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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 30, 2009 on GL
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Monday, March 30, 2009

At the farmhouse, Natalia found Olivia in the kitchen, nauseated as she prepared a home remedy for a hangover. Frank arrived, sickening Olivia further by planting a big kiss on Natalia. The couple made sure that Olivia was okay before they left the house.

Once they left, Phillip arrived to thank Olivia for the other day. He said that what Olivia had done for him had been generous. Olivia wondered what she had done. Phillip said that allowing Emma to testify on his behalf had made all the difference.

Olivia threw a fit, roaring that she had never seen any subpoena for Emma. After Olivia called Emma downstairs, Emma ran into Phillip's arms. Olivia gently asked the child what had happened. Emma said the subpoena was in her room, and Beth had sent a car to drive Emma to court. Emma hadn't told Olivia for fear of upsetting her.

Olivia admitted that she was a little upset, but said they'd talk about it after school. Emma left, saying, "Daddy's feeling better now."

Feeling like the bad guy in Emma's eyes, Olivia relented, offering Phillip supervised visitation with the child until his conviction. Olivia vowed to lobby against his release at his parole hearings. Olivia threatened to leave the country with Emma if Phillip weren't convicted.

Phillip didn't understand why Olivia felt so threatened, and insisted that he was okay with whatever arrangement Olivia had at the farmhouse. He said that he wouldn't interfere, and that Emma was a beautiful, innocent child. Olivia persisted that Phillip wasn't good for Emma, but Phillip warned that Olivia couldn't separate Emma and him forever.

Olivia went to Towers to meet Ann. Ann sensed right away that Olivia was "new at this." Olivia nervously stated that Ann wasn't what Olivia had expected in a nun. Ann replied that nuns came in all varieties. "So how do you become one?" Olivia asked.

Olivia said that she'd had volatile relationships with men, but that wasn't what had interested her in religion. Olivia had shunned religion because of her judgmental mother, but Natalia had helped Olivia to see that faith could make one kind and could give one peace. After teasing Natalia for her religion, Olivia had come to admire Natalia for it. Olivia asked Ann for reading material or information about taking a class.

Ann said that one should become a nun for the right reasons. Olivia shook her head, clarifying that she didn't want to become a nun; Olivia liked sex too much for that. Instead, Olivia wanted to learn to discern right from wrong. Since meeting Natalia, those lines had blurred for Olivia. Olivia had decided to stick with what she'd known and who she'd been.

Olivia said that Natalia had done the same, but things had grown even more confusing. Ann sensed that Olivia was hurting. Ann said that only love could heal her. Olivia concluded that God was love. Ann said that relationships were also love, especially the worthwhile ones.

Frank and Natalia visited Rafe in prison. Rafe immediately suspected that something was up with Frank and Natalia. Natalia explained that they had gotten Rafe on a list of candidates for a work-release program due to his good behavior in prison. Frank said that he had to ask something of Rafe, the man in the family.

Frank rambled on about how wonderful Natalia was until Rafe interrupted, saying, "Mom, show me the ring, please." Rafe smiled at the ring on Natalia's extended hand, and asked for a moment alone with his mother. Rafe asked Natalia if she really wanted to marry Frank, and Natalia said she did. Rafe then jokingly warned Frank to treat her well.

At Company, Christina and Remy joked with each other about their weight. Natalia and Frank approached to announce their engagement. Remy and Christina confided to Natalia and Frank that their own marriage wasn't real. Christina and Remy had contemplated an annulment, but agreed to stay married in order to get Christina's medical school grant.

Natalia was disillusioned to learn that Christina and Remy had a marriage of convenience. Mr. Pearson, the financial aid administrator, approached, also disillusioned. He had intended to present Christina with her grant check; however, upon hearing the conversation about the fake marriage, he decided that Christina's grant would go to a needy student, not a greedy opportunist like her.

Later, outside Company, Christina said that everything she had done upon meeting Remy had been stupid. Remy said that she wasn't stupid; she'd gotten into Johns Hopkins. Christina corrected that Remy had gotten her into the school, and she could no longer afford it without the grant. Remy was sure they'd work something out, but Christina walked off, refusing to be comforted about it.

At the farmhouse, Olivia murmured to one of Natalia's religious statues, "I know, it's about love..." Natalia and Frank entered, and Olivia announced that she would throw them an engagement party. Olivia stated that it was what friends did. Olivia said she'd never had a friend before, not like Natalia. Frank excitedly hugged Olivia. Natalia tilted her head, staring at them.

Christina saw a woozy Reva at the mini-mart. They sat down, and Reva briefly explained her medical situation. Christina found Reva to be an amazing case study. She said that Reva was a hero to be hailed in medical journals. Wobbling out, Reva said that everyone got fifteen minutes of fame.

At Cross Creek later, Reva snatched a beer away from Daisy and poured it down the sink. Daisy ranted that adults were hypocrites because they used pills and alcohol to take off the edge, but Daisy couldn't. Reva wondered what was going on. Daisy explained what had happened with Grady and Buzz, and with Alan's trial. Reva understood why Daisy would want to drink, but Reva preferred the company of a concerned granddaughter to a sulking one. Reva instructed Daisy to go outside and come back in with a better attitude.

Daisy calmly explained that Grady's absence was Alan's fault. Daisy confided that she had shot at Alan. Reva was livid that Daisy had done that, insisting that Daisy's actions had adult consequences. Daisy replied that if it were true, then Daisy should be allowed to have a drink. Reva promised to teach Daisy to dance on tables once it was legal for Daisy to drink.

Later, Daisy dressed herself up and went to Farley's, where she presented a fake I.D. to get a drink. After a few beers, Jean, the bartender, cut Daisy off. Daisy climbed onto the bar, intending to dance. Daisy flailed around, singing a revenge song against Alan Spaulding. A dizzy Daisy crawled to the corner of the bar and threw up.

Jean offered to call Daisy's family, but Daisy said they were all cops. Daisy decided that Jean could call Granny Reva, who had agreed to teach Daisy to dance on tables once Daisy could legally drink. Jean rolled her eyes and picked up the phone to call Reva.

Reva was assembling a baby bouncer when Phillip stopped by. He smirked that she was very pregnant, and she dared him to laugh at her. After Phillip gave Reva a baby gift, she asked him where he had been, what he had been doing, and whether he was sane. Phillip welcomed Reva's bluntness, stating that everyone else acted so "careful" around him. He assured her that he wouldn't have returned if he had thought that he was a danger to anyone.

Reva chuckled, telling him to sit his fanny down beside her. As Phillip helped her with the baby bouncer, they talked about all the things that Phillip had missed. "So where is Sarah?" Phillip asked. Reva tossed down the bouncer parts, and ordered Phillip out of her house. Reva rattled off all of her problems, and insisted that she couldn't war with the Spauldings.

Phillip, who had his own battles, said that he hadn't the energy to fight, either. He merely wanted to learn about Sarah. Reva said she didn't have any information, but Phillip assured her that he wasn't looking for Jonathan and Sarah. He begged her to let him catch up.

Reva showed him a picture of Sarah on the mantle. She said that Sarah had a lot of Lizzie, Jonathan, and Reva in her. Phillip wished he had been there. Reva said that parenthood was half perfection and half disaster. Reva asked him to continue assisting her with the baby bouncer. "Grandpa," she joked, and Phillip said that the name sounded good.

Reva left the room for a wrench, asking Phillip to answer her ringing phone as she left. When he did, Jean was on the line, saying that Daisy Lemay was "drunk off her butt." Phillip said that someone would be right there. After scribbling a quick note, he left Reva's house. Sometime later, as Reva continued the baby bouncer assembly, she winced at a pain in her side.

When Phillip found Daisy at Farley's, Daisy squinted at him. "You're a Spaulding. I hate the Spauldings," Daisy said. "Sometimes, I do, too," Phillip replied. Daisy carelessly shrugged. She said okay, as she fell onto him. Phillip hoisted Daisy over his shoulder. He grabbed her shoes and purse, and waved at Jean as he carried Daisy out.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ashlee and Josh waited outside Company, wondering why it hadn't opened yet. Josh commented that the place had gone downhill under Spaulding management. Marina rushed up, and hurriedly let them inside. As she scrambled to open the restaurant, she said that she had been late because she'd been taking care of something at the police station. Marina told them that she was still getting the hang of things as Company's new owner.

Mallet entered to drop off Henry. He left, promising to stop in during his beat. Daisy, the morning shift server, staggered in wearing sunglasses. She whined about getting coffee for her hangover. Daisy slumped in a booth, and Josh brought her some coffee. Daisy said that Reva had promised to take Daisy drinking once Daisy was legal. "Fantastic," Josh sarcastically replied.

Remy and Shayne entered for breakfast. Remy suggested that Shayne order a big breakfast to distract him from Dinah. Shayne didn't want to be distracted. After ordering a huge meal, Remy ran to the back to help Marina make it. Shayne scribbled a note to Remy, and Josh approached, assuming that Shayne was sneaking off the check on Dinah. Shayne didn't want to freak Dinah out, so Josh offered to go with him to "make it more casual."

Remy returned to the front, and found Shayne's note. Christina entered, and Remy asked her to share his breakfast. Christina walked away without a reply.

At the gazebo, Edmund told Dinah that misery loved company. Dinah shared with him everyone's dire reactions to her kidnapping confession. Dinah wanted to redeem herself, but Edmund replied that he didn't care if people hated him; he just wanted his daughter back.

Dinah felt that Edmund had changed. He had kept quiet about Lara's pregnancy for Shayne's sake. Edmund believed that Shayne could handle learning about the pregnancy because of Dinah. "In case you haven't noticed, twit, he's in love with you," Edmund said.

Josh and Shayne found Edmund and Dinah in the gazebo. Dinah tried to hurry off, but Edmund insisted that she stay. Edmund and Josh left Dinah and Shayne alone to talk. Josh thanked Edmund for calling Shayne about Dinah's whereabouts.

Edmund said he believed that Shayne had made Lara happy, and that Shayne deserved happiness of his own. Josh ambiguously replied that he hoped Edmund would remember that. Josh suggested they leave Dinah and Shayne alone. Edmund agreed to do so, hoping that the two weren't too stubborn to work things out.

At Cedars, Colin felt confident that Reva's baby could be delivered on that day, but Reva still worried that it wasn't time. Colin and Jeffrey wondered what Reva was really waiting for. Colin left to check her test results, and Reva told Jeffrey that the baby inside her womb was the last normal thing that she had to hold onto. Jeffrey assured her that she could hold onto him.

When Colin returned, he concluded from the test results that the baby was completely ready to be born. He scheduled her c-section for eight hours from then. Colin bid Reva to have one alcoholic drink to relax her for the c-section that evening. Once the procedure ended, Colin insisted that they immediately and aggressively treat her cancer.

At Company, Reva and Jeffrey ordered Buzz burgers and a bottle of wine. Marina, with Henry in tow, said Reva could have only one glass. Mallet entered to help Marina. As Jeffrey and Reva toasted with wine, Christina rushed up, wondering what Reva thought she was doing with the wine. Reva and Jeffrey said the baby would be born in seven hours.

Christina announced that they were having a baby, and the restaurant patrons crowded around Reva and Jeffrey, congratulating them. Everyone toasted to new beginnings.

Reva and Jeffrey hustled home to prepare for their appointment. Jeffrey received a call to go to his office to review a homeland security proposal, but he declined. Reva urged Jeffrey to go to the office, so that she wouldn't have him underfoot as she packed.

Sometime after Jeffrey left, Josh stopped by to tell Reva that he'd had a breakthrough with Shayne. Josh couldn't share the details because of "father-son privilege," but he wanted her to be at peace, knowing that Dinah and Josh were taking care of Shayne. Reva wasn't at peace about Dinah's role, but she admitted that it beat Edmund's involvement. Josh noticed Reva's luggage, and Reva said that she was going to deliver the baby that day.

Josh and Reva remembered when Shayne had been born at Cross Creek. Reva said that Shayne had been the best Valentine's Day gift that they could have ever given each other. She promised Josh that those memories would never fade. Josh said that he was glad that Reva had mothered his children. He always had been. "Always, Bud," she uttered. "Oops..."

Reva said that if anything should happen to her, she wanted Josh to look after their children, to make sure they weren't sad. Josh promised to take care of them, even though he was sure that Reva would be around for a long time. He kissed her forehead and wished her luck. Reva tried not to cry after he left.

At Jeffrey's office, Mallet tossed Jeffrey his car keys, saying that Jeffrey had left them in the car with the motor running. Jeffrey said that he was a little distracted. Mallet understood, saying that once the baby was home, Jeffrey would learn a whole new set of skills. Since Mallet was so skilled, Jeffrey offered to drop his baby off at Mallet's house. Mallet agreed to help, but Mallet doubted that Jeffrey would want to leave the baby for a moment.

Later, Josh visited Jeffrey at his office. Josh said that he had seen Reva, but he hadn't wanted to worry her with the c-section approaching. Josh thought Jeffrey should know that Shayne might be in danger.

At Cross Creek, Reva made a video to welcome her son to his childhood. She was proud that he'd soon be a member of the human race. She said she'd always be there for him, and that he'd given her hope to endure the biggest fight of her life.

Edmund arrived, seeking to reconcile with Reva before her procedure. He apologized for the problems that he'd caused her. Reva yelled that she was about to deliver her baby. Edmund turned to go, but Reva ordered him to stay. Clinching her side, she cried that she was in labor.

Back at Company, Christina stated that she'd always wanted a strong marriage like Jeffrey and Reva's. Remy apologized that their marriage had been tough. He wished that he could make it better. Christina admitted that she liked spending time with Remy. They realized that they had been married four months. Remy was sorry that they hadn't had a real wedding. "I'm sorry we didn't have a real honeymoon," Christina replied.

Remy kissed her until a customer grunted. Remy grabbed his coat, and whisked Christina outside. Beneath the boardinghouse stairs, they kissed more.

When Marina found Daisy slumped in a Company booth, she commanded Daisy to get up or get grounded. Daisy retorted that Marina couldn't ground her. Marina ordered Daisy to deliver the snacks to the hospital for her Granny Reva, who was in labor.

Mallet returned to Company, insistent upon talking to Marina about something he'd heard at the station. Marina wanted to talk at home, but Mallet pressed her to talk right then. Marina said that she had taken a temporary leave from the police force in order to concentrate on Henry and Company. Mallet wondered if it was what Marina really wanted. When Marina said that that it was, Mallet kissed her, and called her a great mother.

Meanwhile, Shayne asked Dinah why she was avoiding him. She claimed that she needed time to herself. Shayne hoped that she'd had enough time alone because he wanted to hang out, shoot pool together, or bowl. Dinah said she'd "kick his ass" at bowling. Shayne replied that he'd love to do anything during which Dinah would kick his ass.

Dinah and Shayne went to a field to fly a kite. When the kite wouldn't float, Dinah deemed herself a bad luck charm. Shayne said that she wasn't bad, but bad things happened to her. Shayne stated that Dinah liked to help people, but she ran when people tried to help her. "Look who's talking," Dinah replied. Shayne wondered what would happen if they didn't run.

When the kite got stuck on a gate, Shayne struggled to climb up to retrieve it. Dinah said that Shayne didn't have to save everything. Shayne retorted that Dinah probably wished he'd fall on his head just so that she'd have to save him. They both admitted to having savior complexes, and Shayne said they'd work on that compulsion. Shayne hoisted Dinah on his shoulders, and they retrieved the kite together.

At Company later, Shayne and Dinah asked Marina what kind of place she was running with her and Mallet kissing inside and another couple making out in the front. Marina said that Company just had that effect on people. Marina asked Dinah how things were going, and Dinah said that no charges had been pressed against her yet.

Marina received a call on the Company phone. She took the phone outside to Christina, who bashfully crept from beneath the stairs with Remy. After Christina took the call, she told Remy that Johns Hopkins had given away her spot upon hearing about the grant fraud. "It's over, Remy. It's all over," Christina said.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At Cross Creek, Edmund thought he should boil water for Reva's baby delivery. Reva yelled that it wasn't a movie. She squeezed his hand as she worked through a harsh contraction.

In Jeffrey's office, Josh worried that Edmund could hurt Shayne if certain information came to Edmund's attention. Jeffrey gave Josh thirty seconds to reveal the specific threat or else Josh's concerns had to wait until after the baby's birth.

As Josh stammered to explain, Edmund called Jeffrey to say that Reva was in pain. Reva snatched the phone from Edmund, telling Jeffrey that she was in labor. She wanted Jeffrey to meet her at Cedars. Josh grabbed a frantic Jeffrey's keys, deciding that he'd drive Jeffrey.

Sometime later, Jeffrey and Josh got pulled over by a police officer for speeding after Josh had taken a short cut that landed them three miles out of town. With no pregnant woman in the car, the officer doubted that Jeffrey had a wife who was in labor. Josh tried help Jeffrey, but wound up telling the convoluted tale of how Reva had once been Josh's wife. An irritated Jeffrey bellowed that it was his wife and his car, so his "so-called" friend, Josh, should have let him drive. The fed up cop ordered them to put their hands on their heads.

Josh and Jeffrey continued to argue after being spread out against Jeffrey's car. Jeffrey roared, "My wife is having a baby, officer!" Josh said that Reva had had other children and other husbands before Jeffrey. "You are not indispensable," Josh seethed.

The officer decided that Jeffrey and Josh needed to cool off in jail for the night. Jeffrey showed his ID begging the officer to call the Doris Wolfe or Washington, D.C., to verify that he was the D.A. of Springfield. The officer initiated a check on the ID and an impatient Jeffrey grunted that calling the White House would be faster.

Edmund hurried Reva to the hospital, where Reva claimed that she was in false labor. The nurse wanted to take Reva to maternity, but Reva insisted upon waiting for Jeffrey. Edmund stated that the baby didn't want to wait. Edmund, who had overthrown governments, said that he could certainly see Reva through a birth. He said that he and Reva could handle it together-if they had to. Reva groaned, saying that life couldn't be that unfair to her.

In a hospital room, Reva asked Edmund to stay because she was afraid. Reva wondered if Edmund had ever been scared. With some prodding, Edmund said that learning about his daughter had been more frightening than facing the firing squad, because for the first time in his life, he had something to lose. Reva thought she and Edmund understood each other.

When the doctor entered, Edmund tried to leave, but Reva pulled him back down to his seat. Reva didn't want to deliver without Jeffrey. She asked the doctor to halt the labor and then resume it when she was ready. Edmund wondered if it were really only about when Reva was ready. "Does your child have any say in the matter?" Edmund asked.

Jeffrey finally arrived at the hospital. The doctor informed him of Reva's status. As a disgruntled Josh turned to leave, Jeffrey offered him a heartfelt thanks. "Anytime," Josh huffed.

In Reva's room, Jeffrey said that he and Josh had been detoured in the countryside. Edmund left, but not before Jeffrey and Reva thanked him. Edmund joked that they could name the baby after him, but Reva chuckled that she wasn't that grateful. Once Edmund left, Reva sobbed that she hadn't been ready to deliver, but the baby had decided that it was time.

Reva decided to have a natural childbirth instead of the c-section. Jeffrey dutifully sat by her side until she jolted in pain. He spring from his seat as if Reva were possessed. "What are you looking at?" Reva grunted, holding her sides as she huffed through the pain.

Edmund stopped Josh in the hallway to say that it wasn't a coincidence that they had both been there, helping Reva and Jeffrey. Their children, Lara and Shayne, hadn't found each other by coincidence, either. Edmund wondered if Josh would stay at the hospital. Josh had decided to go, but Edmund said that he'd stay.

At the Cooper house, Daisy told the smooching Mallet and Marina to get a room because they were traumatizing her. Buzz said Daisy would cheer up at Natalia and Frank's engagement party later. Marina threatened to make Daisy clean grease traps if she didn't. Buzz said he couldn't believe that he'd lived to see Frank get married again.

Later, Daisy sneaked to Company for a beer. Remy slipped in behind her and snatched the beer from her hand. "Busted!" he cried and drank her beer. Daisy claimed that he had been a rebel in his youth. Remy agreed, but he said that she needed to make better choices than he had.

Remy asked Daisy why she wasn't at the engagement party. A jaded Daisy said she couldn't tolerate all the "happy couples" at the party. Remy felt that Grady had done Daisy a favor by leaving. "He's lucky someone didn't kill him," Remy said, wondering what Grady had ever done to atone for killing Tammy. Daisy wondered if Remy wanted to see Alan pay for his role in Tammy's death. Remy warned Daisy to stay away from Alan Spaulding and to forget Grady.

At the farmhouse, Emma wondered if Olivia was mad at her for helping her father. Olivia wasn't angry, but she didn't like that Emma had gone to the courthouse without telling Olivia. Olivia said they'd work out visiting times with Phillip. Emma hoped that she had helped Phillip. Olivia said that Phillip and she were proud of Emma for standing up for Phillip.

Natalia entered, fretting about her outfit. Emma said Natalia looked beautiful, and Olivia agreed. Emma struggled to clasp a necklace around Natalia's neck. Natalia thought she was only borrowing the expensive necklace from Olivia, but Olivia said that it was a wedding gift. Natalia thought it was too much, but Olivia disagreed, considering what Natalia meant to Olivia and Emma. Olivia slinked up behind Natalia to clasp it, instructing Emma that the clasp called for a gentle touch. Frank entered, and Olivia allowed him to clasp it. Emma took a picture of Frank, Natalia, and Olivia. Olivia broke out the champagne.

On the farmhouse staircase, Buzz urged Daisy to smile. She wished she could forget the sadness and the Spaulding vendetta, but Buzz cautioned her to never forget it. Frank approached, encouraging them to mingle. Frank thanked Daisy for coming, saying that if he'd found someone like Natalia, Daisy could find someone good, too. Daisy forced a smile onto her face.

Marina clung to her cell phone, but Mallet assured her that Henry's babysitter would call if there were a problem. Mallet joked that Natalia would have to get the official Cooper tattoo-a Greek flag on the butt. When Olivia came downstairs, Buzz thanked her for knowing how important it was to celebrate love. Buzz was ecstatic that Natalia and Frank had found love, but he realized that the change wasn't easy for Olivia. Olivia said that she'd find another house, but an amazing person like Natalia deserved to be happy.

Buzz frowned oddly as Olivia walked off to get more champagne. Olivia accidentally spilled her glass on Natalia. Olivia profusely apologized as she cleaned Natalia up.

Father Ray arrived, hoping that he wasn't too late to give the blessing. "Be good to her, Frank, or else," Father Ray said. Frank wondered if that were the blessing. Father Ray laughed, saying that it was a promise.

When Olivia saw Father Ray, he expressed greetings from Sister Ann. Olivia stammered to explain that she'd met the nun to discuss the nuns renting the Beacon for a musical. Father Ray said a prayer for God to bless Frank and Natalia and their families. Father Ray asked that Natalia and Frank all be good to each other and allow others to share their joy.

After a toast, Mallet realized that Marina was missing from the party. Mallet went home, where he found Marina with Henry. Marina worried that Henry had felt abandoned for the forty-five minutes that she'd been at the party. Mallet said that Henry wouldn't remember his abandonment at the orphanage. Marina claimed that she remembered it, even though she hadn't even been there. Mallet said that all the crazy stuff he and Dinah had done to get Henry had been worth it. Marina felt they'd always owe Dinah, but Mallet said that debt had been paid.

At Emma's request, Frank gathered the family for a picture. When they looked around, they discovered that Mallet and Marina were missing. Natalia hinted that Marina and Mallet had been overwhelmed by separation anxiety.

Upstairs, Olivia seemed to be sulking. Natalia leaned into her bedroom with a glass of sparkling water, saying that Olivia needed a break. "Excuse me? Am I embarrassing?" Olivia asked. Natalia said that Olivia wasn't embarrassing-yet. However, with family and friends around, Natalia worried that Olivia might say something regrettable. Olivia cynically retorted, "You sound like someone's wife, but you're not mine."

Natalia attempted to retreat, but Olivia apologized for her abruptness, saying that she envied the simplicity of Natalia's life. Natalia murmured that she had her own problems. Olivia wished she could take all Natalia's problems away. Just then, Emma entered, anxious to take another photo of Natalia, Frank, and Olivia.

Downstairs, Buzz and Daisy discussed with Father Ray a scholarship that Coop's students had begun in Coop's name: the Henry Bradshaw Scholarship. Father Ray said the kids had raised money around town, and the church had matched the funds. Father Ray couldn't think of a better way to honor Coop, and Buzz agreed.

Buzz caught Daisy on her way out of the house. Daisy said that Coop had been more than a teacher. He had been fierce when it came to battling with the Spauldings. Daisy felt that she was fierce like Coop, and she wanted to do something, even if it was only to find Grady and make Grady be honest with her. Buzz thought she should be thinking about school and friends, but Daisy said that she had to deal with it in her own way.

Frank felt that Olivia had put a lot of love into the engagement party. He said that he had thought that Natalia and Olivia had only been linked by Gus, but he had realized that the pair had become true friends. Natalia nodded. Frank tried to feed a declining Natalia, telling her that he'd treat her like a princess all her of life. Buzz said that they needed a toast. Olivia agreed, touting that she knew exactly what to say at a moment like that.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mallet whisked Marina upstairs for sex while Henry slept. They ripped off their clothes and fell onto the bed, but Henry's cries roared through the baby monitor, interrupting them. After tending to Henry, the couple received a text message informing them that Reva had gone into labor. Mallet joked that he and Marina weren't the only ones who wouldn't be having sex.

Outside the courthouse, Dinah told Shayne that she couldn't move on with her life until she knew if Doris Wolfe intended to press kidnapping charges against her. Shayne offered Dinah an energy drink, saying that she needed her strength to take on Doris. Dinah pouted, asking him to share his cheeseburger and fries instead.

As Dinah and Shayne sat on a bench, Doris emerged from the building for a smoke. Dinah asked if Doris would press charges against Dinah for the kidnapping. Doris doubted she would do so. Dinah insisted upon gaining closure. Doris figured that Dinah had her closure because Lizzie hadn't pressed charges and Grady had skipped town. Doris bluntly added that pursuing Dinah for her uninspiring role in the kidnapping would do nothing for Doris' career.

After Doris returned to the building, Shayne said, "Okay, I guess that takes care of that." However, it didn't for Dinah, who grumbled that she would devise a way to punish herself. Suddenly, Dinah got an idea. She rushed into the station, telling Shayne that she'd be right back.

Just then, Shayne received a text message from Jeffrey about Reva's labor. Shayne called Jeffrey to say that he was on his way. Dinah returned outside with Mel, and discovered that Shayne had left. Undaunted by Shayne's disappearance, Dinah told Mel that she wanted to sue someone. When Mel asked whom, Dinah replied, "Myself."

Doris returned outside to smoke just in time to hear Dinah's plan to sue herself on behalf of Springfield for the pain and suffering caused by Lizzie's kidnapping. Mallet and Marina approached with Henry in tow. They listened to Dinah say that whether she was found guilty or innocent, she would win her lawsuit, pay herself a settlement, and then donate the settlement to charity. Marina thought it was a great way for Dinah to atone, and offered to testify on Dinah's behalf. Mallet murmured that Marina and he should have gone to see Reva at Cedars.

Doris conferred with a judge, who agreed to hear Dinah's case immediately. Mel agreed to represent Dinah. Dinah called Ashlee at WSPR and instructed her to send a news crew to the courthouse. Dinah also requested that their art department create a giant, blank check. Doris excitedly left to fix her makeup. Mallet told Marina that there should be repercussions for kidnapping. Marina replied, "There will be. Dinah's gonna pay."

Later, Judge Green convened the case of Marler versus Marler. At first, Judge Green thought it was a divorce case, but Mel corrected that it was a civil trial. Judge Green gave pause when Dinah announced that she was suing herself on behalf of the people of Springfield.

Josh, Billy, and Matt arrived at the engagement party, and Olivia roared that everyone had better get into the living room for her speech. Natalia deterred a tipsy Olivia from speaking, but Olivia insisted that she never kept her feelings to herself. The men began discussing a gift they'd brought, and Billy told Olivia to get on with it before she lost her audience.

Olivia said that Gus had brought Olivia and Natalia together. Olivia and Natalia had hated each other, but they had come to know each other as family. "You have changed my life forever with your grace and your optimism and your faith," Olivia said. Natalia gulped as a teary Olivia continued, "I'm so grateful. I never told you that. I'm so grateful. I also never told you that—" Just then, Natalia dropped her champagne glass, silencing Olivia.

Frank rushed to clean up the mess. Olivia and Natalia exchanged sullen glances. The guests joked about how quickly Frank had hopped up to clean up the glass. Natalia wasn't listening as she watched Olivia wipe away tears. Frank brought Natalia a fresh glass of champagne and asked Olivia to continue.

Olivia said that it was obvious that Frank cherished Natalia, and that Natalia had found someone who would love Natalia the way she deserved to be loved. "To the happy couple!" everyone cheered. Billy's cell phone rang, and he received a text. Billy read it, and announced that Reva was having her baby. Buzz, Josh, and Matt also received text messages. As Billy, Josh, and Matt hurriedly departed, Olivia watched Frank hug Natalia.

Olivia and Buzz talked as Buzz got his coat. Buzz guessed that Olivia would miss Natalia, citing that the women were good for each other. He was glad that Frank was in love. To Buzz, it seemed that who wound up with whom happened with the roll of the dice. Olivia differed, saying that it was really about choices.

In the kitchen, Natalia packed leftovers for the guys at the police station. Frank wasn't ready to part with Natalia. He proposed that they go dancing, or sit in the park gazebo, counting the stars until dawn. Natalia frowned, claiming that she had get up early for work the next day. She also didn't want to leave Olivia to clean up after the party alone. Frank offered to help, but Natalia wouldn't allow it. Frank then asked her to call him before she went to sleep. Olivia overheard Natalia tell Frank that she felt lucky to be so loved.

After the party, Natalia thanked Olivia for the glowing speech. Natalia admitted that she had feared what Olivia would say, but she had found Olivia's words beautiful. Olivia said that she'd never to get in the way of Natalia's happiness. Natalia pensively stared as Olivia walked away.

Natalia and Olivia had coffee on their porch. Natalia said that the party had made the engagement real, but scary. Natalia realized that there were many things that she hadn't considered. "I'm used to getting up, packing Emma's lunch, going to the Beacon, and figuring out our schedules. And then we come home, and put Emma to bed. And I wake up here—with you," Natalia explained. Olivia guessed that they'd have to learn a new routine. Natalia dubiously nodded.

At the mini-mart, Josh told Matt that Reva didn't like the snacks that Matt selected. Matt replied that he had picked them out for Jeffrey and himself. Josh bought flowers that he planned to take to the hospital later. He told Matt that he loved Reva, and he loved being a dad; however, he liked the new place he was in, where he wasn't responsible for anyone but himself. "Sounds miserable," Matt concluded.

At Cedars, Jeffrey couldn't comfort an irritable Reva with ice chips or shoulder rubs. Reva was scared, but Jeffrey replied that fear was what parenting was all about. Jeffrey said that Reva had made him realize that he was ready for fatherhood, and Reva Shayne could do anything. Reva screamed, crippled by another contraction.

The nurse asked Jeffrey to step out while she administered an epidural to Reva. In the corridor, Edmund wished a terrified Jeffrey luck. A short time later, the doctor called Jeffrey back in. Because Reva was fully dilated, the doctor hadn't given her the epidural. Edmund spurred Jeffrey to follow the doctor, and then Edmund smiled to himself.

Jeffrey returned to Reva's side and tried to coach her. She argued that Jeffrey didn't know what he was doing because he had slept through their birthing classes. They bickered as she groaned in pain. Reva ordered Jeffrey to stop hovering, and Jeffrey stationed himself beside the doctor. Jeffrey's face contorted as the baby's head emerged. He jubilantly cried that it was his little person. "It's my little person!" Reva growled, furiously pushing.

Reva gave one final push, and the doctor delightfully informed them that their son had been born. Reva worried about why the room was so silent, and Jeffrey asked the doctor what was wrong. Just then, they heard a small baby's cry. The doctor held their son for them to see.

Reva and Jeffrey had a few moments alone with the baby before the doctor wanted to take him to the nursery to fill out his birth records. Reva said that she might not see the baby for a long time due to her aggressive chemotherapy, and the doctor gave them more time alone. Reva and Jeffrey marveled at their newborn. Reva told her son that he had given her a reason to live. The baby had protected her, and she vowed to protect him for the rest of his life.

Billy arrived at the hospital, where he was surprised to find Edmund awaiting the arrival of Reva's baby. Billy wondered if it were Edmund's first time awaiting a birth, and Edmund admitted that it was. Billy advised Edmund to sit down, saying, "These things take a little time."

Shayne arrived, equally puzzled to see Edmund. He thanked Edmund after hearing that Edmund had driven Reva to the hospital. When Billy left for coffee, a nurse approached to tell Shayne and Edmund that Reva had delivered a boy. Shayne laughed, elated that the baby had suddenly become real. Edmund congratulated Shayne on being a godfather.

Shayne noted that Edmund seemed suddenly troubled, and asked what the matter was. Edmund struggled with whether he should disclose something to Shayne about Lara. Shayne implored Edmund say it. Edmund revealed that Lara had been pregnant when Edmund had met her for the first time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

In court, Dinah, as plaintiff, testified that her actions caused great suffering for every member of the community. She felt that true retribution of emotional damage could never be made, but felt that some relief could be found by an act of compassionate service. Dinah said the she felt the community could heal if the defendant could prove, by her actions, that she was truly sorry for the pain that she had caused. If the defendant could pay, then everyone else could move on.

Immediately after, Mel had Dinah, as the defendant, speak on her own behalf. At that point, Remy, Mallet, and Marina walked in. Dinah explained to the judge that they were character witnesses. Mallet quickly informed the judge that the other two were witnesses; he was just a spectator. Remy volunteered to testify first.

Mel asked Remy what Dinah was like when they lived in the same house. Remy stated that she was generous. Mel asked if she had ever hurt anyone. Remy testified that Dinah would never hurt a fly. Dinah got Mel's attention and wrote a question. Mel asked what Dinah would have done if she had made a mistake. He stated that she would have wanted the opportunity to pay for it.

Later, Marina, who admitted that she was not one of Dinah's biggest fans, testified that Dinah was willing to make great sacrifices and felt the need to help others. Marina expressed her opinion, as a member of the Springfield Police Department, that it did not do any good to put Dinah behind bars. Marina felt that Dinah needed the opportunity to pay for her crimes in another way.

After saying that it was the most ridiculous case he had ever heard, the judge acknowledged that he was impressed, since one rarely found anyone so anxious to pay for their crimes. The judge ordered Dinah to pay a fine of $5,000, which Dinah was able to get increased to $ 25,000.

Outside the courthouse, Dinah announced before the WSPR cameras that justice was served and that taking responsibility could have its own reward. Dinah said that she was ordered to pay damages in the kidnapping of Lizzie Spaulding on behalf of the plaintiff who sued on behalf of the community. Dinah stated that she was the plaintiff and would donate the money to the Children's Center on 5th Street. Dinah pledged to dedicate some of her time every week, and hoped that it would pay for the hardships that she had caused.

Christina visited Daisy at Buzz's request. Christina said that Buzz told her that Daisy needed a distraction. Christina told Daisy that Buzz was worried about her and Christina took a peek at what Daisy was doing on her laptop. Daisy explained that she was deleting Grady from her Internet page. Christina asked if that worked for husbands, also.

Daisy was confused, since she thought Christina and Remy were happy. Christina said that they were until Remy cost her a scholarship to John Hopkins. Christina complained that ever since she met Remy, her life had fallen apart. Before she met him, her life was in order, but she no longer knew what would happen next. Daisy said that she thought that was part of the fun.

Christina asked about Daisy's former boyfriend. Daisy told Christina about meeting Grady when she was in her drug phase in school. She talked about Grady running down Tammy, leaving town, and then coming back. Daisy said that when Grady returned to town, she thought that he had changed, but then she learned that he kidnapped Lizzie Spaulding. Daisy muttered that she guessed she was glad that he was gone. Christina suggested that they go celebrating.

Christina and Daisy wound up at Farley's, where Ashlee met them and told Christina that she had just seen Remy. Daisy tried to order herself a beer, but Christina would not let her because she was underage. When Ashlee and Christina went to the powder room, Daisy grabbed a beer that was already on the bar and drank it.

Later, a man approached the women and asked if they wanted a good time with him and his friends. Suddenly, Remy arrived and told the guy to back off. The man asked who Remy was and Christina admitted that Remy was her husband.

Josh saw Billy at Cedars with a huge bouquet of flowers for Reva. Josh made a joke about it, and Billy said that anything worth doing was worth overdoing. Billy asked how Josh was doing regarding Reva's new man and new family. Josh said that he'd had a lot of time to get used to the idea.

Jeffrey and Reva complimented each other on how amazing each was in the delivery room. Jeffrey yelled out the corridor that he had a son. He asked Reva what the name was, and she laughed and said that she had no idea.

Edmund followed an upset Shayne outside of the hospital. Edmund told Shayne that he did not mean to hurt him, and said that Lara was going to tell Shayne the news herself. Edmund said that Lara was going to tell Shayne the news on the day that she died. Edmund said that Lara was very happy and eager to tell him. Shayne said that she did not have a chance, because someone did not properly diffuse the minefield.

Shayne blasted Edmund for not telling him. Edmund said that he was going to, but Shayne was in a bad place and was not ready. Shayne railed that Lara and his unborn baby were dead, and said that he could have saved them. Before Shayne was able to tell Edmund anything else, Jeffrey interrupted to tell Shayne that Reva wanted to see him.

Reva told the baby that his big brother was coming and said that he would be the best big brother that the baby ever had. Reva introduced Shayne to the baby. Reva encouraged Shayne to hold the baby. Shayne held his new brother and promised not to let anything happen to him. Shayne asked what the baby's name was and Reva stated that they had not come up with one yet.

Reva talked about how wonderful babies were, and told Shayne that he would know that when he had one of his own. She stated that she could not wait until the baby was older so he could hear about Shayne's adventures in Bosnia and all of the lives that he had saved. At that point, Shayne announced that he had to leave.

Colin arrived with flowers and a hot water bottle. Reva got upset because she knew Colin wanted to talk about radiation therapy and did not want to do that while she was holding her baby. Colin told Reva that every second of the fight counted. Reva asked that he leave for a little while. Jeffrey asked Colin to give her some time, because when Reva started therapy, she would not be able to hold the baby.

Colin began to object, and Jeffrey said that Reva gave every ounce of her strength to deliver the baby and they would not take the baby out of her arms until she was ready. Colin told Reva that he had been with her in her fight for cancer from the beginning. He said that she taught him how to live, so he was going to return the favor.

Hawk arrived at Cedars to visit Reva and ran into Billy and Josh. When the guys said that they were lingering to give the new family some time alone, Hawk stated that they had to hurry up to see Reva and brought up the fact that she was battling cancer. Billy assured Hawk that Reva was a fighter and that everything would be fine. Josh said that they all loved her and they would get her through it.

Hawk and Billy went in to see Reva and the baby. Hawk asked if the baby's name was and Jeffrey, and Reva explained that they had not come up with a name. Billy suggested Harlan, and Hawk suggested Chance or Champ, which Reva said were fine names for a golden retriever. At that point, Josh came in and told Reva that he was happy for her.

Before the men got ready to leave, Josh told Reva that her son was lucky to have her as his mom. As Hawk left, Reva mentioned a party and told him that she would see him the following day. After Hawk left, Jeffrey asked Reva what she was doing and said that there would be no party. Jeffrey reminded Reva that she had cancer and it would kill her if she did not face it.

Billy sat next to Josh at Cedars and asked if there was any news about Reva. Josh said that there was not and stated that he did not feel good about leaving until he had news. Josh told Billy that he was to know about the cancer this time. Billy told Josh that Reva was a fighter and that she had a baby, a family, and them on her side. Billy stated that he loved Reva Shayne and Josh said that he did, too.

Colin returned, and Reva told him to go. An upset Reva said that she was not ready to let go of her baby. Colin said that he could win this fight if she let him. A tearful Reva said that while she was undergoing treatment, she could not be a mother to her son, and asked for a few minutes.

Later, Reva told Jeffrey that the first moments of life were so precious because that was when babies got to know the people around them. She lamented that once she began her treatment, she would not be able to properly care for the baby and, by the time she could, he would not know her. He would know Jeffrey. Reva told Jeffrey how to care for the baby and made him promise to sing to him

At that point, Colin returned and Reva prepared to go, but realized that the baby did not have a name. Jeffrey said that could wait until later, but Reva disagreed and suggested the name Colin, because it was the name of the two men who saved her life.

Dinah saw Edmund and asked him where Shayne was, because she had news for him. Edmund said that he did not know where Shayne was. Edmund said that Shayne got some news of his own and told her that he told Shayne that Lara was pregnant when she died. Dinah blasted Edmund and asked why he would do that. Edmund said that he thought Shayne could handle it and Dinah said that he did not know that. She asked where Shayne was again. He repeated that he did not know. All he knew was that Shayne left the hospital after visiting Reva's baby.

Shayne was on a rooftop when his phone began ringing-it was Dinah. Instead of answering, Shayne went home. Later, Dinah paid him a visit and told him that she knew that he knew about Lara. Shayne bemoaned the fact that he killed the woman he loved and his unborn child. Dinah told Shayne not to blame himself and then said that she told Edmund not to tell Shayne about the pregnancy.

At that point, Shayne realized that Dinah already knew. Dinah confirmed that she did and hoped that he would not find out. She also said that the secret was the reason why she destroyed the video of Lara on Edmund's computer.

Shayne demanded that Dinah leave, but she stayed put. Shayne asked her who she thought she was. Dinah said that she would do it again because Shayne could not have handled it at the time. Shayne told her that it was not her call to make. Dinah explained that she did not want him to turn back into the guy she met in Germany-the one who was angry at the world. Dinah told Shayne to yell at her and said that she did not want him to end up...

Dinah did not finish the sentence but Shayne knew what she was going to say. She did not want him to end up on the roof. Shayne picked up Lara's music box and said that Lara would have played that for her baby. Shayne told Dinah that he saw Reva's baby. He said that he thought it would have pushed him over the edge-that he wanted it to push him over the edge. However, it did not.

Shayne told Dinah that she was right-the news about the baby might have pushed him over the edge. Shayne said that he went on the roof and thought about jumping, but could not do it. The reason was that his phone rang and when he looked to see who was calling-it was Dinah. He told Dinah that he was there because of her and he pair began kissing. Things quickly turn passionate and they begin making love.

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