Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on GL
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Monday, March 29, 1999

At Millennium:
Jesse figures out that Danny and Drew slept together but they hid it from Michelle. Drew tells Michelle that she was adopted and that she was really upset about it. She starts to tell Michelle about her and Danny when Jesse stops her by asking Drew to dance. Jesse tells her he doesn't want to hurt Michelle so they shouldn't tell. Michelle goes to Danny and the two talk. She tells about Drew telling her about her adoption and that she didn't finish because Jesse pulled her away. She asked Danny to tell her what Drew wanted to tell her and he said he didn't know. Then he told her that she belonged with Jesse. He tells her that Jesse isn't that bad of a guy. He is very loyal and good to her. He tells her that the guy she hated and wanted out of her life was him (Danny). Jesse and Drew have it out and she says that she needed a man and Danny was there, and that Jesse could never be that man for her. Jesse comes over and asks Michelle If she is ready to go. He leaves to get the coats and Danny looks at Michelle. Danny tells Michelle to have a great life and for her to enjoy Jesse. Michelle tells him that she heard how he felt when he talked to his grandmother, Danny said he lied, it was all an act. She and Jesse left and Danny said to himself "I do love you."

At the Bauer Cabin
Vanessa finds Matt in the snow and pulls him into the Cabin, undresses him and puts him in bed. She climbs in beside him and tries to warm him up. Matt starts coming around. They make up and start kissing and "warming' up Matt.

At the wacky house:
Holly has a visit with Meg and Fletch. Fletch tells her that Meg knows who she is because she points at her picture all the time. Fletcher tells Holly that he and Meg are going to be staying in town. Holly believes that he means to stay for her so she feels she has a goal. She has a family to come home to. Fletcher tells her that she has to do what's best for her. Fletcher tells Holly that he believes in her and her good nature. He tells her she can lean on him.

At Ben's Office:
Ben told Carmen that he would give her an opportunity to sell her case to him to see if he wanted to be her attorney. Carmen tells Ben about her last attorney and that she needs a confidante, an ally and someone she can trust completely. Carmen tells Ben that she knows she makes him nervous and he is doubting himself. She gets real close to him and tells him that she is not intimidated in the least by him and she is leaving. Carmen tells him to be at her home at 8 tomorrow. She leaves and Ben says that Alan has gotten himself into something now. Blake comes by and they start kissing and then the office door is shut.

At the Towers:
Ross and India are out on a 'date' when Blake walks in. Blake tells Ross that she needs to talk to him about Fletcher leaving. Ross tells Blake that Fletcher is with Holly right now with Meg. India talks to Blake after Ross walks away for a phone call and tells her that Ross feels nothing for her, Blake didn't buy it and India said for her to ask him. Blake watches Ross and India leave together and then goes to Ben's office. They start kissing and then the office door is shut.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Michelle is taken aback when Father Ray asks her to state that she never loved his cousin Danny. When she tries to avoid the question, Ray calls her on her avoidance which sets off Danny. Ray confides to Michelle that Danny blackmailed Carmen with her own books to insure that Michelle would be safe after their marriage ended.

Ben's surprised when Carmen welcomes him to her home in a slinky evening gown. She repeats her job offer as the family attorney and sweetens the deal by offering to take down Alan Spaulding.

Blake tries to temper her mother's positive outlook about getting back with Fletcher as Holly goes on and on about how she and her hubby will live with Meg in a happy country home. Fletcher confides to Josh that he's troubled by the fear that Holly will not get better. He arrives at the mental ward and is disturbed to see Holly's violent reaction to Blake's relationship with Ben. He's worried further when Holly later admits she has no memory of her outburst.

Vicky thinks he's joking when David reveals his plans to take the police academy entrance exam next week. She's upset when she realizes he is serious about becoming a cop.

After Meta updates Jesse on why a gallant Danny married Michelle, he confronts Michelle and asks why she lied to him about who she was meeting.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

Holly's upset when Fletcher fails to bring Meg by for a visit. She denies that she would hurt Meg, Blake or anyone and tries to kiss him. When he pulls back, Holly panics that he is frightened or sickened by her. She promises herself that she will get her life back. Matt and Vanes

sa thank Ross for helping them get back together. Ross advises her that if she doesn't tell the police where Dinah is, the D.A. is ready to prosecute her and send her to prison.

Seeing Cassie with Blake, Vanessa intrudes and offers to apologize but Cassie's not interested unless she tells her where Dinah can be found. Vanessa claims that Dinah would not comeback to town but Cassie shows her an email she received from Dinah and calls it a threat.

Ross assumes Ben is responsible when he sees bruises on Blake's arms. He blasts her for trying to let him think Ben is to blame when it was really Holly who caused them.

After badmouthing Phillip and his overinflated ego, Jim accepts Josh's job offer at Lewis Oil.

Harley is upset when Susan runs to embrace Beth at the hospital and invites her to join them on a tour of the birthing facilities. Harley is embarrassed and furious when Beth accidentally tells Susan that she was born in the back seat of a car, not in the hospital as she was led to believe. As they argue, Harley fears she's going into labor when she feels contractions. Phillip later confides to Harley that he overheard a hopeful Susan asking about the chance Harley could lose the baby.

Friday,April 2, 1999

Harley quickly jumps to Susan's defense when Phillip insists that her daughter wants harm to come to their unborn baby. As they argue, Phillip lets slip that he paid for Jim to move to Springfield. Accusing him of paying him off to make the move, Harley angrily claims he has gone too far and decides to spend the night with Cassie.

When Beth warns Jim about the negative way Harley is affecting Susan and calls her a "fixer" who loves to swoop in and save the day, she admits her fear that once Harley delivers her baby, she'll forget about Susan. When Beth adds that Phillip and Harley don't want her to move on with her life, Jim admits he wants to change the subject and talk about their growing relationship instead. The two then share their first kiss.

Jesse tries to calm Michelle when he finds her nervously preparing for their evening together. She apologizes when she accidentally calls him "Danny." Things get worse when Jesse realizes she's sill wearing her wedding ring. She apologizes and makes up for her errors by kissing him.

Danny blasts Juan when his "associate" questions making a delivery without Carmen's permission. When Danny's sister Pilar arrives in Springfield at Millennium, he allows a jealous Michelle to think that she is his new girlfriend.

Reva's furious when she discovers that Annie is volunteering at the hospital as part of her probation. When Annie sneaks a peek at her medical file and realizes that Reva is trying to get pregnant, Annie runs to Alan and tells him that she wants him to buy her a baby.

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