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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 4, 2006 on GL
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Monday, September 4, 2006

Due to the holiday and CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, today's CBS Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light will resume on Tuesday, September 5th.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Just as Josh and Cassie realize they have to say good-bye, Reva decides that, as long as she's going to die, she might as well pick her own replacement Cassie. Reva lies to Josh that she and Billy are having an affair. Josh explains that he and Cassie are not. Meanwhile, Vanessa tries to help Billy through his crisis with Reva. Later, Reva tells Billy about the lie she laid on Josh. On the witness stand, Tammy is forced to confess that Lizzie shot Alan on purpose. Lizzie is furious that her friend wouldn't lie. She turns to Alex for help, but Alex can't make any promises. Jonathan stands up in court and makes a speech about how he wants to raise his daughter with Lizzie. Then he asks Lizzie to marry him. Lizzie agrees and Jonathan offers to wed the next day, to prove his sincerity to the judge. Tammy backs them up. Alan vows to prove the marriage is phony.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Tammy awakens from a bridal nightmare only to learn that it's true as Jonathan laments on becoming Mr. Lizzie Spaulding later that day. Meanwhile, Lizzie is ecstatic about the wedding, even though Jonathan really loves Tammy, and Tammy is the best friend she's never deserved. When the three meet, Jonathan offers to ditch the plan, but both ladies firmly commit to moving forward.

Alan warns Jonathan that the moment he sneaks out to see Tammy, he will turn him into the judge, and they'll lose the baby. Jonathan expresses no desire in sneaking out on wild Lizzie, who he cannot wait to get to the honeymoon.

Before the ceremony, Tammy wants to give the bride a gift but says that Lizzie already has something new, blue, and borrowed. Lizzie asks what she borrowed. Tammy replies, "Jonathan." As the wedding march begins, Alan requests to walk Lizzie down the aisle. She begrudgingly accepts. During the wedding, Jonathan reads self-prepared vows. Lizzie recites her vows from heart. Tammy and Jonathan share one last look before he slips the ring on Lizzie's finger. Jonathan kisses Lizzie so long that Tammy walks out.

Jonathan is distracted most of the reception, looking for Tammy, assuring her that she's the one he loves, and making plans to meet later. Both Alan and Cassie warn Lizzie how unreal her marriage is. Tammy, on the sidelines at the happy reception, manages to catch the bouquet from her seat.

Jonathan carries Lizzie over the threshold, intending to dump her there and meet Tammy at the bar. His plans change when he discovers Alan and his creepy doctor guarding the hallway. Once the couple goes back inside, Alan instructs the doctor to make it very easy for Jonathan to escape. Tammy waits at the bar while Jonathan is trapped in the hotel room, drinking the night away. Try as she might, Lizzie can't get his attention and finally goes to bed alone.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Billy and Reva visit at the top of the lighthouse where she talks about what life in Springfield will be like and how it will continue on after she is gone. She laments that she is living in a "whacked out world." While there, a tour-guide with followers arrives. He speaks of the history of the lighthouse and how the light was designed to have the power of 15, 000 candles, each burning for the souls of the 15,000 residents of Springfield. The tour group leaves and Reva urges Billy to go on ahead to Cedars where she will meet up with him later when she picks up her meds. After Billy leaves, Reva gets dizzy and passes out.

When Reva comes to, her hand is on the very expensive, Italian-made shoe of Buzz. Only Buzz doesn't recognize that name. He refers to himself as F. Achilles Cooper, owner of Cooper Industries. Reva thinks it is all a joke and goes to "Company" with Buzz. The diner is being run by an undershirt clad Alan and a not so genial waitress, Alexandra. Reva laughs, thinking this is a big set-up by Billy to cheer her up. She reads off the names of some of the items on the menu: Phillip Fries, India Wrap, and the Spaulding Shake. Buzz (F. Achilles Cooper) insists this is no set-up. He orders pie, but has to leave to get back to his mansion. Donut-eating cop Alan-Michael enters after Sister Olivia asks for donations and wants to give blessings. With Buzz gone, Reva is determined to wake up.

When she opens her eyes, she finds herself at the Cooper mansion. She meets Gus the butler and encounters a poodle-carrying Marina. Ava and Coop, who look more like Muffy and Biff from the country club, are also there. Frank, on his cell phone turning down an offer from Warren Buffet, enters the living room and sees Reva. He gets off the phone. Harley joins the fray, insisting Reva is there to extort money from the Coopers since she fell at their lighthouse. After Coop announces he and Ava are jetting off to Paris, Reva insists she wants no one's money. Buzz tells Harley to contact their lawyers. Reva leaves for Cedars.

At Cedars, Reva's attending nurse is a very humble, altruistic Lizzie. Lizzie says she loves her life as a nurse because as long as she is helping others, life is worth living. She calls for Dr. J to attend to Reva. It turns out the doctor is Jonathan, the son Reva has raised from birth and was able to send to Princeton and later Harvard Medical School. When Reva brings up her cancer, Jonathan "reminds" her that all tests came back negative - she was not ill. When Lizzie comes back to the room, she and Jon snuggle up like the loving couple they "are." Lizzie and Jon are thrilled they are having a baby. Reva offers to take them out for a beer, to which Jon responds, "What, on a weeknight?" Reva is stunned. Jon excuses himself from the room, telling Lizzie not to wait up because he would be working late.

When Jonathan leaves the hospital, he is met by a leather-clad, gum-chomping Tammy who has just ridden up on her motorcycle. Reva looks on as she and Jonathan kiss. Jon is hesitant to leave with her. Tammy notices Auntie Reva. When Jon asks Reva not to tell anyone about what she saw, Tammy asks Jon, "What, you don't want anyone to know you're kick-starting your cousin?" Reva accepts Tammy's invitation for a ride on the motorcycle and the two take off to Tammy's bar.

There they encounter Remy, the bouncer. When she greets Remy, Tammy reaches around and gives his tuckus a big squeeze. Rick Bauer approaches Reva and Remy threatens to throw the low-life, homeless Bauer bum out. Tammy tells Rick that he can come around later to sweep up for some cash. Josh, a drunkard, creates a scene by asking anyone and everyone to take him on in a fight. Reva is appalled by what he's become and tries to tell him what a great man he is. Josh refers to her as the "moral compass" of Springfield. He is not happy to see her. When she says he is a wonderful husband, he laughs and says that he first married Reva's sister Roxie and then her mother Sarah in order to get back at Reva for leaving him behind for Shayne Cosmetics. He says in the end, it was always Reva he wanted. Reva asks him to help get her back "home." A tramped-up Cassie arrives and leads Josh away. After they leave, Reva encounters bartender Jeffrey. He tells her she should just go with the flow.

Reva leaves the bar and runs into a hippy-clad Dinah who wants Reva to join her at a "Save the Lobsters" rally, as well as help her protest the destruction of the lighthouse property by the Evil Cooper Empire. Reva wants to leave this nightmare and go back to the one she already knows. Reva goes to the rally. Here Dinah introduces Professor Harlan William Lewis (Billy) as the main speaker against the destruction of the lighthouse. All the evil Coopers show up to taunt the protestors, insisting the lighthouse would be torn down that very night. Reva confesses her time continuum problems to Billy, who tells her the portal back home is the lighthouse. She asks who owns the lighthouse property so she could ask them not to sell to the Coopers. It's Josh.

She goes to Josh, begging him not to sell. He says he will sell so that he and Cassie can leave Springfield together. He is very vindictive toward Reva for not returning his feelings of love. He tells her that she is not enough for him. Reva remembers saying those very words to him. She tells him if he sells the lighthouse, both she and Josh will be trapped forever. She tells him to stop blaming others for his life and look in the mirror for answers to problems. She seems to also be talking about herself. Cassie enters and leads Josh off. Josh insists he will be selling the lighthouse to Cooper Industries.

Reva goes back to the lighthouse and Professor Billy asks if she saw Josh. She tells him that Josh wouldn't listen to her. Dinah the Hippy, Jeffrey the Bartender, Lizzie the Nurse, and Jon the Doctor show up to chain themselves to the lighthouse so it won't get demolished. Reva tells Billy that she might like to stay in this new time warp since she has him, Jonathan and her good health. She says love remains constant, in no matter what situation you find yourself. As the group is all chained up together in protest, Josh arrives to say that just as the deal was to be closed; his pen ran out of ink. He is not selling to the Coopers. Everyone rejoices and runs off to celebrate. Left alone with Josh, Reva tells him she is proud of him. Just as they are about to kiss, Reva begins waking up from her initial fainting spell. Waking her up is Josh, who asks her, "What's wrong? Are you sick?"

Friday, September 8, 2006

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, today's CBS Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light will resume on Monday, September 11th.

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