One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on OLTL
Ron advised Marcie that her peace protests were causing problems. Rex agreed to give Jen a divorce. Walker bought the Sun. Joey was suspended from the ministry. Marcie was invited to join a sorority. Antonio and Jessica made love.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, August 4, 2003

Marcie tells Viki that Dean Baker fired the Voice of the Night, so Marcie had a petition to get the Voice of the Night back on the air; however Viki tells Marcie she will make a trip and personally see Dean Baker.

Meanwhile, at Marcie's apartment where Al is waiting, there is a knock on the door and it is her brother, Ron. Al tells him he is Marcie's boyfriend and Ron says, "Oh, so you're the one responsible for all of Marcie's trouble."

Blair, Kelly and Dorian are at the pool and Kelly asks Blair if she has found out whom the mystery woman is that Kevin is seeing and Blair squirms around and makes up a story of what it might be. Walker comes with the paper and shows Dorian that Mitch's murder is closed and Dorian tells him, "well, someone got away with murder." Blair is upset that the Banner had the scoop first.

Joey thanks Asa for sending Flash to London for her throat and then proceeds to tell Kevin that he and Jen really do love each other, but they need to keep their distance right now.

Joey, Kevin, Natalie and Jessica all meet at the country club to discuss the party for their mother to celebrate her new job as president of the university. Kevin tells Jessica he wants her to run the college column for the Banner.

Now of course Rex and Jen just happen to be at the country club, too and Jen is not paying any attention to what Rex is saying as she and Joey are too busy making googly eyes at each other. Jen just happens to go out towards the garden of the club and guess who follows... Joey of course and as usual they hug and kiss passionately. Jen tells Joey it's the last time they can be together until after her divorce. Natalie asks Kevin to keep Rex occupied so she can get Joey back inside. Kevin tries to talk Rex into giving Jen a divorce. Rex makes a call to his private investigator and tells him to go ahead and deliver the package.

Meanwhile back at Al and Marcie's, her brother Ron is very upset at Marcie's involvement in the peace movement and asks her if she'd give it up as they are boycotting her father's restaurant back home. Al tells Marcie he can take it over, but she says no, she must continue and her brother angrily leaves. Al and Marcie start kissing and then lay down on the bed, but their attempts at love making were disasterous, Al got stuck by a pin and then knocked the lamp over when trying to unzip Marcie's dress. They suddenly get a threating email.

Walker tells Blair that 1/3 of the Sun's stock has recently been sold. Blair is very upset and says she can't afford to lose the Sun because of Starr and Todd. Walker says she doen't have to worry about that. Blair then gets a phone call from Kevin, but pretends its Briggs for Kelly's benefit.

Blair then goes to the country club and confronts Asa about buying out the Sun. Of course, Kevin is there and Blair tells him he can go straight to hell when he again mentions buying the paper. Blair tells him that what happened in the barn was a mistake and that at one time she was interested in him, but not anymore, as she would not want to hurt her cousin Kelly. Actually, it is Walker that is outbidding Asa for the Sun's shares. Kelly happens upon Blair and Kevin having words, but they make up lies as to what it's about and Kelly tells them to stop fighting and they all walk off arm in arm.

A mysterious man shows up at Dorian's saying he is after Mitch's wealth. Dorian claims she doen't know what he's talking about and the man informs her it's the diamond he's after, and she states she doen't have it. He tells her she'd better have it when he gets back or someone is going to get hurt.

Andrew tells Joey he knows he is still seeing Jen. Joey lies at first saying he hasn't, but Andrew gets the package that was delivered and shows Joey the photos of he and Jen kissing and then Andrew suspends Joey from his duties.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003


LLANVIEW, PA. Walker Laurence outmaneuvers Asa Buchanan's lavish bidding and obtains ownership of Llanview's other daily newspaper, The Sun. His slam-dunk acquisition ripples the placid hamlet's business community.

Kevin, Asa, Blair and Kelly buzz around the Palace dining room trying to figure out who swooped in and squelched the bidding war. Kevin is busy multitasking other deals. "Wouldn't controlling interest in the nightclub you love so much be worth giving up the woman that you love so little?" He makes Rex an offer he can't refuse. By giving Evangeline Williamson twice her initial investment in Ultra Violet, the younger of the Buchanan power brokers buys a divorce for his brother's love interest. The news of Joe's suspension from the clergy seeps out gradually. Viki is openly skeptical about the risks her son has taken for an "extremely troubled young woman." Jen angrily confronts her money-grubbing husband about the photos of her kissing Joe in the church, but is then surprised when Rex is suddenly amenable to ending their marriage. She has no idea he's been bought off.

Dorian is told of Walker's hefty purchase firsthand. She quickly surmises that Walker could not have handed her all of Mitch's assets and presses him for the location of the Badhra diamond. Walker cagily explains that the police seized it for evidence, an explanation that appeases her temporarily. Starr and River interrupt and, upon learning Walker was Mitch's brother, River is openly hostile. But Walker assures him he was no fan of Mitch. The kids scamper off and Dorian decides that Walker is at least an "improvement" over The Sun's former owner, Todd. She ravenously chews on all of Todd's sins and defects, culminating with her opinion that he was a lousy parent. Walker stops her, "Todd Manning was a great father." Dorian leaves to make dinner plans giving Starr the opportunity to give him her 007 report: Blair received a call from Kevin that she hid from her family. They devise a plan. Blair comes home and Starr entices her mother to go swimming. As Blair begins to undress in the cabana to put on a swimsuit, Walker walks in on her with his shirt unbuttoned and laughs warmly at her modesty. Starr uses a lawn chair to wedge the door shut.

"Todd Manning is dead and gone. Luckily his successor is the true antithesis of the late unlamented Mr. Manning." Like the cat that swallowed the canary, Dorian practically purrs the news of Walker's triumph to Asa, Kevin and Kelly.

River cruises Angel Square looking for sweet Adriana. She's perched in the window of Foxy Roxy's while Carlotta gets a manicure. He tries to get her attention by fogging the window with his breath and writing "Hi" in its steam with his finger. She catches sight of him in her peripheral vision and beams. He uses his cell phone to call in a fictional appliance emergency at the diner. In Carlotta's brief absence, the young lovers coo and Roxy is wooed into giving River a job at the salon to help facilitate future secret dates.

Max consoles Gabrielle and accompanies her to the police station so she can finally tell Bo about her brief involvement with Troy. Bo, Nora, and Al are attempting to troubleshoot the source of Marcie's email death threat. Viki tells them all that she had to fire the dean. Al asks Marcie to cease her campaign for peace until her safety can be assured. Bo and Nora discuss Gabrielle's odd involvement in the Troy investigation until the lady herself arrives. Gabrielle comes clean at last about her kiss with Troy. Bo is, as usual, graceful and understanding. Still he asks, "Why can't you get past this thing about Nora and me?" It's a topic they don't get to explore. ADA Colson wants to know why the Laurence murder investigation has been tabled. The commissioner takes a brief, chilly meeting with him about the two confessions received after the news leak to the Banner. Bo then finds himself with some rare quiet time alone to reflect. He retrieves a diamond engagement ring from his desk drawer and gazes wistfully at the gem. Closing its black velvet box, he puts it back in the desk.

Asa descends upon Viki at Llanfair asking about Walker Laurence. But Viki knows his true motive for visiting her and he concedes, "That gal is nothing but a trouble maker." Viki rises to Marcie's defense, emphatically stating, "No, she s not. All she did was speak out for peace and for that she has received a number of threats, including a very explicit threat on her life." Asa counters, "What the hell does she expect? Going around waving the peace sign? This country is at war!" Marcie will be the subject of the university's board of trustees' retreat.

In Angel Square, Marcie rushes to respond to a family emergency call. Three students surround and harass her.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Kevin cancels his special edition of the Banner (announcing his purchase of The Sun) as Kelly arrives at the Palace in the hopes of having dinner with him and showing him some houses she looked at. Excusing himself to reluctantly call and get out of a meeting, he places a call to Blair instead. The telephone is answered by Starr who informs him that her mother is very busy, and by the way, she can't meet with him so don't even bother to leave her a message. In the cabana nearby, Blair yells and pounds on the door, hoping that someone will hear her and unlock the door. Quickly buttoning her shirt, she has some words with Walker over her anticipated meeting with Kevin. He adamantly yells that she always goes after the wrong thing and she needs to choose what's right for a change and he's sure he knows what it is. Suddenly he grabs her and kisses her. "I'm sure of us," he murmurs. Blair confesses that she's not interested and is relieved when River finally shows up, telling her that a chair was blocking the door. She dashes off to get ready for her meeting even though Starr lies that Kevin is unable to make it. She denies blocking the door with the chair. Walker tells River to mind his own business.

Marcie is pushed and shoved by a trio who call her a traitor and more. When she falls and hits her head they pause momentarily but then threaten her further. One of the three drops his wallet as they leave. Marcie reaches up and finds herself bleeding. When she is stumbled upon by Riley and a fellow band member, they insist on calling Al and getting her to the hospital. They refuse to allow her to wait for the bus so that she can visit her dad, also in the hospital.

Roxy goes over River's new job duties at the hair salon feeling rather proud of herself. She realizes he wants to be near his little senorita but he needs to have a strong work "ethnic." River goes along with her until they are interrupted as the guys bring Marcie in while they call Al.

Blair recalls the kiss in the cabana as Starr wants the dirt on what happened. Deciding to miss the meeting after all, Blair announces that she's decided to take the little girl to dinner. Starr wants Walker to come too; Dorian always thought it a good idea to have a man on your arm for dinner! The adults kind of smirk at that. Walker tells Blair he's made his peace with the girl and wants to know why Blair is scared of him. She herself doesn't know why.

Getting back to Kelly, Kevin tells his wife that he's already put in a bid on a penthouse in Todd Manning's building to be near the Banner. She's upset at not being consulted and confused that he wants to live near Walker. He once again tries to reach Blair on the phone when Kelly is gone from the table but when she returns he admits that he thinks he should keep an eye on Walker. Kelly finds Walker quite mysterious but she can tell that he and Blair like each other. She graciously accepts Kevin's decision on their possible new residence but warns him that she gets to decorate. Just then, Blair, Walker and Starr walk into the restaurant and are spied by Kelly. They all move to a larger table together. Kevin mentions that Blair's new boss is shrewd, continuing on that Walker is the one who outbid him for the newspaper. Blair is speechless as Walker confesses that he did it for her and Starr. He didn't want them to lose the paper. Kevin can only glare as Kelly changes the subject and praises Walker for a previous article that he had written. Starr asks to leave and both of the women decide it's time for them to go as well. Kevin asks Walker to stay and discuss business.

At the police station, Al calls Marcie's family and learns that her dad is alright. He pleads with Marcie to wait before she goes to visit him. One of the police officers sits down to take a statement from her but Al interrupts urgently, telling him that Marcie was attacked. He reassures his girlfriend but when the cop accuses her of making trouble, she withdraws her complaint. She can't believe that this man who she has helped while working at the station now thinks so poorly of her. Al doesn't want Marcie to take any more chances, stating that everything is getting out of control but she refuses to listen. He offers to continue to protect her as Marcie explains how she can't give up because of her brother, Eric. He went through some horrid times after everyone learned that he was gay and she never stood up for him, but this time she will stand up for what she believes in. Al tells her that he's falling in love with her; Marcie confides that she's already there. Later, Al finds the dropped wallet in Angel Square and heads for the university. Finding the group laughing about the incident, he grabs the young man and threatens him. He starts to swing at a second when he is stopped by Marcie.

Back at Dorian's, Kelly wants details from Blair on Walker, as the two lounge at the pool. They discuss his qualities but Blair declares that she's not ready, that there are too many unknowns about him. She's completely shocked over his purchase of the paper and how generous he's been. All of these men are just pulling her apart, she sighs to Kelly. Mrs. Buchanan immediately perks up, quickly asking what men, who? First saying nobody, Blair then just claims she meant Todd and Troy. She finally admits to caring about Walker which causes her cousin to chime in that all women would look at him in "that way."

Over drinks, Kevin maintains that Kelly is worried about Blair and that she doesn't like Walker. Walker appears doubtful, especially when Kevin mentions that his wife wanted him to have Walker checked out. In doing this background check Walker appears to be "a man without a past," Kevin continues. He must be hiding something or running a scam, he accuses. Walker turns the tables, warning that he knows Kevin only cares about getting into bed with Blair. He intimates that Kelly could be hurt by this as Kevin threatens back.

After Kelly leaves, Blair falls asleep and has a passionate dream of Walker when without warning, he changes into Kevin.

Kelly stops in Angel Square on her way home from visiting with Blair, where she doesn't see Walker lurking nearby in the dark. He gets her attention and they have a pleasant chat, mostly about taking a walk alone. He wonders if Kevin is home yet; Kelly quickly answers that she's not worried. In fact, she's rather proud of him, she says. They're a good team, Walker says, sounding like he's making fun of them. He starts to comment on their marriage but changes his mind. She abruptly states that she knows he knows something.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

Joey breaks up a fight between Al and the guys who attacked Marcie. When the campus police show up, Marcie agrees to press charges against Deke. Deke's girlfriend, Maddie, vows revenge when she finds out what Marcie did. Later, Maddie asks Marcie to pledge her sorority.

Rex informs R.J. that Evangeline sold him her shares, making Rex the owner of Ultraviolet. When Jen shows up with the papers for the divorce, Rex states that the only way he will go to the Dominican Republic is if she goes with him. Joey later confronts Rex, demanding to know what it will take to get Rex out of Jen's life. When he realizes that Kevin bought him off, Joey confronts his brother.

River fantasizes about Adriana until Dorian shows up. At Foxy Roxy's, Adriana makes a food delivery and makes plans to meet up with River later. When Carlotta shows up, Roxy covers for Adriana.

Walker tells Kelly that he suspects Kevin is interested in Blair. Blair goes to the Banner to taunt Kevin. In the morning, when Kevin still isn't home, Kelly surprises him at the office. Kevin questions Dorian about Walker, then warns her to be careful. When the man looking for the diamond shows up, Dorian pulls a gun on him and suggests he check with Walker. Walker denies knowing where the diamond is and suggests the man leave him and Dorian alone. Later at Dorian's, Blair confronts Walker with the knowledge that he told Kelly that Kevin was interested in her. Demanding that he stay out of her life, Blair pushes him in the pool before storming off.

Friday, August 8, 2003

Natalie and Cristian continue to work on their wedding plans. Viki lets Max take over Crossroads. As Natalie plays a game of pool, she realizes she is a natural hustler.

Jessica and Kelly discuss their relationships. Needing a break, Jessica goes to the quarry while Kelly goes to the police station to catch up with Bo. After trying to catch up with Kevin, Kelly tries to get a hold of her cousin and starts to become suspicious of them. Kevin follows Blair to the quarry, where he hits on her. As they discuss the feelings between them, Blair insists that he leave her alone as she will not hurt her cousin. At the country club, Kelly confronts her husband and cousin.

After a swim, Jess is surprised to see Antonio who has just finished a session with Rae. He tells her that he is getting help for his anger and that he informed Keri that they have no future. After asking her to give him another chance, Jess and Antonio finally make love.

Nora and Daniel get to know each other better when he introduces her to his son, Riley. At the police station, Bo apologizes for being so hard on Nora about the Troy situation and informs her that Gabrielle told him everything. Meanwhile, Gabrielle asks Max to help him make Bo jealous.

While in the Dominican Republic, Rex tries to convince Jen that they had good times during their marriage. After reminding him that it was a mistake, she points out that he is taking everything from her. Realizing how much she wants her father's house back, Rex offers it for a price: she has to let him see her naked one last time.

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