One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 4, 2007 on OLTL

Antonio and Jessica headed to surgery. A bomb exploded in the hospital. Miles continued to blackmail Marty. Kirk and Tate had a loud disagreement in Rodi's. Cole was suspicious of his mother's decision to marry Miles. Blair vowed to continue her search for Todd. Starr learned that Cole would be attending the prom with Britney.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 4, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, June 4, 2007

Antonio arrives at the hospital with no time to spare and he and Jessica are immediately prepped for surgery. Natalie says an emotional goodbye to her sister. Nash and Jessica voice their love for one another as she's led off to the operating room. Michael gives Nash permission to observe the operation from the gallery. Meanwhile, Talia receives a threatening letter from OPP and alerts Bo. John, Bo and Talia put their heads together and come to the conclusion that a bomb has been planted at the hospital. While searching Jessica's former ICU room, John finds a live bomb and manages to diffuse it only to be faced with another threat. Jessica and Antonio's families pray for them but everyone's lives end up in peril. Miles continues to blackmail Marty into marrying him, threatening to turn her taped murder confession over to the police if she refuses. Marty doesn't get good news when she meets with an attorney to "hypothetically" ask what a taped confession would mean in terms of prison time. Miles confronts Marty when she returns to the hospital.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

In the aftermath of the explosion, Nash is trapped in the operating room with Antonio, who is still on the operating table with his stomach cut open. Michael regains consciousness but is stranded in the gallery. Nash holds Antonio's life in his hands. Despite being knocked about by the explosion, Paige remains tough and immediately begins to tend to Jessica. Jessica is taken to the emergency room where she comes to and is eventually reunited with her parents. Viki has no choice but to tell Jessica what's happened to Nash and Antonio. Talia admits to Antonio's family that he's trapped in the operating room with Nash. Cristian volunteers to help and enters the danger zone. Marty suffers a head wound in the blast. John jumps into action and gets Marty to safety as Miles trails behind. Miles alerts Cole that Marty has been injured. Miles uses Cole to highlight what's at stake for Marty should she choose not to marry him. Starr is heartbroken when she learns Cole and Britney are going to the prom together. Langston and Markko make an unusual bet. Dorian scores points with Clint.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

John calls out to Mike to get an update on the situation. Mike tells him it's bad and that Nash has to close up Antonio's wound. Nash wonders aloud if he's the right guy for this job, but Michael tells him he's the only guy that can do it. This conversation is relayed to Bo and Cristian. Cris worries about Nash being the one to close Antonio up, but Bo reminds him that they're out of options.

As John, Bo, Cris, and the ESU team work to get into the operating room, Michael talks Nash through the procedures to get ready to sew up Antonio's wound. When Nash starts to sew up Antonio, he notices that Antonio is still bleeding. Mike tell Nash what to do to stop the bleeder, and then talks him through sewing up the incision. As Nash is finishing closing Antonio up, John makes it into the gallery and gets the door to the operating room open, so Michael can check on Nash's progress. When they get to the floor, they check the other doctors and find that they're still alive. John reports this to Bo, and Cris asks how Antonio is. John tells Cris that Antonio's fine, thanks to Nash. Bo, Cris and the ESU team finally get into the operating room, and Cristian thanks Nash for helping save Antonio's life. John goes to check on Marty.

Bo congratulates Michael and Nash on their work in saving Antonio. Mike asks if Nash wants to go see Jessica, but Nash needs a moment before seeing her. As Mike goes to check on Jessica, Nash realizes the enormity of what he's been through and has a minor meltdown.

Marty tells Cole that she's fine and is just staying at the hospital for observation. Cole then thanks Miles for calling him. Marty asks Miles to give her and Cole some time alone to talk. After Miles leaves, Cole tells Marty to never leave him. Marty flashes back to Miles's ultimatum, and then tells Cole that she'll never leave him. A nurse then comes in to kick Cole out.

Once Cole leaves, Miles comes back in. Marty assures him that she didn't tell Cole anything about him blackmailing her into marriage. Miles refuses to see it that way, and tells her that her decision is a no-brainer. He's convinced that she'll learn to love him and thinks that keeping her secret about murdering Spencer is worth a change of heart. Marty tells Miles that he's more of a monster than she thought. He warns her never to call him that. Just then, John walks in asking if everything is alright.

Miles tries to get John to leave by insisting that he'll make sure that Marty gets proper treatment. He then mentions that he made Marty an offer she can't refuse. John asks what kind of offer he made. Marty lies that Miles offered to take her home. John remains suspicious but leaves it alone for now and goes to help out more with the rescue. After he leaves, Marty laments not telling John the truth about Miles's proposal. Miles warns her against telling anyone again, and then demands an answer to his proposal.

Bo calls in the CSU team. He and John discuss how relieved they are that no one was hurt. John then wonders what these guys will do next.

Starr asks Langston if Markko gets to her. Langston firmly denies that. She then asks Starr if there's been any news about Todd. She mentions that she thinks it's unfair that the only reason Starr broke up with Cole is because of Todd, and now Starr can't be with either of them. They then discuss the lameness of prom, and Langston realizes that Starr really does want to go, and she wants to go with Cole. At that moment, Britney walks in and tries to quickly hide the prom tickets she bought, but not quickly enough so that Langston and Starr don't see. Britney says that she and Cole don't want Starr to be upset. Starr is mad to find out that Britney considers herself and Cole to be a couple. Britney then explains why she's going to the prom with Cole. Starr doesn't want to hear it and wants to stop talking about the whole thing.

Cole returns from the hospital and announces that there was a bombing there. Starr and Langston ask him for details, but Cole only knows that the police think the OPP set it up. Starr realizes that most of her family is at the hospital and rushes to go check on them.

Roxy joins Rex at Rodi's as he's drowning his sorrows. He asks her not to say, "I told you so." He notices Kirk walk in and is less than thrilled. Roxy horrifies Rex by calling Kirk over to them. Roxy and Kirk verbally spar a bit until the bartender finishes getting Kirk's order. Rex realizes that Kirk is hiding something and is eager to find out what it is. He then walks over to Kirk and asks him about the camp he took Tate to in Wyoming. Kirk says nothing to him.

Roxy asks the bartender to turn on the TV so she can hear the scores. News about the bombing at the hospital comes on. Rex overhears this and goes rushing off to check on Adriana. A little while later, the bartender turns off the TV. As Roxy leaves, she loudly says that she hopes whoever put the bomb at the hospital gets a life. After she's gone, Kirk takes out a hospital visitor pass and crumples it up.

Outside the hospital, Adriana comforts Carlotta. Carlotta worries about what she might have to tell Jamie, but Adriana tells her not to fret because nothing bad is going to happen. Tate rushes over to see Adriana, and she asks him if he came from inside the hospital. He explains that he came from the parking lot and it just looks like he came from inside the hospital, which leaves Adriana still suspicious. Tate then asks about Jessica, and Carlotta tells her about Antonio. Tate offers to go get news from some of the reporters.

Later on, Tate notes how amazing Adriana's family is. She says they have their rough patches, but they stick together when it counts. She also mentions how Antonio came back from Barcelona to save Jessica, and that if Antonio dies, Jessica will blame herself. When they return to Carlotta, he lies that he couldn't get any information out of the reporters. Once Carlotta's out of earshot, he tells Adriana that they think the OPP set up the explosion. Adriana wonders what kind of monster could do something like this.

Jessica asks to see Nash, and Viki tells her that she'll see him soon without mentioning that Nash got trapped in the explosion. Natalie, Viki, and Clint talk outside Jess's room as she's sleeping. Natalie's concerned about telling Jess about the explosion, but Viki and Clint think the truth is the best thing for her, because she'll need to trust them while she's recovering. They all hope that they'll have good news for Jessica when she wakes up. Clint gets tired of waiting for news and goes off to find out some information in spite of Viki's objections. A nurse tells Natalie that Jessica's anesthesia will take a while to wear off because the surgeons didn't have time to give her something to reverse it. Viki's glad that Jessica isn't awake to see all the chaos around them.

Adriana notices that Tate still looks upset. He says it's just because they haven't heard anything about Antonio yet. Just then, Cristian comes out to tell them all that Antonio is safe and made it through the surgery. Carlotta and Cristian go back inside the hospital to see Antonio. Adriana thanks Tate for being there for her and hugs him. Rex makes it to the hospital to see this, and walks away, dejected.

Later on, Jessica wakes up and asks where Clint went. Viki tells her that he went to get some information on the explosion. Natalie notes that Clint has been gone a long time, and Jessica realizes that it must be serious if he's still gone. She insists on hearing the truth about what happened. Natalie and Viki try their best to not tell her anything when Clint finally returns with Nash in tow. Clint tells them all that Antonio is going to be fine thanks to Nash, which relieves everyone. Jessica then jokes to Nash that if the vineyard doesn't work out for him, he could go to medical school. Nash tells her that the only thing he could think about as he was working on Antonio was getting back to her.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

At the hospital Jess hears that both she and Antonio are doing well. She promises Cris that she'll stick by him in his attempts to reconnect with his brother. He admits that if the tables were turned he would feel the same way that his brother does. Adriana reads the news of the bombing to Antonio. He learns that Nash saved his life by performing a surgery, as Michael relates the turn of events during the aftermath of the bombing. Nash was the only one who could get to him, Michael explains. Antonio demands to see Nash and when he arrives, tells him, "I hope the two of you burn in hell." He continues that they will never be friends again and knows that Nash only helped him because it was the right thing to do, the same reason that he helped Jessica. He will never forgive Nash. When Nash returns to Jessica he cleans up the conversation a bit though he discloses that Antonio will never forgive them. Later, Antonio is seizing and it turns out that he needs dialysis. He mutters Jessica's name.

Rex spies on Tate and his father while at Rodi's. They are in the midst of a loud disagreement and Kirk is admonishing his son about not making the right choices. It goes beyond the girl, he tells him, and things are getting out of hand. People are becoming suspicious. Rex has the need, as only Rex does, to interrupt them by peppering them with questions. You lost, get over it, a ticked off Tate tells him. Kirk doesn't like the scene that is being created and leaves, though warning his son that they're not through. Rex tries to get a rile out of Tate, suggesting that his father is running his life and how he must be a disappointment to him. As Tate warns him to stop, Adriana arrives in time to hear it. She has no time for Rex and goes off with Tate.

Miles brings Marty home and Cole learns she was actually released from the hospital the day before. Miles springs the news that they flew to Las Vegas and got married, which angers Marty, who wanted to be the one to tell her son the news. Cole is shocked beyond belief, yelling that Miles will never be his dad, when Miles says as much. Your step-dad I mean, he corrects himself, and he's looked forward to having a son. Cole laughs, thinking the whole thing is just a joke but learns that it's not. They've wanted this for a long time, Marty tries to explain. Cole thinks she's lying, especially when she can't answer his question about whether she's in love with Miles or not. She can love him in time, she points out. She insists it was the right thing to do and it was her choice. Cole decides that she was either drunk or hurt in the bombing and the entire thing is an insult to his dad's memory, which hurts Marty. He told her to date John, he yells at her. Marty asks to be alone with her son and Miles heads for an appointment, suggesting they have dinner later. Cole demands the truth and she tells him it's complicated but that his happiness is what's important. She mentions Miles' money. She's lying and she doesn't sound like herself, Cole continues. "It had to be done...I did it for you, " she replies. Nothing has to change, she adds. It already has, he retorts and she's lying or something happened. She pleads that she can't do it without him but he snaps that she should have thought of that. He runs out and leaves her distraught, muttering that she didn't know what else to do.

Starr feels guilty; her dad is missing and other terrible things are happening and she's only upset that Cole is going to the prom with Britney. She's quick to tell her mom that she doesn't want her sympathy, especially since Blair wanted them apart to begin with. Blair assures her that her problem is very real and she's not happy when her daughter is sad. Blair discloses her own sorry prom tale and suggests that Starr ask someone else to go. No way, she couldn't watch Cole and Britney together, she whines. Blair informs her that she's sure that Todd is still alive and she's hired a new P.I. She also believes that Miles is responsible for Todd's disappearance. A while later, a distressed Cole seeks Starr out. She's the only person he can talk to, he begs her. He tells her the latest with his mother.

The cops have no clue to the bombing suspect but they'll get closer when the person makes mistakes. John and Talia will pursue getting a warrant to enable them to obtain all information on Tate though it's confusing that he's working for Adriana and Layla. Bo suggests that it's a cover. Blair stops by to see John; she's tired of waiting for news when she thinks the best lead in Llanview for finding Todd is Miles. She knows there's something more. John tries to explain that he's been watching Miles closely even if Blair was unaware of that. She informs John that she's invited Miles to join them and when he shows up, he tells them that it's the best day of his life. John thinks he should be providing them with more information, as Blair tries to interfere. Nothing can stop Miles though as he announces he's married. Had a whirlwind courtship, he continues. Blair sarcastically notes how romantic that is but shock takes over when they learn that Marty is the bride. John sees her walk in and can only look at her with glazed eyes.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Marty's lies don't fly with John when she awkwardly tries to explain why she did what she did. Blair takes delight in Marty's discomfort. Starr sees a way to turn Cole's situation to her advantage and asks him for a huge favor. Cole and Starr clearly long for each other but don't act on their feelings. Dorian goes against David's wishes and takes matters into her own hands after he shares his suspicions with her. Blair vows to Starr that she'll find Todd and bring him home. Jessica and Nash look forward to starting their life together but feel guilty when they find out about Antonio. Cristian makes an impassioned to his brother.

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