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Passions Recaps: The week of January 7, 2008 on PS
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Monday, January 7, 2008

Gwen and Ethan are at the Blue Note, and Ethan doesn't understand why Theresa would cheat on him. Gwen is quite eager to take his mind off Theresa. Ivy tells Ethan that he is better off without Theresa in his life. Ethan is caught off guard and wonders why Ivy is at the Blue Note, so Gwen tells him that she invited her. She wants Ethan to be surrounded with love. Ivy is ecstatic so she orders champagne, but Ethan is in no mood to celebrate. Ivy encourages Gwen to go after Ethan, but Gwen already has that in mind. Ethan overhears Ivy telling Gwen that Teresa was just a fling, and he tells her that that was not the case, and then dismisses her by telling her it's none of her business. Gwen tells Ethan that she and Jonathan will always be there for him because she loves him. Ethan is shocked because he knows how much he has hurt Gwen in the past, and it's all because of Theresa. Ivy is under the impression that if Theresa is cheating on Ethan, then Theresa must have made up all the terrible things that she has said about Gwen, her and Alistair. Consequently, she tells Ethan to apologize to Gwen for always taking Theresa's side, and Ethan apologizes and tells Gwen that they were both victims of Theresa's deception. Gwen is ecstatic and tells Ethan that she wants a future with him without Theresa in the picture, but Ethan tells her that he did not tell her that they would have a future together. He hasn't even gotten over what happened between him and Theresa. Ivy applauds Gwen and is happy that Theresa is finally out of the picture. At the Crane cabin, Pilar tries to make sense of what just happened between Ethan and Theresa. Pilar wants to take the blame, but Theresa states that it's all on Gwen and Rebecca, and she vows to find a way to be with Ethan again. Theresa focuses on Pilar, and she wants to go to Mexico to come to some sort of agreement with Juanita. Pilar forbids it because she has already lost her sister. Juanita will kill Theresa, and then end up coming to Harmony and kill the rest of the family. Pilar is amazed at how Theresa is willing to do anything when it suits her personally. Theresa doesn't care because she states that she would rather die than to live without Ethan. Pilar asks Theresa to promise her that she won't contact Juanita. Theresa tells Pilar what she wants to hear, but she has all intentions of seeing Juanita, even if it kills her. After Pilar leaves the room, Theresa books a flight to Mexico.

Miguel tells Tabitha that Kay will not be using magic anymore, and Tabitha thinks it will be difficult for Kay since it's her true nature. Kay is willing to do what makes Miguel happy. Tabitha pegs Miguel as a Neanderthal and zaps him in prehistoric garb. Miguel asks Tabitha if she is willing to give up on her magic, and she tells him that she will do no such thing. Miguel then decides that he will not marry Kay. Tabitha gives Miguel a piece of her mind, and then she gets on Kay's case for agreeing with Miguel. Miguel states that he cannot live like that and refuses to bring Maria up in such an environment because magic is evil. Kay begs Tabitha to stop using magic, and she agrees but crosses her fingers behind her, signifying that she will break her promise. Meanwhile Kay is making wedding plans, Tabitha tells Endora that there is no way she will let mortals tell her what to do and that she will do magic in secret until she can show Miguel that witches rule.

Sam gets a surprise; Jessica returns home with her baby. Sam is so excited at being a grandfather, but Jessica did not expect such a response since Spike is the child's father. Sam thinks the child is innocent and vows to keep Spike away from him. Jessica names the baby "Samuel" after Sam, and Sam couldn't be happier. He promises to be a role model to his grandchild. Sam inquires if Spike tried to get a hold of Jessica while she was away, and Jessica says that he did not. She tells Sam that she wanted to give birth to the child out of town because she did not want to be judged by anyone. She returns home because she feels safe there. After Sam leaves for the kitchen, in comes Spike, and he immediately threatens Jessica to keep quiet. If she does not comply, he will take her son away and then kill her. Jessica warns Spike that Sam will arrest him if she sees him, and Spike tells her that he will escape. He will then track Jessica down, takes the baby from her and sells it on the black market. Jessica tells Spike that she will send him photos of the baby, but Spike wants to see his son and instructs Jessica to name the baby after him. Jessica does not want Spike in her baby's life and tells him that she already has a name on the birth certificate for the baby. Jessica states that it's too late to change it because people will get suspicious. Spike threatens to take the baby away from Jessica and then demands that Jessica uses "Herbert" as a middle name. Sam returns, but Spike hides before Sam could spot him. Sam asks Jessica the baby's middle name. Spike observes and gives Jessica a look to indicate that she will do what he asks, so she tells Sam the baby's middle name is "Herbert." Sam gives the impression that it's unusual but does not let on and tell Jessica that it's a nice name and hugs Jessica telling her that there is nothing for her to worry about ever again. Spike looks over at Jessica and places a knife at his lips to indicate that Jessica should keep quiet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Little Ethan (LE) seems to be recovering. He is well enough to have breakfast out of bed with Theresa and Pilar. Theresa receives a phone call confirming her flight to Mexico, but Pilar picks up the phone, and she is livid. Theresa tells Pilar that the airline ticket is for a future trip to Fort Meyers. LE overhears and is very excited. He thinks that Theresa is taking him to see his favorite team during spring training, The Boston Red Sox. Pilar is satisfied with Theresa's explanation and apologizes. She accuses Theresa because she knows her daughter so well since she has never listened to her in the past. Theresa Tells LE the truth about Mexico, and then reassures him that she will take him to see the Red Sox upon her return from Mexico. In addition, she recaps all her secrets to LE and asks him to keep it a quiet. Pilar walks in the room and overhear something and ask what the secret is. Theresa lies and tells her that she doesn't want LE revealing his true paternity, and Pilar buys it. LE wishes Theresa well and tells her that she is brave for going to Mexico. Theresa has to explain to Pilar why she is leaving the cabin. She tells Pilar that she is leaving to try to find a way to get Ethan back. Pilar shows Theresa a picture of Juanita and tells her not to let her smile fools her because she is very evil. Pilar leaves the room, so Theresa bids goodbye to LE and reaches in Pilar's purse and grabs Juanita's picture before leaving for Mexico. Back at the Crane mansion, Gwen makes sure Ethan remembers the type if person Theresa is, but Ethan is not willing to give up on Theresa's memory that easily. He is still affected by the situation. Gwen breaks the news to Ethan that they are still married. Ethan tells Gwen that he remembers signing the divorce papers, so how can this be? Gwen explains to him that it's because of a technicality. Ethan did not know that Gwen was pregnant with Jonathan (full disclosure), and their divorce settlement would have been affected by the outcome, so it makes their divorce null and void. Based on all that has happened, Ethan believes that it's all a set up. He refuses to believe that they are still married. He questions Gwen, and Gwen gets sarcastic with him and tells him that she set it all up from the beginning. Ethan buys it and apologizes for thinking that Gwen is like Theresa. Gwen states to herself that she is nothing like Theresa. She is much worse. Ethan tells Gwen that he does not want Jonathan growing up with divorced parents, so if she is willing to stay married, he will stay married too. Gwen gives him a huge hug and is left with a grin on her face. Ethan wants to make sure that Gwen is ok with them being married on paper because he needs some time to process what has happened with Theresa. Gwen acknowledges and tells Ethan to take all the time he needs. She vows that Ethan will be hers and there is nothing that Theresa can do about it.

Viki and Esme bond. Esme is curious as to why Viki is not affected by being in the same room where Alistair almost died of a stab wound. Esme wants to know why someone is so eager to make her life so unhappy by killing her lovers. Viki then has a flashback walking around with a knife in her hand. Viki pretends to be upset when Esme reads about the murderer in an article. Esme tries to look to the future. She wants a rich man who can take care of her and Viki. She pulls out a picture of Julian and decides that he is perfect person. Viki goes in search of a another weapon and a victim at the hospital. This time, she picks up a list that has the patients room numbers. She pulls bleach in an I.V. needle, and then finds Alistair‘s room number on the list. Julian returns to the mansion and asks Esme if she had set up Alistair to be murdered. She denies it, and Julian wishes that she had. In addition, he tells her that he would not be able to have a relationship with any woman who finds Alistair attractive. Esme finally puts two and two together and realizes that Julian wants a relationship with her. she is extremely happy, and all she sees are dollar signs. Julian puts a hold on making whoopee with Esme until the murderer is caught.

Eve is desperate to tell Julian that Vincent and Valerie are the same person, but Vincent makes an appearance outside the door and shakes his head. Eve stops herself from telling Julian. She reflects back on what Vincent told her while attempting to strangle her. He told Eve that if she tells Julian the truth, he will go on another killing spree. Afterwards, Eve tells Julian to get out of her life for good. Julian agrees to leave Eve for good and walks out of the room. Vincent enters the room and plants a kiss on Eve. She pushes him off and scolds him. Eve tells Vincent that she has kept her promise by not telling Julian the truth and breaks it off with him, so it's time for him to do his part. Before Vincent leaves Eve's room, he drugs her. She tells Vincent to be a good boy in her drugged state. While Eve is knocked out by the drugs, Vincent hold up a gun and caresses it next to Eve's face and states that when she wakes up, Julian will be dead.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sam questions Alistair about who stabbed him in the back, unaware that the killer is in the hospital room with them!

As Ivy presses Ethan to finally toss Theresa aside and give Gwen another chance, Gwen goes out of her way to look extra sexy for Ethan, ready to make him forget Theresa for good.

Theresa takes a flight to Mexico, determined to confront Juanita and make everything right with Ethan. When she falls asleep on her flight, she fanaticizes that her life is a cheesy Mexican telenovela, where she's able to tell Ethan the truth about everything.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Passions no longer airs on Thursdays. The show airs Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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