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Monday, February 18, 2002

At the hospital, after Casey lets Ricky know that she saw him take the scalpel, Ricky told Casey to stay out of his business. But Casey reminds Ricky that if he kills Jamal, he will go back to jail for good. Then Casey went on to tell Ricky, "I agree with you,' that this situation calls for some serious payback, but that Ricky can't be stupid about it. 'If you GO after him, you need to PLAN it so NO ONE can tie it to you.' They kiss and Casey promises to come up with a plan to get even with Jamal for putting Gabriela's life in danger.

At the Light House, Paige returns to Kevin's studio but finds that Kevin has left a note, saying he had been called away. Paige quickly retrieves her watch and reassures herself that 'there is no way he could have seen underneath.'

At the Recovery Room, Ian arrives looking for Victor and is followed shortly by Kevin, who is ALSO looking for Victor. Ian and Kevin begin to compare notes and realize they are BOTH looking for Victor to ask some questions about the watch that Victor found in the woods. Ian says that Amy has it, while Kevin is saying that PAIGE has it!

Ian and Kevin conclude that they have TWO strange watches, owned by TWO women who SAY they have never met before, but they obviously HAVE met somewhere before. The watches BOTH have fake covers on them. Amy panicked when her watch set off Victor's machine. And BOTH Amy and Paige arrived in Port Charles on New Year's Eve.

In the Alley, Paige and Amy secretly meet. When Paige scolds Amy for being unavailable, Amy explains that she was in a car accident with Ian. Paige notices immediately that Amy's watch case is open and asks Amy how long the watch has been that way and Amy replies: "How would I know? I'm blind - remember.' When Paige asks if Amy thinks Ian saw the watch, Amy reassures her friend that she is POSITIVE that Ian would have confronted her about it if he HAD seen it, 'because he is such a direct person.' Then Paige describes HER close call with HER watch, which Kevin took off while he was sketching her.

Then an agitated Amy begins to talk about her experience with Ian in the stranded car, saying that she has been 'trying to keep things under control, but he keeps messing things up.' When Paige asks what it was that Ian did, Amy replies: 'He's been wonderful!'

PAIGE: And that's a problem, because...?

Amy replies it is a problem because Ian is getting too close. 'You should have seen how amazing he was when we were stranded in the car.'

When Paige asks what happened, Amy explains how Ian's leg got caught under the dashboard and that Amy drove because Ian could NOT do it. As Amy explains what it was like when Ian had his arms around her, she suddenly says: "It's not supposed to be like this -- Not supposed to be like this with him.'

PAIGE: What do you mean, it isn't supposed to be like this? I thought you said you did NOT know Ian before you came here.

At the Recovery Room, Ian and Kevin realize that the watches must be counting down for thirteen weeks. Kevin told about Lucy's investigation into Paige's youthful skin. Then Ian asks: 'What if Victor is right? What if these two women ARE...'

KEVIN: Extraterrestials?

KEVIN: Paige is STILL Paige

IAN: Or someone pretending to be her!

Kevin insists that that could NOT be possible because Paige knows intimate details about their time together that ONLY the real Paige could know. But Ian points out that everyone made the same argument with AnneMarie. Ian observes that they KNOW that Paige came to Port Charles to see Kevin. But when Kevin asks how Amy might be connected to Ian, Ian insists that he does NOT know her and that Amy IS the kind of woman that he WOULD remember. Ian and Kevin then theorize that, since both women disappeared at the same time, maybe they were together?

Back in the Alley, Amy covers by saying that 'being back isn't what I expected.' But Paige observes that it sounds like Amy was talking about Ian. But Amy insists that she never met Ian while she was alive, although she wishes she HAD met him. Paige observes that 'We all wish we could have the life we were meant to have.' Amy then asks what Ian looks like and Paige describes him to her. 'I have a reason to be here,' Amy insists, 'and it does NOT include caring about Ian Thornhart.'

Paige assures her friend that the BEST solution is to just stay away from Ian but then adds: 'Sometimes you just have to give in to your feelings.' When Amy quizzes Paige about HER resolve to stay away from Kevin, Paige insists that she TRIED to leave, but Kevin WANTED her to stay and observes that the painting seems to mean a great deal to Kevin, 'It's as if the painting is re-awakening something for him.'

AMY: And for you!

Paige went on to enthuse about how perfect it is to be able to be at the Light House with Kevin and his step-daughter.

Then Amy reminds Paige to remember that there IS a Mamma Bear in the fairy tale that Paige is creating for herself with Kevin's step-daughter, Christina. When Amy observes that it is time for her to get back to the hospital, Paige says: 'And time for me to go HOME!'

In Gabriela's hospital room, Karen told her that her kidney is compromised and that Karen wants to put her on dialysis until they know for sure the extent of the damage.

Jamal offers to donate a kidney, blood or whatever it takes to get Gabriela well again. When Jamal suggests to Gabriela that she would be better off if they had NEVER learned that they were related, Gabriela reminds that KNOWING they were related WAS what helped save Hope's life. Then Gabriela told him that she wants to see no more 'being down' about the accident -- that it truly WAS an accident and Jamal should NOT continue to blame himself about it. When Ricky asks if there would be anything HE could get for Gabriela, she asks for her rosary, which is at her apartment. When Ricky admits he does not have 'wheels' to get there, Jamal hands him the keys to his bike and told him to take that.

Unfortunately, in the alley, Casey has found Jamal's bike and cuts the brake line.

At the Recovery Room, Kevin and Ian continue to compare notes and Ian says: "I'm done guessing. I'm going to ask Amy point blank.' But Kevin told Ian that, since they do NOT know what the purpose of Amy and Paige's visit is, it probably would NOT be a good idea for either of them to realize that Ian and Kevin have found out about the watches. Ian and Kevin conclude that 'something's going to happen in 13 weeks -- but what?'

In the alley, alone, Amy talks to 'Papa!' : 'Ian's been wonderful. He's trying to get to me. And I let him, for a moment. But it won't happen again, Papa. I won't be fooled!'

At the Light House, Paige returns and is greeted by Christina. Paige says that she has something to show Christina and brought out a sweater and Paige told Christina that Paige bought a matching sweater for herself.

At the hospital, as Karen leaves Gabriela's room, she calls Frank and says 'There is something we need to do for Gabriela.'

Casey returns to Gabriela's room and learns from Jamal that Ricky just left to get something for Gabriela - and that Ricky will be taking Jamal's bike. As Casey rushes out, Ricky finds Jamal's bike in the alley, revs up the bike and takes off.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Jamal was worried about Alison when Livvie said she hadn't been able to find her. Alison and Rafe went out for dinner but she was haunted by memories of Jamal. Casey tried to warn Ricky she'd tampered with Jamal's brakes but it was unnecessary. She stormed off after Ricky accused her of being a virgin. Joe returned to PC to see Gaby. Alison agreed to move in with Rafe but needed to get the rest of her things from the apartment. Jamal found her there packing and learned she was with Rafe. He wished them well and left.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Rafe is concerned that since he can only stay in Port Charles for six more weeks, it is unfair to Alison for them to have a whirlwind romance. Alison assures Rafe that it is her choice. She knows he's only going to be around for a short time, but she can accept that as long as they are together. Rafe can't let it go. He keeps wondering if they are doing the right thing. Suddenly, Alison grabs his pocket watch and throws it saying she's sick of him talking about how they only have six weeks. Out of frustration, she grabs the watch and pounds it on the floor.

Afterwards, Alison apologizes for destroying Rafe's watch. He told her not to worry, then shows her that it is undamaged. Not even a scratch. Alison remembers the watch that Victor had. It was very similar to Rafe's. Excited, she asks Rafe if there are more angels in Port Charles. He tries to avoid the question, but Alison persists. Finally, Rafe has to tell Alison that he can't discuss it. If anyone finds out there are angels in town, they will be pulled back. Instead of having six weeks left, they won't have any time at all.

Chris studies Amy's picture, looking for a clue while Amy insists she has no secrets. Amy demands that Chris hand over her hospital ID. It is missing, and she is sure that Chris is the culprit. Chris denies the charges saying she probably misplaced her ID somewhere. He continues to scrutinize Amy's picture finally finding something odd. In the picture, Amy is wearing a necklace with the initials A.H. Chris finds this strange since Amy's last name is Stradling. He asks Amy what is her REAL name. Amy told Chris to get a life. He replies

At the lighthouse, Kevin and Ian scan Amy's hospital ID picture into the computer. Kevin then emails it to a friend of Victor's in hopes of finding more information on Amy. As they do this, Paige comes in asking what they are up to. Kevin told her that Ian has asked him for help with a patient who is withholding information. He went on to say that this could turn into a big project that could tie him up for weeks. In fact, he may be so busy that he will have to put off painting Paige's portrait. Paige finds this unacceptable. She told Kevin that she has to return home soon. Six more weeks, in fact. She begs Kevin to try to find the time to finish the painting.

To Paige's relief, Kevin gives in and agrees to finish the painting before she returns home. Paige happily leaves while Kevin and Ian wonder whether there is any connection between Paige and Amy since they both are staying in Port Charles for only six more weeks. As they talk, an email arrives from Victor's friend. Amy's picture matches a Jane Doe at the morgue.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

At Lucy's place, Rafe and Alison are having fun fooling around, when Lucy and Christina unexpectedly arrive.

From the On Call Room, Amy calls Paige and told her that : 'That leech, Chris Ramsey, had the picture of me blown up! ' But Paige told Amy to quit worrying because, unless there's a halo around her head in the picture, it won't give away MUCH to even an inquiring mind like Ramsey's.

Amy then complains to Paige that Chris' interest in the photograph has brought a lot of memories flooding back to her and that it is becoming too much for her to handle. Paige admits that memories and conflicting emotions have been flooding back to her since they arrived as well - but, that, at this moment, she never felt so alive or so sure of her purpose. Paige then went on to urge Amy to: 'admit you've fallen in love with Ian Thornhart. '

At the Light House, Ian and Kevin rush to open their package when the crime scene photos arrive. As Kevin looks at the photos, he says: 'It IS Amy. And she looks dead to me!'

At Lucy's Place, Lucy sends Christina off to play, then demands to know the details about Rafe and Alison's relationship. Lucy had already heard from Livvie that Jamal and Alison had split up, but was surprised to see that Alison had moved on so quickly to Rafe. When Alison excuses herself to go check on Christina, Lucy cautions Rafe about letting his heart get too entangled with someone who is on the rebound like that. But Rafe contends that he is totally happy and totally in love with Alison . But, then, Rafe admits that he will be leaving in a few weeks. And Lucy sees NOTHING to understand in THAT kind of situation, and worries that it might be RAFE who is playing fast and loose with Alison's heart.

Back at the On Call Room, Paige urges Amy to just give in to her feelings for Ian, reminding her friend that someone WILL be coming back with them and it COULD be Ian or Kevin. 'Or neither one,' Amy suggests.

Paige continues to explain that she plans to follow her heart, because, 'what if the last earthly memory I have is one of Kevin loving me back?'

When Amy contends that it is NOT the same for her, Paige asks if Amy has ever been in love. Amy replies: 'I HAD someone who loved me. He cared more about me than his own life. Then he died. Then I got involved with that other man' - the one she thought she could trust but who killed her instead.

At the Light House, Ian and Kevin examine the photos closely. And they decide that there would be no reason why the pictures would be staged or doctored in any way because they were pictures of a crime scene investigation.

Ian decides that the best approach is to ask Amy directly what her connection with Paige is - and Kevin and Ian total up what the know about Paige and Amy already: They both have watches made from an unearthly substance that appears to be counting down to thirteen weeks, they both arrived in town at the same time and both plan to leave at the same time. AND there are holes in their stories so big you could drive a truck through them! Kevin then urges Ian to reconsider the direct approach and suggests that, instead, they should try to 'draw them out,' to be friendly and encourage them to talk about their past.

After Ian leaves, Paige comes down and catches Kevin with Amy's photos, but doesn't get a chance to see them. Kevin says it is confidential information for a case he is working on.

At Lucy's place, after Alison returns and assures Lucy that she is totally happy to be with Rafe and accepting of the fact that he will soon be leaving, Lucy wonders if Rafe is dying of some mystery illness he has not shared with his favorite cousin. But Rafe says that he would not be leaving because of any illness. Then Christina returns and told Lucy she does NOT feel good.

As Lucy went to get Christina's things gathered up, Alison admits that she has NOT accepted the fact the Rafe will soon be leaving and told him that she does NOT want to lose him.

Meanwhile, at the Lighthouse, Kevin urges Paige to relax with a glass of wine and asks her about her plans. Paige insists that when she leaves, it will be because she has an appointment she can't be late for. Kevin begins reminding Paige of different good times they shared when they were young - like a ski trip and a birthday present he gave her. Then Kevin mentions giving a watch to Paige for her birthday, but Paige told Kevin that he never gave her a watch and that it sounds like he is trying to 'trick' her in some way. 'What do you want to know?' Paige bluntly asks Kevin.

When Ian arrives at the On Call Room, Amy is still there and told Ian that she would like to apologize for being provocative with him. Then Ian asks Amy where she has been since she left her parents' house three years ago. But Amy quickly suspects that Ian is on a fishing expedition, and told Ian pointedly that she believes he is fishing. Just then, her beeper went off and she leaves. As soon as she is gone, Ian grabs the cup she was drinking from and calls someone to get her fingerprints checked quickly.

At the Light House, to throw Paige off the track, Kevin told Paige that he was testing her to see if the memories they shared together mean as much to her as they meant to him.

PAIGE: 'I'm so glad. I just KNEW you felt the same way I felt! I love you, Kevin. I never stopped loving you.'

And then she kisses him.

Back at the On Call Room, the lab tech told Ian there are NO fingerprints on the cup. 'No human hand has touched this,' he assures Ian. Just then, Amy returns and asks Ian who he was talking to.

At Lucy's place, Lucy decides Christina really is NOT feeling well, and the two of them rush out, leaving Rafe and Alison alone again. After Lucy leaves, Alison once again told Rafe how hard it will be for her when he suddenly leaves., then told him, 'There IS a way you can leave a part of you with me.' When Rafe asks how, Alison told him: 'Make a baby with me.'

Friday, February 22, 2002

Amy returns to the On-Call Room, just as the fingerprint tech that Ian called to examine Amy's coffee cub leaves.

When Amy perceives that Ian is still there, Ian suggests that he thought they should finish their little talk. Amy asks if he is referring to the talk about their mutual but harmless attraction to one another. OR Amy's mysterious past.

Amy is intrigued when Ian admits to her that it is a little of both and that there are a few things HE has NOT been honest about with HER. When Ian suggests that they need to talk about it, Amy says she is ready. But Ian says 'not here.' When Amy asks WHERE Thornhart DOES want to go - Ian told Amy that he has a place he'd like to show her and asks if she would go with him. Amy puts out her hand and says 'lead the way,' as Ian remembers the fingerprint expert telling him that 'no human hand has touched that coffee cup.'

AMY: May I ask where we're going?
IAN: You'll know when we get there.

At the Lighthouse, as Paige kisses Kevin passionately, she insists that she is so happy to know that he feels the same way that she feels. But Kevin told her - NO - that his heart belongs with Lucy.

At Lucy's place, Alison is trying to convince Rafe that it would be a good idea for them to have a child together. Alison is convinced that it was 'our destiny to find each other and fall in love.' And a baby would be a way that she could always have a little bit of Rafe with her. 'Our having a child is what is meant to be,' Alison insists.

In Casey's room (we presume at the Scanlons, although we never did see her move in there), Casey is contemplating the key around her neck and listening to loud music. Ricky suddenly comes in and Casey immediately leaps to the conclusion that Ricky's sister Gabriela has died and is 'in the fifth chair.' Ricky once again asks her what she means by the Fifth Chair, and Casey covers up by saying it's a local expression where she grew up that means the same as 'bought the farm,' etc. Ricky told her that the reason he has come is to ask her why she ran away when they were getting hot and heavy in the alley the other day. Casey at first says it's because she didn't think an Alley was a good place for what she had in mind. But Ricky insists that it is more likely that Casey is a virgin - but when he makes that suggestion, Ricky turns up the volume on the stereo to drown him out.

At the Lighthouse, Kevin insists to Paige that he DOES care about the memories they share together, but they ARE only memories of a great time in their lives when they were kids. But Paige insists that Kevin is NOT the sort of person who would say ANY of the things he HAS been saying to her UNLESS he meant them. Then Paige reminds Kevin that 'you can't let me go.' Paige then went on to insist that she and Kevin know each other 'inside out.' But Kevin quickly told Paige that there IS a LOT he does NOT know.

PAIGE: I have nothing to hide. Admit your love for me and I'll tell you everything - Everything you want to know.'

At that point, Lucy and Christina arrive and Lucy says: 'Doc?'

Meanwhile, down in Casey's room, Casey insists to Ricky that she HAS been around a lot, but Ricky told her he thinks it is 'awesome' that Casey is a virgin and he ALSO told her she should drop the tough chick act. Ricky insists that he showed up because he likes her and Casey and Ricky decide they will be friends again.

At Lucy's place, Rafe told Alison that her plan for a family 'blows me away,' but told Alison that she does not understand because, when he went back into heaven, she will not really be losing him, whether there is a baby or not. Rafe went on to remind Alison that having a baby is a pretty big thing and that it is not something she should think about taking on all by herself. Rafe emphasizes that it would not be fair to Alison OR to the child. What, for example, would Alison be able to tell the baby about his (or her) dad? That he was an angel who blew into town for a few weeks and then disappeared? Alison responds that she would tell the baby that his father was the most amazing, gentle, kind, fun person who ever lived, who was here for TOO short a time and now is up in heaven.

Alison insists that she believes they were 'made to keep this connection.'

When Rafe told Alison that he believes that SHE is the true miracle, Alison reminds him that she told him she wanted to see all his dreams come true - but one of those dreams was to have a family with Alison. 'Soon,' Alison observes, 'that dream - it will be lost to both of us.' 'What if,' Alison continues, 'we were MEANT to do this?'

At the Lighthouse, Kevin hastily says: 'Lucy -- you're back?' As Lucy explains that Christina wasn't feeling well, Christina went over to Paige and asks Paige if she would read her a story. Paige says that, of course, she will read a story to Christina, but when she went to pick up Christina, she notices how warm she is. But Paige leaves with Christina.

As soon as Paige is out of earshot, Lucy says: 'Start talking because I am VERY upset. '

Meanwhile, Ian and Amy have arrived in an alley in Manhattan, which is the alley where Amy was shot and killed. Amy remembers being shot and then begins to insist to know WHY Ian has brought her to this particular place.

IAN: 'You match a Jane Doe the police discovered in this alley.'

Amy becomes flustered, saying she thought he cared and that was the second time she had made that mistake. In the ensuing argument, Amy blurts out: 'You want to know what I am? What I am is an....'As she says those words, there is a clap of thunder and Amy vanishes.

At Casey's room, as Ricky and Casey are just about to indulge in some passionate love-making, there is a clap of thunder and Casey disappears.

At the Lighthouse, Kevin admits to Lucy that he was pumping Paige for information because Paige has, well, 'secrets.' Paige is upstairs, reading a bedtime Story to Chrisina when the thunder bolt ALSO causes Paige to disappear.

At Lucy's place, Alison is on the brink of getting Rafe to agree with her plan when the same thunder clap whisks Rafe away as well. Alison says: 'Oh, My God - What DID I do?'

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