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Passions Recaps: The week of May 24, 2004 on PS
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Monday, May 24, 2004

Theresa looks horrified, as the nurse puts a Band-Aid where her blood was drawn. The nurse tells Gwen that she'll send her the results as soon as she gets them. Gwen asks for a rush on them. She thanks the nurse. Gwen wants Theresa to stay at the mansion until they receive the results. Theresa says she can't, but Gwen and Ethan both insist. They ask Whitney to look after Theresa. Once alone, Whitney confronts Theresa, asking her what she has done this time. Theresa tells Whitney that she lost the baby, and Whitney thinks it's for the best, since she shouldn't have tricked the hospital into implanting her with Gwen's eggs in the first place. Whitney thinks that she should just tells Gwen and Ethan, and they would be relieved. Theresa confesses that she may be pregnant with Ethan's baby. Whitney asks how that could happen. Theresa tells Whitney that she tricked Ethan into sleeping with her by using the date rape drug and making him think she was Gwen. Whitney says that if Ethan finds out, he will kill Theresa. Theresa says he must never find out. Whitney wonders how her and Theresa became friends because she is normal, and Theresa is a "scheming nutcase." Theresa says that she's a mother trying to get her child back. Whitney asks what happens if she isn't pregnant. Theresa says that then her plan wouldn't work, and that's why she has to be pregnant. If not, she'll lose her son forever. Gwen wonders what's taking so long for the test results, and admits that she wants Theresa to be pregnant more than anything in the world, even though she hates Theresa. The desire to have the baby outweighs her hatred. The results arrive, and reveal that Theresa is indeed pregnant. Theresa is pleased that she finally has her bargaining chip, and Gwen is ecstatic that she'll have her and Ethan's baby. Whitney glares at Theresa.

Tabitha watches Paloma's "aunt" and "uncle" in Mexico in her magical bowl. She tells Endora how bad things will be for Tabitha and Endora should they return to Harmony. She fears that she could be outted as a witch. Alistair is shown in the bowl holding a sword. Tabitha says that Alistair has much more to lose if they return. She declares that she has nothing to fear, because Alistair will take care of them before they have a chance to return.

In Alistair's office, he talks to the man who has found the "aunt" and "uncle" in Mexico. The man assures Alistair that, "It is them." Alistair can't believe that they're together after all this time, and the man vows to give them what's coming to them. Alistair tells him to be quick about it to ensure that they never return to Harmony.

The "aunt" and "uncle" continue to discuss Harmony. They both dream of Harmony, the "aunt" fondly, with thoughts of her children. The "uncle" only has nightmares, and says that it's his guilt causing them. The "uncle" tells the "aunt" that they're worrying about things they can't control. He says that sometimes when Paloma talks about Pilar, or gets a certain look in her eyes, it haunts him. They both have a lot of guilt about what they've done. They say that if they were to go back, their loved ones would never understand or forgive them. Paloma hears just the very end of the conversations, and asks, "Who would never understand?" They cover by saying Pilar won't understand if Paloma doesn't visit her in Harmony. Paloma is still resisting going to visit because she doesn't understand why she was shipped off to be raised while all of the other kids remained with Pilar. The "uncle" says that surely Pilar thought she was doing what was best. Once Paloma leaves the room, they say that she's so unhappy, and it's all their doing. The "uncle" stares at the picture of Luis on the cover of the Harmony newspaper. The "aunt" goes to have lunch with Paloma. The "uncle" agonizes over whether or not they did the right thing. He flashes back to that Founder's Dance years ago. The "aunt" excuses herself to go home, citing a migraine. The "uncle," dancing with Pilar, says they should get home to the kids. Back in present day, he wonders if it's too late to tell Paloma the truth. The "aunt" returns from having lunch, and says that she thinks Paloma is doing better. They say that the night of that dance changed everything. They flash back to the "aunt" coming down the stairs all packed to go, and the uncle coming to the door. A young Sheridan comes down the stairs, and asks, "Mommy, where are you going?" revealing that the "aunt" is Katherine Crane. She goes to tuck in Sheridan. Then, a young Luis comes to the door, and asks Papa to come home and sing to Paloma, revealing that the "uncle" is Martin Fitzgerald. Martin tells Luis to tell Pilar that he's in the middle of fixing something. As Luis goes, he tells Luis to make him proud. Katherine comes back downstairs, and the two of them leave. Again in present day, they ask what they have done to their children. Martin tells Katherine that he loves her so much, and hates to see her hurt. He tells her that's what happens when you remember. He insists no one should ever know who they are, including Paloma. Katherine tells him that he's so lucky to have had one of his children with him for all of these years. She would have given anything to have been there with Sheridan, but Julian vowed to protect her. The man sent to kill them approaches, already in their home.

Antonio goes to the hospital to say good-bye to Pilar. Pilar seems surprised that he's still taking Sheridan to St. Lisa's. Pilar wishes he would reconsider. He tells her that isn't going to happen because every time he turns around, Luis is trying to come between him and his wife. He is sick of it, and is done. Pilar tells Antonio that she knows he is still angry for her for favoring Luis. She says that it's true, and it's hurt him. Pilar tells him to forget what she wants, and consider what Sheridan wants. Pilar says that Sheridan and him both should stay around the people who love them. Antonio says that for him and Sheridan to be happy, they must be as far away as possible from Harmony and Luis. That's exactly what he plans to do. Pilar begs Antonio not to leave her again. He says that he is sorry, but his decision is final. She is so upset that she will be facing another loss. She cries out softly, "Martin, Martin."

Back at Antonio and Sheridan's cottage, Luis is kissing Sheridan, and she abruptly pushes him away. She is angry that Luis keeps insisting that he has proof of her being brainwashed. She pushes him out the door, and Luis begs her to listen. He bangs on the door. Luis begs to tell Sheridan everything that Dr. Ackland revealed. Through the door, he says that Dr. Ackland had convinced Antonio that she needed to be admitted into the psych ward, and then brainwashed her into thinking she loves Antonio instead of him. He tells her she was given drug to keep her confused, and shock therapy. He tells her that Alistair made Dr. Ackland carry out this plan by threatening his family. He goes on to say that Dr. Ackland is in the car, and he can prove his claims. She says that if all of this is true, it changes everything. Sheridan doesn't understand what she has done to make her father hate her so much. She speculate it's because Alistair blames her for Katherine's death. Luis tells Sheridan that Alistair is afraid of the two of them being together and uncovering all of the Crane secrets. He recalls how close they were when they were in the Crane archives. Luis tells her that if she ever wants to be happy, she's going to have to realize what a control freak Alistair is. A shaken and skeptical Sheridan goes to his car with him, and they find that Dr. Ackland is gone. Sheridan thinks that all of this way just a ploy to get her alone, and stop her from leaving Harmony. Luis smells a cigar, and finds one of Alistair's on the ground. He believes Alistair has gotten to Dr. Ackland. Luis begs Sheridan not to leave Harmony. Antonio returns to the cottage, to find it empty. Still down by his car, Sheridan tells Luis how confused she is. Luis says that is because she is starting to remember. He tells her not to leave Harmony. She says that she has to in order to keep him and Antonio apart. He says she's right about having to leave Harmony, but she's leaving with him not Antonio. He forces her into his car, and kidnaps her. He tells her that she'll thank him once she remembers their love.

Dr. Ackland is being shoved into Alistair's office. Alistair wants to know how Dr. Ackland can be stupid enough to tell Luis what they did. He tells Alistair that Luis knew anyway. Alistair says that Luis didn't know and was bluffing. Dr. Ackland thinks Alistair should have warned him that Luis had no evidence, and Alistair said that he thought that since Dr. Ackland was a psychiatrist, he should have been able to tell that Luis was lying. Alistair gives Dr. Ackland an envelope of money, and tells him to leave Harmony and never come back. A scared Dr. Ackland backs his way out of Alistair's office, thanking him for not killing him. Alistair assures him that he won't be killed as long as he stays away. Alistair says, "One problem solved, one soon to be." He vows that Katherine and Martin will pay for what they did.

Tabitha watched all of this unfold in her magical bowl. She tells Endora that Alistair is the only person who is busier than them, trying to control events in Harmony. She says that Alistair is almost as evil as the boys in the basement. She says that she should have accepted his marriage proposal way back when, before he settled on Katherine. She laughs and says that theirs would have been a marriage made in hell.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Fox confronts Ethan about his true feelings for Theresa. Whitney grills Theresa about her latest stunt and asks if she wants to get back together with Ethan. Rebecca assures Gwen they will beat Theresa in the end.

A desperate Luis kidnaps Sheridan so she won't leave for St. Lisa's. Antonio is worried when he can't find his wife, while Alistair watches all and fears Sheridan might remember her love for Luis.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Bolstered by her reunion with Sam, Ivy encourages Charity not to give up on her relationship with Miguel. At the same time, Kay and Tabitha do all they can to prevent the young couple from ever being together again.

Luis rents a boat to whisk Sheridan out of town. He hopes if they spend enough time together, she'll finally remember her love for him. Alistair gets Antonio worked up enough to kill his brother.

Theresa is startled by Paloma's reaction when she reaches out to her sister. When Pilar calls Paloma in Mexico, Martin answers the phone! Alistair's assassin prepares to kill Katherine and Martin.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Ethan is pleasantly surprised when he and Gwen run into his father and mother having a romantic dinner. Ivy is livid when she learns Theresa is carrying their baby. Later, Ivy and Eve have a bitter confrontation. Meanwhile, Liz investigates the night of TC's accident in order to bring down her sister.

While Charity misses her mother, Tabitha plots to use a devilish version of the sainted Faith to kill the young girl.

On a secluded island off Harmony, Luis tries to reminisce with Sheridan about their past, but she's outraged over having been kidnapped. While searching for Luis and Sheridan, Antonio gets a reluctant ally in Hank.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Unaware of the danger awaiting her, Charity visits the site of her old house as her "mother" requested. Kay helps Tabitha come up with a way to solve their problem without killing anyone.

Liz's search comes to a dead end. After TC shows her what's in his shed, Eve realizes a shocking truth about his accident and reels in private horror.

Antonio vows to kill his brother once he finds him and Sheridan. During a late night swim to search for sunken pirate treasure, Luis gets knocked unconscious and sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor. Sheridan swims to the surface, but doesn't realize Luis has been injured.

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