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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on GL
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Monday, April 5, 2004

Alan and Alex are thrilled to have a new baby in the family, but she warns him that Olivia can take Emma away at any time. In order to convince her to stay in Springfield, Alex suggests giving Olivia anything she wants. For now they need to woo her, but once Phillip is back on his feet, then they will devise a plan to get Olivia out of the way. They take Gus' advice and go baby shopping. Beth interrupts Olivia's packing, angry that she lied about his child to Phillip. She would love nothing more than to see Olivia gone, but Phillip's happiness is more important. He would fall apart again if he lost Emma a second time. Beth needs Phillip to recover for Lizzie and James and she won't let Olivia hinder that. Olivia contemplates what to do. Part of her wants to take her little girl far away, but the other part knows Emma deserves a dad and a family even if they are Spauldings.

At Ravenwood, Lizzie reassures Phillip that she never would hurt Emma. She thanks him for taking her side against Olivia and promises she will repay him by trying to get along with her new step-mom.

At the Crisis Center Bill tells Tony that he and Eden are engaged. Tony, obviously shocked, congratulates him, saying to himself that Eden got what she wanted. Harley walks in as Billy asks Tony for help finding Carrie. She warns them not to interfere in the investigation, but Billy will do anything get his family out of this mess. Tony promises Harley he wouldn't do anything stupid that would hurt Marah. Billy is thrilled when his son tells him the good news. Harley is surprised to hear of Bill and Eden's engagement. She is even more surprised when Gus tells her Olivia's baby is alive, but doesn't blame her for keeping the secret from the Spauldings. Gus is happy to have helped Alan and he has a new niece. Harley is worried she's running out of time to find Carrie alive.

Under Christopher's hypnosis, Reva tries to contact Maryanne. Reva sees Maryanne at the fairgrounds almost thirty years ago talking to a young Josh. She sees Carrie too, but is unnerved. She realizes Maryanne felt trapped by her controlling aunt. They argue - Carrie wants Maryanne to come home with her but she insists on staying at the fair. Suddenly, Reva says she is dizzy and shouts for Alan to stop the car. Josh sees his wife is in pain reenacting that night and begs Christopher to bring her out of it, but he is unsuccessful. Reva is with Maryanne through the accident and lays with her on the riverbank, realizing she didn't drown. Carrie finds her and vows not to let her niece's life be ruined by these careless men. Reva grabs her throat as she experiences Maryanne's death at Carrie's strangling hands. Josh and Christopher try to bring Reva back to reality, but it is too late; she's stopped breathing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Reva, channeling Maryanne, suffers nearly the same fate as the young girl did: suffocation at Carrie's hands! Christopher's quick efforts at CPR save the day.

At the hospital, an emotional Reva recounts the story of what really happened. There was a crime committed that night, she tells Josh, but it wasn't your crime. Maryanne survived the car crash over the bridge, but was murdered by her own aunt. Jeffrey orders an immediate exhumation of Maryanne's corpse to prove Reva's story.

It's Election Day and things are not looking good for Danny. He and Ross share an awkward moment at the voting booth.

Back at the Beacon, Michelle gets Danny alone in the suite they reserved to remind him that he is always a winner to her. They make love oblivious to the results being flashed on the TV: due to a late surge in voters, Danny's been elected.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Danny and Michelle are shocked when the TV reports that that Danny is the projected winner of the race. Bill arrives and tells Danny that Ross is already grumbling about the last minute influx of votes from Fifth Street. Danny is about to greet well-wishers when Jeffrey asks to speak to him, alone.

Back in the suite, Jeffrey presses Danny to go back into the mob and work undercover. Danny protests, but Jeffrey reveals that he has evidence that Danny used dirty money to fund his company. As a result, Cassie Winslow unwittingly took out government loans for him that could land her in trouble. Danny is furious to see that he is trapped into doing what Jeffrey demands.

Rick examines Maryanne's exhumed body with Frank and Harley as witnesses. They are surprised to see that she was buried in the method of ancient Egyptians and her body is remarkably well preserved. Rick discovers ligature marks on the neck and a crushed windpipe that convinces them she died of strangulation, and not by drowning.

Harley gets a hunch to look around the hospital for Carrie. Reva is recovering in the emergency room. Josh remains close but she convinces him that she is fine. While Reva sleeps, she dreams of Maryanne's strangulation. She wakes to find Carrie bending over her trying to strangle her. Josh bursts into the room just in time. Frank and Harley take Carrie into custody. Josh and Reva are relieved to know that their ordeal is finally over.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

In the aftermath of Carrie's arrest, Josh is anxious for his family to move on, but Marah continues to struggle with the fact that Carrie was able to take such control of her life. Marah steels herself away to confront Carrie, whose hallucinations that Marah is Maryanne, leave Marah more shaken up than ever.

Meanwhile, Reva feels an obligation to Maryanne for saving her daughter's life. While Josh makes plans to take Reva away, Reva visits Maryanne's grave to say thank you and goodbye.

Elsewhere, Jeffrey challenges Danny to rid himself and Springfield of the mob once and for all. By sacrificing the election he's just won, Danny has the chance to be the kind of man everyone believes him to be. Danny hates Jeffrey for doing this to him and asks what kind of sacrifice Jeffrey is willing to make for the same cause. Danny later returns to the cheers of his family and friends, knowing he must disillusion them, even make them hate him, for a higher good. At the same time, Marah reaches out to Jeffrey to comfort her.

Friday, April 9, 2004

Danny is at St. Michaels and surprised to see Jeffrey follow him in. He suspects the DA is trailing him to make sure he doesn't do anything drastic. Danny asks if Jeffrey feels any guilt at all and Jeffrey says guilt is a luxury he doesn't have. He has a job to do and he needs Danny's answer by the end of the week. Later, alone in the church, Danny talks to God. He says for past two years he's tried to clean up his life. He admits he did take dirty money, but it didn't come from drugs, prostitution or gambling and it was used for a good cause--to build up 5th St. He's afraid he'll never be able to redeem himself because he's a Santos. Later, he calls Michelle, who informs him the mayoral race is being contested. The DA's office is holding an investigation and the votes are being recounted. Danny tells her not to worry about it and that they need to talk.

Billy and Josh are at the hospital discussing the fact that Marah is being released. It's obvious though that Marah is still stunned by the entire Carrie incident and is having trouble moving forward. Marina admits to Shayne she's having some trouble too. However, she thinks she's come up with a plan to give everyone closure.

Meanwhile, Marah sets out to leave. Josh and Billy try to talk to her but she's still dazed and can't really hear what they're saying. She then rushes out. Jeffrey finds Marah, who has been released from the hospital, at the Fairgrounds. She is having a very hard time moving on. She's furious at what Carrie did and how she allowed her to do it. She's upset because she tortured her own father and she's upset because deep down she wanted Carrie to die. Jeffrey tries to comfort her and warns not give in to her self-loathing. When Marah admits she's lost herself, he promises her that she'll find her way back.

Marina's plan for closure is being implemented. While Marina talks to Buzz, Shayne speaks with Josh and Billy, and Michelle talks to her dad and later Alan. They talk to the men about the need to move on and settle things. They persuade them that to assuage their guilt, they need to close the door on this chapter in their lives.

Later, the five men meet up at Maryanne's grave and Josh suggests they make a new pact. He says they can't undo their past mistakes. However, they can try to become the best men they could possibly be, the kind of men their kids can be proud of, the kind of men they should have been the night Maryanne died. As they did before, all men seal the pact by placing their hands atop one another's.

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