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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 7, 2008 on GL
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Monday, January 7, 2008

At the Lewis Construction site, Coop poured whiskey onto one of the Lewis blueprints and set it aflame, tossing it into the trailer where Bill was working. With Lizzie just outside, the office exploded. Unharmed, Lizzie called 911 and tried to keep Bill conscious. Lizzie then called Billy at rehab, who was unable to check himself out because of his court order. Dinah checked herself out and distracted the counselor so that Billy could sneak out of the facility.

At the police station, Jeffrey told Reva that he wanted to take the District Attorney post, but he wanted her opinion first. Reva was thrilled and commented that Jeffrey's always followed his own rules -and that's what she loves about him. Jeffrey is surprised by the sentiment, as is Reva, who quickly covers and rushes off. Later, Reva returned and both admitted it's good that her sentiment didn't cause either of them to run away for long.

At the farmhouse, Josh returned from his trip, much to Will's dismay. Josh confessed that his trip wasn't church business. He went to San Cristobel because Edmund phoned him once he awoke from his coma. During his visit, Edmund admitted that Will pushed him from the church balcony. Cassie couldn't believe that Josh bought Edmund's story and continued to make excuses for her little boy. Josh thought that they should search Will's room for the missing buttons from Edmund's shirt. An eavesdropping Will peeked around the corner, holding two buttons in his hand. Josh then received a call about Bill's accident, and they rushed to the hospital.

On Main Street, Ava found a drunken Coop. He admitted that Ashlee confessed to rigging the election and was in custody. Ava then received a phone call about Bill's accident. When told that Bill is being rushed to the hospital, Coop freaked out and admitted he didn't think anyone was in the trailer. Ava realized that Coop caused the explosion. Coop wanted to go talk to Frank, but Ava explained that everyone would think that Coop hurt Bill on purpose. Later, they met Jeffrey at the Beacon, and Jeffrey told them that, as DA, he couldn't take Coop's case. Ava begged Jeffrey to help Coop - this was her chance to get him back, and she couldn't handle losing Coop and Olivia at the same time. Jeffrey wondered why she'd be losing Olivia, and Ava quickly covered. Jeffrey told his daughter that she'd have to call Mel, and they would have to pretend they hadn't had this chat. Later, Ava found some medication, with a label cautioning that it can cause extreme drowsiness and shouldn't be mixed with alcohol. She put the pill in the bottom of a wine glass and poured Coop a drink. Ava encouraged him to unwind with the drink, but Coop refused, afraid he'd wind up back in bed with her. Thanking her for her help, Coop left Ava's room and headed to jail to visit Ashlee. Coop was excited to hear that bail had been set, but Ashlee reminded him that it wouldn't be cheap and to save his money. She was going to jail for a long time.

At the hospital, Lizzie tried to keep Bill's eyes open because the doctors placed medication around his eyes to help with the burns. Bill fell asleep, and Lizzie blamed herself for his accident. Josh, Cassie, Will, Vanessa, Reva, Dinah, and Billy arrived at the hospital and Lizzie gave them all of the details. During her explanation, Will eyed Reva's purse sitting on a chair. He then started yelling about seeing a man on a stretcher who reminded him of Uncle Edmund, and Cassie took him home. Billy pulled Lizzie aside and asked if the police had arrived yet. Lizzie wondered if Billy didn't think this was an accident, and Billy admitted that his son had made some enemies since returning to town. Later, Dylan arrived and offered a shoulder to Dinah, who was visibly shaken by her brother's accident.

Back at the farmhouse, Will begged Cassie not to leave him. When she went upstairs, Will played with his action figures, and declared that "the good prince had destroyed the evil stepfather." Using a voice distorter, Will called the police to report something suspicious about Reva Shayne.

Billy visited a heavily bandaged Bill and told him that he knew something was going to happen to him. Bill had upset too many people. But regardless, Billy would see his son through this. In the lobby, Josh admitted to Reva that Edmund accused Will of pushing him from the balcony. Mallet then arrived to question Reva about an anonymous tip he'd received about the buttons from Edmund's shirt. He had a court order to search Reva's personal belongings. Declaring she had nothing to do with Edmund's fall, she gladly offered her purse, where Mallet promptly found the two missing buttons from Edmund's shirt.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gus and Natalia are on Main Street trying to choose their song for their wedding, using a list of songs that were popular when they first met as teens. Later, Natalia meets with Alan there on Main Street to help him pick a wedding gift for Gus. He notes that she still calls Gus "Nick", the name she knew him as back then. Alan points out how she and Gus are living in the past with the old names and old songs, and says they are lucky that they get to re-live their youth, though it is intended to get her to consider that their relationship is built on past memories more so than current information.

Meanwhile, Gus arrives at Olivia's, checking on her after her appointment. She reports that her heart is getting weaker and that she can feel herself getting weaker. She also tells him that she had another nightmare about Phillip trying to get Emma and that Alan was helping him, and that it worries to think this could really happen and she won't be there to help. In an effort to give Olivia some peace of mind, Gus tells her that she would do anything to help, including being a father to Emma. Just then, Emma enters the room asking Gus if he will help quiz her in her Spanish work. He says yes, and is silly with her, and then when he sees the work, he suggests that Natalia help with this, since she is fluent in Spanish. He says that Emma and Natalia should meet, and with a sad look, Olivia agrees. Gus called Alan and asked him and Natalia to come over to Olivia's. They arrive, and Gus explains that Emma needed help with Spanish. Natalia sits down to help Emma as Olivia watches them together, looking somewhat distant. Next, we see Olivia lying on the ground, looking up, and seeing Gus through her blurry vision hovering over her and calling her name, trying to get her to wake up. When Alan suggests getting a doctor, Natalia expresses her disbelief that Olivia really needs one. Alan suggests that they all leave to give her some space, but Olivia asks Gus to stay. Natalia speaks up about how she thinks Olivia is always trying to find a reason to be alone with her. She reminds Gus that Olivia runs a hotel by herself and is not some weak person who needs rescuing. Gus and Natalia leave, and Alan congratulates Olivia on such a fine actress she was, thinking she faked the fainting as an effort in their plan. Emma enters the room and Alan talks to her saying that she is a Spaulding and that if she wants anything at all, she should ask her granddad, as Olivia watches with concern.

After Gus and Natalia leave Olivia's, he tells her that she should tell him if she has a problem and that the way she handled it was not nice. Natalia tells Gus that she can see that Olivia cares her him, and although Gus doesn't see it in the same way, Natalia asks him to stop being as involved in her life. She also tells him that she thinks he loves her as the girl he once knew and wants him to get to know who she is now before they get married.

Daisy and Frank enter the diner after Frank helped her with her car. She mentions that she needs to take Will to his karate class, and Frank asks what she thinks about Will. She tells him that he's different, but since she thinks she is different herself, she "gets" him. She also tells that she enjoys helping Tammy's brother, as almost a way to try to make up for some of the bad things she's done in the past. Buzz tells her that everyone makes mistakes, and Frank echoes that sentiment. Then Rafe enters saying that she doesn't have to feel as if she needs to make up for anything because if you know the right person, you can get away with anything. He continues to say things that make Daisy angry, and then Daisy leaves to go get Will. Frank and Buzz give Rafe a puzzled look, wondering what he was doing talking like this. He says that he saw Daisy's car and thought maybe they could talk, maybe try to work things out. When he gets another strange look for the Coopers, he adds that he got nervous, and that's why things came out all wrong! Buzz suggests he try flowers next time!

Daisy comes back to get a cookie for Will, and while she waits, she and Rafe exchange a few tense words. When Buzz returns with the cookie, Daisy asks why Rafe is still there. Buzz tells her that Rafe is there to see her. She leaves to continue her time with Will. While she is away, Frank, Buzz and Rafe sit at a table, having a beer and Rafe, and discussing life's problems. Rafe says he thought life in a small town would be easier but he is finding out it isn't.

Olivia is at the hospital for an appointment with her doctor when she sees Alan. He presumes that she is there because of Bill's accident in the explosion, but it becomes clear that Olivia is hearing about this for the first time through him. He then asks if she's not there for him, is she ok, since he just saw her talking to a nurse. She makes an up an excuse, then quickly changes the topic so that he won't ask too many questions about why she's there. She asks him if he has gotten Natalia away from Gus yet, as per their agreement. He asks her if there will be a delay in the Main Street construction project now that Bill has been injured. She informs Alan that there is no news on Bill's condition yet, and then adds how quickly life can change, as she thinks of her own circumstances. When she pressures him to hold up his end of the deal by working on Natalia, he senses that she is anxious to get things moving with Gus, yet wonders that there is something more to it than that. Olivia leaves, as does Alan.

Mallet has just found the buttons that were missing from Edmund's shirt in Reva's purse and tells her it makes her the top suspect now. She calmly, yet firmly, states that she did not push of Edmund off that balcony. He asks her to go to the police station to answer some questions. She is cooperative and agrees to go, and Josh says that he will go with her. At the station, Josh advises Reva not to say anything until he gets a lawyer there for her, as he leaves a message for Mel. Mallet leaves the room while he waits for Reva's lawyer to arrive. Josh tells Reva that if Mel can't help, then he'll keep making calls until he finds her a lawyer. She tells him she didn't push Edmund, and he says that he knows. Reva wants to know that he really believes this and is not just saying this, saying she remembers how Josh took the blame for Cassie when he didn't know if she did or didn't shoot Alan, and she doesn't want him just trying to be a hero - she needs him to really believe her. She tells him that no matter how much she didn't like Edmund and that she's glad he may not ever be able to hurt anyone again, she did not push him. She adds that it was a big day for Josh, his ordination day, and she would never do anything to ruin it for him. He moves in closer, looks in her eyes, and says with sincerity that he believes her. She can see that he means this, and lightens the moment by saying that now he can go out and get her the best lawyer that HIS money will buy! He tells her he can do better than that - he can bring in the person who is responsible. (thinking about Will, though not saying that yet).

Jeffrey arrives and sternly asks, "What the hell is going on here?" He asks mallet for time alone with Reva and Mallet leaves. After the room is clear, Reva expresses her joy at seeing Jeffrey, but Jeffrey goes into lawyer mode and showing no comforting emotion, he spells out his plan to help Reva as if she's guilty. Reva looks at him, stunned to see him believe this of her. She tries to get him to see that she has been honest with him about Jonathan's fake death and the incident in Tourmaline so that he will know that she tells him everything. But he still has reservations about her guilt or innocence. After a tense discussion, Reva tells him that she will handle this on her own, and Jeffrey leaves

Will and Cassie chat as they have hot chocolate in the kitchen. He asks why Josh hates him. When Cassie that Josh doesn't hate him, Will points out that Josh treats other people different, like Reva. Cassie explains that the reason Josh and Reva are so close is that they were once married and they have children together. Will then asks, "Does he love her?" She tells him that Josh loves him as well as all of the people in his life like RJ and Billy, and Will cuts her off at this point and adds "or Reva?" Cassie continues that although he's the new one in the family, she thinks it makes him special. Will responds with sass to his question, asking "Is that why Josh had me paint chairs in the church and not RJ?" Cassie tried to explain that is Josh's way of spending special time with him, and it was his effort to try to make him happy. Just then, Daisy arrives for Will. Will hugs Cassie and tells her that he likes it when it's just the two of them alone. Before he leaves, Cassie tells him that she may be cleaning his room and wants to know if there anything he doesn't want her to touch or move. He cheerfully says no, then leaves with Daisy.

Later, Josh arrives while both kids are elsewhere, and explains to Cassie that while he was at the hospital checking on Bill, Mallet arrived and now believes Reva is a suspect for Edmund's fall and is being questioned, and adds that it's time to face the truth about Will so that Reva doesn't take the fall for something that Will did. Cassie becomes angry at Josh's beliefs and states that Reva was the one who was dreaming up all of those scenarios about how to get rid of Edmund, and asks Josh truth is it that he wants her to face. He begins to tell her that the evidence against Will is clear, but Cassie interrupts asking "What evidence?" Josh begins to remind her what Edmund said on the phone about Will being the one who pushed him, but Cassie again interrupts Josh saying she doesn't want to hear about Edmund, and then proceeds to tell him that Will was not concerned about her cleaning his room and finding buttons. When he tells her that the buttons were found in Reva's purse, Cassie is shocked to hear him think that Will is a criminal mastermind at 8 years old who planted the buttons, and is angry that he would sacrifice her son for his ex-wife, as she put it. She is upset to hear that Josh believes that Reva is telling the truth simply because she said so. She finally says that she will protect Will because she is not losing another child. Later, while she's alone, Cassie is looking at photos of herself with Richard as a prince and Will, and says that she will protect Will and she won't let either of them down.

Later, as Josh walks on Main Street, he sees Will and RJ playing football with another friend. When he thinks Will is trying to hurt one of the other boys, he rushes over and pulls Will off of the boys and loudly tells him to let them go. RJ looks at Josh with a puzzled look and tells him they were only playing. Daisy tells Josh she was right there and Will didn't do anything wrong. When they arrive home, Will runs up to Cassie, crying that Josh is trying to say that he did bad things. Cassie pays Daisy for her services, and Daisy adds that Will didn't do anything wrong, then leaves. Josh gets a call from Reva, asking how things are going with turning Will in for pushing Edmund. Josh reports that Cassie is in denial and that he feels he has to do something to help Will. Reva expresses her support for Josh, which he seems to appreciate hearing. Meanwhile, Will comes into the living room with a packed bag saying he's leaving before Josh send him away like he did to Edmund. Cassie holds him, assuring him that won't happen, while Will wears a devious smile on his face that Cassie can't see as she hugs him.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Reva visits Billy as he waits for news on Bill. He keeps wondering where he went wrong with his son. Reva realizes that wondering how to save a kid never ends. Back at the Beacon, she looks through a box of mementos of Jonathan, recalling the desperate trials that she and Jonathan went through together in flashbacks as the song when Jonathan went off the cliff plays. She finds a picture of Will. Troubled, she stares at it.

On the porch at the farm, Josh and Cassie seem distant as Josh once again tries to talk to her about Will. She doesn't want to discuss Will again and leaves him on the porch. RJ groans and Josh rushes into the house, thinking Will did something to RJ. RJ was only groaning about a TV show. Cassie takes Josh aside, upset that he keeps overreacting about Will. Josh tells her that he has no pleasure in thinking that Will might be a deliberately injuring people. Cassie accuses Josh of creating problems so that he can be a savior for Will. Agitated Cassie bars any further discussion of Will's behavior, frankly explaining that, even if Will's guilty, she will always defend him. Josh only does this out of love for the family. Cassie understands that, but she isn't okay with it. She leaves Josh and Will to run an errand.

Josh discovers the toys that Will broke hidden under some furniture. He calls Reva, asking her if she remembers their plan. Reva warns him that Cassie won't like it. Josh is fully aware, but he has to do something. When Will comes into the room, looking for his mother, Josh gets his coat and hustles him out of the house.

In Reva's hotel room, Will learns that they are on a secret government assignment. For a treat, Reva asks him to go in the other room and draw them a picture. Once he's gone, Josh tells Reva they have an appointment with an admissions head at the Fairmount Academy. Reva wonders how a school will help him. It didn't help Jonathan. Josh thinks maybe it wasn't the right school. She sees how desperate he is and she warns him that Cassie will reject this idea. Josh thinks Cassie is blind to the problem. Reva reminds him that only Cassie can make a final decision about Will heading off the boarding school. Josh wants to see if Will can be accepted to the school and deal with the rest later. He promises her that, if Will did these things, he won't let her go to jail for it. He hopes they go easy on Will because he's a troubled child or hopes it could be an accident.

Before they leave, Will comes out with a picture he drew of his family. There is just Will and Cassie in the drawing. When Reva asks where everyone else in his family is, he just stares at her.

They take him to Company. Will keeps complaining about wanting his mother, but Reva bribes him to get a special day alone with his mother if he is good. She takes him to get food while Josh meets with the admission coordinator. The coordinator, Linda, wants to meet with both of the child's guardians. Josh chokes, but Reva pipes up and says that she's Will's mother. In a corner beneath a table, Will wipes out his cell phone and calls his new minion Daisy to pick him up.

Josh gets a handle on himself and they answer Linda's questions. Josh slips up and calls Reva by her name instead of saying Cassie. They laugh it off and say that it's a pet name that he has for her, but Mallet comes into the door and calls her Reva also. He demands to speak with her. Linda frowns as Reva goes with Mallet, wondering if he is a police office. Off to the side, Reva tells Mallet that she'll come down to the station, but she's in the middle of something right now. Just then Linda decides she has another appointment and leaves. Reva and Josh look around for Will but can't find him.

On Main Street Daisy and Will meet Rafe at CO2. Will still whines about going home. Daisy will take him in a minute. She flirts and talks to Rafe. Will slips her keys out of her purse and walks away. When Reva and Josh make it to CO2, they realize that Daisy picked Will up. Daisy is frantic because she can't find Will or her keys. They see that her car hasn't been moved. Reva asks her granddaughter why she locked them up in the mall. Daisy confesses that she was covering for Will and admits she just felt sorry for him because his home life was so bad. Reva tells her that she only got one side of the story. Josh asks Daisy to send Will a text message.

At the church, Will wanders in and calls out for Daisy, saying that he's hear. When he looks around, he sees that it's Josh-not Daisy-at the church to meet him. Will thinks Josh tricked him. Josh says that they need to talk alone with no interruptions. He sits him down and asks him if he knew that Reva is being questioned about Edmond's fall. He doesn't answer. Josh rationalizes what a hard time Will has had. He says he won't blame him if he doesn't want him as part of his family if that's how he truly feels. He tells him that he won't be angry with him about anything if he just tells the truth.

Josh recounts the events of the day that Edmond fell. He explains to Will that he knows he wasn't standing with Cassie like he said he was. He knows that Will was upstairs with Edmond when he fell. Will runs. Reva catches him at the door. They press him for information and he calls them mean. They explain that they love him and don't want to be mean. They just want answers. Reva says that Edmond told them that someone pushed him. They ask him what Edmond did to make Will push him. They double-team him with questions. They promise to keep loving him, but they say the police will find the truth. Will admits that Edmond threatened Cassie. He didn't mean to push him, but he was trying to get away.

Cassie barrels in and tells Josh and Reva that they've done enough. Jeffrey is behind her. He offers to take Will to the station. Cassie doesn't want to, but Jeffrey presses. She asks Will if he will go. Josh offers to come. Cassie tells him no. Will is her son and she doesn't want Josh to be there. Reva lashes out in defense of Josh after all he's been through to learn the truth and protect Cassie's family.

Jeffrey pulls Reva aside to get her to stay out of it. She says that she's already in the middle of it. Jeffrey tells her then to not cross any lines. Reva expresses her anger with Jeffrey for suspecting in his heart that she might have pushed Edmond. Jeffrey tells her he didn't say that she did. He said he'd stand by her if she did. Reva thinks it would have been nice had he just believed her that she didn't. He asks her if she wants to argue about it right now. No, she doesn't. She wants to help Will. Reva and Jeffrey take the child to the station.

Josh and Cassie argue. Cassie wonders why he didn't come to her with this. Josh did come to her. She didn't listen. She says she did. He says that she didn't like what she was hearing, then. Cassie admits Josh was right about Will. She's upset that she didn't realize it. They seem to blame it on Edmond's influence. Josh tells her about the special school for kids with problems. Cassie yells at him that Will isn't a problem child. Will says pushing Edmond was just an accident. She wants to know if Reva was there at this meeting with the school. Once Josh says that Reva helped him, Cassie gets angry. She tells him to sleep in his office tonight. She leaves to go find Will as Josh calls after her, begging her not to take this route. Cassie tells him that's how it will be so she can have time alone with Will tonight. She leaves.

Josh goes to the hospital to see his big brother and check on Bill. At the station, Reva sits beside Will as Mallet questions him with Jeffrey looking on. Cassie shows up just as they begin and takes Reva's seat. Will says that Edmond threatened to hurt his mother, who means everything to him in the whole wide world. He was scared.

In the silence, Jeffrey excuses himself and Reva from the interrogation room. In the main area of the station, Jeffrey wonders if Reva will come home or if they are still fighting. Reva sees nothing to fight about. Jeffrey automatically assumed Reva's guilt in the matter. She needs time to think about how she feels about that. She thanks him for going easy on the child. Jeffrey wonders if she doubted that he would. Reva says no. She touches his face, telling him that therein lays the difference between them. She says that she knows who Jeffrey is-insinuating that he doesn't know who she is-and leaves.

Josh returns to his hotel office and has a beer. Someone knocks and he hurries to the door, thinking it's Cassie. Reva is on the other side. She laughs, assuming that he can't go home either. She joins him in a beer and toasts to trying to do the right thing, but getting kicked in the assets. Josh envisioned that this revelation would have made his family come together and deal with it together as a unit. Josh sarcastically says that Cassie banned him from the house because she wants to be alone with "her son." While Josh knows that calling Will "her son" isn't meant to exclude him as a parent, it still feels that way. He asks Reva what she thought of the confession. Reva groans. Josh nods and says that he thought the same thing-that Will's confession was just a little too quick and convenient. He wonders if there is more to it than what Will admits.

Reva says she wonders the same. One the one hand, she wonders how troubled a child can truly be. On the other, she thinks of Jonathan. Josh defends Jonathan. He was abused by Alfred. Josh thinks Will is only eight years old and is already calculating and manipulative. He admits that Will's looks are intimidating. He thought today was a breakthrough, but now, he doesn't know what to do. Reva shrugs and says that they should just get drunk. Josh doesn't think that's a solution, but right about now, he's fine with that.

They laugh at how Reva will get the good reverend drunk. Josh wonders if there are problems with Jeffrey over this incident. Reva tells him their issues don't have anything to do with that. Josh thanks her for being there when he needed her. Reva tells him that the next time she needs help staging a kidnapping, he'd better drop everything to be there to help her-including his Sunday sermon. Josh tells her that she knows he will.

At the station, they conclude the interrogation. Mallet has decides that Edmond took advantage of Will. He threatened their family. Will pushed him in self-defense. Back at the farm, Cassie praises Will for telling the truth. She reinforces that they are not mad at him. They know that he only pushed him by accident. Will tells Cassie that it was no accident. He pushed Edmond and he wanted him to fall. Cassie looks puzzled. Daisy comes into the house and Will hops up off the couch, asking if she can read him a story. They go upstairs, while Cassie stares around horrified.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

While Harley is already at the Lewis Construction site where Bill was hurt, Cyrus shows up. They both are there to unofficially investigate what happened, though each didn't know that the other would be there. They have some awkward moments being together. Harley tells him that they can't keep being together in these situations, and that she just wants to get him out of her head, and tells him that she'll work the Lewis case alone, without him. He looks somewhat dejected, but says ok.

Marina is given her badge back today, and is given her first assignment immediately: to investigate the explosion at Lewis Construction. She arrives at the site just as Harley and Cyrus are leaving. As they talk, she notices that Harley and Cyrus have a close relationship, which is unsettling to Marina. Marina informs the pair that she talked to Bill, and when Harley asks if she learned anything from him, Marina suggests that she thinks Phillip may be involved and that maybe she check on Zach. Later, as Marina and Cyrus return home, Cyrus keeps discuss Phillip and suggests that they make another attempt to find him by trying to set a trap that makes Phillip come to them, so that Harley and others can stop waiting to see what Phillip may do next. Marina sees how involved and concerned Cyrus is about Harley and we see Marina look worried over Cyrus and Haley's close relationship.

Harley is talking to Rick at the hospital to warn him that Marina thinks Phillip may be involved in the Lewis explosion. She also decides to tell Rick about her physical symptoms, trying to find out what he thinks the problem is. He writes the name of a doctor that he recommends and gives it to her. Cyrus and Marina find Harley at the hospital, and say they came to look for her. Cyrus says they have a plan, and Marina quickly interjects that this was Cyrus' idea. Cyrus explains that he thinks they should try to set a trap for Phillip to appear. He says he doesn't have the plan complete yet but they can work out together. Harley agrees, saying, "Let's do it." Marina notes their closeness with these words and their interactions.

Coop, still half-drunk from last night, sees the newspaper headlines about the explosion and decides he should report himself. He goes to the police station to see Frank about this and he tries to tell him about what happened. When he saw Ashlee being escorted through the station, he decided that he could help her best from outside of jail and didn't report himself to Frank. Later Coop meets with Ava to ask her to let him use some of the Spaulding money to help Ashlee, saying the money would only be missing for s short while. She sternly says no, and tells him to ask her anything else and she'll do it. She reminds him that the last time someone tried to steal from the Spauldings (Cyrus), his aunt Marina almost died. She offers him her own money, but he tells her she doesn't have enough, then thanks her and leaves.

Coop arrives at the police station, where Ashlee is in a room, alone, and told to wait. He tells her they can leave, and that he bailed her out. When she asks him where he got the money, he tells her that it's money that was left over from Buzz' campaign. She tells him that's not legal, but he says he doesn't care, and they leave the station. They go to the diner where they see Buzz. Buzz tells them about his visit with Billy, and how Billy just about accused him of causing the explosion. Coop is disturbed about this. After Buzz leaves, Coop let Ashlee know that he is the one that caused the explosion. He asks her to leave with him, to run away from all of the mess. He tells her that she has troubles she's facing and so does he, and that they should leave to escape all of the trouble they will have if they stay there. He hints that someone else I town knows he caused the explosion, but he didn't say who. Ashlee replies that she can't do that.

Buzz is at the hospital and sees Lillian. He asks about Bill's condition, but finds there has been no change, though Rick hasn't been in to see him yet. He tells her that this election turned out to be quite a mess, and mentions Bill as part of that, telling Lillian that Bill was blackmailing Buzz. He expresses that he may have lost some friends and asks if he lost her. She tells him he hasn't unless that's what he wants. He reassures her he still wants to be with her, and they both breathe a sigh of relief knowing they will still be a couple.

Later, Buzz goes to the rehab center to see Billy. Buzz suggests that Bill has made some enemies since his return and that maybe the explosion was no accident. He tells Billy about how Bill blackmailed him. Billy all but accuses Buzz as he wonders who would want to hurt his son, then asks Buzz to leave. Vanessa arrives to visit with Billy. He recalls a story about Bill when he was younger, about a time when he had seizures but he wasn't afraid because his dad was with him. Billy feels frustrated because he can't be with him now. Vanessa thinks this whole thing could be a blessing in disguise. She explains that it could be a time that family can use to regroup and be a stronger, closer family, and help Bill return to his old self again. Vanessa leaves, saying she's going to see Bill in the hospital, and tells Billy to get well because she needs him.

While Billy and Lizzie are in Bill's room waiting for him to wake up and for Dr. Rick to check him, the police arrive to take Billy back to rehab, since he had to be there by court order and left without permission. He leaves peacefully, asking Lizzie to stay with him. She agrees, and sits next to Bill, waiting. Bill lays sleeping with bandages over his eyes from the explosion, then wakes to find that someone is laying their head on his shoulder, and finds out it's Lizzie. He feels the bandages and asks about them, and Lizzie explains that Rick will in soon to remove them. He tells her he's ok, and seems to be in fine spirits, talking and joking with her. She tells him how Billy broke out of rehab and was there the whole time, but had just left when the police came for him. He asks if she's been with him, and she jokes that she's been out skiing and clubbing. Detective Marina arrives to ask him some questions about the explosion. Bill recalls that a tube like the kind that is used for blueprints came crashing through the window in flames, and the next thing he knew there was an explosion, and that is the last thing he remembers.

Lizzie enters Bill's room with Dr. Rick and Lillian, telling them that Bill is fine and cracking jokes. Lillian asks Lizzie to dim the lights, and Rick removes the bandages. When Bill opens his eyes, he comments to Lizzie that she was supposed to dim the lights not turn them off. After she replies that they are still on, everyone's expression is one of concern, realizing that Bill cannot see.

Lillian waits for Buzz outside of the diner to give him the news that Bill can't see. Buzz is upset at this news. He says that no matter what Bill tried to do to him, he just doesn't have the stomach for revenge anymore.

Lizzie tries to help him with a playlist on a music player, but he tells her he can do it, fumbles a while, and then jokes about her song choices. He tells everyone he's tired and asks them to leave so he can rest. Alone, he tries to see the information on the music player and can't. He throws it across the room out of frustration. Lizzie hears the commotion and rushes in to see what's wrong. He is surprised she's still there after he thought she had gone home. She says she knows that he meant that she should go home, but she doesn't follow directions well and decided to stay nearby in the hall. He tries to stand up, and asks for help to leave. She tries to tell him he shouldn't, but when she can tell he is serious, she agrees to help him.

At the rehab, Billy is on the phone trying to find out information about Bill, and then Bill and Lizzie show up at his door. Billy is very happy to see him, but his joy quickly turns to shock when he can tell that Bill can't see. Bill asks Lizzie to give them a moment alone, and she waits at the door. Billy is now starting to cry over Bill's condition, when Bill tells his dad that he needs him. Billy, who has wanted to be there for his son and is now hearing his son asking him to help him, jumps at the chance and tells him he is there for him, and they will get the best doctors. Bill, standing in the middle of Billy's room looking injured and helpless, interrupts by saying no, he wants Billy to help find the person who did this to him and help make him pay.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Marina tries to discourage Cyrus and Harley from baiting Phillip. Cyrus points that Phillip could be a threat based on what Marina told them about causing the Lewis fire. Marina states that she said he "may be involved" Cyrus and Harley think they should go ahead with the search. Cyrus thinks the perfect bait would be someone on the outside who is close and willing to work dirty. Marina realizes he is talking about himself and again objects. When Cyrus and Harley go off to finalize the plan, Marina tires to assure herself that Harley can take care of herself. When Cyrus and Harley return, he tells Marina that he will "offer" to deliver the kids to Phillip for a price. Marina does not think Phillip will buy it but Cyrus and Harley think it could work. She suggests they drop it before someone gets hurt. Harley explains to Marina about how every time she hears a noise now at home she freaks out thinking it is Phillip. She states that she wants the panic attacks to stop and needs her life back. She suggests that she talk to Beth while Cyrus and Marina work on Remy.

Later, Marina is at the Beacon alone when Remy drops by. After congratulating her on getting her badge back, Remy sees Cyrus and suspects that he has been set up. After Remy states that he knows nothing about Phillip, Cyrus leaves and Marina confides in Remy that thanks to his warning she is so into this. She confesses that lied about Phillip being involved in the fire. She said she saw her and Cyrus there investigating the fire and it just came out. She was hoping it would send Harley running back to her kids, thus leaving her alone with Cyrus. Remy asks Marina if she loves the guy and she says she does. However, she feels guilty about what she did. As she acknowledges that she cannot do this, Remy tells her she has to. Later, Marina is about to tell Cyrus the truth but holds back. Before he leaves, Cyrus tells Marina not to believe what she hears about him. He needs Phillip to believe that he is broke and desperate.

Harley is meeting with Beth at Company. Harley tells Beth about the plan to flush out Phillip. Beth strenuously objects and wonders why it is necessary. Harley tells Beth about the theory that Phillip could be behind the explosion at Lewis. Beth cannot believe that Phillip would do something like that. Beth defends Phillip, thinking the danger has passed, and Harley asks what if he comes back and she is wrong. Beth realizes that her fantasy of the old Phillip returning may be just a dream but asks if Harley has ever wanted the dream to become reality. Harley admits that she has but sometimes you cannot have the dream so you have to deal with it. Beth agrees to help. That settled, Beth tells Harley how sorry she is that things did not work out. Startled, Harley points out that Marina comes first. Confused, Beth states she was talking about Gus. Harley backtracks and says that because she was searching for Marina, she did not have time to work on her marriage.

Later, Marina goes to Company looking for Cyrus. Remy suggests that he is with Harley. Marina is tired of Remy's innuendos and refuses to go "psycho jealous." Remy goads her by say he will be $ 20 that Cyrus is with Harley.

Harley leaves to call the school telling them she will be five minutes late picking Zach up only to learn that someone already did. Harley goes freaking on Main Street and runs into Cyrus. Cyrus offers to help Harley find Zach. After searching everyone, Zach calls his mother to tell her that he is at a new friend's house. After blasting Zach for scaring her like that, she gives him one hour at his friend's house. She then confides in Cyrus about how she was envisioning life without her son. She complains about what a wreck she is-running around Main Street. Upset, she talks about how she was a cop; she has never lost it like that before. She confides that she wants to know how to fix herself and to be herself again. Harley notes how she is so afraid of losing control. Cyrus suggests she let go. He wonders what it would be like for her to lose control for once. Harley's response is "dangerous."

Josh knocks at Cassie's door. Cassie lets him in, telling him this is his home-he does not need to knock. Josh brings up last night and Cassie apologizes for that and for not listening to him about Will. When Josh asks how things went, Cassie mentions that he looks so sweet and innocent. Who would have suspected? She then tells Josh he was right. Josh asks her to clarify and she tells him that Will is not sorry. In fact, he wanted Edmund to fall. She mentions that when he told her that, he had this empty look on his face. Josh realizes that they are seeing the same thing now. Cassie agrees and is torn apart about what happened to her little boy. She hugs Josh asks him to promise to save her little boy. Later, Cassie suggests telling no one about Will's confession; just bury it. Josh argues what if Will tells someone else what he told her. He states that it is best to get the truth out now. Cassie tries to defend Will, stating that maybe he just reacted like little boys do. She laments that Will will not be able to survive a trial; it could push him over the edge. Josh convinces her that Will needs help and sets off to talk to Jeffrey. Cassie tells him she will talk to Will and Josh asks her to be careful before he leaves. Afterwards, Cassie asks Will if he would like to look at his baby pictures. Will says no, he needs to work on a project for school. When he gets out a pair of sharp scissors, Cassie gets a very nervous look on her face. Cassie anxiously watches Will as he works with the scissors. Soon RJ comes in demanding to use them. Cassie quickly gives them to RJ and tells Will she will get him a safer pair so he will not have an accident and cut himself. RJ then asks to go outside. Cassie suggests he take Will to play catch outside but quickly changes her mind when Will suggests they play in the hayloft. Suddenly she suggests they stay indoors and play chess. Will pouts and goes to him room. Alone with RJ, Cassie apologizes for not believing him before about the barn incident. She then tells him Will is going through a rough time and asks him to be very patient with him. She asks RJ to tell her if anything happens regarding Will. RJ says maybe-he does not want to get Will mad.

Frank is at the police station when the new DA arrives-Jeffrey. Jeffrey looks over the file for the Edmund Winslow case and tells Frank that pressure is coming down from Congressman Watley's office. Evidently, the congressman is a friend of Edmund's and wants answers about what happened. Josh suddenly arrives to talk to Jeffrey about Will. Josh wonders if Will's statement can be kept under wraps. Jeffrey does not think that is possible. He does not want to cause Cassie grief or Will trauma but the congressman is looking at this one. Jeffrey explains to Josh that since Edmund threatened Cassie, Will's actions will be looked on as self-dense; an accident. He explains that Will needs to come in again to make an official statement which Josh objects to. Josh admits that there is more to the accident. Will stated that he wanted Edmund to fall. He starts to argue that they do not change the details; there may have been a struggle. Jeffrey notes that this changes everything. Jeffrey suggests that Will could need professional help and asks Josh what he thinks Edmund was like at Will's age. Jeffrey argues that some kids are damaged and warns Josh that things could get worse before they get better. He notes that most criminals started out as juvenile offenders. Josh wants to try to handle this as a family and Jeffrey asks if he really trusts Will with Cassie or RJ. Jeffrey states that there are some very good facilities out there. Josh is still reluctant since he knows Cassie will hate it. Later, Josh goes home and talks to Cassie about sending Will to a school for troubled kids. Cassie is not happy about the suggestion and worries she would be abandoning her son again. Josh argues that they cannot watch Will 24 hours a day. Josh tells her that Jeffrey thinks it is the best solution, leading Cassie to be upset that he went to Jeffrey. Josh tries to convince Cassie that Will needs help they cannot give him. Cassie tells Josh about being nervous while Will was holding the scissors and laments what happened to her little boy. Later, as Cassie is setting the table for dinner, she quickly puts away all the knives stating that they do not need them. Cassie tries to convince Josh that they do not need to send Will away. She claims that they can teach him. Josh doubts that will be enough and warns her that they do not want him to end up like Edmund.

Harley and Cyrus are now at his place at the Beacon after having taken a long walk and gotten some ice cream. After they playfully spar over her ice cream, Harley laments how Cyrus is the only one she can talk to and she should not feel like that. Harley wonders if her feelings are not just a way to pretend that her and Gus did not matter. But she argues it did; she loved him and needed him. Though she admits that never needed him the way she needs Cyrus. Cyrus she needs to keep her sane. Harley complains that she wants to feel like herself again but does not know if she ever will. Cyrus walks over to her and while stroking her hair assures her that she will. He leans in close to her and tells her to give it time. Their proximity leads them into a kiss. Meanwhile, Marina is walking up the hallway.

Mel gives Jeffrey some items from his old office. Mel is upset that he is crossing over to the other side. Jeffrey tells her she is not losing a partner; she is gaining a DA. After their exchange, Jeffrey finds a DVD in the box and calls up Frank asking for a DVD player set up at the station. Jeffrey calls Josh and asks him to come down but not tell Cassie. Josh makes an excuse about having to go to the church. With Josh gone, Cassie starts packing. At the police station, Jeffrey shows Josh a DVD. Though it is dark it is clear from the video that Will pushed Alonzo into the circuit box. Jeffrey points out that Will killed his father and then walked away like nothing happened.

Having gotten Daisy to look after RJ, Cassie takes Will to a cabin. She tells Will that they need to talk about what why he wanted to hurt his Uncle Edmund. Will explains that she wanted to hurt her. Cassie states that she understands but what he did was not the solution. Cassie states that until he understands that, they are not leaving.

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