One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on OLTL
Keri and Antonio continued their search for Rae's long-lost love Mark while in Maui. They fell short after Rae informed her connections there not to release any information about her past. Todd, Téa, and Rayburn all ended up stranded on an island from a boat wreck.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, June 17, 2002

Chad gave Emily a tour of the university, and they made plans for lunch the next day. Cristian told Natalie that he and Jen had had a fight, and she treated his injured hand. Later, Rex questioned her feelings for Cristian, but Natalie insisted he was just a friend.

When Todd's henchmen arrived to kidnap Jack and Starr, Blair locked herself and the children in the bedroom. Sam fought the men until the police arrived, and Blair ordered the children to pack.

Nora watched Troy play with her son Matthew and marveled at her happiness with him, recalling their troubled past. Troy assured Nora that he was committed to her and her son, and he confessed his concern for his sister Emily, who dodged his questions about Chad.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

At the Break Bar, Rex asked Max for a job. When Max found out he was Roxy's son, he told him to get lost. But after Roxy showed up, Max gave Rex the job.

Niki was trying to figure out ways to get Natalie to think she was crazy and/or had dissociative identity disorder. She wanted to do that so Natalie would kill Ben. Niki began her plot by telling Natalie she'd had on a red gym suit that morning when she'd left, then planted the suit in Natalie's trunk. Rex found it, and Natalie seemed upset and said she did not remember putting it in the trunk, which she hadn't really done.

Roxy went to Llanfair to quarrel with Natalie. Viki intervened and told Roxy to leave Natalie alone. After she was gone and Natalie was out of sight, Viki called Roxy and told her they needed to meet and talk about problems with Natalie.

Renee went over as Niki was talking to herself about Ben's "surprise" which would be his death. Renee asked what kind of surprise she was planning, but Niki told her she couldn't say, or it wouldn't be a surprise. Renee had gone over to tell Viki that Rae Cummings had been elected Woman of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. Viki didn't remember being on the nominating committee because of her Niki/Viki situation.

Renee invited Niki to go with her to the university to tell Rae about her winning, but Niki practically shoved Renee out of the house. Renee seemed puzzled by Viki's behavior. Renee went to tell Rae about her winning the Woman of the Year. Hank was there and offered to be Rae's escort for the award dinner. Rae accepted.

Keri and Antonio were in Hawaii, enjoying their vacation. Rae was disturbed by that, as she was afraid they would run across the man in the photo she kept looking at-- a long-lost love. Keri and Antonio were going to look for him, unknown to Rae.

Nora, Troy, and Matthew enjoyed an outing. Troy had planned to tell Nora about his past with a girl named Joanna but stopped short of telling her.

R.J. walked into the Break Bar and fussed at Max because he hadn't told him about marrying Roxy. He was shocked when he saw her. Max then told R.J. he wanted him to get rid of her. R.J. told Max he'd promised Keri that that part of his life was over, and he couldn't do that. Max started thinking of other ways he could get rid of Roxy and looked up her old boyfriend's name on the Internet.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Niki, as Viki, placed a call to Roxy and set up a meeting, reminding her of their chat about Natalie. Chad paid her a visit to inquire about the undercover assignment she had for him, but she admitted that she'd decided against it. He asked about the internship at the Banner then, and Niki replied by making a pass at him, but Natalie caught her in the act. The women spoke alone, and Natalie confronted her mother, accusing her of putting her hands all over Chad, while Niki made excuses for her appearance.

Natalie accused her mother of being more like Roxy than Roxy, of acting strangely, not speaking, closing doors, hating Rex, and making up lies. She was just not the same as before, Natalie swore. Niki returned the attack, saying that Natalie had never known the real her and that she'd been under stress since Natalie had first arrived. She charged her with being a less-than-ideal daughter, the same as Natalie thought of her role as a mother and then stormed out hurriedly. Outside, she rehashed her plan of having Natalie kill Ben.

Jen returned home from visiting her mom, but Cristian didn't feel they were okay, due to her sharing secrets with Al instead of him. After a brief discussion, they confessed their love and made up. Cristian was surprised to learn that Lindsay had befriended Allison Perkins. Jen took off to run some errands and left her keys behind.

Nora thanked Troy for opening up about his past, and when he appeared uneasy about the whole thing, she told him she didn't care about the specific details of that past. She assured him that everyone made mistakes.

Blair, Sam, and the Manning children were back home and by the pool at the club. They wondered what could have happened to Ross and Todd, especially knowing that there were arrest warrants out for the pair. Todd was dead to her, Blair confessed. She had a new security detail, and she was "back" in circulation. Todd would probably just run off as usual. She was especially grateful to Sam for being her hero and only friend.

Somewhere in the South Pacific, on a deserted island, an unsteady Ross slowly got to his feet and searched for his companions. He spotted an unconscious Téa lying on the beach and ran to her side. He managed to awaken her, but she was hysterically crying and wondering where Todd could be. They spotted him further down on the beach, also lying unconscious. They tried to wake him but he was cold. Téa began CPR, and finally Todd spit up water. He still didn't respond to their voices, but when Ross eventually leaned over him, Todd grabbed him around the throat.

Niki arrived at the mill house to see Roxy, who was confused over the visit. Niki apologized for being rude to her in the past and misjudging her. Compared to Natalie, Roxy was a saint, Niki gushed. She poured them both large drinks as Roxy went on about how awful Natalie had been to her. Niki mentioned how badly she'd treated Jessica, which stopped Roxy cold because she thought it was all about her. Niki thought that Natalie should be put in her place and thought they should play a trick on her.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie attempted to get Chad to admit that Viki had been acting strangely. He agreed, but he really wanted a job at the Banner, so he suggested she question other family members or even Cristian, who seemed to know her pretty well. Natalie didn't think she could visit Cristian due to the fact that she had to stay away from Jen. Chad really couldn't dwell on the issue because he had a date with Emily. Natalie took off herself, muttering that she had to know.

Nora, arriving at the pool with Troy and Matthew in tow, spotted Blair with Sam, touching him while they were speaking. Starr explained how they'd had to go home early from Hawaii while Matthew welcomed his dad home. Blair suggested that Starr show off her little brother to Matthew as she and then Troy found excuses to leave.

Nora was sorry they had shown up but hadn't known Sam would be there, she explained. He couldn't believe how quickly she'd moved on, Sam told her, but Nora responded that it was his fault. He had made it clear that they were over. They agreed that it was very difficult to see each other, and Nora offered to go elsewhere. Sam thought they should get accustomed to seeing each other and insisted she stay.

Nearby, Blair made a point of bumping into Troy, spilling suntan lotion all over him. She explained their situation briefly, and they talked about Starr. Blair consoled Sam and asked if he was okay. Sam admitted that it was difficult to stop loving someone overnight, but Blair disagreed and once again said that Todd was dead to her.

Blair thought that Sam still loved Nora, and though he disagreed, he clarified it. He was not "in love" with her any longer, but yes, he did love her. He was adamant that they were over. Later, Sam went off with Matthew while Starr and Blair commented on Troy. Starr thought he was handsome, and Blair readily agreed.

Natalie visited Cristian. Niki and Roxy shaked hands on a plan.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

While Todd strangled the life out of Ross in Maui, Téa tried to stop him. He blamed Ross for losing his children. Téa finally grabbed Todd by the hair and yelled at him that she was the one that had made him miss his children. His kids had never been at the cove; it had all been a trick. Todd let Ross go, but he still didn't believe it was Téa.

Ross ran off to get away, but Todd took off after him, saying, "Where are you going? I've got to kill you." Further into the island, Todd caught up to him but fell over a pile of driftwood. Todd lay on the ground with a head wound while Ross looked on. Ross taunted him and said, "I'm not going to hang around," and left a very dizzy Todd.

At Statesville, the guard took the day's mail to the inmates. Allison was extremely surprised that she actually got mail. Lindsay looked on knowingly as Allison opened up "Dave's letter." Allison loved the prospect of being with Dave, but she was still suspicious of the letter.

"Why would he pull a 180?" Allison asked. Last time she had seen Dave, he had treated her like something off his shoe. She quickly dismissed any questions when she recalled the kiss she and Dave had shared at St. Anne's. Lindsay thought that her plan had worked until Allison pulled out a cell phone from behind her bunk and said, "I have lots of friends in here who will get me anything."

Natalie paid a visit to a half-naked Cristian. She tried to leave because of Jen's problems with her, but Cristian still invited her in. Inside, Natalie discussed her suspicions of Viki. She asked Cristian if he had noticed any changes in Mrs. Davidson's behavior recently, since he had known her for a long time. Cristian remembered when Jessica and Seth had been missing, and he had gone to Llanfair, looking for them. He'd felt that Viki was hitting on him, and it had seemed she couldn't care less about her daughter being missing.

Natalie said that Viki had also hit on Chad, so something had to be going on. She was thankful that someone else was noticing Viki's odd behavior because no one else believed her. Cristian said, "Well, you read people a lot faster than anyone I know. Follow your instincts." Natalie gave Cristian a quick hug and thanked him for listening. Shortly after she left, Jen returned for her lost keys.

At Max's, Roxy made a phone call related to Niki's plan for Natalie. Once she hung up, Niki congratulated Roxy on her idea. They agreed that what they were doing was in Natalie's best interest. Natalie needed to learn that "what goes around comes around." Niki tried to leave, but Roxy asked for two favors. First, she wanted to know where Niki got her hair done. She knew Niki was not a natural blonde. Niki gave the name of a place. Second, she asked if Niki could put in a good word for her to her husband Max. Niki agreed just as Max walked in through the back door.

Max asked Niki why she was paying them a visit. Niki covered by saying she thought it would be nice if both their families got together, since they were all related. Max thanked her but said no way. Roxy silently reminded Niki to say some good things about her in front of Max. She did, but it had no effect, and she left the house. Back inside, Max told Roxy that they were going to divorce. Roxy said, "Well the 'Queen of Llanview' thinks I'm okay." Max said, "I don't care if the Queen of England likes you. We are getting a divorce." Roxy stormed out. Later, Max made a phone call to Greevy, telling him where he could find Roxy.

Lindsay tried to stop Allison with several distractions, even pulling the phone away. Lindsay said that she shouldn't call because Viki might answer the phone, and their secret romance would be uncovered. Allison agreed and made Lindsay call instead. Lindsay refused, but Allison reminded her how she hated blondes, and one of the guards could slip her a weapon anytime. Lindsay grabbed the phone and pretended to call Ben. However, she called Jen instead and pretended to have a conversation with Viki.

Through the one-way conversation, Lindsay conveyed that Ben wasn't home, and she wouldn't leave a message. Meanwhile, Jen was questioning her mother's sanity. When Lindsay hung up, Jen told Cristian that during the phone call, her mother hadn't seemed to even know she was talking to her. Cristian figured that Lindsay had to be trying to pull a fast one on someone at jail. If not, they could always call the warden and ask for a psychologist for Lindsay.

At Llanfair, Sam arrived and talked to Ben about Todd. Sam warned him that Todd might try to contact Viki, and they had to call him or Bo immediately. After Sam left, Niki returned from Max's, and Ben told her about Todd. She seemed to not care about Todd, only about packages for Natalie. Niki said that she was very glad that Natalie was feeling well enough to shop. She'd been so malicious lately, and maybe shopping would have cheered her up.

Natalie returned from Cristian's, and Niki told her about the packages from the Silver Moon Boutique. Natalie didn't remember ordering any clothes and said that it had to be a mistake. Niki said that she had ordered because earlier that day, she had picked up the phone to make a call to the Chronicle, and she'd overheard Natalie making the order. Natalie became defensive, raised her voice, and reiterated that she'd never made such a call. Ben said, "Take it easy," and Niki lowered her voice as though she was being scolded. Natalie grabbed the packages and ran off to sort it out.

At the boutique, Natalie talked to the salesperson that had taken the order. Natalie told her that she'd never made the order and wanted a full refund. The salesperson said that she recognized her voice from the call, and the order had been made with Natalie's credit card account. Despite the mix-up, the salesperson agreed to give a full refund. Natalie stormed out, and Roxy emerged from the back of the store.

Roxy made a phone call to Niki, confirming that the plan had worked. Roxy said, "Yeah, it worked perfectly. I told you I could imitate her voice." Niki congratulated her and hung up. At a beauty salon, Niki swung toward the mirror in a new do: long red hair. Niki said, "Wow, I look just like her. You can tell the family resemblance."

While Jen was hugging Cristian, she noticed a hair clip that Natalie had left behind. She became furious and asked why he hadn't told her that Natalie had stopped over.

Allison bought Lindsay's trick but decided to call Ben on his cell phone. Lindsay tried to stop her again, but Allison managed to call the number. Ben answered the phone, and Allison said, "Hi, Dave."

Friday, June 21, 2002

Keri and Antonio were discussing two separate topics of interest. He thought that she had found the engagement ring that he had been trying to give to her since they'd arrived on Maui, however, she was referring to the notes she had discovered about Rae and Mark. Determined to find out everything she could about Rae's past, Keri found herself in the registrar's office of a local Maui college with Antonio in tow. They met Judith Chen who said that, yes, she recalled "Gretel" fondly, and she had indeed studied at the school, but she had no records concerning the elusive Mark, whom Keri referred to as the love of Rae's life.

Niki encouraged Natalie to have a nap, and she disconnected her phone so as not to be disturbed. Niki was about to put a plan into action when a call from Jen gave her another idea. She suggested to the girl that she had gone to Llanfair to speak with Natalie in person. While having sweet dreams of Cristian going to her aid with words of comfort and hugs, Natalie was being impersonated by her mother. Meanwhile, in the library, Jen spied someone who she thought was Natalie on the patio and called out to her.

The figure with the red hair and same clothes as her nemesis ran off with Jen in hot pursuit. Finally she stumbled upon a gardening shack, entered, and was nearly thrust into a wheelbarrow full of soil. She was no worse for wear, sustaining only a few smudge marks of dirt. Awake from a euphoric sleep, Natalie found a dirtied sweat jacket and walked into the library and found an equally dirtied Jen, who immediately blamed an unsuspecting Natalie for what had transpired since she'd arrived at the house.

Lindsay endeavored to reassure Allison that Dave had sent the letter of his own accord, but her cellmate turned violent at the prospect of being lied to. Despite Lindsay's efforts, Allison telephoned "Dave" from the cell phone she had allocated. The line wasn't very clear, but she did get the impression that her love was on the way to visit.

While Allison was in the ceramics room, Lindsay arranged for a work detail near the visitors' entrance, where she met Ben in time to tell him that her life was in danger. She implored him to act the part of Dave to ensure her safety. Meanwhile, Allison, feeling pressure from Lindsay about escaping and assurances that the letter she'd received from Dave was authentic, concealed a homemade knife beneath her mattress. She looked out from her cell and saw Dave.

Cristian learned from a distracted Rae that Jen was on her way to Llanfair. Rae was distressed to learn from R. J. that Keri and Antonio were in fact vacationing in Maui, Hawaii.

Just as things began to heat up between Natalie and Jen, Niki attempted to make her way out of the house via the front door but found Cristian there with a gold shopping bag at his side.

Rae received a call from Judith confirming that the warning she'd received from her old friend, about a couple seeking information regarding her past, had become reality.

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