SPENCER Family Tree
Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer, Sr.
Son of Tim and Lena Spencer, brother of Bobbie (see below and Pat (see below).

m. Laura Webber (married 1981; divorced)
c. Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer, Jr.
m. Elizabeth Webber (wed 2005)
c. Cameron Webber
Adopted son of Elizabeth and Zander Smith
c. Jacob Martin Spencer
Not biologically. Birth certificate lists Lucky as the father.
c. Aiden Nikolas Spencer [Jul 19, 2010]
c. Leslie Lu "Lulu" Spencer
a. Dillon Quartermaine
c. Unnamed Child (2006; abortion)
m. Dante Falconeri
c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; 2012)
c. Unnamed child (2013, miscarriage via surrogate Maxie Jones; 2013)
c. Rocco Falconeri [Sep 9, 2013]

a. Holly Sutton
c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)
c. Ethan Lovett
m. Maya Ward (divorced)

m. Tracy Quartermaine

m. Laura Webber (2006; invalid)
Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer
Daughter of Tim and Lena Spencer, sister of Luke (see above) and Pat (see below).

a. John Durant
c. Caroline "Carly" Benson
Adopted by Frank and Virginia (see Benson)
a. Alan "AJ" Quartermaine, Jr. (deceased)

c. Michael Corinthos III
m. Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr.
c. Unknown (miscarried)
c. Morgan Corinthos
m. Lauren "Kiki" Jerome
m. Lorenzo Alcazar
m. Jasper "Jax" Jacks
c. Josslyn John Jacks

a. D.L. Brock (deceased)
c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)

m. D.L. Brock (dissolved by his death)

m. Jake Meyer (divorced)

m. Anthony Jones (divorced; deceased)
c. B.J. Jones (adopted; deceased)
Daughter of Tony and Tania, adopted by Bobbie.
c. Lucas Stansbury Jones (adopted)
Son of Cheryl Stansbury and Julian Jerome.

m. Stefan Cassadine (divorced; deceased)
Patricia Spencer deceased
Daughter of Tim and Lena Spencer, sister of Luke (see above) and Bobbie.

m/a. Unknown man
c. Valerie Spencer

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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