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Danny Morgan
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Actor History
Gage and Gavin
September 6, 2012 fantasy episode
Claire and Juliette
Jaxon and Jakob Kring
September 6, 2012 to July 28, 2014 *
Caden and Corben Rothweiler
Braiden and Dylan Kazowski
T.K. Weaver
Porter Fasullo
May 31, 2019 to present
* For a period of time, and due to the increased airtime, two sets of twins briefly played Danny.

Born on-screen on June 1, 2012

June 4, 2012 (Revised date per medical records shown on Feb 18, 2014)

Other Names

Victor Lord III (birth name given to him by Téa Delgado)

Danny McCall



Owns voting stock in ELQ


122 Harbor View Drive, PH #2 (Harborview Towers, Port Charles, New York)

Born during a storm at the Rendezvous Motel #204, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Single/Never been married

Past Marriages



Jason Morgan (father)

Sam McCall (mother)

Julian Jerome (maternal grandfather)

Alexis Davis (maternal grandmother)

Cody McCall (maternal grandfather; via adoption; deceased)

Evelyn Bass (maternal grandmother; via adoption; deceased)

Alan Quartermaine Sr. (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Susan Moore (paternal biological grandmother; deceased)

Edward Quartermaine (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Lila Morgan (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Mikk1os Cassadine (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Kristin Nilsson (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Victor Jerome (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Monica Quartermaine (paternal grandmother; via adoption)

Jake Spencer (paternal brother)

Lila McCall (maternal sister; deceased)

Emily Scout Cain (maternal sister)

Daniel McCall (maternal uncle; via adoption; deceased)

Lucas Jones (maternal uncle)

Kristina Davis (maternal aunt)

Molly Lansing (maternal aunt)

Andrew Cain (paternal uncle)

A.J. Quartermaine (paternal uncle; deceased)

Emily Bowen Quartermaine (paternal aunt; via adoption; deceased)

Skye Chandler Quartermaine (paternal aunt; via adoption)

Dawn Winthrop (paternal aunt; via adoption)

Tracy Quartermaine (paternal great-aunt)

Bradley Ward Sr. (paternal great-uncle)

Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal great-uncle)

Olivia St. John (maternal great-aunt; deceased)

Evan Jerome (maternal great-uncle; deceased)

Stavros Cassadine (maternal great-uncle)

Stefan Cassadine (maternal great-uncle; deceased)

Ava Jerome (maternal great-aunt)

Dino (maternal great-uncle)

Kristina Cassadine (maternal great-aunt; deceased)

Ned Ashton (paternal cousin, once removed)

Franco Baldwin (paternal cousin, once removed)

Dillon Quartermaine (paternal cousin, once removed)

Michael Corinthos III (paternal cousin)

Oscar Nero (paternal cousin)

Lila Rae Quartermaine (paternal cousin; via adoption)

Nikolas Cassadine (maternal cousin; once removed)

Lauren Katherine "Kiki" Jerome (maternal cousin; once removed)

Spencer Cassadine (maternal cousin; once removed)

Petros Cassadine (maternal cousin; once removed)



Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

None known

Health and Vitals

Switched at birth by Heather Webber [Jun 4, 2012 until Oct 1, 2012]

Diagnosed with the genetic disorder beta thalassemia [Jun 7, 2012]

Kidnapped by Heather Webber and narrowly escaped death [Oct 15, 2012]

Kidnapped by Heather Webber [Feb 13, 2013]

Endangered by Stephen Clay/Caleb Morley [Feb 14, 2013]

Diagnosed with leukemia [Jun 13, 2013]

Received bone marrow transplant from Julian Jerome [Sep 10, 2013]

Kidnapped and endangered by Franco Baldwin [Jul 2013]

Diagnosed with leukemia a second time; tests tampered with by Madeline Reeves [Oct 30, 2014]

Shaken up when he's caught in small kitchen fire [Nov 8, 2016]

Brief Character History

Daniel "Danny" Morgan, son of Sam McCall and her husband, Jason Morgan, was originally believed to have been conceived during his parents' honeymoon when his mother was allegedly raped by notorious serial killer Franco. The paternity results, which had been falsified by Franco's biological mother, Heather Webber, rocked the marriage, and led to Sam and Jason separating.

Sam had struggled for years with infertility because of a near-fatal shooting. Further adding to Sam's heartache was the loss of her first child, a stillborn daughter that she and Jason had named Lila. Despite her marital woes, Sam was elated to be pregnant, and she considered Danny to be her miracle child. Danny entered the world in a dramatic fashion at the Rendezvous Motel during a storm.

After Danny's birth, Sam attempted to make her way to the hospital on foot because she had grown concerned about his breathing. In her weakened state, Sam had ended up at a cabin in the woods where she had managed to place her son in a basket then knocked on the door. Meanwhile, Todd Manning had delivered his nephew on the side of the road, but the newborn had been in crisis. Téa Delgado had pleaded with Todd to get the baby help, so he had set out on foot with the newborn.

Todd had found a cabin in the woods where homicidal maniac Heather Webber had been in the process of trying to bury the body of Anthony Zacchara. She took time out from her task to try to save Todd's nephew. Sadly, it had been too late; the baby had passed away. Shortly after Heather had returned to disposing of Anthony's body, Todd had heard a knock at the door. He was shocked when a woman collapsed at his feet. He tried to help her, but he heard a baby cry out.

Todd found Sam's son in the basket and he picked the baby up just as Téa walked up. She assumed the baby was hers, and she happily took her crying son from Todd to comfort him. Todd was about to clear up the misunderstanding, but Heather returned and was stunned to see that the baby had lived. Todd was forced to pull Heather aside to explain what had happened, prompting Heather to urge Todd to let the baby switch stand. According to Heather, Sam had never wanted the baby, and Heather insisted that Sam had intended to abandon the newborn.

Téa never saw Sam's body, so she was completely unaware of the switch. After Todd and Téa took the crying baby to the hospital, Heather placed the dead baby in the basket then left. A short time later, Jason found Sam, but Sam did not recognize the dead baby that Jason had handed to her. She insisted that it wasn't her baby, but Jason believed that it Sam was blinded by grief. Meanwhile, Todd was eager to get Téa and the baby that she had named Victor Lord III back to Llanview before anyone realized that it was Sam's baby.

However, Todd's plans hit a snag when Dr. Steven Webber revealed that test results had indicated that the newborn had a genetic disorder called beta thalaseemia. Steve explained that the disorder was commonly known as "Mediterranean anemia," because it was prevalent in people of Italian or Greek ancestry. Téa explained that she was one hundred percent Puerto Rican, and Victor hadn't had any Italian or Greek ancestry. Steve conceded that the disorder was rarer in other nationalities, but not unheard of. He gave Téa the information that she needed to get the baby properly tested and treated in Llanview.

Danny/Victor resided with Téa until October when he was kidnapped by Heather. Jason had put the pieces together that the babies had been switched, but Heather had managed to remain a step ahead of him. Heather returned to Port Charles then made her way to Steve's apartment to introduce him to his "brother." Steve knew that the boy was Sam's son, and he decided to call the police. Betrayed and hurt by her son's actions, Heather warned him to put the phone down. Steve complied until he realized that the bundled up "baby" had been nothing more than wadded up blankets.

Steve demanded to know where Heather had taken Sam's son, but Heather refused to tell him. She believed that Steve had been brainwashed. She knocked him out then fled to the Nite Lite Motel to wait for Todd Manning to deliver a demand for money. A short time later, Heather had turned up at the hospital. She knocked Olivia Falconeri out in the stairwell as Heather had made her way to the hospital's rooftop with the baby.

Jason and Sam were hot on Heather's heels, but things escalated when they confronted Heather. Sam pleaded with Heather to return the baby, but Heather refused. Detective Dante Falconeri joined the group and attempted to reason with Heather, but Heather had inched closer to the edge of the roof with the baby. Heather insisted that the baby deserved better than to be raised in a broken home with Jason for a father. Despite their pleas, Heather jumped from the hospital's rooftop with the baby.

At the last possible second, Jason had managed to snatch the baby out of Heather's clutches. He handed the baby to Sam, and at last she was reunited with her son, whom she named Daniel Edward Morgan to honor her brother Danny and Quartermaine patriarch Edward Quartermaine. However, Téa was devastated to learn the truth, and she asked for an opportunity to say goodbye to the child that she had raised as her own for months. Sam agreed because she knew the pain that Téa felt.

After Danny was given a clean bill of health, Jason and Sam took him home. Jason and Sam had worked through their issues, and they looked forward to being a family with Danny. Jason assured Sam that didn't care about Danny's paternity because he loved the child as his own. After the family spent time together, Sam put the baby down. However, Danny started to fuss, so Sam when to check on him. Jason pulled out his wedding ring then slipped on his finger. When Sam returned, she noticed the light blinking on the answering machine. It was Sonny's attorney, Bernie, calling to ask for Jason's help.

Sam urged Jason to go, unaware that she had been sending her beloved husband to his death. When Jason appeared on the docks, he was shot then his body was tossed into the harbor. Sam was grief stricken, but it was Danny who had kept her from giving into the sorrow. Adding to Sam's heartbreak was the shocking revelation that Danny's paternity test had been tampered with; Jason had indeed been Danny's biological father. Heather had falsified the results to punish Sam for not delivering a letter to Heather's son, Steve.

Danny became Sam's world. She doted on her son, as she tried to move forward, but her worst nightmare was realized in June 2013 when Danny fell ill and diagnosed with leukemia. Sam was informed that a bone marrow transplant was needed. The hunt was on for a possible donor, but friends and family were quickly ruled out.

That changed in September when Derek Wells was determined to be a match. Later, it was revealed that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome -- Sam's biological father. Julian saved his grandson's life by donating his bone marrow, but he refused to bank any additional life-saving bone marrow in the event that the leukemia returned, and Danny would need another transplant. Julian knew that not banking the bone marrow was the only thing keeping his mob rival, Sonny Corinthos, from killing Julian. Sam resented her father hiding behind Danny, but Alexis and Julian had rekindled their romance.

Sam settled for Julian's promise that he would donate his bone marrow if Danny should need it. Julian was grateful for every moment that he was able to spend with his grandson, and Danny appeared to enjoy his father's company.

In the fall of 2014, Sam had a scare when annual bloodwork indicated that Danny's cancer might have returned. The results of the tests had been tampered with by Madeline Reeves to lure Danny's doctor, Silas Clay, away from Ava Jerome's side because Madeline's daughter had had nefarious plans for Silas' ex-lover. The ruse worked. A frantic Sam called Silas, and subsequent tests shows that Danny remained in remission.

During this time, Danny had an encounter with a patient known as Jake Doe. The man had been unable to communicate as he recovered from a horrific car accident, but Danny hadn't shown any fear of the man when Danny had wandered into the stranger's hospital room.

As Danny grew older, many remarked how like his father he seemed. He was a quiet and calm child with blue eyes and blond curls. When Danny's brother Jake Webber was revealed to be alive and returned home to his mother, Sam and Liz Webber made an effort for arrange play dates for Danny and Jake. Both mothers agreed that Jason's sons should be encouraged to be brothers. Danny looked up to his older brother.

Danny's aunts, Molly and Kristina, adored their nephew, and they often took him for outings. They were also eager to babysit whenever Sam needed help. He also enjoyed a close relationship with the Quartermaine side of his family, especially his grandmother Monica.

In November 2015, Danny's world was turned upside down when it was revealed that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan -- Danny's father. Jason's memory slowly began to return as he reconnected with Sam and Danny. He was overjoyed to learn that Danny was his biological son. Sam and Jason picked up where they had left off. Just before they exchanged wedding vows, Sam learned that she was expecting their second child. People quickly figured it out when she refrained from drinking Champagne at the wedding.

Danny was excited to become a big brother, and he decided to nickname the baby Scout. He also fell in love with his grandmother's dog, Annabelle II. On November 8, 2016, Danny had a scare when his grandmother drank too much wine and fell asleep, while baking cookies. Smoke filled Alexis' lake house as the alarms blared. She jumped up and grabbed Danny. After making certain that Danny was safe, Alexis returned inside to put out the small kitchen fire. Later that evening, Danny woke up from a nightmare about smoke choking off his breathing. Danny recovered from the incident, and in time Alexis decided to seek treatment for her drinking.

On February 28, 2017, Sam gave birth to a baby girl. Sam and Jason decided to name her Emily Scout, but they called her Scout. Danny was excited to finally meet his sister. However, the family would be torn apart by the end of the year when a man known as Patient 6 arrived in Port Charles, and he was revealed to be the real Jason Morgan. Jake Doe had been Jason's identical twin who'd been given up at birth. Jake's real name was Andrew Cain, a Navy SEAL who had been kidnapped and subjected to a memory swap experiment that had wiped out Drew's memories of his past life.

Danny appeared to take the news in stride in part because Drew would remain a part of his family as Danny's uncle. Danny was also instrumental in getting Jake to accept Jason as their father. Liz and Sam tried to schedule the overnight visits with Jason, so that Danny and Jake were together when they were with Jason. In time, Jason and Sam found their way back to each other.

On May 31, 2019, Danny was overjoyed to learn that Jason would be moving in with him, Sam, and Scout.

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