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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on GL
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Monday, June 14, 1999

In the Church:
Danny defuses the bomb and saves everyone in the church. Ben calls the police and Diets bursts through the door with bolt cutters saying how sorry he was and how he saw a suspicious looking man running from the church. Dietz was really playing up the part of innocent bystander. Danny and Carmen order Dietz to warn everyone that the Santos family is alive and well. Danny is trying to comfort Michelle when Carmen comes berating Danny about his relationship with Michelle, Michelle gets ticked off and drops the bomb about ho Carmen set up the assassination attempt on her own life.

At Company:
Drew and Selena bond. When Max overhears Drew call Selena mother, Selena quickly explains that Drew feels like a daughter to her. Max seems to accept it and he goes off with Buzz who lends him support and tells Max to come to him if he needs help for anything.

At the Spaulding Estate:
Susan sees a scantily clad Beth kissing Jim and is shaken. She waits until Jim leaves and then barges in on Beth. She basically tells her that she is the enemy and that she will lose out if she thinks Jim will pick Beth over Susan. Susan storms out and Beth is left totally upset and crying, saying that she needs Jim too.

At Lewis Oil:
Jim talks to Cassie about Susan and she gives him the advice to be supportive and love her.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

In the aftermath of the bomb scare, Michelle reveals to Carmen that she has proof that she was involved in the shooting at her home and suggests that she is responsible for the planting of the bomb in the church. Tearfully, Carmen admits that she was behind the shooting but insists that she did it for the love of her children and the fear that she was losing them. Danny and Pilar are shocked. Pilar is also angry that Bill knew about his mother role in the shooting yet he chose not to tell her. When the Santos' realize that someone outside the family is responsible for the bomb scare, Carmen implores Danny not to leave the business as his life would surely be in danger. Surprisingly, Michelle agrees with Carmen and goes on to say that she will remain by Danny's side if he decides to stay.

Still upset about the bomb scare, Rick and Abby argue about Michelle's involvement with such a dangerous family. Rick is furious that he almost lost everyone that he loves and blames himself for not putting a stop to Danny and Michelle' relationship sooner.

While feeling gloriously happy about Drew, Selena and Buzz dance around company playfully. When they wind up locking lips in a passionate embrace, Harley walks in unexpectedly. Later, Buzz decides to rename Company in Jenna's memory and he announces to Selena that the restaurant will be called "Petula's."

Ross stops by to see Blake on the pretext that he is checking on Holly. After some small talk, he tells a surprised Blake about Ben's involvement in Holly's release, assuming that Ben and Blake are still involved in a relationship. Blake insists that she has nothing to do with Ben. Ross seems pleased and, when he offers to become more involved with the boys and help around the house, Blake is hopeful.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

After Susan admits that she saw Beth with her father, Reva and Cassie try to understand why she can't be happy for Jim. Susan wants her father to be happy but states that she'd like him to be with Cassie instead. Reva advises her that Cassie is not ready for a relationship at this time. Meanwhile, Beth warns Jim about Susan so he decides to have a chat with his daughter. Jim assures Susan that he's not upset with her but then spoils the meeting by welcoming Beth to join the conversation. Susan's hurt further when she overhears her father invite Beth to come to the Bahamas with him on business. Upset to find Annie talking with Lizzie about spending the day with her, Phillip takes Annie aside and orders her to stay away from his daughter. Hearing that Ross was at Blake's last night and unable to believe his assurances that he and Blake will never be together again, a jealous India decides to end their relationship because she thinks that he is a one- woman man and the woman for him is Blake. Reva is tormented by more strange, unfinished dreams about her past. Inviting him to her house, Blake thanks Ben for his efforts, though underhanded, that resulted in her mother being freed. Ben asks Blake about their failed relationship and as they talk about all they've shared, the two agree just to be friends. Blake worries that he'll be hurt by Carmen.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

Admitting his family does legitimate business there, Danny suggests to Michelle that she and Pilar move to San Cristobel temporarily until things settle down in Springfield. Michelle refuses and insists that she's not going anywhere without him.

Rick confides to Phillip that he can't stop worrying that his sister is going to be killed, thanks to her relationship with Danny. Phillip suggests that they go talk with her and take her away from the dangerous situation. At the opening of Petula's, Frank almost ruins his father's big day by accusing him of making the former Company into a shrine to his late wife. Buzz denies it and insists that his relationship with Selena is nothing more than a friendship.

Meanwhile, Billy invites Selena to go to the Steve Earle concert with him tonight. She asks Buzz for the night off and he reluctantly okays it.

Commenting on the loudness of her new world, Abby complains to Meta about the fact that Rick is overprotective.

Reva is forced to confide in Josh about her latest dream and the resulting fears and apprehension. He calls Dr. Bradford to the house where the shrink hypnotizes her again. While she is "under," Reva remembers writing in a diary from 1991-93 that was lost years ago.

Friday, June 18, 1999

Carmen implores Ben to understand that she must do what she has to do to protect her family. She guesses that Nino was behind the bomb threat but guesses that he had help too. As they talk, Carmen suddenly kisses him. A phone call from a rival family interrupts and confirms for Carmen that Nino arranged the bomb in the church. However, he has since left town and forced his family to give Carmen a financial gift as an apology. Carmen then shows Ben her extensive financial holdings.

India confronts Blake at her house and admits that she and Ross have ended things for the simple reason that Ross still has feelings for Blake. Later, Ross has a surprise for an unsuspecting Blake.

Rick insists to Danny that if he truly cares for Michelle, he would let her go home with him. Michele won't hear it and orders her brother to let her live her life with the man she loves. When Danny is called away because of another bomb threat, Michelle is in danger when she is kidnaped.

Determined to stop Beth from going on the business trip with her father, Susan finds Buzz's sleeping pills and pops some into a drink destined for Beth. However, thanks to Jim's surprise arrival and Buzz's clumsy hands, Susan slips up, sips from the spiked drink herself and ends up falling into a deep sleep.

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