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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on SB
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Monday, November 23, 1998

Ben jogging on the beach remembers how Maria started putting pieces of her drowning together. He thinks about what would have happened if he had saved Maria. Meg is packing her briefcase to go back to work. Maria is confused as to why Meg is going back to work. Meg told Maria she doesn't blame her for anything; she shows her great sympathy. Maria says she had trouble sleeping. Ben arrives to hear Maria tell Meg that she knows Meg is mad because Ben spent the night with her. Meg says she wasn't upset because she spent the night with Ben. Ben walks in and interrupts asking Meg if she is ok. Meg leaves for the Sentinel. Ben walks her to the balcony. He told her he knows she must be upset. Meg told him that it is a little upsetting that one minute they are making love the next he is comforting his wife. Meg says the sooner Maria remembers the faster they can get on with their lives. She leaves and Ben enters the house.

Ben gives Maria an envelope containing a lot of money and explains it is for her to spend while moving around town trying to regain her memory. He also tells her he opened a checking account for her also. Maria says he is doing it for Meg because he probably loves her more than he ever loved her and that is making him feel guilty. . Ben told Maria he is just worried about her. Maria knows that Meg is making a huge sacrifice. She wants to know how much Ben loved her. Ben says if she wants to know who she was he can't tell her. She says no she wants to know who he is. Ben says who he is, is largely because of Meg.

Ben explains that when he met Meg he was still mourning her. He then tells her about their internet connection and explains how they had a special connection on the net. He explains that he fought hard as he could after he met Meg not to have feelings for her. He said he had lost Maria and didn't want to feel that again. He told her it took a long time getting over her. Maria stated that she had been gone a long time. He said Meg drew him out and made him live again. He says that she is an amazing woman and he became a different person because of her. He says Meg gave him his life back and that is the greatest gift he has ever received. Maria wants to know why it was so hard for him to let go of her, and what happened between them the night she disappeared. Ben again told her he can't tell her anything because of Dr. Estrada. Maria walks to the door and sees Meg on the beach. She suggests that Ben spend time with Meg while she is resting. After Ben leaves Maria rushes out of the house proclaiming she is going to find out what happened to her even if it isn't the right way.

Amy is seen chanting and thinking about her reasons for chanting. Brad arrives and asks if she is casting a spell for him. Brad then told her that she is the most desperate girl in town. Amy asks him why he even cares. Amy says that everything is about to be turned upside down. Bette walks up and overhears. Amy says that she plans to rock her world by pushing her to rush her sorority. Bette says that he is the younger version of Annie. Amy claims to have changed but no one wants to believe her

Sean and Emily arrive arguing; of course Amy is daydreaming about them fighting. Brad arrives and Amy says that they will break up any minute. Emily and Sean prove her wrong by having a tender kiss. Amy told Brad she didn't give Emily the necklace out of the kindness of her heart. Bette arrives and sees the necklace and asks if Sean gave it to her. Bette is speechless when she told her that Amy gave it to her. Bette test the emerald by cutting a glass. Bette asks Amy why she gave her the necklace. Amy says she tried to buy her friendship and ask for the necklace back.

Emily is seen choking. Emily is next seen using an inhaler. Sean shows great concern for her health. Emily wonders what it is like to be a pilot. Sean said he took a lesson and hated it only because Gregory insisted that he take them. He told her a little about their conflicts. Emily told him he is lucky that he has her to show how good he was. Emily says she moved away because Bette drove her crazy. She told Sean how she really feels about him and hopes it last for a long time. Sean says it doesn't scare him. They leave for The Java Web.

Annie and Caitlin are fussing when Caitlin gets her call from the mystery person. Annie claims innocence. Caitlin told her how sick she is for laughing. Annie explains that the person doesn't know her secret they are just fishing for information. Caitlin leaves after several more calls.

Meg arrives and Annie asks her why she is coming back to work; she wants to know if things are a little too cozy with Ben and Maria. Meg told Annie she can call her home whatever she wants, but the people who live there know whom the house belongs to and who the visitor is. Annie keeps harping on the fact that soon Maria will remember and then Meg is gone. Meg says it is jealousy over her friendship with Maria. She told her that not only did she take Ben away from her but she took her best friend in the whole world also, leaving Annie with nothing. Meg told Annie she wouldn't know how to be a friend if it came with an instruction manual. Meg leaves as Caitlin arrives.

Annie decides to plug Caitlin's phone into Gregory's speaker so they both can hear the caller if he calls again.


  • Emily is about to remove the necklace when Bette insist on her keeping it. Bette suggest that she go to dinner wearing her new outfit and the jewels. Amy is mad about the curse not working and throws the book away. A sudden windstorm occurs. Sean comments on the fact that there isn't a cloud in the sky.
  • Ben meets Meg on the beach. Ben told Meg he spent the last half-hour telling the wrong person how much she means to him. He says the whole time he should have been talking to Meg. They kiss.
  • Maria is next seen sitting in the office of Pete Valiant' Private Investigator. Maria hires him to find information on Maria Torres Evans.
  • Annie hooks up Caitlin's phone to a speaker and as the guy calls she tells him to stop calling. The caller says: "Hush little baby don't say a word, papa's going to buy you a mockingbird. But who is papa really

  • Tuesday, November 24, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Jami

    Caitlin and Annie are stunned to realize that the anonymous caller really does know the sordid facts behind Trey's true parentage. Francesca reminds Cole that she can't return the rest of the gems to Rosario until they locate the missing emerald. Maria explains to the puzzled private eye why she wants him to investigate her own past. Certain Annie let the cat out of the bag, a hysterical Caitlin begins throttling her stepmother. Sara is excited to think that Casey has planned a romantic surprise for her. Finally yanking free of Caitlin's grasp, Annie suggests to her enraged attacker that Sean was responsible for spilling her secret. Later, the caller phones again and hints that Cole is about to receive the shock of his life. A.J. researches the Rosario jewels and is alarmed to realize that the legend could be true. Maria instructs her P.I. not to let anyone know that he's helping her piece together her memory. Sara hides her disappointment when Casey gives Meg the gift she thought was intended for her.

    Wednesday, November 25, 1998

    A beaming Vanessa breaks her exciting news to Meg. Meanwhile, Virginia wonders how to disabuse Michael of his ecstatic belief that he is the father of his fiancee's unborn child. When Hank and Joan decide to host Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family, an irritated Meg guesses that they're simply trying to avoid handling a certain problem named Maria. Across town, Sara rips into Maria for deliberately hurting her sister. Ben is troubled by a new dream about the night his first wife nearly drowned. Virginia makes sure Tyus quickly gets a news flash about Vanessa's pregnancy. Certain Michael was rendered sterile by his bout with Martin's Syndrome, Tyus guesses that the child is really his. Consoling Meg yet again, Casey advises his friend to make peace with her parents. Ben interrupts a nasty tete-a-tete between Sara and Maria.

    Thursday, November 26, 1998

    Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Sunset Beach did not air.

    Friday, November 27, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Tracey

    Sunset Beach celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Gabi is offended that Carmen brought food for dinner; Carmen says she did it for Maria. Maria assures Gabi that she doesn't want to see Meg get hurt. Carmen told Maria about her premonition that there is another man in Gabi's life that will break up she and Ricardo. She also told Maria that she will be back with Ben by next Thanksgiving.

    Tim stops by to try to apologize for the way he hurt Meg and asks Sarah to help him get Meg to understand. Meg overhears and told him to forget it. Ben throws him out. Ben and Meg tell the family that they are going away to Santa Barbara for the weekend. Hank gets in a few digs at Ben about Maria. Sarah told Meg about her confrontation with Maria and Ben. They all start arguing. Casey restores order by reminding them how lucky they are to have each other. They all apologize. Tim watches them celebrate from outside.


    Emily's chain broke and she hopes that this is the reason for the bad luck she has been feeling. Sean thanks Cole for saving Caitlin. Caitlin gets another threatening phone call and Annie is sure that it is AJ. She asks to see his cellular phone, but he says the battery is dead. Gregory makes a toast about how grateful he is to have his whole family together. Everyone has there own internal reactions to what he is saying. Bette reminds everyone that Thanksgiving is about love.

    Vanessa borrows Virginia's turkey baster (the show thoughtfully explains that it is brand new) and asks Virginia to baste the turkey! Tyus told Michael that he is still sterile. Michael starts to get upset and told Vanessa the news. Vanessa theorizes that the conception must have occurred when they made love after the earthquake - before the Martin's Syndrome made him sterile. They are both relieved and overjoyed to be having a child together.

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