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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 22, 2008 on GL
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Alone at home, Olivia unwrapped religious figurines. She said she admired them, but she couldn't believe in them as Natalia did. When Josh arrived to check on the house for Cassie, Olivia confided in him about her frustration with Natalia's public display of religion. He wondered if Natalia's faith embarrassed Olivia. Olivia felt that her heart condition caused people to view her as weak; she didn't want to be perceived as na´ve, too. When she said that her physical condition didn't define who she was, Josh looked thoughtfully at Shayne's old baseball glove, which he had found in the barn. He confided that Shayne wouldn't allow his parents to help him in his recovery. Olivia wished Ava would stay in town, but Ava had her own plans. Olivia resolved that sometimes, parents just had to let their children go.

At Company, Natalia sounded unconvincing when she told Frank that Olivia was a great housemate. When Frank pressed her, she admitted that the situation was a disaster. Natalia felt that Olivia's inability to grasp onto faith affected the entire household, and she feared that Olivia and Emma would miss the wonder of the holiday without it. Frank stated that Olivia was her own worst enemy, who dragged everyone else into her own misery. Natalia worried about Emma, but Frank asked who was looking out for Natalia.

As Natalia bought a Christmas tree to benefit Rafe's fund, Emma thrust forward a dollar for her contribution. Frank helped them take the tree to the farmhouse, where they found Olivia cooing over a white tree that she'd ordered from the Beacon. Natalia frowned at the designer tree. Emma thought Olivia's tree was beautiful, but she pleaded to keep her tree from Company. After the two decorated trees were set beside each other in the living room later, Olivia appeared alienated when Natalia gave Emma a handmade apron and invited her to bake cookies. Once alone with Olivia and Natalia, Frank asked if there were room for both trees in the house. In unison, the women replied with a resounding, "No."

After Frank left, Olivia conceded to return her tree, since Emma didn't prefer it. Olivia and Natalia realized that they all needed the holiday, but the living arrangement wasn't working. Olivia decided to move back to the Beacon after the holidays. She would hire herself a nurse, and Natalia would find another tenant. Natalia said everyone would be happy except for Emma. Olivia sullenly replied that children were resilient, even though adults struggled to let go.

Dinah discovered Shayne parked on the railroad tracks, awaiting an oncoming train. Dinah implored him to move the car, but he had thrown the keys out as, "part of the game." After the third train whistle, Shayne impetuously explained that he had thirty seconds to hot wire the car. He frantically worked on it as Dinah reasoned against his suicide. At the last minute, Shayne started the car. He backed it off the tracks before the blaring train barreled by.

Afterward, they played darts at a pool hall, and Dinah asked what would have happened if the car hadn't started. Shayne said that at least he wouldn't have his parents on his conscience anymore. He wondered if Dinah had felt a surreal sense of calm in knowing that the train might kill her. Just then, Bill called Dinah, and she offered to meet him by the lake. Dinah left and Shayne threw a dart. Josh appeared as the whizzing dart hit the board. He sarcastically thanked Shayne for inviting him to play.

Showing Shayne the old baseball glove, Josh said Shayne had loved it as a kid. "I play different games now," Shayne rebutted. Josh picked up a dart, laid money on the table, and said he was ready to play. During a competitive game of darts, Shayne revealed that he was upset that Jeffrey, not Reva, had told him about Reva's cancer. Shayne was concerned that Jeffrey might leave Reva for the excitement of Washington, DC. Josh recounted that he'd expressed the same worry, even brawling with Jeffrey at their wedding; however, Josh had come to realize that Jeffrey was committed to Reva. Shayne thought that he should leave town, so that he didn't cause problems in their marriage. Josh stated Shayne's leaving wouldn't help Reva. Josh said that after the dart game, they would work hard to get Shayne out of the wheelchair.

At the conclusion of the dart competition, Josh thought Shayne had let him win. He proposed another game during which Shayne would try harder. Shayne said that sometimes people tried too hard. Josh assumed they weren't discussing darts anymore. Shayne said that doctors had concluded that his injury might be irreversible. When Josh seemed relentlessly hopeful, Shayne yelled that Josh didn't have to fix him because it wasn't Josh's fault. Whether it was Josh's fault or not, Josh was willing do to all within his power to help his son. Shayne seemed ready to explode if he couldn't leave Springfield, but Josh implored Shayne to take the recovery one day at a time. Even though the baseball glove was a little small for Shayne, Josh suggested that Shayne recondition it for their springtime games of catch.

At Towers, Alan saw Bill at the bar and said that Bill wouldn't find the kidnapper at the bottom of a drink-unless Bill saw his own reflection in it. Alan presumed that Bill's excessive drinking meant that Lizzie's opinion about his innocence had changed. Bill assumed that Alan was ornery since Beth refused to go to China with him. Alan retorted that he and Beth would still be together upon Beth's return from her workshop, unlike Bill and Lizzie once Lizzie returned from Macau. Recalling Lizzie's statement that Alan had tried to confess to the kidnapping, Bill decided that Alan was actually the real culprit. Billy hid behind a column at the bar and overheard the accusation. Alan dismissively thought Bill was acting out because he must have learned that his trial date had been set for the following week.

In the mansion parlor later, Billy overheard Alan on the phone with Doris, instructing her to subpoena him as a hostile witness in Bill's trial. Alan schemed that Doris could depict Alan as sympathetic while implicating Bill at the same time. Billy confronted Alan about sabotaging Bill's case. When Billy echoed Bill's suspicions about Alan, Alan claimed that he would never kidnap Lizzie, who had been there for him even when his marriages had failed. Alan assumed that Billy would kill for Bill, and Alan said he would do the same for Lizzie.

Billy and Josh encountered each other by the pond and briefly discussed Bill's situation. Josh was incessantly hopeful about the trial, Bill, and Shayne. Billy and Josh agreed to say prayers for their sons.

Down at the pond, Bill told Dinah that he had renewed hope. Though he didn't have his memory back, Bill said he realized that Alan had orchestrated the kidnapping. Dinah became agitated, and Bill offered her a swig from his flask. Dinah warned him about drinking and about Alan. Bill insisted upon bringing Alan to justice to save himself. Dinah advised Bill to stay away from Alan, but Bill stalked off, determined to prove Alan had committed the crime, not him.

At the mansion later, Alan asked Bill why he drank so much if he were so certain of his own innocence. Bill retorted that Alan smoked too much. Puffing his cigar, Alan claimed that he only smoked one per day and that his hands didn't shake when he lit them. Alan boasted that Bill would never find proof of Alan's guilt because it just didn't exist.

Back at the pool hall, Dinah desperately warned Shayne that his games would go too far one day. Shayne apathetically wondered what her problem was, considering that Bill was innocent. She said that she had no other choice but to confess to the kidnapping in order to save Bill. She feared that Bill would be in danger if he implicated Alan. As she contemplated how karma caused people to lose those they loved, Shayne suddenly kissed her.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ava met Remy at the hospital after his EMT shift. He said that he had been reminded of Max while assisting a baby delivery that morning. Remy cut himself short, realizing the conversation might be too difficult for Ava, but she said she liked talking about Max with Remy. She relayed that other people tiptoed around the topic as if she would fall apart at the mention of it. Ava hoped that her Christmas wish of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge with Remy would come true. Remy said that if they could ride bikes over it, then he was in.

When Jeffrey visited the farmhouse, he was astonished that Olivia had a real tree. Olivia grumbled that it was Natalia's needle-shedding, sappy tree. Jeffrey asked how the living arrangements were going, and Olivia replied that the house's coziness and warmth was driving her back to the Beacon after the holiday. Jeffrey invited Ava and Olivia to Christmas at Cross Creek, but Ava announced that she and Remy were leaving for California that afternoon. Ava handed out her gifts, saying that they were The Wizard of Oz inspired. Ava presented Olivia with a heart-shaped watch because she felt that Olivia had a big heart that would beat for a long time. Ava gave Jeffrey a medal for courage, saying that once he held his newborn, he would forget that he had ever been afraid during Reva's pregnancy.

After Jeffrey and Ava left, Olivia sifted through a memory box belonging to Natalia. Beneath some old greeting cards, she found a picture of Rafe and a piece of paper that read, "Natalia Rivera, 39-50 52nd St., Chicago, IL #3F." Olivia stared off in thought.

Meanwhile, Remy discovered that the gift he'd mailed Christina had been returned in the mail. Later, Remy delivered a miniature Christmas tree to Christina's hospitalized grandmother, Loretta. Loretta seemed surprised to hear from Remy that Christina was away visiting a friend. Remy wondered if she had the friend's address so that he could send Christina the Christmas gift. As Loretta wrote out the address, she stated that Christina and Remy's marriage had been sudden, but her intuition indicated that it would last.

When Ava arrived at Remy's place to pick him up for their trip, Remy chose to divulge his marital status before they left. He told Ava how he and Christina had wound up accidentally married. Remy's face glowed when describing Christina, and Ava decided that he shouldn't accompany her to San Francisco, after all. Ava had worked through her grief, and she had wanted to know that Remy had done the same. After hearing about the MCAT and the marriage, she'd been satisfied that he had. Though Remy claimed the marriage was in name only, Ava said he lit up when he talked about Christina. Since Ava and Remy were both doing well, Ava was at peace about moving on from each other. Remy said he would always love her and that Max would always be in his heart. Ava kissed Remy, saying she would leave him a small piece of her heart.

Remy located Christina at a cemetery. Christina admitted that she'd heard about Ava's arrival and the California trip. Remy said he didn't go with Ava because he had too much keeping him in town. After exchanging meaningful glances with her, he sat with her beside a small headstone. Christina introduced him to her mother, whose grave she was visiting. Remy introduced himself to the deceased woman as her son-in-law. Remy gave Christina a stethoscope for Christmas, and she shared that she'd wanted to be a doctor ever since her mother had died from cardiac arrest. Helplessly watching her mother die had driven her to learn how to help others the way she hadn't been able to help her mother.

After winding up in Shayne's lap during their passionate kiss at the pool hall, a mesmerized Dinah got up and giggled, saying that they'd made a mistake. Shayne agreed, saying that they both had such bad karma that they would be better off lying down on the train tracks blindfolded. They agreed not to compound their troubles by entangling themselves with each other. Dinah left upon bidding him a merry Christmas.

At Cross Creek, Josh told Reva that Shayne's unit intended to ship Shayne out again that day. Josh refused to let Shayne return to the war zone, but Reva advised Josh to let Shayne make his own decisions. Josh couldn't do that as long as he felt responsible for Shayne's injury. Reva advised him to heed the advice he'd given her on Thanksgiving: forgive himself. She said Josh needed to let go of the accident that had happened years prior. However, it seemed to have just happened the other day to Josh, who still envisioned Shayne on the stretcher. Just then, Shayne entered, happy about the access ramp that had been installed for him. Josh informed Shayne that there was no way he was letting Shayne leave town.

A surprised Shayne assumed that Jeffrey must have come through with his ticket out of town. Livid that Shayne had turned to Jeffrey, Josh asserted that Jeffrey didn't care if Shayne got killed overseas because Jeffrey had his own son on the way. As Reva scolded Josh for not having faith in Shayne's choices, she suddenly became dizzy. Josh offered to call her doctor, but Reva insisted that she was fine. Shayne said he could take care of his mother, but Josh was skeptical about leaving the two of them alone. Reva and Shayne both said they would be fine together. Shayne told Josh that they would talk the next day. Josh seemed hopeful when Shayne said he would at least stay through Christmas. Beyond that, Shayne couldn't promise anything.

After Josh left, Reva wished that she hadn't missed out on so much of Shayne's childhood. Shayne understood that she had been sick. Reva assured Shayne that Josh would come around. Reva told him that both she and Josh recognized how important his noble work overseas was, but Shayne replied that it was just a job. When Shayne said he would see her on Christmas, Reva said they had saved his favorite ornament for him to adorn the tree with. She didn't think it would be Christmas until he hung it.

Josh sought out Jeffrey to berate him for interfering with Shayne. He said he accepted that Jeffrey was Reva's new shoulder to lean on, but he prohibited Jeffrey from interfering with Shayne. Later, at Cross Creek, Jeffrey told Reva that he'd gotten a lecture from Josh, but Jeffrey wanted Reva to know that he had nothing to do with Shayne's unit calling him back overseas. They both expressed that seeing their older children had given them hope. Reva didn't want to guilt-trip Shayne into staying, because Shayne needed to make his own choices. When their baby began to kick, Jeffrey put headphones on Reva's belly to calm the child with music.

Dinah caught up with Cyrus as he staked out the police's evidence storage facility. She scolded Cyrus for not working hard enough to keep Bill out of jail. Cyrus asked to her to have faith, but Dinah found that hard to do, since Cyrus had threatened her that her life would be over if she turned in Alan and Grady. As Cyrus scoped out the warehouse with binoculars, he unveiled his plan to steal any evidence implicating Bill and replace it with worthless information. Cyrus claimed that Bill had nothing to worry about, but Dinah wasn't so sure, since Cyrus was free to retain the evidence for use against Bill later.

With a drink in his hand, Bill left Lizzie a message telling her that he had nothing major to report. Having overheard Bill's message, Billy seemed concerned that Bill hadn't updated Lizzie about the trial. Bill said he wanted Lizzie to live her life unburdened while he nailed Alan, the real kidnapper. Billy dismissed the notion that Alan had done it, and he again promised that anything Bill said to him was confidential. Billy sternly asked Bill to name the kidnapper. "It was Alan," Bill insisted, and left the parlor.

On the patio sometime later, Bill drank from a brown paper bag as he stared into Alan's room. Dinah approached, and he said he never should have let her talk him out of going after Alan. Dinah agreed that Alan had a motive, but she said there were too many coincidences that Alan couldn't have orchestrated, such as Bill's car accident and memory loss. Dinah reasoned that Alan wouldn't have kidnapped Lizzie because doing so would have meant relinquishing the company to Bill. Dinah was convinced that Alan would never facilitate Bill running the company alone. She implored Bill to see that Alan kidnapping Lizzie just didn't make sense. Dinah proposed that Bill take a break from the case to celebrate Christmas the next day, but Bill refused to let up for even a moment.

At the lake later, Dinah saw Shayne, and he invited her to attend Reva's holiday party with him. He said that it would be his last stop on his way out of town. He additionally invited her to go with him to Europe, noting that it wasn't always easy to maneuver the wheelchair on his own. Dinah was surprised that Shayne was soliciting help, but Shayne kindly said he was offering to help Dinah, who was in a rut about the kidnapping. After a moment of consideration, Dinah decided to take him up on his offer.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

At WSPR, Ashlee forced Dinah to film a holiday greeting for their viewers. A Grinch-like Dinah struggled through take after take of her "Peace, Love, and Hope" speech before Ashlee finally approved. At Dinah's car later, Shayne rolled up to ensure that Dinah was still accompanying him to his family's dinner. He felt he needed reinforcements to prevent his family from filling the world with sugarplums and candy canes. He said he hated that his mother went through the same struggles repeatedly, but she always thought they would somehow end with a better result than the last time. Dinah agreed to meet him at Reva's house later.

At Cross Creek, Reva and Jeffrey prepared for their holiday celebration. Reva knew Jeffrey missed Ava as much as she would miss Shayne when he departed the following day. Jeffrey hung a stocking on the mantle with the word "Miracle" written on it for their baby. Meanwhile, outside the house, Shayne called to confirm his flight, only to learn that he couldn't leave the country because his passport had been flagged. When Jeffrey came outside, Shayne accused him of sabotaging his plan to leave town. Jeffrey owned up to it, saying that Shayne's presence gave Reva joy and hope at a time when she was fearful and sick. Jeffrey handed Shayne's special ornament to him, and Shayne resented the notion that Shayne could save Reva. Jeffrey asked him to try a little peace on earth for Christmas. When Jeffrey went to the shed for holiday supplies, Shayne threw the ornament as hard as he could.

Inside later, Josh apologized to Reva for upsetting her the previous day. He said they both wanted Shayne to be happy and healthy. Reva understood that they couldn't make Shayne stay, but Josh proposed that they might make him want to stay by having the best Christmas ever. Shayne spied at his parents through the door as Josh noticed that someone had hung mistletoe. Reva slapped Josh's hand away from the mistletoe, telling him, "Not on your life!"

Bill left another message for Lizzie, telling her that he hadn't heard from her in a few days. When Bill went to the mini-mart for beer, he ran into Santa Buzz. Gesturing to Bill's six-pack, Buzz wondered if Bill were celebrating with his six friends. Buzz said that stores closed and war took a hiatus on that special day. He advised Bill to forget about the impending trial for just that one day. Buzz left and met Billy outside. He said Billy owed him a meal at Towers for making him dress like Santa for Bill's sake. Billy smiled and agreed.

When Dinah arrived at Cross Creek, she was happy to see that Bill had decided to join the party. Bill told her that he had to be truthful on Christmas. In his eyes, the truth was that Alan hadn't kidnapped Lizzie, and all the evidence pointed to himself. Dinah tried to dissuade him, but he seemed sullenly convinced. Billy approached, happy to see them both. As Billy escorted Bill inside, Dinah braced herself to enter as well.

Inside Cross Creek, Billy decided to continue the Lewis family tradition of reading The Christmas Story to the family. As Billy read, each person put a final ornament on the tabletop tree, except for Shayne, who was searching a field for his Christmas ornament. At the conclusion of the reading, Reva was upset that Shayne's ornament was missing. Just then, Shayne entered with the ornament in his lap. He struggled from his wheelchair to hang it on the tree.

Shayne announced to the family that he was staying in town for a while. Josh wondered what had changed his mind, and Shayne said he wasn't ready to say goodbye. Josh toasted to Shayne being home. Shayne decided to go rest at Remy's place, and Reva and Josh thanked him for staying in town. Upon leaving, Shayne told Reva that he loved her, and he wished her a merry Christmas.

After Shayne left, Josh asked Jeffrey what he had done to prevent Shayne from leaving town. Jeffrey admitted to flagging Shayne's passport even though Josh had asked Jeffrey not to interfere. Josh thanked Jeffrey for giving Reva and him a wonderful gift. Jeffrey thought Shayne just needed a reason to stay. Before Josh left, Jeffrey and Reva solicited Josh's ideas on godparents for their baby. Josh suggested Shayne, and Reva thought it was a fabulous idea. Josh thanked them for having him over, and Jeffrey asked him to stay longer for a drink.

Meanwhile, Bill left the celebration, and Dinah followed him outside. She told him that she believed in his innocence. He appreciated it, but he said she was the only one who did. Dinah apologized that they had been fighting the whole year, and she wished she could fix the problem for him. Billy exited the house in time to pursue a departing Bill back to the mansion, where he presented Bill with a gift. When Bill opened it, he saw his own laptop inside. Billy opened the laptop, and Bill was surprised to see Lizzie on the screen in a Santa hat, broadcasting from China. Lizzie gave Bill some much-needed support by telling him that she wasn't worried about his trial. She promised to be by his side when it started. Bill gratefully told her that he loved her, and she said she loved him, as well.

Back outside Cross Creek, Shayne saw Dinah, who assumed they weren't going to Germany. She said it was fine because she needed Shayne's help in getting a gift for her brother. She warned Shayne that the gift could get them into trouble. "Lead the way," Shayne said. By Dinah's car later, Shayne asked if Dinah were certain about her plan. Dinah said she had to make it right, and then she attempted to ignite a folded newspaper. Shayne stopped her by presenting a bottle with a rag stuffed in the neck. He said they were doing it the right way, which he ascertained was the reason she'd brought him along.

At the farmhouse, Natalia sported new bangs as she prepared for a visit with Rafe that day. Emma overheard Olivia and Natalia discussing Olivia's decision to return to the Beacon at the New Year. After Natalia left, Olivia was checking on a special delivery that hadn't arrived when Emma grabbed her coat and sneaked out of the house.

During an allotted fifteen-minute prison visit with Rafe, Natalia convinced a guard to let her hug her son. Once she arrived home, she saw Olivia frantically searching for Emma. When Natalia asked where Olivia was when Emma had disappeared, Olivia assumed that Natalia was calling her a bad mother. She accused Natalia of purposely trying to outdo her for Christmas in front of Emma. Natalia claimed that she was just trying to give Emma a wonderful Christmas. Olivia wondered why she even cared, and Natalia responded that she would die for Emma. Just then, Frank called Olivia to ask if she were missing someone. Olivia breathed an incredible sigh of relief to know that Emma was safe at the police station with Frank.

At the police station, Natalia and Olivia learned that Emma had wanted to visit Rafe, whom Emma considered a family member that shouldn't be alone at the holiday. Emma also said she didn't appreciate that Olivia hadn't told her that they were moving back to the Beacon. Emma had thought she had a real home and family at the farmhouse, but because they were moving, she decided that it was just fake. Olivia and Natalia tried to explain that they could all still be a family even if they didn't cohabitate, but Emma didn't get it. Olivia and Natalia worriedly asked Emma to just focus on the holiday for the time being.

Back at the farmhouse, Emma opened her gifts. Natalia gave her a book that had been Natalia's favorite as a child. Natalia had written a note inside that said, "Sometimes the bigger we get, the smaller our dreams are. I hope your dreams keep getting bigger and bigger..." When Olivia offered to place it on Emma's bookshelf, Emma said that she hated the Beacon. Natalia offered to let Emma visit her any time, but Emma pouted that it wouldn't be enough. Natalia pursued Emma to the kitchen to reason with her. As they talked, Olivia brought in a long, narrow gift for Natalia. A surprised Natalia didn't think they were exchanging gifts. When she opened it, she discovered that Olivia had gotten a piece of a doorframe from Natalia's old apartment, which Natalia had used to mark Rafe's yearly growth. Natalia grew tearful as they sized Emma up to Rafe's measurement at Emma's age.

Later, Natalia presented Olivia with a gift. Olivia joked that it was a regift since Natalia hadn't been expecting to exchange presents. Natalia chuckled that it was. When Olivia opened it, she found keys inside. Natalia said that she really wanted Olivia and Emma to stay at the house. Olivia worried about their differences, but Natalia thought that they could agree that they were family. Natalia felt that Olivia and Emma deserved a real home, and Natalia also wanted to mark off the wall with Emma just as she had done with Rafe. Emma hugged each of them after Olivia said they would stay.

As Ashlee aired Dinah's holiday message of hope and goodwill, a montage played across the screen. Shayne and Dinah threw Molotov cocktails at the police warehouse. Bill and Lizzie blew kisses at each other on the video screen. Jeffrey, Josh, and Reva touched her stomach as the baby kicked. Olivia, Emma, and Natalia ate cookies together. Santa Buzz showed up at the police station to see Frank. After the show ended, instead of the usual holiday ending, a montage of behind-the-scenes footage played with overlays of actors saying happy holidays. It ended with Reva and Josh beside the Cross Creek hearth, wishing everyone a merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of your favorite CBS Daytime soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light were not shown.

Regular programming will resume on December 26, 2008, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday pre-emption.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Shayne and Dinah watched the evidence shed burn. When Dinah suggested that they leave before someone saw them, Shayne pointed out that they were safe because only a skeleton crew was working at the police station since it was Christmas. Shayne wanted to stay to make sure the job got done and the pair passed the time by roasting marshmallows in the fire. Later, Shayne suggested that they leave before the fire department arrived. As they prepared to leave, Dinah asked where they went from there-meaning what was the status of their relationship. Before Shayne could answer, they heard a woman screaming from inside the shed. Against Dinah's advice, Shayne went to rescue the woman who turned out to be Doris. Later, as the police and paramedics arrived, Dinah hid in the bushes.

Remy visited Shayne at Cedars. Shayne asked Remy if he thought that he would be released before the night was over and Remy said that he doubted it. Remy told Shayne to enjoy the overnight stay, since Shayne deserved it for being a hero. Shayne asked Remy if he ever wondered why things happened. Remy told Shayne that when his baby died, a lot of people thought that he would use it as an excuse to be angry, but he knew that he could not do that.

Cyrus saw Dinah at the burned-out warehouse and told her that his plan was to simply steal the evidence. He commented that the evidence was completely destroyed at that point. When Cyrus said that he did not know what to say about what she did, Dinah told him to congratulate her, since both of their brothers were free. Later, Dinah visited Shayne at Cedars and expressed her relief that he was okay. Dinah gushed about him entering the building in his condition and called him a hero. Shayne told her not to say that. Dinah thanked Shayne for saving her brother and told him that she was glad that he could not leave town.

At home, Mallet complained about how dismal their Christmas tree looked because there was nothing underneath it. Marina reminded him that they agreed that they would save their money instead of exchanging gifts. Nonetheless, she had something for him-a universal remote. Coincidentally, Mallet had bought Marina the same thing.

Grady and Daisy decorated the little tree in their apartment. Grady worried about them being evicted soon, since they had no money, and commented that it might have been better if he had stayed with Cyrus. However, Daisy was confident that they would get by. Grady commented about Daisy not being at "Cooperville" for Christmas. Daisy said that she did not want to go but then told him that she would if he went with her.

At Company, Ashlee thanked Frank for inviting her over for Christmas. She also thanked him for inviting her mother, and stated that Doris told Ashlee she would come if she were done with work. After Frank called Ashlee an honorary Cooper, he asked if it was hard being there because of her breakup with Coop. Ashlee assured him that it wasn't and stated her belief that it had been a good year for everyone.

Daisy brought Grady to Company. Frank thanked Grady for dropping Daisy off but she made it clear that he was there as her guest. Frank started to protest, but Ashlee pulled him aside to tell him that Daisy loved Grady and if Frank forced her to choose between Grady and her family, she would choose Grady. Frank agreed to let Grady stay for Daisy. Frank asked to speak to Daisy alone. Daisy asked Frank not to give her a hard time since Christmas was always difficult for her because of what happened to her dad. Frank assured her that he only wanted to wish her a merry Christmas and to tell her that that they were talking to Harley later that day. Frank told that he missed her mother. Frank said that when Harley and he were kids, they could not afford expensive gifts, so they would give each other pictures of things that they thought they would like. Frank gave Daisy a box filled with pictures and told her that he wanted to carry on the tradition with her and that he wanted her to have everything.

Mallet got a report about the fire at the warehouse and told Ashlee that her mother was inside. Grady volunteered to take an upset Ashlee to Cedars to see her mother.

A freaked out Ashlee visited Doris at Cedars. When Ashlee told Grady that he could leave, he volunteered to wait and take her home.

Beth and Alan were having Christmas at the mansion. Beth complained that it did not feel like Christmas because the place was so empty and James was in bed with the flu. Beth complained about Lizzie being gone and Alan suggested that they could fly out to China to see her. As Beth nixed that idea, Lillian walked in and echoed Beth's sentiments that it did not seem like Christmas in the mansion. Lillian told the pair that James had told her that his mommy was sad, so she came to invite them to Company for Christmas. Beth refused at first, but Lillian talked her into it.

Coop left Beth a message on her voicemail, telling her that he was thinking of her. He also invited her to go away with him to Colorado. Buzz overheard the call and, after Coop hung up, he went off about Coop's affair with Beth and the novel that he was writing about it. A worried Buzz half-jokingly told Coop to do him a favor and not get murdered on Christmas. Later, Buzz gave Coop a present-a compass just in case he and Beth got lost in Colorado. Buzz admitted to Coop that he handled things all wrong. Buzz talked about when he first met Coop, when Coop was a little boy. Buzz said that he instantly realized how smart Coop was and, when Jenna died, he decided that Coop should be raised elsewhere because Buzz was afraid that he would screw Coop up. At that point, Lillian arrived with Beth and Alan. Later, Coop apologized to Alan for their recent disagreement. He wished both Alan and Beth a merry Christmas with a handshake. While shaking hands with Beth, Coop slipped her a note asking her to meet him upstairs.

Beth met Coop upstairs and he gave her a few pages of his novel. He also asked that she go with him to Colorado. A nervous Beth began saying that she had to leave because people could be wondering where she was. Beth told Coop that going away with him would be a crazy thing to do. Coop asked why. Beth told him that she had a life and he responded that she was not married to Alan. Beth informed Coop that she had a lot more to lose than he did and stated that she had to leave before people noticed that the two of them were gone. Coop offered to go downstairs first and left the room. While he was gone, Beth began reading his novel. After a few minutes of reading, she walked out to find Coop standing outside the door. The pair kissed and reentered the room. Beth then agreed to go with him to Colorado. Coop told her that she would not regret it.

Alan noticed Marina and Mallet watching Peyton and asked where Beth was.

Buzz told Lillian that Coop was the man that Beth was having an affair with. A shocked Lillian worried that the situation would only end in disaster. Buzz suggested that they discuss it later since someone could overhear. Suddenly, he noticed that Beth and Coop were gone. At that point, Alan came over and asked if they had seen Beth. Lillian lied that Beth called to check in on James. A worried Alan decided to look for her, and Buzz distracted him by making a holiday toast. When Alan tried again to look for Beth, Buzz warned him that he was smothering her, and suggested that Beth needed room to breathe.

Harley called and Daisy was selected to talk to her first. To Daisy's dismay, the signal cut out before she had a chance to talk to her mother.

Lillian saw Beth come downstairs and told her that they needed to talk. Before they had a chance, Alan interrupted. When Lillian walked away, Beth told Alan that she had just talked to her law school advisor who suggested that she go on a trip to Minnesota. Alan offered to accompany her since he did not want her to be away from family for the holidays. Coop overheard the exchange and decided that he would not let Alan take Beth away.

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