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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of November 8, 1999 on SB
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Monday, November 8, 1999

Sara told Emily she is glad to have her on staff. Emily says she really doesn't know how to use the software on the computer that is part of her job. Sara says that is ok that she will help her. Meg shows up and asks Emily if she can talk to her sister for a few minutes. Emily says sure. Meg asks if Sara can hold the down the store for her. Sara says no cause she knows Meg is going to go see Ben. Sara says if you keep going to see Ben he won't stop coming around. Sara says she has to go over to there parents restaurant since Tim is no where to be found. Sara told Emily that Meg will answer any questions that you have, since Meg will be here right. Meg says go, your giving me a headache. Meg says to Emily you know how to run everything right, she says yes except for the software program, Meg says that's ok. Meg says she has to leave for a little while, and says to her that she is lucky, she goes to school, is a lifeguard and has a great boyfriend. Meg looks at Emily and asks if she said anything wrong. Emily told her that her and Sean broke up. Meg asks if she wants to talk about it. Emily says there isn't much to tell, Sean just changed, Meg knows the feeling. Meg gives Emily her cell number to reach her if there are any problems.

Tess is on her way out, when she hears Tim's voice telling her she could have stopped him from dying, she tries to leave but the door won't open, Tim keeps calling her a murderer, murder, murderer, and after a few minutes she doesn't hear him anymore and went to open the door and it opens easily. She says to herself that she isn't losing it.

Maria asks Ben a.ka. Derek if he kissed Meg. Derek went over to her and he kisses her on each cheek and apologizes saying it is over. Maria doesn't want it to be over. He told her that's what he did to Meg. Maria says that Meg said you won't let her go. Derek says she is the one who keeps coming over here and she is obsessed with me. Maria says that's funny cause Meg keeps saying your obsessed with her. Tess comes downstairs and Maria asks Tess to leave cause she is talking with Ben. Tess says she was just going to ask if she could go out for a while. Maria says yes, cause Benjy is in school, so she isn't needed now. Maria told her she is white as a ghost and asks what is wrong, she says Tim is missing but he should show up. Maria says he usually does, and Tess leaves. Maria has her back turned to Derek and he grabs a letter opener, Maria says I can't believe Meg would be obsessed with you she seems to together. Derek puts the letter opener down and says who do you trust me or her, do you believe her? Maria says she believes him and apologizes, he says she doesn't have to apologize, Derek asks her if she wants to go upstairs, she says no she has to meet her Mom and she is already late. Maria leaves and Derek congratulates himself on making Maria believe him, there is a knock on the door and it is Meg, he asks what she is doing here, she says she had to see him.

Vanessa shows Gabi her engagement ring, Gabi told Vanessa that she hopes her wedding is better than hers and Ricardo's. Vanessa hopes to have the kind of love and trust that Gabi has with Ricardo, Gabi spills her coffee, and Vanessa wants to know what is wrong, she is about to tell her everything when Carmen stops her and wants to know what she was going to say. Gabi says nothing and leaves. Vanessa reams out Carmen, saying that she shouldn't spy on other people's conversations, and that she should butt out and leave Gabi alone.

Gabi is thinking about the tape of her making love to Antonio and Ricardo telling her not to tell anyone about Ricardo knowing that she slept with his brother, Gabi says to herself I almost told Vanessa, how am I going to not tell Antonio, Carmen shows up and Gabi says what did you follow me? Carmen says she is here to help, that she read her cards and if they don't work together, that her sons will be destroyed.

Ricardo is dressed as a priest, he has some papers and the video of Antonio and Gabi's love making, he says Gabi and Ricardo won't hurt him anymore, now he just needs to change his life insurance plan. Antonio is outside and he sees a bird on the ground and picks it up, Ricardo is on his way out and knows he can't leave so he went inside and jumps into his bed. Antonio puts the bird in it's nest and went inside and sees Ricardo in bed, and asks if he is sick. Ricardo has the chills, Antonio went to touch him and Ricardo says don't touch me. Antonio went to call Tyus, but Ricardo stops him saying he just needs some antacid pills, Antonio says he will go get some. Ricardo says don't hurry. When Antonio leaves Ricardo gets out of his clothes and puts his papers in the drawer and can't find the tape of Antonio and Gabi making love. He hears Antonio and jumps back into bed. Antonio comes inside and Ricardo says he is feeling much better. Ricardo says he just wants to take a nap, Antonio gets into a chair, and Ricardo opens his eyes and says didn't you hear me I am going to take a nap. Antonio says I will wait till you now off. Antonio sees a tape and wonders what it is, Ricardo says it's just an old home video. Antonio wants to see it, Ricardo says it is kind of fuzzy. Antonio doesn't care and pops it in the VCR.

Tess shows up and says she can't find Tim and wants to know if he has showed up for work, they say no, Tess says she hopes Tim is all right. Sara shows up and says she wants to talk with Tess, Sara says you know where Tim is, you have him hidden away, you are just covering for him so he can miss a couple of days. Sara says I wouldn't wish you on anyone. Tell Tim to come back from the dead. Tim walks through the door and Tess chokes out Tim.

Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Gabi told a worried Carmen she'll do everything she can to make sure that Antonio and Ricardo remain as close as they always were in childhood. Tess stares in horror as Tim suddenly materializes in the Shock Wave and orders her to confess her crime. Watching Tess writhe and moan, a startled Sara and Casey wonder what on earth could have possessed the nanny. Sean bumps into Emily at the shop while looking for a birthday gift for his mother. Ricardo manages to prevent his brother from viewing the video. Meg informs a puzzled "Ben" that his recent declaration of love secretly thrilled her. Sean entreats Emily to believe that he still loves her and always will. Dressed as a priest, Ricardo heads to the airport and stashes the video in a locker, then makes sure that a custodian sees "Father Antonio" with the gym bag. Carmen explains to a shaken Gabi how her Tarot cards reveal deep sorrow--even death--just ahead. Tess returns to the construction site and again meets up with a jeering Tim.

Wednesday, November 10, 1999

As Emily begins to warm up to a delighted Sean, Brad interrupts and an argument erupts between the two young men. Jude blasts Annie over the phone after she fails to report for work on her first scheduled day at the Liberty Corporation. Olivia again blunders in when A.J. tries to mend fences with Bette. Casey and Sara spot a familiar looking priest at the airport and call out to "Antonio". Anxious to avoid being recognized, Ricardo ducks out of sight but is soon accosted by a troubled stranger who begs the "priest" to hear his confession. Meanwhile, Antonio demands to know why Gabi was preparing to confide in his mother when she wouldn't open up to him. Pressed by Amy for help gaining all of Sean's love, Mrs. Moreau warns the rattled girl she'll never win a decent man's heart because she's not a pure and gentle soul like Emily. Gabi informs Antonio that her marital problems are none of his business. Annie spikes Olivia's water carafe during a board meeting at the Liberty Corporation. Brad warns Amy that Sean and Emily are on the verge of a reconciliation.

Thursday, November 11, 1999

After Olivia drinks the spiked water, Annie waits hopefully for a sign that the witch woman's potion is beginning to take its toll. Caitlin admits to Jude how terrified she is that she will never see Cole again. Brad and Amy put their heads together again in an effort to figure out a way to keep Sean and Emily from reconciling. Outraged when Olivia displays no interest in a nearby bottle of champagne, Annie marches back to Mrs. Moreau's place to demand a refund. Sean asks a fuming Bette to step outside for a private chat. Spotting a golden opportunity to make her move, Amy slips into the shop for an eye-opening chat with Emily. A.J. is annoyed to watch Olivia getting kittenish with Tobias as he prepares to pick an executrix for Gregory's estate. Sean convinces Bette that he does genuinely love her daughter. Mrs. Moreau informs Annie that the potion requires at least an hour to kick in. Sean returns to the shop but is baffled when Emily icily orders him to go away and never come back.

Friday, November 12, 1999

Mrs. Moreau gives Annie a potent demonstration of her potion's power. Meanwhile, a panicking Olivia fights off her growing desire to take a long slug from the bottle of champagne. Bette explains to an exasperated Jude why it would be foolish to expect an honest day's work from her notoriously slothful niece. "Ben" reminds Maria about the second honeymoon which had to be postponed. Later, Antonio reluctantly lets his sister know how he found Meg and "Ben" in close conversation earlier that day. Olivia heads for home but finds the liquor cabinet there even harder to resist than the champagne bottle she left behind at the media center. Sensing victory just ahead, Annie pours herself a glass of vodka and sips it slowly in front of a salivating Olivia. Bette shakily assures A.J. she knows they can only be friends. "Ben" pays another call on Meg, while Sara is surprised to hear some news from Antonio.

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