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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 8, 2009 on GL
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Monday, June 8, 2009

At Towers, Lizzie and Bill discovered that their party had ended. Alan approached, saying that he planned to take a firm hand with James. Though Lizzie felt that James should pay for his crimes, she said, "I wouldn't wish you on him." Alan raged that everyone complained about being a Spaulding, but he was the person that they called in a crisis.

Alan slipped into the elevator with Lizzie and Bill just before the doors closed, saying that Beth needed him at the police station. Lizzie replied that it was tacky of Alan to go after Beth again. Alan stated that his family needed him, and he'd be there for Beth and James.

Later, Bill visited James in jail to render him a warning. Despite the trouble that James had caused Bill, Bill understood James's need to defect from the Spaulding family. Bill said he'd put the matter behind him; however, he wouldn't be so forgiving if James hurt Lizzie again.

While jogging, Lizzie saw Remy in the park. She told him about the horrible ending to her engagement party. Remy said that Clayton had been one of James's victims. Lizzie said she was sorry, and asked if everything were okay. Remy replied that Clayton had almost lost his house, but Remy had paid the mortgage. Lizzie wondered how Remy had afforded that.

Later, Bill found Lizzie in the park. He said he'd been at the jail, where James and he had reached an understanding. Bill massaged Lizzie's legs, but stopped to answer Lizzie's ringing phone. Beth said that Lizzie needed to get to the courthouse to show family solidarity at James's arraignment. After the call, Bill said it was Lizzie's decision whether they'd go to the arraignment. Lizzie said she'd rather continue the massage.

Natasha found Cyrus in the park, changing clothes. He warned that their chance encounters might foil their undercover work. Cyrus then explained that he'd become a consultant on the police's diamond case. Natasha found it odd that the police would trust a thief. During their talk, Frank called Cyrus, and Cyrus left Natasha yelling after him to contact her later.

As Remy fingered his remaining diamonds, Greg Doyle called, looking to buy more stones. Remy replied that it was a onetime deal, and asked Doyle not to call again. Christina entered, excitedly chatting about Remy working with a thief. She found Cyrus' old line of work intriguing and sexy, and she speculated about Cyrus' adventures.

Frank called Remy to meet him and Cyrus in the park. Later, as Remy strolled to the meeting site, Clayton called him to thank him again for saving the house. He offered to pay Remy back somehow.

When Frank, Cyrus, and Remy met, they reviewed a list of area pawnshops and jewelry dealers. Cyrus ruled out the closed stores and incarcerated people on the list. Frank said Cyrus had saved them a lot of time, and decided that working with Cyrus had been a good idea, after all. After Frank left, Cyrus suggested that Remy and he talk to Greg Doyle, the hottest lead on the list. Remy reasoned that they should split up, because Doyle was unlikely to talk to a cop.

Remy found Frank at the police station later to say that teaming up with Cyrus wasn't going to work. Remy worried that Cyrus would use police information to his advantage in his own crimes. Frank decided he'd think about it, and get back to Remy.

At Doyle's pawnshop, Cyrus said he was looking for the right opportunity to revive his former career. Doyle humbly said that he was just a businessman, but with a little prodding, he confided that he'd gotten a premium diamond off a stupid kid, who hadn't known its worth. Doyle was certain that there were more where that one came from. Cyrus asked for a name, but Doyle said, "I gotta make you do some of the work."

At Company, Daisy worried that James could go to prison. Buzz said that James was in trouble for much more than a fake driver's license. "He's a Spaulding," Buzz said, shrugging. "He'll be out in two days." Later, Christina entered, and agreed to cover for Daisy while she took some cake to the jail for James.

While working, Christina told Buzz about Remy's proposal. She said it had been hard declining when Remy had such a big, loose diamond. Cyrus, who sat at a nearby table, listened in as Christina explained that Remy had sold the diamond to help Clayton. Christina said that Remy was just the greatest guy. "Yeah, that Remy-he's amazing," Cyrus mumbled to himself.

As Christina served Cyrus, she asked him about his days as a thief. He demonstrated his expertise by removing her earring without her noticing. Remy entered in time to see the two standing close together, talking. Cyrus returned the earring, and Christina scurried back to work.

Cyrus relayed Doyle's story to Remy, and wondered if the diamond Doyle had bought could have been one of Edmund's gems. Just then, Remy stepped away to answer a call. It was Frank, saying that Cyrus might be more trouble than he was worth. Remy suddenly changed his mind about ditching Cyrus. Remy decided that he wanted to keep a close eye on Cyrus.

When Daisy returned, Buzz teased her about seeing James. Daisy didn't know why she'd even gone. She said that James was in a big mess, his family hated her, and she hated them.

Outside the police station, Phillip and Beth argued about Phillip handing James to the police. Phillip explained that after agreeing to take the fall for James, he'd caught James swindling new clients. Phillip felt that James had to face serious consequences before he could understand the gravity of his actions. Beth worried that prison would change the kind of man James was. "You don't want him to be the kind of man he is," Phillip replied.

In the holding cells later, Phillip visited James, but James told Phillip to "go to hell." Phillip said he'd already been there, and he'd once been a spoiled brat, too, just like James. Phillip accepted partial blame for James's problems, but said that James had to face his own culpability.

Phillip felt that James somehow lacked empathy for others. James raged that Phillip had gotten what he wanted; James would go away, and Phillip never had to deal with him again. "Good, you can feel something," Phillip replied. Phillip said that maybe they could still fix things. James said he didn't want anything to do with Phillip, and ordered Phillip to leave.

While exiting, Phillip saw Alan in police headquarters, and said that James didn't need Alan swooping in. Alan replied that he wouldn't dream of intruding upon Phillip and James's "marvelous bonding situation." Phillip replied that turning James in hadn't been easy. Alan understood that fathers sometimes took desperate measures to keep their sons from spiraling out of control. Alan decided that Phillip could take care of James, while Alan tended to Beth.

Alan found Beth in the courtroom later. Beth sobbed that she'd failed James, just as she'd been unable to protect Lizzie. Beth couldn't understand Phillip's motives. Alan replied that Phillip had always had his own agenda, but Alan and she would keep their family together.

Outside the station, Clayton approached Phillip, and said that he was one of James's victims. Phillip asked how much Clayton had lost, and Clayton replied that he'd almost lost his home. Phillip offered to repay Clayton as soon as possible. Clayton appreciated it, but said that Phillip would regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't take a strong hand with James.

Phillip returned to the holding cells to tell James that he'd met one of James's victims, who could have wound up homeless, thanks to James. James said he'd rather go to prison than to endure Phillip's daily reproach. Phillip yelled at James for his indifference toward the people he'd hurt. Beth rushed over to berate Phillip for screaming at James. Beth said that being behind bars was punishment enough without Phillip kicking James while he was down.

Phillip took Beth to talk in private. Beth asked why Phillip had to constantly express his disapproval every time he saw James. Beth said that James already knew what he'd done, and James wouldn't do it again. "He did do it again!" Phillip replied. Phillip said that James was like Alan, who could walk over people without even noticing. Beth reasoned that Phillip was just like Alan, trying to control everyone.

Just then, Alan showed up with James's attorney. A cop led James through the station for his bail hearing. Beth complained that James hadn't had legal counseling yet. The cop said the judge was ready, and he prodded James to keep walking. Alan assured Beth that he would see James and her through the ordeal, and they left for the courtroom.

During the arraignment, the judge asked why James had stolen the money. James answered that he'd just wanted out. The judge said that James's crimes were serious, but James had a lot of family support. The judge considered releasing James on bail pending a trial, if James promised to behave. James readily promised.

To the chagrin of James and Beth, Phillip spoke up, saying that James had made promises to Phillip, too. James had promised to cease his illegal actions, but then immediately concocted another swindle. Phillip said that James shouldn't be released because he hadn't learned anything. The judge thanked Phillip for his candor, and denied James bail.

"Are you crazy?" Beth asked Phillip upon court dismissal. Phillip turned to James, saying, "Son-" James cut Phillip off, replying, "Don't call me that." The bailiff led James out of the courtroom.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

At Company, Josh invited Olivia to join him for breakfast. When Olivia ribbed him about still being in love with Reva, Josh diverted the conversation to Olivia's life. She said she was in a holding pattern. Josh thought it was unusual to see Olivia without a plan. Josh and Olivia touted their independence, but admitted to getting lonely. Olivia commented that men had their needs. "And women don't?" Josh asked. Olivia replied that she didn't know what to do with hers.

In a husky voice, Josh advised Olivia to find a healthy outlet for all that energy. He suggested a service project, saying, "When I feel those needs, I find someone I can help-and then I help them..." Olivia said that helping was good. She thanked him for breakfast, and left.

Rafe awakened with a start when Natalia bulldozed into his room, picking up his dirty clothes, and telling him that she needed his help baking cookies for the church that day. Rafe refused to get up, and after begging for his assistance, Natalia yanked the covers off the bed. "I'm not ten years old! Leave me alone!" he yelled as Natalia exited the room, still ordering him to get himself in gear.

Natalia dragged Rafe grocery shopping with her. Outside the church, he dropped off her bags, and decided that she didn't need him anymore. Natalia said she did because she'd never headed a cookie committee before. Rafe figured that she'd have plenty of help inside, but he'd had enough of the "happy, fun, cookie day thing." Natalia hid her disappointment as Rafe left.

Rafe looked for Frank at the police station. He encountered Mallet, who offered to take a break from his case to play catch. As they played, Rafe confided in Mallet about having friction with Natalia. Mallet said that Natalia was a good mother. Rafe guessed that he was just having a hard time adjusting. Mallet was confident that Rafe would find his way. Frank approached, and suggested that Mallet call his wife.

Inside the church, Natalia set up for baking. She received a cancellation call from one of her helpers, and realized that she'd be baking all alone. As she got to work, Olivia entered, saying that she'd heard that someone was baking. Natalia replied that no one had shown up to help her bake fifty dozen cookies. Olivia thought that they could handle it, with Emma's help. Emma popped into the room, raring to go.

As they baked, Natalia wondered how Olivia knew to show up there. Olivia said she'd signed up to help after Sunday school. Natalia knew that didn't really happen, and Olivia responded that she'd seen a flyer on Natalia's refrigerator.

As the ladies playfully accused each other of eating the batter and chocolate chips, Rafe entered, wondering if they still needed help. Emma ran into his arms, and Natalia said that he was just in time to make chocolate chip cookies. "I'm not wearing an apron," he said.

Rafe stayed to make cookies for a while, but then he said he had to go again. Natalia didn't want him to leave, because it was the most family time they had since his return. Rafe said he'd enjoyed it, but he could only do it in doses. After he left, Olivia said it was good that Rafe had at least shown up. She encouraged Natalia to take it one step at a time.

Rafe met Frank, who waited outside the church. Rafe wondered if they could do something fun, since he'd complied with Frank's suggestion to make Natalia happy. Frank said that he was proud of Rafe's effort. Frank's face lit up when Rafe handed him a bag of Natalia's cookies, and the two took off.

At the Cooper house, Marina picked up a PVC pipe in a plastic bag, and asked what it was doing on her kitchen table. Mallet said that he was still going over theonslaught of new evidence that had conveniently landed at his feet. Marina said that, as a mom, she didn't want murder weapons lying around the house. Mallet offered to keep evidence out of the house if Marina would convince Shayne and her new friend, Reva, to be more forthcoming with him.

Marina accused Mallet of trying to get her spy on her friends. Mallet reasoned that he just wanted her to use her detective skills to show that the police were on their sides. Marina agreed to talk to Shayne if it could ease tensions in the investigation.

At the mini-mart, Shayne went shopping for Reva. He grumbled about Mallet's inhumane investigation, but Dinah thought Shayne was really just still brooding about Henry. Shayne denied it, leaving the store. Dinah pursued him, asking what Mallet should have done after finding the murder weapon in Reva's car. Shayne said that he wanted Mallet to behave like a good, rational person, because that would prove that Mallet could raise Shayne's son.

Shayne sighed, and admitted that Dinah was right. He hadn't known how much it mattered to him, but he did need to know that Mallet was the right man to raise Henry. Dinah said that Mallet would walk through fire for Henry. "I want to believe you," Shayne uttered.

When the couple entered Company later, Marina timidly approached them. She suggested that Reva admit to Edmund's murder in self-defense. Marina said that Mallet was certain that he could get someone off on self-defense. Shayne replied that it sounded like Mallet had put Marina up to talking Shayne into convincing Reva to confess. "That's awesome, Marina. Thanks," he bitterly concluded.

When Mallet called Marina later, she relayed that her talk with Shayne had gone badly. She said that her suggestion to Shayne had been the equivalent of accusing Reva of the murder. Mallet thanked Marina for trying, and she said she'd rather not ever have to do it again.

At Cross Creek, Reva craved normalcy, but couldn't achieve it with reporters trampling her flowerbeds. Jeffrey offered to stay home from work, but Reva said that wouldn't be normal. Reva intended to barrel past the reporters to take Colin to the park. Jeffrey asked what would happen if he didn't let her go. Reva said that it was cute of Jeffrey to try to tell her what to do, but he'd have more luck stopping a speeding bullet.

Jeffrey left for work. At the police impound lot, he called his job to take a leave of absence. His superior said it wasn't a good time, but Jeffrey replied that his wife needed him. He then entered the impound lot with a warrant, and proceeded to dust Reva's car for prints.

Later, Jeffrey approached Mallet with the latent prints from Reva's car. Mallet agreed to run them. He told Jeffrey that tests proved that the blood on the PVC pipe belonged to Edmund. Jeffrey thought it only meant that Edmund's killer was desperate to set Reva up. Mallet wondered who would set Reva up, because the other suspects loved Reva. Jeffrey said they couldn't rule out Josh or Shayne. Mallet thought that was reaching a bit. Jeffrey asked what Mallet would do if it were his wife.

When Frank went to Company, Marina was scraping gum off the chairs. She asked him how the criminals were doing. Frank said that nothing was new with Cyrus or James, but the DNA on the pipe from Reva's car matched Edmund. Marina grimaced.

Later, Marina filled the birdbath in her front yard. Mallet approached, and complained that birds would poop all over their lawn furniture. He said he was in a grouchy mood because of the pipe test results. Tired of talking about the case, Marina offered to get Mallet a beer while he filled the birdbath. Mallet sprayed Marina with the hose.

Dinah went to Cross Creek, and found Reva weeding her garden. Dinah offered to help, but Reva didn't believe Dinah had driven all the way there to weed. Dinah said that a concerned Shayne didn't want to hover over Reva, but Dinah liked hovering. Reva welcomed Dinah's help.

After gardening, Dinah said that she was glad she'd gotten to spend time with Reva. Dinah really admired Reva, who had a beautiful family and marriage. Dinah said that Reva was full of life, and Reva put all of her fire into her family. Reva was surprised to hear the praise.

Jeffrey listened in as Dinah said she didn't want Reva and her family to lose each other. Dinah gently reminded Reva not to admit to anything that she didn't do, because Shayne really loved her. "I think he loves you, too," Reva replied.

Jeffrey approached, and Reva said that she'd ruined Dinah's shoes while they were gardening. When Dinah left, Reva told Jeffrey that Dinah's visit had been strangely nice. Reva hadn't known that Dinah cared that much about Reva's feelings.

Meanwhile, Shayne and Josh met at the baseball field to talk. Shayne wondered if there was any chance that Reva had actually killed Edmund. "No, I don't think your mom killed Edmund, but I wouldn't blame her if she did," Josh replied.

Shayne guessed that any of them could have killed Edmund. Shayne could see himself doing it if Edmund had come after his parents, Dinah, or the baby. "You mean your little brother," Josh clarified. Shayne agreed, and asked if Josh would confess if he'd hypothetically killed Edmund. Josh readily said that he would confess, especially if it were self-defense.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Olivia called Natalia and left her a message, saying she'd had fun baking the other day. Olivia went to Company, where Blake stood behind the counter, swooning over a steamy romance novel. Olivia said she'd never had the need to read those kinds of books. Blake replied that she hadn't, either, but times had changed. Blake noted that something seemed off about Olivia, but Olivia claimed that she was fine.

Later, Olivia popped the hood of her stalled car, and stared at the engine. "Hello, there. Need some help?" Josh asked. Olivia replied, "I need something." The chemistry between them sizzled as Josh said that he'd fixed a stroller the other day, so he was on a roll. Olivia replied that it was all his. "You haven't said that to me in a really long time," Josh responded.

After checking the car, Josh decided that a battery cable was loose. "Maybe if I jiggle it a little bit," he contemplated, staring intently at Olivia, "we can establish some contact." He leaned in, and kissed her lips. "I think you made contact," she replied, reluctantly backing away.

Josh attempted to kiss her again, and it seemed as if Olivia mustered everything within her to tell him that she couldn't. Josh said he had the tools available to get her going again. Olivia replied that everything they said to each other would have a double meaning from then on. After Josh fixed her car, he said that if she ever needed anything else, she could call him.

Olivia returned to the Beacon, and tried yoga to calm her rampant sexual desires. When that didn't work, Olivia visited an adult shop. Blake approached as Olivia read the label on a box. Blake said that she'd known that something had been off with Olivia. Blake told Olivia not to be embarrassed because, "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."

When Natalia and Rafe met Rafe's parole officer, Natalia prattled off all kinds of great things about Rafe. Rafe stewed as Natalia spoke for him. When she said he'd been involved in a big community service project, Rafe quipped, "We baked cookies." The parole officer said that Rafe's activities were fine, but employment was a mandatory condition of Rafe's parole.

After the meeting, Natalia berated Rafe for his half-hearted effort with the parole officer. She wondered if Rafe wanted to go back to prison. She said that if Rafe couldn't get a job, and show his potential to the parole officer, then he really would wind up back in jail. Rafe retorted that maybe he didn't have any potential, and he stormed off.

Natalia strode into Company, and told Frank that she didn't know how to cope with Rafe's new, cavalier attitude. Natalia worried that she'd made things worse during an argument after the meeting with the parole officer. Frank said Natalia was allowed to express her feelings to Rafe. Natalia worried because Rafe wouldn't call her back. Frank offered to help her look for Rafe. She hopelessly replied that she hated to even ask it of Frank.

Natalia and Frank split up to search for Rafe. Natalia went to the mini-mart, where she ran into Matt. Matt gave her a pep talk, and assured her that Rafe would be okay. At Gus's grave later, she left Rafe a message to say that she was losing patience with him.

Meanwhile, Rafe strolled into Farley's. He tried to order a beer, and the bartender asked for some I.D. "The beer is for me. He'll be having a diet soda," Frank said.

Rafe sat down with Frank, and expressed his frustration with his job search. Rafe said he lacked experience, but no one would give him any. Natalia entered in time to hear Rafe telling Frank that when people saw Rafe's conviction record on his application, they treated him like he was about to attack them.

Natalia walked up, and Rafe abrasively said he couldn't worry about his future all the time. He told her to go home. Natalia ordered herself a beer, and said everyone needed a break.

At Cross Creek, Shayne brought Reva some chocolate cake, and she assumed that he wanted something. Shayne said that he wanted to talk to her about confessing. Reva said that she couldn't confess to Edmund's murder, because she hadn't done it. Shayne blamed himself for bringing Edmund back into their lives. Shayne realized that someone had to stop Edmund. "It wasn't me," Reva flatly denied.

Shayne wanted to believe Reva, but a part of him wondered if she'd done it to protect her family. "Did you kill Edmund?" Reva countered. Shayne denied it, too. Reva replied that she wanted to believe that, but part of her wanted to let them convict her if it would save Shayne.

At WSPR, Jeffrey stopped by to see Dinah. He said he'd been talking to Mallet, who couldn't believe that anyone would set Reva up. Jeffrey insinuated that Mallet, Dinah's ex-husband, might be trying to protect someone. "Are you blaming me?" Dinah asked. Jeffrey replied that she did let everyone believe that her own brother had kidnapped Lizzie.

Dinah said she was done with their conversation. Jeffrey persisted that if Dinah had killed Edmund, then she'd done the town a service. However, if Dinah were framing Reva, Jeffrey intended to make life very hard on Dinah. He said Dinah had no alibi, and Dinah replied that Jeffrey had no right to come in there and treat her like a suspect.

Jeffrey asked if Dinah had placed the pipe in Reva's car. Just then, Shayne entered, saying that Jeffrey should try doing some real investigating instead of threatening Reva's supporters. Shayne said that he trusted Dinah with his life. "I don't trust anyone," Jeffrey said, and exited.

While jogging in the park, Josh encountered Marina and Henry. Marina said that Henry was nine months old already, and Josh said it was time to plan Henry's first birthday. Josh fondly recalled Shayne's first party. Josh wished that Edmund had never returned to town. Marina agreed that Edmund caused people more problems dead than alive.

Later, Jeffrey called Josh to see if he were busy. "You want to come with me to see a dead body?" Jeffrey asked. Josh met Jeffrey at Cedars to see Edmund; however, the morgue had apparently misplaced Edmund's body. "Nothing's ever easy with Edmund, is it?" Josh asked. After a search of the morgue, the mortician told Josh and Jeffrey that Edmund had been cremated that morning.

Marina took Henry to see Reva, and offered to go on a nice, normal walk with their babies. Reva liked the sound of normal. They strolled to a park bench, where Reva caught Marina checking Henry's breathing. Reva said that worrying about one's child lasted a lifetime, but it was a lifetime of love and great surprises, too.

Shayne took Dinah outside to a set of bicycles, and said they should enjoy the day without thinking about Edmund or murder suspects. During their ride, Shayne realized that Henry's adoptive father was investigating Henry's grandmother for murdering Henry's grandfather. Shayne said that Dinah was the least complicated thing in his life.

They encountered Marina and Reva walking their babies by the lake. After a brief chat, the mothers strolled off. Dinah decided that she needed to end their fun to run some errands.

Shayne went to Company, where Marina had begun her shift. He told Marina that after the bike ride with Dinah, he felt that everything was going to be okay. Marina was glad that he'd found someone he could trust. "Who knew that was going to be Dinah?" she said, chuckling.

Meanwhile, a police officer caught Dinah sneaking around the evidence storage units outside the police station. She lied that she was working on a news story about Edmund Winslow. When the officer left, Dinah opened her bag, revealing ingredients for a Molotov cocktail bomb.

As Reva and Colin returned to Cross Creek, Reva panicked, seeing some hooded vandals defacing her house. She yelled, and they ran off. Upon looking at her house, she saw the words "murderer" and "killer" spray painted on it.

At the police station, later, Reva ranted to Mallet about the vandals, who'd egged and spray-painted her house. "People think I'm a murderer because of you!" Reva yelled. Mallet corrected that people thought she was a murderer because of the evidence. Mallet decided to put her house under police watch.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

At Farley's, Rafe chuckled as Natalia chugged her beer. He said that she didn't have to hang out in a bar to show her concern for him. Natalia ordered a shot. Rafe said that she'd never had a shot in her life. Natalia choked back the shot, and coughed. As Frank and Rafe laughed, she decided to whip them in a game of pool. Rafe said that Natalia didn't play pool. Natalia replied that Rafe didn't know everything about her.

Later, Natalia prayed in church, thanking God for a great day with Rafe. She committed to doing all she could to help Rafe. Before leaving, she hinted to God that Rafe needed a job.

At the farmhouse, Natalia found Rafe sweeping the walkway. He admitted that he'd had a good time with Natalia and Frank at Farley's. Rafe apologized for giving her a hard time since his return. He said that things were rough, but it helped to talk to Frank. Though Natalia hadn't married Frank, Rafe looked to Frank like a father.

Rafe also announced that he'd been hired at a hardware store. Natalia hugged him, and said she'd been praying about that. Natalia stated that God really did love them.

At the adult shop, Olivia claimed that she didn't need to buy anything, because she had "plenty of opportunities." Blake replied that it wasn't about the quantity; it was about the quality of the partner. Blake handed Olivia a silver box, and said the item inside got the job done.

After shopping, Blake and Olivia went to Olivia's room, and discussed their new items over drinks. Olivia didn't even know if she'd use hers. Blake said that her item saved her from making bad choices. Olivia replied that she'd just avoided a bad choice with Josh. Blake gushed that Josh was attractive. Olivia agreed, but said Josh wasn't what she was looking for.

Blake missed sex, and she wondered how Olivia could give it up so easily. Olivia replied that she hadn't given it up; she'd just put it on the backburner after her heart surgery. Blake couldn't believe that Olivia hadn't had sex since Gus had died. Blake said that she missed Ross dearly, and she'd give up sex forever to have just one hour with him. After Blake left, a frustrated Olivia tossed her item in the trash, and left her room.

Later, Rafe went for a jog, and Natalia swept the walkway. Olivia arrived, and Natalia announced that Rafe had gotten a job. Natalia said it was a big turning point for Rafe, and she felt that they wouldn't have to wait much longer to talk to him about their relationship. Olivia didn't want to view it as waiting; she'd rather cherish every moment for whatever it was.

Natalia agreed, but she eventually wanted more for them. Olivia did, too, but said that if they never reached that point, they'd still be friends who loved each other more than anything. Olivia said that she didn't mind giving up things to be with Natalia. As they sat outside, they expressed their feelings for each other, and Natalia said that she didn't want to give up anything. Natalia wanted them to have all the things that people in love shared.

Rafe stared across the yard, watching as Natalia and Olivia sat closer to each other. The ladies tenderly caressed each other's faces. Natalia kissed Olivia's hand.

At Company, Shayne still blamed himself for bringing Edmund to town. Marina decided that they should visit Reva. When they arrived at Cross Creek, they discovered the vandalized house. Shayne grew upset, and wondered when his mother would stop paying for his mistakes.

At the police station, Reva complained to Mallet that the investigation was ruining her life. Mallet said that all the evidence pointed to Reva, so her life would continue to be hell until Mallet could solve the case. Reva suddenly wondered what would happen if she confessed.

Mallet said that he'd take her statement, compare it to all the evidence, and then report it to the district attorney as either murder or self-defense. Mallet pulled out a recording device; however, Reva decided that she had nothing else to say, and left.

Reva returned home to find Marina and Shayne outside cleaning up the graffiti. At first, Reva claimed that the vandalism hadn't bothered her, but then she admitted that it had driven her to almost confess to a crime she hadn't committed. Reva chuckled hysterically, saying that she'd find the bastard who really did kill Edmund Winslow.

Alone inside with Colin, Reva posted a web video, professing that she hadn't killed Edmund Winslow. She dared the real killer to "man-up" and come out of hiding. After recording herself, she wondered how long it'd take someone to vandalize the house again.

Jeffrey and Josh consulted Rick about Edmund's cremation, citing that Edmund's body was supposed to have been shipped to San Cristobel for burial. After some checking, Rick discovered that the cremation was a clerical error, and Edmund's ashes had been spread over the lake. After Rick left, Jeffrey and Josh concluded that someone had purposely disposed of Edmund and his ashes.

Outside, Jeffrey contemplated the extent of the cover-up, telling Josh that without the ashes, they couldn't even examine the DNA. Josh wondered why they needed to do that, and Jeffrey proposed that the cremated body hadn't even been Edmund's. "So where's Edmund?" Josh asked. Jeffrey thought that was a good question.

Jeffrey theorized that Edmund was alive, and setting up Reva. Josh replied that Shayne had positively identified the body. Jeffrey stated that Shayne, Mallet, and Remy had only briefly viewed a waterlogged corpse. Josh didn't believe that Edmund had found himself a look-alike to kill. Jeffrey reminded Josh that they were discussing Edmund. Josh concluded that they needed to find Edmund, or proof that Edmund was alive.

Jeffrey went home to find police camped out around his house. A high-strung Reva recounted her day from chasing vandals away from the house, to almost confessing, to blogging that the real murderer was a coward. "How was your day, dear?" she asked.

Jeffrey said that Edmund, who had been purportedly cremated and scattered over the lake, was setting Reva up for his murder. "Setting me up from the grave?" Reva asked. Jeffrey replied that Edmund wasn't in any grave or spread over any lake. Jeffrey believed that Edmund was still alive somewhere, and Jeffrey intended to find him. Reva didn't know if that were good news or bad news for her family.

At Company, Blake announced that she was late because she'd been shopping for "girl stuff" with Olivia. When Josh entered, Blake flirted with him, saying she'd get him anything he needed, anything at all. Josh stepped away to ask Frank what it would mean if Edmund weren't dead. "Well, that would mean that he's Dumbledore, Josh, but he's not," Frank replied.

Meanwhile, Dinah assembled a Molotov cocktail. She poised to light it, and wondered what she was doing. As Dinah put the bomb away, Mallet caught her. He went through her bag, and asked her what the hell she thought she was doing with homemade explosives.

Dinah murmured that she was trying to get rid of the bloody pipe. Mallet said the pipe wasn't even stored in there. "My bad," Dinah said. "My only crime here today is faulty logic."

Dinah explained that she wanted to prove herself to Shayne, after Jeffrey had accused her of setting Reva up. Dinah had reasoned that the real perpetrator wouldn't try to burn the evidence that he'd planted to frame Reva. Mallet said that Dinah should be very glad that he was the one who'd caught her. He took her arm, and led her away.

Mallet took Dinah to Shayne's doorstep, and shoved Dinah's bag into Shayne's hands. Mallet told Shayne to deal with Dinah, because Mallet had work to do. Shayne sneered that framing Reva was a lot of work. Mallet warned the couple to stay out of his investigation.

After Mallet left, Dinah said that Mallet might have caught her attempting to set fire to the evidence storage units at the police station. Dinah explained that she'd wanted to help Reva the same way she and Shayne had helped Bill. Shayne gently stated that he was trying to keep the people he loved out of jail, but he could only do it one person at a time.

Shayne thought Dinah had tried to burn the evidence to prove that she was on Shayne's side. Dinah said she'd wanted to help because Shayne was her family. She promised not to attempt to burn down anything else. He asked her how she'd made the explosives, and she replied that she'd done it just the way he'd taught her. "That's my girl," Shayne replied.

At the police station, Josh told Mallet what had become of Edmund's body, and that the hospital had told Jeffrey and him that it was a clerical error. Mallet hadn't realized that the "Hardy Boys" were on the case. Josh said that Jeffrey and he theorized that Edmund didn't want the body reexamined. "You're kidding. You don't think Edmund's alive?" Mallet chuckled. Josh said that it might have sounded crazy, but Mallet needed to investigate it.

Later, Frank told Marina and Blake that Mallet had just called to say that Edmund had been accidentally cremated. Frank added that they didn't even know if it really was Edmund's body. Blake wanted to change the subject, so Frank said he'd heard that Rafe had gotten a new job. Frank felt that things were finally settling down at the farmhouse.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ashlee and Christina entered Company and were surprised to see Daisy scrubbing the floor. The pair invited Daisy to go with them to see James in jail. Even though Buzz told Daisy that she could go, she refused to visit James.

Ashlee and Christina went to the prison and asked James if the money he used to go to Universal Studios came from James's investment fund. Ashlee stated that if it did, they wanted to repay it because a lot of people, such as Remy's father, lost their money because of James. James put their minds at ease by revealing that Alan paid for the trip.

The girls returned to Company and told Daisy that the money James used to go to Universal came from Alan. When Daisy asked how James was doing, Ashlee said that he seemed to be almost enjoying his reputation as a bad boy. Ashlee said that James told them about Daisy taking him a cake. Daisy denied that meant she liked James and claimed that it was merely an old cake she was getting rid of.

Rick went to Spaulding-Lewis to speak to Phillip. Lizzie and Bill informed him that Phillip was not there, and Lizzie suggested that Rick talk to her instead. A serious-looking Rick told the couple that he could only speak to Phillip and sat down. Lizzie became concerned and told Rick that he could talk to her. Rick told the couple that he had a problem with the Bauer barbecue -- he needed two responsible people to be in charge of the children's games. Lizzie and Bill lightly berated Rick for making them worry, and agreed to do it.

Phillip saw Beth on the way to see James and suggested that they go together as a show of support. Beth refused after commenting that her support did not include sending their son to jail. Later, Phillip went to the Beacon. After Phillip ended a frustrating phone call, he was surprised when Emma suddenly visited him. Emma told her father that she heard him from across the hall and knew that he needed a hug.

Emma asked if she could go with Phillip to visit James, but Phillip said that he would take her some other time because he had to talk to her brother. Phillip told Emma to make a list of everything that she wanted to do over the summer and promised her that they would do it. Emma ended the visit by telling Phillip that he was a really good daddy.

Buzz was surprised when Beth went to Company again. Beth explained that she was delivering all of James's meals to him because jail food was not very good. When Buzz asked how James was holding up, Beth asked how Buzz would feel if his father sent him to prison.

Phillip visited James, who was not interested in speaking to his father. Phillip explained that, one day, James would appreciate the valuable lesson he learned from the experience. James responded that Phillip would learn how much James hated him.

After Phillip left, Beth returned to the jail to give James his meal, plus some blankets and pillows. Suddenly, the prosecutor arrived to speak to James. After James waived his right to have his lawyer present, the prosecutor informed James that he was being charged with 312 counts of fraud and could face a maximum sentence of 850 years. The prosecutor said it was doubtful that he would receive the maximum sentence.

That did not put Beth at ease, because it meant James would still be seeing a sentence of a few hundred years. The prosecutor reminded Beth that James hurt a lot of people. After he left, Beth assured James that the charges wouldn't stick. A shocked James realized that he could really be going to prison.

Buzz visited James to deliver the dessert that Beth forgot. Buzz asked James how long he had been working on the scam. James told him 18 months. An impressed Buzz noted that it showed initiative, though it would have been better to work on something legal. However, Buzz admitted that he might have done the same thing when he was James's age.

Rick spotted a pensive Phillip at the basketball court. After Rick teased Phillip about "playing" basketball in a suit, Phillip spoke about his concern for James. Phillip said that James did not seem to have any emotion about anything. Phillip said that James had no regard for anybody or the rules. Rick wondered who James got that from.

Beth saw Rick and Phillip at the basketball court and sarcastically chided Phillip for playing basketball as if nothing else was going on. Beth told Phillip about the charges against James, including possibility of an 850-year sentence. The news shocked Phillip, and Beth pointed out that, thanks to him, James could be spending the rest of his life in prison.

Beth visited James again. James revealed to Beth his belief that Phillip had James arrested to get him out of the way. Beth denied that it was true. James pointed out that when Phillip was in jail, James did everything he could to get him out. However, James made a mistake and Phillip made sure he was sent away as long as possible.

Phillip went to the prosecutor's office and asked about the excessive sentence. The prosecutor stated that James's crime affected over one hundred people. The man stated that he'd had enough of rich people stealing money from hard-working citizens.

Later, Phillip ranted to Rick that he was only trying to teach James a lesson by showing him that actions had consequences. Rick told Phillip that they did not know that when they were younger. Phillip said that was why he wanted James to learn the lesson early. When Phillip proclaimed that he did not know what to do, Rick said that because Phillip set it into motion, he had to put a stop to it.

Phillip went to the judge to discuss the outcome of James's arraignment.

Olivia and Natalia sat outside, telling each other how content they were. Olivia assured Natalia that she would not love her any less if they never had sex. Natalia assured Olivia that it would happen, and proclaimed her love for Olivia. From a distance, Rafe spotted their exchange, which involved a lot of caressing. Suddenly, Rafe walked up to them. As Rafe stared at his mother, Natalia told Olivia about Rafe's new job at a hardware store.

Matt helped Frank move into his new house. When Frank brought up wanting a fresh start, Matt told Frank how sorry he was about Natalia, and assured Frank that there was someone out there for him. Before he left, Matt suggested that he and Frank go out sometime to pick up women. Matt asked if Frank was going to be okay moving by himself. Frank said that he would call Rafe to help him.

Natalia delivered some cookies to Frank. Frank asked if Rafe was with her, since he had left a few messages for the boy. Natalia offered to help, but Frank graciously declined. Natalia thanked Frank for helping Rafe.

Rafe went to Olivia's to talk to her. The babysitter, Jane, informed him that Olivia was not there. Knowing that Rafe was a friend of the family, the babysitter left him with Emma so that she could see her boyfriend. Rafe saw a picture of Natalia, Olivia, and Emma, and asked Emma when it was taken. Emma told him that it was taken on Family Day at her school. Emma told Rafe about the paper she had written, titled "My Two Mommies," and showed it to Rafe. Emma innocently told Rafe that everyone knew that their mothers liked each other.

Outside Company, Daisy saw Rafe, who appeared to be in a daze. When Rafe told Daisy that he didn't know where he was going, Daisy asked if he was okay. Rafe did not know the answer to that, either. Rafe asked Daisy why his mother left Frank standing at the altar when she could have told him beforehand that she didn't want to marry him. Daisy suggested that Natalia might have simply changed her mind all of a sudden. Rafe said that he could not understand that. Daisy said that women were complicated.

Natalia visited Gus's grave and discussed Rafe, as well as her and Olivia. Natalia said that Olivia made her happy and she knew that would make Gus happy. Natalia asked Gus to look after her and Rafe.

Buzz returned to Company and found Frank helping to bus tables. Buzz seemed a little sad about Frank moving out and told Frank that he'd miss him. Frank gave his dad a kiss on the cheek and told Buzz that he loved him.

Rafe went to the farm where Natalia and Olivia were setting up an outdoor picnic to celebrate Rafe's new job. Rafe stood at a distance while Natalia and Olivia flirtatiously shared a glass of champagne. Finally, Rafe could not contain himself and asked his mother what she was doing.

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