Tucker has chest pains, Audra thinks he's faking it

The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, June 17, 2024
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Monday, June 17, 2024)
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Monday, June 17, 2024

Tucker remained in his Paris hotel room with his assistant, worried about what was going on with Glissade. He couldn't get any information about a takeover and worried when nobody was returning any of his calls or emails about the company. He realized that Audra had been right when she'd told him a hostile takeover was happening right under his nose. He tried to change the time of the board meeting, to no avail, which made him worry more.

Meanwhile, Audra sipped coffee in her own room, looking quite pleased with herself. She received a text letting her know that Tucker was desperate for a meeting and braced herself for the fallout. Audra flashed back to Tucker telling her he was done with Ashley for good. A text soon arrived from Victor, asking her to let him know when the board voted.

When Tucker arrived, Audra tried to get him to leave, telling him, "I regret every minute I ever wasted on you, and I won't waste any more."

Tucker didn't wait to be invited in before making himself at home and begging her not to allow someone to take over his cosmetics company. He insisted he would have let her run it any way she wanted, but he didn't want someone else doing the same. Audra didn't want to hear it, even when Tucker offered her the company again. He said he didn't want to be humiliated in the business world, but Audra didn't care.

Audra was still upset with Tucker putting others before her, especially Ashley and Devon. She couldn't just forgive and forget. Tucker pointed out that he was in Paris with her and not Ashley, and that should count for something. He said he was finally putting her first. Audra claimed she just didn't care anymore. Tucker marveled at how "vindictive" and "cruel" she could be.

Tucker and Audra continued to argue. She informed him the deal was already done, and he had lost. Tucker didn't want to give up just yet. Tucker was sure Audra's investor was someone out to get him. "Jack Abbott, right?" he asked, suggesting, "He's still out for revenge."

Audra refused to confirm or deny and told him the investor would not be at the board meeting. She informed him the stipulation of the deal was never to tell Tucker who had stolen his company right out from under him. As Tucker left, he swore to Audra that she would pay for betraying him.

After Tucker returned to his hotel, he reluctantly joined his video board meeting, with Audra taking the lead. Before the vote could take place, Tucker started feeling lightheaded and started having chest pains. Audra couldn't believe her eyes when Tucker suddenly fell over when he tried to get some air.

While Tucker's assistant tended to him and called for medical help, Audra rushed in to see if Tucker was faking it or not. Tucker seemed to truly be in distress, but Audra didn't buy it. She even told the doctor that Tucker wasn't on the up and up. As the doctor examined the patient, Tucker told Audra to get out. "I don't want to take my last breath looking at you," he said.

The Abbotts were still in Paris. Alan stopped by to visit Traci and was surprised to see that Jack was there. He had an update on Ashley's stay at the clinic. He thought Ashley was doing well, considering the circumstances. Traci and Jack were relieved, but Alan still felt guilt. Alan said if it weren't for his brother, Martin, then none of it would have ever happened to Ashley. Jack and Traci assured him he wasn't responsible for Ashley's problems.

Alan offered Traci a more detailed description of Ashley's treatment. Doctors would go over her incident with Martin, as well as things from Ashley's past. "Those experiences have led Ashley to where she is today, and she's going to have to process them," Alan relayed, before admitting that Ashley might have other personalities they were not yet aware of.

Alan explained that most alters appeared as a result of early childhood trauma. Jack and Traci were amazed that Ashley's alters could have been there while they had been growing up, tye they had never known. Alan told them that many people didn't notice alters in children, as they could remain dormant for years and then be activated by adult stress. He said they needed to get to the root of the problem to help Ashley. Alan was confident that Ashley's doctors would get to the bottom of things.

Alan asked Traci if she could stay in Paris to be Ashley's support system. Jack also wanted to stay as long as possible. When Jack left Traci and Alan alone, the psychiatrist asked Traci to dinner.

Back in Genoa City, Adam arrived at Crimson Lights to meet with Chelsea at her request. She was pleased to inform him that Connor had had a breakthrough related to his contamination fears. He was even able to eat some foods he had feared. Sharon soon interrupted them, thrilled to overhear that Connor had made progress. Adam was afraid to get his hopes up, but Chelsea was determined to be optimistic.

Sharon tried getting Adam to put good energy into the world, telling him it would help. Even Chelsea seemed confused by Sharon's overly positive attitude, as Adam admitted that he was starting to wonder if sending Connor to the facility had been the right move. Adam noted that, after all, Connor had had many setbacks already.

Sharon assured Adam that the setbacks were to be expected and that it was normal for parents to have doubts. Chelsea just wanted to revel in their good news. Sharon reiterated that there would be ups and downs, but the end result would make them happy. Chelsea noted that Connor even wanted to see them, but Adam was skeptical and didn't want to be disappointed again.

After Sharon walked away, Chelsea confessed that she also feared Connor turning them away again, but she was going to keep the faith. They decided to set up a video call with Connor from Adam's place, but they stopped to tell Sharon goodbye before leaving. Chelsea thanked Sharon for her support. Sharon said that people needed to be there for each other to get to the other side during mental health journeys.

When Adam and Chelsea arrived at this place, Connor had some big news on video chat. He had eaten soup, a food he had once feared. Connor did worry that there was something wrong with it but quickly got over it. He was very proud of himself and so were his parents. Connor even wanted them to visit. When the call ended, Adam and Chelsea were truly hopeful for the first time in months. Chelsea was sure Connor would continue to make progress.

Adam called Nick and asked for use of the Newman jet, just as Victor texted Adam, saying he needed to see Adam right away.

Back at Crimson Lights, Nick overheard Sharon on the phone with an annoyed tone of voice. He approached her after she hung up and asked what was wrong. Sharon admitted she was a little short-tempered due to exhaustion. She hadn't been sleeping well since starting a new bipolar medication. Sharon assured Nick she would be fine because she was a survivor, just like his mother.

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