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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on GL
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Monday, March 1, 1999
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Jenna

At the Spaulding's
Beth and Matt stumble in as Vanessa is being consoled by Lillian. Vanessa says she shouldn't be surprised because Beth is always trying to get her hooks in any thing that walks in Springfield. Matt tells Vanessa that he doesn't care what she thinks. Beth and Vanessa begin to argue. Vanessa told Matt that she was concerned because she thought he may have been in an accident. Lillian tells Beth to step outside with her to give Matt and Vanessa some time alone. Beth learns from Lillian that Vanessa got the time wrong and did show up at 8PM and not 8AM. She insists that her mother let her go back in the house so that she can clear things up with Matt and Vanessa. When she is walking in however, Beth hears Vanessa call her a bitch and a tramp, well, all of Beth's good intentions are swept away and she keeps her knowledge to herself. Vanessa starts to argue with Beth and Matt tells Vanessa to get out. Vanessa leaves and says to herself that Matt doesn't love her anymore. Matt meanwhile tells Beth that it is totally over between Mattessa.

At the Tower's
Drew and Jesse walk in, Drew has this bright idea that she is going to persuade the bartender to come work for them at Millennium. The bartender says he is happy where he is. Jesse asks Drew to let him take her home, in a suggestive way. Drew says no, that as long as he is having any thoughts about Michelle that she and Jesse will only be friends. The Santos family is dining. Ray leaves, and Carmen begins talking to Danny about Michelle. She says that all this unusual stuff has been going on since Michelle came into their lives. Mrs. Silva coming up with money to pay them, the FBI raiding their home, and she believes it is directly linked to Michelle. She begs Danny to see it her way but Danny insists that he trusts Michelle. Carmen tells him to test her loyalty to the family by letting her believe that she has information that could hurt the family. Danny refuses and tells Carmen that if she does anything to his wife she will lose her only son.

At the church:
Michelle met Mrs. Silva. m begins by telling Michelle that her husband fells that they have to confess to the Santos that Michelle was really the one to come up with the money and beg their forgiveness. Michelle pleas with m and tells her that she is trying to help her husband get into a legitimate business and asks her to let her in on the inner workings of the family. m tells Michelle that her business was mysteriously burglarized 5 times and then Mick Santo's came around and offered their protection. Now it seems that all of the small businesses are in the same predicament. Michelle thanks Mrs. Silva for her help and Mrs. Silva tells Michelle she wouldn't tell anyone that she helped her financially. Unfortunately, Ray walked in and caught the tail-end of the conversation. He questioned Michelle and told her that Danny would understand as long as she was honest with him. Danny arrived and Ray told him that Michelle had helped one of their parishioners financially.

At the hospital:
Hart died and Cassie talked to him about how he was at home now, free of pain and at peace. She went out and told everyone that he had died. Blake was visibly shaken. Ben took Blake in to see her brother and she broke down. Later Cassie invited her to come out to the farm. Everyone is very emotional and proceed to leave the hospital.

At the farm
Cassie tells Tammy that Hart had gone to live with God. Tammy asked if he would ever be coming back and Cassie told her 'No'. Tammy asked if they had to leave, and Cassie explained that Hart gave them the farm to raise their family on. Blake said that she called Roger and would call Bridgette and Dylan. Tammy said she was going to bed but she would pray extra hard since it was Hart's first night in Heaven and that she hoped there were horses there for him. Cassie told Blake that Hart wanted to be cremated and have his ashes scattered on the farm. Blake said she understood because Hart loved the farm so much. Ben comforts Blake and Reva stays with Cassie.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

When Beth invites Matt to spend the night on the couch after the confrontation with Vanessa - things quickly heat up in the Spaulding livingroom. Partially clad and entwined on the couch, Beth suddenly feels a rush of guilt and tells Matt that Vanessa didn't stand him up and explains about the mix up in time. Matt rushes off to find Vanessa only to discover that she has left with Maureen.

When Danny confronts Michelle about her relationship with Mrs. Silva, Michelle tries to cover by saying that she lent money to Mrs. Silva because she felt sorry for her. She insists that Mrs. Silva told her nothing about the Santos "family business." Danny is not too easy to convince, so Michelle coyly reminds him of their wedding vows to trust each other. She seductively suggests that they return home...later, as they start to make love, Michelle once again stops Danny in the heat of the moment. Danny, frustrated and tormented, rushes out of the bedroom.

In the aftermath of grief over Hart's death, Josh announces to Reva that he wants to have another baby. Reva responds that she would have another baby with Josh only after they are legally married.

Ben tries his best to entertain and distract Blake from her feelings about her brother's death, not really understanding her need to grieve. When Blake asks to be alone, she fantasizes about Ross and what he might say to her, realizing sadly, that Ross always knew how to comfort her.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999
by Soap Central

At the Carriage House
Ross comes over and comforts Blake. She tell him how he always could comfort her and that she needs him. Blake tells Ross that she couldn't imagine how he felt knowing that his daughter killed Hart. She tells him that she missed him but she understands why he didn't show up at the hospital. Ross tells her that he did and that Ben sent him away. Ross says that they have to move on and that Blake has to let go. He tells her he can't be there for her anymore and that maybe Ben is who she needs, Ross leaves. Ben comes home to a desolate Blake. She tells him she needs him that she doesn't do well on her on. Ben tells her that he will be there as long as she needs him to be.

At the Springfield Jail
Annie is being rude to Ben. She tells him that she has Alan back on her side and that he has asked her to marry him. She reminds Ben that Lewis Oil will be his if he gets her off. Annie tells Ben that she is scared. She has nightmares about all the people who want to hurt her. She asks him if she is going to go to prison for life and he says no. She says she wants to get married and adopt children. Ben explains that he does not lose so she can't lose. He brings up insanity and the fact that she was temporarily insane but popped back into reality when she saved those children. He told her the name of the lawyer that is going to help them, but she has to be honest with them. She admits to kidnapping Reva and leaving her on a plane to die. Ben questions her about why there is no police report about this. Ben says he doesn't understand why they isn't some sort of report. Alan comes to see Annie and tells her that he took over Lewis and she will be free. Annie tells him about the attempted murder of Reva. Alan remembers Dolly.

At Lewis Oil
David says that he has the tape. Vicky and Alan walk in and talk about the takeover. Alan brings in some papers for Josh to sign and Josh starts to let Alan listen to the tape. When they play the tape, it has Vicky singing on it.....Vicky had erased it. David runs after Vicky and they argue. Alan tells them to sign the papers and get out. Vicky tells David that she was just settling a score and now they can get on with their lives and be together. David tells her she needs help and he leaves. Alan tells them that it is all about how they treated Annie. He leaves and Reva and Josh think about HB and how they are going to beat Alan.

At the Farm
Josh and Reva start off for the Lewis takeover to show the tape to Alan and make him give up control. After they leave, Jim comes over and promises Cassie that the pain will get easier. Cassie tells him that she wants to be alone. He says she can talk to him. She says he doesn't know how she feels and she doesn't want to talk to him. She says she didn't have enough time with Hart and that all she wants is him back. He offers to get her something to eat but she declines. Jim tells her that she has to live for her kids sake. Once again she says that she wants to be alone and he says OK. She apologizes and Jim leaves after telling her that she can yell at him anytime.

At the Spauldings
Matt shows up and tells Beth that Vanessa has taken off with Maureen. Beth tells Matt that India is there and he can talk to her and see if she knows anything about where they could be. Lillian questions Beth about why Matt and Vanessa didn't know the truth. She explained and Lillian accused Beth of hiding the truth from Vanessa so she could have Matt all to herself. They argue. Beth says that she has done nothing but be a friend to Matt. Beth says that she could have had Matt but she wasn't going to be any mans 2nd choice and she sent him home. Just then Harley and Phillip and Susan walked in. Matt tells Phillip, Harley and Susan that Vanessa took a leave of absence and not to tell anyone. Susan tells Matt that Harley can find her and he asks Harley to call around and see what she can come up with. Susan talks to Lizzie and then gets on the phone and tells the airport and says that she couldn't find her mom. She finds out that Vanessa's car is there in long term parking, (only they don't know that Dinah left it there when she fled). Lillian and Beth make up. Beth leaves the house and runs right into Jim.

Thursday, March 4, 1999
by Soap Central

Danny brings Michelle flowers to apologize for last night. Michelle tells him they need to trust each other. She and Danny tell each other of their first heartbreaks. Michelle discusses losing her eyesight, and then presses Danny to tell her about his family's crime business. Danny questions whether she's ready to take his life in her hands. He describes a litany of criminal activities -- including a shipment of Cuban cigars arriving tomorrow night. He makes her promise she won't tell anyone about this, since he could be arrested. She promises, but knows she must call the FBI. Danny privately hopes his wife won't betray him. Beth bumps into Jim -- literally. He notices Beth's harried state after being accused of seducing Matt. Beth snaps at him to leave her alone. But her bracelet is caught on his sweater, and they're stuck together. This humorous situation is lost on a frustrated Beth, and they go into the Spaulding house to find a way to extricate themselves. Eventually Beth calms down, apologizing for her bad mood, and she and Jim discuss Beth's predicament. Jim asks her on a date, but Beth refuses, since she's sworn off men. Lizzie and Susan see their respective parents and note their loneliness... which gives Lizzie an idea. She suggests to Susan that they try to pair Jim and Beth together. Each asks their parent separately to go to the Millennium to have lunch tomorrow. Cassie and Blake spend time together at the Jessup farm, remembering how much the land meant to Hart. Cassie vows to take care of it, raising her family there just as Hart would have wanted. She says she'll never love again. Blake protests, using her relationships with Ross and Ben as an example. Josh packs up his things at Lewis Oil, venting to Reva about Alan and Annie. He regrets destroying the videotape regarding Annie's attempt to kill Reva, but Reva reminds him that she doesn't want the truth about the clone to come out. Josh agrees to keep the cloning secret. David enters, berating himself for Vicky's destroying the evidence against Annie and Alan. Teri also arrives and reveals she's healthy enough to testify in court. Alan meets with Ben, who warns him against talking about cloning. But Alan says this could be the key to their defense. Alan brings in Vicky to corroborate his story, which she does. Alan suggests that Reva and Josh murdered Dolly. Ben begins to warm to the idea of this defense, but says they need someone else to support these claims. Alan mentions Cassie -- sure, she might be grieving right now, but perhaps she'd talk with Blake. Ben protests, saying he'll find another way to secure Annie's freedom. Blake arrives, blasting Ben for continuing to work with Alan. He embraces her and explains that he plans to act in their best interest once Alan gives him Lewis Oil. He offers to drop his involvement with Alan if Blake insists, and begins to seduce her. Blake, vulnerable after her brother's death, succumbs and grants her blessing for him to do whatever he needs to.

Friday, March 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Brenda

Michelle and Danny arrive. Danny leaves Drew with Michelle while he makes a phone call. Michelle tells her that she wants her to call the FBI because she got Danny to confide her in about the family business. Drew tells her that she is impressed that she got Danny to confide in her. And, that she thought Danny was falling for her. While they are chatting, Danny makes a call and tells the caller that it's a secret. While he speaks on the phone, he watches Michelle and Drew chatting from behind a curtain. He interrupts them and tells Michelle that something has come up. He leaves her with Drew. When he is gone, Drew asks Michelle is she's sure that she wants to turn in the family because she seems to like him. Drew asks her why she can't admit that he is getting to Michelle. Michelle reluctantly admits it and that she feels guilty at times about what she's doing. Drew finally agrees to call the FBI and tells Michelle to be careful.

THE LEWIS HOUSE (still on loan from Vanessa)
Reva tells Josh that she feels that she left H.B. down. They talk about Annie's trial that is going on that day. She tells him that the evidence they have against Annie is all circumstantial. He reminds her that Annie is a fugitive from the law and that Teri will testify how Annie stole her identity. Reva worries that Ben will get her off and she will only have to spend a few months in a "rubber cell." She worries that Annie and Alan will get off scot-free. They discuss the tape that they had on Alan. Reva points out that Alan was rattled when he found out about the tape. She thinks that Vicky is a smart girl and that she wouldn't destroy the evidence she had. While Josh goes to get coffee, she decides to go to the Spaulding home to find out if Vicky indeed has a copy of the tape.

Alan paces frantically and continues to look for Ben. Vicky assures him that Ben is a good lawyer. Alan worries that Ben's relationship with Blake has ruined his priorities. He stresses how important it is for Ben to get the information from Blake and Cassie about the cloning. He wonders how ruthless Ben really is.

Blake and Ben discuss the upcoming trial. Blake tells him that she is not happy that he is helping Annie but that if by helping her, he is helping the Lewises that she'll understand. He tells her that this is the opportunity of a lifetime for them. He tells her that he's doing it for them. Cassie arrives for breakfast and is surprised when Blake tells her that it was Ben's idea. Cassie looks suspicious. Ben tells Cassie that Blake and she need each other to help get over Hart's death. As Ben is leaving he drops a folder and Blake picks it up. She reads the heading and sees that it is about cloning. Cassie questions him why he has information on cloning. Cassie asks Blake if Ben was planning on using any thing about cloning at the trial. Cassie tells Blake that she needs her help to stop something that will destroy her family. Cassie opens up and tells her that Blake knows what it's like to love someone that she would do anything to stay together. Cassie makes Blake promise that she won't tell anyone including Ben about what they're talking about.

David arrives and Josh tells him about Reva leaving. David tells him that Vicky would not give up any information and that Reva would practically have to kidnap her to get any information. Josh tells him that is exactly what he is worried about.

Vicky and Alan talk about his love for Annie. He tells her that no one knows Annie the way he does. He admits that before he met her that he was all business and that she gave him passion. He tells her that one of these days she'll understand when she's in love. Vicky admits that she thought she had met that person. Alan tells her that she did the right think by tricking David since he tricked her first. After he leaves, she muses to herself that even though Alan says he's going to take care of her that she needs to have a little help just in case. Reva overhears her talking to herself. Reva confronts her that she lied about the first tape but that she knows she is hiding something. Reva plays on Vicky's insecurities by telling her that Alan's true love is Annie and that once Annie is in the house that she will push Vicky out of the family.

Danny gives his grandmother some chocolates and they talk about Michelle. She knows that Carmen doesn't like Michelle. She admits that Dietz told her. She tells him that Mick attacked Michelle and that she was defending herself. He worries that his mother will try to hurt Michelle. He tells his grandmother that he gave Michelle some false information to see if the FBI finds out about it. He wants to find out if Michelle can be trusted. Grandmother tells him that it's because he cares about her. She understands why he did what he did and that in her heart she knows that things will work out.

Alan arrives to visit Annie. She admits that she should've told him about kidnapping Reva. He tells her that she did a good thing by not telling them. He elaborates that Ben is working on something but won't give her details. Teri cries that she wants to go home and feel safe again. She makes him promise that he'll do anything to get her out.

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