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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on GL
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Monday, June 9, 2008

After Cassie donated blood, she sat in Jeffrey's hospital room with him. They looked over old photos of them and Tammy. Jeffrey thought being at the hospital was hard for Cassie because it was where Tammy had died. Cassie said the hospital was also where she had last held Tammy. When Cassie left the hospital, she went to Tammy's gravesite and she told Tammy that she wished she were there.

Reva visited Mallet at the police station to get news on Rafe. Mallet said there wasn't any new news. Reva hinted that Daisy might know something, and Mallet asked Reva to encourage Daisy to be forthcoming. Reva went by the hospital and explained to Jeffrey her theory that Daisy could be hiding Rafe. If Reva was right, Jeffrey asked Reva to get Daisy to convince Rafe to turn himself in to Jeffrey so that Jeffrey could protect him.

Meanwhile Cyrus confronted G and Daisy outside Reva's storage unit. The two pretended to have just met; however, Cyrus knew that they were lying because of Daisy's betrayed reaction to learning that G was Cyrus's brother and that his real name was Grady, not Gillespie. Daisy admitted that she and G had known each other a long time. She said she had met G when she was in boarding school. Cyrus asked them how their relationship ended. G lied that they had gotten busted for fake IDs, and he was deported to Australia. Cyrus disapproved of their friendship. When Daisy said Cyrus couldn't tell her what to do, Cyrus retorted, "Is that right?" He grabbed her by the arm and hustled her away. Cyrus took Daisy to Company for a serious talk about G. When Daisy wouldn't see reason, Cyrus decided to appeal to G instead.

Daisy swiped the keys to the boardinghouse out of Company's register and went upstairs to Rafe's room. Daisy took one of Rafe's jackets out of the closet and cuddled on a futon with it. Reva entered and asked Daisy to tell her where Rafe was. Daisy said she wished she knew. Reva said Rafe was a good kid who had made a mistake. Daisy wondered if Reva really believed what she had just said, that good people could make mistakes. Reva nodded, saying that she believed in forgiveness and second chances. Daisy decided that Reva was right: everyone deserved a second chance. She hugged Reva and said that Reva always made her feel better.

Down at the creek, Cyrus told G that Daisy and her family were experiencing problems. He asked G what his motives were for being in Springfield. While the men talked, Cassie strolled up. When G saw Cassie, he took off. Cassie screamed and pointed at G, saying he was the man who had killed Tammy.

At the courthouse, Cassie anxiously explained to Cyrus how Alan had hired G to run down Jonathan but G had hit Tammy instead. Cassie insisted G should be in prison, but Cyrus said the guy she had seen wasn't who she thought he was. He said G's name was Jack Douglas and he lived around the corner from Harley. Without a doubt, Cassie said, "No! That was the guy! That was the guy. He must have been lying to you." Cyrus repeated that the man had been Harley's neighbor who had lived near Harley for quite some time. Skeptical, Cassie asked the man's name again. Cyrus told her Jack Douglas. Cassie sighed and decided that Cyrus must have been right and she said she was losing her mind.

Cassie returned to the graveyard. Daisy watched outside the gates as Cassie sat in the grass crying. Meanwhile Cyrus found G and confronted him about being Tammy's killer. G explained that Tammy wasn't supposed to have been on that road that night, and he said he saw her face in his mind every day. G said Daisy had been passed out in the car. G expressed sorrow for what he had done, but Cyrus told him to get out of town and never come back. Cyrus called G a murderer. As he walked away, G retorted that Cyrus had made him who he was.

Cassie went to Cross Creek and asked Reva about living in the past. When Reva said she liked the present better, Cassie slammed her for living in Cross Creek and making a movie about her past. Reva asked Cassie if she had a problem with the movie being about Reva and Josh. Cassie said she just wanted to know when they all could start living in the present. Crying, Cassie told Reva that she thought she had seen the man who had killed Tammy. Cassie said each time she tried to move forward, reminders dragged her back into the past.

G found Daisy at the cemetery. He explained to her that he had taken the hit job from Alan and then he had gotten high. He wished that Daisy hadn't been in the car when he had hit Tammy. He wished Tammy hadn't died. He laid a daisy on Tammy's grave. Meanwhile at Harley's, Cyrus pulled a picture of Harley off a cork board and said, "I'm sorry, Harley."

Meanwhile after Olivia's routine doctor's appointment, she ran into Doris at the hospital. Doris asked Olivia about the rumor that Olivia had given Natalia money to flee the country with. Olivia said Natalia had been stressed by the recent events in her life. Olivia felt that giving Natalia money for a trip was the least she could do after Natalia had signed over Gus's heart to her. Doris looked suspiciously at Olivia and then left.

After talking to Olivia, Doris went to Jeffrey's room. Jeffrey asked her how her cousin Barry, the new chief of police, was doing. Doris commented that at least she knew Barry was clean. When Jeffrey asked for information about Rafe's case, Doris said she had replaced Jeffrey for the duration of his recovery. Jeffrey insisted he be able to work on Rafe Rivera's case. Doris said Jeffrey couldn't prosecute the case because his shooting was a conflict of interest. Jeffrey still tried to discuss it, but Doris left, saying she'd see him in a couple of months.

Jeffrey got on the phone and ordered his staff to keep him abreast of Rafe's case regardless of what Doris had said. He told them that he would remember those who had been loyal to him once he returned. Mallet entered and asked Jeffrey why he had summoned him. Upset, Jeffrey asked Mallet if he had heard that Doris had replaced him. Jeffrey told Mallet that the both of them needed to get their jobs back and find Rafe before "Cousin Barry" sent the town to hell. Mallet said Rafe was his priority but he declared that he was through with backroom politics. Jeffrey told Mallet that he had been tipped of that Rafe might be hiding in town. He asked Mallet to check out the lead and keep him posted.

Mallet left the hospital and went to Natalia and Rafe's house. He found Olivia sitting outside. She told him that she sold the house back to Natalia and Rafe, but because Rafe had shot Jeffrey, they hadn't moved in. Mallet asked if he could look around inside the house. Olivia let him in and he found Gus's Cubs hat. Mallet noted that it was strange to see the hat there if Natalia and Rafe hadn't had a chance to move in. Olivia shrugged and said she didn't know their business. She didn't even like them. She asked Mallet to take her home to the Beacon.

Meanwhile Jeffrey was on the phone telling someone that he was the DA until his name was taken off the door when Doris returned to his hospital room. Jeffrey ordered her to get out unless she planned to help him get dressed. She said she hoped he wasn't trying to go to his office. It had been declared a crime scene and no one could get in. After Doris left, Jeffrey flipped back his covers and painfully ripped the tubes out of his arm and nose. Jeffrey struggled down to the station. He saw Mallet and told him that he couldn't get into his office because Doris had had his ID revoked. Mallet took him to a room where they could talk.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At Reva's storage shed, G looked through photos of Springfielders. He took a picture of Dinah and penned a mustache on her with a magic marker. When Daisy showed up, she said Cyrus being G's brother was "random." G said he wasn't there for a family reunion. Daisy asked him why he had returned to Springfield. G kissed her and asked her to guess. Daisy decided to go get him pillows, blankets, and food. Though G said he hated mentioning it, he said he was low on cash. She agreed to get him some.

While Daisy took food from Company, Buzz approached saying he had heard from Harley, and Harley had said she missed Daisy. Once Buzz left, Daisy stole money out of the register. Meanwhile G visited the Spaulding mansion. When Dinah caught him inside, he said he was there to get the money that Alan owed him. He tried to leave, but Dinah asked him to stay. Dinah wished him luck in getting the money. G said he was interested in her and her former partner, Cyrus. He said he was in a line of work similar to what they had been in and he wanted advice. Dinah said they had been the best, but she and Cyrus had both gone legit. G asked her why she had let him stay in her house to talk. "You're hot," Dinah replied. "I'm legit, but I'm not dead."

When G returned to the shed, he folded Dinah's picture and wrote, "next" on the back. Daisy arrived and she gave him a wad of cash. He said she was his guardian angel. Daisy left to get blankets and pillows from Harley's house. While in the kitchen, Daisy took cash out of an envelope in a cookbook. She opened the door to leave and found Mallet standing on the threshold. He looked at the pillows and blankets and thought they were for Rafe. He explained to Daisy that Jeffrey and he were on Rafe's side. He asked her to trust him and tell him where Rafe was. Daisy insisted that she didn't know anything. When she returned to the shed, G was gone. She made him a pallet with the blankets and then left.

Meanwhile Mallet walked his beat and happened upon Marina taking lunch outside by her car. She asked him if he were really okay with being a beat cop. Mallet said it was much simpler. He called her Cooper and Marina said, "It's Detective Cooper." Mallet nodded, saying that Marina was his superior. She wondered what else she was to him and he asked her if she'd give him time to figure that out. She agreed to do so, saying that they shouldn't rush into anything. She reminded him that she was a catch, even though no one else seemed to realize that. Mallet told her that he realized it. Marina asked him to dinner at a seafood restaurant. He agreed.

On Main Street, G hid behind a corner with a picture of Marina tucked in a magazine. He watched as Marina helped Dinah after Dinah tripped. Dinah showed Marina a dress she had bought and then asked Marina what she had gotten. Marina hesitantly showed Dinah some shoe inserts she'd bought for Mallet because he had mentioned that his feet hurt. Dinah said Marina was thoughtful and then left.

Dinah entered Company and Buzz said, "Oh, not you again." They talked about Dinah being the villain in her own movie. Dinah thought villains sometimes had good reasons for their misdeeds. She apologized to Buzz for causing Frank to lose his job and she said she was going to make amends.

Meanwhile Mallet returned to his hotel room and found a care package from Marina. After he went through it, Dinah came over with what she called a "clean slate gift." She said she'd talked to Buzz about Frank and she had apologized to him. She planned to tell everyone how she had screwed up Frank and Mallet's jobs as police chief. As they talked, Marina came out of the back, telling Mallet that he needed more towels. Mallet and Marina stammered to explain to Dinah what they were doing together. Dinah wished Mallet luck and left. Marina apologized to Mallet, saying she didn't know Dinah was there. Mallet said it was fine and that everything would be okay.

Meanwhile Ashlee woke up in Coop's bed and found a love note beside her. As she checked herself in the mirror, Coop returned with breakfast. He said he'd gotten the release date for his book and had received a long list of interviews that he'd have to do. Ashlee seemed distracted as he spoke. As they ate breakfast, Coop told her about a writers' party Blake had gotten him invited to. He told Ashlee that it was a big event for him as a writer and a weekend at the beach for them as a couple. Coop wanted buy her a dress for it, but she said she could shop on her own. She told him to go to Company and she'd give him her shopping bill later.

Coop went to Company and sat down with Blake. They looked at tour photos. She asked him if he RSVPed for Bruce's party. He said he had and Ashlee was buying a dress for it. Blake told him to have fun and he left. Meanwhile Ashlee wasn't satisfied with any dress she saw. She sat down on a bench on Main Street and G approached her. She told him that she had been looking everywhere to find him and thank him. She said she had found his dog tag but it was back at her place. He noted that she looked sad. Ashlee mentioned the fancy party and said she felt she had to impress people for Coop. She offered to take G to meet Coop and pick up his necklace. G said maybe some other time. She asked him what his name was. He told her to call him Grady and then suggested she get a blue dress because it would go well with her eyes.

As Coop and Buzz ate wings together on the boardinghouse steps, Coop told Buzz that his writing career was going well, but he worried he wouldn't have time to do any actual writing. When Buzz asked him how Ashlee was dealing with it, Coop seemed unsure. He said Ashlee acted as if she was fine, but he felt as if he had to constantly reassure her about it. Buzz said he just had to keep telling Ashlee how special she was. Coop agreed that he couldn't have done any of it without her.

After Ashlee bought a dress on G's advice, she frantically went up to Blake and said she thought she had made a mistake in choosing the outfit. Blake promised her that she'd take care of everything. Blake looked at the dress while it was in the bag and said it looked fine, but she would have to see it on Ashlee. They went to Blake's house.

Later Ashlee met Coop and she was wearing the blue dress. She looked wonderful and Coop told her so. She said Blake helped her pick out her accessories. He was glad that Blake and Ashlee were getting to know each other. Ashlee said she wanted to throw a big celebration for Coop. He agreed to bring together their friends and family to celebrate his career.

Meanwhile G found Daisy outside Harley's. She told him that she had run into a cop who thought she was hiding Rafe and she had let him believe that. G told her that he didn't know what would happen legally because of his return, but he wanted her to deny she knew anything about the night Tammy had been hit. He didn't want Daisy to help him. When she said she didn't know if she should stay out of it, G said he was leaving. She asked him not to leave. He said he knew what he wanted and asked her if she knew what she wanted. Daisy led him into Harley's garage. As they kissed while half naked in a huge green bin, Daisy said she couldn't believe they had waited so long. G said that it was the right thing because she hadn't been ready before. Since then she had become a woman and they could be together. They kissed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

As Billy coached Little League, Bill approached and pouted that Billy hadn't expressed pride in Bill's achievements at Spaulding Enterprises. Billy told him that he and his mother didn't approve of the Spaulding takeover. Billy thought Bill would have nothing to show after his power grab. Bill said he had Ava and the baby, and he said Ava was the only person who was happy with him. Upon leaving, Bill vowed not to make the same mistakes that Billy had.

Meanwhile Remy visited Ava and told her about the EMT classes he was taking. When Bill came home, Remy left to meet Dinah at the gym. Bill doted on Ava and the baby and then agreed to meet her at the hospital for her doctor's appointment.

At the gym, Dinah ran into Mallet. After a brief and awkward exchange with him, Dinah wondered to herself how she could get over Mallet if he were always around. Remy arrived and talked to Dinah about how Bill had brainwashed Ava. Dinah told Remy that she wished she had a man that would take care of her like Bill took care of Ava. Remy sensed that Dinah had seen Mallet and he advised her to find someone else.

After Remy worked out, he saw Bill on Main Street. Bill instructed Remy to, "spend a little less time with my-Ava." Remy laughed, saying that at least he knew exactly what Ava was to Bill. Remy said Bill didn't even know Ava and quizzed him on Ava's favorite things. When Remy asked Bill what color Ava was wearing, Bill sarcastically said green even though Ava really wore pink that day. Bill congratulated Remy for being up on Ava's Myspace page, but he said he was the one taking care of Ava while Remy lived off of Dinah.

At the hospital later, Bill held Ava's hand as the doctor performed an ultrasound. The doctor announced that the baby was a boy. Ava leaned in and kissed Bill. After the appointment, Bill left for work. Remy walked up to Ava and she told him that she was having a boy.

Meanwhile Lizzie visited Alan at the boardinghouse. They talked about the roof that had fallen on Alan. It had since been repaired. Alan still believed that Gus had grabbed his leg and saved him from being hurt. Lizzie was still skeptical. Alan told her about other Gus encounters. Lizzie thought that Alan was just missing his children. If Gus was still hanging around though, Lizzie believed it was a sign that they should get their priorities straight. Alan said family meant everything to him, and he couldn't forgive himself for hurting them in the past. Lizzie vowed that it was her time to take care of the Spauldings. If anyone messed with them, she said, they would be sorry. Alan said Gus had told him to, "keep an eye on your princess." Alan and Lizzie talked about whether or not he meant Lizzie, Peyton, or Beth.

Just then Beth showed up. She sat down with Alan and Lizzie. They discussed Gus more, and Alan seemed certain that Gus had some unfinished business. Beth wondered what Gus could have wanted, and Alan agreed with Lizzie that Gus wanted the family put back together. They all held hands and Lizzie said she would make that happen for them.

After Lizzie left, Alan, Peyton, and Beth went into the kitchen where Alan started cooking. Beth wondered what Alan had learned from his encounters with Gus. Alan said he learned that he wasn't the center of the universe; Peyton and Beth were. He said he felt Lizzie was coming into her own. Beth called him wise. He said losing everything showed him that he didn't need money to get respect. Alan said he'd forgotten something. He picked up a strawberry, peeled it open, and revealed a pearl that was nestled inside. "Mommy's necklace, Peyton," Alan said. "We're getting closer."

Meanwhile Lizzie met up with Billy, and Billy said Bill wouldn't listen to him. Billy asked Lizzie if she still loved Bill. She said she couldn't love someone who had tried to destroy her family. Billy pleaded with Lizzie to give Bill another chance, but Lizzie said if Billy wanted to bond with his son, then he needed to get closer to Ava.

In the meantime, Mallet was walking his beat when he saw Dinah sharing a waffle cone with a man in the park. The man flirted with Dinah and said he was divorced. When they walked to his car, Mallet approached them and instructed Dinah to step away from the car. Mallet called the man Scott. Suddenly Scott took off in his car. Dinah got mad at Mallet for chasing the man off. Mallet said Scott had been in jail for spousal abuse. At that time, his ex-wife had a restraining order out against him. Dinah begrudgingly thanked him and strode away. Just then Frank called Mallet with a lead on Rafe. Mallet said not to send backup. He wanted to handle it personally.

Later Mallet sighted someone trying to start a fire out in some tall grass. He called out Rafe's name. When he got closer, he saw that it wasn't Rafe. He told the kid to get out of there and stop playing with fire. Mallet went to Company to eat. He saw Alan and told him about the false Rafe sighting. Mallet asked Alan if he had heard from Gus again. If so, Mallet wondered if Gus had sent anyone else a message. Alan said he wasn't an answering machine. Mallet said he just wanted some direction from Gus about how to handle Rafe. Mallet asked him if Gus were sad. Alan said Gus seemed anxious about something and kept asking Alan to keep his eyes open. Mallet asked, "For what?" Alan said if he knew, he would sleep better at night.

When Dinah returned home, Bill visited to tell her that he was having a boy. He said he wanted to move Ava and the baby into the mansion. He thought that he and Dinah should make the mansion a home. In doing so, they would send everyone a message about who they were and where they were going. Dinah thought it was a wonderful idea and said she'd warn Remy that they would be having company. Bill said, "Not company, family."

When Remy arrived home, he found Dinah relocating him to the east wing to make room for Ava and Bill. Upon hearing that Ava was moving in, Remy smiled and started helping her pack his things. After they packed, Remy asked Dinah if she were sure she wanted him to stay. Dinah said Remy was her friend and she wanted him around. She asked him to try to get along with Bill and then gave him an invitation to her dinner party. He asked her if Mallet were attending and she said Mallet wasn't invited. She wanted to do it on her own.

Later Bill found Billy in the park and told him that he would have a grandson. Billy asked if the child would be named Harlan Billy IV. Bill said he'd think about it. Bill went to CO2 and saw Lizzie sitting at a table. He told her that he was having a son and then announced that he was moving into the mansion. "My house?" Lizzie asked and then said, "I don't think so." Bill said that the mansion belonged to them and they were going to make it a real home. Lizzie told him not to get too comfy.

Bill returned to the Beacon and announced to Ava that they were moving to the mansion. Ava excitedly hugged him. Meanwhile, Lizzie strolled into the Spaulding garden. She looked around and then smiled to herself.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Upon Ashlee's suggestion, the Coopers decided to have a poker party the same night that Bill and Dinah were throwing what Marina called "their come see how rich we are party." As the Coopers prepared Company, Lizzie entered. Buzz asked her if she knew about Bill's party. Lizzie acted as if she did and then rushed out. She jogged to the mansion and watched Bill and Dinah in the garden as they practiced their speeches for the night. Bill left and Lizzie walked up to exchange barbs with Dinah. She offered to help Dinah with the party and Dinah asked Lizzie if she were still suing her. When Lizzie affirmed that she was, Dinah said Lizzie wasn't invited. Lizzie left and Dinah called security with instructions to keep Lizzie off the grounds.

Lizzie went to Towers where she found Remy drinking a beer at the bar. He seemed unhappy about attending the party that evening, but he said Dinah wanted him there. Lizzie griped that Dinah's house belonged to the Spauldings. She was angry that Dinah and Bill had stolen her legacy. She and Remy got drunk off tequila shots. When Remy said the drinks were probably free at the party, Lizzie asked the bartender for their check.

Meanwhile Bill went to his hotel room and found Ava inside crying. She said she really wanted to move in with him, but she felt that she couldn't leave Olivia alone at the Beacon. She had been reading that heart transplant recipients were at great risk of rejecting their new hearts during the first year after the procedure. Bill said Olivia and Emma could move into the mansion. Ava became ecstatic and went to tell Olivia the news.

Ava visited Olivia's room and found Mallet there watching movies with her mother. When she told Olivia that she and Emma could move into the mansion, Olivia stated that she'd already lived in the mansion twice. Ava thought the third time would be the charm. Olivia agreed to think about it. After Ava left, Mallet questioned whether or not Olivia and Dinah could coexist at the mansion.

At about the same time, Marina called Mallet and left him a voicemail invitation to the poker party. When Mallet showed up at Company, Frank told him it was closed for a family event. Mallet said he was supposed to be there with Marina. Frank replied, "Oh... Oh!" Inside Company, Mallet stammered to explain to the shocked Buzz and Frank that he and Marina had started dating. He volunteered to back away from Marina if Buzz and Frank wanted him to because he said family was most important. Marina entered and Mallet said that he had told her family. After an awkward pause, Frank said, "Finally a guy I almost like." Outside Company, Mallet told Marina that he really wanted the relationship between them to work. They kissed.

Later Bill escorted Ava and Olivia to the mansion for the party. He took Dinah aside and gave her a diamond necklace and earrings. He said the set had belonged to Alan's mother and he had gotten it at auction. As he draped the necklace around Dinah's neck, he said that Olivia and Emma would also be moving in. Dinah was livid and said the house wasn't big enough for both her and Olivia. As she ranted, she realized that Olivia must have been downstairs. She walked to the overlook in the parlor, greeted Olivia below, and said she had heard the good news.

Some time later, Bill seemed anxious because hardly anyone had shown up for the party. Ava asked him to be patient since people liked to be fashionably late. Bill was upset because the Lewises hadn't shown up. Ava thought that people were just jealous of them. She said she had been jealous of wealthy people and had always wanted to live in a place like Dinah's with her child and husband. When Bill seemed uncomfortable, Ava apologized for saying "husband." He told her that it was okay and she had a right to her dreams. When he and Ava returned to the parlor, the drunken Remy and Lizzie appeared on the overlook. Lizzie came downstairs and slurred that someone had forgotten to give her an invitation.

Dinah tried to get Lizzie to leave. As they argued, Lizzie noted that Dinah wore her great grandmother's necklace. Lizzie claimed that it was her family heirloom. Dinah said that Bill had given it to her and so it had become Dinah's family heirloom. Lizzie tried to rush into the party to tell Bill's guests what a vulture Bill was, but Bill hauled her outside. Ava took Remy aside and admonished him for his drunken entrance to the party. He told her that she was making a mistake by moving in and that she and the baby deserved better.

Outside, Lizzie and Bill argued about the house. She said the mansion was not his house. She said they could have had a house and a future together. They still could before it was too late. She kissed Bill and begged him to fix the situation. He revealed that he wanted to make it work with Ava for the baby's sake. Lizzie told him that he was perverted for living in her family's house with the same servants and the same furniture. He said he had worked hard for what he had. Lizzie replied that Alan was the one who had worked hard for it. In her opinion, Bill wanted to claim the things that others had worked for because he was unoriginal. She said he wanted to sit on the backs of Henry, HB, Alan, Josh, and Billy. "You don't even have a dream and you know it!" Lizzie yelled. Upset, Bill walked away.

Bill returned to the parlor and climbed the stairs to where Ava stood. He asked the meager gathering of guests below for their attention. Holding Ava, Bill announced that the two of them were getting married. Ava looked shocked. Remy and Lizzie exchanged sickened glances.

Friday, June 13, 2008

At the dinner party, Bill announced his engagement to Ava. No one was more surprised than Ava, who privately asked if the proposal was real or just a stunt. Bill assured her that it was real. Later, Bill approached Lizzie who told him that if he were trying to hurt her by marrying Ava, he would end up hurting himself even more. Bill informed Lizzie that not everything was about her. Lizzie attempted to wish Bill the best but couldn't get the words out without crying. She then dashed out in tears. After Dinah rushed everyone out so that Bill and Ava could be alone, Ava gushed about how excited she was. Ava asked again if the proposal was real and Bill assured her that he wanted to make a life with her and the baby.

After making small talk with Buzz at Company, Ashlee went outside and saw G walking by. Ashlee mentioned that she did not have his dog tags with her and he suggested that she give them to him the next day-after they went for a swim in the lake. Ashlee hedged by saying that she was not the best swimmer and G assured Ashlee that he would not let her drown. Ashlee accepted his invitation, saying that she did feel safe with him. Later, Ashlee talked with Daisy who suggested that they hang out the next day. Ashlee told Daisy that she was busy but was evasive about her plans.

Buzz spotted Alan at the Towers bar. Alan was celebrating his latest meeting with an investor. Alan started saying that he was working to get back on top financially; he had motivation. Buzz realized that he was talking about winning Beth back. Buzz advised Alan not to wait until he "was Alan Spaulding again" to win back Beth, since life was too short.

Upstairs at Company, G visited Lizzie who was looking for Alan. Lizzie realized who he was and began freaking out. G warned her to settle down. When Lizzie stated that he should be in jail, G said that Alan should also but he married his way out of it. When Lizzie threatened to call the police, G threatened to contact them himself and give up Alan's involvement in Tammy's death. As Lizzie began writing G a check, Alan arrived and G hid in the closet. After Lizzie rushed Alan out of the room, G emerged from the closet. Lizzie showed G the check and told him it was for his silence. There was to be no confession or retaliation. After telling Lizzie to double the amount on the check, G told her that he would think about her offer.

The next day, Dinah was reading the paper, complaining to Remy about the lack of coverage on her. Suddenly, Remy told Dinah that he was moving out. Dinah tried to talk him out of it, but Remy stated that he did not want to wait for Bill to kick him out. He also did not want a front row seat to watch Bill string Ava along with a fake wedding. Later, Ava ran into Remy in the hall. Ava playfully told Remy that he should congratulate her on her engagement and then wished that he could be happy for her. Remy made it clear that he did not think that Bill was good enough for her. Remy peppered Ava with questions about the engagement-How did Bill propose? Did she have a ring? Was there a date? Afterwards, Remy informed Ava that he was moving out. Rattled, Ava asked him not so, stating that she needed a friend at the mansion. Afterwards, Remy told Dinah that he had decided to stay.

After leaving Daisy, G met with Ashlee for their morning swim. Ashlee seemed very nervous and made a point of telling G that she had a boyfriend and really loved him. As they talked, G slipped up by making it sound as if he knew Ashlee's mom was a lawyer. He quickly covered and stated that he merely guessed from seeing her old campaign posters. Later, Ashlee met with Daisy and told her that she went swimming with her mystery guy. Seeing G's dog tags in Ashlee's hands, Daisy asked Ashlee to describe her mystery guy and soon realized that it was G.

Alan showed Lizzie the pearls that he bought for Beth. He said that he was also writing Beth a letter as well. Lizzie assured Alan that Beth had already made up her mind; it was Alan who made it complicated. Lizzie then told Alan that she wanted the family to live under one roof again so she was booking them all rooms at the Beacon. Lizzie stated that she used to believe that the reason they failed as a family was because they were bad together. However, she realized that must be wrong since they did not do too well separately, either. Lizzie then brought up the things that Alan had done in the past. Lizzie conceded that though the things he did were not right, she understood why he did them. Lizzie then left to see Lillian at the hospital.

Ava was at Cedars for a prenatal exam with Bill and Olivia. When Bill walked off, Olivia brought up the added pressure of Bill coming to Ava's appointments. When Ava said that there was no pressure, Olivia reminded her that the baby she was carrying was not Bill's and something could clue him in. Ava stated that she was careful to get a donor with the same blood type as Bill but Olivia was worried that Ava could lose everything when she was so close to getting at all. When Olivia left, Bill returned from signing Ava in. After some talk, Ava told Bill that she wanted to get married before her due date. When she pointed out that she did not know how serious he was about his proposal, Bill got down on one knee and proposed properly. Unbeknownst to them, the event was witnessed by Lizzie.

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