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Passions Recaps: The week of February 18, 2002 on PS
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Monday, February 18, 2002

Due to coverage of the Winter Olympics, Passions was not shown.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Inside the ice cave, Zombie Charity tells Tabitha to let her in on the story of how she separated Sheridan and Luis back in ancient Egypt. Tabitha takes Zombie girl back to the days of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. Tabitha poses as Cleopatra's (Sheridan) handmaiden. She gets a cobra to strike her dead. As Cleopatra lay dying she asks Tabitha why she did it. Tabitha replies she cannot let love flourish. She also tells Sheridan that she is cursed for tragedy to follow her forever. She tells her that she will never be happy. Marc Anthony rushes to her side as she says her deathbed goodbyes. Marc Anthony kills himself when Tabitha tells him that Cleopatra committed suicide.

Brian tries to talk Sheridan into letting go of her past love who is surely dead. Hank and Beth try to let Luis let go of Sheridan once and for all.

Reese discovers that there is a cavern on the other side of the rock wall, which is the real Charity's ice cave. The real Charity's heart can be seen beating. It glows red with every beat. She is slowly beginning to melt. Whitney comes to for a short time and Marty realizes that he did not overdose her. When he tells Ivy about Whitney, Ivy says that it's Eve's fault. Whitney would not be in this predicament if Eve would just have followed orders.

TC thinks that Whitney was acting strange because of Chad getting her drunk. Eve suspects drugs and goes to take a blood sample. Marty witnesses this and calls Ivy in a panic. Marty says Eve will discover what Ivy has done and tear her a part. TC tells Eve he is puzzled by one thing. He cannot figure out where Whitney got such a lovely singing voice. He says that she sounds like a professional. Eve begins to panic when she starts to relive her past. When Zombie girl and Tabitha see Charity melting, they both scream "NO!" Miguel and Reese hear this and are more determined than ever to get into the ice cave.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Hank confides to Pilar that Luis cannot let go of Sheridan. He tells Pilar about how many times that Luis believes that he has seen Sheridan. Pilar blames herself. She tells Hank when she got the phone call from Antonio and Luis then heard Sheridan's voice, she gave Luis hope. She said that he should pray for a miracle.

Beth tries to get Luis to go home and to try to put the past with Sheridan behind him. It hurts her to see him pour over the pictures in Sheridan's scrap book.

Brian tells "Diana" to forget about the man she loves. He openly confesses his love for her. He tells her to try to commit to moving on. He says that she must move on, even if it is not with him because he wants her happiness more than anything. "Diana" (Sheridan) cannot believe that Brian (Antonio) wants her to forget about her soul mate. Sheridan decides to try to connect with her lost love again. She wants to try to talk to him and decide what she should do about her future.

Zombie Charity screams when she sees the real Charity begin to melt as her heart beats and glows. Zombie blames the thaw on Timmy. Tabitha sees Charity's glowing heart and says that must be what is thawing her out. Zombie girl makes the cave colder so Charity cannot thaw anymore. The zombie also tells Tabitha that she knows who "killed" Julian Crane. She says that when that truth comes out, it will cause nothing but more pain and suffering. Outside the cave Miguel and the others try to move the rocks to get inside.

Zombie Charity is convinced that no one can reach them inside the cave. As the rocks fall, Tabitha tells her not to be so sure. She reminds Zombie girl that all of the attempts to keep Charity and Miguel a part have failed and she could fail too. Tabitha then reminds the zombie that if she does fail, the friends in the basement will be very disappointed.

Pilar tells Luis to try to "talk" to Sheridan and decide what to do about his future. She is hoping that he will decide to move on with his life. Pilar goes to her bedroom and looks at a picture of Antonio. She says that she too must move on, especially since he did not come home for Christmas like she was sure he would. As she drops the picture, she finds Antonio's medal that he always wore around his neck. She then realizes that he did come home for Christmas. This gives Pilar renewed hope that perhaps Sheridan could come home as well.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Sam and Grace stop by the Russell's to check on how Whitney is doing. They cannot believe TC when they hear him going on about how Chad got Whitney drunk. They both tell TC that Chad is a better person than that. They remind TC of all the times Chad saved Whitney and put his own life on the line for Eve.

Eve fears that all of her past sins are coming back to haunt her. Chad feels he must go to TC and clear his name. Simone begs him not to try to talk to her father. Chad says he has to try. When TC sees Chad he goes into another rage. TC won't listen to anything Chad has to say and Grace begs Chad to leave before something really terrible happens.

Brian (Antonio) talks Diana (Sheridan) into letting go of her dead love. Sheridan tearfully begs her love to give her a sign to tell her what to do.

Beth sees Luis "talking to " Sheridan. He explains to Beth that he is confused. Beth suggests that Luis make the decision that he would want Sheridan to make if he were the one who was dead. Luis admits he wants Sheridan to be happy but he cannot shake the feeling that they still have a chance for happiness.

The real Charity's heart is beating louder and glowing brighter. Her ice begins to crack and melt. The Zombie tries to use her ice breath to refreeze Charity but it does not work for long. Tabitha is very smug and wants the zombie to admit how hard it is to keep Charity and Miguel apart. Reese and Miguel make a battering ram to break through the rocks. Zombie girl is sure that the black ooze she put between the rocks will hold. Tabitha shows Zombie girl how the ooze is pooling on the floor of the cave. Zombie Charity says their only hope is Kay. Kay stops the boys from entering the cave when Miguel and Reese fall over a rock. The Zombie makes Charity's voice heard in the woods. Miguel and the others are trying to track the sound of the voice to see where it is coming from. Jessica calls her father for help. Sam makes TC accompany him and leave Chad alone for the time being. Sam promises TC that as Chief of Police, he will question Chad about Whitney.

The Zombie leaves Tabitha and Timmy in the cave with the real melting Charity. She plans on destroying Miguel before he can save Charity. She warns Kay to come up with a way to keep Miguel from the cave or she will be so busted.

Luis and Sheridan decide to let each other go and pray for the other to be happy. Antonio consoles Sheridan and Beth consoles Luis.

Chad sneaks into Whitney's bedroom to make sure she is alright. Whitney kisses Chad.

Miguel sees Zombie Charity's face in the puddle by Kay's feet.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Sheridan resolves to let her past love go, even though he was the great love of her life. She tells Brian (Antonio) it was like her love was letting go of her. She thanks Brian for being there for her and for seeing her through her tough decision. She vows to go on with her life and not look back.

Luis lets go of Sheridan. Beth tells him that he made the right decision. She tells him that she is sure that there is someone else out there for him who is just as wonderful as Sheridan was. Luis tells Beth that she is a wonderful person and thanks her for being there for him.

Zombie girl takes Miguel and the others on a wild goose chase to get them away from the ice cave. Sam and TC join in the quest to find Charity. TC would rather find Chad and rip him apart. He still believes that Chad got Whitney drunk. Zombie Charity is found hiding in a tree. She laughs and tells everyone it was just a joke. No one sees the humor in what she has done. Miguel wants to have it out with Charity once and for all. He wants to know why she has changed so drastically. Miguel tells Charity she will be going no where until he gets an answer.

Inside the ice cave, the real Charity is melting. She can be seen moving slightly in the ice. Tabitha and Timmy hear her weak voice calling out to Miguel.

Chad goes to Whitney's room to check on her. Whitney kisses him and pulls his shirt off his shoulders. Eve and Grace walk in on them. Eve goes after Chad and starts to slap him. Grace tries to stop her. Eve starts calling Chad, "Julian" and Chad looks puzzled at her. Grace finally gets her to calm down. Eve stands there glaring at Chad, convinced now more than ever that TC had been right about him.

TC and Sam return home and climb the stairs to Whitney's room.

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