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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on GL
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Monday, May 17, 2004

Harley blasts Eden for being a drug mule, and suggests she has been smuggling drugs the whole time she kept insisting she'd changed. Eden tells Harley she was only doing one last job for Vinnie and now he'll leave her alone. Harley points out how naive it sounds, reminding Eden how Salerno promised the same thing before. She is livid at Eden for lying to her and says she could have helped her. When Eden asks if Harley is going to say anything to Bill about it, Harley says she won't, but she IS telling the D.A.!

Gus goes to "Olivia's" to check on how the preparations are going for Bill's surprise bachelor party. He runs into Beth, who's just had a business meeting. He suggests maybe someday she could give him pointers on how to adjust to the Spaulding family easier. Gus is all happy over Eden's upcoming marriage to Bill, and Beth says a few kind words about her, which Gus admits is kind of rare.

At the Lewis home, just as Josh is telling Reva and Sandy about a surprise bachelor party Billy is planning to throw for Bill, Bill arrives. He says how happy he is to be marrying Eden and after admitting she doesn't have many friends in Springfield, he asks them to become her friends. Reva says as long as Eden makes Bill happy, she makes the rest of them happy as well. Bill says he worried people would think he was making a mistake with Eden, the same way he made a mistake trusting Danny Santos. Reva and Josh present Bill with a wedding talisman, which had belonged to Bill's great-great-grandfather, William. Bill is touched. He ignores his cell phone when it rings, saying it's his father, who's been pestering him to consent to having a bachelor party. He thinks bachelor parties are for men too scared to give up the single life and they don't pertain to him. Even after much persuasion from Sandy and Josh, Bill stands firm, maintaining he doesn't want a bachelor party. He asks Josh to talk to Billy for him and get him to stop making a fuss about it.

At their house, Danny tells Michelle he really hoped to find something incriminating at the docks which would point to Salerno, but there wasn't anything to find. After Michelle goes upstairs to tend to Robbie, Tony arrives. He reminds Danny that Salerno had told him to stay put. Tony had tested Danny and he'd failed the test. He went further, informing Danny he has no choice but to tell Salerno about his deceit. Danny tries to talk him out of it by saying he's on a power trip. But Tony is steadfast, and warns he doesn't know what Salerno will do once he is informed. Michelle enters the room after hearing this, and orders Tony not to do anything that would hurt Danny or her family. She adds Tony does NOT want to have her as his enemy! After pointing out how often Danny saved Tony's hide, he should be loyal to the family who's loved and supported him for years. Michelle tells Tony to give it serious thought, and then orders him to get out!

When Jeffrey arrives at Eden's and starts packing away the drugs (in order to take them out to his car, where he was preparing to test them for purity), Eden insists she didn't have a choice. But Jeffrey says she DID. He threatens to put her in jail and begins to leave with the drugs when Harley stops him and pleads Eden's case, saying she was coerced and their main goal is to nab Salerno. Jeffrey agrees and says he has no intention of prosecuting Eden. After he leaves, Harley assures Eden she won't be going to jail, and she hugs and thanks her. Later, Jeffrey comes back inside with the drugs. He tells them he'd just tested them and the drugs are indeed Antimonius, and they are pure. Shocked to learn the drugs are worth 5 million dollars, Eden assumes Salerno can then be arrested, but Jeffrey says it doesn't work that way. He orders her to continue with the plan and deliver the drugs to Salerno. Eden is shocked, and even more so once Jeffrey threatens to have her put in jail if she doesn't go along. He explains he needs a drug trail leading to Salerno and tells Eden not to tell anyone about what's occurring---not even Bill.

Back at the Lewis home, Reva, Josh and Sandy are overcome by the sound of loud music emanating from Tammy's room upstairs. Josh and Reva announce there is something they want to give to Sandy. After Josh compliments the job he did at Lewis Construction previously, he says he'd like Sandy to work there again. Sandy is grateful, but says he wants to keep his options open, and thanks Josh again. Josh and Sandy go to track down Billy.

At the Santos home, Danny thanks Michelle for being on his side and tells her that he never takes her for granted. Michelle tells him how much he means to her. She asks Danny if he thinks Tony will still report him to Salerno, but he admits only time will tell. Meanwhile, Tony is downing a few drinks in the office at Salerno's new club when Vinnie calls. When Vinnie asks if Tony has seen Danny, he hesitates, and then says he hasn't seen him at all.

Jeffrey and Harley set up surveillance equipment inside a van, gearing up for the drug drop. Harley admits she feels sorry for Eden, but Jeffrey remarks she made her bed and now she can now lie in it. Inside Eden's place, a gym bag containing the drugs is all ready and Eden is silently contemplating the task facing her when Bill arrives. He gives her a long kiss, and then shows her the wedding talisman. When he assumes the gym bag's handy because she is on her way out to a gym, she doesn't correct him. Before he hugs her, Bill tells Eden nothing's going to stop them from being happy for the rest of their lives....

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Eden is about to make the drug transfer to Salerno but is stopped when Bill unexpectedly shows up. It seems he's about to bust her with the drugs when Gus arrives to take his future brother-in-law out to his surprise bachelor party. Relieved, Eden heads out to find Salerno.

Jeffrey and Harley listen in as Eden completes the deal and informs Salerno she's finished working with him. But, Salerno threateningly tells her they're finished only when he says so. Frightened, Eden lifts a key on her way out. She watches Vinnie as he hides the drugs and leaves. Once he's gone, she sneaks back in. In a moment of defiance, and unknown to Jeffrey and Harley, she flushes all the drugs.

Olivia's working late at the office when Phillip arrives, wondering why she's staying away from the house so much. He lets it slip that Bill's having a bachelor party tonight. Curious to know if Bill is the one buying up all the Spaulding stock, she decides to crash the party. When she gets there, she learns from Billy that Bill lied to her when he said he knew nothing about buying and selling stocks. She decides to go for broke and proposes a partnership to Bill. Olivia is not pleased when he turns her down flat.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The following morning...

Vinnie Salerno went ballistic after discovering that the Antimonius was missing from the sack he'd securely locked up for the night. Meanwhile, Jeffrey, who'd stopped by the surveillance van to check on things, overheard as Vinnie thundered on about the missing drugs. Jeffrey suddenly took off in a hurry.....Meanwhile, as Michelle sat with Robbie on their sofa reading a book, two of Salerno's men barged in and began throwing things aside and recklessly searched her house. She tried to order them out, but the men were determined. Michelle lied to Robbie, saying that the men were friends of Danny's, then told Robbie to go upstairs....Back at the Salerno's club, Danny walked in and was immediately accused by Vinnie of taking the drugs. Vinnie was livid, stating the NOBODY steals from him, but Danny insisted the drug trade was never his thing. A panicked Michelle called Danny on his phone and told him what was happening back at their house. Salerno's men were slicing open sofa cushions and, in general, ransacking the place. When Danny asked about Robbie, Michelle assured him Robbie was safe upstairs. Michelle then said she wanted to speak to Vinnie.

At Eden's place, Eden tended to Bill, who was nursing a hangover. He told her he was glad he had a bachelor party after all because it made their upcoming wedding much more of a reality. Bill asked her if she and Harley had had a girls night out, but Eden said she was home---and that she was home when Bill got home. Nervously, Bill asked her what happened, but Eden said she must've been in the shower when he got home because when she got out of the shower, Bill was already passed out. Suddenly, Jeffrey arrived with a very determined expression on his face. After he said he needed to talk to Eden about Vinnie Salerno, Bill insisted he'd already spoken to Salerno and had told him to back off. Jeffrey stated that he needed to talk to Eden alone. Hesitantly, Bill left, but not before saying that Salerno was part of Eden's past. When Jeffrey found out that Eden had flushed what she thought were drugs, he informed her that he'd switched the Antimonius for powder after he'd tested the drugs. Jeffrey told Eden she was stupid for flushing the powder because he'd been waiting for Salerno to go to his supplier once he received the "drugs" and, in turn, Jeffrey could've been able to bust the entire operation. While Eden was dreading that Vinnie would find out what she did and that he might want to kill her, Jeffrey told Eden he needed her to testify against Salerno. Eden began to sob hysterically, saying she'd do anything Jeffrey asked EXCEPT testify, and said she fears losing her life, but Jeffrey insisted she's got to testify and that he'll provide protection for her. When Eden cried that she only wants her life and Bill, Jeffrey said that people sometimes don't get what they want.

At "Olivia's" bar, Sandy ran into Harley and they spent time together talking about marriages and mistakes. Bill stopped in and told Harley that Jeffrey had come by to talk to Eden about Vinnie Salerno. Bill asked Harley if she knew what was going on, but all Harley said was that Jeffrey probably wanted to question Eden because she knew Salerno in the past. Bill said Eden hadn't been acting like her usual self lately and when he asked Harley---again---about it, she lied, then told Bill to focus on the present and his upcoming wedding.

At the Lewis home, Cassie came by in order to talk to Tammy before she headed off to school. When Joey arrived to pick Tammy up, Cassie informed him she knew about them being at the Bauer cabin alone together. After Joey apologized, Cassie told Joey to tell his mother about it before SHE did. When Tammy came downstairs, mother and daughter had a few tense moments, and Reva pulled Cassie aside to tell her not to fly off the handle and deal with the situation calmly. Later, when Joey left the room, Cassie asked Tammy if she tried to teach her a "lesson" by going to the cabin with Joey, but Tammy didn't admit it. Joey couldn't wait any longer and entered, saying he had to go off to school. Tammy got angry at Cassie for making her miss her ride and accused Cassie of thinking she'd had sex with Joey just because she'd given Edmund an innocent kiss---adding that she's not self-destructive like her mother. Cassie quietly told Tammy that when she was about Tammy's age, she made some mistakes and that, now, she wishes she'd had someone to talk to. She added that she's never regretted having Tammy. Tammy told her mother that she and Joey didn't have sex and that she DID have people to talk to. Cassie asked if she could be one of those people, and Tammy said "maybe." Cassie said she had to go, but handed Tammy a gift-wrapped box first. After she left, Tammy opened the gift, which turned out to be a new diary---with a little padlock on it. Tammy held it to her chest.

Back at Salerno's club, Vinnie listened as Michelle spouted her fury over the ransacking and asked what was happening, and Vinnie told her that something very valuable went missing overnight and that he can account for the whereabouts of all his men except Danny. Michelle told him that Danny was with her all night, then said she didn't appreciate breaking bread with Vinnie at her table and then having Vinnie break her table. When Michelle informed him that she and Danny had a safe and asked if she should open it so his goons could take a look, Vinnie called off the search. The men departed, and Tony walked in. When he took in the scene, Tony told Michelle that with Danny back in the mob, she should expect this sort of thing, but Michelle said she didn't expect it from Tony. Tony offered to help Michelle put the place back together, but Michelle retorted that she didn't want Tony to ruin his manicure. Tony told Michelle to stop it with the tough act, but Michelle said that the naive, trusting Michelle is now a part of the past....Back at the club, Danny insisted he's loyal and told Vinnie not to bother his family in the future, to which Salerno replied, "Your family is my family." Danny reminded him that they still have a problem: Someone stole something from Vinnie and they have to find out who....Later, Michelle thanked Tony for helping her put the house back together. She asked if Tony had reported to Salerno about Danny being at the warehouse the previous night, but Tony said he hadn't. She thanked him for being loyal, then said she was sorry if she came across as judgmental or superior, adding that she hopes they're always family.

Jeffrey met up with Harley at "Olivia's" and informed her that Eden had flushed the powder. Harley was shocked, then even more surprised once Jeffrey said he'd ordered Eden to testify against Salerno. Harley said that Eden would lose everything that mattered in her life if she testified, but Jeffrey pointed out that at least Eden would stay alive. Jeffrey told Harley about offering Eden protection---then said that Harley is Eden's new bodyguard.

At Eden's place, she glanced around, then lifted a packed suitcase and started to head out the back way when the front door opened. Bill entered, and Eden froze where she was. Bill started to smile at her, but when he looked down and noticed the suitcase, his smile began to fade.

At Vinnie's club, Danny found empty plastic bags that had been stashed in the washroom and reported he'd also found traces of powder on the washroom floor. Vinnie thought back about his last conversation with Eden, then told Danny he knew who was responsible. When Danny asked what he was going to do about it, Vinnie asked Danny what HE was going to do about it? Vinnie said he wanted to make an example out of the person who betrayed him. Danny asked Vinnie who he was talking about, and Vinnie replied, "Eden August." Vinnie then ordered Danny to kill her!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Bill confronts Salerno, demanding he leave Eden alone. Salerno doesn't take too kindly to this treatment and orders his thugs to give Bill a beating. Meanwhile, Harley shows up to protect Eden from Salerno's possible retaliation. Gus arrives and Harley keeps mum about his sister's predicament.

Later, Gus comes across a bruised and battered Bill. He refuses treatment and instead calls Eden with good news: Vinnie has agreed to stay out of her life for good. Eden wants to believe it, but knows it's a long way from being over.

Later, a still suspicious Gus returns to Harley. Salerno orders Danny to kill Eden and threatens to hurt Michelle and Robbie if he refuses. Conflicted, Danny returns home and tells Michelle they must send Robbie away. She wonders what's wrong, but Danny won't tell her about his assignment. They share a heartbreaking goodbye with their son. Later, Danny returns to Salerno, ready to take on the job. Meanwhile, a concerned Michelle grabs a gun and follows her husband. Phillip sees Olivia purchasing a fake copy of the necklace he bought her. He confides in Alan he knows Olivia is snatching up Spaulding stock in the attempt to gather a majority. Phillip believes they should allow it to happen and let her take charge, just in time to take the fall at Spaulding. Phillip meets his wife for dinner, and their game of cat and mouse continues.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Olivia spots Bill nursing a drink at "Olivia's." They chitchat and he realizes that she was the one who found him last night and took him home. He asks her if Eden was there, but Olivia's reluctant to answer and leaves. Bill then sees Josh and Reva and asks them for marital advice. They tell him that love and respect are important, as well as forgiveness and keeping things interesting.

Later, Bill goes home but Eden's not there. Taking out their wedding rings, he waits for her. Gus confronts Eden and Harley about Bill's fight with Salerno. Eden tries to rush out to see Bill, while Harley stops her and Gus demands answers. Eden and Harley then finally tell Gus about Salerno leaning on Eden to do one more job for him. Gus realizes that job was for her to pick up the Antimonius. Furious that all this was kept from him, an angry Gus demands answers or else. Eden defends Harley while Harley maintains that Eden had to cooperate with Salerno or she'd be dead. She tells him that they couldn't have told him about Eden and Salerno earlier because he was too close to be objective and he could have inadvertently jeopardized Eden. Tony sees Michelle outside Salerno's and tells her to go home. When she drops her purse, he's shocked to see a gun fall out. Taking the gun away, Tony insists that this is no place for Michelle and she shouldn't be carrying a weapon. When she assures him that she's going straight home, he agrees to give her the gun back. She then leaves and Tony goes into the building. Inside, Salerno is telling Danny of his plan to kill Eden and Danny volunteers to do the deed for Vinnie. While Danny is rushing out, he spots Tony but Danny leaves too quickly for Tony to tell him Michelle was there. Salerno then tells Tony to trail Danny to make sure he's up to the task. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Tony, Michelle returns. Danny then goes to see O'Neill. He tells Jeffrey that he's getting cold feet, he can't go through with what he has to do, he doesn't want to destroy another family. But Jeffrey insists that Danny has to follow through; it's too late to back out now. Later, Danny sees Michelle at Salerno's and tries to convince her to go home. Michelle is reluctant because she knows Danny is keeping something from her. Danny tries to ease her mind by telling her that he has one thing to do, then he'll be home. They then declare their love for one another and he leaves after she tells him that she's going to work at the hospital. However, Michelle is still convinced that he's hiding something. Gus tries to take charge of the situation and assures Eden that he'll protect her. Just then Jeffrey walks in and tells him that she already has some. Jeffrey defends Harley's secrecy and tells him about Eden flushing Salerno's drugs down the toilet. Because of that, she's going to have to testify. Jeffrey, Harley, and Gus then leave the room, leaving Eden alone. The phone rings--it's Danny. He tells her that he wants to help her; he and Tony have found a way out for her. He asks her to meet him at an old warehouse. Eden arrives at the warehouse for her meeting with Danny. He assures her that the plan is for her to get out of there in one piece. He whispers the plan to Eden and she thanks him for his help. He then tells her to go into the office. While she's in there, Danny sets up a bomb, asking God to forgive him. At the same time, unbeknownst to Danny, Michelle enters the warehouse and is caught in the explosion!

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