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Passions Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on PS
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Monday, December 9, 2002

Theresa goes back to her job at Crane Industries. She goes on a tirade about fixing the elevators where Ethan almost had his near fatal accident. Alistair gets angry and demands to know why Theresa wants to waste Crane money on elevators. Theresa stands firm with Alistair to get her own way. She stands up to him and tells him not to yell at her in front of her assistant. She shows Alistair that remodeled elevators can help Crane Industries not get sued. She then tells Alistair what type of executive she is by putting the company first. Alistair for once seems to back down.

Ethan and Gwen go to Eve's office. Eve wants to make sure that Gwen did not get a false positive on her home pregnancy test. Eve tells the couple that it is positively true that Gwen is expecting. As Gwen and Ethan hug, Ethan thinks to himself," Well Theresa this is it, we can never be together now."

Luis tells Sheridan all the reasons why he plans on marrying Beth in the double wedding. He says he needs to move on and he will do so with Beth. He says that since Sheridan plans on making a vow to spend the rest of her life with Antonio he needs to move on with his life and put the past behind him. He wants a family and kids and cannot wait until his brother dies to get that future. Sheridan begs him to give them a chance. Luis reminds Sheridan that he gave them a chance. He gave them many chances over the past three years. He tells Sheridan to face the facts. It is over between them. He explains that they must make the best of the situation. He tells Sheridan they need to be friends especially since they will soon be in laws. She cries and says that she doesn't want to just be his sister in law she wants to be his wife. Luis gives Sheridan one last chance to tell Antonio the truth. Sheridan can't bring herself to do that. Antonio appears. Luis holds onto Sheridan's hand for the last time. He wishes them all the happiness in the world. He gives Sheridan's hand one last squeeze and then lets go of her. Their eyes meet for one last brief moment and Luis walks away.

Beth tells her mother about marrying Luis. She begins to pack her mother up for the nursing home. Mrs. Wallace carries on and cries. She begs Beth not to put her in a home. She asks Beth how she can break up their home. Beth gets a scary faraway look on her face when she tells her mother that there are no good memories in this house. She says that most of it was so horrible that she needed to block it out. Mrs. Wallace begs Beth to let her live with her and Luis. She says she will a nanny for their kids. Beth loses it and yells to her mother that she will never let her anywhere near her kids. Beth then flashes back to when she was little and her mother came home drunk with a strange man. The stranger came to little Beth. Beth tells her mother she wants to burn the "damn house" down and that she deserves to be put in the worst nursing home ever. Mrs. Wallace panics and vows she will not let Beth marry Luis even if she has to kill her to stop the wedding.

Gwen and Ethan ague over where they will live. Gwen wants to use her trust fund to buy a house. Ethan refuses. He tells Gwen that he has an appointment with a head hunter that will find him a good job. The headhunter is on Theresa's payroll.

Charity thinks that she knows why Kay hates all men and called them pigs. She thinks it is because Reese is now with Jessica. Kay lets Charity think that but vows that she will get Miguel way from Charity and not die an old maid.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Theresa meets with the headhunter named Mr. Eubanks. She tells him not to get Ethan a job. The headhunter acts shocked and asks why. Theresa says that the reasons are hers. He tells Theresa that he can't do that. Ethan is more than qualified for a top position with a prestigious firm downtown. He can't in good conscious not help Ethan get the job. Theresa then threatens Mr. Eubanks in typical Crane style. She tells Mr. Eubanks that Crane Industries now holds his mortgage. They also hold the mortgage to the condo that he has his mistress set up in. If he doesn't want to get evicted or have his mistress have to move in with him and his wife, he better play ball with her. Mr. Eubanks acts outraged. Before he can agree with Theresa's demands she gets interrupted. Trish, her assistant tells Theresa that Ethan is there to see her. Theresa shows Mr. Eubanks out the side door, telling him to make the right choice and then greets Ethan. He tells her about his big meeting with the headhunter. Theresa hugs him and wishes him well.

Once in the headhunter's office Ethan is bitterly disappointed. Mr. Eubanks caves to Theresa's demands and tells Ethan he has no position open for him.

Ethan goes to the Book Cafe discouraged. Gwen has an elaborate wedding planned that he can't afford. Gwen hushes Ethan and reminds him that it is the bride's family that pays anyway. Ethan halfheartedly agrees but is not comfortable with Gwen's suggestion.

Theresa is happy and drinks a toast to her success of almost getting Ethan right where she wants him.

Eve is uncomfortable with TC's request that Liz mentor their daughters. Behind TC's back Liz reminds Eve that she is family and calls Eve "Sis."

John walks in on Miguel, Kay and Charity. He asks to help with their wedding plans any way he can. Charity asks John to help them write their vows. Once the happy couple leave the room, Kay goes to work on John. She tells John that Charity and Miguel will not stay married. She makes Miguel look like a womanizer. She is secretly hoping to push the right buttons and get John to pursue Charity.

Miguel and Charity meet with Father Lonigan for pre-cana class. Kay and John tag along. Miguel decides to go to confession. As he confesses to the priest that making love to Kay was the biggest mistake of his life, Kay lets her presence be known. Miguel is confessing to her! She argues with Miguel once again that he used her and threw her away like trash. As she continues to argue with Kay, John overhears. He knows that Miguel made love to Kay and took her virginity.

Ethan tells Chad that he needs a job and can get a really good one. There is only one catch. He will be working for Theresa.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Kay and Miguel continue to argue in the church confessional. John, Grace, Charity and David can hear arguing but can't make out what the voices are saying. John goes closer to the door and can tell that it is Kay and Miguel arguing. John gets Charity and the others away from the confessional. Grace won't go. She says she has some things to attend to. John tells her not to be too long. He is hoping that his mother won't hear what is going on in the confessional. Later John confides to David that Kay is up to something. He says that Kay is deliberately trying to break up Charity and Miguel. John says that anyone who would break up a relationship on purpose is despicable. David feels guilty hearing this, knowing how he is ruining Grace's marriage to Sam. Ivy then calls right on queue. She asks David if he "bagged" Grace yet. David calls her crude. Ivy then again pulls out the same threats she has been using for months. She demands that David get Grace so she can have Sam.

Rebecca manages to get Julian to offer the Crane mansion for Ethan and Gwen's wedding reception. The servants begin to ready the house for the wedding. Theresa walks in on the plans and looks downcast when she hears that the wedding will be held here the day after tomorrow. She covers up the fact graciously. She agrees that the mansion would be a perfect place for the wedding and offers flowers and servants from the Crane estate. Pilar looks suspiciously at Theresa and asks her what she is up to. She asks Theresa why she is being so generous. Theresa replies she can afford to be because Gwen and Ethan's wedding will never happen.

Ethan tells Gwen that he is not sure about having the wedding at the mansion. He does not want to hurt Theresa anymore.

Ethan goes to Theresa and asks if she is o.k. with the wedding. Theresa assures Ethan that she wants him to be happy and wants to help. That is why she opened the wine cellar and the greenhouse to them. Ethan thanks her for her generosity.

Ethan can't get a job anywhere in Harmony except Crane Industries working with Theresa. His only other option is taking a job in Alaska. The job is not just far away but he will be away from his family for weeks at a time. He doesn't want to take it but considers it. Rebecca checks on Gwen and hears about the job offer in Alaska. Gwen confesses that she doesn't think she can live in Alaska. Rebecca tells her to rethink that. Alaska is thousands of miles away from Theresa. Gwen tries to push Ethan into the Alaska job after talking with her mother. Theresa swears she won't let that job happen.

Ivy goes for her weekly therapy session. She is determined to walk for Ethan's wedding. She tells Eve that she will be in Sam's arms dancing at their son's wedding.

Eve is preoccupied with worry of Liz coming on to TC. Ivy guesses that something is wrong with Eve's marriage. She manages to push Eve's buttons. Ivy baits Eve about TC having some secrets in his past. Eve calls Ivy a bitch and walks out of the room. Ivy is determined to dig around until she can find out who is causing problems for Eve.

Grace finds Kay in Father Lonigan's confessional. She asks her daughter just what the hell she is doing in there. Kay replies none of her business. Grace reminds Kay she is in God's house. Kay tells her mother she is not on the best terms with God right now. Grace questions "Where did I go wrong?" Kay tells her mother off. She tells her to take a good look at herself. Or is she afraid of what she might see. She turns and walks away from Grace leaving her mother in tears. Grace goes to cry on David's shoulder. Kay sees her mother in David's arms and calls her a hypocrite. She makes another vow to stop Miguel from marrying Charity.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Theresa racks her brain trying to come up with a way to keep Ethan in Harmony. After talking to her assistant, she decides to make a few phone calls. Theresa puts the thumbscrews to some associates at Crane Industries. She tells one of them to do whatever possible to get the job offer in Alaska withdrawn so Ethan will have to take her job.

Pilar walks into Theresa's office and hears what she is doing. Pilar gets angry with her daughter and vents her disappointment and anger.

She calls Theresa selfish. She tries to get her to see that all her scheming will only hurt her in the end. Theresa tells her mother about the vision she had and all the regret she and Ethan had by not being together. Theresa says when a woman loves a man as much as she loves Ethan, she will do anything to hold onto him. Anything!

Luis, Miguel, Antonio and Ethan show up at the men's shop to pick out tuxes for the weddings. Everyone is excited about the double engagement party Theresa is throwing for Antonio and his bride along with Miguel and his bride to be. They are also celebrating Ethan and Gwen's engagement as well. The Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers inform Ethan that they know he still cares for Theresa but they all respect his decision to try to do the right thing by Gwen. They all pledge to stay friends. Ethan lets it slip that he and Theresa were almost married in another double wedding. Antonio questions who was the other couple in that double wedding. Miguel covers and lies. He says that Sam and Grace wanted to renew their vows. Ethan apologizes for almost letting the truth slip out to Antonio. He then gets Luis alone and tells him how badly Sheridan is hurting. Ethan tells Luis that he and Sheridan should be together. He begs Luis to reconsider his plans on marrying Beth.

Beth gets a package. It is very expensive fabric for her dream wedding gown. Her mother is outraged and calls her wicked. She threatens to tell Luis how wicked she really is. Beth tells her mother to shut up. She reminds her mother that she is responsible for all that she is. She flashes back to her mother passing out drunk and one of her mother's pick ups trying to molest her.

Gwen and Sheridan meet at the bridal shop. Gwen asks for help in picking out bridesmaid gifts. Gwen then says she will return the favor when Sheridan marries Luis. Sheridan begins to cry and informs Gwen that Luis is going to marry Beth in the double wedding. Gwen can't believe it. Gwen tells Sheridan that she thinks Beth is using the situation to her advantage. Beth then walks into the bridal shop. Sheridan goes up to Beth and tells her that she wishes her happiness. She is honest enough to tell Beth that she still is in love with Luis. She tells Beth that she does not blame her for anything.

Grace makes a sample wedding cake for everyone to try. Kay makes some smart comments that Grace covers up. Charity goes to talk to Kay and sees her as the devil and faints. When she comes to, she tells everyone what she saw. The rest of the family eyes Kay suspiciously.

Mrs. Wallace calls her daughter at the bridal shop. Beth hangs up on her telling her to leave her alone and to stop ruining her happiness.

Mrs. Wallace begins to yell. She gets so upset that she has an accident. She then maliciously gets Beth's expensive wedding fabric and uses it to clean up the mess.

Ethan agrees to take Theresa's job offer.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Gwen excitedly plans for her future with Ethan. She genuinely seems excited about living in Alaska, especially since her mother made her realize how far away Alaska is from Theresa. She orders all the winter clothes they will need from a catalog. While Gwen is on the phone Ivy voices her displeasure about the move. Rebecca then informs her that Alaska is far enough away from Theresa so she can't try to steal Ethan away. Ivy says not to bet on it. She just knows that Theresa is up to something.

Luis and Beth meet up with Sheridan and Antonio at the church for the wedding rehearsal. Sheridan looks heartbrokenly at Luis. Hank shows up to be Luis' best man. Miguel promised to be Antonio's best man. Both Antonio and Beth are beeming with happiness over their impending marriages.

Sheridan tells Luis that this wedding is killing her. Luis reminds Sheridan that they could have stopped it long ago by telling Antonio the truth. Sheridan knows Luis is blaming her. He insists that he is not blaming her. He says that is they way things turned out and they need to get on with their lives. Father Lonigan lets it slip out the Sheridan and Luis have done this before. The slip is covered by Beth saying that both Luis and Sheridan have been in weddings at the same church before. Antonio buys the lie.

Ethan accepts Theresa's job offer. He makes things perfectly clear that he is marrying Gwen. Ethan tells Theresa that even though they will be working together, he wants her to not harbor any fantasies that they will ever get back together. Theresa lies throught her teeth and tells Ethan she has accepted his decision to marry Gwen. She also claims she wants only to raise her child and work hard at being a great executive at Crane Industries. She claims to have left lies and manipulation behind forever this time. Ethan then has second thoughts about taking Theresa's job without consulting Gwen. Theresa graciously tells Ethan that he can work at home with a web cam and use email. Theresa insists that they won't have to have any contact and that should please Gwen. Ethan still has second thoughts. Theresa then pretends that it is ok. She insists that he give her an answer soon because she needs to hire someone soon. She tells Ethan that she needs a lawyer on staff and if he won't take the job she must find someone who will.

Father Loingan corners Sheridan and Luis to find out if they are truly in love with their future spouses. Before Sheridan can answer, Luis jumps in. He tells the priest that he is marrying Beth and Sheridan is marrying his brother and that is that. The two couples practice walking down the aisle. Sheridan looks heartdsick. She tries to go to Luis but her brushes past her. She is so hurt that she considers telling Antonio the truth but then backs out, unable to hurt him.

Ivy and Rebecca realize that it could possibly be Theresa that is blackballing Ethan out of jobs in Harmony. Ethan and Theresa shake hands on the deal.

Beth arrives home to find her wedding fabric ruined. She gets angry at her mother as she lamely pretends she did not know what she was doing. Luis excuses his future mother in law. He offers Beth the Crane power to track down more of the same fabric. Luis comforts Beth and assures her she will look beautiful in anything she will wear. Luis invites Mrs. Wallace to the engagement party. Beth stongly objects. Luis questions why. Beth covers up and tells Luis her mother may be too tired. Luis insists that she come since she is after all the mother of the bride. After Luis leaves Beth turns her fury on her mother. She tells her mother "NO WAY!"

Mrs. Wallace vows to be a big part of the wedding. She says she will make damn sure that the wedding will not come off.

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