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Passions Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on PS
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tabitha worries the fire marshal's investigation will expose her and Endora as witches. With Siren's help, Tabitha cooks up a magic potion in the Bennetts' kitchen. Ivy insists on tasting Tabitha's mystery brew, which causes her to choke and literally turn green!

Fox is furious when he sees Kay about to make love to Miguel in the shower. Sam stops Fox from interrupting them.

Theresa approaches Ethan at a café, ready to tell him the truth about Little Ethan.

Alistair unleashes ferocious lions to attack Luis and Fancy. A horrified Sheridan watches through Luis' video phone as he and Fancy run for their lives. Beth begs her father to spare Luis' life, but Alistair continues to revel in the blood sport.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In Rome, Theresa was about to divulge the news to Ethan that little Ethan is his son when they were interrupted by one of his old college buddies. Ethan had given Gary some advice and Gary was appreciative. After Gary left, Ethan told the story. Gary and his wife Missy had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant when an old girlfriend came back into his life. They had a fling, she told him she was using birth control (either she wasn't or it wasn't effective), and she had begged him to leave his wife and marry her so they and their child could be a family. Theresa nervously asked if he'd counseled Gary to do that Ethan said he hadn't. Gwen gleefully gloated asking if he'd recommended that Gary be faithful to his marriage vows, he hesitated saying that Gary had already decided to do that. When Gary wouldn't leave his wife, the girlfriend sued for sole custody of his son. Ethan said that his advice to Gary was to countersue for sole custody because judges would end up creating a joint custody agreement so he and Missy could be part of his son's life. Theresa took this to heart and wondered if the good news she'd had to share would be received very warmly.

Luis and Fancy continued to elude the lions and when they hit a dead end realized that there was a rusty switch they could pull on to put a gate between them and the big cats. As they slipped under the gate, a lion swiped at Fancy's arm leaving big scratch marks. In escaping, Beth sprained her ankle, but the got to their car just in the nick of time.

In Harmony, Endora created a swarm of worker bees to rebuild their house so the fire inspector wouldn't find the cause of the house fire. Ivy heard the buzzing in the kitchen and went to investigate. She saw the bees and started spraying them with insecticide to no avail. Sam and Fox turned off the hot water to break up Kay's tryst with Miguel in the shower. They emerged in towels from the bathroom to find Sam lying that he'd have to replace the water heater. He sent Kay to put on some clothes and ran to the kitchen to see what Ivy was screaming about. She agitatedly tried to tell him what happened, but Tabitha and Siren told him that she was probably hallucinating from when she choked on an olive. Suddenly Sam and Ivy heard the worker bees hammering and sawing. By the time they got to Tabitha's house it was nearly back to normal save for wet wall paint that Ivy got on her hand. The fire inspector was baffled as to why he'd been called out to waste his time. Fox confronted Miguel about not stopping Kay when she made advances on him. Fox asked him to admit that he was still on love with Kay, but Miguel didn't reply.

Julian and Eve watched and waited at a comatose T.C.'s hospital bedside and Eve guiltily took the blame for his downfall. Julian refused to let her take the blame and tried to force her to think realistically. She continued to sob about her faithlessness and he kept reminding her that T.C. was the one who shut her out of his life. Suddenly T.C. began to rouse and Eve was overjoyed. She sent Julian to get the doctor. T.C. asked where he was and what had happened. Eve started to tell him and then he recalled the accident and his despair because everybody had left him. She reassured him that he hadn't lost anybody and as Julian started to walk through the doorway she told T.C. that she'd never leave him.

Sheridan and Chris watched Luis and Fancy being stalked by the lions. She got very upset and stressed as the situation worsened and then suddenly went into labor. Chris grabbed her up and ran for the car to take her to the hospital.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ivy and Sam are perplexed by the overnight renovation of Tabitha's house. Endora conjures up some help to explain the situation away. Back at the Bennetts', Fox is tempted to tell Kay the truth, but backs down at the last minute.

At the hospital, Julian is gut-punched as he observes Eve's obvious affection for a recovering TC.

Chris rushes a pregnant Sheridan into the ER as she experiences abdominal pain. The medical staff works quickly to save Sheridan's unborn baby. A frantic Sheridan begs Julian to find out if Marty, Luis and Fancy are okay.

Esme hits on Noah, who is too depressed over Fancy to care. Meanwhile, Luis and Fancy struggle to catch up to Alistair after escaping the lions. Fancy feels guilty over Luis having to rescue her instead of immediately chasing after Marty.

After hearing the advice Ethan gave to his friend, Theresa is torn over telling Ethan about Little Ethan's paternity. Ethan presses Theresa to reveal what she was going to say, while Gwen watches nervously. When Theresa covers badly, Ethan pulls Whitney aside to get the real story.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Rome, after her big buildup to Ethan and Gwen that she had big news, Theresa decided she better keep quiet or they might sue for custody of her son and she'd be left with nothing. Whitney tried to browbeat her into telling Ethan that he's little Ethan's father the way Theresa had tried to guilt her about abandoning Miles to go into the convent, but Theresa was too scared. Whitney threatened to tell Ethan, but Theresa convinced her to keep silent. After they left Whitney and Theresa, Ethan kept worrying about what the big news was, but Gwen just wanted to forget that Theresa even existed. He wanted to make love to Gwen but it was vitally important to her that they beat feet out of there and insisted he make reservations to go home before anything else. Gwen hoped that whatever shut Theresa up, kept her quiet when they got back home.

Theresa talked to Whitney about how blind she'd been about the prophecy from the nun as well as the e-mail she'd received. She only saw the part about gaining a bond with Ethan and not the part about them losing their love. That reminded her about the proclamation in the e-mail that somebody from Harmony was going to die in Rome. Suddenly Theresa started worrying that it would be Ethan. Whitney reminded her that both Lena and Maya had died, but Theresa still worried.

In the hotel lobby, Luis and Fancy were each still reeling from their recent escape from the lions. Noah pulled him aside and wanted to know what his intentions were toward Fancy. Luis denied that there was anything between them, but Noah swore he saw that they were falling in love. Luis paced back and forth waiting for news of Marty, feeling like a failure. Noah gave him reasons to feel good about all he'd accomplished, but Luis figured that without taking Marty home, he felt like he wasn't finished. Meanwhile Esme was grilling Fancy about the same topic. She figured that if Fancy and Luis were an item, she could go for Noah and she actually remembered his name. Fancy tried to deny her growing love for Luis, but Esme saw it clearly.

Back in Harmony, Eve walked in to T.C.'s room to see how he was. He seemed to be doing better and she reaffirmed her commitment to help him get better by the time school started. His arm was still numb. Julian followed close behind and worried about whether Eve would stay with him. T.C. had a sudden, stabbing headache and when that subsided. Julian stole Eve away to celebrate their official engagement with dinner and champagne. Eve thanked him again for searching for her daughters to get them back to see their father. He said he was happy to do it and he thought having them back would help with T.C's recovery.

Sheridan's contractions stopped after she got drugs and they moved her to a room for overnight observation. She was still upset that she didn't know what was going on with Luis, Fancy and Marty. Chris did his best to calm her down, but he also worried that Sheridan would find something out and be more upset.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Recalling the cryptic e-mail she received, Theresa fears Ethan is marked for death. She's relieved to learn Ethan is fine, but she's also disheartened to learn he's making love to Gwen. A depressed Theresa declares to the nun that she wants to die.

Noah urges Fancy to forgive him, but she's too caught up in her attraction to Luis. At the same time, Alistair and Beth try to sneak out of Rome with Marty onboard a freight train. Beth places a call to Luis, hoping for a reconciliation. Luis plays along while Noah has the call traced. Alistair walks in and angrily smashes Beth's phone. However, he's too late as Luis, Fancy and Noah head off to track down the train.

Alistair makes a private call to Chris, ordering him to carry out a secret plan - or else Sheridan will die. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sheridan has a disturbing nightmare about Marty.

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