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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 10, 2003 on GL
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Monday, March 10, 2003

Harley and Gus were in Europe and Gus surprised Harley with talking a little German. They found Roy Baker's room and he was in it sitting in a wheelchair. They noticed a crossword puzzle in his chair. The aide came in and asked them what they were doing in there. Gus obviously needed to work on his German because he said to the aide "My easy friend wants to show you a good time." And the aide got a big smile on his face and took Harley's hand. Harley went with him not really knowing what was going on. Gus took Roy to the balcony and got in his face trying to get him to give up answers to questions about who his parents are. When Roy wouldn't speak a word, Gus grabbed him and through him halfway over the balcony! Roy started screaming "NO! I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW!" He then told Gus that the evil he just saw in his eye reminded him of his father. Gus grabbed him and said "Joe August was a good man!" and Roy said, "I'm talking about your real father." Roy then gave him the information he had been waiting for. He said Gina was his real mother and died giving birth. Joe took Gus to protect him from his real father...MIGUEL SANTOS. Harley entered the room right as he was saying this and gasped. Gus told Harley that it's a lie and told her it was time to go home.

At company, Buzz told Marina she could go home early so she asked Ben to hang out with her. Ben told her he couldn't because of his NEW JOB. He avoided telling her exactly what the job was saying he didn't want to jinx it but said it was a moneymaker. He told her he would soon have all his money back. When he left, Buzz was skeptical. He asked Marina what kind of job he could possibly have at night that he couldn't explain. Marina stuck up for Ben but you could see the doubt in her face. Then Shane came in for something to eat and he was in his baseball uniform. Marina thought he was cute in it but had no idea until Buzz told her that Shane is REALLY good at baseball. So good that it is probably his ticket out of town. She stayed and talked to Shane about baseball. Shane teased her about having one interest...BEN. He quizzed her about baseball and was surprised that she really did know a lot.

Ben showed up for his new job and Eden showed him a lot of money. She gave him a little and said the rest would come after he's made the client happy. Ben was having second thoughts but Eden told him it's just work and pays good. Ben said he would do it but he was only taking the client to the opera and that's it.

Phillip went to see Rick and tried to get him to go have a drink with him but Rick was busy. Phillip gave Rick a "what if" question...what if he found evidence that could hurt a friend that he knew was innocent....Rick was not supportive and told Phillip if he found evidence he should turn it in.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia was searching frantically for the lipstick. Alan came in yelling and demanded to know why Olivia was there. While they were arguing, he made a comment about HIS baby Olivia is carrying and Olivia blurted out that it might not be his and that she slept with Phillip after he replaced her birth control pills. He called her a liar and said Phillip would NEVER do that. He realized when Phillip walked in that it was true and he was crazy with anger. Alexandra tried to calm him down. Phillip told Alan he would protect the baby...against HIM! Alan was furious and Alexandra convinced him to take a pill to calm down. Phillip sat down with Olivia and he told her he would take care of everything and would stand by her no matter what... then showed her the tube of lipstick he found. She admitted she lied about the lipstick but insisted she was not the stalker. Phillip claimed to believe her, but the expression on his face seemed to say otherwise. Olivia said she was going to PROVE she's innocent by finding the real stalker who she confidently announces to be ALAN!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Reva is concerned about the telepathic feelings she got when talking to Olivia. She tries to dismiss her feeling and wants to focus on getting her friendship with Holly back on track, but later, grows more wary when she seems to be able to read Buzz's mind as well. Danny approaches Cassie about his idea for a business partnership. He wants to revitalize a neighborhood that Carmen had let go to blight. Since his past is tainted, Danny needs Cassie's help to build credibility. Cassie is unsure, but she finally agrees on the condition that Danny will also focus on getting Michelle back. Danny assures her he will. Tony and Marah are looking forward to going back to normal life. Tony is focused on making his new partnership with Danny work. Meanwhile, Eden asks Marah for a truce, promising she is not after Tony any longer. Although Marah is wary, when Eden praises her artistic ability and offers Marah a job creating business cards for Eden's escort service, Marah is flattered and accepts the offer. Later, Danny and Tony show up at the Beacon to celebrate with Cassie and are surprised to see Eden and Marah bent over a table, working side by side. Ben continues to keep Marina in the dark when she questions his new job. The money of the job appeals to Ben, and he ditches Marina in order to go on another escort "date." Shayne asks Marina to head to the country club with him and she agrees. Both are unaware that is where Ben is headed with his "date."

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
by CBS

Danny, Cassie and Tony celebrate the launch of their new project. Later when Tony talks to Josh about Lewis Construction joining the project, Josh admits he is still wary of Tony on a personal and professional level. Later, Edmund informs Cassie about his appointment as Ambassador, taking Richard's place. Cassie rejects the notion he could ever replace Richard. Edmund vows to prove Cassie wrong. Danny is stunned to learn from Gus that he and Gus could be brothers. Danny agrees to Gus' request for a DNA test that will tell them whether or not they are brothers. Meanwhile, after running into Eden, Harley breaks the news that she and Gus may not be brother and sister after all. Eden is devastated by the news. When Gus returns, Eden assumes that he wants no part of her. Gus surprises Eden by saying he will never turn his back on her. Deeply moved, Eden thinks she may know someone who can help Gus learn who he really is. Ben's "date" with Mrs. Hendon collides with Marina's afternoon with Shayne. When Marina sees Ben with Mrs. Hendon, she is angry, but Ben assures her it is only a job interview. Later, things begin to heat up between Ben and his client.

Thursday, March 13, 2003
by CBS

Alex subtly undermines Alan, who finds himself leaning on the prescription pills she arranged for him to have in order to deal with the stress of having Olivia and Phillip under his roof. Meanwhile, Olivia worries Phillip still doubts her innocence. He assures her that isn't the case and wonders if Alan set her up. After a confrontation with Phillip, Alan takes another pill. Alexandra later finds Alan passed out just as Phillip is about to enter the room. Harley and Eden clash when Harley doesn't trust that Eden can help Gus figure out his past. Eden shows Gus a scrapbook, with a family friend from Chicago who may have the answers. Later, Gus and Harley arrive in Chicago to track down the family friend but run into a brick wall. Ben finds himself alone in a hotel room with Mrs. Hendon and tries to get out of having to sleep with her. She backs off, but assures him she is still interested in seeing him again but won't beg. She lets Ben leave with a reminder of how well he'd be compensated. Later, Ben finds Marina at the country club as she's dealing with a bill she's mistakenly stuck. He takes care of the bill and is reminded of the importance of money.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Gus finally got the teacher to give him the address where he could find Luchia. The teacher told them though that she's been hurt enough in her life and to not hurt her. Harley could sense that Gus wanted to go see her alone and asked him about it. He agreed he would rather do it alone. Gus went to a convent where he asked a woman through a barred door for Luchia. With a fearful look on her face she told him to wait a moment and disappeared. From behind him, someone was watching from the trees. The woman appeared again and told Gus that Luchia was dead. He started to argue saying it couldn't be true but then he thanked her and left. When he walked away, the lady said, "I broke his heart, but I had to do it." Then to her surprise, Gus popped back in sight and said, "Why would you say that?"

Alan was at the mansion passed out from taking too many anxiety pills and Alexandra gave him water and tried to wake him up. For some reason, Alexandra didn't want Phillip and Olivia to see him that way and kept them from going into the study. Phillip and Olivia didn't want to see Alan anyway and told Alexandra they where going out for the evening. They went to Towers, and ran into Ross who discussed a little bit of Olivia's case. He said he could win cases when he has all the evidence but if any surprises pop up...he's doomed. He stated the only evidence they have is the cell phone calls and others had access to her phone. Phillip thought Olivia should tell Ross about the lipstick because if Alan IS setting her up, Alan would be expecting her to hide it. Olivia disagreed; she's not telling Ross.

Nolan told Alan and Alexandra that Phillip and Olivia were at Towers for the evening and Alan was furious and said he was going out for dinner too. Alexandra tried to talk him out of going to Towers but he insisted so Alex said she was going too. She put the pills away because Alan obviously didn't need anymore. When they showed up at Towers, Alan told Olivia what an adulteress she was and that he was going to get custody of his child while she rots in prison. She told him that it was not his baby and Alan freaks out again, yelling, and stumbles into a chair. Phillip grabbed him and asked if he'd been drinking. To make matters worse, a reporter showed up and started asking questions and they had him removed. Edmund was standing back watching the whole scene and said, "Why do I get the feeling you set this whole thing up?" Alex told Edmund that if Alan was incapacitated that she would be given control over the company and could hand it down to anybody she chose.

Phillip took Olivia aside and told her that he would not let her lie about whom the baby's father is. He knows what kind of damage that causes and that he would not keep it a secret if it were Alan's child. He told her not to call him the father until they know he is.

Cassie was waving a negligee in front of her to see how it would look when Michelle walked in looking for Danny and asked if that was for somebody special. They discuss the awkward moments they've been having because of Danny and decide it's silly and agreed to be friends again. Cassie went to work out with what looked like a pilates trainer and when she went downstairs, Edmund was talking to Tammy. He was telling her about the memorial for Richard and how he wanted Cassie and her to be at the gala in Washington. Cassie quickly dismissed Edmund and tried to tell Tammy he can't be trusted. Tammy said she doesn't care about Edmunds past and that she wanted to go to the gala. Cassie said no. She reminded Tammy of everything Edmund had done. Tammy accused her of being angry because Edmund is alive and Richard isn't and Cassie said that is very true. Tammy insisted she's going and Cassie warned her that Edmund would only hurt her. Edmund had been listening and found Col. Dax to tell him that he wants the gala held at the Beacon instead of in Washington and to talk to Alonzo about it.

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