One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on OLTL
Téa was locked in a cabana as it caught on fire, and Todd and Sam rescued her. Jessica and Cristian made plans to elope. Téa ripped up a five million dollar check that she received from Todd. Starr left with Blair, and Téa removed her wedding ring.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, November 23, 1998


Andrew arrives to speak with Bo and Nora about Drew's case. He provocatively asks Bo if he buys the police report that Munk was the shooter, but the doorbell rings in order to prolong the drama. It's Hank. Bo called him over with copies of the police file so they could all pour over them together. When the talk turns to the letter Drew was trying to write at the moment of his tragic death, Andrew takes the opportunity to point out that it could be a "B", and makes it clear that he just wants to get to the truth.

Later, Hank mentions that Munk didn't own a pair of shoes that matched the shoe prints at the scene. Andrew intimates that the small shoe size of the prints at the scene were too small for a grown man. He goes on to ask if the man who ran down and killed Munk could be connected to someone who wants the investigation closed. Hank angrily refuses to consider the possibility that Graham was conducting a cover-up, but Bo is quiet and thoughtful. Andrew asks why Munk would suddenly become a mugger, after such a long period of being a fence and a snitch for the police. Nora thinks that's a good question, but is easily swayed by Hank's continued closed-mindedness.

Bo thanks Andrew and Hank for going over Drew's case one last time, but claims he's ready to let it go. The camera focuses meaningfully as he slowly puts the files in the otherwise empty trash can. Hank departs. Andrew expresses wishes that he could be of more help, then exits himself. Nora is relieved that Bo is letting the case go, and she starts to head upstairs. While her attention is away from him, Bo takes the files out of the trash, but leaves them on the desk when he hears Nora's yelp of pain. She's clutching her lower tummy and is afraid it's the baby.


Todd, very unemotionally tells Téa that he needs her. She, hysterical as usual, vows to never help him again, and laughs crazily at him when he says he can change. "You will never be anything than what you are. A monster." Of course, he doesn't let her leave. He tells her he loves her, again unemotionally. She, again, laughs crazily at him, pointing out that he can't love, but lets others love him, then manipulates them for it. "I loved you!!!!" she screeches, four times or so -in a row-, emphasizing the past tense. She claims to finally understand the abused women she used to represent when she was lawyering. She flails at him. He shouts to her that he knows what he is.

Woodenly, he tells her he loves her again, or at least that he's capable of it, and just needs her help. She laughs, crazily of course, that it's too late. He, showing a teensy bit of emotion, thinks it doesn't have to end like this, but she replies that it's over, and he's solely to blame, then she -screams- at him to get out. After assuring her that he'll never be out of her life, he leaves, and locks her into the cabana as he does so. She discovers she's locked in, throws a tantrum, smashing stuff in the room, and starts a fire.


Viki recriminates herself for neglecting her own children to defend Todd the Faker. Kevin and Clint are supportive of her (not of her self-derision).

Jessica pulls Clint aside to talk to him about her wedding, but he is more concerned about Viki. When she presses, he berates her, telling her she's in no position to be coming off with any attitude. Lindsay observes the argument, then slinks off. Roseanne slinks after her.

On the terrace, Will remembers, with Sam, how Sam was always there for him when he needed it. Sam interprets this to be about Todd, and so doesn't notice when Will tries to tell him about his own sticky predicament.

On the grounds by the stable, Cris whips a stick about. Lindsay approaches and expresses her unconditional support of his desire to marry Jessica. She presents him with a big ole wad of cash so they can take off and marry without parental consent, but he refuses it. However, they do reach an understanding that neither of them want Will to be named the father of Jess's baby. After she leaves, Roseanne appears from the stable and tells him he should have taken the money, to which he claims he'll marry because of love, not because of Lindsay's help.

Inside, Blair assumes Max must be gloating. Sure, he agrees, sarcastically. He's lost her, and no one has the Sun. Blair sniffs that she doesn't care about the Sun, but he thinks she will, once she realizes that Sam never did, and never will, love her.

Clint suggests to Viki that she simply forget about Todd, but she doesn't see how she can, since he's her brother. He leaves, giving her a moment to berate herself again for neglecting her children in favor of Todd the Faker. Kevin takes her apology with a lot of grace, but when she calls Jess her "little girl", Jessica gets angry and walks away.

Lindsay follows Jessica into the restroom. They have an extremely gentle, understanding talk about Jess's pregnancy, and then Lin offers her the money to marry Cris. Jessica tries to protest, but Lin convinces her to take it by proclaiming that a dream shouldn't be stopped just because of money.

Clint leaves without Lindsay, once he notices that she wants to say goodbye to Will, who is with Sam.

Will tries to take Sam home so they can talk, but Sam's still preoccupied with Todd. Sam leaves the terrace, and Lindsay checks to make sure Will didn't tell Sam the truth. He is firm about telling Sam yet that night, but she convinces him to keep his mouth shut.. for tonight, anyway. She departs, and Roseanne asks Will to let her help. She tries to kiss him, but he resists, saying he wants to keep his mind clear... so she suggests a walk instead.

Jessica finds Cris at the stable. She asks him if he's -sure- he wants to marry her and raise her baby as his own, because she doesn't think she can give the baby up. He's positive. After romantic talk, she agrees to marry him. They are elated to begin their lives together, and take off.

Inside, Kevin prepares to take Viki home like the good son he is, but before they leave, she spots Blair. Viki unleashes her venom on Blair for keeping the truth from everyone, but Blair points out that Viki knows how Todd can manipulate. "Yeah, well I loved him. What's your excuse," Viki retorts, and departs.

Max steps forward, and when Blair declines his offer to take her and Starr home, he calls her pathetic for wanting to try with Sam. Max departs. Todd then enters to demand of Blair Starr's whereabouts. He's finally leaving "this stupid town", but isn't going anywhere without Starr. Blair tells Todd that Starr is at home, but he doesn't believe her. Sam steps forward, and commands Blair to go ahead and take Starr home, and promises to take care of Todd.

Todd accuses Sam (and Viki and Téa) of turning on him. He insists he needs Starr. Sam assures Todd that he's given up on him. He thanks Todd for setting him (Sam) free of him (Todd). Todd scoffs at Sam. He says he felt like laughing every time Sam fell for one of his personalities. "It was so easy cos you're a sap, Sam." Todd claims it was the most fun he's had in years, but Sam doesn't believe it, to which Todd warns Sam to be careful, since that makes it sounds like he cares, and Todd is positive Sam doesn't. At this point, the conversation is interrupted when Will and Roseanne rush in to shout that the cabana's ablaze. Sam rushes off, with Todd, remembering Delgado, at his heels.

In the cabana, we see Téa's serenely passed out amidst the growing flames.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Todd and Sam rescued Téa from the burning cabana. Sam refused to let Todd bring Téa to the hospital. A despondent Todd walked back into the burning building. Will did his best to comfort a distraught Roseanne. Later, Todd showed up at the hospital and placed the wedding ring back on an unconscious Téa. Nora was admitted to the hospital and feared that she was having a miscarriage. Sam overheard the doctor tell Bo that Nora and the baby were both fine. Nora begged God not to let the baby pay for her mistakes. Bo and Sam both prayed for Nora's unborn child. Jessica and Cristian packed a bag and prepared to leave Llanview. Cristian hid in the closet when Joey interrupted. Jessica told Joey that she loved Cristian and wanted to keep her baby. Jessica left a note for Viki on her way to elope with Cristian.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

After nearly two years with OLTL Online, Laura Simurda has resigned her position as Wednesday recapper. I would like to publically thank her for all her hard work and dedication. Not only has she been a wonderful recapper, but a wonderful friend as well. Thank you, Laura!

Viki's, Carlotta's Kitchen and a Cabin in an Unknown Location

It is morning and Viki comes down the stairs at Llanfair and finds a note from Jessica telling her that she and Cristian have gone and are now far away. Viki sits down in disbelief.

Across town, Carlotta is in her kitchen reading a similar note from Cristian.

As the mothers read their respective notes, Jessica and Cris arrive at a cabin. As their notes are read, the kids reveal to their mothers why they have gone, that they love each other, how they feel they can make a success of their lives and will return when the time is right. As Cris and Jessica hug each other in the cabin, eager to begin their new lives, Viki and Carlotta begin to cry.

Téa's Hospital Room

Téa awakens and finds that her wedding ring is back on her finger. She also finds a note addressed to "Delgado". As she opens the note to read it, we see Todd spying on her outside of her room. The notes says, "Delgado, we both said "I do", so we're married for real, no going back. Give me another year to prove you didn't make a mistake. Here's your usual fee: five million plus expenses. What do you say? T." As Todd awaits his answer, Téa looks in the envelope to find the check. Téa looks at the check and tears it up. Todd walks away.

Todd's Penthouse

Blair is at the Penthouse and has called Sam to explain her motives for not telling him the important bit of information sooner (she was scared she would lose him, she loves him, yadda, yadda). She hangs up when she hears Starr coming down the stars. She tells her Mom that she needs Fred (the frog) to talk to her Daddy because she thinks her Daddy is mad at her for playing the tape. Blair tells her that her Daddy isn't mad and that she didn't do anything wrong. Blair then changes the subject and tells Starr that she will take her to the park. As Blair goes up the stairs to get their coats, Starr tells Freddy to tell her Daddy not to be mad at her and that she loves him.

The Country Club

Clint and Lindsay are having breakfast and talking about starting over without their past baggage hindering them. Clint tells Lindsay that they must keep their lines of communication open. They agree to try to be more open. Clint tells Lindsay that he is still upset over Jessica's pregnancy. Lindsay apologizes for telling Dorian about Jessica's condition. Clint forgives her and says he understands why she did it. Clint tells her that he appreciates her talking to Jessica the night before. The phone rings and it is a tearful Viki telling Clint the news about Jessica and Cris.


Lindsay, Clint and Carlotta arrive to find a distraught Viki. She tells them that Joey was the last person to talk to Jessica, but is unsure of the time the conversation took place. She says she cannot believe they could have gotten very far. Viki hands the note to Clint and tells them that Jessica's note says they do not intend to be found. Clint says that Cristian's note is similar. Viki angrily says that she was once again tied up with Todd and didn't see the signs. Carlotta also laments that she also missed the signals and that Cristian did not confide in her as he usually does. As they discuss where to start looking for them, Clint turns to Lindsay and asks her what their conversation was about.

The Cabin

Cristian brings in some bags and they discuss whether the caretaker believed they were married. Jessica asks Cristian why he signed the register, "Mr. & Mrs. Jose Garcia". Cris says they couldn't use their names and they were fugitives until they could make it legal. They look around at their meager surroundings. The room is cold and Cris goes out to chop wood for the fireplace. Jessica lays down with a blanket tucked around her looking pensive.

The Penthouse

Todd comes down the stairs with a bag and looks around the room. He looks at a baby picture of Starr and puts it in his pocket. As he goes to leave, Starr and Blair return and he ducks into the next room. Blair and Starr talk about what they love about the park as Todd spies on them from the next room. As they go up the stairs bantering with each other, Todd sneaks up after them and then changes his mind and goes back down the stairs.


In answer to Clint's question about what he said to Jessica, Lindsay defensively says she advised Jessica to wait despite her and Cris's feelings. Viki tells Lindsay that she should have never been put in that position because she didn't know Jessica. Lindsay tells Viki that someone had to step in because everyone was so tied up with Todd. Clint jumps on that bandwagon and says that everything went to hell when her sociopathic brother got Viki tied up in knots. Carlotta says they have to find the kids. Lindsay volunteers to call Asa. Clint says he will call Bo and Viki says she has left Bo and Nora a message when she did not find them at home.

Carlotta volunteers to do anything. Clint says he hopes she will since it was Cristian who got them into the mess to begin with. Viki and Carlotta say that everyone had a part and they begin to discuss ways to solve the problem. The discussion of whether Cris and Jess have money comes up and Lindsay enters the room, looking guilty. Clint begins to take more potshots at Carlotta and Cristian and tempers flare. Carlotta says she will go back to the diner to wait for any word. Lindsay admonishes Clint for his behavior and says it will not help to take it out on Carlotta.

In the next room, Viki apologizes for Clint and Carlotta says she understands why he is upset, but cannot understand why the kids did what they did. Clint comes into the room and apologizes to Carlotta. They agree to try to deal with it the best way they know how and the kids were the most important thing.

Viki turns to Clint and talks about Jessica's baby, their grandchild.

The Cabin

Cris starts a fire and lays down on the bed next to Jessica. Cris says he should go to buy groceries and Jessica pulls the blanket tighter around her as he leaves. She goes to the fireplace and picks up a stack of magazines and begins to go through them.

The Penthouse

Todd comes down the stars with Freddy the Frog, another pink tape, and Starr's recorder. He goes to get his bag and looks around the room and leaves the apartment. As he goes to the elevator, he hears the doors about to open and hides around the corner. It's Téa, who senses someone is nearby. As she goes to open the door, she calls out Todd's name, thinking it is he who is in the penthouse. Blair comes out and starts to berate Téa.


Viki tells Clint that she does not want to create trouble for he and Lindsay. Clint tells her that they had a discussion over breakfast and that nothing will come before their marriage except for their children. He then asks Viki how she is doing with the situation. Viki tells him that she thought she would only be losing Jessica to college. Clint says that one minute he's angry with Cristian and in the next he is grateful Cristian is with Jessica. Viki begins to cry as she tells Clint that Jessica took the teddy bear with her that Clint brought to the hospital. Clint takes her in his arms and comforts her. They talk about Jessica and Cristian and what the consequences of their decision will be. They again lament the fact that the kids did not confide in them.

The Penthouse

Blair nastily informs Téa that the penthouse is hers and not to expect to put a flag up for Spain. Téa informs her that it would be the Puerto Rican flag and not the Spanish flag and then begins to tell her that she has no intention of claiming the penthouse as hers or anything else of Todd's. Starr runs in the room and finds Freddy the Frog and the tape on top of her recorder. Both Blair and Téa try to stop her from playing the tape, but it is too late, Starr has put the tape in to listen to it. They hear Todd's voice say, "Hiya Shorty, I'm real sorry I have to go away and I won't be able to see you for a long, long time. But you know we'll always have Fred. Fred the Magic Frog, and anytime you miss me, you'll hug Fred real tight and listen to this tape and it'll be just like I'm right here with you." Téa sadly looks on at an even sadder Starr.

The Sun

Todd enters his office and goes to sit at his desk. He looks at a picture of Téa on his desk and leans over to touch it. He opens a drawer in his desk and takes out a contract. He puts Téa's picture in his pocket and starts to leave when he returns and takes the front page of the banner and writes, "PUBLISHER DISAPPEARS".

The Cabin

Cristian returns from buying groceries and is amazed to see that Jessica has transformed the dreary cabin into a cheerful habitat, more like home. He kisses her forehead, puts down the groceries and tells her he has a surprise for her. He kneels in front of her and says there is a tradition they overlooked. He tells her to close her eyes and pulls a plastic ring from his pocket and presents it to her. She says it's the most beautiful ring she has ever seen. Cris then asks Jessica to be his wife, family and home (very romantic). She says she would be honored to be his wife and home and he places the ring on her finger and kisses it. They profess their love for each other, kiss and hug.


Clint and Viki agree that the kids situation is not the end of the world and start to discuss who might have an idea where they are. Clint says he has an idea who might. Lindsay asks if they have a plan. Clint wants to talk to Will, because if anybody has an idea where they are, he would since he's been in on the conspiracy from the beginning.

Outside, Todd is about to knock on the door. Inside, Viki turns, sensing someone is outside the door. She goes outside, finds no one and goes back inside.

Todd reappears (ever wonder where everybody hides?) and stands outside the door.

The Penthouse

Starr says good-bye to Téa as Blair takes her to see Dorian. Téa tells Starr she will see her soon. Blair tells Starr she will see her whenever she wants, almost. Blair and Starr leave. Téa looks around the penthouse, hesitates and then sits down. A very moving Alanis Morrisette song, Uninvited, plays and flashbacks of their life together are shown (the initial five million dollar offer, his horrible rejection of her, their sweet moments, their abusive moments, their marriage and the terrible denouement). Téa tearfully removes her wedding ring and places it on the table.

Thursday, November 25, 1998

Bo and Nora's 1995 wedding episode is scheduled to be shown today. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 20, 1998

OLTL will not be seen today due to a college football game.

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