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Passions Recaps: The week of July 2, 2007 on PS
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Julian tells Miguel and Kay not to celebrate just yet because Kay has gone back on her word, and Julian is breaking the agreement. She promises to stay away from Miguel but has failed to do so. Miguel lashes out at Fox and tells him how desperate he is: The Cranes buy their relationships because no self-respecting woman could ever love them. Fox pretends as if he didn't know about the deal Julian struck with Kay. Julian tells Kay that he will reconstruct the deal if she promises to stay clear of Miguel for good this time. Ivy is rejoicing that Fox has dumped Kay, but Fox tells her that he is staying with his wife. Kay uses magic to stop Julian from calling the police by rendering his phone useless, and the demon elf is waiting in the wings for Kay to make yet another mistake with her magic spells in order to further his evil. Miguel and Fox get into another fight over Kay. Ivy let it slip that Fox isn't sick, and everyone in the room hears it.

The blackmailer asks Sheridan to keep his/her identity a secret so that Sheridan can get what she wants. Sheridan tells the blackmailer that she can't kill Theresa and threatens to call the police and expose him/her. The blackmailer tells Sheridan that he/she would poison him/herself if she calls the police, and if he/she dies, there is no way to prove who committed all those crimes in order to free Luis of all the charges. The blackmailer puts the deal on the table once again: He/she will bring Pretty Crane back to Harmony to expose Fancy as a liar and poison Luis' mind against her, and in turn, Sheridan has to kill Theresa. In addition, the blackmailer tells Sheridan to pretend that she is killing Fancy, so Sheridan envisions strangling Theresa. She cannot do it, and the blackmailer taunts her. The elf repossesses Sheridan, and she changes her mind and decides to leave to go and kill Theresa.

Theresa doesn't want Jared to find the blackmailer because if the truth comes out, she thinks Ethan will hate her. Meanwhile, Ethan is telling Theresa to forget about Jared because he thinks that he can protect Theresa. Ethan feels that if anyone should know the secret the blackmailer is holding over Theresa it's him because it's keeping them apart. Ethan tells Theresa that if she loves him that much, she should have no problem telling him the secret. Theresa keeps stalling so Ethan decides to find the blackmailer himself in order to get the secret. Theresa tries to prevent Ethan from going but to no avail. Ethan begs Theresa again to tell him the truth because he cannot understand why Theresa won't tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Theresa keeps hearing the blackmailer's voice in her head telling her that her brothers lives will be over and that Ethan will know the truth about Little Ethan (LE). Gwen and Rebecca are keeping an eye on Ethan and Theresa, and they are well aware that Theresa is keeping something from Ethan. They would like to find out the secret so that they can use it against Theresa. Rebecca, unaware that Gwen was possessed by an evil force, mentions to her that she doesn't seem herself and ask if she was serious about killing Theresa. Gwen tells Rebecca that she didn't mean it when she said she would kill Theresa. Gwen is also unaware that she was possessed. Rebecca asks Gwen about the new man in her life, and she says that he is the most wonderful man in the world. Gwen refuses to give Rebecca a name. Rebecca gets a mystery phone call about the late JT's memory stick. Gwen doesn't care anymore because she feels Theresa has won since she has Ethan, Jane, and LE. The only way Gwen would care is if Theresa weren't in the picture at all. The elf uses his evil force on Gwen, so she decides to kill Theresa.

Sam places an APB on Spike and tells his officers to shoot him if he goes near Jessica because he doesn't deserve protection of the law. Jared approaches Sam about the blackmailer and his hold on Theresa. Sam tells Jared that Theresa is not the only one affected by the blackmailer, so he has to stand in line. Jared wants to go and find the blackmailer himself because he thinks Sam is moving way too slow. Sam tells him that he could get hurt.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Theresa races through the Crane grounds fearing for her life but is relieved when she sees Pilar. Ethan finds the blackmailer hiding at the cottage, wants to turn him/her over to the police and they struggle over a knife.

Ivy admits the truth, that Fox faked his illness. Kay insists Fox explain how he could betray her that way and a trapped Fox can only say he did it for love.

Whitney and Chad argue over his life on the down-low and Chad begs for another chance with her and Miles.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

In Tabitha's parlor, Kay and Miguel are stunned when Ivy blurts out that Fox is not sick. Julian and Fox rush into denial mode, but for once, Kay recognizes the truth when she hears it and the truth about Fox's illness finally comes out as Fox admits his deception. Spiteful as ever, Julian threatens to have Miguel returned to jail. Miguel, in turn, threatens to tell all to the tabloids. Fox, who must be delusional to still want Kay to stay married to him, tries to convince Kay that Miguel did run him down. Kay's faith in Miguel is shaken and she moves away from the others to try to figure out the truth. She gets a nudge from the demon elf, who helps her cast a spell over a glass of water and, like watching a video, she see a replay of a conversation between Julian and Fox that confirms that Spike committed the deed for money on instruction from Julian and Fox. Kay returns with a vengeance and royally roasts Fox and Julian. Kay also realizes that Fox did pay a fake Charity and a fake Miguel to make love so Kay would see them. They are unable to deny their deeds. Despite all being revealed, poor pathetic loser that he is, Fox still wants Kay to stay married to him. Kay leaves with Miguel and Maria, but not before telling Julian that if he tries to send Miguel to prison, she will tell about all of his machinations with Fox. After they leave, crybaby Fox blames the loss of Kay on Ivy and Julian and storms out. Julian and Ivy wonder if he is right. Julian ponders the son he had with Eve and is about to meet for the first time and wonders if it is too late to have a relationship with that son.

Whitney and Eve burst in on Chad at the studio. Whitney is determined to take Miles. Chad is determined not to let her. Eventually their arguing wakes up Miles, who want to be with both his parents. At Eve's suggestion, Miles will stay with her and Chad will come over for breakfast. Eve and Miles leave Chad and Whitney alone. Chad tells Whitney that he wants to get back together. Whitney tells him it will never happen. In fact, she tells him, she is getting a divorce lawyer and suing for full custody of Miles and their unborn child. She is adamant that she cannot trust him with their children because he betrayed her with a man. After they leave, an overly optimistic Chad still believes that it is only a matter of time until he and Whitney reconcile, though, if she sues for sole custody, he will counter sue. At Eve's home, Whitney blames her mother for Chad's affair, but Eve gently points out that it was Alistair who lied, and besides, Chad might have a predisposition for his behavior. Whitney apologizes to her mother and says that she just wished that Chad would get over his denial. Eve notes that secrets always have a way of coming out.

Theresa hears noises in the hall of the Crane mansion. She is so stressed that instead of calling security, she rushes out of the house into the woods on the grounds. Eventually, she is trapped by the stalker, who turns out to be Paloma, and not a stalker at all. She's come to make food to take to Luis. They go to the Crane kitchen, and as they pack a picnic basket, Paloma gives Theresa advice. Mostly she keeps telling her that secrets always come out and Theresa says she cannot tell Ethan the truth or she will lose him.

In Sheridan's cottage, Ethan prevents the bizarrely dressed blackmailer from committing suicide by knocking the poison from his/her hand. The blackmailer takes this as a sign that Ethan loves him/her and declares his/her love for Ethan. Ethan insists that he loves Theresa, and despite Ethan's continued insistence that there is no future between them, the blackmailer ignores Ethan's words. As they continue to talk in circles, the blackmailer imagines a beautifully choreographed fantasy of him/her dancing with Ethan to Cole Porter's "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" ala Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Ethan eventually snaps his fingers to bring the blackmailer out of his/her reverie, instead of taking the opportunity to subdue the blackmailer and remove the mask to reveal his/her identity. The blackmailer is convinced that Ethan will eventually come to love him/her, especially when Theresa's secret is revealed. Ethan says nothing will destroy his love for Theresa and dares the blackmailer to reveal the secret to him.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Today's episode of Passions was pre-empted due to NBC Sports coverage of the The Championships, Wimbledon 2007. This pre-emption was expected and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, July 9th.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Today's episode of Passions was pre-empted due to NBC Sports coverage of the The Championships, Wimbledon 2007. This pre-emption was expected and there will be no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, July 9th.

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