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Passions Recaps: The week of September 4, 2006 on PS
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Monday, September 4, 2006

Paloma and Roberto rescue Jessica from Tony. Paloma wants to report the crime and Jessica tells her not to because she doesn't want too many people knowing that she is a prostitute. She also blames herself for the attack due to her past. Jessica thinks Spike loves her and all that is happening is her fault, plus she thinks Spike has changed. Paloma and Roberto try to reassure her that Spike is using her and is weakening her spirits.

While in the pool w/ Fancy, Luis hears a noise and decides to check it out due to the shootings. It's Sheridan and Chris leaving the premises. Luis asks them to join him and Fancy, but Fancy is not too pleased about it, even though she agrees to it. Chris brings up the background check to Luis, and Luis is not apologizing for it because he wants to know who shot his mother, and as a cop, he has to follow all leads. Fancy tells Sheridan that she is going to make Luis love her, even if it means getting around the rules set out by Harmony PD to do it. Luis comes straight out and ask Chris if he had anything to do with the shooting at the mansion, and Chris tells him no. Luis is still suspicious of Chris despite his denial. Sheridan is hurt when she sees Luis kissing Fancy passionately.

Siren knows that Tabitha has a virus. Tabitha blames it on Siren, and Siren blames Kay. In any event, Tabitha tells Siren that the spell is almost completed, and Siren is confident that Kay can't pull it off. Tabitha tells Siren that once Kay has completed the curse, she won't be able to seduce another male, ever. Fox is about to walk in on Kay and Miguel, but Endora casts a spell to prevent it since she doesn't want to see Fox hurt. Siren is happy for the moment. Tabitha explains to Endora that Fox will be miserable with Kay if the curse is not completed. Siren thinks she is safe and decides to go do her nails. Tabitha takes it upon herself to convince Fox to go upstairs and see Kay, and Fox agrees. He sees Kay and Miguel about to make love.

Ethan and Theresa are making love without knowing that they are actually with each other due to drunkenness. Ethan and Theresa finally realize that they are in bed together. Ethan tells Theresa that he was drunk plus the power went out, and he counted the floors wrong when he was climbing the stairs. He thinks he is currently in Gwen's room, but it's really Theresa's room. They both realize that it's a mistake, and Theresa sure tells Ethan that she is moving on. Ethan tells Theresa that maybe it's meant to be that they end up in the same room together making love since she is always talking about fate. He thinks fate brought them together, and he enjoys every minute of it. Theresa insists that this is a mistake because she had too much to drink, plus she is falling in love with Jared. Ethan is not hearing it. In addition, Theresa tells Ethan that no one can know about what happened between them. She tells him to hurry and get out of her room because Jared can come back at any moment, plus Gwen is probably looking for him.

Julian organizes a romantic evening for Eve and tells her that he is tired of arguing with her. Eve blames herself for the distance between them. She tells Julian that she has been preoccupied with TC. Julian admits that seeing Eve spend time with TC does make him jealous. Eve and Julian's moment is interrupted because she has to deal with TC. Apparently, he is chasing the nurse away, and Eve wants to make sure that someone stays with TC at all times. Julian is trying to understand, but his patience is running thin. He tells Eve to let the nurses he hired worry about TC. He has set up a romantic evening between them, but Eve is constantly on the phone checking in on TC. Julian has had it, and Eve gets upset and leaves.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

At Tabitha's house she struggled with her witchy virus. Siren poked fun at her being the beekeeping get up and teased her about her voice change. Kay kept kissing Miguel, but wondering why Fox hadn't shown up. Fox had seen Kay and Miguel kissing and stormed outside where he seethed until he was enraged. Julian arrived and asked him what was going on and Fox spit out that he was angry enough to murder Miguel for trying to steal Kay away from him when he thought he was his friend. His father began ranting about how T.C. was trying to monopolize Eve's time and he wasn't going to stand for it anymore. Julian counseled Fox to swallow the anger until it was icy cold fury and act like Alistair would. Inside Kay finally, pushed Miguel away and went to look for Fox. She ran downstairs and found Tabitha starting to float. Siren told Kay that she shouldn't have left Miguel all hot and ready for action because now she'd have to go help him out of his misery. Kay tried to hold Siren, but Tabitha needed help, so Kay let her go. Kay got Tabitha tied down so she would float and as they mulled over what to do next the word "Jealousy" floated and echoed from Fox's mind throughout the yard and house. It startled Julian and Fox, but Tabitha rejoiced because she knew that Kay had finally broken the mermaid curse. Kay couldn't believe it so Tabitha told her to look in her bowl. Kay looked and she saw that Siren had gotten in the shower with Miguel and was singing her song. Suddenly Miguel awoke from her enchanted tune and shooed her out of the shower saying that her song sounded like Fluffy coughing up a hairball. Siren couldn't believe that Kay had cast the spell. Kay jumped and cheered that Siren was beaten. Tabitha reminded her that there would be something underlying a jealousy as strong as Fox's and Kay began to worry about the consequences of breaking the curse. Fox walked into the bathroom and eyeing a blow dryer resolved to make Miguel pay.

At the Sea Cliff Inn, Ethan and Gwen met up in the hallway when the lights came back on. She wanted to know why he'd not made it to their room and he lied and said he'd been lost and wandering in the dark. They heard Theresa scream and Ethan ran to her aid. Gwen followed behind, angry that he went to Theresa. Theresa was on the floor and Jared was leaning over her. As Jared stood up, Ethan belted him in the mouth. Theresa and Jared were angry that Ethan had done that and Theresa and Gwen had to pull the men apart. Ethan said he was sure that Jared had attacked Theresa. Jared said that he'd been knocked out and came to when Theresa screamed. He'd gone to her aid. Theresa pointed out a large bump and bruise on the opposite said of Jared's face from where Ethan hit him. Jared became very protective of Theresa and worried about who might be out to get her. Stewart Allen staggered into the hallway and butted into the conversation saying that he was among those who wanted her dead. Theresa had no idea who he was and Jared told her who he was and that he'd been reading up on the situation. He'd been planning to bring it to Theresa's attention. Stewart ranted and raved about how poorly he'd been treated by the Cranes and the company. Theresa told him that if he had an issue, he could discuss it with her during business hours. He told her it was too late. He had a lawyer who was a Crane insider and he was going to sue her. Theresa was shaking she was so angry when she demanded to know which traitor was willing to stab her in the back. Ethan told her it was him and they were ready to sue. Gwen stood by gloating.

At the Crane pool house, Fancy asked Luis if he'd kissed her because he like her or because he wanted to make Sheridan jealous. He wanted to know where that was coming from. He said they were just kissing and not even close to talking about a relationship. She told him that Sheridan had said she was over Luis and Fancy wanted to know if he was over Sheridan. That cooled off Luis and he decided to get for a walk. He strode out of the pool house and dressed as he walked, ending up in front of Sheridan's cottage. Sheridan had a box of photos and memorabilia from her years with Luis. She was tossing item after item into the large fire in the fireplace. Luis stood outside watching and disbelieving that she was really ending her life with him. Sheridan tossed in a card that Luis made for her the night he proposed and Luis walked away grief-stricken. Sheridan decided that she couldn't lose it and pulled the charred card from the fire. Fancy remained behind swimming and then fantasizing about kissing Luis. As she stood there in the pool, she realized that she couldn't get involved with Luis until he was over his love for Sheridan.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

In her kitchen, tied to a chair and weighted down with pots and pans, Tabitha continues to suffer from the witches' virus. She and Kay have a discussion about Fox and Miguel. Tabitha believes that Fox is insanely jealous and that his lack of an angry response means that he has murder in mind. Kay resists that idea. She scoffs and says that her sweet Fox is no killer. In the bathroom upstairs, Miguel showers, unaware that Fox is preparing to throw a hair dryer in the shower with him. At the Crane mansion, Fancy is sitting on the edge of the indoor pool thinking about Luis when he walks in. He tells her that he has an answer for the question she asked him earlier. She says she overstepped, he says no, she has a right to know how he feels about moving on from Sheridan. At the hotel, Theresa, Jared, Ethan, Gwen and Stewart Allen talk in the hallway. Theresa is shocked that Ethan has taken Stewart Allen's lawsuit against Crane industries. She says that it is crazy and she cannot believe that Ethan would betray her. Ethan looks angry and Gwen smirks. Stewart says that Crane has taken advantage of him for years and now he intends to get even. ‘Your stock will be worthless." He rails, as he hurls insults at Theresa. Theresa looks at Ethan and tells him, "If you destroy the company, you will destroy me."

Kay continues to insist that Fox will not do anything violent to Miguel because he is not the jealous type. Tabitha retorts that he must be or the spell to remove the mermaid's curse would not have worked. Kay says there must be some other explanation and insists that Tabitha cast a spell to make Miguel forget almost making love with Kay. While looking for the spell for Miguel, Tabitha finds out that she has to travel to the 4th ring of Saturn to be cured of the witches' virus. Kay tells Tabitha that she will watch out for Endora, but that Tabitha must cast the spell on Miguel first. Meanwhile, she is going to find Fox and make love to him and remove Siren's curse once and for all. Fox looks at Miguel in the shower and adjusts the hair dryer. The he opens the shower door. Miguel turns around and Fox says that, "This is for messing around with my fiancé." Then he drops the dryer in the shower. There are several sparks and Miguel falls unconscious as Kay walks in. In the pool house, Luis tells Fancy that she deserves an answer. Fancy retreats. She says that she does not want to pressure Luis. She is nervous and keeps talking. Luis interrupts her and tells her that she had a good question when she had asked him earlier if he was using her to make Sheridan jealous when he had kissed. "I was using you," he says. At the hotel, Theresa reiterates that she feels betrayed and looks pleadingly at Ethan. "Now you know how I feel," taunts Stewart Allen. Gwen tells Theresa that she is the CEO and that she is responsible for everything. Stewart continues his threats, but Ethan intervenes and tells him he should leave. Now Theresa asks Ethan again why he took the case. Gwen does not allow him to answer; She says that it is payback for Theresa's insatiable greed. Ethan points out that Theresa has blackballed him and this is his chance to prove what a good lawyer he is. Theresa looks hurts. Gwen continues her insults to Theresa and says that she got her position by sleeping with the Crane men. Jared steps in to defend Theresa. He says that he has had lots of experience with high-powered executives and that Theresa is as skilled as any of them. "Is that in the boardroom or the bedroom?" smirks Gwen.

Kay calls Fox a murderer as she rushes to Miguel's aid. "He deserved it," says a crazed Fox. But Fox is only imagining, and thinking out loud. He does move towards the shower, but hears Kay calling. He leaves the hair dryer and exits the bathroom before Kay walks in. Miguel sees her and tells her that he wants to be with her. They start kissing. Fancy is let down by Luis' admission, but says she will not cry. She was expecting it. It is OK says Fancy. Luis says that he is sorry for using Fancy and that she deserves better. Fancy starts babbling. Luis interrupts her to say that he does have feelings for her and that he wants a fresh start with her without the ghosts from the past. They kiss. "It's not like you Ethan," says Theresa. "You had it coming," snarls Gwen. Jared tells Gwen he thought better of her. Gwen tells him he does not know all the things that Theresa has done. Jared says that it does not matter. Ethan is in the past for Theresa. She is with him now. Theresa flashes back to the scene earlier when she and Ethan had unwittingly been in bed together. As Gwen and Ethan take their leave, Theresa wants the answer to one question. "When did you decide to take the case?" She asks Ethan. "Was it after you saw Jared and me making love?" Gwen also looks at Ethan and asks him to answer the question.

Tabitha works on the spell to make Miguel forget his encounter with Kay. She looks in her magic bowl and sees a very angry Fox looking at a picture of Kay with Miguel and Maria. In the bathroom Kay and Miguel continue kissing in the shower. Kay looks away and whispers, "Hurry, Tabitha. Hurry." At that moment Tabitha finishes the spell and there is a great puff of smoke. The smoke permeates the shower and Miguel's memory is erased. He wants to know what Kay is doing. She makes a flimsy excuse and leaves the bathroom. She goes to the bedroom she shares with Fox and finds him there He notices that she is wet. She makes another excuse, but he does not believe her and thinks to himself that she is a very bad liar who has been in the shower with Miguel. Fancy is very happy with Luis's answer and says she cannot believe it. "You really like me," she says, then jumps in the pool. Luis leans down and Fancy pulls him in, despite the fact that he is wearing his uniform. They start kissing, but Luis pulls away and says that they cannot date because it violates the rule that says a police officer cannot be romantically involved with a cadet. At the hotel, Ethan tells Theresa that her question is ridiculous. But when did you decide to take the case asks Theresa. Yes, when? Gwen asks. Ethan admits that he decided after seeing Jared and Theresa in bed together. A very hurt Theresa tells Ethan that he took the case against Crane because of his jealousy over Jared.

As he towels off, Miguel has a flashback and sees himself in bed with Kay. He shakes it off as wishful thinking. Kay wants to make sure that Siren's grip on Fox is gone, so she starts kissing him as a prelude to making love. Luis tells Fancy that he got caught up in the moment and forgot about the rules. "It's a dumb rule," gripes Fancy. Luis tells Fancy they can date if she is willing to give up being a cop and become a civilian again. Theresa insists that jealousy is the reason that Ethan took the case. Gwen defends Ethan, who tells Theresa that it is not personal. Stewart Allen returns as Ethan tells Theresa that she should start looking at their relationship as strictly adversarial. "How could you?" say Theresa.

Tabitha is in her room when Miguel, now dressed after his shower, knocks on the door to inquire after her. She says that she is all right but is going away for a while. He says that he will help Kay look after Endora. Fox and Kay are snuggled up after making love. Kay thinks everything is fine between them, but Fox is not fine. He is still insanely jealous of Miguel and vows to himself that Kay will never be with Miguel again. "That," he thinks silently, "Is a threat and a promise." Luis and Fancy are still in the pool. Fancy says that she cannot quit police officer training, even for Luis because it is the most fulfilling thing she has ever done. Luis says that they will not date until she becomes a full-fledged police officer. Fancy suggest that they share a "friendly" kiss. Luis agrees and they kiss again.

Fancy then asks Luis "How long is the training?" Kay enters Tabitha's room to tell her that she and Fox have made love and that the curse is definitely broken. She refuses to believe that Fox is angry or that he actually saw her with Miguel. Now that Miguel has been made to forget Kay's advances everything will be fine insists Kay. Tabitha is not convinced. Down in the kitchen Miguel looks at a picture of himself with Kay and Maria, and wonders what he can do to reunite his family. He does not hear Fox walk in. Fox looks murderous as he picks up a large kitchen knife and fondles it behind Miguel's back. Outside of Theresa's room, Jared advises Theresa not to let emotion get in her way. "Be ruthless," he advises. "I'll do whatever is necessary to win." She assures him. Down the hall, Stewart Allen, Gwen and Ethan converse. Stewart wants to know the strategy, but Ethan puts him off saying that he is still considering how to proceed. Stewart leaves. Gwen tells Ethan that she is proud of him and practically crows when she says that Theresa is over Ethan and out of their lives for good. Gwen and Ethan hug, but he makes eye contact with Theresa who returns his long lingering look.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

At Tabitha's house Fox had a crazed look in his eye as he contemplated stabbing Miguel in the back with a kitchen knife. Kay walked in on them and Fox's focus moved to her. Miguel left to talk to Luis. Fox's anger was just below the surface, but he told Kay he had been rethinking their future. She got worried that he was going to call off their engagement but he wanted to move it up and maybe even elope which she wouldn't hear of because she was sure their parents would want to be there.

At Sheridan's cottage she regretted not being able to be with Luis. She loved Chris and James but didn't realize how hard it would be to give up her soul mate. Katherine arrived to find her daughter in tears and counseled her to go to Luis and tell him that she still loved him. Sheridan said that she was committed to her husband and son and it looked like Luis was moving on with Fancy. Katherine told her not to waste any more time being with the wrong man.

At Crane Industries, Theresa gave Jared the task of digging up every scrap of dirt they could get on Stuart Allen because she was determined to take him and Ethan down for betraying Crane. After Jared left to pull together all the data, Julian walked in to Theresa's office and gave her a vote of no confidence. He felt that she was jeopardizing the company and his livelihood and didn't think she had the backbone to stand up to Ethan. On his way out of Theresa's reception area, Julian ran into Jared. He attempted to bribe Jared to report all of Theresa's movements to him. Jared stayed loyal to Tess and she was not only relieved but shocked that she'd picked the right man. Jared delivered the completed dossier on Stuart Allen to his boss and got a doubling of his salary as a loyalty bonus.

At Ethan's law office, he and Gwen worked on Stuart's case into the night. Gwen was a little sad that they'd missed dessert at the inn so he called the restaurant downstairs to deliver the chocolate decadence. Gwen was proud of the fact that Ethan had taken the case and was going to take Theresa down. He reminded her that it wasn't personal, he wasn't going to take Theresa down; it was a corporate battle. Gwen still gloated that Ethan and Theresa were on opposite sides. Ethan planned to get a settlement for Stewart, but Ethan thought a settlement was sure, but a jury trial was iffy. Theresa arrived with a copy of Crane's documents in the case and delivered a message-no one was going to walk over her.

At the Harmony Police Department, Luis was frustrated that Fancy wanted to be with him, but she was going to go through the cadet training anyway so they'd have to wait to start any kind of relationship. Miguel showed up wanting girl advice from his big brother. Luis encouraged him to go with his heart and tell Kay how he felt. Miguel was unsure but decided to try again since he couldn't figure out why he hadn't told Kay earlier. Luis told him not to give up until Kay said yes.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Whitney is happy to be a family with Chad and Miles, and she thinks nothing will tear them apart. Chat gets another phone call and Whitney wonders who it could be. She tells Chad that he is lucky that she is not the jealous type since he's been getting a lot of strange calls in the middle of the night. Chad arranges another meeting with his mystery caller but tells Whitney that he is going to work.

Fox is still trying to persuade Kay to elope, but Kay settles on pushing up the date earlier instead. Fox and Kay talk about trusting each other in their relationship since Fox has no trust in Kay right now. Kay wonders if Fox saw her and Miguel together. Fox surprises Kay with a diamond necklace and champagne. Miguel wants to tell Kay how he feels about her in that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her but doesn't feel that he can compete with Fox. He doesn't have enough money to buy expensive gifts for Kay. In any event, Miguel still wants to fight for Kay, and he has to strike while the iron is hot.

Jared tells Theresa that Ethan is going to have a big fight on his hands, and she is confident that she will win. Theresa thinks that Ethan is taking the case to get back at her, but Jared thinks that Ethan is trying to salvage his career. Jared tells Theresa that he is falling in love with her, and he thinks Ethan is a fool to let her go. Meanwhile, Theresa is wondering if she could be falling for someone else other than Ethan.

Spike pays Chris another visit. He has his eyes set on a yacht. He is pretty confident that Chris will get him the money once he starts embezzling funds from Crane Industries (CI). Chris can't wait to give Spike the money so that he can get out of Harmony for good. Chris takes out the code book with the access codes for CI's foreign accounts so that he can start the process for Spike. He has to spread the money out through various accounts to avoid suspicions or a paper trail. Chris is fed up and tells Spike to leave but to take the service elevator. Spike slips back into Chris' office to take a peek at the code book. Before Spike could get comfortable, Theresa walks towards Chris' office. Spike pulls out his knife and hides in an adjacent office. Theresa puts the code book away while someone walks up and touches her shoulder. Theresa screams.

Sheridan goes to see Luis at the police station due to Katherine's meddling. She is guilty about going to see Luis, but she is doing it anyway. Sheridan is saddled with guilt and decides to walk out the door without seeing Luis. Luis hears the noise and goes to investigate. He tackles Sheridan to the ground without knowing its her at first. He tells her to stay because he knows that she is there to see him for a reason. Sheridan tells Luis that she is married to Chris and he is seeing Fancy, so there is no need for her to be there. Luis simply tells Sheridan that the only reason he is dating Fancy is because she is with Chris. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her and that he never stops loving her. Sheridan is fighting her feelings and tells Luis that she has to go. Luis stops her from leaving and Sheridan admits that Luis is the love of her life. They both kiss while Chris is about to walk into the station at any minute.

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