One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on OLTL
Blair enabled Cole to visit Starr. Bo and Clint disagreed about business plans. Clint invited the family to the lodge. Jared and Natalie were alone at the lodge during an ice storm. Bo and Nora's car swerved off the road. Starr was startled when Langston walked into her bedroom. Starr was unable to hide the pregnancy test kit in time.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, March 17, 2008

While visiting Rex at his loft, Roxy began questioning Rex about his relationship with Gigi. Roxy was convinced that Gigi still harbored feelings for Rex. When Roxy implied that Shane could be Rex's son, Rex exploded. Rex told Roxy that Shane's father was a deceased Navy Seal, and insisted that Roxy respect Gigi's privacy. Appearing doubtful, Roxy suggested that Rex's relationship with Adriana would be in jeopardy if Rex turned out to be Shane's father.

Gigi thanked Marcie for agreeing to look after Shane for the day. When Marcie noticed Gigi observing a picture of Rex holding Tommy, Marcie mentioned the strange coincidence that Gigi and Rex had a past relationship. When Shane told Marcie about the pictures he discovered of Rex and Gigi together, Gigi became slightly irritated with her son. After avoiding much of Marcie's questioning concerning Rex and Adriana, Gigi left for work. Alone with Marcie, Shane sadly expressed his grief over not having a photograph of his father. Shane couldn't understand why Gigi would have so many photos of Rex, but not a single one of his dad.

At the police station, a distraught Antonio told Talia that he felt terrible about losing Jamie's inheritance. Talia told Antonio that Jamie was loved, and that was more important than any inheritance. As Antonio continued to brood, John approached and asked Antonio if he had spoken with Ramsey about assigning them more productive cases. Overhearing part of the conversation, Ramsey demanded answers from John. John criticized Ramsey for placing his top detectives on such a low-level case. John demanded to be assigned to the more pressing cases that plagued the department. When Ramsey belittled John and asked Antonio if he felt the same way, Antonio chose not to side with John. After Ramsey left, John accused Antonio of sucking up to Ramsey, which led to a heated argument between the two. Antonio remarked that John could afford to get on Ramsey's bad side, but Antonio stated that he had a child to support and could not risk losing his job. Later, Antonio wondered if Talia shared John's opinion. Talia told Antonio that she understood his position, but Antonio appeared to be unconvinced and lashed out at Talia. Feeling a touch of guilt, Antonio later apologized to her. When Talia suggested they meet up after work, Antonio stated that he had some business to take care of. Before Talia could convince Antonio to reconsider, Ramsey ordered Antonio into his office.

Inside the commissioner's office, Ramsey gave Antonio a new assignment. Ramsey informed Antonio that he would head a special task force assigned to the Angel Square area. Ramsey appeared intrigued that Antonio grew up in Angel Square. When Antonio suggested that Officer Sahed be assigned to his team, Ramsey stated that he had other plans for Talia-Talia would soon become John's partner.

At La Boulaie, Todd told Blair that he wanted to move the family back into the penthouse in an attempt to keep Cole away from Starr. Blair reminded Todd that the prospective owner was preparing to close on the penthouse at any time, and didn't feel the new owner would allow Todd to renege on the deal. Todd was convinced he could make the new owner a deal he couldn't refuse. Meanwhile, Langston demanded to know why Starr broke up with Cole in a letter. When Starr admitted that she heard Cole outside her window the previous night, Langston was appalled that Starr didn't answer him. Adamantly, Starr told Langston that she had to break up with Cole in order to protect him. Realizing that Todd was blackmailing Starr, Langston told her friend that what her father was doing to her was wrong.

Starr quietly observed Todd playing with Sam. As Starr listened, Todd told his son that it would kill him to lose Sam again. Minutes later, Starr attempted to leave the house, but was met by Shaun at the front door. After Shaun refused to allow Starr to leave without him, Starr took off with Shaun following close behind.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cole was depressed. Jared attempted to comfort Cole, but was interrupted by a phone call from Natalie. When he learned that Natalie had taped the entire conversation between Renee and Nigel, Jared was alarmed. After realizing that Natalie had inadvertently taped his "private" conversation with Nigel, Jared nearly panicked. Natalie told Jared she was compiling a report based on her findings in the taped recording; she was still in the process of listening to the entire tape. In an attempt to prevent Natalie from hearing his conversation with Nigel on the tape, Jared told Natalie that a particular job required her immediate attention. While Natalie took care of the assignment, Jared planned to alter the tape somehow. Nigel expressed concern when Jared informed him that Natalie recorded the conversation. Before heading to Buchanan Enterprises, Jared asked Nigel to look after Cole. When John dropped by to check on Cole, he wasn't surprised to hear that Starr had ended her relationship with Cole. John advised Cole to stay away from Starr, and warned him that Todd could cause him a great deal of trouble. John promised to check on Cole later, and asked Nigel to keep an eye on Cole. Later, Langston dropped by and asked Cole to attend a counseling session with her. When Cole refused, Langston attempted to cheer her friend up and told him that Starr was still in love with him. Unconvinced, Cole sulked as he walked away.

When Gigi arrived at B.E., Natalie instructed her to transcribe the taped conversation. Jared arrived and found Gigi listening to the tape. Jared told Gigi that he needed her to deliver some important documents to Rex. Once Gigi had left, Jared listened to the tape. Jared quickly began to erase parts of Gigi's report-the section containing his conversation with Nigel. As Jared attempted to delete the actual tape, Natalie entered the office and demanded to know what Jared was doing there. Jared gave Natalie an excuse, but Natalie insisted that he leave and allow her to finish the report alone. A few moments later, Natalie placed a call to someone and stated, "How fast can you get down here? I just found something that could affect the whole family."

While Rex was in the shower, Adriana phoned and Gigi appeared at Rex's door. Rex missed Adriana's call, but greeted Gigi at the door wearing a towel. When Gigi presented Rex with Jared's paperwork, Rex asked Gigi to help him search through the B.E. files. As Gigi noticed pictures of Rex and Adriana in the apartment, Gigi had a flashback of her conversation with Shane concerning keeping secrets. Turning away from Rex, a guilt-ridden Gigi stated she had a confession to make to Rex. In tears, Gigi admitted lying to both Shane and Rex. As Gigi blurted out, "I can't do this anymore. Shane is your son, you are Shane's father," she was horrified to turn around and find a stunned Adriana standing in the doorway.

Marcie was surprised to open her apartment door and find Starr standing there. Starr had a request for Marcie. Starr stated, "You need to take your son back from my dad."

As Todd knocked on the door of his penthouse, he screamed, " Open up, I'm here to make you the deal of your life." Seconds later, Ramsey appeared at the door and asked, "What do you want?"

After rushing into Natalie's office, Jared was startled to find John there. As John looked on, Natalie informed Jared, "You should know up-front why John is here. I feel this is a matter for the police."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At Buchanan Enterprises, Jared was surprised to see John there with Natalie. Believing that his deception had been uncovered, Jared deflated and became resigned to his apparent fate. He said he was surprised she called John first before speaking to him. Natalie said that what had happened at BE was fraud and needed to be handled immediately. Jared said he understood, and urged her not to blame Nigel for his part in things. But Natalie and John were confused, and Natalie asked what Jared was talking about. The somber tone shifted as Natalie urged Jared to lighten up, and said that she didn't blame him or Nigel. Beginning to realize that he had not been found out, Jared started tailoring his remarks to match Natalie's, bluffing his way through conversation. Natalie said that none of them could have known that Harris York, Asa's former associate, was skimming from BE. Jared played along, saying he wished he'd picked up on the connection himself. Natalie insisted that Jared not make the crisis his fault, and assured him that John was on the case, a remark that put Jared ill-at-ease. Jared thanked John for his help with the BE crisis and quickly left Natalie's office. Once they were alone, a suspicious John told Natalie that Jared seemed anxious. Natalie said that Jared was just trying really hard to impress everyone at the office. John asked Natalie how she was doing with the Jared issue, and Natalie said that she had accepted things as they were, and was just glad it didn't go too far. John sensed something else was bothering Jared, but shrugged it off. "Just looking out for you, I guess," he said wistfully. "Old habits die hard." Natalie said she appreciated his friendship and his help. They agreed to meet for beer and pool sometime soon, and John left her office.

At Cristian's loft, Sarah rushed in looking for his keys while talking on the phone with him. Cristian told Sarah he was on his way, and within moments, the doorbell rang. Sarah assumed it was Cris, and impulsively peeled her dress off and rushed to the door in her lingerie, flinging it open and crying, "Come and get it, you sexy beast!" But it wasn't Cristian at the door-it was Blair! Sarah was mortified to see her instead of Cristian and quickly got dressed. Blair explained she was there with a proposition for Cristian-a business proposition. Cristian arrived at the door, and Blair greeted him with a joke: "Well, well, if it isn't the sexy beast himself!" Cristian and Blair sat down to talk while Sarah agreed to make herself scarce. Blair explained that she had found a potential buyer for Capricorn, and that they'd all be able to stay on staff. Cris asked who the buyer was. Blair grinned and said, "You're looking at her." She told Cristian that her acquiring Capricorn was about her-she said she loved singing, and Capricorn, and needed more to do. As Blair prepared to leave, Sarah returned from the stairs and thanked Blair for saving the club. Blair said she would leave Sarah with the "sexy beast," and teased, "Don't wear him out!" After Blair left, Cris and Sarah picked up where Sarah had started as she peeled off her dress again.

At the penthouse, Lee Ramsey explained to Todd that the penthouse was his new home. "This is my house," Todd insisted, and said he was there to get it back. He wanted to know what kind of stunt Ramsey was pulling by taking it from him. Ramsey asked Todd what he was still doing in Llanview, remarking that "you should be taking hula lessons by now." Todd shrugged his gibes off and insisted he was going to have the penthouse back, no matter what. Ramsey warned Todd that he kept forgetting whom he was dealing with, but Todd accused him of the same thing. Todd explained that he was no longer the "family man" Ramsey thought he could take advantage of, the one who put his family first regardless of the danger, and had previously let Ramsey screw with him. "I'm back!" Todd warned. Ramsey called a guard to escort Todd out of the building. Out of options, Todd tried to buy Ramsey off, but Ramsey wouldn't budge. Just then, Todd got an urgent phone call. Giving up, he headed for the elevator, accompanied by the guard. As the doors closed, he shouted to Ramsey that he would sell the penthouse back to Todd sooner or later.

At the McBains' apartment, Marcie was shaken by Starr's accusation against her father. Starr reiterated her insistence that Marcie get "Tommy" away from Todd. Marcie wanted to know what Todd had done. Starr explained that Todd was a terrible parent who didn't deserve a family. Marcie asked her if Todd had abused Tommy in any way, or hit him. Starr flashed back to her confrontation with her father about Cole, and then turned to Marcie and declared, "Yes. My dad hit Tommy." Marcie was frantic and struggled to figure out what to do next. She realized she had to call for help. As things got more complicated, an uneasy Starr wanted to know whom she was calling, but Marcie assured her that everything was going to be all right, and that Tommy was not going to suffer anymore living with Todd. Starr urged Marcie to call Michael and tell him about what Todd was "doing" to Tommy. Marcie said she was lucky not to be in jail after what she did, and said that there was no way Tommy would go back to her after she had abducted him, that most likely he would be placed in foster care, which she knew was not the best option, but the only likely one. Starr balked at this: "I thought that you guys were going to get Tommy!" She became more and more concerned as Marcie explained that Starr's testimony would be needed to strip Todd of custody of Tommy, and that there would be a hearing in court. Marcie said she needed to know for sure if Starr witnessed the abuse, or Todd hitting Tommy. Starr remained resolute, saying she wanted Todd to lose his son and it would be best if all Todd's children were without him forever.

At Rex and Adriana's, Adriana walked in to find Gigi crying moments after she had confessed Shane's paternity. Adriana asked Gigi why she was crying. Then they both turned to see that Rex was on his headphones, taking dictation into his computer-neither he nor Adriana had heard a word Gigi said! Rex, spotting Adriana, leapt up and embraced her, thrilled by her early arrival from Paris. Adriana casually needled Gigi about what she was doing at Rex's, and Gigi and Rex explained that she had gotten a job at Buchanan Enterprises with Rex's help, and was dropping off some files. Adriana eyed Gigi up and down and asked if she'd come from the office. Gigi meekly replied that she had, and said that as soon as her paycheck came through she would get new clothes for work. "No, your outfit totally suits your job," Adriana purred, "it's not like you're an exec or anything." After some more sweet talk, Rex rushed out to get Adriana's suitcases, leaving Adriana alone with Gigi. Gigi prepared to beat a hasty retreat, but Adriana stopped her, saying Gigi still hadn't explained why she was crying when Adriana arrived. Gigi blamed her tears on serious allergies, and when Rex returned, she said her goodbyes. Rex thanked her for her help, and the two squeezed past each other in the apartment's narrow doorway. No sooner was Gigi was out the door, than Adriana slammed it behind her and took Rex into her arms as they kissed passionately. Outside, Gigi berated herself. "Way to go, Morasco," she sighed. "As usual, your timing sucks." Inside, Rex and Adriana continued making out, and between kisses, Adriana told Rex she had to go back to Paris. "For how long?" Rex asked. Adriana asked what difference it made-she said she was there, and as they hit the sheets, she urged him to "make the most of it." Later, the lovers basked in the afterglow, and Rex asked her how long it would be before he had to miss her again. "Long enough to get married," Adriana answered.

John ran into Gigi as she arrived at the BE offices, and they exchanged pleasantries. John asked Gigi if she'd had any more trouble with Ramsey. Gigi explained she had her reasons to stay in Llanview, Ramsey or no Ramsey. She bid him goodbye, and John got a call on his cell phone and headed for the McBains' place. When John arrived at Michael and Marcie's, he was surprised to see Shaun as Starr's bodyguard. Marcie greeted John, filled him in, and said that she and Starr had to file a police report. John watched the nervous Starr and asked if she was sure about her claims. Just then, a sleepy Shane wandered in from the bedroom. As Marcie took the sick boy back to bed, John got Starr alone and asked her if her allegations were true. Instead of answering, Starr continued to vent her rage against her father, talking about how she wanted to hurt him as much as he'd hurt her. Starr apologized to John and Marcie for her lie, and John noted that her anger was not about Tommy but rather her relationship with Cole. Suddenly, Todd arrived. He explained that Shaun had alerted him and asked what John and Marcie had been doing to his daughter. Starr snapped that they had done nothing and Todd did everything. They traded more barbs, and Starr stormed out, with Todd following closely behind while ranting about Cole, leaving only John and an exhausted Marcie.

In Natalie's office, Natalie and Gigi did some filing and made small talk about Rex and Adriana's impending nuptials. Gigi, already melancholy over their discussion, was shocked to hear Rex had married before. Natalie exited momentarily, leaving Gigi in the office. Down the hallway, Jared saw Natalie leave and crept into her office to retrieve the audiotape, only to be surprised to find Gigi. He asked Gigi to go retrieve a fax, and jumped back into Natalie's chair to get the tape. Just as he sat down, Natalie returned, and asked why he was at her desk for the second time that day. Jared admitted he was trying to erase the portion of the tape that had recorded his conversation with Nigel, and said that he didn't want her to hear it. Natalie wanted to know what Jared was hiding. Jared explained that Nigel was one of the only people who knew about his feelings for Natalie. Natalie became flustered and said she didn't want to hear it. Jared said he and Nigel talked about whether Jared would rather not know his "paternity" at all, so he could continue to be with "such an incredible woman like you." A pained Natalie said that no matter what, it would have been horribly wrong, and she thanked God that they found out "the truth" before things went too far. Jared said he just wanted to avoid dredging the sore subject up with the tape. Following Jared's instructions, Natalie deleted his conversation from the audiotape without listening to it. She quietly told him she didn't want to hear about the two of them in "that way" ever again. Jared assented and left without another word.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Adriana and Rex kissed. He asked how long she was staying. Dorian discovered Adriana had come home from Paris. Adriana told Rex she wanted to get married immediately and have him go back to Paris with her. Rex was surprised. Dorian yelled at someone, trying to find out why Adriana was home in Llanview when she paid the person to keep Adriana in Paris. Adriana read his lack of enthusiasm as evidence he didn't want to marry her. He asked her what the rush was. They began kissing again. There was a knock at the door: it was Dorian with a flimsy excuse about wanting to talk about the wedding planning. Dorian made a show of realizing Adriana was home. Rex offered to make tea and let the ladies catch up. He took the case files to Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian asked how long was Adriana in town, and was unhappy to hear the plan about getting married quickly. Adriana demanded to know how Dorian found out she was at Rex's.

John arrived at Antonio's with evidence from Lee's career. John and Talia talked about Antonio and how he'd been coping with his new financial situation. Antonio came home and was not pleased to see John with Talia. Antonio didn't want to get involved and had work of his own to do. Antonio told them Blair would buy Capricorn and he wouldn't have to move. John and Talia reviewed the files. They discovered Lee had a business degree from Wharton, but nothing incriminating. Antonio wondered why John was sticking his neck out. John said he wanted to stop Lee before Lee hurt anyone else. Antonio and Talia kissed, then began undressing each other.

Lee arrived at BE to investigate possible fraud. He and Bo traded insults. Bo told Natalie not to give Lee anything. Nora arrived with a warrant for the files Lee wanted. Gigi remembered blurting out that Rex was Shane's father and was upset. Jared tried to comfort her as she cleaned up spilled coffee. She told him Rex was working on the case. Gigi entered Natalie's office and dropped a pile of papers when she saw Lee. Lee helped her pick up the papers. Natalie apologized to Bo for getting Lee involved. Lee tried to get under Gigi's skin. Gigi talked to Jared about how Shane has grown up without a father. Jared consoled her again. Rex arrived at BE. He told Natalie about Adriana's plan to get married quickly. Lee continued to poke at Bo. Nora wanted to vent to Clint about how Lindsay has killed twice and gotten away with it both times, and Lindsay was taking advantage of Bo. Bo walked in and told Nora to let it go. Lee called a mystery person and said everything was going as planned. Bo wanted to use Clint's shower, where Lindsay was hiding. Natalie took a call from Jessica, who told her she saw Jared with Charlie at the Palace. Rex walked in on Jared kissing Gigi.

Lindsay dropped a file on Clint's desk. He didn't want it. She told him about her drink and her chat with Walter. She didn't want Bo and Clint to lose the company. She told him how she found some information in Sam's old files. Lindsay hid in Clint's bathroom when she heard Nora come into his office. She picked up the file Lindsay gave Clint. Clint gave Nora the correct files.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

An obviously unhappy Rex spotted Gigi and Jared sharing a kiss at Buchanan Enterprises. When Natalie heard that something was going on in the boardroom, she took a peek too, sight unseen. Rex asked her to return Gigi's scarf for him and blamed the kiss on Jared. Natalie thought that Rex was jealous while he thought the same of her. He suggested that Natalie warn Gigi that Jared would hurt her. Natalie insisted she was happy for them. Meanwhile, the pair quickly broke apart and expressed their regrets. Jared felt he had been inappropriate but insisted he didn't think of himself as the boss, as Gigi so promptly pointed out. He promised he wasn't taking advantage of her and assured her that it wasn't a pity kiss as she thought it was. He actually admired her, he informed her, and promised that the kiss was already forgotten. He became quite passionate when he compared Shane's life to his own childhood but cut his outburst short. He admitted that he still loved his mom after learning about his dad, something that Gigi wanted to know. He told her to stop worrying, and that everything would be okay. Nora apologized to Clint and Bo for thinking that they shared her thoughts about Lindsay, while Lindsay remained hidden in the office bathroom. Clint felt that Lindsay really did change on some level after being through all of her recent deeds. Bo was insistent on taking a shower and changing his clothes in the executive bathroom and turned on the water. He didn't see Lindsay hiding there. She managed to call him and divert him to the diner. Clint hurriedly ushered Nora out of the office, suggesting she pick up some papers from Natalie. She expressed regret again over starting an argument over Lindsay and her feelings about her.

In response to Adriana's questioning, Dorian claimed that she called the hotel manager in Paris when she didn't hear from her daughter; that's how she learned that Adriana was back in Llanview. Dorian was upset that her daughter wouldn't have a huge wedding after she told so many people about being invited and wondered what her rush was. She also wanted to plan the wedding but she didn't feel too bad since she would get to plan the second one. An indignant Adriana told her mother that she planned on having one marriage only, not like Dorian, and that she would be married to Rex forever, as he was the love of her life.

Jess called Natalie to inform her that she saw Jared and Charlie having a meeting together. She was on her way to meet up with Nash at Cris's place. They wanted to view his designs for the vineyard labels, though Nash seemed suspicious that Jess was there. The first designs that Cris presented were not acceptable to Nash and in a last ditch effort, Sarah, who was there to support Cris, grabbed one of the pieces that Cris did not present. Finally meeting with Nash's approval, Cris was commissioned to continue with that design. He admitted to Sarah that he hadn't brought that particular one out because he thought it too abstract.

Viki stopped at the Angel Square Diner and, after learning that Carlotta really needed to tend to a sick Jamie, offered to fill in for her. She thought that she would enjoy it and really missed waitressing.

Natalie returned the scarf to Gigi and asked her why she seemed nervous. Gigi confessed to having something on her mind and Natalie encouraged her to talk about it. Gigi admitted to something happening in the boardroom but it wasn't what Natalie thought she would hear. The new assistant acknowledged that she had spilled coffee all over the room and had thought she would be fired. Nat suggested she call it a day and leave early, due to a non-functioning copier and Gigi's sick son. Clint ordered a sopping wet Lindsay and her files out of the office. She stated that she thought that he had already proven that he was willing to do whatever he needed to do to protect his company and that he should hold onto the files she had brought. She told him there was no shame in doing what he did. Charlie, who was at B.E. to apply for a job as a contractor, stopped by to see Jared. He thought the company offices were impressive looking. Jared confided that he was nearly caught on tape confiding that he wasn't a Buchanan and, contrary to what Charlie would have thought, Jared was almost relieved when the truth was about to come out. He couldn't explain it but he felt freaked out while at the same time happy that he might no longer be living a lie. They realized that for the first time since Jared was small, they felt like father and son when they were taking Dorian down. Charlie felt responsible for Jared living his life as he was, but Jared didn't want to talk about anything. Charlie told him he had to face the truth but Jared told him, "It wasn't an accident."

Rex was adamant that he was excited to see Adriana back in town and Nat sent him on his way. Stopping at the diner first, he was surprised to see Viki working. She admitted that she hadn't seen much of Natalie lately, but she thought her daughter was annoyed with her, after her reaction to Natalie asking Charlie lots of questions. Rex admitted that Nat also asked him to investigate Charlie, which further angered Viki, even when Rex claimed it was because of Jared and the fear that a skeleton would pop out of a closet somewhere. More of Llanview's citizens began to arrive at the diner and all were shocked and dumbfounded to see Viki working there. She thought that Bo needn't look shocked; she assured him she was having fun. He admitted to not enjoying his new work in the corporate field but she convinced him that it was important to carry on his father's legacy. Lindsay met Bo, claiming to have been in a rainstorm somewhere. She confessed that she had met with Honeycutt. Clint and Nora met for a meal. Clint was appalled to see Viki working and told her she was taking it too far. She felt quite the contrary-that she knew what she wanted. Gigi showed up and offered to help with the crowd. She, too, missed being a waitress.

Rex returned home and offered to pick a date for the wedding that he knew Adriana really wanted, instead of the one they had planned for later at City Hall. Adriana admitted that both he and her mother were right. They settled on May 9 and Dorian was glad to know that she could continue planning for what would be her daughter's lavish wedding. When she learned that Viki was waiting tables at the diner, she arranged to have the mayor meet her there. Adriana swore that nothing would stop her from marrying Rex.

Friday, March 21, 2008

At the loft, a look of worry crossed Rex's face when Adriana told Layla the wedding date. After being congratulated by Layla, Adriana immediately rushed Rex out of the apartment. Alone with Layla, Adriana admitted that she wanted to discuss Gigi. Adriana told Layla about finding a distraught Gigi at the loft, who was apologizing to an oblivious Rex. Adriana expressed her desire to know exactly what had made Gigi so upset. When Layla questioned whether Adriana still believed Shane was Rex's son, Adriana stated she didn't but expressed her disapproval of the relationship that was forming between Rex and Shane. Layla suggested that Adriana confront Gigi with her suspicions, but Adriana believed Gigi would never come clean. As Adriana and Layla continued to discuss Gigi and Shane, Adriana received a call from Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre insisted that Adriana attend a fitting. Afterwards, Adriana told Layla that Jean-Pierre moved their deadline to May. A confused Adriana told Layla that it appeared as if Jean-Pierre were sabotaging her wedding. When Layla stated that no one else knew of the wedding date, Adriana considered the possibility that Dorian might have some involvement. Adriana didn't admit her suspicions to Layla. Before leaving, Layla told Adriana to stop worrying about Gigi. Adriana agreed. At the diner, Marcie was surprised to learn that Gigi kissed Jared on her first day of work. Gigi told Marcie that the kiss meant nothing, but Marcie insisted that Gigi consider a potential relationship with Jared. Later, Rex entered the diner and joined Marcie and Gigi. When Marcie mentioned the close relationship that Rex and Shane shared, a nervous Gigi excused herself. Gigi was caught off guard when Rex approached her and commented that she was receiving her share of friendly treatment at Buchanan Enterprises. Meanwhile, Dorian's attempt to humiliate Viki in front of Mayor Lowell was unsuccessful. As Dorian made degrading comments about Viki waiting tables, Viki conducted herself in a professional manner. When Mayor Lowell commented to Dorian that he was unimpressed by her tactics, a disappointed Dorian changed the subject. Dorian asked the mayor if he had any idea why their "project" had been stalled. After the mayor told Dorian that the "second attempt" was now in progress, Dorian demanded to know why the first attempt failed. When Lowell told Dorian that factors beyond his control affected the plan, Dorian reminded him that she had invested a great deal of money in the endeavor. When Lowell asked Dorian what she planned to gain from the project, Dorian demanded that he provide her with results. At a nearby table, Nora and Clint had lunch and spoke with Viki. Viki was delighted that Charlie had received a job interview at B.E., and commented on Charlie's ability to win people over. Nora smiled as Viki left the table engrossed in happy thoughts of Charlie. At B.E., Jared lashed out at Charlie about leaving the family during Jared's childhood. When Jared began to blame himself for his younger brother's death, Charlie refused to allow Jared to hold himself responsible. Jared explained that his stepfather physically abused Jared, his brother, and mother. Charlie was horrified to learn that his youngest son's death wasn't an accident. In an attempt to flee his abusive stepfather, the child ran into oncoming traffic and was killed. As a distraught Jared described how his younger brother met his death, Charlie apologized for not being there and offered to make things up to Jared. When Jared expressed guilt about defrauding the Buchanans, Charlie told his son that he understood. Charlie stated that Jared lied because he wanted to be part of a real family. Before leaving to meet Viki, Charlie told Jared to take care of himself. As he closed the door behind him, Charlie broke down.

At La Boulaie, Todd called Nora and warned her to keep Cole away from Starr. Before ordering Starr downstairs, Todd told Blair that he found Starr with Marcie and John McBain. While trying to calm Todd, Blair asked Starr why she would go to the McBain's home. Realizing that Starr was withholding the truth, Todd threatened to report Cole to the police. Afraid that her father would cause Cole more harm, Starr admitted to telling Marcie and John that Todd had struck Sam. Both Blair and Todd were shocked to learn that Starr would tell such a blatant lie. Starr told Todd that his actions had caused pain to his other children, and she didn't want to see Todd hurt Sam. When Starr told her father that Sam belonged with Marcie and Michael, Todd was obviously shaken. Later, Todd told Blair that the "new" Todd was history. Blair informed Todd that she had no desire to have the old Todd back.

As Cole and Langston discussed Starr at the docks, Markko arrived with news. Markko told Cole that the Sun was hosting a charity benefit that Starr's parents would be attending. Markko believed he and Langston could help Cole sneak inside La Boulaie and meet with Starr. After much convincing, Cole decided to allow Markko and Langston to help him see Starr. Seconds later, Cole received a call from Nora, who insisted that he come to the diner. Before leaving for the diner, Cole told Langston and Markko he would return after he spoke with Nora. As Langston thanked Markko for helping their friends, he made her promise to be careful. Markko told Langston he would never forgive himself if Todd found out about their plan and something happened to her.

When Cole arrived at the diner, Nora informed him of Todd's call, and warned Cole to stay away from Starr. Before Cole left, Clint offered him a summer internship at Buchanan Enterprises. Afterwards, Nora thanked Clint for helping Cole and gave Clint a passionate kiss. As Viki walked by and observed the kiss, she appeared bothered.

As Dorian wrapped up her conversation with the mayor, Adriana called Dorian and requested that she come to the loft and help with the wedding plans. Once Dorian arrived, Adriana discreetly retrieved Dorian's phone. Unnoticed, Adriana searched through Dorian's recent call list and discovered several phone calls made to Jean-Pierre. When Adriana advised Dorian that she wouldn't be attending the wedding, Dorian questioned why Adriana was holding her PDA. Dorian stood in shock, when Adriana referred to her mother as a "self-righteous bitch."

When Cole returned to the docks, Cole, Langston, and Markko discussed how they would sneak Cole into La Boulaie. Before Langston left to make preparations for Cole and Starr's reunion, Cole and Markko warned her to be careful. As Cole expressed his gratitude to Markko, he couldn't wait to see Starr.

When Blair suggested to Todd that they leave for the charity event, Todd insisted that they take Starr along. As Blair convinced Todd that Starr should remain home, Langston entered the mansion. Todd searched through Langston's purse for any sign of notes from Cole. Todd told Langston that if she were a true friend to Starr, she would help Starr forget Cole. When Blair caught Langston opening the terrace doors, Langston made up a quick excuse about needing some fresh air. A few moments later, Todd came downstairs and announced to Blair that he was ready to leave. Blair appeared suspicious and reminded Langston to lock the terrace doors before going upstairs for the night. Left alone, Langston waited at the terrace door for Cole to arrive. When Langston went to Starr's room and told Starr that Cole was coming to see her, Starr was speechless. Outside of La Boulaie, Markko advised Cole to allow the guards to make a final tour of the grounds, but Cole insisted he couldn't wait. Markko attempted to stop Cole, but Cole took off to find Starr. As Cole entered the house, Blair and Todd returned. When Blair opened the doors to the library and stood face to face with him, Cole stood motionless. A look of horror appeared on Blair's face. Unaware of Cole's presence, Todd remained in the hall.

As Rex and Marcie spoke with Gigi, Layla arrived at the diner and announced that Rex and Adriana had set a wedding date. Layla watched as a sullen Gigi congratulated Rex. When Jared arrived at the diner to speak with Clint, there was an uncomfortable silence as he and Gigi's eyes met. In front of Gigi, Layla asked Rex if he wanted Gigi added to the wedding list. Layla's request appeared to bother both Rex and Gigi. As Gigi attempted to decline the invitation, Marcie suggested that Gigi attend and asked if Jared were invited to the wedding. Overhearing his name being mentioned, Jared joined the conversation. Rex appeared agitated as he watched Jared and Gigi innocently flirt with one another. Later, Rex accused Jared of taking advantage of Gigi and reminded Jared of the problems he had caused Jessica and Natalie. As Rex told Jared that he was not good enough for Gigi, Layla listened. Unable to control his temper, Jared punched Rex. Watching Viki waiting tables at the diner reminded Charlie of meeting her in Paris. When Viki told Charlie that she was happy their relationship didn't end in Paris, Charlie looked guilty. Viki wondered if Charlie wished he were back in Paris. Charlie told Viki that everything he needed was in Llanview.

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