One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on OLTL
Keri was upset when she found a half-dressed Jessica in Antonio's apartment. Marcie's drink at Ultraviolet was drugged. Max offered Cristian a job. Joey and Jen made their first official appearance together. River hid in Adriana's bedroom.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Walker meets with the private investigator that Kevin has hired to watch him. Instead he tells her he will pay her $10,000.00 to turn the tables on Kevin. She takes the money and accepts the offer.

Kelly is very upset at the news that Kevin and Blair are having an affair and she confronts them both about their relationship. Kevin tells Kelly it's just a bunch of bull and Blair tells Kelly that she and Kevin have never slept together. Kelly, as usual, is apologetic about her accusations.

Jessica and Antonio have a steamy love scene. In the meantime, Keri tells R.J. now that Jessica is out of the picture, Antonio can have Jamie for the day.

Jessica and Antonio wake up in each other's arms in the morning and Antonio wants them to shower together, but Jessica showers by herself and there just happens to be a knock on the door and SURPRISE!! Keri arrives 2 hours early with Jamie and sees Jessica wearing nothing but a towel. This does not go over well and she tells Antonio she is not leaving Jamie with him and she asks Jessica what happened to you and leaving Antonio alone??

Lindsay is back to work running the gallery. Joey drops by to see how she is doing and gives her a picture he had taken of Jen. Joey tells Lindsay he'll never trust Rex and he hopes things are going OK for Jen with the divorce.

Meanwhile back at Jen and Rex's hotel room, he tells her she can have Sam's house free and clear if he can just see her naked one last time. She thinks for a second and tells Rex to start writing their agreement down on paper. Rex says he expects his money's worth and sets the scene so that Jen can strip for him. Jen does a seductive dance for Rex and bares all. Rex says, I'll throw in the motorcycle if you'll make out with me. Jen replies "No" and says, "I just want a divorce." She grabs her clothes and papers and leaves the room.

Max offers Cristian a job as a part time bartender at his bar. Cristian gladly accepts the offer and finds out later that Natalie has been hired as a waitress there too. R.J. goes and sees Max and is upset at Max for ratting him out, but Max tells him he had to for Al's sake. R.J. said he knows how he feels, as Keri and Jamie's happiness are what's most important to him. An upset Keri finds R.J. at Max's and tells him how Jessica and Antonio have hurt her. Keri tells R.J. she wants to hurt Antonio for putting her through this and R.J. offers to help "putting it" to Antonio. Keri replies "Let's do it!"

Blair quizzes Walker about the letters and phone calls to Kelly. Walker admits that he did it, but only because of his feelings for her (Blair). He apologizes and has a hard time doing it and Blair tells him, you're just like Todd. Walker tells her, "you say that like that's a bad thing." He invites her to dinner and tells her he'll show her he's nothing like Todd.

Kevin threatens Walker, telling him he better stay out of his personal life or he'll put him in a world of pain. Walker tells Kevin don't under-estimate me, as you have no idea who your messing with. Kevin asks, "who are you anyway??"

Rex and Jen arrive back in Llanview and Rex helps her in with her things and then irritates her by mentioning the nice little dance she did. She tells Rex that he had better never mention that to anyone. Jen calls Joey and tells him she's back and divorced and heads over to see Joey.

In the meantime, Rex shows up at Lindsay's gallery and helps her with her groceries and tells her he really cared for Jenn and didn't want the divorce. He tells her he doesn't want to be alone right now. Kelly happens to come to the gallery and she stays while Lindsay and Rex go out to a restaurant. Jen shows up at the gallery and Kelly tells her not to hurt Joey, as he's had a lot of hurt in his life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Rex and Lindsay's lunch has been bumped to dinner at The Palace. Rex fields a work call leaving Lindsay, unescorted at reception, to be mocked by potential diners. "Forget it. I'm not eating here. Don't you recognize her? She's the one who murdered her ex-husband!" Rex makes a grand display to let everyone publicly know he's with her and insists on a table drenched in the limelight.

While discussing their plans to tell Matthew the truth at a nearby table, Bo shows Nora the ring he has been carrying around with no imminent plans to present to Gabrielle. Inadvertently, Gabby spies the ring from a distance and thinks her lucky day has come. Nora leaves them to speak alone and offers words of encouragement to Lindsay. Bo's build up to an important question gives Gabrielle more hope. Her face falls when Bo merely asks her if she's amenable to Matthew learning he's his dad. She goes to Crossroads for advice from Max and ends up asking him to help her "make Bo jealous." At Nora's house, Matthew's parents sit down with their son for a chat.

Asa blurts out, "You're worried, right? That he's fooling around with your cousin, Blair." Kelly is taken aback and diffuses Asa's observation. Kevin arrives at the manse and granddaddy announces he is having dinner tonight with the lieutenant governor, who will be stepping down at the end of the year for health reasons. Asa is sure his hefty contributions will ensure that Kevin is appointed to the position, but warns the couple to keep their noses clean and consider having a baby to further the cause.

Blair waits at Rodi's for Walker. He's running late due to an unplanned visitor at the penthouse. Starr still has her key and lets herself in at will. But she's content to go home because Walker is having dinner with her mom and hopefully he'll tell Blair that Todd is still alive. Walker finally arrives and prefers to sit at the bar, like Todd, making Blair nostalgic. She admits she loved him, "like crazy," but that she'd haul off and slug him if he were on Walker's barstool right now. Their date is interrupted by Kelly's request to share some special news with Blair in person. Blair wonders how Kelly puts up with Kevin's constant potential to cheat. Kevin returns from a confab with the private female eyes he hired to watch Walker with a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Keri sics Evangeline on Antonio alleging his violent streak and, of course, his affair with Jessica make for an unsuitable environment for her child. Since Antonio is not the father of record on Jamie's birth certificate, it's quick and easy to draw up legal documents prohibiting visitation at least until they go to court. Jessica is on the phone to her mother asking about attorneys for him, but she is visibly shaken in the sputtering of his outbursts. Antonio is a bottle rocket ready to go off. He tracks Keri down at The Palace. Seeing Jess over his shoulder, Keri easily baits him into a temper tantrum. "What are you going to do, hit me?" She confidently sashays away as he punches the wall where she had been standing. Keri goes to the ladies room alone and deliberately bangs the door into her forehead. She practices in the mirror the lines she'll recite to R.J. "Daddy, Antonio hit me!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Bo and Nora sit down with Matthew and talk to him about Sam being in heaven and not being available to go places with him, though he's watching over him. Before they can go any further, the boy becomes distracted and runs to get his artwork to show to Bo. On the second go-round, Bo discloses that he wants to be Matthew's father, that he can do it all. An ecstatic Matthew is thrilled that his mom will be getting married to Bo who he assumes will be moving in. When the surprised parents try to explain that it won't be like that, he announces that he doesn't want Bo if he doesn't live there. A confused Nora speculates on the boy's position, since Sam didn't live there either but decides just to speak to Matthew in the morning. When she receives a phone call and dashes off to retrieve a file, Matthew sneaks out of the house.

At Crossroads, a woeful Gabby cries on Max's shoulder over what is taking place at Nora's house. As he offers to help her out, an old friend, Arthur "Rack em" Ross enters the bar. He's a top pool player who spots Nat's skills immediately and pauses to watch her play. Nat challenges him to a game but he beats her readily. When Roxy shows up and recognizes the man as someone she met in Atlantic City and discloses his occupation, Nat asks for some tutoring. He obliges and Roxy finds time to do a little flirting.

While Adriana moons over pictures of River in her bedroom, Carlotta arrives and announces they will visit Crossroads to see where Cris and Natalie work. Spying the pictures, she becomes angry and tells the girl she cannot see this boy, that he is not right for her. She rips the pictures up into little pieces.

A distraught Renee looks for Asa at his place; he's missed their dinner date. Poor Asa admits to forgetting about their reservations and wants to make it up to her. He suggests she have dinner with Nigel, as he, along with Kevin and Kelly are awaiting the governor's arrival. Flash defends her grandfather when Renee shows her irritation and Kevin takes full blame for the mix-up. Renee and Nigel reminisce over their fake passion and their tricking of Asa.

Walker arrives home unexpectedly as Elyssa is rifling through the penthouse. She quickly hides as he makes a phone call to a Dr. Jamison, ordering him to call a pharmacy immediately for his arm and leg pain. He leaves again and she has the phone redial, asking the party for their address. Quickly calling Kevin, she advises him that she may have a lead on learning something about Walker.

Dorian surprises River with a home entertainment system to make up for the time that she hasn't been able to spend with him. Starr mistakenly thinks it's for her though Dorian sets her straight by suggesting she get an attitude adjustment. The French henchman calls searching for the Bhadra diamond once again even though Dorian has advised him that Walker has it. According to Walker that is not true, he notes. He orders her to locate it instantly. As Dorian heads out, Andrew arrives and questions her about River's accident with her car that he's just heard about. He's disbelieving when he sees the equipment that his son has just received and goes off on both Dorian and River. He reminds Dorian that her grandson is learning disabled and cannot spend time watching television. He is making arrangements for the boy to go to a special boarding school, to which Dorian responds that she will not let him attend. River argues with his dad, reminding him that he hated boarding school when he was forced to attend. Andrew agrees but then details how wonderful it really turned out to be for him. An eavesdropping Starr suggests that now the equipment will be hers after all.

Adriana and Carlotta show up at Crossroads where the first thing Mrs. Vega spots is Nat shooting pool. She immediately voices her disapproval of a woman doing such a thing. She asks Cris for his help in dealing with Adriana and River. Cris sits down with the girl and admits that his mother is old-fashioned but she's just worried. Adriana points out how her godmother was wrong about Natalie but she knows what she has to do. She thanks Cris for speaking to her. Roxy invites Max to Atlantic City for the weekend but he declines so she next bothers Gabby and asks where her ring is.

Walker arrives home with his meds but is interrupted by Dorian at the door. She inquires about the diamond, explaining that the thug is still after her family. Walker agrees to handle it but as she leaves, the thug forces her back in with a gun to her head. Walker hands over the diamond as a flabbergasted Dorian can hardly believe her eyes. He had it all along and she's angry that he lied.

Heading home, Dorian finds a stern Andrew waiting for her. River's living there is not working out; he needs to find out more of what's out there and not be about himself. Dorian declares that she'll speak to Cassie though Andrew says she agrees with him. A short time later, Matthew turns up at the door, having ridden his bicycle over. He wants to see Starr. Dorian calls Nora who hasn't even realized that Matthew has gone. She agrees to let her son spend the night but will bring him fresh clothes. He tells her he still loves her. Starr asks her great-aunt for privacy (Dorian points out the attitude) so that she can speak with her little friend. She suggests that he not rush it but to make sure that Bo spends lots of time with Nora, keeping him away from Gabrielle.

Carlotta tucks Adriana into bed but shortly after she leaves, River climbs in through the window. He wants to stay with her or run away. As they kiss and whisper, Carlotta calls out to ask about the voices she hears.

Gabby pretends to be having a great time when Max informs her of Bo's arrival. He fills her in on the evening's events and proposes that he take the day off tomorrow so that they can spend time in the country. She turns him down, claiming that she's already offered to help Max get the bar in order. She offers to cancel but he won't hear of it. He understands as he's cancelled on her plenty of times and will plan on taking a day off soon.

Later on at home, Cris proposes that Natalie might be able to make loads of money playing pool.

As everyone nervously awaits the governor, Renee, Nigel and Flash go to dinner. Kevin gets another phone call; Elyssa telling him that she's at an orthopedic surgeon's office. Walker has apparently had serious medical problems.

The thug hands the diamond to an unseen man who looks at the gem closely through the magnifier. Suddenly, he smashes it it's a fake. Dorian is dead.

Dorian phones Walker and thanks him for handing over the diamond. It's better off this way, she continues, as the jewel is cursed anyway. As she speaks, he pulls the real diamond from hiding. He tells her a cryptic, "When one door closes, another one opens." Hanging up, he places a call to someone and requests the jeweler who can cut up a jewel into smaller stones.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Jen and Joey make their first appearance as an official couple with her divorce finalized. When Lindsay shows up at the club, Jen is stunned when Rex announces that her mother is his guest and warns him to stay away from her. After watching Lindsay give Rex a gift, Joey confronts Rex while Jen questions Lindsay before insisting that Joey take her mother home. When Jen gets home, Joey asks her to marry him.

While Al and Joey talk, Deke drops acid the drink that Al bought for Marcie. As the Midnight Logic finishes their set, Marcie begins to feel the effects of the drug. Getting scared, Marcie asks Al to get her out of the club. After watching her, Al tries to get her to go to the clinic to see if she'd been drugged.

Keri calls R.J., telling him that Antonio hit her. Sitting at the club, Antonio snaps when Jessica offers her money to help him hire an attorney. When the couple get up to dance, Natalie and Cristian share their worries about Tonio's state of mind. Enraged, R.J. goes to the club and lures Antonio into the back alley, where he assaults him. Finding Antonio and R.J. fighting, Jessica goes home, where she talks to Natalie her fears.

After searching Adriana's room, Carlotta tries to tell the girl that River is a bad influence. After she leaves, River comes out of hiding and assures Adriana that he would never hurt her. Then he convinces her to go to Ultraviolet with him. When the back door opens, the two sneak into the club. Sneaking back into her room, Adriana refuses to let River stay, but agrees to meet him the next afternoon.

Friday, August 15, 2003

At the Palace, Walker confronts the private investigator that Kevin hired. Blair agrees to have dinner with Walker as long as he doesn't bring up Todd. When Kevin walks in, Walker gives him a file, stating it is everything that he could want to know about him. Reviewing the file, Kevin expresses his disbelief that the information is about him.

Seeing Blair upset, Walker realizes that Starr is missing. When questioned, River stated that he canceled his plans to rollerblade with his cousin. At the docks, an inexperienced Starr falls into the river with her rollerblades on. Later, Walker and Blair find her clinging to a pole and the river. Without hesitation, Walker jumps in to save the girl.

After observing Natalie playing pool at Crossroads, Max tells her that she could make more money playing pool than tending bar since they hadn't had any business. Later, Max is surprised when Viki shows up and reminisces about Ben.

Joey and Jen ask Andrew to marry them. After reminding them of Jen's matrimonial past, Andrew suggests they wait. When the couple insists they are ready to be wed, Andrew agrees to perform the ceremony. Joey and Jen inform Jessica that they plan to marry, Jessica is less than thrilled, but offers her best wishes, but when they tell Natalie, she suggests her brother get out of the relationship as soon as possible. After telling his mother and brother, Joey is thrilled when Kevin congratulates him, while Viki tries to get answers out of Jen.

Jessica tells Viki that Keri is trying to stop Antonio from seeing Jamie. When R.J. tries to convince Keri to press charges, she tells him that she inflicted the wound onto herself. Even with her confession, R.J. blames Antonio for the causing her to do it. Later, Jessica shows up at Keri's and tries to convince Keri not to use Jaime against Antonio. When Keri expresses her concerns about Antonio's temper, Jessica insists that he would never hurt Jamie, prompting Keri to fall back on her lie that Antonio hit her.

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