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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on SB
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Monday, June 14, 1999

Ben and Maria are in the house. Maria is questioning Ben about why she can't love Benjy the way a mother is supposed to, and asking what is wrong with her. Ben tries to tell her that everything will work out. Meg comes in through the patio. Maria looks annoyed that Meg interrupted them. Meg says it looks like she was interrupting, and Ben says they were just discussing what happened with Benjy. Meg says that she just came by because she was afraid Hank was going to come by and cause trouble. Maria says she'll leave, and Meg says no. Benjy yells for "Daddy" and Ben went up to him. Maria asks Meg if she has any idea what she is doing to Ben, and everyone by moving out. Meg says that she thought Maria would be glad Meg was moving out. Maria says that Ben would be preoccupied about losing you, and that would put stress on Benjy. Meg says that would be far outweighed by the joy of her not being there with his mommy and daddy. Maria says she doesn't like to see Ben in pain. She says she doesn't want Benjy to blame himself for his fathers unhappiness. Meg asks if Maria is telling her to move back in. Benjy told Ben that he had a dream that Ben rescued him from the kidnapper. Ben says he'll protect him, and they say that they love each other. Meg asks if Maria wants her to move in, and Maria says it's best. Meg says Benjy hates her, and that she doesn't want to turn his world upside down. Maria says that Meg staying and her going doesn't work. Ben comes down, and Maria went up to Benjy. Ben asks what Maria said to her. Meg says that Maria asked her to stay. Ben asks if she will. Benjy says that he's thirsty. Benjy says that you're more like Tess because she brought him water. Maria wonders where she is.

Tess asks Tim if he wants the truth, and says that she knows that he thinks that she had something to do with the kidnapping. Tim asks if she did. Tim says that he saw Tess talking to Benjy's kidnapper. So, she says that he thinks she's lying about this, he says tell me that I'm wrong. She says you are, because I have been lying since the very beginning, to everyone, and about everything. Tim asks Tess if she just admitted lying about who she is, and she said no, I admitting to lying about everything, and that she says that she is who she says she is. She told him that she came to Sunset Beach for herself. She says that she really worked for Maria and that they were friends, and that she found out that Ben was rich. Tess says that she finally convinced her that Benjy could use the money. But Maria didn't care about the money. Maria finally agreed that she wanted Ben back. she said that Maria hired a P. I. that found Meg. So Maria gave her a promissory note for 1 million dollars to break Ben and Meg up so that she could be with Ben. She said that she came to Sunset Beach to collect. Tim says that he can't believe it. Tess asks how crazy Tim is about her now. They discuss the promissory note. Tess has it in SB, and Tim asks to see it, she says ok. And they talk about Maria not remembering any of this. Tess says she wishes Maria would remember. Tim asks if she did the kidnapping so that Maria could get back with Ben. Tess admits to being responsible for the kidnapping. Tim asks why would she hurt Benjy. Tess says she made sure the guy she hired could be trusted, and that she paid him 40 grand. Tess asks if he'll turn her in. She said she wanted to make it look like Meg was negligent so Meg and Ben would break up and she could get her money. She said that Tim screwed everything up. Tim asks if she's afraid he's going to tell on her. Tess told Tim that she's, in love with him.

At the Richards house Gregory, Caitlin, and Trey are getting ready to leave. Caitlin doesn't want to go, but Gregory says that they don't have any time to waste. Olivia comes to the door with the new book for Trey. They meet at the door. And Gregory asks what she's doing there. She says she came back to bring a book for Trey. He says thank you, you can go, and that its a bad time. Olivia wants to know why its a bad time, and where they are going. He says that they are leaving, and Olivia wants to know where. Gregory says that they're taking him for a drive, Olivia says that she doesn't believe him, and that no one is leaving, at least not without her. Olivia says that he is not taking Trey and Caitlin. Caitlin agrees, and says that she doesn't know why they're leaving, only that Gregory said that they had to go. Caitlin says that Gregory came in like he had seen a ghost, and Olivia says you've seen her? Olivia says that she won't let him leave without an explanation. Olivia says she's going to call the police, and told Caitlin to get the phone. Gregory says no, Caitlin is coming with me, and that Olivia can go straight to hell. Caitlin told Gregory that he's scaring her, and asks why they have to go. Gregory pounds on the table, and told Olivia that he's not wasting his time with her anymore. He lunges at her, and she screams.

The officer at the scene found Cole's wallet, and him and AJ argue about what Cole was doing there. AJ finds the Francesca wig. And Bette says what do you think this means? Ricardo comes, and AJ told him that Francesca is alive. And explains how they know, and why they are there. He shows Ricardo the wig. and Harvey, the officer, shows him the wallet. AJ yells about not knowing anything about what Cole is up to again. Bette finds a bottle of Gregory's private reserve. AJ yells about not accusing Cole again. AJ and Bette pretend like they're going home. Ricardo walks away too.

Annie and Cole decide that the reason Caitlin isn't answering the phone is because Gregory is there with her, and isn't letting her. They decide that they had better get to the house, and stop him, but Spencer stops them. They try to tell him that they need to get to Gregory's house, and he says that they need to go to the station. Cole says that he wants to get to his wife before she gets hurt. Cole argues with Spencer more about Caitlin being in danger. Annie says that he might drain all his bank accounts and where would she be. Spencer says that he's taking them to the station for breaking and entering. Annie and Cole say that they're going to leave, Spencer says he'll shoot. They leave anyway. Ricardo told Spencer that he's on his way to the Richards house. Spencer told him everything Cole and Annie told him. They head to the house together. Annie and Gregory get to the Richards house, and find Olivia laying on the ground. Annie says, "Oh my god! He killed her!"

Sara is on the phone at Surf Central trying to find where her mom and dad are. Casey asks if she was checking up on Meg. Casey wants to know why her first impulse is always to lie. She says its because he told her not to interfere, and she didn't want her to be mad, twice now, because she lied. And Casey says you know how I feel about lying. Sara flashes back to the time Tim is telling her how Casey hates lying. Sara says she knows how Casey feels about lying, and that she wants to be honest with him. Casey says that she still has a thing about Meg and him. He says that Meg and him are just friends, and that he loves her. He asks what has made her this way, and she says Tim. Sara says that she went out on a date with Tim a long time ago when him and Meg were dating because she always had a crush on him. He talked about meg the whole time, and that he proposed to Meg the next day, so it was just a test to see if he loved her. So, Sara says that it was a pretty rotten thing. But that she didn't have much to choose from in Ludlow. Casey says that he's beginning to understand why she feels the way she did, and that Meg wouldn't get him. Casey says that they just need to be open.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

After Tess confesses that she loves Tim, Tim has a hard time believing her. He says he has no choice but to turn her in, because it's wrong of her to let Meg take the fall for Benjy's kidnapping. She says she knows what she did is wrong and told Tim that he can have no future with Meg, but can with her. She suggests they leave Sunset Beach together and start a new life. He doesn't agree with her plan and starts to leave, saying he has to tell Meg the truth. Tess follows him out the door, saying she's worked to hard for everything to just leave now. COLE/ANNIE:
Cole gets away from Spencer and Annie follows Cole to Gregory's house to stop Gregory. They arrive at Gregory's and find Olivia unconscious on the floor, with no sight of Gregory, Caitlin or Trey around.

Gregory takes Caitlin and Trey to an area near the beach. Gregory is waiting for the next tide to come in because when it does, a boat will arrive to take Gregory and his family away from Sunset Beach. Gregory told his daughter he has to get away from the authorities and can't stay at SB. Caitlin asks why he's running away and suddenly realizes that her father killed Francesca. She confronts him with her suspicion and after much arguing and denial, Gregory finally admits that yes, he killed Francesca, but only so that he could be with Caitlin and Trey.

After Spencer calls in, Ricardo shows up at Gregory's house too, along with Bette and AJ. Olivia is placed on the couch and everyone is waiting for her to wake up. Meanwhile, Cole is trying to convince Ricardo that Gregory is Francesca's murderer and that he has a tape-recorded confession, but that he'd show it to him later. Suddenly, Olivia wakes up and when asked who did this to her, she says Gregory. Ricardo calls for units to set up road-blocks and Olivia is sitting on the couch confused. AJ asks Olivia if Gregory hit her and she says no, but he pushed her and she hit her head on something, thus knocking her unconscious. She asks why Gregory was so mad, and Cole tells her Gregory shot Francesca. She can't believe it at first, but then realizes that everything pointed to him. Bette also explains that he must have been the one to place the gun in Olivia's house, to frame her. Two of Annie's secrets also come out: she admits she was the one who took the gun out of the turkey and also that she was pretending she was Francesca because both her and Cole thought that Olivia was the killer and they were trying to catch her. Olivia and Bette tell Ricardo he must do everything in his power to make sure Trey and Caitlin aren't hurt, and he informs them he already told the police to make sure they didn't get put in harms way.

Meg told Ben that deep down inside he must blame her for Benjy's kidnapping. He says he doesn't, but she can't believe him. She says that no matter how much they try to be together, something always gets in the way, and maybe they should just come to terms with the fact that they really weren't meant to be. Ben says he loves her and Meg says the same, but also says she needs to leave, for his and Benjy's sake because Benjy deserves a normal, happy life after so many years without his mother. She went upstairs to pack.

Ben and Maria talk and Ben told Maria that he appreciates her trying to talk Meg out of leaving. They decide to go check on Benjy in his room. Meanwhile, Benjy walks in to Meg packing her things, ready to leave. Meg is remembering "the good times" she had with Ben and Benjy catches her crying. He asks why she is crying and she told him that she wants him to know how much she really cares for him and for him to believe that she doesn't want anything bad to ever happen to him. He replies, "I guess." Then he asks her if she's leaving forever and she says yes. Ben and Maria go to Benjy's room and see he's not in his bed. They get worried and start looking for him. They walk into Meg's room and find Benjy there, just as he's asking Meg, "If you're leaving forever, does that mean that mommy and daddy will sleep in that bed together?".

Gregory asks Caitlin if she understands why he did what he did and she says yes, but that they have to go to Ricardo. Gregory dismisses the idea and says he doesn't want to spend anytime in jail, away from Caitlin and Trey. Meanwhile, Caitlin is eyeing the cellphone he has in his jacket pocket. Gregory asks Caitlin and Trey to come with him, and Caitlin agrees. Gregory is pleased and hugs his daughter. Caitlin slowly tries to reach up to his pocket to pull the phone out.

Tim is leaving and Tess catches up to him. He says she can't change his mind and she says she knows, but for him to think about how happy they would be together. She lets her hair down and pulls him in for a kiss...

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Richard's Home/The Beach
Olivia is blaming Cole and Annie for putting Caitlin and Trey in danger. Then Olivia told them they will be responsible for them if anything happens. Cole said nothing with happen. Then he takes off to find them. Then Olivia yells at Annie. Annie can't take it so she went upstairs to take a bath. Back to Gregory, Caitlin and Trey. Gregory and Caitlin talk about the future. Caitlin tries to get the phone from Gregory but failed. Caitlin told him that Trey might be cold so he takes his jacket off. Then she told Gregory that Trey dropped his bottle and Gregory says I don't remember having one but I'll look. Caitlin then gets the phone from the jacket and calls Cole but she gets caught by Gregory. He talks the phone from her and asks where you trying to call Cole and she says yes I was. Gregory asks why and Caitlin tries to come up with something and she says to tell him not to me or Trey. She also says you've helped me its my turn to help you. Then she tries to tell him she should call him and Gregory says ok. Then Sean, Emily, Amy, and Brad show up and Sean can't believe his father is the killer. Then he asks Ricardo if they found them yet and Ricardo says not yet but I have people look for them. Then Sean told to Emily I have an idea to find Caitlin. Then Amy says what idea. The 4 go upstairs. Olivia asks where they are going and AJ said upstairs. Bette says hopefully not to play Nancy Drew. Back to Cole, he searches for Caitlin and Trey. Then AJ and Olivia talk about what if Cole never finds them. The phone rings and Ricardo picks it up and its one of his men. Then Olivia said did they find them and Ricardo said not yet. Olivia says I can't wait like this. Back upstairs to Sean, Emily, Amy, and Brad. Sean went through Caitlin's computer to find out clues. While Amy looks through her drawers. Amy says I can't believe anyone would wear that. Sean says I don't think you can find anything there and Amy says you never know. Then Amy finds Caitlin's diary and starts to read it Then Sean went back to the computer and finds nothing. Emily says are you sure and he says yeah. All of a sudden Amy says Oh my god I know where they are. Back to Annie she calls for Rose for a clean towel and then Cole walks in. Annie says you haven't found them yet and he says no. Cole asks Annie to think hard of where Gregory might of taken them. Annie says I don't know and he would not tell me anything. Then Cole's cellphone rings and he answers and its Caitlin. Caitlin tries to talk to him but Gregory says no I've changed my mine its a bad idea.

The Beach
Tim and Tess made love. After they talk about the future. Tim keeps asking her why would she give up a million dollars for him and Tess keeps explaining to him that she loves him.

Ben's Home
Benjy asks Meg if she is leaving forever and she said yes. Benjy says does it mean that my mommy can sleep with my daddy in that bed. Ben and Maria heard it. Meg then rush out of there. Ben followed her while Maria talked to Benjy. Benjy asked if he said something wrong. Maria says people say things wrong. Downstairs, Ben told Meg to stay and she says she can't and leaves. Then Ben walks to the deck and Maria comes downstairs and tries to talk to him. Ben blows up at her face and then says sorry. The two started to talk.

Surf Central
Sara and Casey talk about her moving in and the door bell rings and its Meg. She asks if she can move back in and Casey says sure. The three talked about what just happened.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

Richards' Residence
Olivia is worried sick about her children, so worried that she screams at AJ and told him to get out of the house. Of course he doesn't listen and decides to stick around. Ricardo is still looking for a lead to the apparent kidnapping. Sean and his little group go up to Caitlin's room to find some clues on her lap top but he finds nothing. Amy went searching in her drawers and discovers that the diary was in there and came to the conclusion that she must be in the Grotto. She starts to tell Sean that she knows were she is but then Emily says that she would go with Sean and Amy starts thinking that if Emily went that she would receive some big award so she decides not to tell. Sean decides that he's going to look for some answers and sends Amy and Brad to talk to Vanessa to find out some information. Caitlin called Cole and dropped him a clue as to where she was.

The Grotto
Gregory comes to the conclusion that Caitlin has deceived him and Caitlin tries to cover it up.

On the beach
Amy and Brad are on the beach because Amy tries to persuade Brad to swim out to the Grotto with her but Brad refuses.

Hart Residents
Vanessa and Michael get back form their vacation and they start planning for a special night together when Amy and Brad rang at the door to speak to Vanessa. While Michael went to get Vanessa Mrs. Moreau called and said that she had a new special love potion. Immediately Amy became interested and asked Vanessa about her.

In Cole's car
Cole sets out to go looking for Caitlin at the Grotto while Annie laid secretly in the back seat.

Friday, June 18, 1999

He dreams that Gabi returned to be with him, then later decides he needs to bring her back so he can do the right thing by letting her be with Ricardo.

The Kidnapping:
Ricardo is searching for Gregory, Caitlin and Trey. He knows that Gregory killed Francesca. Ricardo scurries out of the police station, with Michael saying, "This murder will be wrapped up tonight." Gregory insists that Caitlin betrayed him and tipped Cole off as to where they are, so he insists on leaving Caitlin behind and just taking Trey with him. (Poor Greggie....he's losing it BIG TIME) Caitlin tries to reason with him telling him it won't be a good way for Trey to live on the run so she finally persuades Gregory to take her. Cole picked up on Caitlin's clue and his now on his way to find her with Annie stashed away in the back seat. Sean realizes that his dad has a monitoring device in his car and can find out where Caitlin is. Olivia is worried sick. Can't believe that Gregory would resort to these measures. A.J., Emily, and Sean all go into the study and they find Gregory's car on the tracking device and they all leave. Just as Gregory, Caitlin and Trey are about to leaves they are greeted by Cole who punches Gregory in the face. Cole and Gregory are fighting and Gregory knocks down Cole and runs away. Cole chases him and before you know it AJ, Sean and Emily end up there as well to console Caitlin. Gregory makes it up to the tower and Cole runs up after him and the struggle and both fall a long way down into the water.

Gabi visits the cemetery where her mom is buried. She asks for forgiveness and in her mind Carmen shows up and assures her that will never happen. Carmen told Gabi that everything she touches she destroys.

Amy believes that she can now get Sean because of a love potion.

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