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Passions Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on PS
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Julian can't wait to tell Eve the fantastic news that he's just found out. An emotional Julian tells Eve that he knows their son is alive, but has no idea where he is. Still, Eve and Julian are overjoyed and cling to each other. Eve and Julian vow that they'll find him no matter what it takes.

Whitney is still hung up on Chad, but she insists that she can't stand him and is glad he is out of her life. She's so intense about this that she hardly notices that Fox is trying to make her understand how much he cares for her. Meanwhile, Chad comes back to Harmony and tells Theresa that Fox is in love with her.

Luis is determined to get Sheridan out of the sanitarium, but he needs her cooperation to make it happen. He becomes concerned when she insists that Beth's baby Martin is their child. Luis tries to calm Sheridan and convince her to get a grip on reality.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

After Chad tells Theresa that Fox has feelings for her, she decides to give him a chance to prove it to her. Meanwhile, Chad runs into Whitney, but she's too hurt and upset to do anything but hold him at arm's length. Later, Whitney runs to Fox to cry on

his shoulder. Julian and Eve talk about their determination to find their long lost son now that they know he is alive. Julian tells Eve that Alistair can't know what they know or it could be dangerous for them and their son. They'll have to conduct their search quietly and discreetly.

Luis fights to get Sheridan out of the mental hospital, but breaking in to see her doesn't help his cause. Sheridan pleads with the staff to believe her and let her go, but it's not going to happen. Meanwhile, Antonio feels guilty about having Sheridan treated for mental instability, but not enough to have her released. Alistair is thrilled by the Cain and Abel spectacle of Antonio and Luis.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

TC and Sam commiserate about how painful love can be. Sam wonders if anyone ever gets over the first person they fall in love with, obviously thinking about his own disastrous love life. TC thinks those loves are always part of you no matter what. Eve and Julian begin their search for their son, but are getting nowhere fast. Eve and Julian take comfort in a fantasy about what would have happened if they had fought to stay together and raised their son together.

Theresa warms to the idea of being with Fox and for the first time seems to turn her back on her love for Ethan. Theresa's feelings seem to gel when she sees Whitney in Fox's arms and insists she back away from her "boyfriend." Chad goes to Fox and implores him to help him win back Whitney's love.

Beth and Sheridan work on Antonio trying to get him to take their side. Sheridan wants to be free of the sanitarium and Beth wants Sheridan to stay in the sanitarium. Meanwhile, Luis makes his case to Ethan and Gwen, urging them to help him get Sheridan released. His argument is so persuasive that Gwen wonders if Sheridan could be telling the truth about Beth's baby being hers.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Kay sets it up perfectly so Charity is out of town and she can have Miguel all to herself for a romantic evening together. Miguel still has his mind on Charity and tells his mother how concerned he is that he is losing her. Pilar tells her son to keep fighting for the woman he loves.

Sheridan makes an emotional appeal to Antonio that pulls at his heartstrings. He is almost ready to agree to signing her release papers, but changes his mind when his jealousy over Luis consumes his thoughts again. He decides not to have Sheridan released, after all.

Gwen begins to suspect that there was something fishy with Beth's pregnancy and launches her own investigation. Gwen makes her own appointment with Dr. Culver to find out more about Beth's medical history. Meanwhile, Tabitha gets nostalgic with Kay and tells all about her affair with Al Capone.

Friday, January 16, 2004

With Charity on her way to the ski lodge and out of town, Kay takes advantage of the situation and tries her best to seduce Miguel. Meanwhile, the rest of the Harmony teens come to the ski lodge, but Charity is in no mood to join in the fun as long as Miguel isn't around. Tabitha tries to help out Kay by cooking up a spell to find Charity a new love. Eudora finds a way to mess it up, however.

Beth begins to come unglued when she gets a disturbing e-mail from Dr. Culver, who demands to know why she showed up at his office pretending to be pregnant. Gwen is more convinced than ever that Beth took Sheridan's baby after it was just born and passed it off as her own son.

Luis breaks into the psych ward just to be with Sheridan. She is overwhelmed with emotion fearing she'll never get out of the psych ward and be with him and their son again. Sheridan and Luis make love. Luis loves Sheridan but becomes increasingly concerned when she insists that baby Martin is their baby.

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