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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on GL
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Monday, February 16, 1998

Due to coverage of the Olympics, Guiding Light was not shown.

Tuesday, February 17

Michelle and Dan went to Jesse's so Michelle could apologize for not speaking to him at the hospital. When they got there, Dan saw Jesse kissing Drew. Michelle heard Drew and Jesse in the throes of passion and frantically asked Dan to get her out of there. As they left, Michelle dropped her silver bracelet.

Dan took Michelle to the lighthouse, and she recalled the good times with Jesse at the lighthouse because it had been their special place. She informed Dan that the night she'd lost her eyesight had been the night that she and Jesse had planned to elope. He comforted her as she became emotionally upset. After tearing up a poem Jesse had written for her, Michelle asked Dan to take her back to the institute, saying, "My life here [in Springfield] is over."

As Jesse prepared to have sex with Drew, he imagined Michelle was there. Before they could go on, Drew told Jesse that she liked him and wanted more than just sex; she wanted him to make love to her. She told him that it couldn't go further unless he told her that he wanted to be with her and not Michelle. Jesse couldn't, so Drew left. Jesse tried to stop her, but she told him that she would not be "Michelle's stand-in." As Jesse ran after Drew, he found Michelle's bracelet in the alley.

Vanessa woke up from her coma, and her loved ones welcomed her back. Ed took in baby Maureen's incubator, and Vanessa opened it despite the doctors' warnings. She insisted that the baby would die without her. As she touched baby Maureen, Vanessa told the baby to feel her love; with it she could survive. Dinah rejoiced at her mother's recovery and took the opportunity to get close to Hart, unsuccessfully. After the doctors took the baby back, they checked her vital signs and found that she was stronger. Meanwhile, Billy stopped by to welcome Vanessa back.

Rob Layne went to the house and met Cassie and Rusty, who were extremely upset at him for returning to see Tammy. He informed Cassie that he had been released from the halfway house on good behavior. Cassie berated Rob after he insisted that he loved her and Tammy and wanted them back. "Because of you, I almost lost Tammy. That's why I divorced you," she said. Rob thought Cassie still loved him, but she made it clear that she would have Rusty arrest him if he didn't leave.

When Rob made a remark about Cassie's good fortune in being part of rich family, she realized his game. She asked him how much it was going to cost to make him go away. He assured her that he just wanted his family back. Soon after, Hart returned from the hospital and told Cassie that Vanessa and the baby were recovering. Cassie then told Rob to leave. Before he left, he got a hug from his daughter, much to Cassie's chagrin. Once outside, Rob called Dinah and told her that he was in Springfield.

Josh and Reva discussed Annie. When Alan went to Cedars, they accused him of helping Annie escape from Springfield. Alan denied the accusations, saying that the only thing he was guilty of was having loved Annie. Josh and Reva told Alan that he only wanted to "possess" Annie and that he was the reason she'd become what she was.

After Josh and Reva left, Alan recalled his life with Annie. He remembered the first time they'd kissed and the time he'd shown her Simply Annie. Afterwards, he said out loud that he loved Annie, and he left. As he stepped on the elevator, someone watched him from behind some plants.

Wednesday, February 18

Ross met with Abby and Rick at Cedars and informed them that Ben Warren had a new offer. If Abby admitted guilt to manslaughter, there would be no trial. Then, she would only have to serve three to five years. Ross advised them to fight back because the new plea bargain meant that Ben was running scared.

Ross was positive that he had the tape from WSPR, and since it showed Abby's innocence, he was trying to pull a last-ditch effort. However, Rick was concerned the tape might not be presented at the trial. After much discussion, Ross left Rick and Abby to decide what to do. Rick and Abby argued some more about her plans for the trial. Finally, Abby told Rick that she would go ahead and take the plea bargain.

Ben stopped by Blake's and told her that he liked her, once again. Blake told him that he was only trying to use her to infuriate Ross. After their brief spat, Ben left.

Later, Blake fell asleep on the sofa and had a crazy dream. In it, Ross arrived home and passionately kissed Blake, while Ben loomed over them, telling her that she shouldn't waste her time with Ross. "One night with me, and you'll be mine," he said. Blake woke up from her dream, quite distressed. When Ross went home, she begged him to make love to her. However, she was still upset about her dream.

Josh and Reva arrived at Lewis Oil, discussing Annie again. After Josh went into his office, Reva talked to a distressed Cassie, who was sitting at her desk, sharpening pencils. Cassie told Reva that her vacation with Hart had been cut off by Vanessa's complications at the hospital. She also said that Rob had returned the night before.

Reva was upset to hear about lowlife Rob returning. They got into a discussion about how Cassie had met and married Rob. Cassie said the only reason she'd married him had been for Tammy to have a father. During their discussion, Michael stopped by to see Josh.

After Michael and Josh went into Josh's office, Reva told Cassie about her fear of Annie's return. Going back to the subject of Rob, Cassie declared that all Rob wanted was money. She told Reva about Rob's passion for horse races. Reva gave Cassie a $10,000 check with which to drive Rob out of town. Cassie reluctantly agreed and took the check. She went to the Bonaire Motel, where Rob was staying.

Josh and Michael discussed a project that Michael had been working on during his tenure at Spaulding Enterprises. Michael said that in the right hands, his secret project could "help humanity." In the wrong hands, it could be extremely dangerous. He explained to Josh that his research had begun when a woman he'd cared about had been dying. When he'd met Vanessa, he'd resumed his research.

Michael continued by telling Josh that he only worked at Spaulding Enterprises to be able to use their lab. But he needed to get out of Spaulding before Alan found out what he was doing, for he could use it the wrong way. Michael asked Josh to back his research. Josh agreed to look at the papers some other time, and Michael left.

Dinah arrived at her apartment and found beer bottles all over her bedroom. Rob then stepped out and told Dinah he was onto her little game. He had deduced that Dinah wanted Cassie and Hart apart. Dinah angrily asked Rob to leave, but he obnoxiously refused. They sat down and discussed the situation calmly.

Rob wanted to make Cassie think he had really changed. Dinah agreed but told him that she would call the shots. She also made it clear that no one could find out that they knew each other. As she was shooing Rob out of the apartment, he took her gold lighter. At the same time, Deborah stopped by to talk to Dinah. She informed Dinah that Annie could not be found anywhere. Dinah assured her that they hadn't seen the last of Annie.

When Cassie arrived at Rob's room, she gave him the check and told him to leave. Once again, Rob assured her that he did not want her money, and he burned the check. Rob chided Cassie for bribing her; all he wanted was to get his life back together and to be able to see his daughter. While arguing, Cassie and Rob fell into a very compromising position.

After Wanda left the offices at Lewis Oil, Reva was left alone. The lights began to flicker, and eventually they died down. Upset, Reva tried to leave the office but found that the door was locked. She rushed to her desk and pulled out her gun. Just then, someone unlocked the door from the outside.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Rick sat in a bar, drinking with Phillip over Abby's decision to accept the plea bargain. He told Phillip he'd hired Harley to help investigate Abby's case and learned that Phillip and Harley had broken up. They compared notes on how stubborn women were and how much in love they each were.

Harley visited Abby to ask some questions about the case, and she learned that Abby had decided to accept the plea bargain Ben Warren had offered. Harley pointed out how hard time in jail would forever change Abby and pleaded with her to reconsider the fight. Harley pointed out that jail time would cause Abby to lose Rick, and she partially succeeded -- Abby agreed to think about allowing Harley to work on finding the tape so she wouldn't have to accept the plea bargain. On her way out, she ran smack into Phillip, who had given Rick a ride home from the bar. They began to briefly rehash their old argument over Beth, but Harley nipped it in the bud and walked away.

Rob tried to keep Cassie from leaving his hotel room, reminding her of how hot they had once been together. She stressed again that she wanted him out of her life. He accused her of being with Hart for his money and assured her he'd never hurt her or Tammy again. Cassie told Rob she knew he hadn't gone to Springfield to be father of the year. She asked him again what he wanted from her, and he stuck to his story about being a changed man who wanted to be with his daughter.

When Cassie tried to walk out, Rob grabbed her, making her scream. Hart heard it from the hall outside and burst through the door, knocking Rob down. Even though he had saved Cassie, she wasn't grateful. She told him she didn't need his help and planned to go home by herself and take a hot bath. Once she left, however, Hart went back to Rob's hotel room and threatened him to keep away from Cassie.

Reva pulled out her gun when the lights went out at Lewis Oil. Hart entered and had to wrestle the gun from her. Josh walked in and asked her to give him the gun. She said, "Not until they find Annie." She admitted that her fear of Annie had gotten out of hand, though. Hart learned from Wanda that Cassie had gone to see Rob Layne, and he'd gone after her.

Jesse looked at Michelle's ID bracelet that he found outside his apartment and remembered the time they'd made love. He told Buzz why he hadn't see Michelle during her trip to Springfield and how she'd found him with Drew, who he had only been with to try to forget about Michelle. Drew went into the diner just then and told Jesse she had been wrong the night before and owed him another chance. She invited him to a concert, and he only agreed if she would acknowledge that he could not become involved with her.

Buzz gave Jesse a challenge: if he was really over Michelle, then he should toss her bracelet and go on with his life. At first, Jesse said, "You're right. Michelle's gone. Drew's here. Life's short," and tossed the bracelet in the trash. A minute later, though, he was back to pick it up.

Josh and Reva professed their love for one another, and Josh had the idea to go someplace where they could spend time together alone. He excused himself from the office for a moment, and while Reva waited for him to return, Annie popped out of a closet and stabbed her in the shoulder with a hypodermic needle. "I told you I'd be back," she said, "and I always keep my promises. I've finally got you!"

Friday, February 20
by TVGen

Realizing that she had been spending too much time blaming Phillip for the mess they were in, Harley convinced a reluctant Jenna that they had to don their detecting hats and investigate Beth. While Jenna distracted a nurse, Harley secretly printed out Beth's medical records.

Reva's worst fears were realized when Annie sneaked into the Lewis Oil offices and stabbed her with a needle to knock her out, boasting all the time that she was keeping her promise. Josh was worried when he could not find Reva anywhere at the office. He was unaware that Annie had kidnapped her and taken her up in a single-engine airplane. Reva awoke and tried to convince her captor to turn herself in and get the help she needed. Annie laughed and guessed that Reva had to think she was crazy to be doing that.

Videotaping the entire deranged episode, Annie then called Josh on her cell phone and tried to force Reva to say a few words to assure Josh who she had grabbed. Instead, a fight ensued, but Annie got the upper hand again. Josh screamed for her to release Reva and let her go while Annie took great pleasure in hearing him beg for her help. She forced him to confess that he loved her then ordered him to meet her in the Florida Keys.

Beth was upset each time Lillian tried to convince her to see the reality of her relationship with Phillip. She was furious when her mother arranged for her to be questioned by a psychiatrist. Rick refused to make love to her, and Abby was caught off guard when Rick took her to a minister's house and asked her to marry him that night. She finally agreed.

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