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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 19, 1999 on GL
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Monday, April 19, 1999

Pilar/ Bill/ Danny
Pilar is setting with Bill at the Diner when Bill tells her about how Danny had to marry Michelle to save her life after Carmen ordered her execution. Carmen couldn't believe it. Danny walked in and uncovered the fact that Pilar is his sister and drug her out of the diner after having a tussle with Bill and Bill slugged him.
Outside of the diner Pilar begged Danny to tell her the truth about their family and he pleaded with her to understand about how things were and that she need not be involved. He admitted to her about Michelle killing Mick in self-defense. Pilar left and said that she will show 'ma ma' just how innocent she is.

Harley and Susan are at the diner and it is obvious that Susan is preoccupied and searching for someone. She finally admits to searching for Max and tells her about how cute he is and such. Harley and her daughter have a talk about boys.

Max sees Drew over his mothers grave and orders her to leave. Drew tells him that this is also her mother and wants to know more about the boy. Max tells her she is lying and that her birth certificate is a fake. She begs him to come back to the club and that she will even pay him. She agrees to give him $50 per hour to come with her. They leave and she ends up offering him a job at the club.

After Blake had the locks changed, Ben kicks open the door to Blake's house and refuses to leave when she threatens to call the police. He argues that she's denying their love but she refuses his advances and ends their relationship. She told him everytime she had been with him she has wanted him but if he expected to be with her tonight he would have to rape her. After a heated discussion, Ben left. You could see the power on Blake's face that she had finally stood up for her self.

Fletcher/ Holly
While Fletcher runs to Frank to ask for police help finding Meg, Holly realizes that taking Meg is wrong and heads to the station house to turn herself in. There, she confesses to Fletcher that she wants to do what's right for Meg and for herself. She's later surprised to hear Fletcher tell Kate that he's staying in Springfield.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

Today's episode of Guiding Light was partially pre-empted by live coverage of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado.

Bill and Danny have a verbal sparring match outside the diner. Initially, Danny blames Bill for Pilar discovery of the truth about her family and threatens to hurt him if he doesn't leave his sister alone. Bill argues that Pilar would have eventually found out the truth if not for him and that he is not responsible for the Santos' family secrets. Danny has a moment of revelation and tells Bill to take care of his sister should she contact him. He takes off to drive and think but, first, stops at the lighthouse. To his surprise he discovers Michelle who is, in fact, not in Europe with her father, but hiding out at the lighthouse to take some time alone to think.

Meanwhile, back at the Santos home, Pilar has it out with Carmen. She confronts her mother about the years of lies she has been told. When Pilar threatens to leave the home for good, Mama Santos reminds her that it has been her "blood money" that has supported Pilar throughout the years, implying that Pilar could not manage herself financially on her own. Sassy little Pilar responds that if given a choice between taking Carmen's blood money or living in a city shelter, she would gladly live in a shelter. She storms out of the room, leaving Carmen in tears. Pilar stops in the hallway to call Bill.

Upon entering Drew's apartment, Jesse meets Max, recognizing him as a troubled kid from his old neighborhood. He worries that Max will take advantage of Drew. Oblivious and still ecstatic about her new found family member, Drew calls Selena to come over and meet her "brother." After Drew leaves, Jesse blasts Selena for keeping up the charade and threatens to tell Drew the truth. Selena pleads with him to keep the secret. Later, Jesse tells Drew that he has reconsidered and doesn't want to move out of the apartment. They kiss again.

Beth and Jim romance at the Towers, dining and dancing. During a quiet moment outside on the balcony, Beth recalls a time, not so long ago that she tried to jump from that very ledge. Although she keeps the memory to herself, Jim senses that she is upset. Beth panics and tries to convince herself not to spoil what she feels is finally a healthy relationship.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Running into Danny at the lighthouse, Michelle admits that she did not go to Europe to spend time with her father. Instead, she just needed some time alone. Michelle begs Danny to give their relationship another chance by leaving his family but he refuses.

Warning him to leave his attitude at the door, Selena takes Max aside at Millennium and blackmails him into agreeing to a deal to fool Drew.

Responding to his kisses, Drew pulls back from Jesse and glows in the feeling that she is safe and happy with him. However, she asks him to find Michelle and permanently end things with her before they move forward with their love for each other.

Accusing Carmen of running her off, Pilar angrily claims that the sight of her sickens her. Carmen responds by slapping her but Pilar announces that she has no mother and runs off with a protective Bill.

Blake accepts a night out at the Towers with Harley and Cassie as a signal that she is starting her life without Ben. Though Ben's arrival threatens to ruin the moment, Blake tries to keep focused with her friends' help.

Annie asks Ben for help getting her out of the community service she's scheduled to do for the next five years. When she starts flirting with him and mentions Alan's out of town until tomorrow, he backs off and then runs to see Carmen when she calls.

Thursday, April 22, 1999

Cassie welcomes Reva back and pushes her to make some decisions about her upcoming wedding. Reva is caught off guard when Cassie shows her a mysterious ring pulled out of a box from the attic. Though she claims it looks familiar, Reva doesn't recognize it.

Admitting to her father that it's weird to see him going on dates, Susan hesitates when he asks if she likes Beth. He assures her that he will never forget her mother, Connie.

When Beth senses Jim's uncomfortable talking about her, she forces him to admit that he's still in love with his late wife. Beth then questions Susan about her mother.

Carmen complains to Danny about Pilar and how her daughter hates her but Danny advises his mother that she has no one to blame but herself. Later, Carmen calls an associate to bring her daughter home.

Meanwhile, Bill advises Pilar on how to gain some real independence by first getting a job as a waitress at Millennium. Though she laughs at the idea, Bill convinces her that it's her best offer.

A glowing Drew boasts to Selena that Jesse has decided that he wants to be with her, not Michelle. As they talk, Michelle shows up at the club, looking for Jesse. Keeping secret her new relationship with Jesse, Drew urges Michelle to fight for Danny.

Ray pushes Danny to reconsider ending his marriage.

Friday,April 23, 1999

Bill presses Drew to hire Pilar and give her a chance, reminding her that she was once broke and miserable. Drew reluctantly hires her and Pilar thanks Bill with an enthusiastic hug.

When they read the home pregnancy test results together and realize Reva's not pregnant, Marah talks with her mother about her concerns regarding her desire to have another baby. Reva assures her that she will not leave her as she did when Shayne was born. Later, Reva has a nightmare in which her baby is taken away from her.

Holly refuses to believe that her marriage to Fletcher can be saved. After blaming Fletcher for the trouble she faces, she is startled later to meet Fletcher's friend Kate.

Harley refuses when Susan asks her to invite Max to her 13th birthday party. A smirking Max wishes him luck when Jesse claims that he's arranged for him to stay with his foster parents as ordered by the courts.

When Danny presents her with the annulment papers and insists that he knows they can't have a life together, Michelle rips up the papers. Danny drags her to a park bench where he relates that Carmen told him at that bench at the age of 14 the story about their family and their business.

Claiming he lied to her about his feelings and only lusted after her, she agrees to sign the papers. Later, Michelle is rocked again when she finds Drew and Jesse in bed together. Bill's in trouble when Carmen's hired thug mugs him.

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