One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 7, 2008 on OLTL
Marcie kidnapped Viki and held her hostage in Paris, Texas. Michael flew to Texas and convinced Marcie to release Viki. Gigi was arrested for aiding Marcie. Clint and Nora revealed their strong feelings for each other. Rex and Adriana discussed their wedding plans. Natalie denied that she had feelings for Miles.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 7, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, January 7, 2008

Jared is unconvinced by Jessica's charade of pretending to be Tess and compliments her on her acting abilities. Jared informs her that he did research on her mental illness and realizes she is scamming him. He questions how she has been able to keep up this pretense for so long. Jessica continues to behave as Tess; she tells him she needed to convince her family that "Jessica" was integrated. Jessica claims she had plans to leave town until he (Jared) came to Llanview and derailed her plans. Exhibiting seductive behavior, Jessica informs Jared that she plans to help him get something they both want. Jared quickly deflects Jessica's accusation that he tampered with the DNA test. Jessica explains that she wants the inheritance just as badly as he does; she tells him he will need an ally to convince the family to purchase the vineyard. Jessica reveals that she will be his ally. Jared reminds Jessica that Tess ruined his life; he declares that he would never get in bed with her literally or figuratively if she were the last woman on earth. Jessica tells Jared that the guy Tess turned on was a loser; she is impressed with the new Jared who devised the plan to become a Buchanan. Jared continues to question what Jessica's true intentions are. Jessica tells him that aside from living the good life with the inheritance money, she will enjoy making fools out of the Buchanans. This peaks Jared's interest; he becomes curious of Jessica's scheme. Jessica suggests Jared presents his plan at the next BE board meeting. She states that when the votes are cast, she will vote for him. Jessica believes this gesture should convince him that Tess is back. After little consideration, Jared informs Jessica that her idea proves she is not Tess. Jared believes Tess would have a much clever plan; he questions how her one vote would help his cause. Jessica tells him that the Buchanans accept whatever "Jessica" says; when Jessica speaks everyone listens. Jessica tells Jared that once she states her case, the family will all follow suit. Jessica asks Jared if he intends to go along with her plan. Just as Jared prepares to give her an answer, an angry Nash walks through the door. Nash wants answers from both Jared and Jessica about what is going on.

While in bed, Adriana and Rex discuss plans for the upcoming wedding. When he begins mentioning future family events with the Cramer women, Rex notices Adriana's sudden change in behavior. Rex questions Adriana's mood and she tells him about her catfight with Blair. Feeling guilty, she admits to telling Blair that she knew about Tommy's true identity from the very beginning. Upset by Adriana's actions, Rex tells Adriana they will be saying their wedding vows behind bars. After researching the possible charges against them, Adriana is afraid of the fate that awaits them. Adriana reveals she is more terrified of Todd and Blair than she is of the police. Adriana tells Rex that Todd and Blair will seek revenge once they have time to consider what she has done. Rex attempts to convince Adriana that she could always deny Blair's claims. Adriana tells him that will not be possible and gives him the list of witnesses present during her confession, including Dorian.

At La Boulaie, Charlie enters the room as Dorian revels at the discovery of the photograph containing Viki and Charlie. Claiming to have accidentally stumbled across the picture, Dorian asks Charlie the identity of the woman in the photograph. Charlie tells Dorian that Viki is a waitress and close friend from Paris, Texas. Dorian continues to question Charlie about his relationship with Viki. Charlie admits that the relationship was stalled because he had to come to Llanview. He goes on to tell Dorian that his relationship with Viki is somewhat mysterious. Charlie laughs when he admits that he and Viki never revealed their last names to one another. Cunningly, Dorian reminds Charlie that she is not aware of his last name either. Charlie tells Dorian that he goes by the name of Charlie "B". Feeling comfortable with Dorian, Charlie confides that Viki has children that he knows very little about and states she has another life that he plans to learn more of. Charlie tells Dorian he does not know how long he will remain in Llanview or if Viki will still be in Paris, Texas when he returns. Appearing bothered by Dorian's questioning about his apparent feelings for Viki, Charlie asks Dorian for the list of contacts she promised him. Charlie feels he has taken up enough of her time and would like to check into a hotel. Dorian surprises Charlie when she states we will stay at La Boulaie.

As Viki prepares to call Todd, Marcie enters the diner. Marcie is shocked to find Viki and quickly realizes that she is the waitress named "Viki" who Gigi spoke of. Marcie panics when Viki tells her that she knows Marcie is actually "Sally Ann". Viki declares that she will not allow Marcie to leave with Tommy. When Viki attempts to call the police, Marcie draws her gun at Viki and demands she puts down the phone. In a desperate state, Marcie continues to hold Viki at gunpoint. Viki attempts to reason with Marcie but to no avail. When Viki tells her to consider the fact that Tommy is witnessing her behavior, Marcie sadly states that all she wants is to be somewhere safe with her son.

While driving back to the diner, Todd pulls a gun on John when he attempts to call the police for backup. Todd tells John he intends to find his son alone at all costs. A frustrated John complies. As the two arrive at the diner, they observe Marcie's car. John convinces Todd to park out of sight so that Marcie does not panic when she sees them. As Todd and John approach the door to the diner, Marcie is attempting to flee with Tommy in hand. When Todd notices Marcie, he attempts to open the door, but Marcie quickly locks it. John makes every effort to reason with Marcie, who instead closes the blinds to the café and tells them to go away. Realizing Marcie is frightened; Viki offers to speak with Todd. Fed up with Marcie, Todd warns Marcie to open the door and that he has a gun. As Todd points his gun at the door, Marcie opens the blinds and points her gun at him. John warns Todd to put away his gun because there could be someone else in the diner. John begs Marcie to put the gun away and tells her that he is there for Michael. Marcie expresses concern for Michael's condition. After learning from John that Michael will be fine, Marcie refuses to hand over Tommy. Again, she draws the blinds and tells them to leave. When Todd questions what they will do next, John tells him they are going to wait. He feels once Marcie thinks about the situation and realizes there is no way out, she will surrender.

Natalie visits Miles at the hospital. Miles is worried about living at the carriage house; he feels Roxy will be jealous that he is living close to Natalie and he does not want to hurt her feelings after their "encounter" on New Year's Eve. Natalie admires Miles' consideration for Roxy's feelings and wishes more men shared his kindness - namely Jared. After leaving Miles' room momentarily, Natalie is approached by Nash who wants to discuss Jared's plans for his vineyard. Natalie tells Nash that from a business stand point she feels Jared has a good idea but states she will not back the plan. Nash worries that Natalie may be tempted by Jared's plan but she reassures him that family means everything to the Buchanans and no one on the board will side with Jared. Before leaving, Nash lashes out at Natalie who continues to praise Jared's business plan to sell the vineyard. He cannot understand why Natalie is falling for his con and states he believes Jared tampered with the DNA test. Upon returning to Miles' room, she begins to express her hurt over Jared and seeks advice from Miles. Miles suggests she falls in love with someone new. Natalie feels the answer is to get Jared out of her head. Suddenly, Natalie begins to consider the fact that Nash may be correct about Jared conning the entire family. Sadly she realizes that if this is true, Jared made a conscious decision to hurt her. Natalie says she could never forgive Jared if this is true.

Miles expresses his sympathy for Natalie's failed relationship. Natalie puts on a brave front and states, "when one door closes, another door opens." Reacting to Nash's questioning, Jessica quickly lashes out at Jared and tells Nash that he came back to sway her vote. Unnoticed by Nash, Jessica gives Jared a sly smile. As Jared is preparing to leave, he says "keep it real, Jessica" and gives her a playful slap on the derriere - also unnoticed by Nash. Once Jared has left, Jessica continues to lie to Nash. Nash knows Jessica pretended to be Tess and expresses his disproval. Rex tells Adriana that they are going to see Dorian; the purpose of the visit will be to convince her to keep the Cramer women quiet about Adriana's confession. The two head off to La Boulaie. Charlie is hesitant about accepting Dorian's offer but finally gives in to Dorian's persuasive arguments. Viki begs Marcie to allow John to help her. Cradling Tommy, Marcie tells Viki she cannot give her baby up and picks up the gun. Unable to wait any longer, Todd screams for Marcie to give him his son. John tells Todd to remain calm because he may cause Marcie to do something drastic. Todd ignores John's warning and continues to direct threats towards Marcie. Suddenly, Marcie opens the blinds and walks away. John tells Todd that Marcie not only has a gun, she has a hostage. Marcie appears at the door, holding Viki at gunpoint. Todd is stunned.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nash blasts Jess with questions when he figures out that she pretended to be Tess when Jared returned. She explains that it wasn't pre-planned, that it kind of just happened when he showed his arrogant side. She tries to convince her husband that she'll be able to expose Jared as the fraud that he is and that finally Natalie will be able to stop thinking about him. Nash is concerned that it's dangerous on a few different levels though; he's worried about her health, the fact that Tess might really return or that Jared will find out she's pretending and want to pay her back. She thinks that Jared is only consumed with power and money now, not the past, and she promises that his plan will not make the vote. Nash is scared too as his wife seems almost excited to be Tess again. Jess denies this and reminds him that she is made up of both Tess and Jess, she loves him, and he loves her. She's willing to do what it takes to bring Jared down. Jess thinks that if she obeys his request to not be Tess, then she'll just be playing good little wife as Nash watches everything he's worked for become wrecked. She's doing this for him and the family, he's assured. She promises him that nothing will happen.

Adriana has cold feet and decides she really doesn't want to talk to Dorian about her blurted out New Year's comment, but Rex thinks they should head over to Dorian's so they can also tell her about their engagement. Over at La Boulaie, Dorian doesn't want to hear Charlie's objections, insisting that he'll stay there. She wants to look after him for his "Viki." When Rex and Adriana arrive and announce their betrothal, she admits that while she gave her blessing, she's startled nonetheless. She's anxious to see the ring and is disappointed to see the toy, even though Adriana admits to really liking it. She mentions how the ring that Rex did buy her first is now involved in a police investigation, which leads to the other reason they're visiting, but Dorian advises them that she's busy with company and will have to discuss it another time. She introduces the young couple to Charlie, who hesitates on his last name and then blurts out Balsom after seeing something with Roxy's name. Rex is confused and wonders if they're related because that's HIS last name. Adriana mentions that Rex's mom owns the hotel at Angel Square. An uneasy Charlie manages to deflect questions as Dorian arrives with some champagne for a toast. Charlie is able to turn it down for some water instead, and a quick toast is made before the visitors are ushered out. Charlie tells Dorian that he has no children in answer to her inquiry and finally agrees to stay for just the night, before he's off to visit with his friend, Jared. "Charlie Balsom, indeed," Dorian mutters as he heads up the stairs.

Roxy walks into Miles' hospital room just as Natalie is leaning down to kiss him on the cheek. Furious, she accuses her daughter of stealing him from her and of being in love with him. Natalie tries to reason with her, explaining that they're just good friends and that she loves someone else. As she says this, she appears shocked herself, but is unwilling to share any of the details with Roxy, other than to mention that it's over anyway. Roxy doesn't believe that by the look on Nat's face. They're interrupted when Adriana and Rex show up to share their news. Rex mentions Charlie Balsom and thinks it's a good time for him to learn about his family tree. Roxy tries to discourage him and successfully changes the subject. She appears uneasy.

"Back off or I'll shoot her," Marcie threatens, when John and Todd try to get her to give in and settle peacefully. She doesn't want to shoot anyone -- but she will, she tells them. She closes the blinds on the door as Viki tries to talk to her calmly. Marcie cries that the only person she could ever love and trust is her son, and points out how even Viki is there to take her down. Viki explains how it's all a coincidence that they're even in the same town and that she's been there for quite some time. She points out that she didn't know anything at all about this entire situation involving Marcie, Todd and the baby until very recently. If Marcie gives up she won't press any charges, she indicates. Marcie is slowly becoming frantic and emotional and wants time to think. Standing outside, Todd wants to call the cops but John wants to try to speak with Marcie first. He calls the diner phone and begs her to give herself up so that she won't be in even more trouble. He asks to speak to Viki to make sure she's ok and asks her if she thinks Marcie would really shoot. Marcie grabs the phone back and when she hears Todd refer to Tommy as Sam, she loses it and hangs up. She rips apart her bags looking for the passports and accuses Viki of taking them. (John has them). Todd decides to call the cops and John asks for his unregistered gun so that he won't be arrested if he's found holding it. Viki tries to engage Marcie in conversation and asks about her family but the fugitive mom refuses to fall for it, thinking that Viki just wants her to realize what and who she's missing. They hear sirens and Marcie figures maybe she can leave via the loading dock. She demands the keys from Viki who has no idea where they might be. Both the local police and FBI show up along with the press. John assures the agent that Marcie will do anything to keep her child. Todd is interviewed on television. Inside, Viki continues to talk to the woman who is now closed in. She wants to speak with John.

Back in Llanview, residents are astounded as they see the scene in Paris, Texas play out on the news. Jess and Nat learn of their mother's whereabouts.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In Miles' hospital room, Roxy, Natalie, Rex, Adriana and Miles watch the TV news report about the hostage drama in Paris, Texas. Natalie is shocked to hear that Viki is being held hostage as Todd is interviewed for the local news. Watching from their respective homes, Jessica, Dorian and Blair are all shocked as well. Natalie and Jessica make plans to go the Buchanan Mansion to be with Clint. Roxy consoles Natalie, who shrugs her off and starts going off the handle in a panic about losing Viki. Rex calms her down. Adriana and Rex worry about Marcie, and know she would never hurt anyone. Miles is upset, realizing he's the one that set this hostage drama in motion by telling Todd about Tommy.

Blair tries calling Todd, but he doesn't answer. She and Blair wonder why Viki was at the café. They talk about the possible reasons Viki is in Texas, with Blair clueless, and Viki like the cat who ate the canary, because she knows Viki has been working as a waitress at the Bon-Jour Café.

Roxy asks Rex if she's a bad mother. Rex says no. Roxy worries that if Viki dies, Roxy will be all that Natalie has left.

Michael arrives at the Bon-Jour Café and approaches Todd, who grabs the microphone and screams at Michael on camera. Michael pulls Todd off to the side. Todd tells Michael that Marcie is holding Tommy and Viki hostage inside. Meanwhile, John is on the cell phone to Marcie, who starts making demands as Viki looks on tensely. Marcie hears Michael's voice in the background, and she softens for a moment, worried about him. The FBI Agent on scene whips his finger around, wanting John to keep Marcie talking. Marcie demands a car, a driver, a chartered plane, and new passports. John tries to keep her calm, but it's a losing battle. Todd laughs hysterically when John tells him about Marcie's demands, and is stunned when it looks like they're going to give her what she wants. John explains that they're not really going to give her anything, but they want Marcie to think they're playing along. This gives her time to assess her situation.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Nash tells Jessica that Viki will be okay, and they wonder why Viki was in Texas in the first place. Jessica feels guilty because she didn't let Viki take Bree to the park. Nash tells Jessica she's not responsible for what's happening to Viki. Jessica says when Viki comes home she'll take Bree over there all the time, and call every day, and Nash gives a funny imitation of how Viki would respond and tell Jessica to "cool it". This calms Jessica down. Natalie arrives and she, Jessica, Clint, and Nora all try to figure out what Viki is doing in Paris, Texas as they watch the news. They are all surprised and a little annoyed that they were all lied to.

Noelle and Moe arrive at the parking lot of the café, and are told they can't go in due to the hostage situation. Meanwhile, inside, Marcie and Viki talk about Tommy and how it is to have children. They talk about the similarity in their situations, how they both escaped to Paris.

Moe is interviewed on the news as the FBI continues arranging logistics.

Todd's phone rings and it's Blair. He tells her he wishes that she was there, and brings her up to speed. He tells Blair that Lee took a shot at Marcie while she was holding Tommy, and then Michael got shot. But everyone is all right. Todd tells her that "for a McBain, he's okay."

John asks Michael how he's doing, and all he cares about is getting his wife and son out of there.

Viki and Marcie continue to have an angry standoff inside while Viki tries to get Marcie to see reason. Marcie gets more and more hysterical. Viki asks if Marcie's really doing all this for Tommy, or for herself.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint reveals he found out that Marcie has a gun and Viki's inside the café with her. Natalie wants to call John, but knows he won't pick up. Jessica wants to try to phone Todd.

John wonders to the FBI Agent why they're still waiting for clearance. Michael, frustrated, says he wants to talk to Marcie.

Inside, Marcie is getting more and more wound up with Viki. She doesn't want to hand Tommy over to Todd, because he is a terrible person. Viki tries to get Marcie to put herself in Todd's shoes. Viki brings up how happy Starr is. Marcie says that's due to Blair's influence. Viki says this is all about Marcie being selfish. The two women compare their pain over losing children. Viki says that Marcie has a choice: continue their unsafe way of living, or make the harder choice, to let him go.

Rex brings Roxy a coffee and she tells him he's a good kid. He tries to reassure her about Viki, and that Natalie will be fine. He says he knows Natalie loves Roxy. They go back into Miles' room and get an update on the Paris situation from Adriana. Miles and Roxy repair their friendship. Miles thinks the entire hostage drama is his fault, and Roxy supports him, telling him he only did what he thought he should do. They agree that next time he'll keep his mouth shut, and asks Roxy for a hug.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair reports how Todd is doing in Paris. Blair wants to go be with Todd and asks Dorian to watch Jack and Starr, and they have a brief misunderstanding and argue before Dorian explains: she will watch the kids and offers Blair her charter-company jet to get to Paris.

Noelle is approached by the news reporter for an interview.

Viki appeals to Marcie's maternal instinct, trying to get her to stop running. Marcie tells her that a life with Todd is not an option for Tommy. Viki returns that even a life with Todd is better than the life Tommy has now. Then, suddenly, Viki collapses, clearly in serious pain.

Noelle announces in her live, televised interview that Viki has been working as a waitress at the Bon-Jour Café for the last five months.

Michael begs to talk to Marcie, and Todd, surprisingly, supports him, arguing his case with the FBI Agent. Michael is given a phone and told to call her.

Inside, the phone rings as Viki explains that it's time for her medicine. She tells Marcie it's a problem with her heart and that she's not faking it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

As Viki's condition worsens, Marcie is torn over what to do. Michael convinces Marcie to let him come inside the café, where he trades places with an ailing Viki. Then, Michael, Marcie and Tommy are reunited for what could be the last time. Later, Viki's family rejoices over the turn of events.

Moe, Noelle and Gigi are shocked to learn that Viki is actually a very wealthy and powerful woman. A menacing Ramsey threatens Shane to keep Gigi in line. Later, Rex and Adriana see Gigi being interviewed on TV. Meanwhile, Jared offers Natalie a shoulder to lean on.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A media circus erupts as Viki is released from the diner. Viki is immediately tended to by the paramedics and Todd. After learning that Viki is fine physically, Todd questions her mental state. He has concerns that Viki may actually be Nikki Smith. Viki tells Todd that Nikki has not surfaced and apologizes for being unable to convince Marcie to surrender. Todd wants answers from Viki; he wants to know what exactly happened in the diner. Viki informs Todd that Marcie does not want to hurt anyone. When Agent Sutton asks Viki to answer some questions, Todd explodes and wants to know what further actions the FBI plans to take in order to get Sam released. Viki agrees to questioning, but only after she has spoken to her family; Viki makes a phone call home and speaks with the girls and Clint. Viki apologizes to her family and tells them she will explain everything when she comes home. Clint, Natalie and Jessica suggest she return home immediately. Viki tells her family she wants to stay with Todd and will return home after he is reunited with his son. As Viki approaches, she hears John telling Todd that his child's life will be placed in danger if the FBI storms into the diner but Todd will hear none of it. However, Todd appears to listen to Viki's pleas. She tells Todd that Marcie is beginning to understand that she must do what is right. While Todd and Viki talk, Gigi, Shane, Moe and Noelle ask permission to speak with Viki. Viki's friends are thankful that she is fine. Gigi asks Todd if she could have a moment alone with Viki. Upon urging from Viki, Todd leaves and Gigi admits to Viki that she helped Marcie hide from the authorities. Gigi apologizes and tells Viki she had no idea that she was related to Todd and Tommy. Viki understands that Gigi did what she felt was right at the time but warns her that she may have caused serious trouble for herself. When Shane implies that he knows Todd, Gigi deflects Viki's questioning. Gigi later tells Shane that the encounter they had with Todd and Ramsey will remain their secret. When approached by an FBI agent for questioning, Gigi confesses to aiding Marcie. The reporters are relentless and continue to hound Viki, Todd, John and the staff of the Bonjour Café for answers. At one point, a reporter asks Viki why she returned to Paris, Texas for the second time. Noelle unknowingly blurts out that Viki came back because of a man. Meanwhile, Agent Sutton tells John that he has plans to enter the café if Marcie does not surrender soon. John asks that Sutton allows Michael time to convince Marcie to give up peacefully; John refuses to lure Marcie out only to be harmed by a sniper. Sutton agrees to wait another half hour and calls Marcie.

At the Buchanan mansion, the Buchanans express great relief as they watch news coverage of Viki's release. As Jessica embraces Nash and Natalie stands close by, Jared is quietly observing the actions of both women. When both Natalie and Jessica leave the room to make phone calls to find out more information on Viki's health, Jared attempts to follow them but is stopped by Nash. Nash informs Jared that he realizes he has been watching Jessica the entire night. As Nora attempts to leave the room, Clint asks her to stay. Before any conflict arises, Jessica and Natalie enter the room; they have made contact with Viki. After speaking to their mother, the girls are elated. Jared continues to observe them. The family is shocked upon hearing Noelle's statement that Viki returned to Paris, Texas because of a man. Clint reminds the girls that Viki has been keeping many secrets lately. Jessica worries that Nikki Smith may have returned; everyone quickly dismisses that notion. In a corner of the room, Jared sits quietly. Jessica excuses herself to check on Bree and is quickly followed by Nash. Nash informs her that Jared has been watching her all night. He states that her concern about her mother has proven to Jared that Tess has not returned. Meanwhile, Jared attempts to talk to Natalie who gives him the cold shoulder. Jared admits to feeling like an outsider and leaves to go upstairs. Jessica is upstairs having a loving conversation with a sleeping Bree. As Jessica tells her daughter that she understands Marcie's actions and would probably do the same thing if faced with losing her little girl, Jared enters the room and slyly questions what happened to Tess.

At LaBoulaie, Dorian, Starr and Langston are also watching the news. While Starr is glued to the set seeking answers, Dorian appears agitated. Langston cannot understand why a rich woman like Viki would work as a waitress; Dorian laughs to herself and says that is the question on everyone's mind. As Starr continues to flip through the television channels, Dorian becomes fed up and turns off the television. Dorian suggests that Starr take a break from the media coverage and help her plan Adriana's wedding. An angered Starr informs Dorian that she would never help Adriana. Dorian is dumbfounded as Starr goes on to state that Blair and Todd will see to it that Adriana and Rex spend time in jail for what they have done. Dorian places Langston in a terrible position by asking her to help plan Adriana's wedding.

Inside the Bonjour Café, Michael is reuniting with Tommy and receiving updates from Marcie about the progress he has made since Mike last saw him. Michael is elated to see both Marcie and Tommy but is quickly brought back to reality once Marcie begins suggesting that they leave the country with Tommy. Marcie tells Michael she loves him and wants to be a family again. Michael attempts to reason with Marcie by explaining she must return Tommy to Todd. Michael tells Marcie that she cannot leave because she has committed a crime by holding Viki hostage at gunpoint. Marcie contends that she is not a criminal but Todd is. Michael says that Tommy will be placed in danger if she attempts to flee with him. Marcie begins to blame Michael for not telling her the truth about Tommy; she tells him this would have never happened if he had been honest with her. Michael tells her he made a mistake just as she did when she ran off with Tommy. Michael continues to express his love for Marcie and convince her that she must surrender. Marcie confesses her love and the two share a special moment.

Clint and Nora finally have a moment alone together. Nora expresses guilt for the encounter she and Clint shared; she wonders what Viki would think. Clint and Nora discuss their friendship and come to the conclusion that a relationship is definitely forming between them. As they prepare to kiss, Nash walks into the room and interrupts. Upstairs, Jessica continues to attempt to convince Jared that she is Tess. Jessica tells him she will prove that Tess is back at the board meeting when she votes in his favor to sell the vineyard. Jared tells Jessica he wants proof now and begins passionately kissing her. Todd and Viki are having a meaningful conversation. Todd begins to blame himself for the current situation; he feels perhaps he should have been more compassionate towards Marcie. Todd feels he may have handled the entire custody of Sam incorrectly; he wonders if he hadn't acted so impatiently maybe Marcie would have never took off with Sam. Viki tells Todd he must move forward and not live in the past. While talking to Agent Sutton, Marcie demands that he provide her request for a getaway car and reminds him that she still has a hostage. Afterwards, Michael is upset with Marcie referring to him as a hostage and explains that the police never intended to comply with her demands; he tells her that it is a trap and she is placing Tommy in danger if she attempts to flee. Gigi is arrested in front of a crying Shane. Moe and Noelle agree to care for Shane. Viki is sad as she watches Gigi lead away by police. Marcie begins to panic when she observes Gigi's arrest through the window. Michael tells Marcie they cannot continue to put Tommy through this situation. He tells her Todd may have many faults but he is a good father. Michael says Tommy will be better off with Todd than with he and Marcie. Michael explains that they must let Tommy go on their own and if they do not, he fears he will have to say goodbye to both of them again. As Michael continues to plead with Marcie, she begs him to not make her give Tommy up. Michael presents Marcie with her wedding ring and reaches for her hand.

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