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Cole's sentence was reduced to community service. Cole and Starr decided to cancel their wedding. Rex and Gigi made love. Shane's parents decided to trick Stacy into believing Shane's leukemia had returned in order to catch her retrieving the extra blood she'd hidden. Layla noticed a gay waiter flirting with Fish. Kyle warned Cristian that Fish was using Layla. Stacy revealed that she had slept with Rex.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 6, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, July 6, 2009

While in the shower, Rex phoned Gigi and informed her that he was having trouble locating the bag of blood that Stacy had hidden. As Rex announced that he was determined to find the blood sample, Stacy entered and questioned whom Rex was speaking to. After making up an excuse, Rex attempted to exit the shower, but Stacy pulled him into an embrace and insisted upon sharing an intimate moment. In an attempt to distract her, Rex suggested that they refrain from having any sexual contact until they had a first date. Stacy asked Rex to take her to the Palace that night, and a cornered Rex agreed.

Convinced that Rex was avoiding her, Stacy told Rex that she realized that he felt guilty about having sex with her. Stacy said that it was only natural for Rex to feel as though he had cheated on Gigi. Pulling Rex close, Stacy stated that she was willing to wait until Rex figured things out. Before leaving him alone, Stacy gave Rex a passionate kiss. Afterward, a disgusted Rex gagged, and rinsed his mouth out with dishwashing liquid.

When Schuyler showed up at the cottage to check on Gigi, he was surprised to find her in a good mood. Gigi explained that she had finally told Rex the truth about Stacy's evil scheme. After realizing that Rex hadn't told Gigi about his romantic encounter with Stacy, Schuyler blurted out, "Are you sure Rex isn't playing you?" Gigi assured Schuyler that Rex had been truthful with her and that Stacy was the one in the dark. Schuyler appeared bothered when Gigi declared that Rex had never had any sexual contact with Stacy. Conflicted, Schuyler asked Gigi if Rex had denied sleeping with Stacy, but Gigi refused to believe that Rex had neglected to mention that he had slept with Stacy.

Frustrated by Gigi's defense of Rex, Schuyler attempted to tell Gigi about Stacy's claim about having sex with Rex. Before Schuyler could reveal Rex's indiscretion, Rex entered the cottage and asked what was going on. After Gigi explained that Schuyler was checking on her, Rex apologized for giving Schuyler such a difficult time. Uncomfortable with Rex's presence, Schuyler quickly excused himself. Alone with Gigi, Rex stated that it was imperative that he find the blood that Stacy had hidden. Rex said that he couldn't bear to spend another moment with Stacy and feared what he might do to her out of anger. Gigi reminded Rex that Stacy could never learn that he knew the truth until they discover the whereabouts of the missing blood sample. Rex announced that Stacy had given him an idea.

Meanwhile, Stacy took a shower and daydreamed that she and Rex were making love. After showering, Stacy smiled to herself as she wrote on the shower door, "Rex and Stacy 4ever."

At Llanfair, Jessica was surprised when Natalie apologized for judging Brody. Explaining that Gigi had revealed that Brody had helped her deal with Stacy's blackmail, Natalie acknowledged that Brody was a good man. Natalie insisted that she had done terrible things only because she wanted to do right by Jessica. Insisting that she understood her sister's past actions, Jessica asked Natalie to never stop trying to protect her. The sisters shared a loving hug.

At the police station, Bo wondered if Brody was interested in joining the Llanview Police Department. Reminding Bo that he had been institutionalized, Brody stated that he would never pass the psychological exam that was required of police cadets. Bo insisted that Brody was a trained officer and had only suffered a setback because of his past experience in combat. Citing that many of his officers had past problems, Bo believed that Brody would make a great cop. Stating that the police interviewer wouldn't give him clearance, Brody insisted that he'd never make it through the first interview. Bo revealed that Brody was undergoing his first interview.

Brody wondered if Bo was concerned by Brody's troubles with Rex. Bo said that Brody's personal life was of no concern to him. Brody insisted that he had never intended to destroy Rex's life. Commenting that Rex often created his own problems, Bo admitted that he had no idea what was going on with Rex. Continuing on with the interview, Bo asked Brody why he wanted to be a cop. Brody mentioned that after serving in the war, he realized that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. With a smile, Bo told Brody that he had made a great difference in Jessica's life.

Later, Bo visited Jessica at Llanfair and told her the good news. Jessica was delighted to learn that Brody had applied to the police academy. Brody told Jessica that his fate was in Bo's hands. Meanwhile, Bo placed Brody's application in a file titled, "Prospective Candidates."

Inside Bo's office, John asked Judge Runyon to dismiss Cole's sentence and allow the teen to help infiltrate the drug cartel in the high school. Insisting that he was the only person who could help Cole, John admitted that his actions were of a personal nature. Stating that he didn't like John's plan, the judge agreed to allow John to carry on if John agreed to certain conditions.

John promised the judge that he would use Cole to trace the drugs back to the source. If John located the drug supplier, Cole's sentence would be permanently dismissed. If John couldn't find the source, Cole would serve time at Statesville. Judge Runyon questioned if John was willing to risk Cole getting hurt or possibly killed. John assured the judge that Cole would be under his protection throughout the investigation. After agreeing to John's demands, the judge gave John one month to complete his undercover investigation. Although he accepted the judge's terms, John didn't believe that thirty days was enough time to complete his investigation.

At La Boulaie, Dorian left Moe a voicemail begging him to attend her special dinner. Langston interrupted Dorian's call and questioned if everything was fine. A nervous Dorian assured Langston that the dinner would go off without a hitch.

A short time later, Dorian spotted Langston and Markko sharing a kiss on the patio. Reminding the teens that Markko's parents might discover them together, Dorian warned Langston and Markko that they were placing their relationship at risk. Dorian stated that Markko shouldn't be on the grounds, but Markko announced that he was Cole's best man and had no intention on missing the ceremony.

Langston and Markko became suspicious when Dorian suggested that they reschedule the dinner. The teens were adamant that they wanted the dinner to take place as soon as possible. After Dorian left, Langston and Markko realized that Dorian was hiding something. Dorian snuck away and left a message on Viki's voicemail. Dorian pleaded with Viki to attend the dinner for Langston's sake.

Upstairs, Cole and Starr enjoyed time with Hope and discussed their nuptials. Sensing that Starr was nervous, Cole wondered if Starr wanted to get married. Insisting that she wanted to be with Cole and Hope for the rest of her life, Starr admitted that she was afraid that she would ruin their relationship because she feared that she was exactly like her parents. Stressing that their relationship was completely different from her parents' relationship, Cole insisted that they were meant to be together.

Inside the living room, Todd, Marty, Blair, and the rest of the family awaited the arrival of the justice of the peace. Blair was disgusted when Téa arrived and Todd announced that he had invited her. Blair verbally attacked Téa and accused Todd of spending the night with her. Questioning why Blair was concerned about his relationship with Téa, Todd asked Blair if John would attend the ceremony. An angered Blair assured Todd that John was en route. As Todd, Blair, and Téa argued, the justice of the peace interrupted and asked Todd which lady was the love of his life. Starr and Cole arrived downstairs and advised the justice that they were the happy couple.

Family and friends assembled for the wedding ceremony. Starr glared at her father when he interrupted the service. To everyone's surprise, Todd stated that although he had reservations about the marriage, he hoped that Starr would be happy. Everyone watched as the couple recited their wedding vows. As the justice of the peace prepared to announce Starr and Cole as husband and wife, John entered the room and interrupted the ceremony.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Due to ABC News coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial, One Life to Live did not air today. The show was preempted nationwide, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the special news coverage.

Regular programming will resume on July 8, and picked up where the July 6 episode concluded.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

At the carriage house, Rex and Gigi brainstormed together about how to get their hands on Stacy's cache of stem cells. Rex posited that Shane's leukemia might return. Gigi was alarmed until Rex reassured her that Shane would not actually become ill, but that they would let Stacy believe that Shane had relapsed. He suggested that once Stacy believed that Shane was sick again, she would retrieve the blood, and Rex would find it and bust her for good.

Gigi was fearful of tempting fate after her promise to God, but Rex reminded her that the Almighty couldn't possibly be in favor of Stacy's evil scheme. The couple realized that the only way their "fake leukemia" plan would work was if Shane was in on their ruse. Rex balked at the idea of having to explain to his son that Stacy was obsessed with Rex, and had ransomed Shane's life in order to break Gigi and Rex up. Gigi insisted that they had to tell Shane everything, but Rex continued to hedge over details, guilt-ridden over his sexual dalliance with Stacy. Lost in thought, Rex told Gigi again that no matter what had happened, he had always loved her. They resolved to tell Shane the truth in order to bring him into their plan, but Gigi asked Rex what they would tell him about their having gotten back together.

Schuyler arrived at the rehab center with flowers for his co-worker, Rachel. He revealed that Shaun had left the flowers. As Schuyler teased her about her new relationship, Rachel was hesitant to reveal details, or define how she felt for the gentle giant. Instead, she was eager to trash Greg, who she called a self-absorbed opportunist. She marveled at how two siblings could be so different. Schuyler found that he could relate as he brought up the story of the Morasco sisters.

After giving Rachel a capsule summary of his involvement with Stacy, Gigi, and Rex, Schuyler said that he was disgusted by Stacy's behavior, and had felt obligated to help Gigi, yet Stacy accused him of having fallen for her sister. Rachel asked Schuyler if he really did have feelings for Gigi, but Schuyler didn't have a clear answer. He said he felt responsible for Stacy's misdeeds, and wanted to tell Gigi about Stacy and Rex's night of passion, since Rex hadn't been forthcoming. Rachel reminded Schuyler that policing the Morascos was not his job, and urged him to allow things to play out naturally on their own. Schuyler admitted that whatever his feelings for Gigi, a part of him would always love the Stacy he remembered from Las Vegas. As the two left the rehab center together, Rachel offered to take Schuyler to lunch.

At the Palace Hotel, the Evans siblings met for lunch. Destiny was delighted as Greg gave her a new cell phone, but Shaun was unimpressed, and accused Greg of trying to buy their sister's love after skipping out on their dinner date. Greg continued to lie to Destiny, claiming that his night out at Capricorn had been all business regarding Matthew's case. When Destiny excused herself, Shaun and Greg continued to bicker, and Greg asked his brother why he couldn't be allowed to make amends. Shaun told Greg that their relationship was damaged beyond repair, and warned him about manipulating Destiny. Greg asked about Shaun's relationship with Rachel, but Shaun was closed-mouthed.

Destiny returned to the table, and asked Shaun to take a picture of her with Greg on her new phone. Just then, Greg received a call from Dr. Wright, and told Destiny that Matthew's test results were in. Destiny was dying to know Matthew's prognosis, but Greg told her he had to speak to the family first, and bid his brother and sister farewell.

In an exam room at Llanview Hospital, Nora watched as Matthew struggled through a grueling round of physical therapy with his trainer. Bo arrived just in time to see Matthew collapse to the ground. Angry and frustrated, Matthew asked his parents what the point of his exercises was if Dr. Evans was going to "fix [him]." Bo and Nora told Matthew they needed to be cautious, and Matthew accused them of not believing that Greg could restore the use of his legs. Nora told Matt they had to be prepared for all possibilities, and Bo reminded him that he had to be in prime physical condition for when his legs were healed. Matthew accepted his parents' reasoning, but before he could resume his exercises, Bo got a call from Greg. Bo told Nora and Matthew that Matthew's tests were back.

At the Buchanan mansion, Viki and Clint went over the plans for what Viki referred to as their "really weird double wedding." Changing the subject, Clint mentioned that he had flown Greg in to take Matthew's case, and had also asked Bo to be his best man. Viki was taken aback, and asked Clint if his bold moves and rushed engagement were just a way to pin Nora down. She suggested that he was threatened by Bo and Nora's relationship and history.

Clint said that he had been angry about Bo and Nora's closeness, but had decided to re-channel his anger into "new ideas," such as Greg, and Bo standing up for him at the altar. Viki accused Clint of "rubbing Bo's nose" in his relationship with Nora. "And I will until the son of a gun gets the point!" Clint snapped. Viki asked what the point of his "cold war" with Bo was-that he'd "won?"

Clint said that he and Bo had always been competitive, and Bo was constantly underfoot; Viki chastised him for sounding like Asa. She reminded Clint that he was marrying Bo's ex-wife, inviting tension. Clint softened as he said he'd wanted to show Nora he could be of help, and only wanted to make her happy. Viki urged him to believe in Nora's love and stop trying to outdo Bo, or risk permanently transforming into "a jealous ass."

At La Boulaie, John interrupted the wedding ceremony just as Starr and Cole were about to be pronounced man and wife. He announced that Cole was not going to prison, and claimed that his sentence had been changed to community service. Cole, Starr, and Marty were overjoyed, and Cole and Starr embraced as they realized they would not be separated. Langston and Markko congratulated their friends. Meanwhile, Todd remained stone-faced.

The rest of the wedding party fell into a state of confusion, as Dorian wrung her hands over the planning for her party later that evening, while Jack asked if there would be a wedding after all. Todd took the initiative to announce that the wedding was off in light of the groom's suspended sentence, but Cole had other ideas, lashing out at Todd as he said that he still intended to marry Starr. Todd looked to Blair and Téa for backup, but the ladies refused to spot him. Cole told Todd to shut up and stay out of things, then headed for the patio to talk privately with Starr.

While the wedding debate raged on, Langston and Markko asked Dorian about her apology tour. Dorian continued to insist that everyone would be there, though Téa privately warned her that Moe and Shaun were not interested. Desperate, Dorian placed a call to Viki.

At the Buchanan mansion, Viki was dismayed to realize Dorian was calling her yet again, and let the call go to voicemail. Viki explained to Clint that Dorian had been nagging her and Charlie to attend a dinner party for Langston, and that they'd told her no. "Can't imagine why," Clint quipped. Viki left Clint with sage advice, encouraging him to trust in Nora.

Back at La Boulaie, Dorian covered in front of Langston and Markko, faking a flowery conversation with Viki. As Langston said goodbye to Markko, Dorian made several more furtive calls to Shaun, Moe, and Noelle, begging them to attend the party. Afterwards, she commiserated with Blair. Both Cramer women secretly hoped that Starr and Cole would call off their wedding.

At the Palace, Shaun and Destiny continued their lunch, grilling each other on their respective feelings for Rachel and Matthew. Destiny admitted that she was into Matthew, but said he didn't know she was alive. Shaun said he didn't know how Rachel felt about him, and wasn't sure he wanted to know. Destiny pushed Shaun to ask her, and pointed behind them. Shaun turned around to see Rachel in the entryway, but was dismayed as he saw she was with Schuyler.

At the Buchanan mansion, Bo, Nora, and Clint ushered Matthew and Greg into the living room for a meeting about Matthew's test results. In the hallway, Clint took Nora aside and told her he wouldn't be attending the meeting, citing business in Los Angeles. He told her he trusted that Bo and Nora could take care of things, and wished Matthew luck.

In the living room, Nora sat down beside Bo and Matthew as Greg told them he'd examined Matthew's test results, and had come to a decision about treatment.

At La Boulaie, Marty was thrilled that John had aided Cole in staying out of prison, and thanked him for his help. John told her not to thank him yet, and warned her that it wasn't community service Cole had to do, but something else.

In the foyer, Todd sulked about Starr and Cole, while Téa applied tough love. Curling herself around her paramour, she pushed him to admit he'd hoped Cole would go to prison so he could poison Starr against the boy. Todd scowled at Téa, but admitted that Cole made him crazy. "Not as much as you do," he added, as he and Téa grew intimate again.

Blair walked in on their public display of affection and was disgusted, suggesting they make it official while the justice of the peace was still on the premises. Todd blamed Blair for allowing things to get so out of hand with the children, but Blair reminded Todd that he was the one that had consented to the marriage, and said that he had to live with whatever happened.

On the patio, Starr and Cole got a moment to themselves as Cole told Starr he still wanted to go through with the wedding. Starr told Cole that she loved him, but she couldn't marry him.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

You Can Go Home Again

At the Buchanan mansion, Matthew sat with his parents, all three anxiously waiting to hear Greg's decision regarding surgery for Matthew. The doctor believed that Matthew was a good candidate for an operation because his spinal cord had been damaged, not severed. While he had performed the surgery many times in the past, Dr. Evans pointed out that it was complicated nonetheless. He would be able to schedule Matthew within the next two weeks, he added. As Nora and Bo prodded him for more details, the doctor apologetically admitted that there were always risks and he couldn't make any guarantees. He reluctantly admitted that his success rate was not quite 100%.

Bo and Nora stressed that they needed to know what was involved, and the doctor understood. He pointed out that Matthew would have to undergo heavy physical therapy after surgery. Bo wanted to understand why the other doctors they had consulted previously had felt pretty sure that Matthew would never walk again. Greg smugly told Bo that he had finally found the right surgeon, but Greg understood that it was a big decision to make. As Nora was on the verge of hyperventilating, Greg assured her that he wouldn't have recommended surgery if he didn't think he'd be successful. He thought it would be great for Matthew to be able to play basketball again.

Once the doctor left, the battle began. Matthew insisted that he had to have the surgery, while Nora attempted to explain her point of view. She couldn't bear to lose him if something went wrong with the surgery, she told him, getting choked up. She and Bo agreed that Greg was a "showboat" who just wanted to do a "flashy procedure." Nora felt that the doctor was making light of the possible side effects and issues of the surgery. She did not want to give the doctor a green light. Bo added that Matthew's life could be over if something went wrong. Yelling, Matthew informed his parents that his life was over the day of the accident. He demanded that he be given his life back and he refused to listen to anything that Bo and Nora had to say.

Bo explained that they wanted what was best and they were unable to make a decision yet. He admitted that he would agree with Nora if there were any risk involved. Matthew retorted that he would rather be dead than have to live in the wheelchair.

As Shaun sat with his little sister at a table in the Palace Hotel, Destiny gasped. She had spotted Rachel with another man and urged her brother to fight. Denying that Rachel was his girl, Shaun was mortified when Destiny took matters into her own hands and called out for Rachel and Schuyler to join them. Awkwardly, the pair joined them and, as usual, Destiny had no problems in sharing her thoughts out loud. She wanted to know if Schuyler and Rachel were dating.

As a mortified Shaun looked on, Destiny managed to knock a filled glass of iced tea over onto Schuyler with her menu. Grabbing his hand, Destiny insisted that she needed to clean it off of his pants before the stain set in. Rachel, well aware of what Destiny was doing, made the most of her time alone with Shaun. He confessed to liking her and she admitted that everything about Shaun had been a pleasant surprise, such as when he sent her flowers.

She admitted that she had been guarded and wanted to explain why. She proceeded to inform him that she was a recovering addict and needed to take things slowly. Having said that, she added that most men ran away screaming when they heard that. Shaun assured her that he wasn't running or screaming.

As Destiny helped Schuyler with the stain, she asked him bluntly if he was after Rachel. An amused Schuyler reassured her that they worked together and were merely celebrating his new job. She was happy, advising him that it wasn't cool to go after another man's girlfriend. Those types of men were jerks, she added. That struck a chord with Schuyler-he reassured her that he wasn't thinking of Rachel when he appeared to be deep in thought.

Destiny was ecstatic to see her big brother Greg arrive, and ran to give him a hug. She and Rachel wanted to know about his meeting with Matthew, Bo, and Nora. Greg confidently told them that he was prepared to operate on Matthew and was confident that the boy would walk again. Rachel took exception when Greg stated that he could "pull it off," and angrily challenged the doctor. She hadn't realized it was "...a stunt in a magic show."

A disbelieving Rachel didn't want her brother to be given false hope and worried that her family understood all they had been told, especially that there were no guarantees. As Shaun sulked, an arrogant Greg stated that his answer would be "yes" if he was the one needing surgery and a renowned surgeon such as himself was performing it. He insisted that Matthew and his parents understood what was involved. Destiny defended her brother and the two walked off. Greg asked her if Rachel and Shaun were dating.

At La Boulaie, Langston told Dorian how much she was counting on Dorian to fix things with Markko and his parents. Marty wanted to repay John in some way for keeping Cole out of prison. Téa found humor in the situation, calling Todd's attention to the fact that John had saved the day again. Blair wanted to discuss an annulment with John. Outside in the backyard, Starr explained to Cole that she wanted what was best for him, herself, and their baby, and she felt that they shouldn't get married, since he was no longer going to prison.

She reminded him that all of their previous decisions had been based on the situations they were in at the time. She wondered if he would have proposed if he hadn't believed he was going to prison. Handing Cole her ring, Starr made it clear that she wanted to marry for love and even wanted the entire showy wedding with lots of people in a beautiful location.

Inside, Marty worried that Cole would be upset if Starr called off the wedding. When Cole and Starr returned to the house and announced that they would not be getting married because it wasn't the right time, Todd could not restrain himself. "Yes!" he yelled out loud. Starr added that one day there would be a right time, and she preferred that Todd not show up for that wedding if he wasn't going to be happy for them. Cole firmly advised everyone that he and Starr had arrived at the decision together.

Taking Todd aside, Téa suggested that he not do a victory dance at the announcement. She called Shaun and requested that he drive her elsewhere. Blair expressed how full of pride she was that Starr had been so mature and had arrived at the decision as she had. Starr told Todd that she hadn't appreciated his "shoutout" and they all agreed that John was awesome, though Todd was quite sarcastic in his acquiescence. Blair insisted that Todd buy the bucket of chicken he promised their boys after the wedding when he tried to get out of it, pointing out there had been no wedding. "Loser," she called to him.

Gigi wanted Rex's forgiveness and wanted to get back to the way they were before their break-up. Rex felt that they had both changed and wondered if the "new us" would make it. Gigi blamed herself yet again for all they had been through because she wasn't honest with him. She admitted that she thought he would do something stupid if he had learned the truth about Stacy. Rex was disappointed that Gigi had the truth all along and he had nothing. He wondered why it had been so easy for her to deceive him as she had.

Gigi emphasized that they had still loved each other. While he believed things he didn't want to believe, Rex agreed that he had never stopped loving her. Wrapping their arms around each other, the two shared a kiss. Gigi invited Rex to follow her upstairs. They made love and concurred that none of their behavior over the previous three months was really them.

When Gigi left Rex to retrieve a bottle of wine, Rex received a phone call from Schuyler, who explained that he needed to see Rex. Citing that it wasn't a good time, Rex looked sick when Schuyler asked when there would be a good time to fill Gigi in on Rex's sleeping with Stacy.

Marty and Cole accompanied John to the police station to discuss Cole's new sentence of community service. They were perplexed to learn that John was back on the force, and even more so when they realized that he took the job back for Cole. Asking about the community service that Cole had to perform, John explained that "technically" it was considered community service. The young man would be at risk, but John would protect him. He revealed that Cole would be working undercover.

As the time for Dorian's dinner party drew near, Langston found herself panicking. She was worried that the Riveras would be the only ones to show up and they would think the premise for the dinner party was all a lie. "We'll improvise," Dorian informed her. Just then the doorbell rang and there stood Markko with his parents.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cocktails at Seven, Dinner at Eight

After making love to Gigi at the cottage, Rex received a call from Schuyler, who demanded that Rex meet him. When Rex declined the invitation, Schuyler related that he was aware that Rex had slept with Stacy, and instructed Rex to meet him at the Angel Square Hotel within the hour. Gigi questioned whether the caller was Stacy. Avoiding giving Gigi a direct answer, Rex assured Gigi that she was the love of his life, and he rushed off to meet Schuyler.

As Gigi sat in silence and happily recalled the details of her long overdue reunion with Rex, Stacy arrived at the cottage and disrupted her pleasant thoughts. In an attempt to hurt Gigi, Stacy claimed that Rex had developed feelings for her. Unwilling to reveal that Rex had learned the truth about Stacy's scheme, Gigi pretended to feel terrible over the thought of losing Rex to her sister, but Stacy believed that Gigi was hiding something. Insisting that Gigi had a certain glow, Stacy was convinced that Gigi and Schuyler had made love.

Gigi was startled by Stacy's accusation and denied having sex with Schuyler. Pleased by the thought that Schuyler had moved on, Stacy announced, "Fair is fair! You slept with my ex and I slept with yours!" Upon hearing Stacy's revelation, Gigi's jaw dropped to the floor. Gigi refused to believe her sister's claim, but Stacy gave Gigi explicit details about her rendezvous with Rex and exclaimed, "Rex is mine now!" As Stacy gloated, Gigi pushed her out the door. Afterward, a devastated Gigi trashed her living room.

Rex arrived at Schuyler's apartment and demanded to know why Schuyler had summoned him. Schuyler chastised Rex over his failure to tell Gigi that he had slept with her sister. Rex denied having sex with Stacy, but a furious Schuyler informed Rex that Stacy had related the details concerning her sexual encounter with Rex. Horrified that Schuyler was aware of his secret, Rex flew into a rage and punched him.

Rex questioned why Schuyler was interested in his affairs. Schuyler maintained that he was trying to help Rex save his relationship with Gigi. Insisting that Stacy intended to tell Gigi the truth, Schuyler suggested that Rex reveal the truth to Gigi before Stacy had the chance. Rex admitted his indiscretion, but insisted that Stacy had manipulated him. Rex asked Schuyler what Stacy was capable of, but Schuyler hesitated, then declined to answer. When Rex questioned why Schuyler had chosen to help Gigi, Schuyler insisted that he was simply being her friend. Heading toward the door, Rex stated that he was back in Gigi's life and warned Schuyler to stay away.

Later, Rex returned to the cottage and discovered Gigi sitting quietly in the dark. Observing the clutter on the floor, Rex wondered what had taken place during his absence. Gigi informed Rex that Stacy had paid her a visit. Rex was stunned when Gigi related that Stacy claimed that Rex had made love to her. Gigi asked Rex to tell her the truth.

At the Palace Hotel, Oliver told Layla that he had chosen a special place to reveal some good news to her. Before Oliver could reveal the surprise to Layla, Cris phoned Layla and invited her out to dinner. Layla took great pleasure in telling Cris that she was out on a date with Oliver. After abruptly hanging up on Cris, Layla was anxious to learn of Oliver's news. Oliver's surprise was interrupted once again when Cris phoned again and requested that Layla replace the empty carton of milk that she had left inside the refrigerator. As Cris made angry demands of Layla over the phone, Kyle, who was sitting at a nearby booth at the Buenos Dias Café, overheard Cris mention Oliver's name.

Back at the Palace Hotel, Oliver ordered champagne and announced that John had hired Layla as his new assistant. Layla was thrilled to learn that she would be working at the Llanview Police Department and thanked Oliver for encouraging John to give her the opportunity. As they shared a toast, Oliver appeared bothered when Layla insisted that the waiter was physically attracted to him. Layla wondered why her statement had upset Oliver. A nervous Oliver complimented Layla on her beauty, and insisted that they conclude their date back at the apartment. As Oliver escorted her out of the Hotel, Layla didn't notice the friendly smile that Oliver and the gay waiter exchanged.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Kyle approached Cris and informed him that Oliver was an old college friend. When Kyle mentioned that Oliver and Layla's relationship was doomed, Cris's curiosity was piqued. Cris demanded to know the details regarding Oliver's past. When Cris questioned Oliver's intentions toward Layla, Kyle stated that Layla might get hurt because Oliver was using her.

While dining at the Buenos Dias Café, Viki told Charlie that Dorian had phoned her a countless number of times requesting her presence at LaBoulaie for dinner. Viki and Charlie were amazed that Dorian thought they would consider being her guests. As Viki and Charlie discussed Dorian's aggressive behavior, Shaun, Noelle, and Moe approached the couple. Viki, Charlie, Moe, and Shaun explained Dorian's dilemma to a surprised Noelle. Upon learning that Markko's relationship with Langston was in jeopardy, Noelle stunned everyone when she announced that she planned to attend the dinner for Markko's sake.

At La Boulaie, Dorian welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Rivera into her home. As the adults entered the living room, Langston informed Markko that she didn't think the expected dinner guests were coming. While Mrs. Rivera treated Dorian kindly, her husband was critical of Dorian. Mr. Rivera continued to question the whereabouts of the missing dinner guests. Dorian insisted that Viki, Charlie, Moe, Noelle, and Shaun would join them, but Mr. Rivera remained skeptical. Dorian excused herself and left several messages urging the missing guests to show up for Langston and Markko's sake.

Langston confronted Dorian, who was hiding in another room, and demanded that she face reality -- no one was going to attend the dinner party. Dorian swore that she would make things right for Langston and Markko. Dorian returned and tried to convince the Riveras that she was a good person and that her friends had forgiven her. Mr. Rivera accused Dorian of attempting to deceive him. As Dorian tried desperately to explain, she was pleasantly surprised when Noelle, Moe, Viki, Charlie, and Shaun entered the room. While Dorian pretended that their presence wasn't a surprise, Viki shook her head and gave Dorian a knowing look.

Noelle did her best to convince the Riveras that Dorian hadn't intended to cause harm to anyone, but Mr. Rivera was skeptical. When a nervous Dorian made a reference to alcohol in Charlie's presence, Mr. Rivera reminded Dorian that Charlie was an alcoholic and questioned Dorian's true character. Dorian apologized for her behavior and defended herself to Mr. Rivera. Unmoved by Dorian's remarks, Mr. Rivera ordered Markko to stay away from Langston.

Fed up by Mr. Rivera's disapproval of Langston, Dorian lashed out at him. Stating that Markko was in love with Langston, Dorian informed Mr. Rivera that he would lose his son if he didn't support Markko's relationship with Langston. Mrs. Rivera tried to reason with her husband, but Mr. Rivera announced that they were leaving and ordered Markko to join them. To everyone's surprise, Markko refused to leave and informed his father that he was choosing Langston over his family.

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