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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on GL
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Monday, December 9, 2002
by DEE

At Danny's memorial service, Michelle told how Danny IS alive but in Robbie and her heart. She said that Danny loved his mother more than anything else. She went on to say how when it came down to it that Danny always chose his mother over everything else and Carmen should be the one to stand up and talk. Tony urged her to do so saying that it wouldn't look good if she refused. Carmen spoke and said that Danny's death was all her fault but left without saying she actually shot Danny. Gus and Harley said they had to go to plan B. They call Danny and tell him to get into position for Plan B. Gus then shows up at Carmen's with an urn and said "say good-bye to Danny."

Alan told Phillip he needs to get out more often and asked if he had anywhere to go that him and Olivia would like some privacy. Phillip, agreeing that he needed to get out, left the room but then realized he really didn't have anywhere to go. He called Beth and went to see her. He wanted to buy Beth dinner. Beth questioned him about why he wanted to spend time with her and asked if he was trying to give them a second chance. He assured her that he was not doing that and when Beth asked him if his life was going o.k. they agreed that it was just too soon to share personal issues and they agreed to have dinner and talk about what they were going to buy the kids for Christmas.

Back at the mansion, Alan asked Olivia to have his baby and she was very upset about that. She accused Alan of wanting to get her fat and ugly so Phillip wouldn't want her. He said Phillip had nothing to do with his need to have a baby with her and tried to convince her that pregnant women are sexy. When Phillip returned to the mansion, Olivia was having a drink and asked Phillip if she would make a good mother. Phillip didn't need to be told that that was Alan's idea. He knew right away why she was asking.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Coming directly from Danny's memorial, Michelle, knowing he's alive, goes to the pool house with Ed to find Danny, but the room is empty. Danny arrives as she's leaving. Michelle demands answers from Danny, who reluctantly has to leave her to go after Carmen. Michelle, her head spinning, and goes to Cassie demanding to know how Cassie, of all people, could lie to her about her husband being dead. Reva is having a crisis of her own, also spurred on by the memorial; she goes to Cassie and demands permission to let Josh in on the truth. Cassie surprisingly grants it, feeling the adventure she'd been on with Danny to be over. But before Reva can come clean with Josh, he discovers the truth anyway, and confronts Reva about it. Gus and Harley put the final stage of their plan to rattle Carmen into action, but missing in action is Danny. Carmen goes to the family crypt with what she believes are Danny's ashes and just then, Danny appears before her wearing the bloody clothes from he night she shot him.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

At the Lewis guest house

Reva told josh she could explain the bloody jacket and cell phone. He wanted to know whom she had been helping. She replied Danny Santos. She told him that he was alive even thought he has been shot. She explained how Cassie found him and Reva agreed to help. Josh told her that she had a choice and she didn't think about her family. Josh was curious as to why she didn't come to him. But she said she and Cassie agreed that he wouldn't have let Danny stay there. He was concerned about the danger she had placed the family in. But she said when she helped Richard die; she had a huge hole in her life. Reva said he couldn't understand the feeling that she got her sister back. Josh said that Cassie come first before their marriage. Reva said to think she choose Cassie over him was ridiculous. Josh said he couldn't live with her making the decisions. Cassie enters. Yelling, Josh said he was furious with both of them. Cassie admitted that it was her fault. Josh said that he has to deal with both of them now. He hugged Cassie. Laughing, Josh remembered what he said at the last wedding about accepting Reva's crazy family.

At the Beacon

Michele continued to yell at Cassie because she didn't tell her about Danny. Cassie said she wanted to help. She explained that Danny was fighting for his life. But Michelle continued to show herself and said that she could handle Carmen. Cassie told Michelle that she should get over the pain and be grateful for what she had. Cassie said that Danny didn't want to keep this from her and she needed to understand. She said that she is going to see Danny again, and she should be grateful and count her blessings. Cassie told her she couldn't imagine what she wouldn't do for one more minute with Richard. Finally Michelle calmed down and asked Cassie to tell her what happened. After Cassie told her the story, Michelle decided to leave to be with Robbie.

At the cemetery

Carmen said it couldn't be happening because she saw him die. But as she turned she asked him why he was there. He said he heard her calling him. Danny said he couldn't forgive her because she killed him. Carmen apologized. He said it was too late. Danny said he was dead and wanted to know how it felt to kill her son. When Carmen turned away, he told her to turn around. Danny reminded her that she was judged by her actions on earth. Gus said it looked like Danny was going to lose it. Carmen told him that Michelle wasn't good for him and he said that wasn't for her to decide. Once again, he said that she killed him. Danny passed out. Gus goes to Danny and checked his pulse. Finally Danny was able to stand. They projected Danny's image back to where Carmen was. Danny said that he knew the truth. He hoped she remembered every day what she did to him. Danny said that no mother should kill her son. Carmen continued to talk about Michelle killing her son and she should die. Carmen said she didn't mean to shoot him. Gus and Harley enter. They place Carmen under arrest for Miguel's murder, and the attempted murder of Michelle. Danny enters. As Carmen was escorted away, she continued to thank God for Danny being alive. Danny talked to his dad and said he wasn't sorry for what he did. He told his dad and his brother that he hoped they were at peace now. Danny exits.

At the Bauer house

Michelle talked to Robbie in that everything was going to get better. She began singing to Robbie. When Michele answered the door, she saw Danny. He told her that Carmen was in jail and out of their life.

At the jail

Carmen told Gus that the confession wouldn't hold up. They gave her the department cell phone to make her one call. Gus admitted that he was thinking about his dad and how proud he would have been. Carmen left a message on Danny's cell phone that Michelle would never forgive him.

THURSDAY December 12

At the Lewis house

Josh wanted to know where the stain remover was to clean the gangster blood from the pool house. Reva said she deserved that. Josh said they needed to make a list of when their spouse runs amuck. Joking, Josh said he was trying to drive her crazy. Reva wanted to know if Tony was part of his agenda. She reminded him that Marah loved Tony. But he said that his opinion wasn't going to take a back seat. Reva answered the phone to find Cassie. Cassie wanted to talk to Reva and Josh said that she might be there soon. Josh told her to go and tell Cassie that he had no room in the attic in case they needed to hide a gangster. Reva exits.

Billy enters. Josh said they had a good fight. Josh said he had hit his stride. He explained to Billy about his first problem was Tony Santos. Billy said he shouldn't change the rules because that was what kept the marriage together. Marah and Tony enter. Marah told Josh that he should have seen Tony at the police station with Carmen. Billy said he needed to go clean his guns. They agreed to go hunting and asked Tony if he wanted to go. Tony accepted. Billy exits. Reva enters. Marah and Tony enter. Tony suggested Marah stay and have dinner while he went to see Danny. He told Josh to let him know about the hunting trip. Marah left to walk Tony to the car. Josh told Reva about their plans.

At the Beacon

Ed told Cassie that Carmen was in jail and it was over. Ed said his family owed her, but Cassie said she didn't do it for Danny. Cassie told Ed that she helped Danny because of Richard. She explained how Richard got a new job, but didn't tell her and that Richard asked for Reva's help when he was in the hospital. Ed exits.

Reva enters. Cassie told Reva that it was over. But she wanted to talk about when Richard died. Cassie said that Josh was right in that she played on Reva's guilt. Now Cassie understood why Reva did what she did because of how she helped Danny instead of Danny going to Michelle. Cassie said she wanted her and Reva back to where it used to be. They embraced. Reva said she had something she had been carrying around. She gave Cassie the engagement ring that Richard gave her. Cassie put it on her finger and said she will never take it off. Reva said she needed to get back to Josh. Reva exits. Tammy, Will, and R.J. enter. They all embrace.

At the police station

Tony enters. Frank told him that Carmen gave Gus and Harley a full confession. Frank told Tony that Danny was alive. He explained how Danny survived. Tony was shocked. Frank said that it had to be real in order to convince Carmen. Tony approached Carmen. Carmen told him that every Santos was a target and he should save himself by helping her get out of jail. She promised him that he would be the head of the family. Carmen wanted to know why Marah was there. Tony told her that Marah drove her to the police station. Carmen reminded him that he knew the business and the move of Danny's wouldn't work out. She told him to get rid of Marah so they could talk.

Tony was telling Marah how Carmen made him a proposition. Tony told her it is over and he and Danny want it to be over. He said the family was dead. He told her he would see her in court. Tony and Marah exit. Carmen's lawyer enters. He told her she was on tape confessing. He said it would hold up in court. She said that evidence could disappear.

At the Bauer house

Michele was shocked that Danny came back. Danny told her that he knew she was upset but he wanted her to hear him out. He told her that it wasn't all about Carmen, and the only thought he had was to make things right for them. They embraced. Danny asked if they were ok. Michelle questioned that love was all they needed. She informed him that he left because of what happened with Edmund and he couldn't find whom he was. But she knew that he would always be a Santos. He admitted that he was terrified for her and Robbie. That is why he went back to his family to be a dead man, but he couldn't die. Michelle said that Carmen would always be a part of him. Danny went to Robbie. He picked him up and told him how much he missed him. He said he choose to tie himself to the people he loved. Danny kissed Michelle's hand and said that she had to know that he loved her more than anything. He knew the past few months have been horrible for both of them. Michelle said she had a little boy and a job and thought she was a single mother. Once again, he told her he couldn't have told her because of the risk involved.

Ed enters. Danny wanted Ed to verify that what he did was to protect Michelle. Ed said now they are even and they needed to work this out alone. Danny asked her what she needed from him. Michelle told him that she went to the cliff and Carmen was there. She continued by saying that they both fell off the cliff, but Michelle saved Carmen. She wanted to know if he would have let Carmen fall.

Danny said he needed her help for him to change. But she admitted that she was afraid. Danny said they shouldn't decide anything right now and take some time. He suggested they go on a date on New Year's Eve. They could bring in the New Year together and start over. Michelle agreed. Danny exits.

Friday, December 13, 2002

At the Beacon, Reva, Blake, Harley and Cassie sat drinking wine talking about men and what's wrong with them. They decided that if Phillip had a girlfriend, he would leave Harley alone. They brainstormed to try to come up with somebody but couldn't. Blake called Olivia over and asked her if she knew of anybody they could fix Phillip up with. During their conversation, Olivia gave hint that Alan and her were thinking about having a child and Reva caught it. Reva asked Olivia if she had time for a child. Olivia pointedly reminded Reva of how she wasn't there for her own children.

Alex had a meeting with Gus to give him an idea on how to get Zach back. The idea was for Gus to marry Harley. Gus got angry and told her that WHEN (not "if") he marries Harley it will be on HIS time table, not the Spauldings'. Later when Alex saw Harley at the Beacon, Alex informed her of what she told Gus to do. Harley was shocked and said she's not ready for marriage. Harley told Alexandra about Alan and Olivia's plan on having a baby and Alexandra said "Over my dead body" and went off to confront Olivia. When Gus came to the Beacon, Harley went up to apologize for what Alexandra did saying "that ridiculous idea of us getting married. Gus replied, "Why is it so ridiculous?"

Eden went to see Carmen in jail. Carmen informs her that she knows she pushed Ricco off the roof and the REAL reason why..not for revenge but to shut him up. Carmen told her that Ricco didn't die right away when she pushed him off-Carmen's "boys" found him and Carmen held his bleeding head in her hands while he uttered his last words. Carmen told Eden if she makes the evidence against her disappear, she won't make Gus's life come crashing down.

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