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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on SB
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Monday, March 29, 1999

The tape Ricardo is watching is pre-explosion footage of AJ's office, which leads him to believe Francesca must've been blackmailing someone, but who? Antonio and Gabi decide they have no choice but to tell Ricardo everything. Olivia disowns Caitlin. Gregory is privately pleased of the rift between the two. Later Olivia receives a call from an old friend who offers advice. Meanwhile, Cole is nearly caught by both Annie and Caitlin. Cole is forced to hide and watch as Gregory comforts Caitlin. Maria told Tess that Meg's family suspects that she and Tess are in cahoots re: Benjy. Tyus calls with the paternity test results.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

While waiting for Tyus, Meg admits her trepidation to Ben about this possibly life changing development. Meanwhile, Gabi and Antonio have a private moment in which they look to the future while leaving their true feelings for one another unspoken. Both finally agree to keep silent about their affair?forever. Annie has a dream of being a contestant on a bizarre talk show featuring some of her least favorite people. Cole, meanwhile makes his way downstairs in time to overhear a heated confrontation between Caitlin and Olivia. Cole bursts into Annie's house to beg Olivia not to take Trey away from Caitlin. Casey walks in on yet another argument between Sara and Tim. Casey senses there's more going on than Sara is willing to admit. Later, he went to Tim's motel for a showdown.

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Cole vows that Olivia will never get her hands on Trey. Meanwhile, Annie continues to dream that she's on "The Jerry Feller Show" as murderer for a day. AJ, Cole, and Gregory are also introduced to the show, along with their motives, but the audience seems convinced Annie killed Francesca. Annie tries to seduce Jerry into persuading the audience she's innocent and he's about to agree when Francesca shows up. Ricardo discovers that the list of phone calls Francesca made on her cell phone includes a call to his loft. Growing suspicious, he asks Gabi what she and Francesca talked about. Meanwhile, Amy told Olivia she'll tell Ricardo about Olivia threatening to kill Francesca if she doesn't let Amy remain in the house. Meg, Ben, and Maria learn that the paternity test came out positive: Ben is Benjy's father. Ben and Maria bond with Benjy. Ben asks to speak with Maria alone. Meg overhears Benjy ask Tess if they can all stay in "Daddy's" house forever. Ben turns tout to be furious with Maria. Sara walks in on Casey's confrontation with Tim. Tim lies and says he is trying to convince Sara to dump Casey, but she won't. Later, Tim told Sara to get him the dirt on Tess; she agrees.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

Today's Recap was written By: Megan

Please note that 15 minutes of today's show was interrupted by a briefing on the Crisis in Kosovo

Sean finds Caitlin in the park with Trey. He told her that he has a message to delivered to her that he took while he was at the house. He then told her that he moved back in because he agrees with Gregory that the family needs to stick together since they are all murder suspects. Sean then offers to help Caitlin in trusting Olivia again. Caitlin told Sean that Olivia is not taking Trey from her. She then told him that she has filed with the best attorney to get full custody of Trey. Sean says that it makes sense and Caitlin rushes off.

Amy reminds Olivia that she overheard her threatening to kill Francesca and will go to the police and tell if she does kick her out. Bette comes downstairs and asks what is going on. Amy told her to ask Olivia and Olivia tells her nothing and Bette went back upstairs. Olivia pushes Amy around and tells her that if she wants to play games that she will end up losing in the end. Next, Bette and Olivia are talking about Trey's custody. Bette asks why the sudden not caring if Caitlin gets hurt or not. Olivia says she has to do what she has to do. Just then the doorbell rings, it is Ricardo there to talk to Olivia. He shows her a gun that was found in Cole's car, but is not the murder weapon. He asks why she never reported it missing. Ricardo told Olivia that he thinks that she murdered Francesca and she was trying to cover it up. Amy is standing on the steps and hears it all.

Annie continues her dream. Jerry has Francesca join the show. She gets the crowd going and told everyone in the audience the reason that everyone on the show wanted her to die. One by one they leave. Annie tries to leave also, but Francesca catches her, saying that she saved the guiltiest for last. Francesca then told the crowd all the things that Annie has done and then tells them that she killed her. Jerry returned to the stage and declares Annie a murderer and gives her the grand prize, the electric chair. AJ and Gregory put her in it while Francesca gets to pull the trigger. She fries. The crowd cheers and Annie wakes from her weird dream. Annie is getting ready to leave and the doorbell rings. Sean answers it and Annie went and slugs Jerry in the face (he was at the door) and storms off.

Ricardo quizzes Gabi about why she didn't tell him that she talk to Francesca the night that she was murdered. She insists that she didn't but he told her that a call to his loft is on the phone bill and it lasted for 46 seconds and he didn't talk to her. Antonio jumps in and says that he talked to her. That he went to visit Ricardo and Gabi was leaving so he decided to wait and the phone rang an it was Francesca. She was hunting him down and then he left to visit her. Ricardo asks what was so important that she couldn't leave a message at the mission. Antonio told him that it was a private matter. Just then another officer interrupts and hands some papers to Ricardo. Ricardo excuses himself and leaves. Gabi told Antonio that the tape is still out there and then asks what if that is what they found. Antonio went back to the mission, where a nun stops him and comments on his powerful speech on honesty. He went to his office to pray to the Madonna when the Madonna suddenly turns to Francesca. She told him that he needs to stop loving his brothers girlfriend in order to get over the guilt. Antonio gets mad and slams him fist down. Meanwhile Gabi is back at the loft and finds the tape of her talking to Francesca. She gets the tape player out and listens to it and thinks she may have figured out where the video tape is hidden.

They are all on the beach. Benjy asks if they get to stay with his mommy and daddy. Meg shows up and hears and then Benjy asks if he can go make another sand castle and Tess told him OK as long as he doesn't go near the water. Once he is gone, Tess apologizes for her having to hear him ask that. Meg says that is OK. Tess told her that if she was in that situation that she would be made at the person who brought back the child. Meg assures her that she isn't mad at her that she is mad at the situation and then admits that she wishes that Benjy would have come back after her and Ben were married. She then told Tess that nothing will change between her and Ben. Benjy then comes running up and asks if he can go home to see him mommy and his daddy.

Ben asks Maria why she did it. Maria is confused. She then asks Ben if he is accusing her of setting this all up. He says no, and she asks what then. He tells her that he needs some things explained to him. He asks her why if she really did love him did she not come back when she knew she was pregnant with their child. He told her that is not the Maria that he knows. Maria then tells him that Benjy is the most important thing in their lives. Benjy comes in and says that he had fun but he is glad to be home with his mommy and daddy. Meg watches from the door. Tess and Maria are upstairs and Maria tells Tess that she wants the truth, Tess says that she has told the truth, but Maria questioned it. Meanwhile, Ben and Meg are talking downstairs and he tells her that he isn't going to deny Benjy to him or the boy. But what he wants to tell her is something that she may not want to hear.

Friday, April 2, 1999

Today's Recap was written By: StarLitSke

The show starts off with Caitlin daydreaming about Olivia being sent to jail. She returned to real life and Cole shows up needing to talk with her. She asks him if he is following her around and he says yes. He told her that he doesn't want Olivia to have custody of Trey. He also says that Caitlin would love and take care of Trey the best out of anyone. When he makes a comment about how Olivia thinks Caitlin is cut from the same cloth as her father, Caitlin questions Cole if he had been at Gregory's house because Olivia had said the same thing to her earlier. Cole says yes he was. Caitlin warns him to stay away from Gregory before he has him arrested. Cole also told Caitlin that Gregory was there that day they talked and he is controlling Caitlin. Caitlin doesn't want to hear it. They then part. At home, Caitlin has to find more ways to keep Olivia away from Trey.

Ricardo questions Olivia where she was the night of Francesca's murder. Olivia says that she was home alone but Ricardo doesn't buy it. Amy, who is on the stairs listening, speaks up saying that she was at home reading a book up in her room with her door cracked only a little bit. That was why Olivia didn't see Amy. Ricardo then takes Amy outside alone to question her because he thinks she is getting coaching from Olivia. When they get outside he says that Amy could go to jail if she is lying. Amy told him that what she is saying is true. Olivia comes out asking if Ricardo was done or if she had to call her lawyer. After he leaves Olivia and Amy going back inside. Amy says that she is glad she is in the driver's side. She told Olivia that she will stick to her story as long as she gets to stay for free still. Olivia says this is blackmail and Amy replies with that its good blackmail. Amy also says that Olivia has to put in a good word to Sean about her. Just then Sean and Emily show up.

Emily shows up at the Richards to talk to Sean. She told him that she was shocked to find out that he had moved back with his dad. She also is shocked because Sean had not told her. Sean makes up the excuse that he was too busy to tell her. Emily asks him if he thinks she is mad about him helping Caitlin. She says that she isn't. Sean has had enough talking about all of it and walks Emily out.

Ben asks Meg to let Benjy move in with them. He also says that Tess would probably have to move in until Benjy gets adjusted. Meg is baffled but okay with this. She says though will it always be the three of them. She wants to know if Ben wants to have a family with her. And of course Ben says yes he does. Meg then leaves to tell her family about the newest plans.

They are all at the Cummings house just talking. Sara says that she was going to look up on Tess. Casey says that Sara should stay out of Meg's business. Joan told Hank to go for a walk with her. After they leave, Casey told Sara that she doesn't need to help Meg. Sara says that Meg is her sister and she's trying to help her. Again Casey says that it's not any of her business. This went on for a while and finally Sara agrees to stay out. They then kiss. Meg shows up to tell everyone that Benjy is moving in with her and Ben. Hank rips into Meg about how Maria will be around more and more. Meg told gets mad and says she knew that he was going to act that way. Casey takes Meg out to the gazebo. They talked out there about the whole situation.

Maria demands to know why she didn't tell Ben about Benjy if she loved him so much. Tess says she didn't know why. She told Maria she was close to Maria but there was something Maria wouldn't tell her. She tried to get Maria to open up but Maria would not allow it. Tess then leaves to check on Benjy. Maria went downstairs and her and Ben talk about Benjy living with Ben and Meg. Maria says its okay as long as she moves in permanently

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