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Passions Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on PS
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Monday, October 2, 2000

The Hotchkiss' Party:
Every one is having a good time at the party except Ethan and Ivy! Ethan is wanting to tell Gwen he is calling off the wedding but again things stand in his way -- including Gwen's mother - Rebecca. She knows Ethan is going to call off the wedding and she tell him he cannot do this until she tells him he can! Rebecca calls Theresa telling her how Ethan and Gwen are such a good couple pledging their love for each other! Theresa is in a panic. She tells Whitney she has to get to that party. Whitney tries to talk Theresa out of going but naturally she is not successful. When Rebecca notices that Theresa has arrived at the party, she gathers everyone around and says Ethan has an announcement to make. Ethan is put on the spot. Rebecca take out a poem the Ethan wrote to Gwen on Valentine's Day and reads it to the crowd. Gwen professes her love for Ethan and not knowing what to do, Ethan does the same. Theresa sees this and realizes that it is over between her and Ethan forever! Rebecca has that glare of satisfaction in her eyes. Ivy visits the bar a lot during the party. She is really tying one on! She feels she should be with Sam celebrating the marriage of their son. She tells Pilar to go get the papers proving Ethan is Sam's son so she can show and prove it to Sam. Pilar goes home to get the papers and wonders if she should burn them. Ivy has a tender moment with Ethan. She tells him she could forgive him anything if it had to do with true live. Ethan tells her the same thing. Ivy runs into Eve and Eve asks her if she is drunk. She tells Eve she is tired of pretending Ethan is not Sam's son and she wants Sam back. She is rather loud and several people over hear her outbursts ~ including Sam and Eve. TC also hears Ivy and everyone is wondering why Ivy is so upset. TC is talking to a guest at the party and she remembers him as a tennis player. She asks him why he never continued with his career and TC tells her the story of how Julian ruined his career for him. Julian admits he does not have a clue what TC is talking about and try's to get as far away from TC as possible.

Tabitha/Timmy/The Teens:
The spirits are flying high at the ruins of the original settlement of Harmony. Charity is in a trance and sees the spirits in the flame of the fire. They keep repeating "The witch must burn. Burn witch, burn!" Tabitha soon sees the spirits and tries to get the gang to go home. Strange things start to happen and Reese is confused as the weather report called for a beautiful evening. Kay gets herself ready to spend a night with Miguel. She spreads on the lip-gloss and takes out a condom. Simone thinks she is going to get her heart broken as she knows Miguel does not love her. Miguel is worried about Charity and wants to keep a close eye on her so he asks Reese to help him out. They are going to change sleeping positions and Reese will sleep where Miguel is supposed to sleep ... Kay is in for another surprise!

Luis & Sheridan:
Luis and Sheridan are in Pat's house and Luis knows the midwife will not be able to make it on time to deliver the baby. He gets ready to do the delivery himself and asks Sheridan to help him. She tells Luis she cannot do that. Being trained to deliver babies, Luis does it himself. The baby is born. Sheridan rocks the baby in the living room as Luis is cleaning up. Sheridan is singing "Hush Little Baby" in a voice so beautiful you would think it was an angel singing. Luis comes in and sees this and tells Sheridan if she ever thought she had no instincts as a mother to think again; she is a natural!

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

The Harmony Ruins:
Things are really heating up at the original site of the settlement of Harmony. The spirits of the ancestors are out of their graves and repeat over and over to Tabitha and Timmy; "BURN WITH, BURN." Tabitha finally has had enough and tells them all off. The spirits quickly fly to their graves and Tabitha knows there is nothing they can do to her as long as Charity is not around. Tabitha had a flash back to 300 years earlier when they tied her and Timmy to the stake to burn them for witchcraft. At that time she put a curse on all the residence of Harmony. She is having fun telling them what that curse means in this modern day and how the curse will soon come to light in their modern day ancestors. Kay finally makes her move to sleep with Miguel. She cuddles close to him and tells him she always loved him and she wants him. To her surprise, it is not Miguel she is talking to at all but Reese. When he sees the condom, he grabs Kay in his arms and starts kissing her. Kay runs off in disgust. Simone find the adventure rather funny and is doubled over laughing at the situation. Reese thinks what he just experiences is all a dream. When he see the condom, he realizes it was not dream. He tells Kay she really aroused him and he is ready for her. Kay of course is turned off. Kay tells Simone she is not giving up on getting Miguel. Charity wakes up from a dream. She sees Tabitha and Timmy burning at the stake. As if sleep walking, Charity gets up and approaches Tabitha and her doll. She repeats over and over; "Thou art a witch. Thou are evil." When Charity comes upon Tabitha and Timmy, the spirits ask Charity to use her powers of goodness and save them. They descend upon Tabitha continuing to chant; DIE WITCH DIE! Miguel wants the others to help him find Charity. He say she is probably sleep walking. Kay tells Simone she hopes Charity falls down one of the old mine shafts and slides straight to hell!

The Hotchkiss Mansion:
Ivy wants to tell Sam he is Ethan's father. She sends Pilar home to get the papers that will prove it. While home, Pilar meets with the priest and she asks him what she should do. Father tells her the situation is really too explosive and she could end up destroying peoples lives with the information Ivy has. He tells Pilar she will do the thing that is right and feels right to her. Father feels there is great pain coming to Harmony. Pilar returns to the party and did not bring the papers. Ivy is upset but decides to go ahead any way and tell Sam he is Ethan's father. Ethan and Gwen are dancing. After the dance, Chad and Ethan talk about the situation that is too explosive. Ethan tells Chad he is glad Theresa is not here to see what is going on. He tries to call Theresa on his cell phone but he only gets her answering machine. He wonders where Theresa could be. Theresa wants to leave and as she and Whitney are about to leave, Rebecca comes to her. She tells Theresa it looks like she has been crying. She tells her she knows she is touched by Ethan and Gwen's happiness. She tells Theresa how perfect they are together. She also apologizes to Theresa telling her she was mistaken about her but she did hear Ethan talking with his law buddies about a girl he was seeing and using like the hounds the Crane men really are. She told Theresa Ethan told the tramp he was going to call off the wedding for the slut. She tells Theresa she is so overjoyed she is all a part of this wonderful occasion. Theresa breaks down when Rebecca leaves and Whitney tells Theresa that Rebecca is just an evil person. Julian is having fun at the party. As is his custom, he is drinking right out of a bottle. He comes upon Grace and Sam and asks if they are having a good time. Grace thanks him and then Julian sees TC. He quickly backs away. Grace tells Eve, TC and Sam they must have misjudged the Cranes. They should all be having fun at the party and not let their hatred for them get in the way of the fun they are having at the party. Pilar tells Eve to help her as Ivy is about to tell Sam he is Ethan's father. Eve knows if the secret comes out about Ethan, her past secrets will come out as well. She has to think fast to stop Ivy from making a terrible mistake. Sam appears to be leaving the party when Ivy comes up to him and tells him she wants to tell her something...

Wednesday, October 4, 2000
by NBC

Ivy pulls Sam aside to tell him he's Ethan father, but Ethan interrupts. Ivy becomes emotional having Sam and Ethan together. Ethan asks her why she's crying.

Chad is surprised to find Whitney at the party. Whitney blasts Ethan for hurting Theresa, much to Chad's confusion. Whitney swears off love and Chad tries to reach out to her. Whitney rebuffs him as she remembers Kay's story about him getting a girl pregnant.

Theresa is in tears, having believed Rebecca's lie about Ethan telling friends he was using her for just a fling. Rebecca pretends to be sympathetic while further manipulating Theresa's perception of Ethan. She slyly makes Theresa believe Ethan plans to stay with Gwen. Meanwhile, Pilar becomes suspicious when Ethan tells her Rebecca knows about him and Theresa and wants him to wait until after the party to tell Gwen the wedding is off.

Miguel worries when Charity turns up missing from the campsite. Meanwhile, a sleepwalking Charity and the spirits of the original Harmony settlers close in on Tabitha and Timmy. Charity magically chains Tabitha and Timmy to stakes and moves to light a torch. Tabitha tries to talk Charity out of killing them. Charity hesitates. Suddenly, the ghosts and the chains disappear right as Miguel and the others show up. Miguel wakes Charity from her sleepwalking state. Tabitha and Timmy worry Charity will remember everything that happened. Charity suddenly points to Tabitha and identifies her as a witch.

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Thursday, October 5, 2000
by Soap Central

The Harmony Ruins:
Simone, Kay, Miguel, Charity and Reese are all sleeping soundly. Tabitha desperately needs to get the pendant back from Reese so she can somehow put it back on Charity. If Charity turns evil, then Tabitha and Timmy will be safe and the group will not find out about her secret that is in a mystery box found some where at the site! Timmy crawls over to get the pendant from a sleeping Reese. Suddenly Reese wakes and starts shouting "You are alive! Tabitha's doll is alive!" This wakes everyone up. Charity tells everyone she can explain what is going on. While Tabitha and Timmy look worried, Charity tells the others that Reese cannot see well without his glasses. Reese agrees but wonders how the doll got next to him. Miguel tells them he thought he saw the doll walking the other day but tributes that to a faulty motor in the "doll"! Tabitha and Timmy were so happy that they were not discovered. Tabitha is still anxious over getting that pendant back and wishes she had her powers. Timmy ask her why she needs her powers when she has him and he produces the pendant! He did manage to get it away from Reese. Now, they have to get it back on Charity! Tabitha goes and wakes up Kay. She tells her it is time they have a chat about Miguel. She told Kay she knows she still has eyes for Miguel. She tell her to take him for a walk and tell him how she feels. Kay agrees but says she will do it in the morning! Tabitha tells her she should do it now as it is a beautiful moon lit night and a perfect time for romance! Kay goes to wake Miguel. She asked him if he remembered the time he said if she ever needed to talk, he would be there for her. Miguel agrees to the walk and leaves to go for a walk with Kay. Tabitha now knows it is time to get that pendant back on Charity and she sends Timmy to do the dirty work ~ again! Miguel asks Kay what she wants to talk to him about and she asks him if he ever watched a movie where the girl likes a guy and how hard it is to tell him even after she did everything to reel him in? Miguel tells Kay he knows what she is talking about and feels the same way but before he has a chance to say anything else, Kay kisses him on the lips! Timmy and Tabitha are wondering why Charity is still sleeping like an angel after Timmy has put the pendant on her. Suddenly, Charity wakes up as evil Charity and tells them that things are going to happen tonight and the first thing is Tabitha and Timmy are going to die!

The Hotchkiss Mansion:
Ivy seeks out Pilar and tells her she was right about the papers and not bringing them to her as she had requested. Rebecca is please that she has upset Theresa about her story of Ethan using her and calls the airport and tells them to give Theresa a ticket to any where in the world she wants to go as well as a very generous credit line. She wants it put on her personal account so no one will find out she is behind Theresa's leaving. Rebecca asks Gwen how she is doing and if she is having fun. Gwen says she is indeed having a ball and wonders if Rebecca is having fun. She tells her he is really having so much, much fun. Ethan and Chad are talking. Ethan is angry that he has not yet told Gwen the wedding is off. He tells Chad he is going to tell Gwen and then go find Theresa, hold her and tell her how much she really means to him. Theresa is still stinging from overhearing Ethan talk to Chad and overhearing the fact that he was using women like his father! She tells Whitney Ethan used her because it was the way of the Crane men. She is devastated. She tells Whitney she really loved him and he only was using her and playing her for a fool. She vows she never wants to see Ethan again. Julian comes upon Pilar and Ivy as they are talking. He tells them Ethan is doing well and he is proud of Ethan. He says Ethan is expanding the Crane empire despite their farce of a marriage. He is proud that Ethan is a Crane and a true chip off the old block. Ivy reiterated to Pilar that Julian can never find out that Ethan is not his real son. Julian is dancing with one of the bridesmaids and his cell phone rings. It is Alistair. He tells Julian to stop hitting on the bridesmaids and watch out for Rebecca as he is sure something is not right. Ethan is determined to tell Gwen that there is no agreement between them. Whitney tells Theresa she has heard things about Julian Crane before and how he fools around with other women. She really though Ethan was different. Theresa tells her once again Ethan only used her and threw her away. Ethan finally finds Gwen and tells her she has to listen to what he has to say. Rebecca interrupts him and says she will tell Gwen since she is her mother. Rebecca struggles to say something and finally says that Ethan bought the bridesmaid gifts. Gwen is so thankful as it is a detail she over looked. She runs off to get them and Ethan glares at Rebecca and asks her what the hell did she just do? She tells Ethan it is not the right time to tell Gwen the wedding is off. Ethan tells Rebecca if she does not end the party now, he will. Julian is hitting on the bridesmaid again. Alistair calls him and repeats everything Julian said to her. He tells Julian not to let Rebecca cause any trouble. They need the billions of dollars coming through from the merger when Ethan and Gwen are married and Julian is responsible to see that nothing is mucked up. Whitney questions Theresa about why Rebecca would be so nice to her. Theresa explains the she is feeling sorry for her because Ethan used her. She tells Whitney she is going to get out of Harmony and she cannot stop her. Whitney tells her she cannot leave and if she tries, she will go to Luis and tell him everything that has been going on between her and Ethan. While Theresa and Whitney are talking, Ethan calls and leaves a message on Theresa's answering machine. Theresa gets her hopes up again that Ethan really does love her but is crushed when she hears the bridesmaids in the back ground screaming "Ethan and Gwen forever"! Theresa cries and tells Whitney she has been so wrong about him. He has just been using her for his fun at her expense. She tells Whitney she is going to leave again. Whitney tells her as her best friend she will tell Luis and her mother. She begs her not to trust Rebecca. Theresa starts to pack the suitcase that contains Ethan's birth certificate and other information Ivy gave Pilar for safe keeping. Theresa then gives into Whitney and says she will not give Ethan the satisfaction by leaving town. She tells Whitney she will be all right and just wants to go to bed and sleep. When Theresa opens her closet and sees a picture of Ethan on the inside door, she rips it apart and starts crying again. Rebecca finds Ivy and tells her they have a problem. Ethan has fallen for the housekeepers daughter and is about to call off the wedding. The bridesmaids have taken Gwen away again and Ethan tells Chad Rebecca had better stop the party or he will. Theresa now alone in her room, says he does indeed have to get away for a while. She starts to pack the suit case and then discovers the papers. She thinks they are there as Ivy wanted to make a memory book for Ethan and just forgot. She says none of it matters but then she sees the birth certificate and pictures. She finds a picture of Sam and on the back is written Ethan's father. She is confused and then she reads the accompanying letter. She realizes that Ethan is Sam Bonnet's son and not Julian Cranes...

Pat's House:
Pat is holding her new baby and she thanks Luis and Sheridan for doing all the work! She tells them they make a great team and knows there is something between them. She asks them to kiss each other so they can get past what ever is between them. They stall and she tells them to get on with it! She asks them what is keeping them apart and they both tell her at the same time it is a long story. Luis goes to the living room to check on the other children and Pat asks Sheridan if she loves Luis or not. She wants a straight yes or no answer. Sheridan tells Pat she needs someone who she can trust, who is strong, confident, who she can count on, who will not let anything come between them and who could be a great father to her children. Pat tells Sheridan she just describes Luis to a T! Sheridan tells Pat she cannot trust Luis. Pat tells her she is a good judge of folks and she says Luis is fine. She asks Sheridan if she can get past what ever it is she has against Luis and trust him. She tells her, her whole life will be a bore if she has to go through it without the man she loves. Sheridan answers she does not think she could ever trust Luis. In the living room, Luis is telling Pat's children a story of a princess and a cop. He changes the word cop to knight when the boy says he is a cop and in fairy tales there are knights! He tells them how the princess crashed her horse into the knights horse and how they went on a date, had a good time but there was always something stupid going on from keeping them together! He said there was no magic trick that would keep them together! The little girl started crying and her brother told Luis she was sad because all fairy tales are supposed to have a happy ending. He tells Luis he has to fix the ending to the story so his sister will be happy. He continues to tell Luis that the knight should love the princess regardless. Sheridan comes in as they are talking about the story and knows he is really telling the children the story about them! She tells the children she knows the story and asks Luis to confirm this!

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Friday, October 6, 2000
by Soap Central

The Harmony Ruins:
Miguel and Kay are together and Miguel tells Kay he knows why she kissed him. He told her he was proud that she is not scared to let her true feeling show. He tells her best friends sometimes could become lovers but for him Charity came along so it is out of the question for him to fall in love with his best friend who is Kay. He tells Kay Charity is the girl of his dreams. He also told her he is glad that Reese found the girl of his dreams ~ that being Kay. He told Kay that is why she kissed him as she wanted to show Miguel how full of love she was for Reese. He told Kay he was so happy she found someone that makes her so happy and that she told him her feelings for Reese! When Miguel goes back to camp Kay is infuriated that it is all Charity's fault that she does not stand a chance with Miguel. Tabitha and Timmy are with Charity. Tabitha is trying to convince evil Charity that there is really no need to kill her and Timmy. She asks her to please give them another chance. Evil Charity says NO WAY as they are always screwing things up. Tabitha tells her if she wants to get rid of them to just go ahead and she will have to deal with the spirit of the goodie goodies. She also tells evil Charity not to forget about the box. Evil Charity asks where it is and states that the box must not be found. Timmy wants to know what is in the box and Tabitha tells him what is inside of it represents everything that is good. If the box is found good will win and evil will not longer reign in Harmony. Suddenly, Charity is in a fight between the forces of good and evil trying to take over her person. Tabitha hope that good Charity is too weak to let the forces of good win. Tabitha reminds evil Charity that they must win and that they have to get rid of Miguel so the box is not found. She tells Charity to go to one of the empty mine shafts and call Miguel. Miguel hears Charity calling for him and Tabitha tells him in which direction Charity went. Miguel follows the sound of her voice. Evil Charity drops her scarf and Miguel finds it. He keeps trying to find Charity. Suddenly a forceful wind come up and pushes Miguel towards and empty mine shaft. Miguel calls out in desperation for Charity. It is evil Charity who is making the wind blow. Miguel calls out in desperation and he falls down an old mine shaft ... Back at the site, Kay is back in her sleeping bag. She tells herself it is no use; as long as charity is around, Miguel will never see her as a woman. Tabitha begins laughing and tells Timmy Miguel may never see her as anything any more if Charity manages to get him in a mine shaft!

The Hotchkiss Mansion:
The pre wedding party continues. Alistair calls Julian once again and Julian reassures Alistair that the wedding will go ahead as planned. Rebecca tells Ivy Ethan is going to call off the wedding. Ivy almost laughs in Rebecca's face and tells her not to be ridiculous. Rebecca assures her it is true. Ivy cannot conceive that Ethan would so such a thing. Ethan is preparing to tell Gwen the wedding is off and as he beings to talk to Gwen, Chief Bennett shows up and tells Gwen Grace lost a pearl earring and wonders if anyone has found it. Gwen tells him she will make sure the cleaning staff search for it and the earring will be returned to Grace. Ethan flies into Sam telling him he screws things up all the time! Sam tells Ethan to back off and not to get in his face. He only wants his wife's earring back. Rebecca tells Ivy if she does not believe her about Ethan calling off the wedding to look at Pilar. Julian arrives upon the scene and asks what is wrong. Ivy is going to confront Pilar about Ethan being in love with Theresa. She tells Julian to ask Rebecca what is wrong. Julian tells Rebecca she can't be serious about Ethan calling off the wedding. She tells Julian she is very serious. Julian is worried as Alistair is on his way to Harmony as they are speaking! Ivy asks Pilar to tell her what Rebecca told her in not true. Pilar tells Ivy she tried to stop her children and have nothing to do with the Cranes but there was nothing she could do. Ivy tells Pilar that Ethan will not cancel the wedding. He may not be a Crane but he will walk down the aisle and she will make damned sure he becomes involved with the Hotchkiss'! Ivy is madder than HELL! Once again Alistair calls. He is extremely mad at Julian. Rebecca talks to Alistair and tells him this situation is all Julian's fault as he wanted Ethan to sleep with Theresa before the wedding. Alistair asks Rebecca where Theresa is now and Rebecca tells him she hopes she is out of the country as she left an airplane ticket and money for her to get away. Rebecca tells Julian that the business merger between the Crane and Hotchkiss empires will never take place unless Ethan and Gwen get married tomorrow! Alistair tells Julian to put pressure on Ethan to make sure he marries Gwen or Julian is going to loose more than the Crane empire. Gwen is now with Ethan and she tells him to sneak in her room tonight and they can talk all they want. Ethan tells her they have to talk now. Ivy is worried that her whole life will be a waste if Ethan does not marry Gwen. she asks Pilar to go home and get the papers showing Ethan is not Julia's son. She knows if anyone ever finds out her secret there is no future for Ethan. She tells Ivy to rush home and get the papers so she can destroy them. Ivy thinks about what could happen if the truth gets out and she faints. Sam who is on his way out, catches her. Julian and Rebecca take Ethan away from Gwen saying they have to talk to him. Julian tells him it is about his grandfather and Ethan believes there is something wrong with Alistair. Julian tells Ethan not to call off the wedding. Rebecca tells Ethan she is so worried about her poor little Gwen and she would probably kill herself if the wedding was called off. She tells him he would have to live with the guilt of her death for the rest of his life. Julian tells Ethan calling off the wedding will kill Alistair! Same tells Ivy and Pilar he has to leave and return back to his wife and family. Ivy asks Sam to stop being antagonistic towards Ethan. Sam says Ethan started the argument. Ivy then asks him what he would do if Ethan's name was not a Crane. Sam tells her Ethan is a true Crane and he knows it by the way Ethan acts. Ivy asks Sam for a kiss on the cheek for good luck. Alistair is angry with Julian that he told Ethan to watch Theresa. He says anything that wiggles its ass is infatuation for Julian! Alistair wants to talk to Ethan. He tells Ethan he has an obligation to the Cranes. Ethan replies he wants to be a Crane so Alistair reminds him to do the right thing so he will not have to disown him. Ethan is really feeling the pressure now! Ethan questions the seriousness behind Alistair's statement. Alistair reassures him he is very serious. Ethan says he has been agonizing over Theresa for weeks and he is going to do what his mind is set on. Ivy appeals to Ethan. She begs him to please marry Gwen for her sake. Ivy is their last hope to get through to Ethan as they know Ethan will listen to his mother ... but will he...?

Theresa has discovered the secret about who Ethan really is. She wonders who knows and she is sure Ivy knows for sure. She is pretty sure Julian does not know nor does Same know Ethan is not a Crane. Theresa finally agreed with Luis that the only people she really hates are the Cranes. She tells herself Ivy has used Ethan for her own purposes. She is sure Ivy things there are no obstacles standing in her way. Thinking logically, Theresa knows she has to have proof that Ethan is not a Crane and the only way she can have this proof is if she scans the papers on her lap top computer. She is sure with the right proof, Ivy will have to let Ethan cancel the wedding. Theresa is not going to take any of this lying down. She vows she will tell everyone Ethan is Sam Bennett's son. She knows Ethan will marry her for sure if he is not a Crane. Theresa knows the papers came through for her as a rescue to get Ethan back. She decides to call Chief Bennett but he is not at home and she tells Grace she will call back later. Theresa decides to get dressed and go wait for Sam Bennett to tell and show him proof he is Ethan's father. Suddenly the door bell rings. Theresa answers it and there is Chief Bennett stopping by to see Luis...

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