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Passions Recaps: The week of November 5, 2007 on PS
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Monday, November 5, 2007

In order to get back Endora and Miguel, Tabitha has to wreak havoc on the Harmony residents, and Kay has to promise not to interfere, or else she will go to jail for Jake's murder. Tabitha looks in the magic bowl and witnesses Fancy walking in on Luis and Sheridan making love. Afterwards, Tabitha declares that Fancy and Luis are over. Tabitha explains to Kay that Miguel is being tortured in hell, and Kay tells her to continue doing evil. Kay tells Tabitha about Paloma and Noah rummaging in the attic and speaking to the Timmy doll. She even accuses Tabitha of telling Timmy to tell them to look in the magic bowl to find Endora and Miguel. Tabitha tells Kay that she wasn't the one behind Timmy telling Noah and Paloma about the magic bowl because she would never exploit Timmy that way. Kay wonders who is behind the Timmy doll speaking if Tabitha is not behind it. Kay mentions that Timmy could have come back to life to assist, and Tabitha tells Kay that evil could have intervened to distract them. Tabitha calls out for the dark side to tell them that she has caused enough evil, but they respond telling her that Fancy has not suffered enough. She tells them again that she has done their wishes, and suddenly a bright light appears to her and Kay. Tabitha is convinced that it's Endora coming back to her. At the cottage, Luis is shocked that he made love to Sheridan and wonders why it happened. Fancy is livid and asks why Luis would do such a thing. Sheridan doesn't care why it happened. All she cares about is that Fancy saw her and Luis making love. Luis tries to apologize, but Fancy doesn't see how he can explain himself. Sheridan inquires why Fancy is at the cottage, so she tells Luis about Jake's murder while he was with Esme. Luis states that Jake is the third person to be killed while with Esme, and Fancy states that Esme doesn't understand why this is happening to her. Sheridan blurts out that maybe Esme is into "killer sex." Fancy tells Luis that she doesn't need any help from him to help solve the case. In addition, she tells Luis to go to hell and runs out of the cottage. Sheridan convinces Luis not to go after Fancy because she doesn't want Alistair to know what's going on in regards to Marty. Meanwhile, Fancy is outside the cottage thinking that if Luis comes after her, he loves her, but if he doesn't he wants to be with Sheridan. Luis gets dressed and is prepared to go after Fancy, but Tabitha cast a spell making Sheridan's phone ring, and on the other end of the phone is Marty. Fancy is convinced that Luis doesn't love her anymore since he does not go after her.

Vincent is sick after seeing Eve's blood and doesn't understand why his body is reacting that way since the sight of blood has never affected him that way before. Vincent views Eve on Camera to see if she is really dead because he doesn't want to leave until he knows for sure that she is dead. Eve has come around and is shocked that she has cuts on her wrists. She then remembers that Vincent had asked her to join him in death. She continues to drink. Afterwards, she remembers Vincent telling her that he is the one who changed Jonathan's prescription, but she is sure Vincent is dead, so she blames herself. Eve's guilt has taken a hold of her because she sees Julian's picture come to life telling her to stop drinking, but she tells Julian that she needs a drink to calm her nerves. Meanwhile, Vincent is in another room watching her, but he is distracted by his sudden illness, so he decides to run some tests on himself. He claims that Alistair taught him how to perform his own medical tests. Vincent rips Eve's and Julian's picture in half. He thinks that Eve is dead and now he is focused on killing Julian. Julian goes by Eve's office and concludes that Eve has attempted suicide due to the news on Jonathan's drug over dose. Julian goes in search of Eve and enters the DNA lab that Vincent is in. He calls security to help him find Eve, and Vincent overhears. He realizes that Eve is not dead after all. He goes back to check the results of his blood test and is shocked at what he sees. His test results state that he is pregnant.

Rebecca continues to threaten Pilar to tell Theresa to stay away from Ethan because she wants Gwen to be happy. Rebecca tells her that if she does not comply, Pilar and her entire family will be killed after the secret is revealed. Eve wanders by Rebecca and Pilar. She then grabs Rebecca's booze and drinks it before Rebecca could take it away from her. That is not enough, so she tries to break into the drug cabinet for pills. Pilar is alarmed because she has never seen Eve in such a condition. Rebecca doesn't care about Eve's condition. All she cares about is blackmailing Pilar. She tells Pilar to kill Theresa if that's the only way to get through to her. Then she calls Pilar a stinking trash, and Pilar hits her, which turns into a fight between them. Rebecca decides to torture Pilar, so she pulls out her phone and attempts to a call Pilar's enemy in Mexico. She is showing Pilar that she means business. Ethan is worried that if Jonathan does not get the treatment that he needs, he will die. Theresa reassures Ethan that everything will be fine, even if they have to knock Gwen out and forge her signature in order to get Jonathan the treatment he needs. Julian apologizes to Ethan on Eve's behalf. Gwen tells Theresa to stay out of her business because she is the only one who can make the decision in regards to Jonathan since Ethan's name is not on the birth certificate. Gwen refuses to sign the consent form because Jonathan almost died in Eve's care. Ethan pleads with her to no avail. Gwen decides to take Jonathan home with her. She then goes to visit Jonathan and tells him that she knows what's best for him. Jonathan's condition has gotten worse and Gwen wonders what the doctors have done to him. Theresa tells her they have done nothing since Gwen refuses to allow him to get treatment. Jonathan is out of the woodworks for now, but the doctor tells Ethan that the consent form needs to be signed in order to treat him. She tells Ethan to convince Gwen to sign the consent form, but Gwen refuses to sign. Gwen sees Eve and proceeds to choke her to death while blaming her for Jonathan's recent condition.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In the parlor at Tabitha's house, Endora comes home in a shiny bubble. Before she can get settled, the dark side takes her back. Tabitha then vows to do whatever the dark side wants if it means getting Endora back. She tells Kay that if she wants Miguel back, she will have to become evil also. Kay resists, and prevents Endora from hurting Spike, because he is the only one who can help get Marty back for Sheridan and Luis.

Outside Sheridan's cottage, Fancy is crying when Esme walks by. As best she can, Esme comforts Fancy, who is whining because Luis has not followed her and given her a reasonable explanation as to why Fancy found him having sex with Sheridan. Esme encourages Fancy to give Luis another chance and to "fight for her man." Inside the cottage, Luis and Sheridan are talking on the phone. They think it is their son, Marty, but it is actually Spike using a voice disguiser. Before Luis and Sheridan can find out anything useful, the phone goes dead. They have a fight and he goes off to find Fancy. Spike arrives and shows Sheridan a website that references Marty as he pretends to be helping her find Marty. Outside, Fancy slaps and says she is done with him. She walks away and he follows. Spike meets Esme as he leaves the cottage and they flirt.

At the hospital, John is very ill but Gwen will not consent to treatment. She gets into a brawl with Eve. Ethan and Julian pull them apart. Everyone realizes that she is drunk. Harsh words are exchanged, and Theresa begins to fear the bond she sees developing between Gwen and Ethan over their child. Gwen threatens Eve with a malpractice suit. Eve tells them that she did not make a mistake. Vincent altered the prescription, she says. No one believes her. All fear for her sanity. Julian takes Eve away. The doctor tells Gwen and Ethan that John is stabilized but needs treatment. They walk away together, leaving Theresa alone and wondering if this is what her future with Ethan is destined to be like.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tabitha devises an evil plan to throw Spike into Esme's always-dangerous bed. Though Kay hates Spike, she's reluctant to see him die in Esme's arms, as her previous lovers have. Kay breaks Tabitha's spell and splits the two up before Spike meets his fate at the hands of Esme's knife-wielding protector. Tabitha turns her fury on Kay and blasts her with a bolt of lightning that sends her across the room!

Pilar walks in on Sheridan as she watches the video of Marty and is shocked to find her grandson is alive! Pilar is overjoyed until Sheridan tells her the circumstances and makes her promise not to utter a word of it to anyone. Pilar agrees and confides in Sheridan that she's worried about her past coming back to tear her family apart!

Fancy spurns Luis' advances, demanding to know why he was with Sheridan if he truly loves her. With the threat of losing Fancy, Luis concedes to tell her everything!

Theresa is in pain, feeling the loss of Ethan all the more as she talks with Paloma. She makes her sister promise she'll never let Noah go, no matter what! Paloma suspects something is bothering her sister but Theresa won't say.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Theresa struggles with the realization that Ethan is out of her reach, that Pilar's secret will forever keep her from the man she loves. Theresa and her mother try to mend their relationship, but Pilar still refuses to tell Theresa the truth about her past.

Ethan thinks Gwen is afraid to admit to herself that Jonathan is sick because that might mean she would lose Jonathan just like she lost Sarah. Gwen is shaken by the truth in Ethan's words and, struggling with her guilty feelings of being a bad mother, finally authorizes treatment for their ill baby son. Later, Ethan talks to Pilar about how much he always wished Little Ethan was his son and we see Pilar's incredible guilt, knowing she is ruining her daughter's life by hiding the truth. Little Ethan is disappointed that Ethan can't go with him to his school's Sports Day because Ethan has to stay with the baby. Theresa goes to Gwen to ask her to give Ethan permission to leave the hospital and Gwen erupts, she can't believe how selfish Theresa is!

Eve is in complete denial, taking drugs to get herself ready for a meeting with the hospital review board. Julian is stunned, can't believe what Eve is doing. Julian desperately tries to help the woman he loves, but Eve is out of control.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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