused, Téa asked which of them was trying to make someone jealous. Ray told her that he and Dorian were playing a game, and Téa warned him that Dorian played for keeps.

As Dorian muttered insults towards Ray at the bar, Jackie sidled up to her, and asked if she was looking to plan another hit. Seizing the moment, Dorian said all she wanted from him was a kiss. Jackie happily obliged, while Ray seethed in the distance.

Back at La Boulaie, John ushered Fish into the drawing room to review the evidence in his unofficial murder investigation. Fish was leery of working with a "civilian" on a police matter, but John prevailed upon him for his aid. As John reviewed the evidence and motives linking Todd to the crimes, Fish asked if John thought Todd Manning had turned into a serial killer. John told Fish that the killer had left a message on his victims: the letters "K," "A" and "D," standing for Todd's college fraternity, Kappa Alpha Delta. Disturbed, Fish told John that he had also been a member of KAD.

At Serenity Springs, Kyle stepped on the treadmill and unzipped his jersey, revealing his own KAD t-shirt.

Back at La Boulaie, Fish told John that the KAD fraternity had been disbanded after the gang rape, then reinstated on a probationary basis years later. John said that they had to look into Fish's other frat brothers as possible suspects; he said they couldn't get enough evidence against Todd yet, and had to watch him. Fish asked about other suspects, like Marty, and reminded John that she also had a connection to the fraternity. John offered up two other suspects: Powell Lord and Zach Rosen, Marty's other rapists. John explained that Zach had served his time, and was back on the street.

At Capricorn, a mysterious man took a seat at the bar, glancing at Todd nearby. As the man turned back to the bar, he was revealed to be Zach Rosen.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Stuck in the steam room at Serenity Springs, Layla and Cristian blamed each other for their dilemma. A sweating Layla began to remove her clothing, pointing out that it was dangerous to stay in the room for more than 15 minutes. Cristian suggested that she stop being melodramatic. She accused him of looking at her ass when she was down to her undergarments.

Cristian turned his head, trying not to laugh, as the arguing began anew. Layla was certain that he was staring at her body. He agreed that maybe he was looking, and they bickered over her appearance. Finally, he complimented her body and, while she didn't buy it at first, it was obvious that she was flattered. She conceded that Cristian actually had a nice body, too, and not the chicken legs that she had pointed out earlier.

Layla felt certain that in light of her most recent experiences with dating, she was meant to be alone. Cristian told her that there was someone out there for everyone. When Layla asked if he meant even for a bitch like her, the squabble began again. Cristian assured her she wouldn't have to settle. Suddenly, the door opened and an attendant advised them that the steam room wasn't co-ed.

Marty paid a visit to Jessica at Llanfair, eager to tell her about following her advice to talk to John. She was about to tell him about exploring her feelings for him when she learned that he had married Blair, she told a shocked Jessica, who had her own unfortunate news. Marty was astonished when Jessica confided that she had followed her own advice, but found the man she was interested in "doing his ex."

The women agreed that John's marriage to Blair was merely one of convenience, but Marty insisted that she would no longer be able to pursue him. Jessica thought that she and Brody had really bonded, so she was staggered to walk into his sleeping with someone else's girl. She reenacted her encounter with Brody, Rex, and Gigi. Deciding that they really needed drinks, but not able to have them with their health issues, the women settled for some Earl Grey tea.

As they commiserated over their "tea shots" Marty told Jessica that she was probably better off without John. She felt that she would be better able to focus on Cole, something that she should have done previously. Feeling funny about saying it, but truthful nonetheless, Jessica admitted that she liked John for stepping up to help Blair. Marty agreed that she did, too.

At La Boulaie, John and Fish continued to study pictures of Zach Rosen and Powell Lord. Suddenly, Fish noticed John's wedding band and was taken by surprise to hear that John had married Blair. He quickly extended his congratulations, but John was eager to get back to the case.

John explained that Powell had attacked other women after Marty's rape and was confined to a psychiatric hospital. While Zach had been out of prison for just a few months, he had many reasons to hold a grudge against Todd, the men felt. Citing Todd's getting a pardon for the same crime that Zach was imprisoned for, Todd's money and marriages, and then being holed up with Marty herself, who had no memory of her rape, would certainly cause Zach to want revenge.

Fish and John concluded their discussion regarding their unofficial murder investigation, but John noticed that Fish was acting oddly. Fish mentioned his running into his old frat buddy from KAD and how it felt to stay in the house where the atrocity involving Marty had occurred.

At Capricorn, Jackie McNaughton kissed Dorian passionately in front of Ray. Dorian quickly apologized to Ray, who asked about her husband and whether the kiss was for his benefit. Dorian played dumb and accused Jackie of kissing her, and told him he was out of line. Calling her nuts, Jackie stalked off as Ray began to laugh.

Dorian insisted that she hadn't followed Ray to the club, but was checking on things for her niece, who owned the place. Ray reminded her that she had known he'd be there, but he had made the date with Téa when Dorian had turned him down. He felt that they shared a moment back at La Boulaie, but he wouldn't pursue her if she loved her husband. He needed her to figure it out and let him know.

Todd decided on a plan to retrieve custody of his kids, and sauntered over to Téa's table. Telling Téa that he wanted her, he added that he would not allow John to raise his kids. Zach Rosen sat nearby, watching Todd closely.

Coming on to her, Todd blamed Téa for what happened, but confided that he wanted her all at the same time. Calling him "schizo," Téa refused to play into Todd's hands. He insisted that neither of them were normal, but she could have him; he knew that she wanted him and he felt the same. He added that it would cost her.

He also accused her of playing the "woman scorned" but he figured he might as well take her. Disdainfully, Téa told Todd he was a real Don Juan. Again, he said that she could have him, but she'd have to go to the judge and call Blair's marriage a sham.

Todd smugly disclosed that Blair and Marty didn't want him, but he knew that Téa did. A sarcastic Téa wondered how she could resist his seductive ways. As Todd assured her that things were in her hands, Ray interrupted them.

Zach Rosen requested that his drinking bill be added to Todd's tab. Jackie realized that while Dorian was trying to make Ray jealous, he was the very same man that she had requested Jackie kill in the past. Téa finally managed to get Todd to leave Ray and her alone. As Todd prepared to leave the bar, he was stopped and told that he needed to pay for his friend's bar bill. Pointing out that he had no friends, Todd looked towards the bar, but Zach was gone.

At the hospital, Gigi gently tapped on a sleeping Rex, telling him she needed to talk about Brody. She acknowledged that she never meant to hurt Rex, but that she did it for Shane. She didn't want Shane caught in the crossfire, she explained. A totally confused Rex didn't understand at all, reminding her that things had been fine between them. Gigi disagreed, stating that things had gone on long enough.

A saddened Rex understood how much pain Gigi was in and assured her that things could be fixed. Crying, Gigi told him, "This is killing me." She told him it was over between them. Pleading with her, Rex refused to listen, stating that they loved each other and that they couldn't break up. She felt that she couldn't trust him, that he would cheat as he had when he was with Adriana, and almost did with Stacy.

He was either drugged, or drunk and stupid, and couldn't remember what had happened, Rex insisted. He wanted her, didn't care if she had been with Brody, and felt that they could get through it. He wanted her to stay with him.

Rex asked Gigi to marry him, reminding her that they loved each other and that it would help Shane get well. Crying, Gigi kept repeating that she was sorry, even as Rex repeated that he didn't believe what she was saying. He thought that they were forever, and their meeting up again proved that, he stressed. She no longer trusted him was her response. Pulling her into a kiss, Rex insisted that she and Shane were his life and his world. Gigi returned the kiss but suddenly pulled away.

Brody encountered Stacy at the Angel Square Hotel and began to insult her, not mincing words. Stacy gave it back to him, accusing him of sleeping with Gigi. Clarifying that it was all an act, he said that not everyone was a stripper or a slut. He declared that Stacy had no understanding of love. Yelling at her to grow up, Brody refused to listen to Stacy's claims of loving Rex since high school.

Stacy maintained that she wouldn't be a donor for Shane if Gigi didn't keep her end of the bargain. Brody threatened that maybe Stacy could get stabbed and die, with a serial killer running around. Calling her a monster and not having feelings, he stated that she was also obsessed and delusional, and that she couldn't make Rex love her. He understood, on a certain level, how she felt, since he had loved Gigi and he had been obsessed. He had given it up, though. He urged her to do the same.

She would never win over Gigi, Brody told her. He couldn't believe that she would risk Shane's life, and he firmly believed that she would never have Rex. He accused her of wrecking a family, and contended that she would have to get over it the same as he had to get over losing Gigi. He wondered how she could even live with herself, and maintained that she couldn't have it all, even as she insisted that Gigi would be the one to give up.

As Rachael Yamageta entertained the crowd at Capricorn with her song, "Elephants," residents of Llanview were deep in thought. Dorian and Todd watched Ray and Téa from opposite ends of the club.

Returning to the hospital, Stacy learned that Gigi and Rex had broken up. She had good news for Rex, though, revealing that she was a match and would be able to save Shane's life.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Stacy's Turn

At La Boualie, John, Moe, and Starr discovered that Jack was missing. John and Moe were concerned for Jack's safety, but Starr was certain that Jack was fine and instructed Moe on Jack's possible location.

Meanwhile, Jack stormed into Todd's office and demanded that his father get rid of John so that they could be a family again. Todd assured Jack that he was working on a plan to win back custody of his children. When Todd mentioned that he had concocted a plan to convince Blair's lawyer to join forces with him, Jack quickly realized that Todd intended to seduce Téa. Jack doubted his father's ability to trick Téa, but Todd assured his son that he would prove that Blair and John had entered into a fraudulent marriage.

Back at La Boulaie, Starr questioned John about Cole. John urged Starr not to give up on him, but Starr was critical of Cole and his drug addiction. She blamed Cole for causing Matthew's injury and destroying Schuyler's teaching career. When John inquired about Cole's connection to Schuyler, he was curious about Starr's extensive knowledge concerning her teacher's personal life. Starr quickly deflected John's questioning and suggested that Moe ask the chauffeur if he knew Jack's whereabouts.

A curious John placed a call.

At Todd's office, Jack expressed his desire to live with his father, and spoke negatively about John. Pleased by his son's hatred of his new stepfather, Todd said that Jack didn't have to listen to John. As Jack and Todd continued to insult John, they were surprised when John appeared at the door. When John asked Jack to come home, Jack refused. To Jack and John's surprise, Todd instructed his son to go home with John. After Jack left the office, John advised Todd that he intended to keep the children away from Todd while Blair recovered.

A troubled Gigi entered Llanfair and requested a cup of coffee from Viki. Upon learning that a bone marrow donor had been located for Shane, Viki wondered why Gigi appeared to have something else on her mind. Gigi announced that her sister, Stacy was the donor. Viki wondered why Gigi wasn't pleased by the news.

Viki was horrified to learn that Gigi had ended her relationship with Rex after sleeping with another man. Viki couldn't believe that Gigi no longer wanted to be with Rex. Gigi told Viki about finding Rex in bed with her sister and insisted that she couldn't trust him. Viki refused to believe that Rex had cheated with Stacy and encouraged Gigi to reconsider.

In tears, Gigi told Viki that she was willing to do anything to protect Shane. Realizing that there was more to the story than Gigi had revealed, Viki begged Gigi to give her relationship with Rex another try. Viki's suspicions were furthered raised when Gigi admitted that she still loved Rex but had to break off the relationship for Shane's sake. Claiming that she needed to get to the hospital, Gigi rushed off. Viki placed a call to someone.

Moe arrived at Llanfair and Viki updated him on Gigi's situation. Viki was certain that Stacy was somehow behind Gigi's decision to leave Rex.

Rex ran into Bo at the hospital. Bo was delighted to learn that a bone marrow donor had been discovered for Shane, but was puzzled by Rex's strange demeanor. Rex told Bo about his breakup with Gigi and finding her in bed with Brody. Upon learning the details, Bo wasn't convinced that Gigi had cheated on Rex and was certain that there was more to the story. Rex told Bo that Gigi was still upset over finding him with her sister, Stacy.

Bo refused to believe that Gigi would leave Rex at a time when Shane needed them both. He was certain that something else was wrong. Rex proclaimed his love for Gigi and expressed his extreme dislike for Stacy. Bo encouraged his friend to fight for the woman he loved.

As Bo offered Rex his support, Gigi approached. Bo insisted that they were made for each other and pleaded with them to make things work. Rex begged Gigi to reconsider, but she cried that she had to end things. Suspicious, Rex insisted that it appeared as thought Gigi was being forced to end their relationship.

At Schuyler's apartment, Stacy had a dream in which Rex told her that she was the one for him. After calling out Rex's name, Stacy awoke and discovered Schuyler standing over her. Schuyler wanted to know why Stacy was dreaming about Rex. With a sly grin, Stacy announced, "It's my turn now!"

Stacy told Schuyler that she was a match for Shane. After congratulating Stacy for being able to help her nephew, Schuyler asked if she had plans to win Rex over as a result. Assuring Schuyler that she wasn't interested in Rex, Stacy claimed that she was only interested in helping Shane and revealed that Gigi and Rex had broken up.

Schuyler suggested that Stacy was to blame for the breakup. Stating that he knew how Stacy operated, Schuyler remarked that she had been pining over Rex ever since her high school days. Although Stacy continued to deny her desire for Rex, Schuyler warned her that she was headed for trouble if she expected to win Rex's heart in return for helping Shane.

Stacy thanked Schuyler for being concerned, but assured him that she had no interest in Rex. Schuyler pleaded with her to be careful, and Stacy headed off to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Starr smiled after having a daydream about Schuyler. She placed a call to him.

As Schuyler prepared to take a shower, his cell phone rang. After realizing that Starr was the caller, Schuyler ignored the call and took a shower.

Upon receiving Schuyler's voicemail, Starr grabbed her purse and ran off.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Officer Fish researched information regarding Zack Rosen.

Meanwhile, Marty and Cole had breakfast at a nearby booth. Consumed with guilt over Matthew's injury, Cole told his mother that he belonged in jail instead of the drug rehabilitation center. Marty advised Cole to forgive himself and to move on.

Unbeknownst to Fish and Marty, a disguised Zack Rosen, sat at a nearby booth and observed Marty.

As Fish gathered his belongings and prepared to exit the café, he ran into his fraternity brother, Kyle. Fish remarked how strange it was that they hadn't seen each other since college, but had bumped into each other two days in a row. Noticing a file labeled, "KAD" in Fish's possession, Kyle questioned him about it. Claiming that he was preparing for fraternity reunion, Fish asked Kyle if he were interested.

Appearing distracted, Kyle declined and prepared to leave the café. When Fish wondered why he was leaving in such a hurry, Kyle said goodbye and walked away. Fish was puzzled.

Cole mentioned that he knew about John's marriage to Blair and wondered how his mother was handling the news. Marty was adamant that she was fine with John and Blair's relationship, but Cole was skeptical. When Marty continued to question Cole about his treatment at the drug center, she was surprised when he stated that he didn't want the counselor that he had been assigned. Concerned for Cole's emotional health, Marty encouraged him to speak with his counselor. Before walking off, an angered Cole stated, "I have a problem with him and I'm going to talk to him about it right now!"

While Schuyler showered, Starr arrived at his front door. Discovering that the door was open, Starr entered Schuyler's apartment. Seconds later, Schuyler emerged from the bathroom, dressed in a towel. Startled to see Starr, he immediately ordered her out of his apartment. Reminding him that he was no longer her teacher, Starr suggested that she wanted something more than friendship.

Referring to her as a child, a shocked Schuyler demanded that she leave. Starr became hysterical and began tearing off her clothes. She announced, "I've been with a man before and I know what it's like!"

Meanwhile, Cole wandered around outside of Schuyler's apartment.

Stacy showed up at the hospital and ran into Kyle, the intern who had given her the blood test. When she announced that she was pleased to learn that she was a match for Shane, Kyle said that he could never forget a girl like Stacy and that he remembered administering her test. Kyle told Stacy that he was positive that she hadn't tested as a match for Shane.

John and Jack entered the Buenos Dias Café. Eager to get away from John, a disruptive Jack walked away. As John detailed his encounter with Todd, Fish interrupted with news about Zack Rosen. Several years before, Zack had been transferred from Statesville to a downstate prison. He had recently been released for good behavior. Fish had discovered that Zack had purchased a bus ticket to Llanview two months earlier. Marty and John both realized that Zack had been in town long enough to have committed the murders.

A disguised stranger paid a visit to Todd at his office. Removing his hood, the stranger revealed his identity to Todd. With a devilish smile, Zack Rosen, exclaimed, "Hey buddy, long time no see!"

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