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Passions Recaps: The week of December 23, 2002 on PS
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Monday, December 23, 2002

Charity and Miguel couldn't believe the bad luck omens that kept following them. When they returned home from the wedding reception, they walked into the Bennett house and stepped on a mirror. Charity saw it as seven years of bad luck. When they went up to Charity's room, a black cat crossed their path. As they stepped into Charity's bedroom, they walked under a ladder that had been placed in the doorway.

David accompanied Grace home. Grace questioned Charity about the omens and then turned on Kay. She asked Kay if she was behind them. Kay said that she was, but she was not guilty. Kay said that the black cat had entered through an open window -- a window that Grace had left open. She then explained that the cat had knocked over a mirror and then run into Charity's room.

Kay got the ladder to get the cat down before she could ruin Charity's wedding dress. Charity bought the story, but Grace did not. Grace cornered Kay and warned her not to try anything at the wedding the next day. Kay told her mother she would do what she pleased, and there was "not a damn thing" she could do about it. Kay then saw David go into her mother's bedroom.

The sounds of a terrified Theresa screaming rattled everyone in the Crane mansion. Gwen begged Ethan not to leave her to find out what Theresa was screaming about. Gwen was sure that it was just another plan to keep the newlyweds apart.

Ivy and Sam heard the screaming, as did Julian and Rebecca. Ethan was the first on the scene and attacked Theresa's intruder. They began to beat each other up. Sam tried to break in on the fight. The door was locked, and as he kept hearing Theresa scream, he had no choice but to break the door down. Sam broke up the fight. The intruder was identified as Foxworth Crane. He smiled smugly and said, "I'm back."

Fox introduced himself to Theresa as the "now oldest" son of Ivy and Julian, since Ethan was no longer a Crane. No one in the family seemed particularly happy to see Fox. Julian and Ivy both felt that there was big trouble on the way.

Eve arrived at home and found Liz working on her plan to get T.C. Liz enticed T.C. into a sexy dance with her. Eve asked rather angrily what was going on. T.C. explained how innocent the dance was. It was innocent to T.C., but Eve knew what Liz was up to. Liz again told Eve she was going to ruin her life.

Tabitha tried out the size of her casket. She was sure that after Miguel and Charity's wedding the next day, she would be dead. Cracked Connie and Cecil had other ideas. They began to loot Tabitha's house of all her antiques. They planned on getting as much as they could get their money-grubbing hands on and hitting the open road.

Sam arrived home and grabbed champagne to mend fences with Grace. Kay acted upset and purposely tried to get her father not to go upstairs, knowing that he would want to all the more. He walked into Grace's bedroom and found that she had fallen asleep in David's arms. Kay smiled to herself and noted that "payback is a bitch."

Ethan took Fox aside and warned him to "stay the hell away" from Theresa. Fox questioned why Ethan should care if Fox spent time with Theresa, who he affectionately called "stepmommie." Fox reminded his half-brother that Ethan was a married man.

Gwen got catty with Theresa and asked if her nerves had calmed down enough for Gwen and Ethan to continue their honeymoon. Theresa put Gwen in her place by reminding her that Ethan had left Gwen's honeymoon bed to rush to her rescue. She told Gwen that it certainly showed who was locked in Ethan's heart. Gwen just scowled at Theresa.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Tabitha emerged from her coffin just in time to prevent Connie and Cecil from stealing everything that wasn't nailed down. Whitney was alarmed to realize that she'd overslept and spent the entire night in Chad's arms. Meanwhile, back at the Russell domicile, Liz thought fast to keep T.C. from discovering that his elder daughter had never gotten home the night before.

Fox made himself right at home, much to the annoyance of the others in residence at the Crane mansion. Unnerved to awaken next to David, Grace hoped Sam wouldn't get wind of her latest indiscretion. A sullen Kay prepared to face defeat. Theresa enjoyed watching Ethan's reaction when she revealed that Fox would be escorting her to Miguel's wedding.

Whitney thanked Liz for her cover story. Gwen asked a startled Ethan if he was still in love with Theresa. After Sam caught David trying to sneak out of the house, Grace shakily insisted nothing had happened between her and her first husband. Later, as the wedding began, Kay collapsed before Miguel and Charity could exchange vows.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Tabitha faced her friends in the basement. Later, she tried to lure Cecil and Cracked Connie to the basement.

David filled Ivy in on what had happened the previous night with Grace. Ivy was thrilled and was certain she would have Sam in no time. David continued to feel guilty. Ivy thought he should be thanking her for helping him get Grace.

Kay fainted in the middle of Charity and Miguel's wedding. Grace believed Kay was faking it. Eve informed an alarmed crowd that something was truly wrong with Kay. Grace wondered if her daughter had made herself faint. Eve ran an important test on Kay.

At the wedding, Theresa and Fox bonded. Ethan was not happy with his mischievous brother being near Theresa. Fox and Ethan exchanged words. Gwen continued to question Ethan about his true feelings. Theresa was pleased with how things were going. Antonio and Beth both had worries about their own upcoming weddings.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Theresa spent part of the Christmas holiday at the Crane Mansion. She gave Ethan an expensive laptop as a gift from his godson, Little Ethan. Ethan graciously accepted and then had a small gift for Theresa. Gwen watched jealously as Rebecca reminded her that she was Ethan's wife, not Theresa. Fox dropped a bombshell on his family. He planned on staying in Harmony permanently. He said he wanted to work at Crane Industries and wanted Theresa to be his mentor.

Theresa took her family to an undisclosed location. She was very mysterious about where they were going. Theresa ushered everyone into a beautiful new house. She announced that it was the new, rebuilt Lopez-Fitzgerald home. Pilar right away said she couldn't accept the gift because it had been built with Crane money.

Theresa explained that all their family and friends had helped to rebuild the house. She explained that everyone had pitched in and would be hurt if the gift were not accepted. Pilar agreed as Theresa took everyone on a tour. She even offered a room to Luis and Beth for when they became newlyweds.

Tabitha went to spend the day with the Bennetts. Everyone was putting their problems and worries aside for the holiday. Tabitha asked Kay why she had not used protection. Kay defended her actions and couldn't help showing her happiness over her pregnancy. The Bennetts gave Tabitha a very special Christmas present. They presented her with a scrapbook of Timmy's life. Tabitha tearfully pored over the pictures and seemed truly grateful for the gift.

Once Tabitha went home, she spied the elusive baby that she had been chasing for the past several weeks. She almost had the baby cornered when it jumped into Tabitha's belly. Tabitha ordered him to get out. She then flashed back to her wild night with Julian Crane. She realized that the baby belonged to her. Tabitha put a hand to her stomach and fainted dead away.

Friday, December 27, 2002

The day after Christmas found the families of Harmony facing up to their problems. At the new Lopez-Fitzgerald home, the family was having a meeting about Miguel's situation and what he should do about it. Pilar felt that Miguel should do the "right thing" by Kay and marry her. Theresa jumped in and told Miguel that he should marry his true love, not marry out of obligation. Pilar got angry and asked Theresa how she could use her past situation with Ethan to cloud Miguel's choice.

Beth and her mother got into a heated argument as Beth began to pack for her honeymoon. Beth told her mother that she'd hired a private nurse to look after Mrs. Wallace while Beth was gone. Mrs. Wallace told Beth that she'd canceled the nurse because Beth would not be going on a honeymoon and was not marrying Luis.

Mrs. Wallace screamed it for the last time in Beth's face. Beth said to herself that there was no need for a nurse because she was going to kill her mother.

Hank arrived at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home and warned Miguel to stay away from Sam. Hank said that his brother would kill him if he laid eyes on him. Pilar begged Miguel to reconsider his decision not to marry Kay.

At the Bennett home, Sam went off on how Miguel had seduced Kay. Grace defended Miguel and said that Kay had probably manipulated the whole thing. She said she felt that Kay was helping evil in Harmony and in their lives. Sam couldn't believe that Grace could have such a low opinion of their daughter.

David entered and agreed with Grace, as did John. Sam told the two they had no place to voice their opinions, since they were not family. Grace jumped in and said that they were family, and Kay was David's stepdaughter. Sam said, "The hell she is." Sam blamed David and John for taking Grace away from Kay. Sam said the three of them had helped cause all of it.

Sheridan frantically called Gwen for support. As her wedding day drew closer, she was getting cold feet. Sheridan explained to Gwen that she just couldn't go through with marrying Antonio when she truly loved Luis. Gwen put the idea in Sheridan's head that Beth might not be so sweet and understanding as she appeared. Sheridan quickly defended Beth by telling Gwen that Beth did not have a mean bone in her body.

While Sheridan was telling Gwen of Beth's virtues, Beth was attacking her mother with a letter opener. Mrs. Wallace was saved by the bell -- the phone rang and stopped Beth from doing her mother in. Beth calmed down when she heard the private nurse on the other end. She once again had someone to take care of her mother and told Mrs. Wallace she was off the hook "for now." Mrs. Wallace told her daughter she was not worried because she knew the wedding would not happen. She reminded Beth how disastrous all the Harmony weddings were.

Eve arrived at Sheridan's cottage. Eve told Sheridan that even though Antonio's condition was very serious, she should follow her heart and not marry him when she did not love him. Eve reminded Sheridan that if Antonio knew the truth, he would not want her to marry him out of obligation or pity. Sheridan told Gwen and Eve she needed to be alone to think and make a decision.

Charity asked Kay how it had "happened" with Miguel. Kay lied and told her cousin that it had happened after the zombie had broken up with Miguel. She said that all of Charity's premonitions had helped make it happen. Simone told Kay that she was a piece of work by actually having Charity shoulder some of the blame for the pregnancy. Miguel showed up at the Bennett house, and Sam went ballistic. He grabbed Miguel by the throat.

Sheridan sneaked into Luis' shower and told him she loved him. She said she had returned to him forever. They kissed.

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