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Jacob Martin "Jake" Webber
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Actor History
Landon and Trey
Amanda, Miranda, and Maryssa Jones
Edward and James Nigbor
(2007 to 2011)
James Nigbor
Hudson West
April 12, 2016 to Present

Born on-screen May 4, 2007

Other Names

Jacob Martin Spencer (name at birth)




The Brownstone; 12/1424 Elm Street, Port Charles, New York

Formerly Wyndemere Castle, Spoon Island, New York

Formerly 458 Lexington Ave, Port Charles, New York

Formerly Cassadine Island, Greece

Formerly 458 Lexington Ave, Port Charles, New York

Formerly the Spencer house; 24 Royal Street, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Elizabeth Webber (mother)

Jason Morgan (biological father)

Lucky Spencer (legal father at birth)

Alan Quartermaine (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Susan Moore (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Monica Quartermaine (adoptive paternal grandmother)

Jeff Webber (maternal grandfather)

Carolyn Webber (maternal grandmother)

Luke Spencer (legal paternal grandfather)

Laura Spencer (legal paternal grandmother/second cousin via adoption)

Cameron Webber (maternal brother)

Aiden Webber (maternal brother)

Danny Morgan (paternal brother)

Martin (last name unknown; maternal great grandfather)

Edward Quartermaine (paternal great grandfather; deceased)

Lila Morgan Quartermaine (paternal great grandmother; deceased)

Steve Hardy (maternal great grandfather; deceased)

Helene Webber (maternal great grandmother: deceased)

Lars Webber (legal maternal great grandfather; deceased)

Audrey Hardy (maternal great grandmother; not legal)

Tim Spencer (legal paternal great grandfather; deceased)

Lena Spencer (legal paternal great grandmother; deceased)

Gordon Grey (legal paternal great grandfather; deceased)

Lesley Webber (legal paternal great grandmother)

George Quartermaine (paternal great-great grandfather; deceased)

Ida Zemlock (paternal great-great grandmother; deceased)

Harold Morgan (paternal great-great grandfather; deceased)

Edgar Quartermaine (paternal great-great-great grandfather; deceased)

Martha Quartermaine (paternal great-great-great grandmother; deceased)

Andrew Cain (paternal uncle)

A.J. Quartermaine (paternal uncle; deceased)

Steven Lars Webber (maternal uncle)

Sarah Webber (maternal aunt)

Hayden Barnes (maternal aunt)

Skye Quartermaine (paternal aunt via adoption)

Dawn Winthrop (paternal aunt via adoption; deceased)

Emily Quartermaine (paternal aunt via adoption; deceased)

Nikolas Cassadine (legal paternal uncle/third cousin via adoption; deceased)

Ethan Lovett (legal paternal uncle)

Lulu Spencer (legal paternal aunt/third cousin via adoption)

Rick Webber (maternal great uncle; deceased)

Tracy Quartermaine (paternal great aunt)

Bradley Ward (paternal great uncle; deceased)

Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal great uncle)

Hal Morgan Jr (paternal great uncle)

Patricia Spencer (legal paternal great aunt; deceased)

Bobbie Spencer (legal paternal great aunt)

Unnamed Quartermaine (paternal great-great uncle)

Ruby Anderson (legal great-great aunt; deceased)

Unnamed Quartermaine (paternal great-great-great uncle)

Michael Quartermaine (paternal cousin)

Oscar Nero (paternal cousin; deceased)

Emily Scout Cain (paternal cousin)

Lila Rae Alcazar (paternal cousin via adoption)

Jonah Quartermaine (paternal second cousin; presumed deceased)

Mike Webber (maternal second cousin via adoption)

Rick Webber Jr (maternal second cousin)

Justus Ward (paternal second cousin)

Faith Ward (paternal second cousin)

Ned Ashton (paternal second cousin)

Dillon Quartermaine (paternal second cousin)

Valerie Spencer (legal paternal second cousin)

Carly Corinthos (legal paternal second cousin)

Lucas Jones (legal paternal second cousin via adoption)

B.J. Jones (legal paternal second cousin via adoption; deceased)

Maya Ward (paternal third cousin)

Brook Lynn Ashton (paternal third cousin)

Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal third cousin; deceased)

Bill Eckert (legal paternal third cousin; deceased)

Jenny Eckert (legal paternal third cousin)

Herbert Quartermaine (paternal fourth cousin; deceased)

Spencer Cassadine (legal paternal cousin/fourth cousin via adoption)

Rocco Falconeri (legal paternal cousin/fourth cousin via adoption)

Charlotte Cassadine (legal paternal cousin/fourth cousin via adoption)

Sly Eckert (legal paternal fourth cousin)

Fred Eckert (legal paternal fifth cousin; deceased)

Angela Eckert (legal paternal fifth cousin; deceased)

Quentin Quartermaine (paternal fifth cousin; deceased)

Celia Quartermaine (paternal fifth cousin)

Betsy Quartermaine (paternal sixth cousin)

Constance Quartermaine (18th century ancestor)

Percival Quartermaine (18th century ancestor; brother of Constance)



Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Pushed his brother Cameron into a shelf [Oct 2015]

Lied about seeing a man in the window [Dec 31, 2015]

Pretended there was a stalker in an effort to bring his parents together [Jan 21, 2016]

Smashed family photo making it appear that someone had thrown a rock through the window [Jan 21, 2016]

Left Sam in the basement thinking she was dead [Feb 1, 2016]

Ran away in fear of what he thought he had done [Feb 1, 2016]

Ran away from General Hospital and was discovered at Franco Baldwin's place [May 16, 2016]

Evaded babysitter and went to Franco's art studio [Apr 10, 2017]

Ran away and went to Franco's art studio [Apr 18, 2017]

Shoved Charlotte Cassadine [May 25, 2017]

Attempted to unleash the "Chimera;" a deadly toxin [May 26, 2017 to May 30, 2017]

Health and Vitals

Wasn't breathing when he was born [May 4, 2007]

Kidnapped by Maureen Harper [June 2006]

Had an ear infection [July 2007]

Terrorized by two armed goons sent by Sam McCall [Aug 2007]

Suffered smoke inhalation and stopped breathing after being caught in a fire [Jan 2008]

Kidnapped by the Russian mob [Dec 2008]

In Sam's arms when she jumped out a window before the warehouse exploded [Dec 2008]

Suffered mild concussion when Edward Quartermaine suffered heart attack behind wheel of car and drove into carnival [Sept 8-9, 2009]

Presumed dead from a hit-and-run (Luke Spencer had been driving drunk) [Mar 17-18, 2011]

Held captive by Helena Cassadine [Mar 18, 2011 to July 9, 2015]

Suffered laceration to the eye after falling [Oct 9, 2015]

Cut his finger on broken glass [Jan 29, 2016]

Rendered unconscious after being hit by a car while on his bike [Feb 1, 2016]

Suffered facial bruising, cuts and multiple fractures to his left leg and left arm requiring surgery [Feb 2, 2016]

Complications during surgery to stop internal bleeding [Feb 2, 2016]

Extended physical therapy at Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia [Feb 2016]

Revealed to have been programed by Helena Cassadine [May 26, 2017 to May 30, 2017]

Stalked by Costa Phillipos, Helena's henchman [May 2017 to Jun 15, 2017]

Brief Character History

Jacob Martin "Jake" Webber was conceived during a blackout. His mother, Elizabeth Webber had been married to Lucky Spencer, but her marriage had been in crisis because Lucky had been battling a drug addiction and carrying on an affair with Maxie Jones. Liz had a long history with Jason Morgan, and she turned to him for comfort on a night that they had both been hurting. Jason had caught the woman he loved in a compromising position with her new step-father, Ric Lansing.

After Liz learned that she was pregnant, she kept the secret from Jason for months and let everyone believe that Lucky was the father. She decided that it would be best to raise her unborn child with her husband, who had ended his affair and sought treatment for his addiction. Liz feared that Jason's dangerous lifestyle as a mob enforcer would put their unborn child in too much danger. When Jason learned the truth, he agreed to respect Liz's wishes.

On May 4, 2007, Jacob Martin was born by emergency C-section. He hadn't been breathing, but the doctors managed to save him. Liz named him Jacob Martin to honor her beloved grandfather, Martin, and as a silent tribute to Jason, whose initials were J.M. Lucky was listed as the father on the birth certificate.

On June 15, 2007, Liz decided to take Cameron and Jake to the park. She was unaware that Jason's ex-lover, Sam McCall, had been spying on her. Sam had been resentful of Liz ever since she had learned that Jake was Jason's son because she feared that Jason would eventually want to build a life with Liz and his newborn son. When Liz bent down to tie Cameron's shoe, Sam witnessed a woman snatch Jake out of the carriage and flee. Sam continued to remain silent as Jason, Lucky, and the police desperately searched for the newborn -- even though Sam knew the identity of the kidnapper.

Maureen Harper had been grieving the loss of her infant daughter who had perished in a house fire. A grief-stricken Maureen had appeared on Sam's television show, Everyday Heroes, and the trauma had been fresh in her mind when she had seen Jake in the park. Maureen took Jake home, and she cared for him until Jason and Sam's boss, Amelia Joffee, had tracked Maureen down. Jason arranged for Maureen to receive psychiatric treatment rather than face jail time for the abduction.

Liz was happily reunited with her son, but Sam wanted to make certain that Liz stayed out of Jason's life, so she arranged to remind Liz of the danger that always surrounded him. Sam hired two armed thugs to threaten Liz and her children in the park. Jason was livid when he found out what Sam had done, and he threatened to kill her if she ever endangered Liz and the children again. Horrified by her own actions, Sam backed down. After Lucky learned the truth about Jake's paternity, Jason and Liz began a relationship.

In late 2008, the Russian mob threatened Jason, so he took Liz, Jake and Cameron to a remote cabin in the mountains. By this time, Sam tried to undo the damage that she had done. After the Russian mob kidnapped Jake, Jason and Sam worked together to rescue him from a cabin in the woods. Sam managed to grab Jake and jump out of a window just as the cabin blew up. After Liz was reunited with her son, she and Jason parted ways, and Jason stepped aside to allow Lucky to raise Jake as his own.

On September 8, 2009, Liz and Lucky took Jake and Cameron to the Port Charles carnival. Jake ran off just before his great-grandfather, Edward Quartermaine, suffered a heart attack -- from a spiked drink -- behind the wheel of his car then plowed into the carnival. Jake was found under the rubble of the main tent. He was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a mild concussion.

On March 17, 2011, Tragedy struck when Jake ran outside while his mother's back was turned. To Liz's horror, her four-year old son was struck by a car that had fled the scene. Jake was raced to the hospital, but tests showed that Jake was brain dead. Liz and Lucky made the heartbreaking decision to take Jake off of life support and donate his organs. Jake's kidney went to Josslyn Jacks, who had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Shortly after Jake's death, Lucky left town.

In early July 2015, Lucky had reason to believe that Jake might have survived the crash. He enlisted the help of his parents, and together they went to Cassadine Island in Greece. On July 9, Luke confronted Helena about Jake. Helena confessed that Jake had been the perfect tool to inflict pain on Luke "with enduring consequences." Moments later, Luke was stunned when he saw his grandson standing in the doorway. Laura joined Luke, but the grandparents feared that it was one of Helena' mind games.

Lucky settled the matter the moment that he laid eyes on Jake. Lucky knew the child was his son. Luke explained that Helena had been in Port Charles at the time of the accident to tamper with Aiden's paternity tests, so she had decided to take advantage of the tragedy by sending one of her "winged monkeys" to snatch Jake. Lucky had more questions, but he was eager to reunite Jake with Liz. A few days later, Lucky returned to Port Charles to take Jake home to his mother. However, Lucky didn't stay; his life was overseas.

Jake was a bit remote and unsure of himself, which the adults attributed to his recent ordeal. Liz had become involved with a man named Jake Doe, whom she knew to be Jason Morgan. Everyone had thought that Jason had died, but against all odds, Jason had survived the assassination attempt, and he'd made his way back to Port Charles. Unfortunately for Jason, he'd been struck by car and left for dead. The accident had changed his face and erased his memories, but he'd found himself drawn to Liz. By the time that Liz had learned the truth about Jake Doe's identity, she'd already fallen in love with Jason -- again.

Jake took an instant liking to Jake Doe. However, hours before Jake Doe and Liz were scheduled to get married, Jake Doe learned the truth about his identity, and he called off the wedding. Jake was thrilled to learn that Jake Doe was his real father, Jason Morgan, but he was devastated when Jason ended things with Liz. Jake's resentment grew when he realized that his father and Sam had grown close. Hoping to drive a wedge between Jason and Sam, Jake made it appear that someone had been stalking Liz.

By February 1, 2016, Sam had figured out that Jake had been behind the unsettling incidents, and she decided to talk to him about it, but Jake became upset and ran to hide in the basement. Sam followed Jake, but she stumbled down the steps and hit her head. Jake feared that she had been killed, and he ran away, but he was hit by a car and taken to the hospital.

Jason managed to rescue Sam from the house before an old and frayed space heater in the basement -- that Sam had plugged in -- exploded. Jake was filled with remorse and confessed to his mother.

Jake recovered at Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia, but he received frequent visits from family and friends, including Sam. In time, Jake accepted Sam's place in his father's life, and he often spent time with Jason and Sam's son, Danny. Jake also befriended Franco Baldwin, who had started to date Liz. Jason objected to Franco's presence in his son's life because Franco was an ex-serial killer who had unwittingly orchestrated Michael Corinthos' rape. Liz argued that Franco had suffered from a brain tumor that had led him to act on his murderous impulses and wicked ways.

Despite Jason's objections, Franco was able to use art therapy to connect with Jake. Jason reluctantly accepted the connection because both Jason and Liz had noticed that Jake was deeply troubled. They were concerned enough to seek Andre Maddox's advice. Jake's parents had good reason to be concerned because Helena had programed Jake to commit a heinous crime that would destroy many lives.

On May 26, 2017, Jake had been scheduled to perform a magic act at the annual Nurses Ball. However, Helena's programing had kicked in, and Jake struggled against the impulse to unleash the Chimera -- a deadly biotoxin that would kill the residents of Port Charles. Liz calmly talked to her son, and assured him that love was stronger than hate, and that she and Jason would always fight for their son. With help from Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine, the canister containing the deadly biotoxin was secured, and the people of Port Charles were saved.

A few days later on June 15, Jason caught Helena's henchman, Costa Phillipos, stalking Liz and Jake. They engaged in a violent confrontation until the police arrived and arrested both Jason and Costa. Once the danger to Jake and Liz had been eliminated, Jake's life slowly returned to normal.

However, in November, Jake's life was upended once again when it was revealed that the man known as Jason Morgan was in fact Jason's identical twin, Andrew Cain. Drew had been abducted, and his memories replaced with Jason's, in an effort to create a perfect killing machine for Helena Cassadine. The real Jason had been held captive in Russia at a private clinic until Jason had crossed paths with Ava Jerome.

Jake was heartbroken to lose Drew as a father, but Drew reminded Jake that he would always remain a part of his life because he was Jake's uncle. Liz invited the real Jason to get to know Jake, and Jake slowly began to open up to his father during overnight visits with Jason and Danny. Jake was also close to his grandmother, Monica, and he had developed a good relationship with Sam. Sam had remained a part of Jake's life because of Danny.

In early 2019, Jake proved to be a protective brother when Aiden became the target of school bullies. Jake tried to protect his brother from online attacks. Jake also experienced a bit of backlash when his new stepfather, Franco, was briefly believed to have murdered several women. In fact, Franco had let the police use him as bait to draw out the real murderer -- infamous killer, Ryan Chamberlain. However, once Ryan was presumed killed in a suicide jump, Franco was hailed as a hero. Things greatly improved for Jake.

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