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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, December 13, 1999

Asa is at Will's desk, going through his things. He has proof that Will is stealing from the Megan Buchanan Foundation. He starts looking at some bank statements when Will and Jess walk in. He is asked what he's doing there, but never answers the question. Jess shows him the large check from Dorian for the Megan fund and when he becomes angry over it, Jess convinces him that the money is to help children and it doesn't matter where it comes from. He agrees and then asks his granddaughter to visit Max at the hospital while he and Will discuss business.

After she leaves, Asa asks Will point blank why he's stealing money from his own dead daughter's foundation. Will tries to tell him that he only borrowed it and was going to pay it back. Asa is disgusted with Will, but when the young man admits to doing it for Jess because he loves her, he decides to listen. Will tells him that he wanted Cristian to stay in New York. As he is about to go on, Sam walks in. His son tries to dismiss him, but Sam tells Asa to leave instead. Sam wanted to let Will know that he and Nora are getting married on New Year's Eve and they want Will and Jess to be there. He doesn't know if they'll make it, his son tells him. Sam turns around and walks out, but not before telling Will that there will always be a place for him.

Asa and Will get back to the business at hand. He had to protect Jessica and he agrees that he wanted her for himself, Will tells the senior Buchanan. He wouldn't call it stealing, but is surprised never-the-less when he is not fired. Asa tells him he admires his guts and because he did it for Jess. Will reiterates that he was only borrowing the money and tells Asa to take it out of his pay. Asa says he will just replace the money himself.

Roseanne tells Cris that she's found a new apartment and it's much nicer and actually less money than the one they have now. When she tells him that they will sublet from a friend of Téa's, Cris wants to call Téa and thank her, but Rosie talks him out of it. Later, Roseanne spots Cris' paintings in the trash. When she questions him about it, he admits to trying to sell them so that he could buy her a nice Christmas present. No one liked them so he's asked the super to pick them up and get rid of them. After Cris is off to the shower, the super shows up for the trash. Roseanne gives him a tip and asks him to just store the paintings in a safe place for now.

Viki and Renee are looking up at the spot from where Kevin and Max jumped. Viki is worried as it's the second time Kevin has put his life on the line since Grace's death. She's worried about him, especially since he's been drinking. She also tells Renee that Ben did his best for Max, but he's left for awhile, due to an argument that they had. He quit the hospital, she says, but when Renee offers to speak with Asa, Viki tells her not to interfere because she did so herself, which is what started their argument in the first place.

The two women have ended up at the Palace for drinks so that they could continue their chat. Renee informs Viki that there's something Asa doesn't know and she hasn't decided about telling him. Viki gives her a pep talk; she knows Renee will make her decision based on love, strength and honesty. Renee needs to get back to the hospital but tells Viki that she needs her support.

Skye walks out of Max's bathroom where she's been hiding (in his hospital room) and Max promptly calls her Starr. He claims his brains are "messed up", but Skye suggests he's faking to get himself out of the corner that he's painted himself into. He denies it and mentions the DNA test. When Skye then asks him point blank about the situation, Max wonders if Skye is only asking so that she can blackmail him. He thinks she needs to hurt people before she gets hurt. He asks who hurt her in the past. Max knows what she needs and wants and starts kissing her. Just then Jessica walks in, he jumps up and "realizes" that Skye is not Blair. Jess just decides to leave and Skye tells Max she will hurt him if he EVER kisses her again. He seems to forget their previous conversation and calls her Starr again. When she finally takes her leave, Max gloats.

Jess meets up with Will and tells him that her encounter with Max was very strange. Will says his own meeting with Asa went very well, but looks concerned when Jess is glad for that because, she says, it's not good to be on her grandfather's bad side.

Back in Will's office, Asa too, is gloating. Sam got his son and now he will get Sam's son. An eye for an eye... Tomorrow: Roseanne thanks Will for money that he knows nothing about; Viki tells Skye to stay away; Delphina warns Bo that a bomb will explode in Llanview.

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Kevin's House

Viki comes into Kevin's house (without knocking) looking for Kevin and sees the empty booze bottle. She looks up and is appalled to see Skye enter the room. Viki asks what Skye is doing there? When Skye says she's looking for Kevin, Viki issues her usual warning to stay away from her son, he doesn't need her help. Skye retorts that Kevin doesn't need a saint (like Viki), he needs a sinner (like Skye). It's Skye's turn to warn Viki: Kevin is turning into a drunk.

The Bar at the Palace Hotel

Kevin is looking unkempt and begins to have alcohol visions (martinis shaking, drink glasses falling, drunks laughing). The bartender asks if he's okay and Kevin says he'll be fine when he has another drink.

Will's Office

Jessica is talking to Will about her big plans for Megan's foundation but wants to check the budget first. Will (the disgusting pig) stops her and says they should run all of the plans past Asa first. Jessica can't get over how well Will and Asa are getting along and they start to kiss (I don't know about you, but watching Jessica kiss Will is like watching your little sister make out, not pleasant) when Lindsay comes into the room. Will is surprised to see her (Lindsay has never been to Will's office) and Jessica suggests he give her the grand tour and leaves the room. Lindsay tells Will she's there to give him some money from one her artworks; she sold it to help Will with the "problem" he's having. Will tells her it's not necessary, the problem was solved. Lindsay is curious to know what the problem is, but Will isn't forthcoming. Will is feeling smug and confident as he tells Lindsay things couldn't be better. Will says his biggest problem is trying to figure out what to get Jessica for her birthday.

Cris and Roseanne's Apartment in New York

Cris is addressing a package to Jessica and quickly hides it when he hears Roseanne unlocking the door. Roseanne simpers as she comes in telling "Crishun" that she was out trying to find him the perfect Christmas present. Cris tells her she doesn't have to get him anything, she's enough for him. Roseanne looks smug as Cris hugs her.

The Police Station

Madame Delphina enters the police station in a whirlwind looking for Bo. Sykes (since when did he start wearing such casual clothes to the station?) asks her what's going on, but she tells him she must speak to the commissioner, not the hired help! When Bo asks how he can help her, Madame Delphina tells him there's a bomb headed for Llanview!

Dorian's House

Dorian is talking to Blair on the phone. She's telling her to take care of Max while she takes care of Sky. The doorbell rings and she answers the door. It's R.J. R.J. notices the baggage and the initials "SC." When R.J. finds out that it's Sky's bag and that she's moving in, R.J. asks Dorian what she's up to? Dorian denies being up to anything and R.J. presses on. R.J. tells Dorian that she's finally made her peace with Viki, why is she hanging out with Sky when everyone knows she's after Ben? (When did R.J. have time to find out the gossip in town?) Dorian appears puzzled and tells her that it has nothing to do with Viki and everything to do with Blair. Dorian is irritated with R.J. as he continues to warn her against Sky. Dorian again tells R.J. that she's doing it to help Blair, Viki and Sky's new target, Kevin.

Kevin's House

Viki angrily denies that Kevin is a drunk. When Sky tells Viki again that Kevin has been drinking heavily, Viki goes on the attack; a bottle is better than the likes of Sky. Sky says she wants to help Kevin; Viki wants to know if it's the way she helped Ben? Sky says it's not about Ben, it's about Kevin. Viki blusters and warns Sky for the 8,000th time to stay away from Kevin; this time she won't be so tolerant. Sky is unfazed as she tells Viki that she obviously hasn't been in Llanview long enough because Viki doesn't scare her. As Sky leaves, Viki looks like she's had the wind knocked out of her sails.

Sam's House

Nora asks Sam if he's heard from Ben? Sam hasn't and Nora says he will. Sam asks Nora if she has to go. Nora tells him that one of them has to go to Chicago to take the deposition, besides she wants to see Rachel. Sam is whining about Will; Nora tells him to give him time, but Sam is inpatient. Nora wonders if they should postpone the wedding? Sam says no, he's been waiting 20 years to marry her. Nora wonders if the world might go crazy when the millennium comes?

The Police Station

Madame Delphina tells Bo again there's going to be an explosion. Bo takes her into his office. Sykes is close behind. Bo asks her who she might be? Madame Delphina presents her card. Bo looks it over and gives it to Sykes who pronounces her a psychic. Madame Delphina corrects him and calls herself a paranormal interface engineer, she receives messages from the other side. Bo asks her what it's all about? Madame Delphina tells Bo she's already told him. When he asks her a number of questions, she answers with alot of unknowns. (Sophia meanwhile is lurking in the background). As Bo presses her for more details Delphina tells him that a bomb is on it's way to Llanview and is going to explode. When Sykes sarcastically suggests a seance might help, Delphina says it's a good place to start, "like with his Mamma." Sykes gets angry and tries to dismiss Delphina, but Delphina presses on about it being something from the past, coming to the present, spreading hate and fear, destroying love and blowing up if Bo doesn't do something to stop it. Bo tells her she's being to vague. He can't stop it unless he has more details. Delphina says she will do her best and Bo tells her to call him directly. As Delphina steps into the station, she runs into Sophia and tells her that her secret wish is coming true. When Sophia asks, what wish, Delphina says, "do I have to spell it out for you"? Delphina turns and tells Bo that she knows he doesn't believe her, but he should. When Téa asks Sykes who she is, Sykes answers, "Bo's psychic friend." Bo looks unsettled.

Filler Time: Téa tells Sykes she would have made different choices if she could have seen into the future. Sykes agrees. Bo tells them he knows Delphina sounds like a nut, but they have to take every bomb threat seriously. Bo announces to the station that the bomb business is a potentially serous situation, even if they might end up with egg on their face. Sykes makes a hugely lame joke by saying that it would go along with the tea leaves at the bottom of their cups. Bo smirks and Téa laughs an even bigger lame fake laugh.

Sam's House

Sam says the New Year's Eve is like any other New Year's Eve and doesn't believe that there's an apocalypse. It would take more than the end of the world to stop hm from marrying her. They kiss (Apology #2: I can't abide Nora kissing Sam).

Cris & Roseanne's Apartment

Cris and Roseanne are toasting; Roseanne toasts to Christmas in New York. Roseanne reminisces about their childhood. Cris remembers that they use to look into the store windows at all the things they couldn't afford. Roseanne wants to go to the same stores and pretend they can afford everything. Cris wants to run some errands first and leaves. Roseanne tells him to hurry back (does Cris ever go to school, does Roseanne have a life?) Roseanne hears a knock and thinks it's Cris, but it's the super's wife. She gives Roseanne a large envelope and warns her to stay away from her husband because she knows Roseanne has been throwing herself at him. When Roseanne explains that he's just keeping some paintings for her, the super's wife tells Roseanne to deal directly with her and leaves. Roseanne opens the envelope and finds a check inside and exclaims, "oh my god."

Will's Office

Lindsay is handing Will a catalogue to help him find a present for Jessica but he's unsure about what to get her. He wants her to have something special, something romantic. Lindsay said if it were her birthday, she would want a ride in a limousine, an expensive dinner, a romantic night in a hotel suite (which is even icky to think she's discussing this with her son) and then suggests Will buy Jess a scarf. Will thinks he'll take Jess away somewhere. Lindsay leaves. Will asks Jess what Asa thought of her idea? Jess says Asa wasn't there and Will and Jess start kissing again (doesn't anybody work?). The phone rings and it's Roseanne thanking Will for the money. Will thinks it's for the money he already gave her until Roseanne goes on about the big check. When Roseanne goes on and on about what she'll be able to do for "Crishun" Will lets her know that someone else is in the room. Roseanne guesses and tells Will he won't be hearing from her anymore and they hang up. Jess asks if everything is okay. Will tells her it's an investment that is paying off. Jess leaves to get ready for her party. Will looks unsure about Roseanne's phone call.

Dorian's House

Dorian has her eyes closed as R.J. brings a huge Christmas tree into her house as a surprise. She's surprised and touched. Dorian doesn't know when she has time to trim the tree, but R.J. thought she might have time for him. Dorian says she'll always have time for him and gives him a hug. Viki comes in the door (doesn't that woman EVER knock?) and calls for Dorian. Viki is surprised to see R.J. there. R.J. says he'll be back to help her with the tree. Viki thanks Dorian for the donation to Megan's Fund. Viki is appreciative of her generosity, Dorian says it's the least she can do. Viki says that Dorian is really changing. Dorian hopes that her participation in the foundation is not misinterpreted.

The Bar at the Palace

Kevin is drinking at the bar and having snacks. Skye approaches him and tells him she's not surprised to find him there. Skye tries talking sense into Kevin, but continues to drink. Skye tells Kevin that she and Viki are worried about him, they have that in common. Skye is genuinely concerned about Kevin, but Kevin continues to drink and take jabs at Skye. Skye asks Kevin if he likes who he is?

Sam's House

Nora wants to plan their wedding before she goes to the airport, they don't have anything planned. Sam says they don't need anything but them and the people they love. Nora wants a nice ceremony. Sam tells her he's made reservations in Tahiti for their honeymoon. Nora is thrilled. Sam tells her she has to promise to go. (Bad mambo Sam, you busted out on Tahiti once before, you should have picked another island).

The Police Station

R.J. goes to see Téa at the station and asks a favor while hugging and kissing her (doesn't anyone have any office decorum anymore?). R.J. wants them to spend some time with Dorian.

Lindsay comes into Bo's office. Bo tells her he's finishing up so they can go to Jessica's party. Lindsay says, "we?" and sits in Bo's lap. (Like I said, whatever happened to office decorum? He's supposed to be the commissioner and he's got some babe slobbering all over him in public. My husband is a police officer and I can't even shake his hand in public when he's in uniform!) Bo reminds the insecure Lindsay for the 8,0001st time that they're a couple. When Lindsay asks if they can leave, Bo tells her it's been a strange day and mentions Madame Delphina and her bomb warning. Bo tells her not to worry and Lindsay continues to sit in his lap because there isn't another piece of furniture she can sit on in his office.

Cris & Roseanne's Apartment

Roseanne finds the box addressed to Jessica (which wasn't really hidden very well, get a clue Cris) and gets ready to throw it. She stops and her puny, insecure brain begins to crank out it's next diabolical plan.

Kevin's House

Kevin arrives home to find a note from Viki. Kevin remembers Skye's words asking him if he likes who he is.

Dorian's House

Viki and Dorian are having a pleasant conversation about trying to be better people. Dorian asks if things are going well with her and Ben? Viki tells her that Ben has gone away to think. It's obvious Viki is rattled, she's trying to deal with Asa and Sky Chandler. Dorian tries to tell Viki that Sky has moved in when Sky enters the room. Viki is startled and then shocked.

The Police Station

Sophia asks Sykes if he heard what Delphina said? Sophia tries to relate a Delphina story to Sykes when Lindsay overhears. Lindsay asks Bo if that's the psychic he was talking about? Lindsay tells Bo he has to take Delphina serously, she's been right about things before. Lindsay asks what, she said? As Bo relates evil from the past (an image of Dorian, with Viki looking shocked at Skye's appearance emerges, affecting the present (Will looking at the checkbook), spreading fear (Roseanne taking Cris' package out of the apartment), destroying love (Sam taking Nora's ringed hand in his) and blowing up everything. Bo said that it doesn't prove there's a bomb. Lindsay tells Bo that if Delphina says there's a bomb, he has to do everything he can to stop it. Bo looks skeptical.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Joey goes over to Kevin's house to try to get him to go to Jessica's birthday party. He tells Kevin that he has edited a home-video from when he, Jess, and Kevin were growing up. Kevin still refuses to go, thinking everyone would be better off without him. When Joey leaves, he accidentally grabs a video of Grace's birthday party instead.

Kelly and Will set up for Jess' party and Will wants everything to be perfect; which is the same way he feels that he and Jessica's relationship has been lately. Kelly answers the when the doorbell rings-it is a package from Cristian. Kelly hides it amongst the other packages, as she doesn't want to upset Will. When Jess shows up, she brings Sam and Mathew with her. She tells Will she hopes he isn't upset, but she really wants her boyfriend's father to be at the party. Later, Bo and Lindsay arrive at the party. Lindsay has been paranoid all day about the "bomb" prediction Madame Delphina has made. She thinks Delphina could actually be predicting an "emotional bomb", exposing Lindsay's deception. When she corners Sam accusing him of trying to make trouble for her, Sam reassures Lindsay he will never tell her secret of tampering with Bo's medical records. Just as Jess is about to open her presents, Bo gets a call from Sykes and he must go to the station right away-there is a bomb in the mail circulation set to be delivered to Llanview!

At Asa's house, Blair and Renee argue about telling Asa the truth regarding Max's paternity. "It was Max, not me!" Blair shouts just as Asa and Max enter the room. After Max and Renee are alone, she says to Max that she isn't going to reveal to Asa the truth because "the truth is harder to live than the lie." When Renee leaves the room, Blair comes back in and Max says to her, "So, what did you mean by saying I was behind everything from the beginning, Blair?" Blair tries to smile and tells him not to worry about it because it doesn't matter anymore.

Skye finds out from Dorian that Ben had gone out of town. She decides to go after him...with a copy of the true Buchanan son's birth certificate in her hot little hands!

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Llanview Police Department

As Bo, John Sykes and Sophia discuss the bomb situation, a "concerned" Lindsay arrives to question Bo as to why he left Jessica's party in such a hurry. In his office, Bo explains that although they have no suspect and no motive that there is "reason to believe" a mail bomb has arrived in Llanview and "everyone could be in danger." Bo apologizes that it will be "a long night" as he rushes off to meet the bomb squad at the courthouse when John informs him of a suspicious package being delivered to a judge who has recently finished a high profile case. [A package addressed to John Sykes from Pine Valley sits in the squad room among other undistributed police mail.- Mystery Box #1] Later, John tries to calm Lindsay's fears after Sophia, with "all the tact of a water buffalo in heat," tells her about something she saw on TV about a guy getting blown up when he was trying to disarm a bomb. Lindsay thought being police commissioner meant Bo would "go to fundraisers, hold press conferences and maybe turn on the bat signal once in a while." When Bo returns from the courthouse, he invites Lindsay into his office "to talk" about his job responsibilities. Since Bo considers the officers who work for him "family" he explains he would never ask them to do something he wouldn't do himself; therefore, "maybe it's a good thing we haven't moved in together." This statement upsets Lindsay but Bo wants her to first "make sure you can handle it...or even if you want to." Lindsay assures Bo that she loves him "and everything that comes with you" and she will handle the "pressure and stress" if "it means being with you." Bo worries that "thinking it and living it are two different things" but Lindsay accepts that although she doesn't know if she will "ever be ready" for Bo's "important responsibilities" she accepts them because it is part of who Bo is. Later, since the consensus is that the police are "running out of time," Sophia begs Bo to "call the psychic lady" because "even if she creeps me out" she "knows things" and Sophia is convinced that she will "know where it is." Over John's skepticism, Bo gives the order to "get Delphina back in here."

Llanfair - Living Room

Jessica's birthday party continues...Will wants Jess to open his present first. It is a penlight in the shape of a lighthouse because "a lighthouse is a beacon to guide all ships back to port and that's how I feel about you...I love you." The penlight causes Kevin to remember Grace and her death which, in turn, causes him to refill his glass with champagne instead of club soda. When Jessica opens Kevin's gift to her, a horse like a special one from her childhood that he ruined with target practice 15 years earlier, it causes Kevin to again remember Grace because he found the horse while he and Grace were shopping. After presents, the party winds down and Kevin quietly leaves. Kelly follows him outside while Joey looks worried and later follows them both outside. Viki is worried about Kevin and Ben but tells Jessica not to "concern herself" but to "go enjoy your surprise" (the second part of Will's present). As Will comes downstairs with a suitcase, Sam congratulates him on his "nice speech" to Jessica and Will replies that "maybe I picked something up in the genes." Will hesitates a moment and then hugs his father and asks Sam to give Matthew a hug for him also. Just before they leave, Viki finds an unopened present (we know it's from Cristian while the others don't) but Will suggests that Jessica take it with her and open it when they "get to the next surprise." [Mystery Box #2]

Asa's Mansion

Nigel thinks Blair is acting a "little skittish" as he announces a visitor: Dorian. Blair is upset to learn that Skye has taken the adoption certificate out of town with her to search for Ben. Dorian offers that maybe if Skye finds Ben and her "reunion" is successful she will "elect to stay out of town" but Blair is doubtful. "If she tells Ben that Max is a fake or who Asa's real son is" then "I'm finished...I'm in real trouble here." While Max listens outside the door, Blair explains to Dorian that Renee isn't going to tell Asa about Max's deception so Max is "off the hook"... "but I'm up a creek." Although this was supposed to be their "score of a lifetime," Blair tells her aunt that "Max is totally worthless" now and to "make him more useful" she needs to "convince him to give me Power of Attorney so I can act on his behalf." Blair admits that sometimes she can see the "old Max" but other times he is gone and since "Max is my last chip to bargain with" if he gets any worse she "may have to have him committed." Later, Dorian leaves and a package addressed to Asa arrives from a post office box in Las Vegas. [Mystery Box #3] Max overhears Blair making an appointment about some paperwork and tells her they are all alone so she should "start talking" to him. Blair explains she wants "what is best" for Max because she wants him to be happy. Max asks, "Don't I make you happy anymore...didn't you miss me when I was gone...don't you love me you still think I'm the man I once was?" As Blair looks confused, Max kisses her passionately; she fights at first but finally concedes that "you're that same man." Max then challenges Blair: "Prove it to me."

Llanfair - Kitchen

While Sam helps with the dishes, Viki inquires about Sam and Nora's wedding plans. With a smile, Sam predicts "that will be a night to remember...what better way to start the next 1000 years." Viki allows that they may be "tempting fate" with "all this millennium stuff" but Sam wonders "how hard can it be to say ‘I do'...and since there are no computers involved, what could possibly go wrong?" But Sam still superstitiously knocks on the wood countertop. Viki is lost in thought about Ben and shares her fears with Sam. Sam thinks that Ben is "angry, upset and lost" so there is "only one place that would accept him like that" - Las Vegas. They both hope he hasn't gone there, but Sam thinks Viki should understand some things about Ben. "He's very emotional. He takes things personally...Sometimes things work out and sometimes he gets into trouble...You can't live the kind of life Ben lived for all those years and not be affected by it...He had to fight tooth and nail to get the kind of life he has today...and then it was just stripped away from him by a vindictive old man...In Vegas there's nobody around to keep him in check..." Viki remembers that "he told me he had a dark side, but I chose not to believe him." Sam confirms that "it's there...I know it...I have only one choice, I have to find him."

The Millhouse

Kevin is drinking scotch and staring at a photo of he and Grace when the doorbell rings. As Kevin opens the door, Joey comes in carrying suitcases. Kelly follows behind carrying a bag of groceries as Joey's announces: "From now on it's the three of us under one roof."


With her eyes covered under a huge Santa hat, Will leads Jessica into a beautiful bedroom suite decorated for the holidays. It comes complete with Christmas lights and a fireplace and it's nothing like the "cheesy motel" they stayed in in Ohio where Will "first fell in love" with Jessica. Later, as Will lights candles and waits for Jess, he finds the unopened present in the suitcase and reminds her she has "one more package to open." "So do you," she replies as she joins him on the bed. The package is quickly forgotten, tossed to the floor at the foot of the bed where it ticks.

Friday, December 17, 1999

Bo got frustrated when Delphina admitted that it was not a real bomb that would go off in Llanview, but rather an emotional one. Lindsay worried that Delphina meant that her secrets would be revealed when Delphina confirmed the possibility. Joey confronted Kevin about his drinking at Jessica's party and later, Kelly and Joey argued over the best way to handle Kevin. Sophia panicked when she realized that the package on her desk could contain a bomb, but John quickly stepped in and calmed her fears. John and Sophia laughed when they saw that Rae had sent them reindeer antlers and doggie treats for Wally. Blair got angry when Max was very forceful with her. Renee and Asa walked in just as Blair pushed Max away from her and they assumed that Blair was mistreating their son. Max apologized, but Blair stormed out. When confronted by Cristian, Roseanne admitted to mailing Jessica's package, but lied and said she did it to help him. After making love with Will, Jessica was shocked when she opened her mysterious ticking package. Meanwhile, R.J. also received a strange package at The Palace. Bo watched as R.J. began to open the package, but couldn't speak up in time to prevent him from opening it and seeing its dangerous contents.

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