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Passions Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on PS
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Monday, August 8, 2005

Spike is furious when he finds that Jessica is safe on a building roof with Simone while he had to fight the current to save himself. As he starts off with Jessica, Simone tries to save her by assaulting Spike.

Liz tells TC and Eve that Julian wanted to seduce her and she defended herself by stabbing him. As Julian lies bleeding on the floor, TC wants to defend Liz's "honor" by trying to attack him.

Chad reels as Whitney confesses all about Miles' true paternity.

Ethan stays at the hospital with a groggy Theresa, who once more pledges her love to him. Rebecca and Gwen grab a boat and row off to find Ethan.

When Rachel's mummified body manages to sit up, Katherine admits that the body is that of her sister. Sheridan ponders why Rachel looks familiar. When she touches the coffin, she has a vision of her reoccurring "dream."

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

At the wine shop, Fancy dreamt nice things about Noah protecting her and making love by a fire on the beach. She whispered "Noah, don't stop." He teased her and she spluttered and called him a liar. He laughed at her and pulled off his wet shirt, saying he was going to find something dry. He turned as he walked away and caught her breathing in the scent of his shirt. She started cleaning up with attitude and when he came back Noah wanted to know what was wrong with her. She replied that he was. He pled his case saying he'd rescued her, found her shelter and food. She added that he'd found wine to get her drunk so he could take advantage of her. She got frustrated and told him she was leaving. He insisted that she stay there since it was still dangerous outside. She struggled to get away as he held her shoulders and made her promise him that she wouldn't go outside. They kept bickering and she punched him. She called them oil and water. He said he didn't want to be around her anymore than she wanted to be around him. As they sat there, he sighed and she wanted to know what was up. He said he was thinking of a girl he used to know who was the love of his life. She wanted to know and he said it was none of her business. Fancy sat across the room from him glowering. He asked her if she really wanted to know and Fancy replied that she couldn't care less and stated that she was leaving. Noah told her it was still too dangerous. She said that he just couldn't stand to see her go and he was exaggerating the danger. He agreed and asked if they could just look for some breakfast. They shook on their truce.

At the hospital, Theresa woke up to a nurse taking her blood pressure. She was sore but ready to go home and wondered how her mother would get there to take her home. The nurse informed her that a gentleman was already there to take her and she leapt to the conclusion that it was Ethan. Of course it was Alistair instead. Theresa told him it was thoughtful and was surprised that he came back. He said he'd never left. Theresa wondered how everybody else had fared and he told her that everybody at the mansion was fine-Jane and little Ethan were fine as well. She thanked him for building their house on a firm foundation. He asked her if she appreciated it enough to resume their date that was "so rudely interrupted." She told him it would be a long while before she's be up for that since she was in so much pain and just wanted to go check on her son. He assured her there was no need to rush, he'd take her home so she could check on everyone. Theresa tried to brush him off saying that she'd rather wait for her mother and he insisted on taking her. Fearing to do anything else, she acquiesced.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Katherine paced while drinking coffee and then commented on how peaceful Sheridan and Mark looked, sleeping on the couch. She feared that Sheridan wouldn't be able to keep him. Martin and Pilar came downstairs and commented on Mark. Gwen and Ethan dropped by to check to see that they had plenty of food and water. Little Ethan came running down the stairs yelling for his mommy and before anybody could stop him, he pulled the blanket off of Rachel' body in her casket. He went off screaming and Sheridan covered Mark's eyes. Pilar lamely explained to little Ethan that it was just an early Halloween decoration and took him to the kitchen while Martin covered it back up. Ethan and Gwen were shocked and wanted to know who the heck that was and how it got there. Katherine explained that the tsunami had unearthed Rachel's coffin and that she'd floated by on it. Then they wondered who Mark was and Sheridan explained that his mother hadn't made it through the storm. Ethan questioned Sheridan about Mark's family and she told him that since Maureen didn't have any, she'd asked Sheridan to take care of him. Gwen sensed the problems of substituting Mark for Marty and asked her to talk with her. When they left the room, Katherine told Ethan how worried she was that Sheridan would get attached and then the authorities would take him. He agreed, telling her how difficult it would be to adopt Mark and all the hoops that would have to be jumped through. Alistair supported Theresa (his arm wrapped around her, holding her upright.) as they entered the house. Martin told her they'd been worried about her and she told them that Ethan saved her life. He was modest in explaining what he'd done and Theresa called him her hero. Gwen grimaced. Pilar wanted to know what Alistair was doing there and as Sheridan clenched her jaw, Theresa expressed her gratitude to Alistair for being there for her and bringing her home. She asked about little Ethan and Pilar told her he was upstairs. Theresa said she was glad everyone was okay, then asked about Jane and Gwen said she was fine at home with the nanny. Alistair said he was glad to see they were all safe and Martin choked out that they were thankful for Alistair's good construction of the house. Then Martin told him he wasn't welcome there and then with an amused grin, Alistair said that he was Theresa's guest. Pilar doubted that. As everybody else glared at him, Theresa said that she'd invited him. Gwen balked as Ethan asked if he could spend a second with her and then took her by the hand out to the kitchen. He asked her if she was nuts and Theresa sang the same old song about needing Jane and Alistair helping her. He told her she was playing with fire and Theresa insisted that she knew what she was doing. He asked if she were seriously considering sleeping with Alistair and Theresa said that she seriously needed Jane back and would do what it took and if he didn't like it, he could stop her by giving Jane back. She told him how hurt she'd been when she woke up in the hospital and found that he'd chosen Gwen over her. He told her that he loved his wife and wasn't going to leave her because of the insanity that Theresa brought into her own life. He told her she needed to stop this before their daughter got caught in a media circus custody battle. Theresa assured him it would be over long before that could happen. Alistair demanded to know who Mark was and they explained it, but Sheridan angrily sniped at him that she didn't have her son. He blamed Beth and Luis. He ignored her and turned to Katherine, wanting to know what she was doing there with Martin again. Then he brought up the coffin in the foyer. He laughed at the irony. As Alistair sat on the sofa with Theresa, Gwen pulled Ethan aside and told him that she was worried that they'd lose Jane now that Alistair was on Theresa's side. Ethan told her that he wasn't worried and she shouldn't be either. She told him she didn't know why he wasn't worried and Ethan said it wasn't going to happen. He said that Theresa had done too many questionable things for any judge to grant her sole custody. She reminded him that Alistair wanted to get back at him. Harmony PD officers knocked on the door. They were going house to house finding out if everybody was okay. Martin asked them to take the coffin and they said they'd call National Guard troops to help later. Martin went to call the funeral home, but the phone still didn't work. Then Alistair stuck his foot in it by insisting they take Mark and place him with CPS. Sheridan was very angry and refused to hand Mark over to the officers. She told them that he was hers! The officers told her they had to uphold the law and Sheridan looked at her father and asked him "How could you?" The officer told Sheridan that she'd been kind and generous in offering her home, but the boy was their responsibility now. Sheridan refused to hand him over.

At the Bennett house, Ivy and Sam swept up all of the debris. Fox showed up to help and asked if there had been word about Jessica. Sam and Ivy worried about their children-Noah, Fancy and Jessica who hadn't checked in yet. Fox "innocently" slipped in a question about where Kay was and Sam told him that she was at Tabitha's with Maria. He looked over there through the kitchen window and smiled. Sam was frustrated that he couldn't be helping the rest of the rescuers. Ivy told him that maybe Alistair would come to his senses and rehire him. Fox quipped that hopefully he died in the storm then he wondered why the really mean people like Alistair live so long. When Sam left the room, Fox took a quick look over at Tabitha's. Ivy noticed and asked him how close they'd gotten the night before. He flashed back to the rooftop love, but didn't answer. Ivy asked him just how close they got and he said they were just friends. Ivy looked disbelieving and he said that she didn't like Kay very much. She denied it and explained that she thought Kay was selfish. He stood up for her applauding her working, going to school, and being a good mom. Ivy half-heartedly agreed and then asked if Miguel was still sending Kay support for Maria because whoever took on Kay also got Maria in the deal. Then she contended that Kay was still in love with Miguel because he was her first love like Whitney and Chad. He thought she was oversimplifying and she said his heart got broken because Whitney's heart wasn't really available and she didn't want this to happen again with Kay. He told her that she may think she knows Kay, but he thought she'd changed. He listed all the people she cares about and Ivy added Miguel. "the baby's father." She warned him that they were both on the rebound and to watch his back. He just stood there thinking. Ivy insisted that he stay away from Kay. Fox told her to relax because neither of them were ready for anything like that. Ivy smiled and told him that it was a relief, then hugged him and kissed him and went to look for Sam. Fox and Kay looked out the kitchen windows at each other.

At Tabitha's Kay came downstairs hoping that the storm was all a bad dream Tabitha owned up to the fact that she and Endora crossed beams causing all the destruction. After Kay scolded them for nearly killing all her loved ones, Tabitha told her that she and Endora would be more careful in the future. Then Tabs laid it on a little thick about Fox and Kay making love on the roof. Kay was aghast that Tabitha would watch her from her bowl, so she picked it up and tossed the water on the floor. Tabitha insisted she clean it up and Kay said she deserved it for spying on her. Tabs commented that it was okay to look in the bowl when it was something Kay was interested in. Kay stammered and Tabitha mentioned that Fox was the first young man Kay had noticed since Miguel. Kay was reluctant to discuss it further and said they could clean up the mess with the twitch of their noses. Endora smiled, conjured up a mop and bucket and when she was finished mopping up, dumped the dirty water over Kay's head. Tabitha agreed not to tune in her and Fox, and then wondered what happened to her love for Miguel. Kay said that she realized that Miguel would never love her like she loved him. She said that it just felt natural with Fox. Tabitha warned her that Fox comes with baggage-Ivy. Kay said it didn't matter because nothing was going to happen with her and Fox. She said what happened between them was just a one night thing that happens in a disaster. Tabitha counseled her to keep it that way because of what Ivy had on her. Kay thought if anybody had something on somebody, it was her knowing that David was the ersatz ex-husband brought in by Ivy. Tabitha pointed out that Kay knew all about it and did nothing to stop it and Ivy would use it against her. Kay called Tabitha an old crone and Tabs warned her that she'd sic Endora on her. Kay pointed her finger at Endora and told her to not even think about doing anything to her. Endora took offense and caused Kay to slip in the mop water and land on her rear. Kay swore that she and Fox were just friends.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kay and Fox gaze at each other through their windows and remember their adventures on the roof earlier. Tabitha gives Kay to Maria, which gives Fox an excuse for watching them when Ivy asks what he's doing. He tells her he was watching Kay play with Maria because it distracted him from thinking about Whitney. Ivy silently swears not to let Kay and Fox get involved. She warns him that Kay can be devious, and says she doesn't want him to get hurt. She tells him that he'll regret getting involved with Kay because she is not as nice as she seems, and says that the right girl is out there, but it's not Kay Bennett. He changes the subject and is told that Sam is out looking for Jessica, so he goes outside to pick up the debris. At Tabitha's house, the doorbell rings and Kay, expecting Fox, is surprised (and slightly disappointed) to see Simone instead. Simone tells Kay what happened last night with Spike, and informs Kay of Jessica's new job as a prostitute. Kay asks why Simone isn't in California like she's supposed to be, but Simone avoids the question and says she only came to tell Kay and Sam about Maria. They talk about Fox, and then Kay and Simone decide to go over to the Bennett house.

Whitney and Chad wake up in the studio, and Whitney is still sickened by what they did last night. Whitney says that it was sick and disgusting, and she can't live with herself. She tries to leave, but Chad stops her and says they belong together. Whitney points out how wrong that is, since they are brother and sister and Miles is their son together. She says it is horrible and wrong that they knowingly committed incest again. She tries to leave again, but Chad stops her and says that they need to talk about Miles. Whitney asks him to promise that he won't tell anyone about Miles's parentage, but Chad says he can't promise that. Whitney is upset, and Chad says he doesn't plan on telling anyone, but if something like a medical problem arose, it might be necessary. Whitney asks him not to destroy her and Miles like that. She says it was a mistake to come here in the first place, and she flees to the church, where she talks with Father Lonigan. She confesses what she and Chad did, and Father Lonigan tells her how sinful her actions were. Whitney says she knows she's evil, and she's afraid she'll do it again. She says she can't trust herself and that it would be better if she killed herself. Father Lonigan says that suicide is never the answer and only makes problems worse. Whitney says she knows that, but she has to do something, and suddenly she gets the idea to join a convent and devote her life to God.

Noah says there is no way to leave the building they are in, and Fancy says that she can't stand this. She starts complaining, and she and Noah start arguing. She kicks him, and they fall down and start kissing until a piece of roof collapses on them. Noah rolls on top of Fancy before she can be hurt, and then he shoves the debris off himself. Fancy thanks him for protecting her, and he says he thought it would be better than hearing her complain. Fancy gets annoyed and tells him to stop bothering her as more chunks of the ceiling collapse. Noah starts tapping along the wall and then goes and gets an axe, saying that he'll put an end to her whining once and for all. He plans to break down the wall, not kill Fancy like she thought. He takes off his shirt and she starts flirting with him. He starts hacking at the wall and they try to see where the hole leads to, but they can't until Noah makes the hole bigger and they find themselves in the locker room of a department store. Fancy is glad to see they have showers, and Noah says he'll go get towels while she showers. Fancy undresses and steps into the shower while Noah goes into the store and gets towels. All of a sudden, Noah hears a scream and goes dashing off to the locker room.

Alistair and Theresa talk on the couch while Gwen worries that, with Alistair's help, Theresa could get sole custody of Jane. Meanwhile, Sheridan refuses to hand over Mark to the police. They tell her that legally she has no claim to him and they have to take him, but Sheridan won't go back on her promise to Maureen. The police officer says that if Child Services has to take him, she'll never see him again, but she still refuses and so they go to call Child Protective Services. Sheridan asks Ethan for legal advice, and he tells her that the judge will want proof. She admits that she doesn't have any. Ethan says that there is a chance she may be able to adopt him, but no guarantee. The doorbell rings, and a woman from CPS comes in to the house and asks Sheridan to hand Mark over. Sheridan clutches the little boy while everyone begs her to comply. Sheridan decides to ask her father for help, though everyone tries to stop her from doing so, and she asks Alistair to make sure no one takes him from her. Theresa whispers something to Alistair and when Sheridan asks him again to help, Theresa tells her she knows how Sheridan feels. Sheridan tells her father to please help her to help Mark.

Friday, August 11, 2005

At the department store downtown, Noah and Fancy made the best of their situation. They found a shower and Fancy dropped her dirty duds and got in to scrub off. Noah searched out towels in the linens department and then Fancy let out a blood-curdling scream. Noah raced back and ripped open the shower curtain and got an eyeful of wet and wild Crane. She demanded to know why he was there and he said that he thought someone was attacking her. She explained that the water was ice cold. They sparred verbally and he went off to find her some dry clothes. "Natural fibers, nothing polyester." She went looking for Noah after she dressed in a very formal gown. He met her at the top of the escalator, dressed to the nines and escorted her to a gourmet brunch from the gourmet food section. She was overwhelmed. They decided to indulge in their fantasies while trapped in the department store. He told her to close her eyes and he'd surprise her. She got tired of waiting and started trying on shoes. He came back on a motorcycle and asked her to hop on and then explained his whole fantasy. She said there weren't any dangerous curves in there and he said she had all the dangerous curves. He said that in his fantasy they'd stop in the middle of the desert and dance under the moon. They started dancing there. When the CD ended that had been playing, they got a little close and Fancy asked him what he wanted to do next in his fantasy. He said he'd show her instead and as he leaned in for a kiss, her eyes grew large and she ran for some wonderful item, yelling, "Oh my God!"

(At Tabitha's house, she sets herself and Tabitha up in such a way that they can view the Bennett back yard from the window. The first thing she spies is Kay and Simone scoping out a shirtless Fox. She sings out, "Endora, your half-brother is falling in love.") At the Bennett house, Fox cleaned debris out of the backyard when Kay and Simone approached and Kay told him that he looks hot. He smilingly agreed and Kay corrected her thought to be that he looks like he's hot from working so hard. He asked her if she'd been spying on him and she responded coyly that she was there to see her dad. He decided to take a break and join them inside, but first Simone pulled her aside to find out how smitten Kay is with Fox. Kay insisted that they were just friends. Ivy overheard and decided that she'd nip this relationship in the bud and then continued to eavesdrop. Kay made Simone pinky swear not to tell and explained that they made love during the tsunami. Simone was surprised that he wasn't still in love with Whitney. Kay was glad he was moving forward and hoped it was with her. The girls followed Fox into the house and Ivy despaired that her son had been with Kay Bennett, "that conniving, malicious liar." (Tabitha watched through the window and quipped that "it takes one to know one, Ivy." She told Endora that she knew Ivy wouldn't like this situation. Endora sent a magic beam and plopped a chocolate cake on the counter and Tabitha encouraged her to change it to fruit so they wouldn't get roly poly." Tabitha was excited to see how Fox and Kay in love would get under Ivy's skin and cause lots of amusing heartache.) Simone recounted her encounter with Jessica to Sam. She told them that Jess was brainwashed by Spike, but she thinks she really wants to come home. Sam wondered what else Spike could do to his baby girl. (Tabitha tut-tutted and agreed that Spike was evil. She didn't think anyone could save Jessica and things would get worse for the Bennetts.) Sam said it was all his fault and Ivy reminded him that he can't do anything because of the restraining order. Fox volunteered to help talk to her since he wasn't named on the order. Kay purred that he was so sweet and as Fox gazed at Kay, Sam told him not to do anything heroic. They all told Simone to express their love to Jessica the next time she saw her. Suddenly it occurred to Sam that Simone was supposed to be in California and wanted to know how she got home. She hemmed and hawed and gave little white lies, not answering anybody fully. (Tabitha wanted to know the secret too.) Kay pressed her for more information and Sam asked about her parents. She said that Jessica was the first person she'd seen and was so concerned that she'd gone to them directly. Sam got a call asking him to volunteer and Kay pulled Simone aside. She said that since she'd told Simone about Fox, she deserved some answers. (Tabitha laughed that Kay wasn't getting any further, so spoke a spell and asked the bowl to reveal Simone's secrets. She didn't get any results either and Endora sent a beam that showed them.) Kay nagged Simone and Simone said she wasn't ready to share yet. Sam went to volunteer and hoped he'd find information on Jessica, Noah and Fancy. He asked Kay to help Fox in the back yard and she readily accepted. Ivy told her that Fox didn't need help and that Kay should go check on "that beautiful baby you had with Miguel." Fox protested and Kay smirked at Ivy, telling her that Maria was fine. Fox pulled Kay outside to work with him. Kay gave Ivy a withering look as they went past her. Ivy swore she'd put a stop to this right now.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Sheridan asked Alistair for his help to get custody of Mark. Alistair started to describe the circumstances of Mark's loss and the child services officer reminded him that the boy shouldn't hear this, so he sent them out of the room. Sheridan recounted the details of Maureen's dying wish and expressed her desire to keep him out of the foster care system. Alistair uncharacteristically said "of course." And Sheridan threw herself at him with hugs and thanks. He reiterated that of course he'd make a phone call—(Pilar shook her head telling Martin this wasn't right and Theresa thought maybe Alistair really isn't a monster)to the Child Services office to make sure the agent had everything she needed to make sure Sheridan never got the child. Sheridan was crushed and Alistair told her that this is a foolish endeavor and just like all the other men and lost animals in her life that she bestowed her love and maternal affection on this boy would turn on her. Katherine and Pilar appealed to him to stop hurting Sheridan but it got worse. Alistair told her the boy needed to be with his own kind. He told her that she was too unstable to have a child in her care and he didn't want some anonymous child moving in with them. Alistair contended that Luis let Beth get away with Marty because he thought Beth was a better mother. Pilar denied it and stood up for Sheridan and her love for Luis. Ethan hollered at him and Alistair complained that he'd put up with Sheridan's mental frailties for all those years. He whispered to Katherine that it wouldn't take much to send Sheridan over the edge, alluding to Rachel in the coffin. Ethan told him to shut up and Alistair told him it would be dangerous to stick his nose in his business. (Theresa realized he really is a monster) Gwen cautioned him that Alistair could take Jane away from them. Alistair told Ethan that Gwen knows how far he can go. Katherine asked them to stop arguing. Alistair told Sheridan that she'd always been weak and a blot on the family name. He said she was a disappointment from day one. Everybody came to her defense, but Alistair kept goading her. He told her she had a cloying neediness and would end up in a madhouse (Theresa really saw him for who he was.) He listed all the things that could happen to Sheridan—drinking, drugs, an affair with the gardener. Little Ethan called out for his mommy and when she started to go to him, Alistair warned her not to take too long because they needed to talk. Ethan grabbed her as she left and asked her if she wanted to associate with this kind of man and Theresa pulled away, ignoring him because she had no case. Alistair asked Sheridan if she had anything to say for herself and she finally lit into him. She told him that she knew who she was and the weak. Little girl Sheridan was gone. He whispered at her to be silent, but she continued her tirade, telling him that he doesn't scare her anymore. She said she's just fine and he's the sick one.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Fancy and Noah lean in to kiss after they dance, but Fancy is distracted by a giant bed that catches her eye. Noah gets on the bed next to her. The bed starts shaking, and when Fancy starts to panic, thinking it's another earthquake, Noah laughs and explains it's just a vibrating bed. Fancy calms down, and Noah gives her and massage. Fancy says he is the best masseur she's ever had. Noah starts talking about how much he likes her. He says if he had to be trapped here with anyone, he'd want it to be her. He tells her she is the most exciting woman he's ever met-Fancy, however, seems to be asleep. Noah says she is amazing and kisses her head and lies down next to her. She opens her eyes and smiles. Noah gets up and walks away, and when he is gone, she gets up too. She decides to snoop and she takes his wallet out of his coat to go through it. In it, she finds a picture of a pretty girl and reads a letter supposedly written by this girl, in which it says that Noah pledged his undying love to this girl and promised to never feel that way about another girl. She stuffs the wallet back in his coat and when Noah comes back with champagne, a hurt Fancy is cold to him and says she just wants to get out of there, go home, and get away from him.

Simone watches Kay and Fox together. Kay is getting something off the roof when she falls, and Fox catches her and holds her when Ivy walks up and interrupts. She sends Fox to the B&B for more water. While he is gone, Ivy talks to Kay and manages to turn her against Fox. Ivy tells her that Fox is a player and he'll sleep with anyone. She says that Fox said Kay was a sweet kid but that he is not interested in her. Kay is shocked that he said that, and Ivy warns her that if she expects love from Fox, she is going to be hurt. Fox returns with the water and asks to talk to Kay, but she says she doesn't want to. She says what they did is not a big deal and tells him to leave her alone, and then she walks off. She tells Simone that Fox used her. Simone replies that all men are like that. She hugs Kay and says it's good Kay is done with him.

While Endora and Tabitha are waiting for the bowl to reveal Simone's secret, Tabitha watches Ivy and Kay talking. She says she knew this would happen and that Ivy is a dreadful woman. She is frustrated when she can't hear what Fox and Kay are saying, but excited when the bowl starts settling down to show Tabitha Simone's secret. We can't see the bowl, but Tabitha is shocked by what it shows her. She says the Russells will never get over this!

Alistair sits next to Rachel's coffin. Sheridan wants to know why he wants to torture her. She says that she is no longer going to listen to him or need his opinion. He claps and says that she's finally developed a backbone, and maybe if she had years ago he could have tolerated her, but that she is such a miserable disappointment. Sheridan counters that she feels the same way about him. Alistair quietly reminds Katherine that if he wanted to drive Sheridan over the edge, all he'd have to do would be to introduce her to her dear aunt Rachel. The National Guardsmen arrive to take the coffin while the CPS agent brings Mark back to Sheridan to let her have a few minutes with him before they leave. The Guardsmen take the coffin and Pilar tells Katherine that she feels sorry for her. She says that she will never be able to forgive Katherine, but at least she has an idea of why Katherine left. Katherine says she would do anything to make up for all the heartache she's caused. In the other room, Sheridan tearfully says goodbye to Mark and hands him over to the agent. She cries, remembering her son.

Ethan approaches Theresa after she puts Little Ethan to bed and tries again not to be involved with Alistair. Theresa replies that there are two kinds of people in Harmony, the people who go up against Alistair, and the people who don't. She says that the people who resist Alistair always have their lives ruined. She says she needs to have Jane back and Alistair is the only one who will help her. Ethan tells her not to trust him. He says Alistair will corrupt her and force her to do despicable things, and then he'll desert her without ever returning Jane. Theresa says she has to take that chance, but if Ethan doesn't want her to, he could always just give her Jane back. She snaps that it's always the same with him, and asks why he doesn't ever blame his wife when things go wrong. She tells him to never forget that she gave him a chance to do right. Ethan says that she has never made such a dangerous mistake, and he walks away from her. Alistair comes to see Theresa, who informs him that her commitment to him is serious. Alistair says she can't break her pact now.

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