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Passions Recaps: The week of June 3, 2002 on PS
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Monday, June 3, 2002

Chad and Whitney's joy at being allowed to date is cut short when Whitney remembers her promise to God of giving up Chad.

Zombie Charity plants the seeds of trouble for Simone. Simone asks Zombie Charity if she would like to see the good luck bracelet she got for Whitney. The zombie asks what Chad is giving Whitney. Simone asks her why Chad would get her anything. The Zombie innocently says well they are dating aren't they? Simone gets angry with both the zombie and Kay.

Kay, Simone and Zombie Charity go to the Book Cafe. They see on TV that Theresa is about to be sentenced. Simone focuses in on seeing Whitney being held in Chad's arms as he comforts her. She gets angry and lashes out at Kay by throwing hints to "Charity" that some other girl may be trying to get Miguel.

Theresa is sentenced to death, The courtroom erupts. Luis screams that Theresa is innocent. Reporters converge on Theresa and her family as Pilar passes out. Luis demands that Theresa take back her confession and let whoever she is covering for take the fall. Whitney tells Chad that she loves him. Chad begs her not to turn her back on what they have. They kiss passionately.

Timmy puts out Peggy's fire before her fake nose can go up in flames. Timmy realizes that the nose is fake and he wonders why Peggy is lying about her identity. Theresa is denied bail. The judge sentences Theresa to die by lethal injection right after her baby is born.

Gwen tries to comfort Ethan after hearing the verdict. She seems genuinely sorry for both he and Theresa. She looks suspiciously at her mother and Ivy sitting in the back of the courtroom. Ivy and Rebecca are trying their level best to hide their elation about Theresa's death sentence. Father Lonigan wants Theresa to tell the truth. He tells her he cannot sleep at night as he now knows she will be executed. He wants to go to Ethan and get him to confess.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Brian tells Diana a little about his sorted past with Nick. He warns her away from Nick stating that Nick was lying when he said he knew her from the past. Liz tries to get Nick out of everybody's life. She lies and tells him that the pipes in his room burst and there are no other rooms available. Nick sees through Liz's lie. He can also see that Liz was once involved with Brian. Nick tells Liz that he knows she still loves Brian.

Luis and Pilar beg Theresa to stop covering for someone else and tells the truth. They beg he on bended knees to tell who really killed Julian. Theresa says that she will tell everyone the truth. Ivy holds her breath, sick to death that Theresa will name Ethan as the real killer.

The zombie gets Simone all worked up over seeing Whitney and Chad together. She tells Simone that Chad and Whitney looked like they were all over each other on the TV. Kay tries to get Simone to calm down. She storms out of the Book Cafe intent on finding and confronting Chad and Whitney. Rebecca helps keep the lid on Theresa's secret by baiting her. She says ''Theresa tell who really killed Julian so they can suffer. Tell the truth and let that person die a grisly horrible death." Theresa sees visions of Ethan being executed and sticks to her story.

Because of Nick, Diana starts to think she may have been a rich, horribly shallow party girl. Brian assures her that it cannot be true because they are soul mates.

Simone questions Whitney and Chad as to why they are together. Simone warns them that TC and Eve could see them together. They tell Simone that Eve cleared Chad's name. Chad intends to tell Simone the truth now. Whitney tries to stop him. He won't hear of it. He tells Whitney that the farce has gone on long enough. Simone must know that he does not care for her they way he does for Whitney. Ethan tells off the judge as he pleas for justice. He fires Davis and takes over as Theresa's attorney. Theresa seems to have gone into labor.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Theresa seems to have gone into labor. The guards at the courthouse do not want Theresa moved to the hospital. Sam over rides them and tells the guards that they can come along but Theresa is going to the hospital. Theresa is rushed into emergency. She appears to be in great pain. Pilar tells Luis that she is dreading the birth of her first grandchild because she knows that right after the baby is born, Theresa will die.

Chad does not tell Simone the truth but Zombie Charity does. Simone spies Whitney and Chad in each other's arms again. Simone eyes the sharp scalpels with menacing. The zombie tells Kay that something wonderful is going to happen. Simone is going to murder her two timing sister. Eve tells Whitney that Simone wears her heart on her sleeve and losing her first love could do a lot of psychological damage. Kay asks Simone what she plans to do if she finds out that Whitney and Chad are a couple. Simone swears to make her sister pay. The zombie torments Kay saying that all the bad goings on in Harmony are her fault because she was the one who invited evil back to Harmony.

Ethan goes to work trying to overturn Theresa's sentence. Rebecca and Ivy call Theresa's case a lost cause and try to get him to give up helping her. They both try to get Ethan to see that Theresa could have killed Julian. Ethan begins to doubt Theresa's innocence.

Brian is livid when he realizes that Nick is looking for Diana. He knows that Nick set Diana up to lose big at his casino. Brian threatens Nick. Brian swears to protect Diana. Nick says that even if he would forget about Diana's debt, his partners won't. they will make Brian and Diana pay with their lives.

Theresa was in false labor. Everyone seems relived. Theresa tells everyone that Alistair will protect her. They tell her to give up on that idea because she was sentenced to death even with Alistair's attorney helping her. Luis says that something is just not right. Pilar believes that it is the evil forces that Father Lonigan was talking about.

Tabitha goes to Sam and begs him to help her find Timmy. She tells Sam that Norma has escaped from the mental ward and she is sure that Norma is after her Timmy. Timmy has terrible dreams about Norma since he suspects that Peggy and Norma are the same person.

Eve warns Ethan to get busy on Theresa's appeal because she could give birth at any moment. Ethan begins to panic when he realizes that they are running short on time. Pilar tells Theresa that she lost her faith. She tells Theresa that her baby will grow up without a mother due to her stupid lie. Ethan realizes that there is a lack of security in the hospital and plans on helping Theresa escape.

Thursday, June 6, 2002

Nick tells Brian and Diana that his partners will be in touch with them since they refuse to pay off the gambling debt.

Diana stops Nick and asks him if it was a con when he said that he knew her from the past. Nick assures Diana that it was not a lie. He says that although he does not remember exactly who she is, he did see her before. Diana asks if she could have possibly worked for him at one time like Brian did. Nick tells her no, much to Diana's relief. Nick remembers seeing Diana in expensive gowns and diamonds. He also tells Diana that if she would dump Brian and go out with him, her life would be easier.

Chad gets interrupted when he goes to tell Simone that truth about his relationship with her sister. Chad questions Ethan as to why he is carrying around doctor scrubs. Chad can then tell that Ethan is ready to help Theresa escape. Chad tries to talk Ethan out of his crazy plan and threatens to turn Ethan in. Ethan gets Chad to promise not to blow the whistle. Timmy talks to Flo about Peggy and asks Flo if she ever noticed that Peggy's nose is a fake. Timmy then goes on to tell Flo that he thinks Peggy is really an escaped psycho named Norma. Flo believes Timmy's story until he tells Flo about being a doll. Flo laughs him off.

Pilar is angry that Theresa seems to still be living in a fantasy world. Theresa still believes that her and Ethan will be married some day. Ethan goes to Theresa and explains to her that there is not much left he can do to help her. Her only chance is to tell the truth and recant her confession. Theresa refuses.

Whitney begs Chad not to tell Simone the truth because it could mess her sister up for life. Whitney asks Chad for more time to keep their relationship a secret. Brian plans on selling his boat to pay off the gambling debt. Liz offers to put money in to help out too.

Liz remembers Nick's promise that he wants to try to take Diana away from Brian and leave lonely Brian for Liz. Brian has a plan to get the money that upsets Liz. Since Theresa refuses to recant her confession, Ethan tells her they can escape. Ethan and Theresa escape from the hospital. Ethan says that there is not turning back, they are both fugitives now.

Friday, June 7, 2002

Timmy distracts Peggy (a.k.a. Norma) with a large pitcher of Martimmies. After she passes out on the diner floor, he tries to pry her mask off to see if she really is Norma.

Brian has a plan to get the money to bail out Diana. He plans on racing. Liz gets upset because she remembers how Brian almost died the last time he was in a race. He broke his back, legs and almost all of his ribs. The doctor's thought he would never walk again. Liz begs Brian not to race again and she relives the painful memories of his long slow recovery. She also remembers how Brian made her a heartfelt promise to never race cars again.

Ethan and Theresa take off on their escape. As they are heading out of Harmony, they hear a police siren behind them. Ethan does not want to jeopardize the baby or Theresa and plans on giving up. They are relived to see the police car go past them. Back at the hospital, Eve realizes that Ethan helped Theresa escape. She buys them some time by lying to the police guards. and saying that Theresa is taking more tests.

Eve confides to Pilar, Sam and Luis that Theresa escaped with Ethan's help. Sam is furious and Luis is ecstatic. Luis is proud of Ethan for trying to save his sister's life. Sam goes to put out an A.P.B. on the couple. Luis physically stops him and they come to blows.

Ethan's has to stop to change a flat tire, which gives Theresa a chance to call Whitney. Whitney cannot believe what she is hearing and tells Theresa that she is once again living in a fantasy world. She also asks what Theresa will do when she is about to give birth if she is on the run.

Eve gets some serous news about Theresa's condition. Theresa must be in a high risk delivery room or she and her baby could die in childbirth.

Brian tells Liz he has to forget about his promise and he will race again. He says he has no other choice. Liz lashes out at Diana. She tells her that it is all her fault and everybody would have been better off if she drowned in the ocean instead of Brian fishing her out.

Timmy pulls off Peggy's mask.

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