One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 15, 2010 on OLTL
Marty was not happy to hear that Natalie told John about Marty's pregnancy. Cole found Hannah with an empty bottle of sleeping pills. Starr was horrified that the high school musical, written by Langston, was about Cole and Starr. Kelly accepted Todd's job offer, though she realized he just wanted to get back at Blair. Allison pulled a gun on Schuyler. Kelly received a phone call about Melinda's death.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 15, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Who's Child Is This?

At the cottage, Roxy listened nervously as Gigi detailed how she had been forced to hand Sierra over to Schuyler at the hospital. Suddenly, Roxy experienced a flashback of Allison Perkins ripping a child out of Roxy's arms many years before. Terrified Roxy muttered, "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago!" Gigi was stunned when Roxy revealed that Allison Perkins had stolen Rex from her immediately after his birth. Roxy stated that Rex's birth mirrored Sierra's birth. Roxy explained that Allison Perkins had delivered Rex in a cabin many years before. Roxy had gone into early labor and Rex had been born with a serious medical condition. After promising to care for Rex, Allison had stolen the child from Roxy.

When Gigi began to question her further, Roxy clammed up. Sensing that Roxy was experiencing problems reliving the past, Gigi reminded her that the story had resulted in a happy ending, but Roxy appeared to be hiding something. At that moment, Kim burst into the room and demanded to know where Sierra was. Once Gigi explained that Schuyler had been granted temporary custody of Sierra, Kim criticized Gigi for allowing Schuyler to leave the hospital with Sierra. Annoyed by Kim's outburst, Gigi ordered her to leave the cottage at once. Before leaving, Kim glared at Gigi and warned, "You'd better hope that nothing happens to Sierra!"

Afterward, Gigi wondered why Kim wanted custody of Sierra. A nervous Roxy took a gulp of liquor and muttered, "People want babies for all sorts of reasons!" When Gigi continued to wonder about Kim's motives, Roxy advised her that Kim was dangerous and warned Gigi to stay away from her. Reminding Roxy that they had been engaged in an important conversation before Kim had rudely interrupted them, Gigi was eager to learn more about Rex's birth, but Roxy ignored her questions and rushed out of the cottage. A suspicious Gigi watched as Roxy ran off with a bottle of liquor in her hand.

Inside Schuyler's apartment, Rex criticized Schuyler for hurting Gigi. When Schuyler declared his love for Gigi, Rex advised Schuyler to prove his love, by allowing Gigi to raise Sierra. Insisting that he loved Sierra, Schuyler refused to give his daughter up. Rex became enraged when Schuyler remarked that he would win Gigi back. Rex attempted to strike Schuyler, but Schuyler landed the first punch and sent Rex crashing onto the floor.

As Rex and Schuyler traded punches, Rachel stormed into the room and demanded an end to the fight. Lashing out at both Rex and Schuyler, Rachel argued that they were causing more problems for Sierra, who was motherless. Afterward, Schuyler ordered Rex to leave the apartment and to never return. Rex was certain that Schuyler would eventually slip up and lose custody of the child. With a look of determination, Rex vowed, "You're going to slip up and when you do, I'm going to make sure you lose everything... Gigi, your child, and your career!"

Later, Schuyler held Sierra and promised to be with her forever.

At Statesville, Mitch grew agitated when Allison maintained that Sierra was a valuable resource to them because Schuyler Joplin was her father. Allison was adamant that Sierra was Mitch's ticket out of Statesville. Mitch stated that Schuyler Joplin meant nothing to him, but Allison smiled and replied, "But he will soon!"

After hearing Allison's plan, Mitch admitted that her scheme might work. Allison was convinced that the plan was guaranteed to result in Mitch getting out of Statesville. However, Mitch believed that Allison was withholding valuable information, and demanded more details. Allison maintained that Schuyler was an integral part of the plan because he was Sierra's father, but Mitch believed that Schuyler had a deeper significance. Mitch ordered Allison to tell him why Schuyler was an instrumental part of the plan, but the guard interrupted and told Allison that her time was up. With a devious smile, Allison promised, "Just remember the plan and soon you'll know the whole story!" Mitch appeared curious as he watched Allison leave.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Kyle told Oliver that Sierra had been released from the hospital and that Schuyler had been granted temporary custody of the child. Oliver stated that Sierra was safe with Schuyler, but Greg approached and referred to Schuyler as a drug addict and a thief. A shocked Oliver listened as Greg revealed that Schuyler had been accused of stealing drugs from the hospital and forging a doctor's signature. When Oliver asked if Kyle was aware of the allegations against Schuyler, Kyle insisted that Sierra deserved a better father than Schuyler. Announcing that both Kyle and Schuyler were scheduled to work with him the following week, Greg warned that he planned to cause Schuyler a world of grief. Walking away, an angry Greg remarked, "I pray for his daughter!"

Afterward, Oliver continued to question Greg's claims against Schuyler, and wondered if Greg had a personal vendetta against Schuyler. Kyle was convinced that Oliver was attempting to rationalize the fact that he was leaving a helpless infant with someone with a checkered past. With a look of uncertainty, Oliver maintained that Sierra would be fine in Schuyler's care, but Kyle appeared doubtful.

At Llanfair, Natalie listened as Viki expressed her frustration over Jessica's recent behavior. Viki related that she was traveling to London with Bree, in hopes of sheltering the child from Jessica's strange behavior.

Realizing that Natalie was troubled, Viki questioned what was wrong. Revealing that she had inadvertently informed a clueless John of Marty's pregnancy, Natalie feared that she had given Marty another reason to hate her. Recalling Natalie's renewed friendship with John, Viki wondered how Natalie felt about John having a child with Marty. Insisting that her relationship with John was merely friendship, Natalie stated that she didn't present a threat to John and Marty. Natalie asked Viki if she could join her mother and Bree in London. Hoping to clear Natalie's mind of thoughts of John, Viki agreed.

Later, Clint arrived at Llanfair and informed Natalie that he had married Kim. A furious Natalie was convinced that Kim had plans to take advantage of him, but Clint maintained that he had entered into the marriage with his eyes wide open. Stating that Kim made him happy, Clint explained that he had married Kim in order to help her gain custody of Sierra. Natalie was convinced that Kim would ruin Clint's life.

Natalie flew into a rage when Kim arrived at Llanfair and embraced Clint. When Natalie accused Kim of marrying Clint for his money, Kim stated that Clint made her happy and was the first man that she had ever respected. Giving Natalie a hug, Kim promised Clint that she and Natalie would work things out. Natalie glared at Kim.

Once Clint and Kim had left, an angry Natalie tried to convince Viki that Kim had plans to take advantage of Clint. Viki believed that Kim's primary interest was gaining custody of Sierra. Citing that she had to keep an eye on Clint and Kim, Natalie related that she had decided to forgo the trip to London. Viki wondered if Natalie had decided to remain in Llanview in order to keep tabs on Marty and John. Denying that she had any interest in John and Marty's relationship, Natalie promised to steer clear of the couple.

At the police station, Marty admitted to John that she was pregnant with his child. Marty was furious when she learned that Natalie had revealed the pregnancy to John. After relating that Natalie had accidentally discovered Marty's pregnancy test, John suggested that they end the discussion about Natalie and focus on the baby. John questioned why Marty hadn't revealed the truth to him. Stating that she had planned to tell him that night, Marty admitted that she had doubts concerning whether she was capable of committing to a child. A concerned John asked if Marty intended to keep their child. In a determined tone, Marty declared that she wanted to raise the child, but didn't expect a commitment from John.

Revealing that she had overheard John's conversation with Oliver, Marty stated that John had made it perfectly clear that he wasn't ready to start a family. Marty wondered if she had made the correct assumption. John admitted that he had little knowledge about children, but after a brief hesitation, he announced, "Let's do this together! Marty responded by giving John a loving hug.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teacher's Sweat

At Llanview High School, Langston encountered Starr in the hallway and was elusive on details regarding her finished musical. Langston quickly changed the subject when she saw Dani in the hallway, and pointed Starr in her direction. Starr headed over to her sister, who sarcastically informed her that, since Dani was known throughout school as "Detention Dani," it was her intent to have Todd give up as much money as he had to in order to smooth things over for her. She promised Starr that she would make sure there was enough money left over for her siblings.

Langston could hardly believe it when she received a photo of Ford's abs via text message. "My office now," followed the message on the heels of the photo. "Oh my God, are you sexting?" Starr asked her friend when she spotted the photo on the cell phone. Langston hurriedly assured her that it wasn't what she thought, though Starr was under the mistaken impression that it was Markko's photo that she was looking at. Starr was concerned that the photo could end up on the Internet somewhere.

A stressed-out Langston pleaded with her friend to understand because she was finding things difficult. Langston wanted time and asked Starr to cover for her. Again, Starr misunderstood and empathized that she and Cole never had time to be together either. Langston wanted to leave and stop the texting. She began to go on about not being able to sleep or eat, and she asked Starr to oversee the musical sign-ups for her. Starr reluctantly agreed.

In Cristian's classroom, a note he had written to Jessica fell to the floor unseen as he spoke to the class. When Dani walked into the classroom late, she spotted the note and pounced on it. She began to read it out loud to her classmates and quickly accused her teacher of dating one of his students. Cristian grabbed the note from Dani's hand and ordered her to start focusing on herself, her homework, and her attitude. He let it be known that the note was none of her business.

He turned to the class and implored them to sign up to work on the school musical for extra credit. He was unable to drum up any business from his apathetic students but asked Dani to see him after class. He wanted to speak to her about her behavior and informed her that she would have to see him in detention. He accused her of being just like Todd. Dani insisted she wasn't, though Cristian told her she was rude and arrogant like Todd. He suggested that she prove she was different and begin to act like a human being.

At La Boulaie, Blair informed Dorian that she needed to visit the high school to sign papers for Starr, while, in the foyer, Kelly spoke to her son Zane on the phone and continuously rejected calls from Todd. Dorian was desperate to speak to Langston instead of merely communicating via text message. Blair began to tell her that Langston was "in way over her head," but it didn't involve Markko as Dorian first suspected.

Dorian refused to listen and immediately stopped Blair. She insisted that she was going to respect Langston's wishes and not interfere. She vowed that she wouldn't offer any advice unless she was asked. Kelly, who was floored to find five phone messages from Todd, entered the room. She and Blair were quite amused over Dorian's promise.

The women laughed and bet that Dorian would be unable to stop her meddling, and they continued to tease her. Kelly announced that she was ready to leave for London, and Dorian spoke up. "Over my dead body," she growled. This caused Kelly and Blair to burst out laughing again when they realized they had already won their bet. Kelly checked her messages and heard that Todd had upped the stakes in his quest for her to work for him.

As Blair left for the high school, Dorian forbade Kelly to return to London. She explained that her niece had just arrived in Llanview and couldn't leave yet. Kelly reminded her that both her son and life were in London, and she thought that Dorian only wanted her to stay because none of the other Cramer girls needed Dorian any longer.

Dorian maintained that her girls would always need her for the truth. She stated that Kelly was hiding from her future, and preferred to stay hidden in her past in London. She asked her niece to join her administration or to write something other than the ridiculous blog Kelly had been committed to of late. She even thought that Kelly could take over Craze magazine. Kelly admitted that she was retreating since her mother's death. Dorian knew that Kelly was grieving, but Dorian said she would be there for Kelly. She added that Melinda had been extremely proud of Kelly the "firecracker." She wondered what happened to that girl, and she wanted Kelly to find her. She also wanted her niece to stay.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cole and Markko sat at the counter while working on their laptops. Markko was stressed to learn that he and Langston had accidentally picked up each other's school folders and he had her script for the school musical instead of his own work. As Cole waited for Hannah to arrive, he insisted that there was nothing between him and his class project partner. Markko left to track down Langston at school so they could swap folders. Cole continued to phone Hannah, who was late for their meeting.

Jessica finished dressing for school but was dismayed when an unknown visitor walked into Llanfair. As Todd leaned over to kiss her, she slugged him. With his nose bleeding, Todd identified himself, but Jessica didn't recognize him. Todd showed her various pieces of identification, but Jessica insisted that his face was different. Todd informed her of his plastic surgery and once he began to recall various events in their past that only he would have known about, Jessica realized it was really Todd.

She told him that Viki had gone to London with Bree while Todd spoke about his daughter who wouldn't talk to him. Jessica thought he meant Starr and was shocked to learn that Dani was his daughter. She knew Dani because Jessica had enrolled at the high school, Jessica informed her uncle. Todd asked that she put in a good word for him with both her good friend, Kelly, and with Dani. He had tried talking to both to no avail.

Jessica thought that Todd had a habit of smothering people. Todd thought that Jessica would do well as his spokeswoman. He was surprised to hear that Dani was getting into trouble but blamed it on himself. Jessica confessed that she wanted Cristian. Todd exclaimed that she could find a nice guy instead, since Cristian was a mistake the first time. He could hardly believe that Jessica was after Cristian again and pointed out that Cristian was dating Evangeline's sister. "Who's Evangeline"" Jessica wanted to know. She knew Layla and she was sure that Layla and Cristian would never last.

Todd tried to explain that Cristian had moved on, but Jessica insisted that she and Cristian had been special. She was sure he would return to her when he remembered. "Don't count on it, sweetie," Todd said gently. Jessica was sure that Cristian would return to her as she had seen his face as he looked at the mementos she had packed for him. Todd tried to explain that many things had happened over the years that she couldn't remember. He told her that Blair and Cristian had been together, and Jessica was mortified. She pointed out that the pair had nothing in common, but Todd noted that they were merely both adults.

Adamantly, Jessica claimed that Cristian loved her, but Todd quickly pointed out that Cristian had loved her in the past, back in high school. He wanted his niece to forget about the past, especially since she had dated losers. Jessica still contended that she loved Cristian, she had feelings for him, and they were first loves. She began to cry that she couldn't let him go. Cristian was all she knew and she couldn't relate to a family and people that she couldn't remember and didn't know.

Jessica noticed that some things didn't change as she accused her uncle of making her cry. Todd was sorry and urged Jessica to go after Cristian the way he was still fighting for Kelly and Dani. Jessica agreed to talk to Dani.

Hannah showed up at Ford's office and demanded that they talk. She was insulted when he asked her if she had an appointment. She reminded him that they had slept together and accused him of ignoring her. Ford coldly informed her that's all it was and she would have to look somewhere else if she wanted a boyfriend. He quickly ushered her out as he waited for Langston to arrive. Langston didn't disappoint, though he demanded to know what had taken her so long. While Langston wanted to talk, Ford began to kiss her and quickly, the pair began to remove their clothing.

Once Ford and Langston had made love, Ford began to dress quickly. He suggested that Langston get dressed, too, as he was in a hurry to teach a class. Langston was annoyed, as she had ditched school for him. She advised him that she couldn't do that again, and she asked him to stop his texting to her. She advised him that Starr had seen his photo text and thought it was Markko. Ford thought it was all exciting, and he welcomed their risky relationship. He kissed her again but stressed that he had to leave. Langston remained behind in a state of undress and seated on the couch.

Hannah returned to her residence and found Ford's page on the social network "Myface." His profile indicated that he was "single and looking."

Markko showed up at the high school but was unable to locate Langston. He found Starr at the musical sign-up table instead, but Starr was unable to help him. She suggested that Langston had headed to the diner to look for Markko. He left the musical script with Starr and headed back to the diner. Matthew stood at the table and waited for Destiny to sign up for auditions. Blair showed up, signed some papers for Starr, and stopped to say hello to her daughter. After Blair, Destiny, and Starr made fun of Matthew and called him a chicken, he signed up for auditions too. Blair headed to Cristian's classroom.

Blair arrived as Cristian finished up with Dani. Blair thought that Cristian should "cut Dani some slack," as she had been through some terrible times. Cristian felt inept, and Blair suggested that he give himself a break as well. He was a wonderful teacher, as she had learned firsthand after he taught her how to use the cash register at Capricorn, she teased. Cristian told Blair about Jessica and how his ex-girlfriend thought they were still in love. He couldn't bear the way she looked at him as he taught his class.

Blair laughed, and Cristian admitted that while it was funny, it was also sad. He had gone through the mementos that Jessica had given him and realized that while they had feelings for each other in the past, they were different people. He was happy with Layla, but it was certainly interesting looking back, he added. Blair told him to be careful because things could get dangerous. She declared that was why she stayed away from Todd. She reminded him that Jessica wasn't well, which made Cristian feel that the situation was more difficult. She threw her arms around Cristian in a show of support, but just then Jessica strolled in. "Get your slutty hands off of him," Jessica ordered Blair.

Dani ran into Starr in the hallway and demanded to know if her sister thought Dani was like Todd. Starr acknowledged that both Dani and Todd were stubborn with no tact, though she thought that Téa was, too, so it was difficult to see where Dani got her attitude from. Starr thought that Dani should do something different and sign up for the musical. Dani protested that she had never done any acting.

Starr opened the folder and looked at the script. She was horrified that her friend had written about Cole and Starr. She was beside herself with anger.

Unable to reach Hannah by phone, Cole headed to her room. He received a phone call from Markko, who told him he was unable to locate Langston and her phone was off. Cole approached Hannah's place and, finding the door ajar, walked in. Hannah appeared to be sleeping, but he was unable to rouse her.

Firmly, Kelly stated that she needed to see her son and could not stay in Llanview. Dorian advised her that her door was always open. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Kelly realized that the driver was there to take her to the airport. Opening the door, Kelly advised the man to retrieve her bags. On his way out, the driver received a phone call. "You know what to do," Todd advised him.

Markko arrived at Ford's office.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

...and Baby Makes Three

Bo arrived at Rodi's in full dress uniform, ready for a rousing St. Patrick's Day with John and other members of the Llanview police force. Grabbing a mug of green beer, Bo was eager to celebrate the luck of the Irish, but he couldn't help but notice his top cop's ambivalence and distracted demeanor. He knew John was focused on something other than the celebration, and pushed him to spill the beans. After much prodding, John revealed that Marty was pregnant.

Bo was delighted by the news and offered hearty congratulations, yet John's happiness seemed muted. Bo gushed about the joys of parenthood, and said that John would be a good father and a changed man. When he asked about John and Marty making it official and tying the knot, however, John grew taciturn. He admitted he didn't know when or if he and Marty would marry, and said they hadn't thought through their future plans. Bo reassured John that, with the new addition to their lives, everything would fall into place.

As John opened a bottle of Irish whiskey, Bo continued to needle him about his anxieties. John insisted he wasn't afraid of parenthood, and asked Bo to leave it at that. Ever the detective, Bo kept pushing, and urged John to unburden himself about what was bothering him, if not Marty and the baby. Lost in his thoughts, John flashed back to his recent kiss with Natalie.

Outside Llanfair, Marty left a voicemail message for Cole and asked him to call her for some "good news." When Marty rang the bell, she got Natalie at the front door. Perturbed, Marty said she was looking for Jessica, but Natalie explained that her sister wasn't home. Before Marty could leave, Natalie asked her to wait, as Natalie owed Marty an apology for telling John about Marty's pregnancy.

Turning frosty, Marty told Natalie that she would've liked to tell her boyfriend about their baby before his ex-girlfriend, but it was water under the bridge; what mattered was that Marty and John were together, and John was happy. Noticing Natalie's stricken face, Marty asked Natalie if she was surprised to hear that John was taking the pregnancy in stride. Natalie played off her discomfort, and admitted that she and John had never discussed children during their relationship. Her tone icy, Marty told Natalie that she and John were secure, and wanted to pursue a family and a future together.

Natalie said she wished Marty and John all the best, then asked if there was a wedding in their future. Stung, Marty said it was up in the air. Natalie apologized again, and Marty asked what Natalie was sorry for "this time." Natalie laid it on thick as she explained that she still felt guilty about the kisses she and John had shared - first when she was delusional, and then again, when they'd both known what they were doing.

Marty dismissed John and Natalie's lapse, and said it didn't matter, but Natalie said it did, because it would never happen again; it had only been "old chemistry" surfacing during a crisis. She respected John and Marty's relationship, and she promised Marty that she and John were only friends. "Good luck," Natalie told her. As Marty left and Natalie closed the door behind her, both women took a moment to collect themselves from their disturbing encounter.

At Llanview University, Langston was startled when Markko started knocking on Ford's office door. As Markko called to Ford from behind the closed door, Langston raced to get dressed, and finished just in time for Markko to enter the office. When Markko asked what she was doing there, Langston claimed she'd been looking for him. "In Ford's office?" Markko asked quizzically. Langston said she'd thought Markko would be there, working on his film treatment with Ford.

Markko bought Langston's story, but noticed something out of place: the lower button on her blouse had gone missing. Mortified, Langston said she'd lost it at home, and Markko offered her his coat to cover herself. Markko asked if she had his project folder, as they'd misplaced each other's at home; Langston handed his over, but asked him where her script for her musical was. When she realized Markko had left the script with Starr, Langston was terrified, and rushed off to Llanview High to avert catastrophe. She pecked Markko a goodbye kiss. After she left, Markko stayed behind to leave Ford a note with his project, but discovered something else on the floor - Langston's missing button.

In the dormitories, Cole struggled to rouse Hannah from her drug-induced slumber, and was alarmed to find an empty bottle of sleeping pills on her nightstand. Cole asked her how many pills she'd taken, but Hannah was groggy and barely responsive to his questions. Frightened, Cole dragged her to her feet, and carried her to the bathroom in order to flush out her system.

After helping Hannah cough up the pills, Cole helped her back into the bedroom, and handed her a glass of water. He wanted to take her to the infirmary, but Hannah didn't want to go, nor did she want his help, or his questions; she pleaded with him to go, and leave her alone to recuperate. Cole told her he wouldn't leave until she told him the truth about whether or not she'd intentionally overdosed, and why. Hannah attempted to walk away from him, but collapsed to the floor and sobbed. As Cole took the hysterical girl in his arms, Hannah wept on his shoulder.

At Llanview High, Starr was horrified to discover that Langston's new musical was all about her and Cole's life together. Starr felt betrayed, as Langston had promised her she wouldn't write about them. Danielle told her that Langston obviously couldn't be trusted anymore. Starr hurried down the hall to call Langston and read her the riot act.

In Cristian's classroom, Jessica ordered Blair to get her "slutty hands off my boyfriend!" Cristian reminded Jessica once more that he was not her boyfriend, but there was no reasoning with the addled Mrs. Brennan, who raked Blair over the coals for going "cougar" with younger men. Jessica accused Blair of sleeping around because "Uncle Todd" had dumped her and didn't want her anymore. Blair shot back that Cristian didn't want Jessica anymore, and told her that time had marched on. Cris reminded Jessica that he was with Layla, but Jessica didn't believe it; she was sure he was merely confused, and that they were meant to be together. She castigated Blair for standing in the way of her and Cristian's destined love: "You obviously need some help!"

Exasperated, Blair split, abandoning Cristian and Jessica to their argument. In the corridor, she found Starr, who was leaving Langston an angry voicemail. When Starr unloaded on her mother about Langston's deceit, Blair believed Starr had uncovered Ford and Langston's affair, but when Starr explained the situation with the musical and realized they were talking about two different subjects, she asked Blair what secret Langston had told Blair instead.

Just then, Danielle arrived, overcome by the power of Langston's prose; she told her sister that, real or not, Starr and Cole's story was heartbreaking and would make for great entertainment. Danielle was particularly impressed with how Langston had nailed Todd's horrible behavior, but for Starr, that was the worst part, as she was forced to recall what Todd had done to Cole when he'd found the teens in bed together. Danielle couldn't believe that Starr and Blair were so willing to sweep Todd's crimes under the rug for the sake of keeping the peace, but Starr said that was just the way it was; "he's my dad." As Danielle left for class, she urged Starr to reconsider her opinion of the musical, since it did have a happy ending.

Alone with her mother, Starr was still fuming; she couldn't believe Langston hadn't even changed any of the names in her life story. Blair told Starr to relax, and assured the girl that Starr and Langston could work things out by sitting down and talking about the problem. Irked, Starr asked Blair if she knew Langston better than Starr, and asked Blair again what secret Blair was keeping for Langston. Anxious, Blair said it was nothing and hurried off to pick up Jack.

Back in Cristian's classroom, Cris informed Jessica that he and Blair were only friends; their romance was long since over, and they'd only been together after Cris and Jessica had broken up. Enraged, Jessica demanded to know how many other women he'd been with since they'd parted ways, and Cristian admitted he'd been married to Natalie. Jessica was stunned that Cris had wed her twin sister and dated her little cousin, Sarah, but he told her she had no room to talk, as she'd married Antonio.

Jessica refused to believe that they'd been so "untrue" to each other, but Cristian said they'd merely grown up and lived their lives. He pleaded with her to understand, but Jessica said she never could and never would. As she raced down the hall in hysterics, Cristian hurried after her, and passed Langston in the corridor.

Langston dodged Cristian and Jessica, but turned the corner to find Starr waiting for her at the musical sign-up booth. Livid, Starr flung the musical at Langston's feet. "How dare you?" she snapped.

At the Sun, Todd waited patiently at his desk as a burly limousine driver dragged a kicking and screaming Kelly into Todd's office by lugging her over his shoulder. As Kelly raged about her abduction and imprisonment, Todd told the driver to guard the door while he and his former in-law talked business. Kelly was furious about being kidnapped, but Todd winced at the turn of phrase; "kidnap's a bit of a harsh word." He saw his tactics merely as friendly persuasion, and suggested they be friends.

Desperate, Kelly called her airline to book another flight to London, but discovered that all recent flights were booked. Beaten, she turned to Todd, who launched into another sales pitch about her going to work for him at the paper. Kelly told Todd she'd sooner stick needles in her eyes, and slammed his caveman tactics with women. "It worked for King Kong," Todd reasoned. He offered her a lucrative contract, full of options for outside projects, and said he'd even become the primary donor for the charity of her choice.

Kelly considered Todd's offer, then promptly tore up the contract, and flung the shreds into the air; she told him his "fake philanthropy" had nothing to do with turning over a new leaf and everything to do with impressing Danielle. His cheap theatrics hadn't worked before, and wouldn't work on a second try. Todd insisted that his interest in Kelly had nothing to do with Danielle; he called her a good person who he wanted on his staff to improve the Sun.

Kelly scoffed at the platitudes and said she was the furthest thing from a good person - she'd done terrible things, such as cheating on Kevin, stealing Max from Blair, and running Blair off the road, which caused Blair's miscarriage. Reflecting on her relationship with her cousin, she concluded that Blair hated her because of what she'd done; "why wouldn't she?" With that, a lightbulb went off in Kelly's head, and she accused Todd of using her to get to Blair.

Todd said his offer had nothing to do with Blair, but Kelly was unconvinced, and asked him what his latest beef with his ex was. Todd claimed that Blair had ruined his new life with Téa and kept the secret of Danielle from him, but Kelly reminded him that if not for Blair's tenacity, Téa might have kept Danielle from Todd forever. Todd said it didn't matter. as Danielle would never get to know him. Kelly said Danielle would, eventually.

Todd said that Blair aside, Kelly was qualified to help him revamp the Sun, and he wanted to start anew with her help. However, Kelly wouldn't budge - she didn't want to be a pawn between him and Blair. As she spoke, Blair burst into the office, shocked to find Todd and Kelly together.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Are Things in Glocca Llanview?

"How dare you," Starr furiously shot out at her best friend as they headed into an empty classroom at Llanview High. She couldn't believe that Langston had written her musical about Starr and Cole. Langston insisted that her friends had the "greatest love story ever" and while she had attempted to write about other subjects, she had been unsuccessful. Starr thought that a good subject would have been Langston's own story with Markko instead of the intimate details of Starr's life. Langston thought the details were fabulous.

Starr was dismayed when she thought about Langston's relationship with Markko. She thought the couple was always fighting and that Langston had been acting strangely. She was also always disappearing. She was pretty sure that Langston was hiding something and shutting Starr out. Langston chalked up her behavior to pressure from getting the musical finished and the fact that Markko constantly wanted to be with her. She added that she loved Markko but wasn't so sure about him being her "one and only." Starr recalled that she and Cole had experienced their own set of problems in the past.

Langston was curious and wondered if Starr had any doubts about being with Cole forever. Starr admitted that she no longer had doubts as she had previously. They were together and looking after their daughter. Langston declared that Starr's story was amazing, and Starr reluctantly agreed. She frowned as Langston asked for permission to continue with the love story of Starr and Cole for her musical.

Cristian chased after a crying Jessica, who asked that he just leave her alone. "I'm not going anywhere," he replied. She sobbed that everything and everyone had changed, and all she wanted was Cristian. She remembered planning their future as if it were only "yesterday" and she wanted things back to the way they were as she recalled them. Cristian voiced his concern for her, and Jessica reminded him of how they had met.

Jessica flashed back to the high school scene when he had bounded to her rescue during a dance. He admitted that he remembered all too well, but it was in the past. He had moved on and so had she, he told her. They were living in different worlds. Jessica thought that they had been in different worlds when they met but that it had been the beginning.

Cristian shook his head and pointed out that it was not a good idea to take a trip down memory lane. He needed to leave, he told Jessica. She quickly accused him of always running away from her; however, they had also always ended up together, she said demurely. She continued to talk about their early meetings in high school and recalled their first kiss after Cristian had created a sketch of her from memory. Jessica and Cristian looked into each other's eyes.

In her dorm room at Llanview University, Hannah confessed to Cole that she hadn't wanted to kill herself but merely wanted to close her eyes and forget her problems. She sniveled that she had let herself be used, and the teaching assistant she had been close with had refused to let her into his office. It was apparent he was with or waiting for another girl. She was thrown away like nothing, she concluded. Cole offered to call his mother so that Hannah would have someone to talk to, since his mother was a psychiatrist. The young woman refused and noted that she had Cole to talk to.

Cole didn't think he could be as much help as a professional, but Hannah felt otherwise. She advised Cole that he had saved her life. Cole stressed that no guy was worth what she had done and that she was certainly a better person than the T.A. He assured her that she was beautiful, smart, and funny, and some day she would find the right guy. Hannah looked at Cole adoringly as he spoke.

Cole admitted that he had been addicted to painkillers and disclosed that he was an addict. He had hit rock bottom when he had no one to talk to, as his mother wasn't available to him. He got through it because of Starr, his counselor Rachel, and lots of forgiving people, he informed her.

Cole retrieved some snacks for Hannah from the snack machine and again suggested that Hannah speak to a doctor or his mother. Hannah agreed to seek help at the school psychiatric services department. She had one favor to ask of Cole, and she pleaded with him not to tell anyone what she had done. He promised to keep quiet.

Blair couldn't believe her eyes when she walked into Todd's office at the Sun and found Kelly there with him. "What's going on?" she demanded to know. Kelly kept it short and stated that she had been detained on her way back to England, but Todd advised his ex-wife that Kelly was going to work for him. "The hell she is," Blair snarled. "What makes you think I won't take this job?" Kelly countered. Blair pointed out that Kelly's son and life were in London, though Todd insisted that Kelly was going to be his right-hand and he would be expanding his paper's Internet site for her.

Laughing, Blair recalled the last time Kelly had been employed for the paper and ruined it, though Kelly was thrilled to advise her cousin that Dorian had also asked her to run Craze. She pointed out how Blair had driven readers away from that magazine when she was in charge. Blair called Kelly incompetent while Kelly informed her cousin that she had many readers on her blog site. Blair was pretty sure that Todd only wanted to hire Kelly to "piss" Blair off. Todd managed to get a word into the loud and growing spat and claimed that he hadn't even thought about Blair when he asked Kelly to work for him. Todd could only smile to himself when Kelly accused Blair of being jealous and worried that Kelly was going to sleep with Todd.

Insistent that she didn't care who Todd slept with, Blair charged Todd with "scraping the bottom of the barrel." The argument escalated as Kelly reminded Blair that Blair had slept with Kevin when Kelly was married to him. As the women shouted and hurled accusations at each other, Todd remained quiet, short of making a quick business call. Finally, Blair advised Kelly that she didn't like her cousin and didn't want to see her.

"The tramp is right," Kelly stated. She did plan on returning to London and had never really considered taking the job with Todd, though she could return after the school year, and Dorian had already offered her a place to stay at La Boulaie. Blair reminded Kelly of Blair's unborn child that Kelly had killed, and Blair was pleased that Kelly was leaving after all. That was all that Kelly needed as she abruptly turned around and signed Todd's contract.

As the St. Patrick's Day celebration grew rowdy at Rodi's, Bo tried to get John to confide in him. He knew there was something that John was not telling him, and he felt certain there was something standing in John's way of happiness. "Not anymore," John stated. He had everything under control, he added. When John made a comment about Marty's pregnancy to Bo, Brody and Oliver overheard and excitedly congratulated him. Brody was depressed when he thought about Jessica and the fact that they had talked about having children together.

Oliver couldn't believe that he had asked John's advice about being a father, and John was the one expecting a baby. John brusquely noted the coincidence. Bo made a toast to John, who was a hero and had fought his way through several dangerous incidents. He was about to face the scariest but must rewarding road. John made a toast in memory of his father. Bo gently pressed John for more insight into what was bothering him, but John avoided further discussion. He played "Danny Boy" on the jukebox, and the inebriated crowd of off-duty police officers sang along.

Over at Foxy Roxy's, Roxy was in a celebratory mood and dressed like a leprechaun. She listened as Natalie accused her of knowing about Marty's pregnancy when Roxy visited Natalie at Llanfair. She realized that Roxy was only trying to protect Natalie when Roxie had warned Natalie to stay away from John. Natalie assured Roxy that there was nothing going on with John, and she felt as though the only reason she felt something for John in the first place was because of their history. She was still mourning Jared, who was the true love of her life, and didn't want to be a home wrecker with Marty being pregnant.

The women were interrupted when Nora and Layla arrived and heard part of the conversation. Natalie was feeling guilty when she realized she had just inadvertently disclosed Marty's pregnancy to two more people.

Roxy kept the green beer flowing as Nora recollected her past and what she went through when she lost her own memory. Nothing had changed for her, though, she told everyone. Roxy thought it would be a good idea for John to be numbed like Jessica, so that he could just remember his past with Natalie. Horrified, Natalie insisted that was the last thing she wanted. Layla pointed out that Jessica was living in the past and loving it, though Nora quickly pointed out that anyone would want to live in a time that was much easier.

Layla confessed that she was not upset about Jessica and Cristian, especially after all that Natalie had been through. She felt badly for Brody, though. Suddenly, there was a piercing scream. Roxy was distraught as she announced that she had run out of beer. The women headed to Rodi's.

Reluctantly, Starr acknowledged that everyone in school already knew her story and the part of Langston's script that she had read was amazing. Langston felt obligated to write another musical because she didn't want to pressure Starr. Their friendship was too important, she believed, and if she had to write a musical in one day, she would. Starr declared that it would be a good way to leave her mark on the high school and slowly gave Langston the okay to use her musical. "You did nail my dad, by the way," Starr advised her friend.

Starr wanted to get Cole's stamp of approval before Langston considered the musical a done deal. She also wanted Langston to work on the Langston and Markko happy ending. After Starr left, Langston made a phone call. She told an unknown person, "I really need to see you."

Hannah apologized for putting the work on their project on hold, but Cole assured her it was fine. He offered to stay if she needed him to, and she admitted that she didn't want to be alone. Starr called, and Cole told her he was still with Hannah. She offered to meet him at the library, but he advised her he'd see her at home.

A plastered Roxy grabbed an equally drunk Oliver to dance at Rodi's while Nora and Bo hit the dance floor to show off their moves. Layla and Brody commiserated with each other briefly and decided to dance instead. "Good times," John toasted Natalie.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Allison Wonderland

In Todd's office, while glaring at Blair, Kelly signed the employment contract and told Todd that she couldn't wait to start working for him. Fuming, an irate Blair insisted that Kelly had accepted Todd's offer because Kelly wanted to upset Blair. When a joyous Todd asked if Blair was jealous, Blair reminded Todd that she had moved on. Before storming out of the office, Blair lashed out at Kelly, "You didn't hurt me, and you're the one stuck working for a jerk!"

Instructing him to tear up the signed contract, Kelly informed Todd that he had accomplished his goal -- he had proved that Blair still had feelings for him. With a smile, Kelly declared, "Mission accomplished!" However, Kelly was flabbergasted, when Todd refused to let her out of the contract and announced, "I own you now!" An irate Kelly informed Todd that she had signed the contract to infuriate Blair, and stated that she had no desire to leave London and work for Todd.

When Kelly refused to honor her contract, Todd threatened to expose to the London press that Kevin wasn't Zane's biological father. Todd was certain that the media would take great interest in learning that Kevin's son, Duke, had fathered Zane. Reminding her that the contract was ironclad, Todd told Kelly that she would enjoy working at the Sun. Cornered, Kelly reluctantly agreed, but demanded that Todd relinquish his office. After a lengthy dispute, Todd and Kelly agreed to share the office.

After leaving the office, Kelly received a call on her cell phone. Kelly was startled when the voice on the other end whispered, "Kelly Cramer, I need to talk to you about your mother's death!"

Inside Elijah's hotel room, Elijah informed Gigi and Rex that it was necessary to fight dirty if they expected to receive custody of Sierra. Citing that they had some evidence that discredited Schuyler, Elijah related that he had arranged for a social worker to conduct a home visit at Schuyler's apartment. Elijah was convinced that Schuyler's apartment would fail the child safety test. Insisting that Téa was using dirty tactics to help Schuyler gain custody of Sierra, Rex pressured Elijah to do the same. Both Rex and Gigi were stunned when Elijah suggested that they get married. Gigi and Rex had reservations, but Elijah believed that their marriage would seal the deal.

After saying goodbye to Gigi and Rex, Elijah was pleasantly surprised when Blair appeared at his door and planted a kiss on him.

After an intense lovemaking session, Blair told Elijah about her confrontation with Todd and Kelly. Seething, Elijah related that he was fed up with Blair's obsession with Todd. Insisting that she often used him to forget about Todd, Elijah declared, "I'm tired of hearing about Todd. Until you can think about me and not Todd, don't come around!" Infuriated, Blair leaped out of bed and responded, "You've just lost the best thing you ever had!"

At Schuyler's apartment, Téa informed a horrified Schuyler that Elijah had arranged for a social worker to conduct a home visit. Schuyler asked Téa if he would ultimately gain custody of Sierra Rose, but Téa refused to offer him any guarantees. Schuyler expressed concern about the home visit, but Téa assured him that the social worker would realize that he loved his daughter.

Meanwhile, outside of Schuyler's apartment, Allison Perkins observed the social worker as she approached Schuyler's front door.

Back inside the apartment, Schuyler told Téa that he had doubts about taking Sierra away from Gigi. Frustrated, Téa warned Schuyler that it was necessary to put his feelings for Gigi aside, if he wanted custody of his daughter. Recalling her relationship with Todd, Téa stated that although she loved Todd, she ended her relationship with him in an attempt to salvage her relationship with Danielle. Schuyler wondered if Téa still missed Todd. Admitting that she often thought about Todd, Téa reminded Schuyler to stick to the plan, and exited the apartment.

Afterward, dressed in the social worker's clothing, Allison dragged the unconscious social worker down the hall.

At Llanview High School, Jessica pleaded with Cristian to give their relationship another chance. While Cristian insisted that their relationship was a part of his past, Jessica pleaded with Cristian to admit that he still had feelings for her. Confessing that he still cared for her, Cristian stated that he had moved on and declared his love for Layla. Jessica flew into a rage when Cristian refused to end his relationship with Layla. Comforting her, Cristian reminded Jessica that she had a bright future ahead of her with Brody. As Cristian exited the gymnasium, Jessica sat on the bleachers and wept.

At the St. Patrick Day celebration at Rodi's, Natalie told John that she hadn't expected to find him there, and apologized for showing up. As Natalie spoke to John, a drunken Roxy pulled a nervous Marty onto the dance floor. Upon spotting her, Nora and Layla approached and congratulated Marty on her pregnancy. Natalie watched as a humiliated Marty stood silent.

Alone with Marty, Natalie explained how Layla and Nora had overheard her discussing Marty's pregnancy with Roxy. Before Marty could lash out at Natalie, John interrupted and asked to speak privately with Marty. Meanwhile, Natalie stood nearby and observed Marty and John. Marty nearly panicked when John related that a few of his co-workers had learned of her pregnancy. Expressing concern that she hadn't told Cole about the baby, Marty stated that she was uncomfortable with so many people knowing about her pregnancy. In an attempt to calm her nerves, John reminded Marty that their friends were happy for them. Touched by John's words, Marty gave him a loving hug.

While John and Marty embraced, Natalie couldn't keep her eyes off of them.

Nearby, Layla and Brody discussed Cristian and Jessica. When Brody wondered why Cristian wasn't at the celebration, Layla stated, "Wherever he is, Jessica probably followed him there!" Admitting their concern over Jessica's obsession with Cristian, Layla and Brody prayed that Jessica would eventually remember her life with Brody.

Later, as Layla and Brody shared a dance, Cristian appeared and asked to dance with Layla. When Brody inquired about Jessica, Cristian informed him that he had left Jessica back at the high school. Once Brody left, Cristian related his most recent encounter with Jessica. Cristian stated that he hated that he had broken Jessica's heart, but insisted that he had to. Pleased, Layla gave Cristian a kiss and complimented him on his sensitivity.

While dropping off forms for Starr, Blair ran into Jessica at the high school. Still reeling from their intense confrontation, Blair directed a sarcastic comment at Jessica. Upon realizing that Jessica was troubled, Blair tried to comfort her. Apologizing for her verbal attack on Blair, Jessica related that she didn't know how to continue without Cristian.

Blair confessed that she had been unable to forget about Todd, and admitted that her problem was making it difficult for her to develop a relationship with someone else. Jessica grew frustrated when Blair related that Brody truly loved Jessica. When Blair suggested that Jessica move on and date someone else, Jessica remarked, "How can you expect me to do something that you can't do?" Moved by Jessica's statement, Blair announced, "You made me see the light!"

After offering Jessica encouragement, Blair phoned Elijah. Upon receiving his voicemail, Blair left a message. Blair instructed him to get dressed because she was taking him on a hot date.

Téa showed up at Elijah's hotel room and was expecting an argument, but he surprised her by suggesting that they share a pleasant conversation instead. When a curious Elijah asked if Téa and Todd would reunite, Téa questioned if Elijah was dating anyone. With a look of disgust, Elijah replied, "I was, but it wasn't serious!"

Afterward, Elijah offered to take Téa and Danielle out to dinner. As Elijah left the room to shower, his cell phone rang. Noticing that Blair was the caller, Elijah ignored the call. Téa phoned Danielle, who related that she had plans for the evening. Yelling in the direction of the bathroom, Téa told Elijah that they would be dining alone. Elijah called out, "So, it's a date!" With a devilish smirk, Téa mumbled, "I promise not to talk about the case!"

Moments later, Téa answered Elijah's door, and was surprised to find Blair. Before the women could exchange pleasantries, an unaware and half-dressed Elijah appeared and blurted out, "Ready for our date?" While Téa and Elijah appeared stunned, Blair was livid.

Later, Brody observed a distraught Jessica inside the gymnasium.

At the cottage, when Gigi announced that she wanted to visit Sierra at Schuyler's apartment, Rex begged her to reconsider. Rex explained that he had paid Schuyler a visit and demanded that Schuyler allow Gigi to raise Sierra. When Gigi thanked Rex for his support, he insisted that his only concern was her happiness. Reminding him of his vow to help her, Gigi asked Rex if he would marry her.

When Schuyler answered a knock on his door, Allison introduced herself as the social worker and stepped inside. While Schuyler held the baby, Allison inspected the apartment. After relating that his apartment had passed inspection, Allison commented that she knew Schuyler's mother. When Allison made reference to his mother's suicide, a suspicious Schuyler asked to see Allison's identification. Schuyler watched as Allison rambled through her purse. Schuyler was horrified when Allison removed a gun from her purse and pointed it at him.

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